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Saturday, 31 July 2010






Do the American people have a right to know the identity of Chelsea Clinton's REAL dad, since her mom may be the next President of the United States? Bill Clinton is rumored to be sterile (can't make babies). Chelsea looks just like her real dad.



Chelsea Clinton is the daughter, not of Bill Clinton,
but of Webster Hubbell. ...

who’s your daddy?

February 13, 2008
Juanita Broaddrick, who now runs a nursing-home business in Arkansas, told the Wall Street Journal that Mr Clinton raped her in the Camelot Hotel in Little Rock in 1978, when he was the state attorney-general.

The newspaper reports that Mr Clinton persuaded Mrs Broaddrick to have coffee with him in her hotel room during a conference of nursing home administrators in 1978. She alleges that he then forced her on to the bed, where he held her down, bit her lips and raped her.

When it was over, Mrs Broaddrick claims, Mr Clinton told her that she should not worry because he was sterile due to a bout of childhood mumps.

Let’s check a calendar. Bill raped a woman in 1978 and said she couldn’t get pregnant because he was sterile. Chelsea Clinton was born February 27, 1980… two years later.

While Bill was raping women in hotel rooms, rumors were spreading that Hillary was having an affair with Webster Hubbell, a law partner at the firm where Hillary worked at that time.

Press-shy Chelsea Clinton will appear in Iowa on Saturday with her mom, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.), counter-programming the dramatic swing by Oprah Winfrey with Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.).

The visit, Chelsea Clinton’s first appearance with her mother in this campaign, was shrouded in secrecy.

The campaign popped the shocker this morning with a one-paragraph press release:

“Iowans for Hillary announced today that Chelsea Clinton and Dorothy Rodham will join Hillary as she campaigns across Iowa today. Mother and daughter will attend Organizing for Change events with Hillary events in Winterset, Williamsburg and Washington.”

Chelsea Clinton, 27, lives in New York City, where she moved after graduating from Stanford University.

She was a frequent but quiet companion during her mother’s first campaign for U.S. Senate.

"I'm happy to be here," Chelsea Clinton said this morning as she arrived at a diner in Iowa with Sen. Clinton, according to Fernando Suarez of CBS News.

Chelsea and Hillary Clinton sat with the senator's mother, Dorothy Rodham.

The senator ordered the "Good Ol’ Iowa Breakfast” — an omelet topped with cheese, buttered wheat toast and hash browns.

Chelsea Clinton opted for the healthier egg white omelet, Suarez reported. Clinton only had a few bites of her breakfast before a waitress swept in and took the plate away.


...thanks in great part to the comedy that is Hillary Clinton in melt-down mode, along with her politics of Muslim identity destruction!

The 29-year-old former first daughter is tying the knot this summer in a lavish $1 million dream wedding, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively. The groom-to-be is Wall Street whiz kid Marc Mezvinsky, 31, a longtime pal who became Chelsea’s serious boyfriend after she split from college beau Ian Klaus in 2005.

Friday, 30 July 2010


Rhttp://disc.yourwebapps.com/discussion.cgi?disc=149495%3Barticle%3D131646%3Btitle%3DAPFNe: ** FEMA CAMP ALERT **Wed Jul 28, 2010 12:0772.201.39.41
Misty misty8@xtra.co.nz wrote:

** FEMA CAMP ALERT ** They are stocking them with food supplies NOW !!
http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1128635/pg1 Quote
I just had a short phone call from a friend who works at Las Vegas airport, he could'nt say much since he was at work but he said he'll call me tonight to talk more.

Today at lunch he was in a remote area of the airport eating lunch when a security guard stopped to chat with him. My friend said the conversation turned to Politics,The Economy, Obama, how the country has turned into a police state..etc... When the guard started telling him he had just resigned his commision from the Army Rangers because he didn't want to be a part of what is coming. He said he had been involved in the movement and stocking of FEMA camps with food.

That's all I've been told during his short phone call, will post more after his phone call tonight.

Re: ** FEMA CAMP ALERT ** They are stocking them with food supplies NOW !! Quote

Ok, I just got off the phone with my friend in Las Vegas, here's what he said:

The guy is about 40 years old, was a Army Ranger for 15 years, he had been deployed in Iraq and Bosnia. He was assigned to help secure transportation and movement of suppies into Fema camps located in the Nevada-Arizona-California areas. While on that assignment he was told about the coming Fema Round ups/Food Shortages/Marial Law ..He was offered a position as head of security at one of the camps but declined and decided to get out of the Army when he heard what was coming.
The Fema Camps which have been sitting idle with skeleton crews are now being stocked and serviced.

He said that he recommends that everyone try to get off the grid as much and soon as possible:
1. No Bank accounts as the money system will be replaced by a new currency system which is already in place awaiting orders to be given to implement.
2. Get multiple Prepaid cell Phones.
3. He said if your not stocked up on food/survival items yet it's almost too late.

My friend will be talking to him again tomorrow, I'll keep you update
I didn't ask why get multible prepaid cell phones but I guess it's to avoid tracking..!?
Re: ** FEMA CAMP ALERT ** They are stocking them with food supplies NOW !! Quote
From the thread starter
This is my opinion not what I've been told..

IMO I think we are going to get hit by a Trifecta of circumstances all within a very short period to bring about Martial Law and the collapse of the US.

As I see it the collapse of the economy with riots erupting will be first, quickly followed by war in Iran/Middle East, with the final blow to be crop failure and famine to cull the masses.

I see foriegn troops being deployed in the US as a sign that this will be soon...When do I see this happening? IMO by the end of August !!!

asked my friend a lot of questions that he will most likely ask the guy tomorrow. I don't want to guess I just want to post what the guy said to my friend.


(You may like to check the thread from here for more on this. N)

They are stocking them with food supplies NOW !!

Don't forget all those thousands of plastic coffins stacked up in Georgia we all saw on YouTube in the last year or so. They've been preparing for this for a very long time. Sadly, there will be millions killed in the aftermath of the Gulf BP horrors. I'm guessing toxic air/water and a god awful tsunami hitting Florida (that state has 39 million citizens or 10% of the U.S. population).

People, this is going to get ugly and go down really bad in a short period of time.

I fear that the Internet as we now know it will go down or be very limited and controlled. GLP will be history as will other similar sites


FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS: Locations and Executive Orders ..... Ft. Drum - two compounds: Rex 84 detention camp and FEMA detention facility. ...

Some Dare Call Them “Concentration Camps”

The Final Solution for Patriots and Christians

World Government - Is Our Country Ready?

A must-read for every concerned world citizen

United Nations Children's Fund Seeks to Usurp Parental Rights

Executive Summary of U.S. Commission on National Security Report

Executive Orders And Laws relating to National Emergencies Laws

Wake Up America

"Premonitions of an American Holocaust"



FEMA Concentration and Detention Camps

Government Internment Camps
Recent Info U.S. Concentration Camps
Concentration Camps FEMA New World Order Antichrist Conspiracy

FEMA Concentration Camps:
Locations and Executive Orders

Articles on the coming holocaust and martial law


The Press Complaints Commission rejected the so-called "law firm" "Levy and Mcrae"s dubious complaints and found in favour of "The Drum" news site, who simply reported some truth. I doubt if the dodgy firm "Levy and Mccrae", and their ruler Angilioni like that at all! Theyre all for keeping things quiet and letting gross adults rape children whenever the fancy takes them. These parasitic monsters should be brought to book - the paedophiles and their supporters Angilioni and her crawling cowboys. See http://www.sacl.info/rogues.htm for the gory details of bent lawyers, + sheriffs etc in Scotland..


"Press Complaints Commission finds in favour of The Drum
Media / UK
The Press Complaints Commission has found in favour of The Drum after an online article about the Crown Office's failure to answer an FOI request for details of legal fees paid by Scotland's Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini was reported to the PCC by law firm Levy and McRae.

Levy & McRae asked the PCC to adjudicate on two specific complaints; firstly that The Drum's original article had in some way suggested that legal proceedings against The Firm magazine had been initiated and then dropped by them and secondly that Levy and McRae had contacted news website UK Column on behalf of a sheriff that it did not and had never had represented.

The Drum strongly denied both allegations during correspondence with the PCC and both complaints were subsequently deemed not to have breached the Editor's Code for Accuracy by the PCC.

Levy and McRae had also complained that the original article had made reference to concerns within the media industry of a conflict of interest in some of the firm's dealings, but this complaint was withdrawn by them prior to adjudication by the PCC.

A letter received by The Drum from the PCC stated: "The Commission has now considered the complaint from Peter Watson of Levy and McRae. The objections were reviewed within the context of the article as a whole, taking into consideration the requirements of the Code of Practice.

"After assessment the Commission has decided that no matters have been raised which show a breach of the Code."

On making its decision the PCC offered the following detailed adjudication:

Commission's decision in the case of Watson vs The Drum

"The article reported that the Crown Office in Scotland had declined to answer a Freedom of Information request made by the magazine in regard to "legal action" undertaken by the Lord Advocate of Scotland, Elish Angiolini. The complainant said that the article was inaccurate and misleading on two points: the claim that "legal action" pursued by the Lord Advocate, his client, had been "dropped"; and the claim that Levy & McRae had written to UK Column "threatening legal action on behalf of a Sheriff who had been named in the Hollie Greig allegations".

"The Commission firstly considered the reference to "legal action" in the article. The article as a whole had referred variously to: "libel action" (in the headline); "legal action"; the Lord Advocate having "threatened to sue"; it being "unusual for a Government appointee to sue the media"; "action against The Firm"; and "action". The complainant had argued that the reference to the "action" being "dropped" suggested that formal legal proceedings had been raised, which was not the case; the magazine had pointed to the fact that the Lord Advocate had instructed the complainant to act on her behalf, had instructed Counsel and had issued legal warnings to the media for "defamatory" allegations.

"The question for the Commission was whether readers would have been misled by these references and, in particular, the statement that the action had been "dropped". It decided that they would not. In its view, the references to "action" were broad, reflecting the magazine's interpretation of what had occurred following the publication of the original article in The Firm. It was not in dispute that the complainant himself, or Counsel, had been instructed following this. In those circumstances - in addition to the fact that the article referred to legal action being "threatened" - the Commission did not consider that the general reader would have been significantly misled. The word "dropped", in addition, did not carry an exclusively legal definition. The Commission did not consider that readers would have taken this to mean that formal legal proceedings had been raised and then not pursued. There was no breach of Clause 1 (Accuracy) of the Editors' Code on this issue.

"The second point for the Commission to consider was the reference to the letter sent by Levy & McRae to UK Column. The article had stated the following: "In February Levy & McRae, wrote to an English-based website - UK Column - in the name of the Lord Advocate - threatening legal action on behalf of a Sheriff who had been named in the Hollie Greig allegations."

"The complainant had confirmed that Levy & McRae did not and had not ever acted on behalf of the Sheriff in question and complained that it was inaccurate and misleading for the magazine to have suggested otherwise. The magazine had argued that the article had not stated that Levy & McRae were acting directly for the Sheriff; rather, it had said that Levy & McRae had written to UK Column in February in the name of the Lord Advocate about the Sheriff.

"In the Commission's view, this point rested on an interpretation of the letter in question, which the magazine had provided to the Commission as part of the correspondence. The letter stated that the firm acted on behalf of the Lord Advocate. This was reflected in the article, which reported that the firm had written in the name of the Lord Advocate. The letter also warned that, unless action was taken, proceedings may be raised for breach of interdict and for harassment. The Commission found that the magazine had been justified in assuming that the firm was threatening legal proceedings on behalf of the Sheriff (in some capacity) in light of the fact that the letter identified only the Sheriff - and not the Lord Advocate - as the individual who had been granted the interdict. The Commission considered that - given the content of the letter from the firm to UK Column and the manner in which the matter had been reported by the magazine - whether or not Levy & McRae acted for the Sheriff was not a significant point which would require the newspaper to publish a clarification.

There was no breach of the Code."

The Drum is continuing to try to establish exactly how much was paid by the Lord Advocate in legal fees and exactly who Levy & McRae was representing in these matters. Both approaches to the Crown Office have been rejected so far and the outcome of an appeal to the FOI Commissioner suggests that he is barred from investigating Crown Office financial matters.

A further appeal has been lodged."


The full facts of the HOLLIE GREIG case can be seen in this pdf file {link below}, with names of the abusers,and victims, although the statement about the involvement in any way concerning EVELYN BUCHANEN is to be altered and not neccassarily accurate, I understand. The characters calling themselves a "law firm" LEVY and MCRAE, including the character PAUL WATSON is mentioned, these characters playing a huge part along with Law Advocate ELISH ANGILIONI in making sure people are silenced who would speak about the HOLLIE GREIG case publicly. One dreads to think what other skeletons these dubious characters have in their cupboards if they allow things to be kept from citizens scrutiny. ELISH ANGILION, the "law advocate" for example has denied knowing about the Hollie Greig case in a letter dated 2001 yet talks about it in a letter dated 2000 {pls see attatched.photographs of letters - a letter dated 2000 ANGILIONI 2000 and a letter dated 2001 ANGILIONI 2001 , just one example of her dishonesty.

{Here is the "Palestine Telegraph"s expose of the same document, one of the very few sites who have the guts to print what the Angilioni mob deem banned from public view.

http://www.paltelegraph.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=4993:scottish-government-cover-up-of-hollie-greig-part-8-connections-between-hollie-a-dunblane-massacre&catid=103:peter-eyre&Itemid=123 }

Could you please take a look at the attatchment, it being a letter from Robert Green, HOLLIE GREIGs lay legal rep, to the Chief Constable PAUL WEST, which outlines just a couple of examples of events that happened recently which clearly need explaining.
To put it briefly, the police have been asked to explain why 2 raids took place on citizens homes recently without a search warrant in each case, causing an atrocious amount of damage in one particular instance. {Photographs of the damage to ANNE GREIGs home on request, one of the abodes raided}. The police have been asked for months for copies of the search warrants in each of the 2 cases but none have been forthcoming, so one can only assume there are none. This makes the raids illegal.
Furthermore, items were taken in both raids, those items being personal computers and personal papers belonging to the habitees of the abodes,which contained important private information concerning the crimes against Hollie Greig, and other matters. With no search warrants being able to be shown for the raids this makes the removal of the items taken acts of criminal theft.
Whats more an item, a photograph from the illegal raid on one of the abodes was published online a couple of days later, without the permission of the owner, Anne Greig. The photograph in question could not have been obtained any other way than by it being given by the police to the person publishing it. To show this photograph is still online it is shown is 3/4 of the way down the page shown from this link =
{It is the only photograph on the page of a group of people}.

So here we have 2 illegal raids on British citizens homes that the police refuse to discuss in any way after being asked many many times by different people,with thefts occurring in both instances.

Also, I myself have reported to both the Grampian Police and my local police crimes against HOLLIE GREIG which have been completly ignored by both police forces, and official complaints to the police arising from those crime reports being ignored have been ignored too.

It is understood the documents taken in the raid on Robert Greens abode contained evidence which would bring down the Scottish government, and more than likely the English government too.

The police are clearly working outside British law regarding the events I have mentioned in this message. - the raids on the 2 peoples abodes, with thefts from both, and crimes I have reported regarding the abuse suffered by Hollie Greig These are very serious matters and are being covered up on a massive scale. The details about the crimes against Hollie Greiog, the illegal raids on citizens homes and everything concerned with both should be brought into the open and justice should be seen to be done,if it is deemed neccassary. If these cases are not worthy of public scrutiny why cant they be discussed openly and in public? What are the police hiding? It is every citizens right to see everything concerned, as it is they who are paying the polices wages, and indeed the wages of the law departments keeping the case covered up via the "gag" order..

Please report and make public the facts in this message, and help stop the massive coverup concerning the HOLLIE GREIG case.
Some videos are below on the HOLLIE GREIG case of sexual abuse by a paedophile ring consisting of nurses,social workers, lawyers, a top policeman {now deceased} and many more, all covered up by the Scottish Law Advocate, who has lied on occasion regarding this case, which is in writing.
Full details of anything I have mentioned will be forthcoming from either myself or Robert Green on request.

Thank you, and let justice be done.

JG. 29 7 2010

Some important videos =

DAVID ICKE ON SCOTTISH ESTABLISHMENT PAEDOPHILIA http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=624EFCD4EBF68D8E =
ROBERT GREEN explanatory videos about HOLLIE GREIG http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=07F1E6B4A55EE72D =
ROBERT GREEN ON DROCKTON RADIO the illegal raids http://www.youtube.com/view_p...lay_list?p=8161B5D4E24D0BF9 =
http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=1B21B31D643A90D0 =
http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=1CDD32601612FA6A -
http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=83443D5773D1A52B =
LEGEND RADIO ROBERT GREEN ANSWERS AGENT PROVOCATEUR DALY http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=8FE0F1B25C20A3E5 =
ROBERT GREEN LIVERPOOL 22 JUNE http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=DA724E8076566423


Thursday, 29 July 2010


In the latest show, Neil Sanders talks about Mind Control
I will be speaking at the Leeds Exopolitics Conference, University of Leeds which takes plane on 7th & 8th August 2010,
...Details here
Richplanet Deals here
Thank you,
Richard D. Hall "

Wednesday, 28 July 2010



Today at 1:17am | Edit Note | Delete
"'Dave' Cameron says he's in touch with reality...but with so much wealth and blue blood you have to wonder By ZOE BRENNAN Last updated at 22:00 15 June 2007 A direct descendant of Charles II, Sir Reginald .. can trace his bloodline back to the Knights Templar and the Fifth Crusade, and owns 3,000 acres of prime Lincolnshire farmland. Much of the furniture at his country home once graced Buckingham Palace - which was the family's London pad, before they passed it on to the Queen. This is Sir Reginald Adrian Berkeley Sheffield - a colourful old-school Baronet, who just happens to be man-of-the-people Tory leader David Cameron's father-in-law. David Cameron's father-in-law Sir Reginald Sheffield has a line going back hundreds of years .. For his part, Sir Reginald - an Old Etonian whose family crest is a boar's head framed by two arrows. Indeed, his wife Samantha is aristocratic on both sides of her family. Creative director of the upmarket stationery company Smythson of Bond Street, she is a direct descendant of Nell Gwyn, mistress to Charles II, and her stepfather is Viscount Astor. Meanwhile, 'Call me Dave' himself comes from a family which makes the bulk of the British landed gentry seem positively nouveau riche. Cameron is William IV's great-great-great-great-great grandson, which Debrett's says makes him fifth cousin, twice removed, of the Queen .. He was embarrassed by photographs showing him dressed in formal attire attending the Bullingdon Club at Oxford, an exclusive dining society notorious for Hooray Henry high jinks. He has admitted 'shooting the odd pigeon', but neglects to mention that he is a regular visitor to the 20,000-acre estate in Scotland owned by his stepfather-in-law, Viscount Astor, where he shoots stag. The Astor family trusts own a property company called Sableknight, with more than £140m of net assets, so they can afford to be generous hosts. His lineage is fascinating: he is related to William IV through the King's illegitimate daughter, Lady Elizabeth FitzClarence. She is one of at least ten children he had out of wedlock with the actress Dorothea Jordan, his long-term mistress. The royal connection comes through Cameron's paternal grandmother Enid, who married his grandfather Ewen Donald Cameron. Enid can be traced back directly via a couple of knights and a brace of earls to William IV's daughter. A spokesman for Debrett's says of Cameron's illegitimate ancestor: "It was a scandal, but the 18th century was less prudish about these matters than we are. It wasn't a secret." With such a pedigree, it goes almost without saying that the family has been wealthy for hundreds of years. An early forebear went to Chicago and made a fortune in the grain business, before returning to Scotland in 1880 to build the ancestral home, Blairmore House in Aberdeenshire. Then there is their long and lucrative history in finance. David Cameron's great-great grandfather Sir Ewen Cameron helped the Rothschilds sell war bonds during the Russo-Japanese war. Cameron's father, Ian, and grandfather, Ewen Donald, were both Eton-educated senior partners at stockbrokers Panmure Gordon. Here, they made serious money. Philip Beresford says: "Ian would have reaped the rewards of the Big Bang, 21 years ago, when genteel stockbroking partners sold out for a fortune at places like Panmure Gordon. "He will also have made some serious money as director at the upmarket estate agent John D. Wood. I value him at £10m plus." .. His biographers, Francis Elliott and James Hanning, note that the other parents included 'eight honourables, four sirs, two captains, two majors, two princesses, two marchionesses, one viscount, one brigadier, one commodore, one earl, one lord, and one queen (the Queen)" "In the late Seventies, the grandson of the oil billionaire John Paul Getty asked four of his classmates to America to celebrate his birthday. Cameron was one of them .. David Cameron got his first job as a researcher for Tim Rathbone, his godfather and Conservative MP for Lewes. Three months later he went to Hong Kong to work at the conglomerate Jardine Matheson - Daddy was stockbroker to the chairman, providing a fast-track into the business world. When the young Cameron was due to attend a job interview at Conservative Central Office, a phone call was received from Buckingham Palace. "I understand you are to see David Cameron," said the caller. "I am ringing to tell you that you are about to meet a truly remarkable young man."[We allege that call came from an extorted Prince Charles]""The Sheffields accumulated their vast wealth through a concerted campaign to marry Lincolnshire's richest landlords, becoming the wealthiest family in the area by the 15th century .. Thereafter, the family history reads like an Arthurian drama, complete with kings, battles and bloody plots. One ancestor, Robert Sheffield, was knighted by King Henry VIII only to die a prisoner in the Tower of London after offending Cardinal Wolsey. Another met a grisly demise, being poisoned in 1568 by the Earl of Leicester, who was after his wife, one of the great court beauties. In time, Leicester poisoned her too, after tiring of her - she lived but the potion made her lose her hair and nails, destroying her looks. The wealthiest and most powerful Sheffield of all was John, who became the Duke of Buckingham and Normanby. He built Buckingham House, as it was known then, and bestowed the first baronetcy on his son Sir Charles Herbert Sheffield, who later sold Buckingham Palace to George III in 1762. A later Sheffield married a descendant of one of the illegitimate sons of Nell Gwyn, the actress and mistress to Charles II. Sir Reginald is the eighth baronet, who married Annabel Jones, Samantha Cameron's mother, but they divorced after only six years, and she went on to marry the extremely wealthy and aristocratic Viscount Astor. Jones herself is descended from the 10th Baron Clifford of Chudleigh and works as the director of a home furnishings company, based in London. She is now, by marriage, Viscountess Astor."

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Facebook vigilante posts 6,000 photos of convicted paedophiles and sex offenders online as 'invaluable tool for parents'
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 9:04 AM on 5th May 2010
Comments (102) Add to My Stories Chris Wittwer has posted the names and photographs of 6,000 convicted sex offenders on Facebook
A vigilante is celebrating after completing a database of 6,000 convicted sex offenders and paedophiles across every county in Britain and posting their names and photographs on Facebook.
Chris Wittwer said he has created the largest photographic gallery 'in the world' after spending 'every waking hour' gathering police mugshots of registered sex offenders.
Nearly 18,000 people have joined his Facebook groups since the 34-year-old started compiling the huge online bank two years ago.
A total of 44 groups on the social networking site feature 5,930 names and photographs of sex criminals who have been convicted in Britain's courts.

Mr Wittwer, from Exeter, who works as a warehouse operator said today: 'I feel really proud.
'It's quite an achievement and if it helps people spot sex offenders living in their area, who are a known risk to children, then I've done a good thing.

'It's a really big project - way bigger than anything before like the other site RatBook.

'But it's not a question of being a hate mob, it's the simple fact that on the national sex offenders register you can access some information but you can't see the faces of those who commit the crimes.

'With my groups you can see the picture of the offender, their name, the date of their offence and where they were resident at the time.

'Because of the repeat nature of many child sex offences it is an invaluable tool for parents who want to keep a watching eye over their kids.'
Mr Wittwer had his first group closed down by police when he first started the venture two years ago for the county of Devon.

But the online portals were started back up again because the campaigner was able to show he was not breaking any laws by presenting information already in the public domain.

He has stuck religiously to only putting up details of convicted sex offenders by checking local newspapers and court records.

Nearly 18,000 people have joined his Facebook groups since the 34-year-old started compiling the huge online bank two years ago
He then cross-references the name of a sex criminal against the national sex offenders register before giving himself the green light to put up the name.

He said: 'I definitely cross all the t's and dot the i's - nothing is left to chance.

'I use press releases from the police as well as local paper cuttings and newspapers' own archives.

'No hearsay or unconfirmed allegations go on the site. That's how I've been able to continue legally.

'The list is growing all the time - I cover 62 counties in all across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland so I'm constantly adding new names.'

Mr Wittwer says he gets 40 messages every day from people praising his work on the social networking site - with many victims turning to him for support.

He said: 'It's very difficult when you get a victim asking for your help because I'm not a qualified counsellor.

'All I can do is offer them a bit of advice and tell them where to turn to.'

But he said he has also come in for some hostility from actual sex offenders who have tracked him down and tried to attack him for what he has done.

He said: 'On a couple of occasions I have had paedophiles try and hunt me down. I guess it's an occupational hazard.

'They don't want their names out there. But fortunately it hasn't come to anything.'

Mr Wittwer said he started his 'mission' after working as a pub barman a few years ago where he found out about a regular who had been molesting a child.

He said: 'It created shockwaves and it sickened me. I just wanted to do something about it. This is my way of helping I suppose.'
He added proudly that his list actually helped track down one sex offender who had been spotted working in a local sweet shop - opposite a primary school.

He said: 'This particular person was on the sex offenders register but had failed to keep police informed of his movements.

'Thanks to my site he was recognised and when police caught up with him they found he had been abusing again. He went back to jail.

He added: 'I'm really pleased I've managed to cover the whole UK now. I've just finished doing the last remaining places in Scotland last week but it will be an ongoing job to keep it up to date.'

The online groups have been a massive hit with users as the site states on its opening page: 'On this site we aim to expose the paedophiles, perverts and child abuse animals that infest our society today.

'Is it just and right what I am doing? I don't care! If I can help to save one child from these crimes then it has all been worth it.'

Group members have called on Mr Wittwer to release people's addresses and some have even suggested torturing paedophiles.

But Facebook confirmed that he has done nothing wrong in the eyes of the social networking site, which has millions of users across the country.

A spokesman said: 'We want Facebook to be a place where people can openly discuss issues and express their views, while respecting the rights and feeling of others.

'It is within the terms of the site for users to express their views about a public figure, which includes views about someone who has been convicted of a crime and details related to the crime that are freely available in the media.'

The spokesman added: 'However, bullying and harassment of a private individual is against the terms of use of the site and any content or users found to be in violation will be removed.

'As a community, Facebook is highly self-regulating, and we encourage users to report questionable or offensive content.

'Facebook takes all complaints by users seriously and we have a dedicated team investigating these complaints and comments by users.'
A Kent Police spokesperson said: 'Any information taken from the internet and sites such as Facebook should be treated with caution as its authenticity cannot be confirmed.
'Part of Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) includes assessing risk to members of the public and where they should be told about offenders in their community, we tell them.

'We encourage anyone with concerns about offenders to report the information to the police or through Crimestoppers.

'By providing the police and our partners with information, members

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1270064/Facebook-vigilante-posts-6-000-photos-convicted-paedophiles-sex-offenders-online-invaluable-tool-parents.html#ixzz0usFuou1l




people be in prayer and fasting

Sent: Mon, July 26, 2010 11:15:16 AM
Subject: Fw: Updated warnings from the U.S. Consulate in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico:
... possible violence & food shortages

Passing on the latest...it is getting very serious folks~!!! Mexican drug cartels took over two ranchers properties in Texas?!? This will be WORSE than the old Wild West~!!! Pray and Warn others, and be a Safe Haven if someone needs shelter from the storms~!!!

Updated warnings from the U.S. Consulate in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico: possible violence & food shortages
July 26, 10:46 AMLA County Libertarian ExaminerMartin Hill

U.S. Embassy logo
U.S. Embassy Consulate GeneralWith numerous reports of violence and alleged takeovers of two ranches in Laredo, Texas swirrling around the internet, I thought I'd post the actual 'Warden Messages' from the U.S. Consulate General in Nuevo Laredo Mexico. The website's main page is located here. AT the top right of the page under 'Travel Information' there are links to 'Warden Messages- Nuevo Laredo' and a more general 'Travel Warning- Mexico' dated July 16th. The 'Warden Messages' page begins as follows:
"Warden Messages -Occasionally it becomes necessary to notify American Citizens of occurances that may affect the safety or welfare of those living in the Nuevo Laredo consular district. These messages, known as "Warden Messages," are listed here."

The most current 'Warden Message', dated July 22, 2010, is titled The U.S. Consulate General Advises U.S. Citizens to Defer Visits to the Consulate and states, in part,

"The U.S. Consulate General in Nuevo Laredo advises all U.S. citizens that due to concerns about security, visitors are advised to defer visits to the Consulate General this morning (July 22, 2010) until approximately 11:00 am, or until further notice. For the latest security information, U.S. citizens traveling abroad should regularly monitor the Department's internet web site at http://travel.state.gov/ where the current Worldwide Caution, Travel Warnings, and Travel Alerts can be found. Up-to-date information on security can also be obtained by calling 1-888-407-4747 toll free in the United States and Canada, or, for callers from Mexico, a regular toll line at 001-202-501-4444. These numbers are available from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday".

The previous 'Warden Message', dated July 21, is titled 'Urgent: Reports of Gun Battles in Nuevo Laredo'
and states, in part, "The U.S. Consulate General has received reports of ongoing gun battles near the International Bridge 2 in the Colonia Victoria and Viveros areas of town. There are reports of the gun battles now moving into other parts of the city at this time and all U.S. citizens are advised to shelter in place until further notice."

The 'Warden Message' dated July 20th, titled 'Consulate Announces Restrictions for Official Americans Traversing Mexican Federal Highways' stated "The U.S. Consulate General advises all U.S. Citizens in the area that all American employees of the U.S. Consulate General in Nuevo Laredo are currently prohibited from transiting Highway 2 (Riberena) east of Nuevo Laredo between the Mexican Federal Highway 85 (Carretera Nacional)cloverleaf and Reynosa, and also west of Nuevo Laredo between the Colombia-Solidarity International Bridge and Ciudad Acuna due to ongoing concerns of violence along this highway. U.S. citizens should consider alternate routes or delaying travel on this section of road."

The 'Warden Message' dated July 16th, titled 'Security Situation Around the City in Nuevo Laredo' states "We have received credible reports of widespread violence occurring now between narcotics trafficking organizations and the Mexican Army in Nuevo Laredo. We have credible reports of grenades being used. The narcotics traffickers have reportedly blocked at least one major avenue, Lopez de Lara, and are carjacking vehicles. Other roads may also be blocked by narcotics traffickers. We advise all U.S. citizens in Nuevo Laredo to remain indoors until the security situation improves."
In addition to all this, the international bridges were closed for a time around July 8th due to storms and flooding 'in low lying areas of the Rio Grande River'. The July 9th Warden Message, titled 'Local officials warn of supply shortages' stated "The U.S. Consulate General in Nuevo Laredo advises all U.S. citizens in the area that due to the recent storm and subsequent flooding that all Mexican highways leading into Nuevo Laredo have been closed. Local government officials are warning of possible shortages of food, water, gasoline, and medicine as no vehicles carrying these supplies will be able to reach the city from the interior of Mexico for the next 3-7 days depending on weather conditions. U.S. citizens in the area are advised to stock up on these supplies as appropriate. At this time, all city services remain open."

Regarding the violence and narcotics activity, PrisonPlanet.com is reporting that Mexican Drug Mafia Invades Texas. Kimberly Dvorak of the Examiner reported Los Zetas drug cartel seizes 2 U.S. ranches in Texas and said 'Two sources inside the Laredo Police Department confirmed the incident is unfolding...', but added 'the sources inside Laredo PD spoke on the condition of anonymity'.

John G. Winder, Publisher of The Cypress Times ran the story and originally reported "I can tell you that as of now The Cypress Times has been unable to confirm the story"; but they later added text in red stating 'UPDATE: Story is now 100% confirmed by second source within the Laredo Police Department'. Cypress Times had re-published the story from DiggersRealm.com, which gives a third update, stating "For those doubting the confirmation, I stand firmly behind Kimberly, but I have put together more on the confirmation and why this story truly matters at: "Why The Los Zetas Ranch Story Matters - Confirmation And Why A Media Blackout?". There are three confirmed sources within law enforcement.)"
The paper then notes '(Since then I have learned Kim has no less than three sources inside law enforcement. Kim was also involved in the Acorn investigation with Breitbart, so she's no whipper snapper.)

Diggersrealm also pointed out that 'The Los Zetas are highly trained killers initially trained by United States Special Operations forces to combat the drug cartels within Mexico. As the drug war heated up the Zetas saw more money in working for the cartels and joined up with the Gulf Cartel.'
What a great use of our tax dollars, eh?

The Cypress Times had reported that the U.S. Consulate had posted warnings of violence on it's website. The Consulate website itself currently lists a Travel Warning dated July 16th which warns of travel in the area. Below are some excerpts from that general warning.
U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE Bureau of Consular Affairs
July 16, 2010
The Department of State has issued this Travel Warning to inform U.S. citizens traveling to and living in Mexico about the security situation in Mexico. The authorized departure of family members of U.S. government personnel from U.S. Consulates in the northern Mexico border cities of Tijuana, Nogales, Ciudad Juarez, Nuevo Laredo, Monterrey and Matamoros remains in place. This Travel Warning supersedes the Travel Warning for Mexico dated May 6, 2010 to note the extension of authorized departure and to update guidance on security conditions and crime.
...Millions of U.S. citizens safely visit Mexico each year. This includes tens of thousands who cross the border every day for study, tourism or business and at least one million U.S. citizens who live in Mexico. The Mexican government makes a considerable effort to protect U.S. citizens and other visitors to major tourist destinations .... It is imperative that U.S. citizens understand the risks involved in travel to Mexico, how best to avoid dangerous situations, and who to contact if one becomes a victim of crime or violence. Common-sense precautions such as visiting only legitimate business and tourist areas during daylight hours, and avoiding areas where criminal activity might occur, can help ensure that travel to Mexico is safe and enjoyable. ...Violence Along the U.S.-Mexico Border

Much of the country’s narcotics-related violence has occurred in the northern border region. For example, since 2006, three times as many people have been murdered in Ciudad Juarez, in the state of Chihuahua, across from El Paso, Texas, than in any other city in Mexico. More than half of all Americans killed in Mexico in FY 2009 whose deaths were reported to the U.S. Embassy were killed in the border cities of Ciudad Juarez and Tijuana.

Since 2006, large firefights have taken place in towns and cities in many parts of Mexico, often in broad daylight on streets and other public venues. Such firefights have occurred mostly in northern Mexico, including Ciudad Juarez, Tijuana, Chihuahua City, Nogales, Nuevo Laredo, Piedras Negras, Reynosa, Matamoros and Monterrey. Firefights have also occurred in Nayarit, Jalisco and Colima. During some of these incidents, U.S. citizens have been trapped and temporarily prevented from leaving the area.

Monday, 26 July 2010


REUTERS - More than 91,000 documents, most of which are secret U.S. military reports about the war in Afghanistan, were released by WikiLeaks.org on Sunday. Following are some details and highlights of the documents, which were released first to The New York Times, The Guardian and Der Spiegel.


The "Afghan War Diary" is a compilation of documents and reports covering the war in Afghanistan stretching back to 2004. The reports describe lethal military actions involving the U.S. military including the number of people killed, wounded or detained as well as the precise geographical location of each event. They also disclose the military units involved and major weapon systems used.

Most entries were written by soldiers and intelligence officers listening to reports radioed in from front-line deployments.


* Civilian casualties

The logs are full of accounts of civilian deaths and injuries. The Guardian said 144 entries record a wide spectrum of assaults on Afghans. It said the files show that the U.S.-led coalition troops have killed hundreds of civilians in unreported incidents.

The incidents range from shootings of innocent individuals to massive loss of life from air strikes. One report detailing how one child was killed and another injured when the car they were riding in was fired on by troops showed that civilians were paid compensation -- in this case 100,000 Afghani ($2,170) for the death, 20,000 Afghani ($434) for the injury and 10,000 ($217) for the vehicle.

The reports include about 100 incidents of civilian shootings by jumpy troops at checkpoints, near bases or on convoys, according to the Guardian. Uncooperative drivers or motorcyclists were frequent targets.

WikiLeaks said the vast range of small tragedies are usually not reported but account for the "overwhelming majority of deaths and injuries."

* Taliban using more IEDs

Documents show from 2004-2009 the improvised explosive devise had become the Taliban's favored weapon and the biggest killer of coalition soldiers. The Guardian said in 2004 the logs reported 308 makeshift bombs, while in 2009 the number had jumped to 7,155.

The newspaper said the logs suggest that the Taliban had killed or injured at least 7,000 Afghan civilians in IED attacks between 2004 and 2009.

* "Black" unit seeks Taliban leaders

A secret "black" unit of U.S.-led special forces -- Task Force 373 -- was being used to hunt down Taliban leaders for "kill or capture" without trial. The documents show that the black unit has killed innocent men, women, children and Afghan police as it goes about hunting down its prey. The secret force has a "capture/kill list" of about 70 top insurgent commanders, The New York Times reported.

* Heat-seeking missiles

The U.S. military knows the Taliban have used portable heat-seeking missiles against allied aircraft, though it has not disclosed the fact. The New York Times quoted one report that said a U.S. helicopter was struck by a heat-seeking surface-to-air missile, killing all seven aboard. Though other helicopters reported the downing as a surface-to-air missile strike, a NATO spokesman at the time said the helicopter could have been taken down by small arms fire.

* Pakistan aids insurgency in Afghanistan

The documents suggest that Pakistan allowed representatives of its spy service (Inter-Services Intelligence) to meet directly with the Taliban to organize militant groups that fight against U.S. soldiers, the New York Times reported.

The newspaper cited some reports that describe Pakistani intelligence working with al Qaeda to plan attacks.

One of the documents discusses a meeting of insurgents attended by a former senior Pakistani intelligence official who seems to be working against U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

Der Spiegel said the documents showed the ISI was the "most important accomplice" the Taliban had outside of Afghanistan. It said Pakistan served as safe haven for enemy forces.

The magazine cited a Jan. 14, 2008, threat report that claimed the ISI had directed a Taliban official to "see that (Afghan President Hamid) Karzai was assassinated."

The New York Times said the reports also detail efforts by ISI officers to run networks of suicide bombers in Afghanistan and said they show that the ISI helped organize Taliban offensives at key times in the war.

* Reports also document problems with the Afghan police force, recounting police brutality, corruption and extortion plots.

(Reporting by Deborah Charles in Washington; Editing by Eric Beech)



, ...not available online anywhere else...
" Duncan Cameron is one of the central figure in the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project saga. According to Al Bielek, Duncan was his brother (when Al was Ed Cameron) who jumped off the USS Eldridge in 1943 and landed into the future. When they wound up in 1983 at Montauk, both were sent back to the USS Eldridge to destroy the equipment that was keeping the ship in hyperspace.
Al Bielek says that before the USS Eldridge rematerialized, Duncan jumped back off the ship and returned back to 1983.He was used extensively as a psychic in the Montauk project. During one of the experiments, Duncan Cameron lost his "time lock" and began to age one year for every hour that passed.
The time engineers at Montauk went back in time (to 1950) and convinced Duncan's original father, Alexander Cameron to sire another son. When done, they removed Duncan's soul and put it into the new child. This person is who we know today as Duncan Cameron.
The new Duncan picked up where the old Duncan left off. He became one of the principal psychics who manned the Montauk Chair. The chain was used to create and hold the frequency required to perform the time travel and mind control activities. (Listen to Larry James interviews)
Duncan, as well as Stewart Swerdlow, allegedly were both Montauk Boys programmers. This part of the program still deeply troubles both of them.
The Montauk program was brought to an abrupt halt when "Jr.", the Bigfoot monster was brought into form (via Duncan) and proceed to wreck the base.
All of the people we interviewed that participated in the Montauk were subject to many sessions of mind control. Essentially, they had their memories wiped by Montauk technology. In many cases, false memories were implanted to cover up their real activities. But as we learn from Al, their technologies were not perfect. Over time, the memories slowly returned.
Duncan is in the process of slowly recovering his memories. He recalls being on the USS Eldridge and now accepts that Al was his brother. He remembers going to Mars and many of the things that happened at Montauk. The process of remembering has been difficult for him, because it goes against his true nature. Hopefully, in time, we will all get the true story of what really happened at Montauk. "
The Al Bielek Autobigrapghy {6 hrs} =
pt 1 BIELEK http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list...
pt 2 BIELEK http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list...
pt 3
LARRY SOLARZ superwarrior http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list...
SWERDELOW - MONTAUK BOYS http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list...
Larry James http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list...

my vid of WIKI SPEAKS RE: 90000 DOCS 26 7 10


Sunday, 25 July 2010


"Courtroom chaos as David Icke turns up at magistrates
Court report Gareth Bethell
There were chaotic scenes when self-proclaimed 'son of God' David Icke turned up to support a woman in the dock at Portsmouth Magistrates' Court.One member of his party was led out of court by two police officers and two security guards as District Judge Anthony Callaway called for order. Mr Icke, who famously announced on Terry Wogan's BBC show in 1991 that he was the son of God, was in court in support of Cheryl Stannard, a woman who is accused of abducting a child. As the court proceedings were still ongoing another of Stannard's supporters, Paul Randle-Jolliffe, from Freedom Advocacy and Law Ltd, tried to address the judge. Wearing shorts, a shirt and jacket Mr Randle-Jolliffe stood up and declared he was a 'public interest intervenor'.But District Judge Callaway ordered the usher to have the man removed. The hearing came to a halt and the judge left the room as Mr Randle-Jolliffe, who refused to leave, was taken outside by the police.He was spoken to but not arrested.Outside court Mr Icke, who believes the world is controlled by a reptilian race who take on a human form, said he had heard about Ms Stannard's case and decided to back her.'I have just come along to give her my support,' he said. After speaking to the police Mr Jolliffe-Randle said: 'My intention was purely to apply to the court to be accepted into the case as a public interest intervenor.'Stannard, 47, formerly of Thomas Lane, Cowes, Isle of Wight, gave a new bail address in Bournemouth.She has pleaded not guilty to abducting the girl at Portsmouth ferry terminal on March 31. Prosecutor Giles Fletcher said Stannard is alleged to have taken the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, to Spain. He said: 'The crown would say this case is not suitable for summary trial due to the sentencing powers of this court.'The case was adjourned until September 17 when it will be sent to Portsmouth Crown Court for trial http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/newshome/Courtroom-chaos-as-David-Icke.6438082.jp


25 July 2010 Last updated at 12:23 Share this pageFacebookTwitter ShareEmail Print Alex Salmond calls for release of Lockerbie files
Mr Salmond said the documents would vindicate the Scottish government The Scottish first minister has called on the UK and US governments to release all of their documents relating to the release of the Lockerbie bomber.

Alex Salmond said US authorities had not wanted Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi to be released from a Scottish prison.

But he claimed they said it would be preferable for Megrahi to be released on compassionate grounds rather than under a prisoner transfer agreement.

He said the documents would "vindicate" the Scottish government's actions.

Speaking on Sky News, Mr Salmond emphasised that the Scottish government had released all of its own documents relating to Megrahi's release in August last year.

He said the UK and US governments had refused to grant permission for some of the correspondence they had with the Scottish government ahead of Megrahi's release to be published.

The Sunday Times has claimed to have seen a letter in which the US administration advised the Scottish government that it would be "far preferable" for Megrahi to be released on compassionate grounds than to jail him in Libya under the prisoner transfer agreement.

Mr Salmond did not explicitly confirm the existence of the letter.

But he said: "I think that a fair description of the American government's position is they didn't want al-Megrahi to be released.

"However, if he was to be released, they thought it was far preferable for compassionate release as opposed to the prisoner transfer agreement.

"Presumably the reason that they were so opposed to the prisoner transfer agreement is on roughly the same grounds as the Scottish government had for opposing that agreement - because it was signed initially at the same time as an oil deal was being signed in the famous Deal in the Desert."

The Scottish government has refused to send any representatives to a US Senate committee hearing into Megrahi's release, which is due to be held on Thursday.

The committee wants to establish whether oil giant BP influenced the decision.

Former UK Home Secretary Jack Straw has also declined an invitation to appear before the committee.

Megrahi was jailed after being convicted by a Scottish court of murdering 270 people by blowing up Pan Am flight 103 over the town of Lockerbie, in south west Scotland, in 1988


my vids of PT 3 AL BIELEK AUTOBIOGRAPHY, none are online to my knowledge...PRESTON NICHOLS + MORE TO COME SOON...
=HERE IS PART 3 x11 videos on MONTAUK + related

pt 1 BIELEK http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=C3853D0AC43FD1B9
pt 2 BIELEK http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=451557C93AF0BF2B
LARRY SOLARZ superwarrior http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=48571571F4B1B41F
SWERDELOW - MONTAUK BOYS http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=F42BF1D902AF1C2B
Larry James http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=27090C129D58890A
PRESTON NICHOLS is to come soon

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David Cameron suggests compromise on Gary McKinnon to Barack Obama
David Cameron has suggested to President Barack Obama that Gary McKinnon, the Briton accused of hacking into Pentagon computers, could serve some of his sentence in Britain as part of a compromise deal.
By Robert Winnett and Alex Spillius in Washington
Mr Obama had earlier said he hoped a deal could be reached in the long-running case of Mr McKinnon, who suffers from Asperger's syndrome.
"Work has been going on to try and see if there isn't some way of dealing with this case where perhaps the sentences given in America that some of the - if there is a prison sentence - is served in a British prison," Mr Cameron told the BBC's Radio 5Live.
However, Mr Obama said he could not interfere directly in the case and warned that the issue must be "resolved in a way that underscores the seriousness of the issue".
Mr Obama said: "One of the traditions we have is that the President doesn't get involved in decisions around prosecutions, extradition matters.
"So what I expect is my team will follow the law, but they will also co-ordinate closely with what we have just stated is an ally that is unparalleled in terms of our co-operative relationship.
"I trust that this will get resolved in a way that underscores the seriousness of the issue, but also underscores the fact that we work together, we can find an appropriate solution." Mr Cameron said he understood that Mr McKinnon was accused of a "very important and significant crime" but said he hoped "a way through" could be found.
Obviously neither the Prime Minister nor the President can be seen to directly intervene in judicial proceedings but this case is definitely a political one.
Here is a chance for the Obama administration to make amends for some of their recent anti-British political rhetoric following the BP oil pollution affair, by dropping the extradition demand they inherited from the Bush administration, in favour of an "appropriate solution" under the British system of justice


WARNING" - GRAPHIC LANGUAGE....with Keith Moon, Ringo, Flo + Eddie etc...and im proud to have Jimmy, RIP, as my friend on myspace.
WARNING" - GRAPHIC LANGUAGE"wiki=Its references include Mephisto, Kafka, Kubrick's 2001, work re-education/concentration camps and an animated sequence with a cameo of Donald Duck featured as part of a video/musical collage. These broader, symbolic culture references coexist with specific characters and places: i.e. "Lonesome Cowboy Burt", a non-union roofer who savagely beats up hippies and leftists, and two groupies, Lucy Offerall and Janet Neville.

The film's creative talents include the Mothers of Invention and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the actor Theodore Bikel, and rock-stars Ringo Starr (playing Larry the Dwarf) and The Who's drummer, Keith Moon (in drag, playing a nun).

The plot is both nebulous and nonexistent as a narrative or as a series of vignettes and production numbers. According to Zappa, only a third of his script was filmed. The director, several actors and a band member quit mid-production. These events accounted for several radical, last-minute changes.

To keep costs down, the film was shot and edited entirely on 2 inch Quadruplex videotape in the PAL format and only transferred to film after post-production was complete, a cinematographic first. The rushes and the unused scenes were later erased and sold as used bulk video tape.
The music on the soundtrack is in a different sequence than the film. In addition, Zappa explained in the soundtrack album notes that, not all the music in the film is on the album, and not all the music on the album is in the film. Some of the music written for the project is not in the movie or on the soundtrack album.

This was not the first time that Zappa combined orchestral and rock music on film. He did this in his very first film score The World's Greatest Sinner in 1962. The music in 200 Motels also has similarities to earlier Zappa works, such as the orchestral score to Run Home Slow (1965) as well as his first solo LP, Lumpy Gravy, from 1968.

The double album soundtrack, like the film, was completed in a week. The production took place at Pinewood studios in England and the recording of the band without the orchestra took place after the day's filming was complete. This was done with a rented remote recording studio/truck owned by the Rolling Stones which was driven into the movie studio and parked there for a week.

A large variety of musical styles and satirical parodies of musical styles on the album, including the faux country "Lonesome Cowboy Burt" with a vocal by Jimmy Carl Black. Rock band selections include "Do You Like My New Car", "Shove It Right In" and "Magic Fingers". Little space is given to guitar solos on the album and lyrics throughout the album are typically obsessed with sexual behaviour, critical of American society.

Zappa's orchestral compositions exhibit the influence of composers he admired such as Varèse, Stravinsky and Webern. The soundtrack also includes operatic vocals by a group of "serious" singers on some pieces and the entire panoply of modern chamber music, twentieth century orchestra, avante-garde and twelve-tone repertoire are also represented on the soundtrack.

[edit] Miscellanea
Lists of miscellaneous information should be avoided. Please relocate any relevant information into appropriate sections or articles. (January 2008)

The film's closing credits are superimposed over its own expense reports.
...pls see my other ZAPPA UNRELEASED RARE , + BEEFHEART etc in my playlists.....namaste...b.


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part 1 = I am reposting these 2 vids formerly put up by the now deleted "GIftmith", who originally put these 2 vids up in the autumn of 2008, i believe, when i captured them. The videos show what was going on in the skies of California at the time and for the previous 3 years, as he states. Later I was to fim the same or very similar thing in s uk 2 years later . Now these things are filmed worldwide as our dimension merges with another as we reach 2012 and the crossing of the Galactic Equator and all that brings with its massive energy burst from the black hole at the centre of our galaxy.....what i filmed for over a year http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=9DCEC922DA172BA7 =...namaste...b.

Thursday, 22 July 2010


Ian Tomlinson family receive Met police payout over G20 death

Ian Tomlinson sitting on the pavement after being pushed over Mr Tomlinson got up after being pushed over, but later collapsed and died

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The Met Police has apologised to the family of Ian Tomlinson and reached an out-of-court settlement over his death at the G20 protests in London in 2009.
The force apologised "unreservedly" for the "excessive and unlawful force" used by one of its officers.
Mr Tomlinson had been walking home when he was struck with a baton and pushed to the ground by then-PC Simon Harwood.
His widow, Julia, said the apology was "as close as we are going to get to justice".
She also said the family could "finally start looking to the future again".
Mr Tomlinson's widow and seven of his children and step-children had pursued the compensation claim. The amount has not been disclosed.
'Mental distress' Deputy Assistant Commissioner Maxine de Brunner said in a statement: "I apologise unreservedly for Simon Harwood's use of excessive and unlawful force which caused Mr Tomlinson's death, and for the suffering and distress caused to his family as a result."
The statement also said that all litigation between the force and the Tomlinson family had been resolved.

“Start Quote

The commissioner also apologies to the family for ill-considered comments made in the media in the immediate aftermath of Mr Tomlinson's death which served to distract attention away from the investigation into the death”
End Quote Deputy Assistant Commissioner Maxine de Brunner

"An out-of-court settlement has been agreed that acknowledges the suffering Julia Tomlinson and the family have endured with dignity over the last four years.
"In view of the physical and mental distress caused to the members of the family by these events and the understandable publicity and press interest, it has been agreed that it is in the best interests of the family that no further statement will be made, either by them or the commissioner, regarding the terms of the settlement."
Mr Tomlinson, a 47-year-old newspaper seller, collapsed minutes after being struck with a baton and died of internal bleeding, in what was later found by an inquest jury to be an unlawful killing.
Though Mr Harwood was acquitted last year of manslaughter, he was later sacked by the Met Police for gross misconduct.
'Got it wrong' Ms de Brunner said: "I take full responsibility for the actions of Simon Harwood on 1 April 2009. His actions fell far below the standard we expect from our officers. I accept the finding of the inquest that Mr Tomlinson was unlawfully killed."
She went on: "The commissioner also apologises to the family for ill-considered comments made in the media in the immediate aftermath of Mr Tomlinson's death which served to distract attention away from the investigation into the death."
Ms de Brunner said it was a "matter of deep regret that Mr Tomlinson's family learned of the nature of his contact with Simon Harwood through the press", and the commissioner also apologised for the information given by a Met Police officer to the pathologists "that misled them initially as to the cause of death".
"While we are satisfied that the officer's actions were inadvertent, and not designed to mislead the pathologists, this should not have happened and I apologise to the family for the additional distress it caused them," she said.
She also said the force had "got it wrong" when it came to disciplining Mr Harwood, stressing the case had highlighted "significant failings in the vetting procedures" at the Met.
"It is clear that insufficient recording and checks meant that detailed information regarding the officer's misconduct history was not shared at key points," she said.




Ian Tomlinson death: PC not guilty

PC Simon Harwood  PC Harwood denied Mr  Tomlinson’s manslaughter and maintained his actions were proportionate

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A police officer who hit Ian  Tomlinson with a baton and pushed him to the ground at the G20 protests has been  found not guilty of manslaughter.

PC Simon Harwood, 45, of south London, denied the manslaughter, in April 2009, of Mr Tomlinson, 47, on the grounds that he used reasonable force.
Mr Tomlinson, was pushed as he walked away from a police line in the City of  London. He later collapsed and died.
His family said they would be pursuing the case in a civil court.
Members of Mr Tomlinson’s family cried in the public gallery as the verdict  was delivered at Southwark Crown Court, as did PC Harwood, in the dock, and his  wife, Helen.

Ian Tomlinson timeline


  • 1 April 2009: Ian Tomlinson is caught up in a G20 protest.  He collapses in the street and dies

  • 4 April: Police say post-mortem examination show he died of  “natural causes”

  • 7 April: Video footage emerges of Mr Tomlinson being pushed  to the ground by police officer

  • April 2009: Further post-mortem tests find cause of death  was abdominal bleeding, caused by blow

  • 22 July: Prosecutors say there will be no charges as there  is no agreement on death cause

  • 3 May 2011: Inquest verdict of unlawful killing

  • 20 June 2011: PC Simon Harwood charged with manslaughter  after review of inquest evidence

  • 18 June 2012: PC Harwood goes on trial at Southwark Crown  Court

  • 19 July 2012: PC Harwood found not guilty

The jury of five men and seven women had considered  their verdict for four days.

During the trial, the police officer accepted he was “wrong” to have hit and  pushed Mr Tomlinson.
He said that, had he realised at the time that Mr Tomlinson was walking away  from police lines, he “would not have gone near him”.
Father-of-nine Mr Tomlinson, who was a heavy drinker who had slept rough for  a number of years, walked 75 yards before he collapsed.
The Independent Police Complaints Commission has said PC Harwood will face  internal Met Police disciplinary proceedings later in the year over his  actions.



What a disgrace.


The appalling decision not to prosecute the officer responsible for the murder of IAN TOMLINSON at last years G20 demo was met with disgust today by the family of the murder victim, and rightly so.

Tomlinson was walking away from police by himself with hands in his pockets when he was attacked from behind for apparently doing nothing. Having a bad heart and a stomach condition, the police officers action, battering him with a hardened baton, killed Tomlinson, who died of imternal injuries. The coroner said it wasnt5 the police officers fault, but it is a fact that Ian Tomlinson would still be alive were he not attacked by this paid thug. The officer is trained not to act li9ke that, the training costing us taxpayers thousands, yet this thug ignored his training and murdered an innocent defenceless bystander, SHAME ON THE MURDERER!! >> 

"No charges over death of Ian Tomlinson


Keir Starmer QC, the Director of Public Prosecutions, announced today that no charges will be brought in relation to the death of Ian Tomlinson at the 'G20 protests' in London on 1 April 2009.

He said: "This case concerns the tragic death of Mr Ian Tomlinson on 1 April 2009. Shortly before his death Mr Tomlinson was struck with a baton and pushed very strongly in the back by a police officer, causing him to fall to the ground.

"The matter was investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) and then passed to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to determine whether any charges should be brought.

"After a thorough and careful review of the evidence, the CPS has decided that there is no realistic prospect of a conviction against the police officer in question for any offence arising from the matter investigated and that no charges should be brought against him.

"On 1 April 2009 an event known as 'G20' was held in central London. It attracted a number of demonstrators. Although many were peaceful, some were not and criminal damage and violence ensued. In various locations the police took action to deal with the disorder and, shortly after 7pm, a decision was made to form a cordon moving people away from the Bank of England and down Royal Exchange.

"Mr Tomlinson had no connection with the demonstration on 1 April 2009. Shortly after 7pm, he was in Royal Exchange. As the police cordon approached him, he had his hands in his pockets and was walking slowly in front of the officers. A police dog handler put his hand out to move Mr Tomlinson away and a police dog bit him on the side of his leg. At that stage, one of the police officers in the cordon moved forward and, using his baton, struck Mr Tomlinson on the left thigh. Almost immediately he pushed Mr Tomlinson very strongly in the back. This push caused Mr Tomlinson to fall heavily to the floor and, because he had his hands in his pockets, he was unable to break his fall.

"Although Mr Tomlinson was able to get back to his feet with the assistance of bystanders and walk a short distance to Threadneedle Street, he then collapsed to the floor. Attempts to resuscitate him were, regrettably, unsuccessful and Mr Tomlinson died.

"Having reviewed all the available evidence, we concluded that there was sufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of proving that the actions of the police officer in striking Mr Tomlinson with his baton and then pushing him to the floor constituted an assault. At the time of those acts, Mr Tomlinson did not pose a threat to that officer or to any other police officer.

"Having drawn that conclusion, the most serious charge considered by the CPS was unlawful act manslaughter. That would require the prosecution to prove a causal link between the alleged assault on Mr Tomlinson and his death.

"On that issue, there is a sharp disagreement between the medical experts. The Coroner appointed a pathologist, Dr Patel, to carry out a post mortem. He did so on 3 April 2009. No other medical expert was present. Dr Patel recorded his findings and concluded that Mr Tomlinson's death was "consistent with natural causes" and he gave the cause of death as "coronary artery disease".

"Mr Tomlinson's family and the IPCC sought a second post mortem and this was undertaken by another pathologist, Dr Cary, on 9 April 2009. He concluded that Mr Tomlinson's death was the result of internal bleeding from blunt force trauma to the abdomen, in association with cirrhosis of the liver.

"On 22 April 2009 the Metropolitan Police Directorate of Professional Standards instructed another pathologist Dr Shorrock, to perform a third post mortem. Dr Shorrock agreed with Dr Cary's conclusion.

"In the face of this fundamental disagreement between the experts about the cause of Mr Tomlinson's death, the CPS embarked on a detailed and careful examination of all the medical evidence and held a series of meetings with the experts in an attempt to resolve, or at least narrow, the areas of disagreement. This inevitably took some considerable time.

"Even after this extensive exercise there remains an irreconcilable conflict, between Dr Patel on the one hand, and the other experts on the other, as to the cause of death.

"A conflict between medical experts inevitably makes a prosecution very difficult, but the CPS proceeded on the basis that such a conflict need not automatically mean that a prosecution must fail. For that reason, we explored at some length the possibility of proceeding without relying on the evidence of Dr Patel. However, we were ultimately driven to conclude that, as the sole medical expert who conducted the first post mortem, Dr Patel would have to be called at trial as a prosecution witness as to the primary facts. Even leaving out of account the stark disagreement between him and the other experts as to the cause of death, the CPS concluded that the evidence of those primary facts undermined the basis upon which the other experts reached their conclusions about the cause of death. As a result, the CPS would simply not be able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that there was a causal link between Mr Tomlinson's death and the alleged assault upon him.

"That being the case, there is no realistic prospect of a conviction for unlawful act manslaughter.

"Two types of assault charge were considered: assault occasioning actual bodily harm and common assault.

"Assault occasioning actual bodily harm would require the prosecution to prove that the alleged assault on Mr Tomlinson caused him actual bodily harm. So far as the push on Mr Tomlinson is concerned, the conflict in the medical evidence prevents this. If the push caused Mr Tomlinson's death, the appropriate charge would be manslaughter, not assault occasioning actual bodily harm. If, as we have concluded, the prosecution cannot prove a causal link between the push and Mr Tomlinson's death because of the conflict in the medical evidence, it follows that actual bodily harm cannot be proved either.

"The separate strike with the baton was also considered. It had left patterned bruising. But where injuries are relatively minor, as these were, the appropriate charge is common assault in accordance with the CPS Charging Standard, which is applied nationally.

"Common assault does not require proof of injury, but it is subject to a strict six month time limit. That placed the CPS in a very difficult position because enquiries were continuing at the six month point and it would not have been possible to have brought any charge at that stage.

"The CPS also considered the offence of misconduct in public office which in essence is one of abuse of the power or responsibilities of the office held. The threshold of the offence is a high one and the offence of misconduct in public office cannot simply be used as a substitute for other offences. Simply being a police officer who commits a criminal offence, even one of assault, does not, without some other aggravating factor, automatically amount to the offence of misconduct in public office. Mr Tomlinson's death would be an aggravating feature, but, for the reasons already stated, the prosecution cannot prove a causal link between the alleged assault and the death to the criminal standard. Furthermore, the Court of Appeal has indicated that it is not appropriate to charge misconduct as an alternative to manslaughter where the causal link cannot be proved.

"The decision in this case was taken by Stephen O'Doherty, a Deputy Director of the CPS Special Crime Division and a highly experienced reviewing lawyer. Advice was taken from Tim Owen QC, who is recognised as one of the leading lawyers in the country specialising in police law and criminal law. I have reviewed all of the important material myself. I also attended a number of the meetings with the medical experts. Against that background, I am satisfied that the CPS carefully considered all the evidence in this case.

"I am aware that comment has been made about the time taken to reach a decision. I understand the anxiety that this has caused to the family of Mr Tomlinson and I have discussed it with them. But I am satisfied that the CPS acted as quickly as was consistent with the thorough and careful review of the evidence that was necessary. The review entailed not only the painstaking exercise of mapping the movements of all concerned over many hours but also the extensive exercise of seeking to resolve the complex and difficult areas of disagreement between the medical experts.

"I recognise the considerable public interest in the CPS decision in this case and, in the interests of transparency and accountability, I have decided that a detailed explanation of the reasons for the decision not to bring a prosecution should be published. That explanation is available on the CPS website.

"The Coroner will now be informed of this decision so that he may move to an inquest. At the conclusion of the inquest the matter will be reconsidered by the CPS."



G20 police sergeant cleared of baton assault

Delroy Smellie ruled to have acted lawfully when striking G20 protester Nicola Fisher on legs during Ian Tomlinson vigil.


A Metropolitan police sergeant who was filmed hitting a woman with a baton at the G20 demonstrations was cleared today after a judge ruled he acted lawfully.

Delroy Smellie was suspended last year after video footage was posted on YouTube showing him back-handing a protester and striking her twice on the legs with his metal baton. He was acquitted of assault by beating after a four-day trial in which his alleged victim, protester Nicola Fisher, declined to give evidence.

Smellie, from the Met's territorial support group (TSG), a specialist public order unit, argued during his trial that he believed Fisher posed a threat to himself and fellow officers. He said he repeatedly struck Fisher after mistaking a carton of orange juice and digital camera she was carrying for weapons.

The district judge, Daphne Wickham, said there was no evidence that his use of the baton was not approved, correct or measured, adding that Smellie had a "mere seven seconds" to act, and other witnesses had feared for his safety.

She said: "It was for the prosecution to prove this defendant was not acting in lawful self-defence. I have found the prosecution has failed in this respect and the defendant has raised the issue of lawful self-defence and as such is entitled to be acquitted."

Nodding to the judge after the hearing, Smellie said: "Thank you very much." The 47-year-old sergeant refused to talk to reporters after saying: "I don't think so, I've got a reputation to protect."

His acquittal is a setback for the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), which received almost 300 complaints about police behaviour at the G20 protests. Despite numerous IPCC investigations, no officer has faced serious disciplinary action and none have been successfully prosecuted.

Its inquiry was a response to the worldwide attention sparked when amateur footage of the incident was posted on YouTube and handed to the Guardian. The IPCC justified its investigation today, saying the public was "understandably concerned" over the footage, pointing out that Smellie could still face disciplinary proceedings. The Met said in a statement that the officer had been returned to duties. Fisher, 36, suffered bruises to her leg and enlisted the publicist Max Clifford to sell her story to a national newspaper for around £26,000. She failed to attend the trial, saying she was depressed.

Clifford said his client would be disappointed but not surprised by the outcome. "She sees it as a total miscarriage of justice. She was convinced that she wouldn't get justice," he said.

The incident took place near the Bank of England, on 2 April, during a memorial vigil for Ian Tomlinson, the newspaper vendor who collapsed and died the previous day after being attacked by another officer from the TSG. Bystanders told the court they had seen Fisher acting in an aggressive way.

Wickham watched video footage of the incident and looked at dozens of photographs. They showed how Smellie first swiped Fisher with the back of his hand. The prosecution contended that while that manoeuvre was lawful, his repeated use of a baton against her legs showed the officer had lost his self-control.

Defending the force he used against Fisher, Smellie suggested the images shot by bystanders did not convey the threat he felt she posed.

"Not one photograph or piece of footage comes close to reflecting the fear as I turned around to see this crowd and its proximity, both to myself and my officers," he told the court. "At the time I thought, this is it. She is deliberately coming from a blind spot. The reason she is coming from a blind spot is to hide her intention so she can approach and attack her target – me." Smellie told the court that, had he used other tactics, such as an elbow, he could have broken Fisher's bones.

Talking about the back-handed strike, he said: "Does it really need a broken jaw, which could easily have happened if I struck her with my left elbow in her face? I thought that the most reasonable level of force would be a flick with the hand as a distraction clearance."

Smellie said that he chose to strike her legs with a baton – rather than her arm – for a similar reason. "The force of the strike, the differential in size – I could easily have snapped that arm." He said that, after striking her: "I hoped that she would either fall to the ground, drop the weapons or go away and get back … But certainly to ensure that she was not able to use those weapons or that the weapons were not able to be used."

In her ruling today, the judge said she was satisfied that, faced with a protester "seeking confrontation", Smellie could not have used other options.

At 10.45am today, Ian Tomlinson's family will gather for a memorial on the first anniversary of his death at the scene of his death. The family have released a letter to the DPP, calling on him to decide whether the officer accused of assaulting Tomlinson should be charged with manslaughter."