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Thursday, 30 September 2010


My friend the ANONYMOUS PHYCICIST, who writes today =
"Dear Reader of my Previous Book(s):
Thank you for your previous support, and purchase of my earlier book(s). I’ve recently written and published my latest book, perhaps my last on these matters:
The Anonymous Physicist Reveals More Secrets of Man’s History, Future an...d Quarantine, and of the Nuclear Destruction of the World Trade Center

It has 48 Chapters, 52 illustrations, and is 156 pages, in large 8.5 X 11 inch format.The new book has all new material that was not in the previous books, except for a brief recap of the Quarantine along with much new information on the “Q” even in that first chapter. It contains two parts. One is an update on the Nuclear Destruction of the World Trade Center. It includes my two recent, definitve chapters thoroughly debunking the so-called “Thermite Hypothesis.” You will see how thoroughly bogus the laughable “thermite burns forever” nonsense is. (The nuclear physicist’s impossible “inextinguishable fires” to hide the China Syndrome.) It is easy for this Anonymous Physicist to prove the “emperor has no clothes” regarding the “nano-thermite” nonsense. The other update is on the deepest layer of who ultimately controls Mankind. Chapters in the new 2-part book include● On the nuking of the WTC, “Remember, Remember The Eleventh Of September”
● A Special Plea To Surviving Firemen/EMT/Police Veterans of 9/11, & Relatives● New 9/11 Box Flow Chart, Leading to the Ultimate Nuclear Truth of 9/11● Disproving Thermite. Definitive Papers! It’s Easy to do.● The Nature of the Quarantiners● The Nature of the Quarantined● What Happened to Buzz Aldrin that made him go along with the Apollo Hoax?● Was Gandhi a Secret British Agent?● Did Mankind Really Mate with Neanderthal Man?● Was the recent Boskop Man alien, Cro-Magnon, or human?● I revealed the 33, now what does the 34 in the news refer to?● A “33” collision in near-Earth Space● What was really going on during WWII? In-depth analyis.● What was the real reason for the Munich Pact?● Was Hitler Poisoned early on?● The Real Nature of the U.S. Constitution● Understanding and overcoming the Ridicule Technique in dealing with hidden intel ASSets.● Who Killed Michael Collins of Ireland?● What was the Real Reason for the Assassination of rocker Jim Morrison?● Did Paul McCartney (ex-Beatle) write lyrics about the Quarantine?● Nuclear Lessons from survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki for 9/11 Survivors Other topics covered include the ● Michael Jackson Assassination, ● NASA’s Fake Moon Rocks everywhere, ● the real Nature of Obama, ● the Secrets of the Cuban Missile Crisis, ● EMP during WTC destruction, ● vaporization of 1100 people during tower destruction, ● Special Cancers among the survivors, ● More Also a stand-alone book for “newbies”, and a great gift with its definitive chapters on both topics.

Please see more at www.anonymousphysicist.com/911_Q_Updated.htm
Be well.
The Anonymous Physicist"


Alan Holman {facebook} September 30 at 8:55am Reply • Report
The 50000 first responders are dying of cancer, usually in their lungs, because the EPA told them that the air was safe to breathe when it wasn't.

There's no time for bullshit. I had access to the most expensive books by the top cancer Doctors, and I was shocked to see t...hat the medical establishment is so compartmentalized that most doctors aren't aware that some doctors have figured out how to cure cancer.

I took the best info from Doctors who are curing cancer, and I translated it from medical jargon to plain English, and I compressed it into one short book with easy-to-follow instructions for how to defeat cancer. The information works. This handbook is called A BOOK OF LEADS FOR INVESTIGATIONS REGARDING CANCER, and I'm giving the book to you for free.

You can download it at:

Forward it to EVERY first-responder, and forward it to EVERYONE who is dealing with cancer!

I'm convinced that the first responders were told the air was safe to breathe so that those of them who witnessed proof of controlled demolition would not be alive to testify when a proper investigation is finally conducted. The information in my book will keep them alive to testify. Please download my free book at: http://www.exploringinfinity.com/

... and please distribute copies to every first responder."....
....and everywhere else...b.
See MoreExploring Infinity
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‎& this man is now your President!

"From: jingleme
...Sent: 9/29/2010 6:39:09 P.M. Central Daylight Time
Subj: FW: OOOPS!!!!

In 1997, 400 African-American farmers sued the United States Department of Agriculture, alleging that they had been unfairly denied USDA loans due to racial discrimination during the period 1983 to 1997.
The case was entitled Pigford v. Glickman and in 1999, the black farmers won their case.
The government agreed to pay each of them as much as $50,000 to settle their claims.
But then on February 23, 2010, something shocking happened in relation to that original judgment:
In total silence, the USDA agreed to release more funds to Pigford.
The amount was a staggering...... $1.25 billion. This was because the original number of plaintiffs 400 black farmers had now... swollen in a class action suit to include a total of 86,000 black farmers throughout America .
There was only one teensy problem:
The United States of America doesn't have 86,000 black farmers !!!!
According to accurate and totally verifiable Official USDA 2007 Census census data, the total number of black farmers throughout America is only 39,697.
Hmmm... by the Official USDA 1992 Census data the US had only 18,816 black farmers !!

Oops !!! Well, gosh - how on earth did 39,697 explode into the fraudulent 86,000 claims. And how did $50,000 explode into $1.25 billion ??
Well, folks, you'll just have to ask the woman who not only spearheaded this case because of her position in 1997 at the Rural Development Leadership Network, but Shirley Sherrod, whose family received the highest single payout (approximately $13 million) from that action
Oops again !!! Yes, folks. It appears that Ms. Sherrod had just unwittingly exposed herself as the perpetrator of one of the biggest fraud claims in the United States - - a fraud enabled solely because she screamed racism at the government and cowed them into submission. And it gets even more interesting.
Ms. Sherrod has also exposed the person who aided and abetted her in this race fraud. As it turns out, the original judgment of Pigford v. Glickman in 1999 only applied to a total of about 16,000 black farmers.
But.... in 2008, a junior US Senator got a law passed to reopen the case and allow more black farmers to sue for funds. The Senator was Barack Hussein Obama.
Because this law was passed in dead silence and because the woman responsible for spearheading it was an obscure USDA official,
American taxpayers did not realize that they had just been forced in the midst of a worldwide depression to pay out more than $1.25 billion to settle a race claim.
But Breitbart knew. And on Monday, July 22, 2010, he cleverly laid a trap which Sherrod - - and Obama + his cronies - - stumbled headfirst into which has now resulted in the entire world discovering the existence of this corrupt financial judgment.
As for Ms. Sherrod ?? Well, she's discovering too late that her cry of racism to the media which was intended to throw the spotlight on Breitbart has instead thrown that spotlight on herself and the huge corruption.
Sherrod has vanished from public view. Her pigs, it seems, have come home to roost. Oink !!!!
But the perpetrator of that law passed in dead silence leading to unlawful claims & corruption..... is still trying to fool all of US.
Google and read for yourself "Pigford vs. Glickman"
The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool.
It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president."



September 29, 2010

Contact: James Dunn - 214-875-1480
...Rich Sheridan - 972-815-7570

James Dunn and Rich Sheridan visited the offices of the FBI today to continue the effort to expose, and get a Federal investigation into the alledged murder of Dunn's mother by Dunn's sister and other family members, the alledged pedophilia activities at A.W. Brown Charter school, alledged TAKs test cheating, and an alledged conspiracy in the Dallas County D.A.'s office/County Judicial system involving wrongful/malicious prosecution, official suppression, and harassment to shut James Dunn up, or send him to prison.

Here are the some of the pertinant documents provided to the FBI so far.

Number 1.

September 27, 2009


James Williams Dunn
xxxx Blue Ridge Blvd.
Dallas, Texas 75233

To: D. Bonner, N. Bonner, T. Elan, N. Hampton
Dallas office of The Federal Bureau of Investigation

Subject: Alledged Case for Murder Against Rev. A. W. Brown, Paula Dunn Brown,Christina Nicole Brown, and Dr. Aaron Ashley Brown, and the Alledged Corruption of the Office of Dallas County D.A. Craig Watkins


In June of 2008, the above mentioned took my mother, Mrs. Pauline McDave Dunn, into their home at 1400 Country Ridge Dr. in DeSoto, Texas, and refused to give her the proper medical care that was prescribed by her doctor, Dr. David Lee Walters. During the time that my mother was not given her medical care, my sister and her family changed her will, and looted her bank accounts. The lack of proper medical care hastened my mother's death which I call murder. All of this can be proved. The proof is irrefutable. My mother is also the mother of Paula Dunn Brown.

In mid April of 2008, my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I took care of my mother from the date of her diagnosis until she was taken into my sister's home by my sister and her family during the first week of June 2008. Before that time, I had a great relationship with my mother. In January of 2007, just two weeks before she was diagnosed with cancer of the colon, I had purchased for her a 2002 Cadillac CTS. I had moved into her home in 2002 in order to assist in her care of my father who was then suffering from Alzheimer's disease. He died in August of 2005. After his death, I stayed in her home with her.

My mother was a receptionist at the A. W. Brown Fellowship Charter School where I taught fourth grade reading and writing. After her first diagnosis of cancer, her care fell to me. I had brought her home from surgery in March of 2007 and for 13 days we never got a call from my sister, Paula, to see how she was doing. In September of 2007, my mother returned to her job as a receptionist at the school. She would hold this position until her second cancer diagnosis in April of 2008.

Despite the fact that the Brown family had shown little or no interest in my mother after her first cancer surgery, they all came running to her side after she was diagnosed as TERMINAL in April of 2008. After they took her into their home, I continued to live in my mother's home at 3635 Blue Ridge Blvd. in Dallas, Texas. Almost as soon as they had taken my mother into their home, they began to isolate her from her friends, including me, and to try to sell my mother's home. After the first night she was in their home, they had a cell phone that I had given her for a direct contact to me shut off. For the duration of her stay at their home, they denied my mother access to a phone. Some friends that my mother had for over eighty years were denied the ability to even speak to her at any time before her death at age 87 on August 16, 2008.

Paula Dunn Brown and Rev. Armond W. Brown came over less than a week after my mother had been in their home with Dallas realtor Louis Laurent to see how much my mother's home was worth. Even though I was still in the house, they began to systematically shut off the utilities. First went the cable television, then the home phone, they diverted my mail to their address, they cancelled my auto insurance and pocketed the check, they had the gas shut off and the meter removed. I never said a word while they were doing this, I only documented the fact that they were doing these things.

My mother's friends who had spoken to her daily for all of the time that I had lived with my mother, they said that it was highly unusual that they were not allowed to speak with her. My sister and her family never answered the phone when these friends names were on the caller identification. I have my mother on tape saying that she had no access to a telephone. For these reasons we all suspected that my sister and her husband were up to no good since, even though my mother and father had financed both Rev. Brown's church and the school, Rev. Brown had not visited my father even once during the three years that my father suffered from Altzheimer's. He and my sister had become super-attentive to my mother after her terminal diagnosis.

Because of my sister's family's antics, I began to carry a micro cassette tape recorder when I visited my mother. When I asked her was it her wish that these things were taking place at her home, she adamantly denied that she knew anything about any of the antics. As a matter of fact, she said that the gas and all utilities would stay on until I died or moved since I had taken it upon myself to pay all of her bills and introduce her to Prada and other niceties after my father had died. My income at the time was in excess of $60,000 per year and I had given it all to her prior to her second sickness and being taken into my sister's house. I have tapes that will show that my mother's wishes were ignored and my mother's accounts were systematically looted by my sister and her family.

On June 28, 2008, when I visited my 87 year old mother, I found out that the pain of her terminal cancer was being treated with Tylenol, over the counter Tylenol. My mother had been prescribed Hydorcodone and Luctalose. The Luctalose was to give her an appetite and to stop the ammonia that all of our bodies make naturally from going straight to her brain. With liver cancer the ammonia goes straight to the brain causing confusion, coma and then death. My mother was never given this drug, thus hastening her death. On Monday, June 30, 2008, after I had discovered that my mother was not being given the proper medication, my sister's children called me and banned me from their home. My sister's son was in the third year of medical school at this time. He surely knew how important it was to get medication to my mother. I have every thing on tape to prove that my mother was not being given medication in a timely manner.

It is my contention that my sister and her family who are the principal overseers of the A. W. Brown Leadership Academy, a 1500 student charter school in Dallas, and one of the most recognized charter schools in the state of Texas, killed my mother in order to get her money. It is my opinion that this will be a big case. My family is well-known on both television and in newspapers here in Dallas. I have been on local television eight times speaking about this case. Local radio and television personalities have called me for updates.

Even though I did not complain when my sister was having the utilities disconnected at my mother's home, I did decide to write a 25 page synopsis of my time spent at the A. W. Brown Fellowship Charter School. I have been a writer all of my adult life. I was the first African American to have a regular column in The University of Texas at Austin's Daily Texan news paper beginning in 1974. I have had my writing appear in D Magazine, The Dallas Observer, The Dallas Times Herald and The Dallas Morning News. The articled that I wrote recently went viral on the Internet. I thought that the article would make my sister cease to bother me. I also took the article and tapes to the Dallas County District Attorney, Craig Watkins', office. His office referred the material that I took to them to the DeSoto, Texas Police Department. My mother died at my sister's home in DeSoto, Texas. No action was taken by Watins' office or the DeSoto Police.

On February 12, 2009, my sister came to my mother's home and had the door locks changed. I was at work in Arlington, Texas when she was at my mother's home. After I got off work, I decided that I had had enough of her antics. I drove to the school with the intention of informing her board of directors what kind of school principal they worked with. I was thwarted in my efforts by school coach, Mr. Lonnie Carter.

As we stood in the hallway of the school, surrounded by lookers-on, I asked my sister why she had changed the door locks on my house. She then said that I didn't have a house. I cursed her out and told her that I planned to pursue the murder charges against her, and to close down her school for cheating on the state TAKS test. I have concrete evidence of the systematic cheating that the school participates in order to get millions and millions and millions of dollars in grant money. I then left the building.

The following Monday, February 16, 2009, I called many of the people with whom I had worked and told them of my plans for the school if they didn't call my sister off. Little did I know, my sister had emailed a letter to my g-mail account telling me that she was having me arrested. She detailed what she said was my mother's wishes for the home. (See email on this date that arrived earlier from me labeled "Charges Filed," for her account.) I am so glad she put these lies into writing because I have audio tapes that directly contradict everything that my sister says in the email. I loved the part where she says that I keep harassing her when I had not thought of her before she had the door locks changed. I had not spoken to her since September 29, 2008. I also loved the part where she says that my mother was on "Medicaid." My mother and I had a household income in excess of $115,000 per year and my mother never qualified for Medicaid. I have a recording where my mother says that she didn't have the $600 to get her pain, and other prescriptions. I then offered to get the prescriptions for her. I insisted on getting the prescriptions for her. I was appalled by the fact that that while my 87 year old mother was lying in the bed in pain, my sister went out and bought a $90,000 Mercedes with the money that she took from my mother's safety deposit box. Check with Chase Bank on Sylvan Ave. in Dallas. They can tell you the exact date that my sister looted my mother's box. This is one heinous crime. Who would do that to an 87 year old woman, what kind of people are the Browns?

I have a copy of my mother's original will, and the will leaves 50% of all property to me and 50% of all to Paula. My sister illegally changed my mother's will while my mother was being denied medication. This lack of medication hastened my mother's death…Murder. Because my sister killed my mother for financial gain, (I can prove that), this is Capital Murder.

I wish to have my sister, and her family all investigated and charged with 1) Elderly Abuse; 2) Misuse of fiduciary responsibility. 3) Capital Murder; 4) Perjury. I have 100% proof of all the alleged.

I have spoken to the Dallas City Council and the Dallas County Commissioner's Court numerous times about these allegations. Texas Senator Florence Shapiro's office has contacted me and I have sent some material to the state attorney general. I have been urged to get all of this information to the office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation because of the severity of the case, and because the Dallas County District Attorney, a man whose aunt coordinated Paula Dunn Brown's wedding, refuses to properly pursue the case.

In an effort to keep me from speaking to the Council or the Commissioner's Court, I have been threatened and pulled into court by a judge at the time I was supposed to be speaking. This was a direct trampling of my First Amendment rights by the courts working with the Dallas County District Attorney. My speeches were covered by television stations about this abuse on September 21 and 22. (See my previous email to the FBI dated. September 20, 2010).

This case reeks of a conspiracy to silence me and I think that a conspiracy to hide the truth is coming from the Dallas County District Attorney's office. I will be in your office this Wednesday, September 29, 2009. I intend to pursue these charges, and an investigation until I can no longer communicate with the living.


James Williams Dunn


Number 2.


September 16, 2010

Mother Who Claims Her 3 yr Old Girl Was Pedophiled at a Prestegious Dallas School Willing to Go Public

For Contact:

James Dunn - 214-875-1480

Rev Ronald Wright - 214-779-3549

This breaking story appears to be the conformation of repeated claims made by James Dunn concerning alledged child abuse and pedophilia at AW Brown Fellowship Charter school.

"Ms. Cindy" stated that her daughter was molested by a janitor at the AW Brown 3 to 5yr old pre-pschool. She said that he is known as "Pa Pa", is about 70 years old, and is married to a teacher at AW Brown.

Ms. Cindy stated that as "Pa Pa" was molesting her daughter he referred to his penis as his "little horsie".

The AW Brown facility where this alledged act occurred is across from Red Bird Mall, formerly a Smith Furniture store. The main AW Brown facility is on Red Bird Ct., just off Westmoreland.

Ms. Cindy was put in touch with James Dunn by Rev Ronald Wright, with Justice Seekers.

In my opinion, pedophilia is a far greaterproblem in our communities than most people realize. Pedophilia is one of the biggest political secrets today, because pedophiles have been put into political offices because they can be blackmailed to do the bidding of their "Masters". This was once the case o/f in-the-closet homosexuals, who have become acceptable to most based on a propaganda campaign of lies.

Most homosexuals were/are created by pedophiles, and then they grow up and become pedophiles. The biggest alledged example of this in Dallas is former city council member, and Mayoral candidate Ed Oakley. Mr. Oakley has been suspected by some to take trips to Thailand to secretly engage in this heinous act, and to avoid prosecution in the U.S.

The AW Brown alledged case of pedophilia I know to be just the tip of the iceberg of the SEXUAL PREDATOR-SEXUAL DEVIANCE OF SOME VERY HIGH PROFILE AND POWERFUL DALLASITES.

James Dunn states that his sister, Paula Dunn, uses intimidation, and retaliation to parents that have come to her with reports of their children being molested. Mr. Dunn claims that Paula Dunn-Brown and DA Craig Watkins are friends. Its been reported in the Dallas Morning News that there have been at least three incidences of DA Craig Watkins or his office being associated with questionable positions/associations with regards to sexual predators. 1. Before Watkins became DA, the man who ran his bail bonds company was reported in the News to be both a pedophile and a rapist over a 20 year period, which included at least 4 cases. Some were upheld, and some were dismissed. 2. An east Texas woman's case pending in the DA's office, which claimed that she was alledgedly raped by this business associate of the DA, was suddenly dismissed by the DA's office, claiming that she wouldn't come to Dallas for the trial. The east Texas woman denied this claim. 3. DA Watkins was involved in a 10 year old's reversal of her claim that she was molested by a man. The James Dunn case, and the Ms. Cindy cases makes 5 total cases of sexual predators/pedophiles being alledgely protected by the DA and/or his office.

"Ms. Cindy" is willing to go in sillouette-muffled voice on TV, and muffled voice on radio to break this story wide open.

These are the 3rd and 4th items given to the Dallas office of the FBI today

Number 3.


Contact: Richard P. Sheridan, 972-815-7570 James Dunn, 214-875-148


Where: Frank Crowley Court Building, 5th floor, Judge Andy Chatam

When: 11 am Today, September 1, 2010

As stated by James Dunn, he is to appear before Judge Chatam this morning because of his continued attempts to expose the alledged corruption of Dallas County DA Craig Watkins Office, and alledged County Criminal-Justice system corruption. Dunn was scheduled to speak before the Dallas County Commissioners Ct. on Tuesday (8/31), and the Dallas City Council today (9/1), but was caused to cancel both because of a call from the DA's Office.

This case involves an alledged murder, and allegations of child abuse, pedophilia, and TAKS test cheating at AW Brown Charter School. According to Dunn, the principal of AW Brown, Paula Brown, and DA Craig Watkins are friends. Dunn cliams there is a DA office conspiracy against him, and has evidence that he has been harrassed from the DA Office over the past 1 1/2 years.

James Dunn is the campaign treasurer for the Sheridan for Dallas City Council Campaign.


Number 4.

Speech/Testimony to the Dallas County Commissioners Court

DA Craig Watkins Alledged Involvement with Paula Brown's Alledged Murder Coverup

June 8, 2010

Many Dallasites are witnessing an ever-widening corruption case against Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins. I have absolutely unequivoval, unimpeachable, concrete proof on audio tapes that the office of Dallas County DA is far more corrupt than anyone would imagine. To paraphrase Bette Davis from All About Eve, "Fasten your seat belts, this is going to be a rough 3 minutes."

These audio tapes contain conclusive evidence that my sister, Paula Brown, and her family, murdered my mother during the summer of 2008. On June 28, 2008, I found that my sister and her family had failed to have my mother's life-saving prescriptions filled. They allowed this helpless 87 year old woman, dying of cancer, to suffer in pain as they gave her only over-the counter Tylenol for her illness. When I found out what they were doing, they barred me from their 5100 square foot mansion. On the tape, you will hear my mother remark that she did not have the money to buy her medicine. When she went to my sister's house, she was made to pay a bill, and couldn't because she was then broke. Mysteriously, my mother's fortune of around $150,000 disappeared. This while my sister went our and purchased a new $90,000 Mercedes CLS 550 with my mother's money. Listen to the tape, and you'll cry. What kind of person gives her helpless 87 year old mother Tylenol instead of the needed pryspryscription drugs, while buying a new Mercedes? There is a special place in hell for people like that.

When I protested to my sister that I was going to make this murder and torture public, she enlisted constables on her "payroll" to arrest me for a terrorristic threat against her. I had written a 25 page internet article detailing the murder, and promised to publicized it. I urge everyone here to get a copy of that article from me. Call 214-875-1480.

In December of 2008, I took a discette of this article to DA Craig Watkins office. His office sent it to the DeSoto police. I never heard from either, so I revisited the DA's office twice before my February 2009 arrest. They want me quiet. They want me to go away. I won't do either.

I found out that the DA was ignoring this murder because of my sister's connection to the DA. She is Watkin's neighnbor and friend. They both live in, and hob-nob in the same DeSoto neignborhood. Also, my sister's wedding coordinator is Mr. Watkins aunt. My sister, the principal of A.W. Brown Fellowship Charter and her husband, who is Pastor A.W Brown, have attorney Lorenzo Brow as a school board member. Lorenzo Brown directed a considerable number of bail bond cases to Mr. Craig Watkins bail bonds company prior to his becoming DA. Ignoring this murder is reciprocity, Quid Pro Quo. To build evidence against me, some constables in Derrick Evans Precinct found "massive amounts" of ammunition that may have belonged to my father, and that I had never seen before.

Tommorrow I go to court at 9 am in Andy Chatham's court at the Frank Crowley Court building. I could not afford an attorney since I spent all my money on my late mother. The public defenders assigned to me were hand-picked by Watkins to do nothing for me. They, Denise Campbell, and a Miss Walton-Barnes, couldn't understand why I was upset that Miss Campbell would start to prepare for trial the day of the trial. Ms. Campbell had complained to me on the phone the previous Thursday that I should stop making agitating phone calls to her office, and that everything was under control. Miss Campbell informed me that she wouldn't listen to any evidence that my sister, Paula Brown, was lying, nor would she read my 25 page report that contains proof that my sister is a liar. Miss Campbell said that I would be arrested if I left the court. Finally, the issue was settled with rthe help of Miss Watkins supervisor, and the tial re-scheduled.

My sister is indeed a liar and a murderer. She is being protected by DA Craig Watkins. Read my 25 page paper, listen to the tape, and you will find that our DA is protecting a murderer, pedophile promoters, and people who run a charter school who lead students rto cheat on state-wide tests.

I have proof of all of the above. But who cares about the murder of an old, black woman, after all, this is STILL Dallas.

James Dunn


Wednesday, 29 September 2010

cia/fbi link taken down


A COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) is herein exposed, including a series of illegal projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as overseen by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The aim of this "black-op" is to investigate and disrupt dissident political organizations within the United States and abroad. This article exposes the CIA/FBI agents using Wikipedia for this agenda and COINTELPRO propaganda. The government's false rationale, "protecting national security, preventing violence, and maintaining the existing social and political order," is shown deceptive by evidence exposing those involved engaging a satanic cult.

This report exposes agent-provocateurs who forge documents, edit Wikipedia biographies, revise histories to libel and discredit targeted opponents, and conspire to commit murder, including those of journalist/whistle-blowers, benefiting their CIA/FBI corporate handlers.

This article documents how propaganda is administered today by COINTELPRO agents using the Internet, Wikipedia, and a "mix-it-all-up" strategy (i.e., the "Hegelian dialectic"). The agents co-create their celebrity, instigate and justify terrorism by generating religious and racial conflicts, cross-promote their divisive beliefs to generate controversies and social unrest, and divert attention from their criminal actions by projecting, through the media, their malice upon their targets.

To effectively extend counter-intelligence and their PSYOPs (i.e., psychological operations), frightening truths are mixed with lies by these agent-provocateurs to undermine social and political activism.

Another common denominator among these operatives is their Church of Satan associations.


Wikipedia and Wiki-company has scores of journalists, political activists, and whistle-blowers protesting the company's use by disinformation agents. These agents are herein linked to a CIA/FBI counter-intelligence campaign. They have infiltrated, disrupted, marginalized, and/or subverted individuals and groups viewed as "dissidents." Activists protesting multi-national corporations, and their criminal control over politics and economics, are considered "subversives" to their COINTELPRO.
This operation is reminiscent of J. Edgar Hoover's COINTELPRO, used to "expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize" the activities of activists and their organized movements.
The Wiki-entities that claim to allow users to add and update biographies, routinely prohibit COINTELPRO victims from making corrections to their bios plagued by disinformation posted by CIA/FBI "dark editors," identified below as agent provocateurs.
Numerous victims prove Wikipedia and the Wiki Company routinely violates their "neutral point of view" policy, and their "non-profit" public service commission, by facilitating this CIA/FBI fraud to further operations exclusively benefiting "crisis capitalists," and/or satanists.
The CIA/FBI-linked "dark editors," identified below, are herein exposed destroying biographies of celebrities, scientists, inventors, whistleblowers, journalists, activists and dissidents of mainstream politics and social movements. In this way, this COINTELPRO works to degenerate society, stifling innovation and progress in every field.
Complaints that the Wiki-companies, and Wikimedia Foundation, has provided criminal cover for CIA/FBI counter-intelligence operators have been issued by dozens of organizations, journalists, and activists in recent months. The Wiki-editors have abused their public platform to control information, issue propaganda, discredit reputable authorities, degrade legitimate intelligence, suppress social movements, and generally confuse people.
The co-author of this report, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, the Editor-in-Chief of Medical Veritas journal, advancing the 528LOVERevolution, for example, was targeted by the agents exposed below. While being attacked himself, he received several requests from medical experts, scientists, and "BigPharma" whistleblowers to investigate a perceived criminal Wiki-COINTELPRO operation. Leaders from several organizations including the International Society of Orthomolecular Medicine (ISOM), and the World Organization for Natural Medicine (WONM), additionally complained. The ISOM issued an international alert (May 11, 2010; Orthomolecular Medicine News Service) informing members about the Wiki Foundation's fraud. The WONM, allied with the Sovereign Orthodox Order of Knights Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem, recorded the Wikipedia subversion of their humanitarian organizations, falsely tied by Wiki's "dark editors" to the Vatican, Jesuits, Jews/Zionists, and Knights of Malta, all demonized by the COINTELPRO agents.
Wikipedia's Use for Social Engineering
Evidence for psycho-social engineering through Wikipedia's yellow press is found in many places. For instance, its review of alternative medicine falsely implies the entire field is unscientific.
Common sense suggests fraud. Since when is a whole field "unscientific," since science is applied to every field? Nutrition, for example, is a vital part of alternative medicine. When did the entire field of nutrition become unscientific? More importantly, who is served by this disinformation nonsense?
Shedding light on the "dark editors" that Wikipedia encourages to violate common sense and experts' biographies on behalf of CIA/FBI corporate commissioners was difficult until recently. Proof of criminal operations surfaced involving CIA/FBI agent-provocateurs attempting to discredit Horowitz. These covert operators include Greg Szymanski and Eric Jon Phelps--journalists allied with Timothy Patrick White, "Dr. True Ott," Doug Millar, Xena Carpenter, and a few others. This group was found consistently communicating their advocacy for the famous FBI/CIA operative Ted Gunderson, who is among the nation's leading experts on pedophilia, satanic networks, and child-trafficking.
The group of men are widely known as "brothers" in a religious cult called the "Bible Believers" that cross-promotes these agents, their theology, and activities. The "brothers" advance teachings of William Branham, memorialized by occult symbols on his "Christian" grave; and the Church of Satan leaders Anton LaVey and Michael Aquino. E-mails from Millar, White, and "True Ott" linked these men to numerous Internet articles featuring Gunderson's involvement in child-trafficking investigations, including allegations of his own involvements in this, the Church of Satan, and pedophilia.
Wiki's lengthy list of persons targeted for character assassinations, including several celebrities, is labeled by the Phelps/Szymanski/CIA ring as "Masonic media agents." Altered biographies in Wikipedia libel and discredit these targets as "Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors," or "disinfo/distraction agents." Phelps and Szymanski's references tie them to a white racist anti-zionist satanic cult promoted by the "Bible Believers," their doctrines, and a leading PSYOPs expert, Michael A. Aquino.
According to the writings of these men, common sense, and massive evidence published online by many reputable sources, Gunderson et al. serve Aquino, who has reorganized America's propaganda operations for US military intelligence in the spirit of satanism and his "Church of Set." His operatives administer COINTELPRO black-ops affecting targeted organizations and "dissidents" in every corner of society.
Busting a CIA/FBI/Wikipedia Disinformation Ring
Szymanski and Phelps, suspects in the recent murders of journalists Edward Harle of England, and Don Harkins in America, have been found to exert heavy control over Wiki's disinformation.
The above link reveals the duo disparaging nearly every leader in the world of "thinking outside of the box." Their hit list includes experts in the fields of alternative medicine, 9-11 truth, the American "patriot" community, leading environmental groups, alternative media personalities, celebrities, and various activists who oppose corporate influence over politics, war-mongering, and crisis capitalism.
Phelps apparently directs the "911: Masonic Media" wiki, as proven by the personal note published, by accident, under the heading "Beatles." This cryptic "todo" note reads (on August 23, 2010):
"todo: link to cloakanddagger podcast with Eric Jon Phelps (Choir boys, Tavistock, Ed Sullivan show back-to-back promotion, dissociative/weak-political song content, etc.)"
The cryptic message evidences covert intelligence operations to promote Phelps in the print and broadcast media. It includes references to the mind-control-linked, social programming think tank, the Tavistock Institute.
The reference, "dissociative/weak-political" music accompanying the "cloakanddagger podcast" is consistent with the government's old MKULTRA program, and new evidence proving Michael Aquino's (Church of Set) expertise is being applied in current military applications of "psychotronic warfare." This war method features specific frequencies of music for optimal population manipulation, stress induction, generating emotional depression, and general dis-ease promotion. An article on this subject was recently published by Horowitz in Medical Veritas journal that indicts the Rockefeller Foundation for institutionalizing musical instrument tuning to A=440Hz in an effort to inflict physical, psycho-emotional, and social damage including "mass hysteria."
The counter-intelligence operative's note to apply "dissociative" (i.e., mind-numbing) programming in their media messaging is consistent with occult hypnotic trance induction and indoctrination methods. Their general theology features atheism, self-judgment, and above-the-law racist reasoning inciting terrorism. This too reflects the Church of Satan, (Church of Set) philosophy. This thinking is used to rationalize criminal PSYOPs, psychotronic operations, gross treason, and downright genocide impacting We The People.
The CIA/FBI/Wiki-Pedophilia PSYOPs

Wikipedia has edited nearly all negative discussion about Michael A. Aquino's Temple of Set. Aquino's biography is completely whitewashed despite mountains of indictments against him and his associates littering the Internet. He is widely reported to be involved in child pornography, ritualistic animal sacrifices, coprophagia, urophagia, pedophilia, murders, and infanticide. Wikipedia fails to mention Aquino is considered a modern Joseph Goebbles--chief propaganda minister for the Third Reich--spinning PSYOPs through the media as per his mind war paper and Forth Reich--the New World Order.
Ted Gunderson's Wikipedia page is, likewise, whitewashed of Gunderson's investigations into Church of Satan networks, Temple of Set members, pedophilia, child trafficking, and ritualistic abuse. His Wiki-bio is not even linked to a World Wide Christian Radio (WWCR) page that states Gunderson triggered radio celebrity Art Bell's lawsuit for libelous allegations of child molestation. Nor does Gunderson's Wiki page mention what is reported across the Internet--that Gunderson married Church of Satan grand matriarch, Diana Rively, the ex-wife of church founder Anton LaVey, and mother of Zeena LaVey. Zeena LaVey rejected her "un-father" to work with Michael Aquino, helping to build the current Temple of Set, a satanic church, that Gunderson's step daughter, now promotes.
Alternatively, Horowitz is discredited by Wiki-dark-editors using easily proven lies, yet they prohibit the doctor from defending his reputation. In response, Horowitz attempted to post a legal notice on his Wiki page. It got him permanently barred from editing anything on Wikipedia.
Wikipedia glibly discredits Horowitz using historic revisionism. The dark editors falsely state, "In 2001, Horowitz published 'Polio, Hepatitis B and AIDS: An Integrative Theory on a Possible Vaccine-Induced Pandemic' in the controversial non-peer-reviewed journal Medical Hypotheses."
In fact, at the time of this work's publication, the publisher, Elsevier, billed Medical Hypotheses as highly esteemed. It was peer-reviewed by order of editor, David Horrobin. Horowitz's paper passed three reviewers communicating with Horrobin and Horowitz, and the final publication acknowledges Horrobin for contributing to the paper's extensive review process and editing.
Today, on Wikipedia, Horrobin, like Horowitz, is character assassinated by the CIA/FBI cabal because of his support for natural medicines.
In January, 2010, Horowitz published an expose on Reed-Elsevier-- now the world's leading science publishing house--in Medical Veritas. He noted the mega-company was purchased by ChoicePoint--an intelligence gathering conglomerate--in 2008 for $3.6 billion in cash. ChoicePoint is best known for its administration of corrupted records used to certify Past-President George Bush's contested 2000 election."
Aquino, Gunderson, Rivera and Satanic Pedophilia
In two bestselling books, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola--Nature, Accident or Intentional?, and Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, Horowitz linked AIDS virus engineers working with Dr. Robert Gallo and Peter Duesberg to Litton Bionetics. Related experiments were conducted at the Presidio military labs in San Francisco. Here, Michael Aquino stewarded MKULTRA, the propaganda operation providing cover for MKNAOMI--America's top-secret biological weapons program.
Most suspect, Gallo is credited for "co-discovering the AIDS virus," and for posting bail money to get convicted pedophile, Nobel Prize winner, Carlton Gadjusek, out of prison.
Aquino's whitewashed history, including his work at the Presidio related to Bionetics' biological weapons experiments, features numerous court actions for pedophilia and child trafficking, which he and Gunderson superficially debated on national television.
By appearing on television, as the leading experts representing both sides of the pedophilia and missing children issue, Aquino and Gunderson were elevated to celebrity status. Thus, they are perceived as exclusively representing the debate, and their superficial coverage satisfies the media's commission to cover the matter of missing children and satanic pedophilia.
In this YouTube clip, "Geraldo Rivera" misses Gunderson contradicting himself, stating he isn't, then is, aware of a satanic network operating in America responsible for missing and molested children. The segment demonstrates how superficial television programming is, yet extremely effective in administering the PSYOPS--Hegelian dialectic--resulting in confusion, emotional distress, and frustration in not being able to resolve the ongoing crimes against children and our society.
horowitz evidenced in Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola--Nature, Accident or Intentional?, Geraldo Rivera's first national report examined child abuse at the Willowbrook State School for mentally retarded children on Staten Island, NY, allegedly resulting in the school's closure in 1976.
That Geraldo "child abuse" story, like the one featuring Aquino and Gunderson, grossly neglected coverage of the Army's MKULTRA/MKNAOMI bioweapons experiments involving these Willowbrook children, with Aquino at the helm of military propaganda and mass persuasion regarding new weapons of war, and the Army's experimental hepatitis B vaccination linked to AIDS's origin,
This gross criminal negligence and military indictment, Horowitz wrote in Medical Hypothesis, adds to Litton's retrovirus-contaminated chimpanzees and Merck's infected hepatitis B vaccines, as mounting evidence for HIV/AIDS's emergence among Willowbrook's children, gay men in New York's Greenwich Village, and central Africans, that same year.
Relating HIV and the "War on AIDS" to COINTELPRO, Michael Aquino is credited for the post-Vietnam War transformation of American military intelligence, advancing PSYOPs (i.e., psychological operations) for enhanced population management. HIV-AIDS is currently overseen by the CIA due to its economic and "national security" implications, according to the (April 30, 2000) Washington Post.
Aquino successfully argued to Pentagon officials that winning wars [including the pharmaceutical industry's alleged "War on AIDS"] requires PSYOPs. Psychological operations are fundamental to population persuasion in advance of deploying electromagnetic, pharmaceutical, and biological weapons of mass destruction, Aquino and company argued.
Aquino's Church of Set, and several of the suspects named herein, have a lengthy history of psychopathic/sociopathic indicators. Church of Set ideologies, satanic sacrifices, murders, self-loathing, cross-dressing, child kidnapping. child trafficking, and sexual perversions, especially pedophila, are linked by numerous internet articles to Aquino, Gunderson, their higher ups in the Bush-Cheney directed CIA.
Thus, it is not surprising that pedophilia has spilled over into Wikipedia, as reported to the FBI earlier this year.
Highly disturbing new evidence involves the "Lifetouch Company"--the largest publisher of school yearbooks in America. Their publications contain photos of most American children, a virtual menu for pedophiles and child traffickers. LifeTouch is partnered with Target stores. Target provides the CIA/FBI with their national forensics lab. Data on missing and murdered children reported to law enforcement is reportedly administered by Target company "volunteers." Consequently, all reports and photos of missing children are funneled through CIA/FBI sections with which Aquino/Gunderson are acquainted, if not actively engaged.
COINTELPRO Related Murders of Don Harkins and Edward Harle/Christopher Story
In 2009, Harkins, editor of the Idaho Observer, was murdered using lethal radiation, according to his wife.
According to more recently murdered journalist Edward Harle (pen name Christopher Story), Harkins was murdered by Don Nicoloff. Nicoloff was one of Harkins's writers and "close friends," along with "Dr. True Ott" and Greg Szymanski. These are all co-promoters, skilled in the art and science of psychotronic warfare--deception for annihilation.
This is the same group that recently attacked Dr. Horowitz and Investigative journalist, Sherri Kane with condemning emails and phone calls.
Nicoloff, Ott, Timothy Patrick White, Szymanski, and other suspects are allied more or less with Ted Gunderson, whose links to satanist Michael Aquino, and racist Eric Jon Phelps, are unnerving, especially since Harkins considered these men "friends," acquaintances, or allies in the patriot community.
Harkins published a number of articles critical of the drug industry, Bush-Cheney and the CIA, joining Harkins's wife, Ingri Cassel, and Horowitz, at the forefront of exposing vaccination risks from intentional contaminations causing biochemical intoxications foreshadowing a massive military-medical depopulation.
The Harle and Harkins murders go unresolved partly because federal agencies are involved at their highest levels. Plus, multiple suspects appear to hate each other, creating a confusing mystery, but in reality they work together, making investigations difficult.
Here, for example, Phelps (or his aid) smears Gunderson under the aliases, "Brother Eric," and "Jeff Dahlstrom." This link appears to have sourced from Phelps, and further evidences his influence over the Wiki Company page in which Gunderson is disparaged.
This personal note reads: "(Eric Jon Phelps: Gunderson promoting Alex Jones and faked Fatima miracle) [25]". This makes it appear the suspects dislike each other.
Edward Harle/Chistopher Story's Murder
Edward Harle, pen name Christopher Story, was killed July 14, 2010, according to reports. This followed Harle's correct prediction of his assassination at the hands of: A) Benjamin Fulford, a COINTELPRO operative closely connected to his Canadian/American counterparts--Phelps, White, and Szymanski; and B) the "CIA/MI6/Obama/Bush/Cheney" gang that includes all of the aforementioned agents, most likely.
Harle published Fulford's threat, and harshly criticized David Rockefeller, exposing his most profitable criminal practices. Fulford published his family's ties to the Rockefeller family, occult theology, and before Harle's murder, his contempt for Harle.
Harle worked for the British Monarchy (or MI6), according to evidence, but like Fulford, Szymanski, Phelps and other COINTELPRO operatives (e.g., Timothy Patrick White and "Dr. True Ott"), he blamed wealthy Jesuits and Zionist/Jews for the world's problems.
It should be noted that this is a relatively small number of personnel that are carrying out a highly-effective global COINTELPRO. At the time of this writing, these agents in the US, Canada, and Japan, have initiated a smear campaign against these authors, Sherri Kane and Dr. Leonard Horowitz, issuing from France.

In this way, using these methods and murders, this small group of people discourage thousands of political activists and their organizations.
Revelations about Harkins's murder came after Horowitz and Kane discovered a plot to assassinate Horowitz advanced by these same agent-provocateurs. Dr. Horowitz was the first researcher, worldwide, to indict the David Rockefeller-directed, CIA-linked, PHARMA-media promoted, World Health Organization (WHO) administered H1N1 fraud of 2009. The swine flu fright and faked "pandemic" was linked to PHARMA-WHO manufactured H1N1s. The "pandemic" was promoted to sell vaccines and drugs. The PSYOPs is now preparing people for this year's threatening H1N1-H5N1 deadlier pandemic.
WHO & Wikipedia Pestilence
Revelations about Harkins's murder came after Horowitz and Kane discovered a plot to assassinate Horowitz advanced by the aforementioned agent-provocateurs.
Dr. Horowitz was the first researcher, worldwide, to indict the David Rockefeller-directed, CIA-linked, PHARMA-media promoted, World Health Organization (WHO) for administering the H1N1 fraud of 2009. The swine flu fright and faked "pandemic" was linked to PHARMA-WHO manufactured H1N1s. The "pandemic" was promoted to sell vaccines and drugs, and also "seed" humanity with the genetically-unstable H1N1 that would easily combine with H5N1, producing a far more deadly flu now threatening. The CIA/FBI PSYOPs, in effect, has prepared people for this year's anticipated H1N1-H5N1 pandemic and vaccination campaign.
The WHO dictates policies and procedures to public health officials worldwide. From its inception, the WHO, like the CIA, was developed and financed by foundations controlled by Rockefeller-Rothschild financial institutions, including the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.
These organizations are financially tied to the Wiki-companies. Thus, the Wiki-entities are obliged to publish or censor information for their COINTELPRO handlers.
In March 2008, the Wikimedia Foundation received its "largest donation to date"--$3 million from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.
The Sloan Foundation largely sourced the cancer industry, the medical-pharmaceutical paradigm, and along with the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations, the way we think about nearly everything.
Sloan-Rockefeller co-investments in "BigPharma," and the "PharmaMedia," are massive. These special interests advancing covert operations best account for the ongoing discrediting and murdering of whistle-blowers worldwide, especially those critical of drugs and vaccines now expected to kill billions and make trillions of dollars for leading industrialists worried about over-population.
To provide cover for advancing petrochemical-pharmaceutical population reduction, people are made to think that government and private "non-profit" agencies are reliable, when, in fact, they are lethal!
The American Red Double-Cross
Years ago Dr. Horowitz wrote that the CIA-linked World Health Organization (WHO) is dangerous and involved in the creation and transmission of HIV/AIDS. He explained that the WHO, and the blood industry, serves mainly the Illuminati through David Rockefeller's influence.
The "American Red Double-cross" was involved in the transmission of HIV/AIDS, hepatitis A, B and C, herpes viruses, cancer viruses, and more through contaminated blood supplies. These, plus vaccine transmissions of viruses, and immune-system-weakening chemicals and heavy metals, produced the modern plagues including cancers, autoimmune diseases, and mental conditions affecting children and the elderly, such as autism and Alzheimer's, respectively.
The "global health" agenda, Horowitz and others contended, is genocidally-administered by the Rothschild-Rockefeller league of financial institutions. These include Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase. They are joined by lesser eugenicists/blood-banking industrialists. Policies and programs are administered mainly by corporate attornies/intelligence agents that conduct a wide array of COINTELPRO operations. These are all aimed to achieve the objectives of MKULTRA--mass mind control--to get away with MKNAOMI--biochemical warfare against We the People.
Early Occult History of "Modern Medicine"
The satanic elements of this busted CIA/FBI COINTELPRO reflect a long history of occult practices within institutionalized medicine and "public health."
For instance, as eugenics ("racial hygiene") advanced along with genetics, beginning in the early 1900s at Rockefeller University, Laurence S. Rockefeller, the director of the Community Blood Council of Greater New York, advanced the American Red Cross and the international blood banking industry. John D. Rockefeller originally funded Clara Barton, who pioneered the Red Cross, and branded the organization with the Templar/Maltese Knights symbol--the Rose Croix. The Rockefellers also funded Nazi eugenics at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute under the swastika, another occult symbol. Laurence Rockefeller presided over the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, chaired the board of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and was a trustee for the Sloan Foundation. The Sloan Cancer logo, a thrice broken arrow, depicts the bow and broken arrow of Sagittarius. This symbolizes war, male power, swiftness of disease, and death.
Thus, the Wikipedia Foundation's funding from Sloan accents a long history of occult, satanic, and genocidal Rockefeller "philanthropic" investments in blood, drugs, media, mind-control, and murder. The wealthiest foundations are largely financed by drug sales. Petrochemical-pharmaceutical depopulation is administered by increasing contamination of people and blood supplies, altering genetics; chemically poisoning foods and water, and polluting environments.
Disasters, wars, and outbreaks are good for "crisis capitalists." The Goldman-Sachs/Halliburton/Transocean/BP Deepwater Oil Rig explosion, and its increasing devastation in the Gulf, is another example of multi-billion dollar crisis capitalism. (See: PHARMAWHORES.com.)
The 9-11 "terrorist" attacks were, likewise, motivated and orchestrated by crisis capitalists directing intelligence and justice department officials.
More Wiki-Red Cross Deception
IIn recent years, Wikipedia's dark-editors altered descriptions of the Knights Hospitaller. They falsely claimed the Knights Hospitaller and Knights of Malta are one-and-the-same. The false proclamations were issued by the CIA/FBI operatives Szymanski, "Dr. True Ott," and Phelps, to discredit Horowitz and the Hospitaller organization that is allied with the World Organization for Natural Medicine (WONM). Both are advancing free natural healing clinics worldwide.
The Sovereign Orthodox Order of Knights Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem, and the WONM, responded to the corrupt WHO-pharmaceutical industry alliance that has been systematically destroying the natural healing arts, sciences, and industries. PHARMA-WHO influenced legislation has increasingly restricted health freedoms and consumer access to alternative medicines and renegade practitioners. Horowitz, an ambassador for the WONM, and the Knights Hospitaller, has helped defend against this onslaught most vigorously. This is why the COINTELPRO targets Horowitz and these organizations.
Contrary to Wikipedia's disinformation, and the COINTELPRO agents named above, the official record published above proves the Knights Hospitaller humanitarian organization has zero to do with the Vatican or the Knights of Malta. Its irrevocable Russian charter says this, and demands this.
The entire Hospitaller organization, in fact, is currently under legal attack by the Knights of Malta, just like Horowitz is being attacked by the aforementioned satanists. This is why the CIA/FBI agent provocateurs point their fingers at the Knights of Malta and the Hospitallers, to confuse the issues.. As the Wiki-propagandists attack Horowitz and the Hospitallers, falsely claiming their control by the Knights of Malta, they serve the Illuminati's BigPharma. A Knights of Malta lawsuit and COINTELPRO against the natural healing Hospitallers are both underway.
The Countess Nicholas Bobrinskoy, Grand Chancellor of the Knights Hospitaller, wrote that the "SMOM is suing us for allegedly 'stealing their name' and using THEIR symbols. NONE OF IT IS TRUE. We have always stated that we descend from the Order of Emperor Paul I, established in 1798. We hold a STATE decree, not a Vatican decree. As for using similar cross symbols, the "Maltese" cross existed long before the Roman Catholics adopted it, and is used as jewelry and more. . . . What they are doing is simply a power play that the Hospitallers will win on merits."
The LOVE CODE to Remedy this Insanity
Wikipedia tells you wonderful things about the Knights of Malta in their listing, "Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis." The Rosicrucians say, "the cross represents the human body and the rose represents the individual's unfolding consciousness."[5]
Unfolding "consciousness," and the Opus Dei/Vatican's suppression of the real da Vinci code, are subjects studied by Horowitz who published LOVE The Real da Vinci CODE, including the music suppressed by religious leaders and secret societies for thousands of years.
COINTELPRO obviously acts to extend this ignorance and spiritual suppression, whereas Horowitz's revelations about 528Hz frequency, mathematically proven to vibrate at the heart of everything, even explaining why grass is green and energetically healing, is paradigm shifting, and optimally freeing as it simply explains how consciousness, and everything in the physical universe, is spiritually/energetically/mathematically/musically administered. This knowledge, the "key to the House of David," heralds a "thousand years of world peace," that Church of Satan devotees prefer to neglect and resist.
Summary and Conclusion
This COINTELPRO war of evil against good features spiritual suppression through disinformation. This war on the mass mind enslaves humanity through fear and confusion.
In conclusion, the Wiki companies facilitate COINTELPRO operations by generating a highly biased free-for-all of confusing and discrediting propaganda. This "Hegelian dialectic" manipulation method generates mass confusion by mixing polar opposites; truths versus lies. This manner of "mixing-it-all" up leaves truth-seekers overwhelmed, confused, and psycho-socially disabled to discern anything, or choose what's best for self or society. Thus, the objectives of COINTELPRO are achieved, exclusively benefiting the controllers at the expense of the controlled.
All readers are urged to protest these crimes against humanity, especially for the sake of our children. Protect children by keeping their faces out of school year books until the current injustices and satanic influences over government and law enforcement cited herein are stopped.
Boycott Wikipedia and the Wiki-Company. Search the Internet for alternative sources of information.
Post this urgent alert on websites, and mail it to your friends and networks.
Support the 528LOVERevolution(.com). We obviously need a miracle to get us out of this mess; and the miracle is broadcasting all around us in 528.
Pray that the Illuminati lays down their weapons of mass destruction and media deception, in honor of the 528LOVERevolution; to let humanity evolve spiritually.
And while you are praying with faith and love in your heart for expanded consciousness and wiser stewardship of our natural resources, including We The People, add these authors to your prayer list so that we can continue to advance journalistic freedom, technological innovations, and spiritual evolution to fulfill a healthier, happier, and more peaceful and prospering destiny.
Sherri Kane, previously a news writer for FOX News in Los Angeles, is a freelance investigative journalist and Co-Founder, with Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, of Healthy World Organization (HWO) currently advancing as an alternative to the duplicitous World Health Organization (WHO). To request interviews e-mail: info@healthyworldaffiliates.com
To read Benjamin Fulford's "letter of apology" to Dr. Horowitz, and Sherri Kane's revealing commentary on Fulford's fraud, CLICK HERE.
If you are wondering how and why Horowitz and Kane bravely expose these very evil people, they advance the Creator's messages, and herald the 528LOVERevolution. This symbol, "The Perfect Circle of Sound™," is fundamental to the paradigm shift to LOVE. This symbol is their calling card. . . .
This scientific proof (by Victor Showell) means the Illuminati, engaged in satanic sexuality and criminality, SHALL LOSE EVERYTHING TO LOVE as more and more people learn about the power of 528/LOVE to heal, sustain, design, technologically advance, and spiritually uplift civilization for enduring peace and prosperity in all ways.
This is the main reason the human demons exposed above target Horowitz and Kane. Their persecutions demonstrate how STUPID the Illuminati is for attacking simple/humble messengers of LOVE.
By the way, if you start to hear that Horowitz and Kane are involved in drug trafficking, sexual perversions, other satanic activity, or start getting e-mails to this affect, send thank you e-mails to Timothy Patrick White, True Ott, and Greg Szymanski. They appear to have hired a spammer in France to distribute their lies. CLICK HERE to read ongoing threats received on Sherri Kane’s blog.
Sherri Kane and Leonard G. Horowitz
Link: http://www.fluscam.com/CIA_FBI_COINTELPRO.html

new telescope named "lucifer"

Added Apr 23, 2010, Under: Headlines

Housed at Mt. Graham, critics wonder are the ‘evil ones’ planning a staged end times scenario

By Greg Szymanski, JD
April 23, 2010

The University of Arizona, together with the Vatican and Jesuit Order, announced today it named its newest high-powered telescopic instrument ‘Lucifer’.

There has been a great deal of speculation, among Vatican critics, why in the first place the Jesuit Order was allowed to build a huge stellar observatory on Mt. Graham in Arizona – on holy Indian ground – in cooperation with the state-run University of Arizona.

With the naming of Lucifer, critics claim the Vatican has showed its true colors, using God and Jesus as shills for their true master — Lucifer.

According to an article in Popular Science by Rebecca Boyle the “new instrument with an evil-sounding name is helping scientists see how stars are born.”

The article went to explain the name Lucifer stands for (deep breath) “Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research.”

“And yes,” according to Popular Science, “it’s named for the Devil, whose name itself means “morning star.”

However, according to a spokesman for the University of Arizona,it wasn’t meant to evoke any connotations of evil.

Lucifer has three interchangeable cameras for imaging and spectroscopy in different resolutions. It has a large field of view and high-res capabilities, which allow a wide range of observations.

Critics are now shaking their heads even more, wondering why the Vatican would have its own stellar observatory and why they would have the audacity to name a new telescope after the Devil himself.

According to Mitch Battros some people believe “it is for the purpose to monitor a warning presented in the Bible.

Could it be it is named “Wormwood” coming from the New Testament book of Revelation, saying:

“And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters; And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.” (Revelation 8:10, 11 – King James Bible).

Battros added this reference to the end times as well as Mayan prophecy:

“Is it possible the Vatican has the same information as the Mayans? Both speak of an event coming from the center of our galaxy Milky Way. Both indicate a powerful celestial event. But the most important question of all is “when”.

“I do not believe any scientist or focused individual can argue that all of space science and cosmology appears to have a certain urgency for discovery. From galactic ‘charged particles’ to new found asteroids, there is a sense of ‘let’s find it as soon as we can’.”

Here is an article that appeared in the Native American Roots web site, explaining how the Vatican violated Native American holy ground:

For many Native American nations there are certain geographic places which have special spiritual meanings. These sacred places are often portals to the spirit worlds. For the Apache in Arizona, one of these sacred places is Mount Graham: this place is called Dzil Nchaa Si An (Big Seated Mountain) and is mentioned in 32 of the sacred songs which have been handed down through the oral tradition for many generations. It is here that the Ga’an, the guardian spirits of the Apache, live.

In 1873, Mount Graham was removed from the boundaries of the San Carlos Reservation and placed in public domain. The spiritual value of Mount Graham to the Apache was not considered. This action set the stage for conflict a century later.
Ojibwa :: Mount Graham: Science and Apache Religion
In 1984, the University of Arizona and the Vatican selected Mount Graham as a site for a complex of 18 telescopes. The fact that this is a sacred place for the Apache was not taken into consideration. To get around the legal barriers of the American Indian Religious Freedoms Act, the University hired a lobbying firm to put pressure on Congress to remove this, and other, roadblocks. The area in question is administered by the U.S. Forest Service.

The Vatican has an observatory staff which is officially support by the Vatican City State. The Vatican Observatory Foundation is supported by private donations. One of the important duties of the church is to maintain an accurate calendar and this requires astronomical observations. Hence the involvement of the Vatican with astronomy. The first Vatican observatory was established in 1774.

Congress passed the Arizona-Idaho Conservation Act in 1988. In response to lobbying by the University of Arizona and the Vatican, the Act included a provision to allow the construction of three telescopes on Mount Graham without having to comply with the American Indian Religious Freedoms Act or with environmental laws.

The following year the Apache Survival Coalition was started by Ola Cassadore-Davis, the daughter of Apache spiritual leader Phillip Cassadore. The purpose of the Coalition was to save Dzil Nchaa Si An from desecration by a telescope complex to be built by the University of Arizona and the Vatican.

In 1991, the San Carlos Apache Tribe passed a resolution stating that Mount Graham is sacred to them. Furthermore, the resolution stated that the tribe supported the efforts of the Apache Survival Coalition to protect the religious and cultural beliefs of the tribe.

Following the declarations of the sacredness of Mount Graham by the Apache Survival Coalition and the San Carlos Apache Tribe, the Vatican in 1991declared that Mt. Graham was not sacred because it lacked religious shrines. Jesuit Father George Coyne, director of the Vatican Observatory, indicated that he could not find an authentic Apache who thought the mountain was sacred. Father Coyne stated that to convince him that the mountain was sacred he would need to see evidence of shrines and that he would not accept Apache oral history or statements by Apache-speaking Euro-American anthropologists.

Father Coyne further declared that Apache beliefs were “a kind of religiosity to which I cannot subscribe and which must be suppressed with all the force we can muster.”

The Arizona Republic (Phoenix, Arizona) reports that the Jesuit Father Charles W. Polzer calls opposition to the construction of the telescope complex on top of Mount Graham “part of a Jewish conspiracy” and comes from the Jewish lawyers of the American Civil Liberties Union who are out to undermine and destroy the Catholic Church.

In spite of opposition by the San Carlos Apache tribal council, Apache spiritual leaders, and environmental groups, actual construction of the project began in 1991.

With flagrant insensitivity to American Indians, the University of Arizona announced that it intended to name its new telescope on Mount Graham the Colum¬bus telescope in honor of the European explorer. The University was apparently unaware that Columbus is not considered to be a hero by American Indian people. Ultimately, the University withdrew the name following public response against it.

The San Carlos Apache tribal council in 1993 reaffirmed reso¬lutions opposing the construction of the telescope on Mount Graham. The council resolution stated that the telescope “constitutes a display of profound disrespect for a cherished feature of our original homeland as well as a serious violation of our tradi¬tional religious beliefs.”

After meeting with Apache elders and spiritual leaders at the San Carlos Apache Reservation, the National Council of Churches in 1995 passed a resolution calling for the removal of a telescope from Mount Graham.

The President’s Advisory Council on Historic Preservation in 1996 declared the entire Mount Graham observatory project to be in violation of the National Historic Preservation Act because of the project’s harm to Apache culture and spiritual life, but the telescope was not removed.

In 1997, the spokesman for the Apaches for Cultural Preservation was arrested for praying on Mount Graham. The Apaches for Cultural Preservation feel that the Forest Service, the University of Arizona, and the Vatican developed the project on Mount Graham knowing that it would violate Apache religious beliefs.

President Bill Clinton, using the line item veto, deleted $10 million in federal funds for the operation of the University of Arizona’s Mount Graham telescope project. San Carlos Apache Chairman Raymond Stanley and the White Mountain Apache Cultural Resources Director Ramon Riley sent letters to the President thanking him for the veto.

Beginning in 1998, the University of Arizona began requiring Indians to obtain prayer permits before they crossed the top of Mount Graham near the University’s telescopes. The University’s prayer policy required that the permit be requested at least two business days before the visit and that it include a description of where on the mountain the prayers will take place. Only people who were enrolled members of federally recognized tribes were allowed to pray.

In 1999, the University of Notre Dame, a Catholic university, announced that it would also build a telescope on Mount Graham. The University president claimed that he was unaware that Mount Graham was sacred to the Apache and that the Apache opposed the desecration of this sacred place. This was in spite of the fact that the building of telescopes on this sacred mountain by the University of Arizona and the Vatican was a controversial issue and had been the subject of many news stories.

In 1999, the White Mountain Apache tribal council passed a resolution urging the U.S. Forest Service to “honor its duties to protect the physical integrity of Mount Graham and its long-standing and ongoing historical, cultural and religious importance to many Apaches.”

Realizing that they were making little headway with the bureaucracies of the American government (Department of the Interior and Department of Agriculture) and Congress, the Apaches took their cause to the United Nations in 1999. Ola Cassadore Davis testified before the Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities. She stated:

We Apache wish to bring to the people of this world a better understanding of Indian people, in order that we are able to preserve and freely live by our traditional culture and religious beliefs.

Source: http://www.envirolink.org/exte…

She asked that the special use permit by the Department of Agriculture Forest Service be terminated. She concluded:

In conclusion, we Apache would respectfully urge this body of the United Nations to recognize and acknowledge that the disrespect and suffering caused by the nations and governments mentioned above be terminated forthwith. We Apache petition you for a resolution consistent with the National Congress of American Indians of 1993, 1995 and July 1999. They stated that the public interest in protecting Apache culture is compelling, and that the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture should accordingly require the prompt removal of the telescopes from Mount Graham.

In 2004, the San Carlos Apache rejected an offer of $120,000 from the University of Arizona, calling it a bribe. Saying that the University had done nothing but tell lies to the Apache people, the San Carlos Apache indicated that they would continue to honor their sacred mountain. One tribal council member indicated that if the University did not have a telescope on Mount Graham they would have no interest in the Apache people.

The conflict over this sacred site is still not resolved. On the one hand it can be viewed as a conflict between two different cultures. On the other hand, it can also be seen as a conflict between science and religion.

The Mount Graham International Observatory is home to three telescopes: the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope, the Heinrich Hertz Submillimeter Telescope, and the Large Binocular Telescope. On their website, their version of the history of Mount Graham focuses on James Duncan Graham and mentions the Spanish Conquistadores. There is no mention of the Apache. Their section on the legal actions necessary for the building of the complex mentions environmental concerns, but there is no mention of the Apache spiritual concerns.

The telescopes sit on land which has been leased from the Forest Service and the lease must be regularly renewed. Efforts by American Indian people and various environmental groups have so far been unsuccessful in convincing the Forest Service to deny the renewal of the leases.
Article from Mount Graham: Science and Apache Religion

by: Ojibwa
Sat Apr 17, 2010 at 12:51:10 PM PDT

Obama’s Jesuit Connections Surface

God help those – who could care less - to see beyond the obvious

By Greg Szymanski, JD

Dec 28, 2008

The connections among Barrack Obama, the Jesuits and the Vatican run deep but most Americans could care less.

Most Americans in fact see no harm in Obama kissing the Pope’s red satanic shos or making Jesuit Georgetown Universtiy his second home.

The idea that the Jesuits and the Vatican are up to no good, trying to destroy America from within, just hasn’t sunk in to Joe Schmoe in the U.S.

It hasn’t sunk in because the tenents of the Protestant Refomation have all but been forgotten or wiped away from history by those crafty, devious Jesuits who like to call themselves the “Great Educators.” But if the truth be known the Society of Satan, better known as the Jesuits, should be called the biggest liars and misducators the world has ever known.

So for Joe Schmoe it means nothing that Obama is in bed with the Vatican and, in fact, the real sad part is that most Black Americans think it’s just the best thing since slice bread that one of their own holds the highest office in the land.

However, little do they know, Obama’s loyalty lies with the White Pope, the New World Order and the upcoming Luceferian world government bent on killing off most Black people who are now supporting him. In fact, color matters little as Obama believes people lke you and me are nothing more than cattle, no matter if we are white, red or black .

Here is a synopsis sent by an unknown reader to the Arctic Beacon regarding Obama’s Jesuit and Vatican connections. For those who know the truth, read it and weep! For those who care less, God help you to have the wisdom to look beyond the obvious government connections.

OBAMA’S JESUIT’S CONNECTION. According to a most eye-opening and incredibly compelling book Codeword Barbelon , by author P.D. Stuart, Obama is under the control of the Jesuits and has been for many years.

We also discovered that even the Pope Benedict XVI gave Obama his blessings after his election victory in November. As far as I am aware this is the first time a Pope has blessed the Presidency so openly. See the attached pdf news report on p. 16A from the National Post titled: “Pope Blesses Obama”!!

But first, here is a little Obama history.

Many years ago, Obama’s wife to be, Michelle Robinson, a promising associate at the same Chicago Loop law firm, Sidley Austin, became a good friend and m


"A one-hour CNN special, “WHAT THE POPE KNEW,” will air Sept. 25 and Sept. 26, 8pm and 11pm ET. This story is drawn from that exclusive report... regarding 200 deaf boys molested 1950-1974 by Father Murphy in Milwaukee, headmaster of the St. John's School for the Deaf. One of them, now age 60..., has named Ratzinger personally in his lawsuit.


The evidence has existed for a number of years that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, before he became Pope, was responsible for designing and implementing the Vatican cover-ups of pedophile priests, maintaining them in the comfort and security of their priesthoods for life. The documentation is growing by leaps and bounds.

An earlier documentary was aired by the BBC in 2006, entitled "Sex Crimes and the Vatican" (produced for the series called 'Panorama'). It has been up on YouTube for a couple of years, in three parts. Now, uploaded on these links:

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Regardless of religious views, pro-Christianity or anti-Christianity, respectful of the Roman Catholic Faith, or not....

It is extremely doubtful that the current Pope is going to be tolerated much longer.

Suggestion: There needs to be a thorough vetting of the existing Cardinals, who will be candidates for his replacement -- perhaps sooner than we think...

Followed by.... aggressive advocacy on behalf of the best candidates, internationally.

VIDEOS X3 = http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=50CE8117B2CE8009

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


"Please take a look at this video, about pensioner BREDA MURPHY'S PROTEST at the Irish Parliament. Breda was filmed at Saturdays "Wake Up Conference" at the Spectrum Centre, Belfast.{ Details courtesy of Sovereign Independant - link bel......ow}.
"Pensioner chains herself to gates of Dáil in Chemtrail Protest
Press Release by Maud Brown
Breda Murphy - Sick of Chemtrails
From 11am to 4pm on Wednesday the 29th of September 65 year old Breda Murphy will be chained to the gates of the Dáil (parliament) in Dublin. Her protest has been provoked by the on-going aerial spraying being conducted over much of Ireland.
Several governments across the planet have been spraying their civilian populations with different (often harmful) biological and chemical agents since the 1940s. The British Government has even admitted to some of these so-called 'tests'.
One of the most common techniques in use today is that of civilian airliners being employed to carry out the spraying. Such airliners can be identified by what appears at first glance to be additional exhaust trails. However, the abnormal additional trails emanate from locations on the plane other than the engines.The abnormal trails also take much longer to dissipate than regular condensation trails (contrails) left by jet engines. Concerned observers have dubbed these abnormal trails, chemtrails. When intensive spraying is being carried out (over cities for instance), the lingering chemtrails often result in criss-crossed patterns in the sky.
Chemtrails are suspected to cause a multitude of health problems ranging from nose bleeds to respiratory ailments.
Breda Murphy has lived in the town of Kildare for much of her life. So when around the 14th of June this year an intensive program of aerial spraying over Kildare began, she noticed almost immediately. She even witnessed large black helicopters spraying the town. Within days of the commencement of the spraying she, and many of her neighbours, started experiencing severe adverse health effects. These included nose bleeds, migraines and serious respiratory complaints.
Breda herself endured headaches, breathlessness, severe aches and pains and an elevated temperature. One side of her face swelled up and her eyes became so badly swollen that she had trouble seeing out of them. She was forced to consult an emergency doctor and was diagnosed with elevated blood pressure and infections of the sinuses and upper respiratory tract. She spent a miserable summer cooped up in her house, leaving it only when absolutely necessary. In the last few weeks the spraying over Kildare has recommenced. Breda and her neighbours are once again living in fear for their health.
Breda demands that the government immediately puts a stop to the spraying of Kildare and the other targeted areas of the country! As to do otherwise constitutes a serious breach of hers and all other affected Irish men and women's basic human rights!
This press release has been sent to several outlets across Éireand the UK.
Breda Murphy is available for interview and may be contacted via:
Telephone 00353 (0)85 106 87 42 (Breda)
Email maud.brown@yahoo.co.uk(Maud)
Short URL: http://www.sovereignindependent.com/?... "
http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.sovereignindependent.com%2F&h=d1530?... ........................................­......
For full details of the film pls contact = http://www.youtube.com/3rdEyeDear


"Retired NORAD Officer's New Book Predicts a Tentative Worldwide UFO Display on October 13, 2010
Submitted by Randy Kitchur on Wed, 09/15/2010 - 13:00
A newly-published book by a retired NORAD officer predicts October 13, 2010 as the tentative date for a fleet of extraterrestrial vehicles to hover for hours over the earth's principal cities. Author says the event to be the first in a series intended to avert a planetary catastrophe resulting from increasing levels of carbon-dioxide in the earth's atmosphere dangerously approaching a "critical mass."

A newly-published 352-page book by a retired Air Force officer, Stanley A. Fulham, tentatively predicts October 13, 2010 as the date for a massive UFO display over the world’s principal cities. According to the author, the aliens will neither land nor communicate on that date; they are aware from eons of experience with other planets in similar conditions their sudden intervention would cause fear and panic.

The book, Challenges of Change (3rd ed.), reports this event will be the initial interaction in a process leading to mankind’s acceptance of the alien reality and technologies for the removal of poisonous gases from the earth’s atmosphere in 2015, if not sooner.

The author draws upon his military experience with the UFO phenomenon dating back to WW2, and later, with NORAD and his subsequent life-long association with a senior NORAD intelligence officer who provided him a wealth of historical data relating to NORAD’s experience with the UFO/alien reality which has never been revealed to the public. In the military's view, as conveyed to and understood by Fulham, the public is not yet ready to accept an alien reality.

Fulham writes it is generally recognized UFOs function beyond our earth's physical laws, and has concluded answers to questions regarding who they are, where are they from, why are they here, are they a threat, and the mystery of abductions could only be found at a higher dimension of reality.

For more than a decade, through the services of a world renowned channeler, the author has communicated with an ethereal group of entities known as the Transcendors -- 43,000 very old souls who combine their vast experience and knowledge through eons of incarnations, providing advice and information to humans in search of basic realities of mankind’s existence.

The book Challenges of Change reports on the author’s years of communication with the Transcendors in a question and answer format intended to inform and challenge. The Transcendors reveal through the author crucial information about urgent global challenges facing mankind such as earth changes, international terrorism, worldwide financial collapse and the environmental crisis. One revelation is al Qaeda has a dirty nuclear bomb and WMD, but faces a moral quandary over “containment of collateral damages.”

Utilizing the theme of the Four Horsemen as symbolic metaphor, Fulham warns mankind will survive all of these future challenges, except the CO2 pollution of our atmosphere. According to information provided to the author by the Transcendors, the build-up of CO2 pollution is rising 1% annually to a “critical mass” of 22% in which mankind could not survive ”without outside intervention.”

According to Fulham, the Transcendors state they have borne witness to countless thousands of alien civilizations who polluted their planets to total extinction where not a single being, animal or plant survived. They urgently warn planet earth is presently on the same self-destructive path. Fulham reports the aliens are well aware of our environmental crisis, and have benevolently decided to rescue mankind in this vast universal drama.

Fulham has been in contact with a distinguished foreign ambassador who read the book with great interest and dispatched it to his home government, where it was translated and studied by hundreds of their top government officials.

A website containing videos of the author discussing his research conclusions and other vital information has been created at: http://sites.google.com/site/challengesofchange

Fulham clarifies there are no absolutes; the principal of free will and choice that exits with all souls precludes all absolute realities, and the aliens may decide to postpone their intervention -- but the Transcendors confirm it will nonetheless occur in 2010. Quoting the author, the event will "occur this year, in what will surely be one of the great dramas of our galaxy, the introduction of their alien civilizations and technologies to mankind. We are not alone, and our world will have changed forever."

Randy Kitchur
Amisk Enterprises Ltd.
Spokesman for Mr. Fulham
Website: http://sites.google.com/site/challengesofchange
(204) 416-5272 (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) "
...2 words...Blossom Goodchild...and we know what happened then.


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Kevin Annett on the Alex Jones show, 28 1 2009

Kevin Annett on the Alex Jones show, 28 1 2009 -


as u might or might not know Kevin Annett, someone who is working for the rights of abused people, has served 2 summonses on the Pope, the summonses citing the Pope regarding sexual abuse on children, more often than not perpetrated by Catholic priests under his jurisdiction.The Pope knew or knows about a lot of crimes of a sexual nature committed by priests in his charge yet failed or fails to inform the appropriate authorities, which of course is a criminal act.
Kevin Annett is also speaking out about the appalling atrocities affecting the indigenous Indian population of certain parts of Canada by the authorities there, including the RCMP. He has written a total of 3 books about all this, the latest called "Unrepentant", and a harrowing film which i would please ask you to see, called also "Unrepentant".
His 2nd book is a detailed resume of seperate crimes, detailed with the evidence, such as letters and many photos and survivors testimonies. For example, Kevin writes about how smallpox was given to children in a residential home by the authorities running the home, then when the smallpox was at its most active and at its most contagious, the blankets these sick dying children were using to cover them whilst asleep were then taken and given to healthy children so as they would inherit the smallpox too, thus eventually dying too. Children covered in open smallpox wounds were deliberatly left to mix with other healthy children also in order to kill them off too. {pics of these subjects and accounts are in his 2nd book "Hidden No Longer - Genocide in Canada,Past and Present". This is just a couple of examples of what happened in the residential schools, which had much torture equipment in them too by the way, such as a rack, which goes way back to mediaevel times of course and was in common use in the schools.
Kevin Annett has been documenting for 20 years atrocities that the indigenous peoples of Canada have suffered. It has cost him dearly, the COINTELPRO programme against him causing him to not only lose his livlihood as a minister by being fraudulently defrocked as such, but also causing him to lose his family and marriage as part of his destruction and silencing. A lot is revealed in his books and the film, and I am not making anything at all out of this or making any of it up when i ask you to please through your respective organisations or whatever try and make people aware of what is going in Canada and many other places in the world. It has been revealed that since his arrival and the summonses being served on the Pope 2 Indian "heavies" in the pay or favour or whatever of somebody over there are indeed asking about his whereabouts. Kevin has already been beaten up badly a few times and has lost count of number of threats against him, including numerous threats on his life.
I dont know much but i do know 2 things - the atrocities that continue to this day that are happening to the indigenous peoples of Canada by the authorities there must stop, and Kevin Annett must not be allowed to become just another victim of these people because he tried to tell us about whats really going on there. As you can see in the video of the interview i was fortunate enough to do with him the day before the 1st summons 6 people connected to his campaign have died within the past year, or have disappeared.
Concerning Lydia White Calf, who can be seen in the video serving the 1st summons to His Highness the Pope Ratzinger, here is an email i just sent to a media person which mentions her =

"i promise u the dirty tricks played by the CIA or whoever on Lydia and her 2 kids, now 15 + 13 are so serious it beggars belief. To save time etc I hereby show an email sent to a tv co to try and bring this case forward. I know little about... Lydias case except for a few things but will interview her properly asap.
"xxx, I do apologise for sending only half a message - its a bit chaotic here and im not at home and this got sent. I was to say in continuation we thought the police were intervening so steps were taken to avoid this, so Lydia White Calf took Kevins place on the 1st serving, filmed by Sky TV,as u can see in my video of the 1st serving of the summons @ Westminster Cathedral. SKY have shown bits of Kevins mission on 3 seperate occasions, and i will find out details to try and show you.
Lydia White Calfs story is just as remarkable as Kevins, living her life as a cointelpro target,along with her 2 siblings, 2 boys of 13 + 15,who have been greatly affected by all the government harrassment. They used electronic stuff on her husbands mind over a period of time, along with torture, threats etc to stop him talking about what has gone on and continues to this day via child paedophilia rings involving indigenous children, murders of people who speak of it etc etc. Her husband started out a a kind gentle husband and father with her, a journalist.He was a born leader, and of a noble lineage of the Lakota indian people, very eloquent and charismatic. He went through the residential school system in Canada and got all the abuse that goes with that, but survived to live another day.A short while after their marriage he began supporting her in the revealing of the atrocities she had learnt of and started reporting he started whistleblowing too, and then the psychotronic mind treatment began in earnest toward him by the CIA etc, and he changed from a loving kind father to a brutal violent abusive husband, and got worse until now today he sits permanently ill in a hospital. After the whistleblowing had reached a certain level the entire family were monitored and bugged in every way possible from helicoptors above to insidious hidden house bugs and being followed around by agents for 12 whole years. She tells me a lot of bad stuff has actually stopped happening to her since the past 3 years, and she is what we would suppose as an "everyday" human being on the outside and has learnt to cope with the electronic stuff used against her, but she does lapse into a different world if a situation arises. As i said she has 2 fine children of 13 and 15 who have indeed been affected by this different world they had no choice in playing a part in and should anything happen to them by these people after what shes been doing here i dread to think of the effects on them. She is so brave and will not shut up. She has left the country now so things are better for her, but she has to return to Colorado where she has a home. Like a lot of people her story is completely unbelievable but absolutley true and and part of Kevins campaign.
Kevins new book called "Unrepentant" has today arrived which chronicles some of the more major events during his campaign and his agenda to stop the appalling abuse he has witnessed 1st hand. If u would like this book pls forward an address i can send it to, and it will be sent forthwith.
Tks for ur time in reading this and may i just say Kevin leaves to go on the next steps of his campaign shortly but will be back very soon where he will be free for any and everything. Lydia can be available when neccassary. Bye for now,
Since this was written we understand 2 Indian "heavies" are indeed looking for Kevin in his home town. These 2 guys have been "nobbled" by the authorities and now work for them. They are the kind of guys one DOES NOT want to meet in a dark alley anytime. They kill on request. I am not prone to making things up on a whim and everything ive said is the truth. Lydia tells me re: the murdering it is common for a car to pull up when one is walking down the street and a subject be told "you have 4 days left to live". Then the inevitable more often than not happens. Im also told by Kevin its common practice for a subject to be taken 20 miles out of town in the hardest part of a Canadian winter, to have their shoes and socks taken, and even all their clothes taken from them, and left there. They of course die of exposure trying to get home. THIS IS THE RCMP DOING THIS TO THE INDIGENOUS INDIANS, WITH OTHER AUTHORITIES, AND MUST STOP.
As i said noone really wants to know, and the crimes as described are happening now to the people mentioned, and as i said Kevin is even more of a marked man because of what he is doing,as if before all this wasnt enough, hence me telling u about the 2 guys. I cant reveal any more for his safetys sake, but it truly is unbelievable."
Kevin broadcast regularly on co-op radio for years, but when he started talking about the treatment and genocide of the Indians he was told to keep quiet about it. The radio station is government funded. When he didnt shut up they stopped him broadcasting. I put a message about him and this on apfn.org and i received a warning letter from a bunch of lawyers telling me whats what {pls see attatched}. Pure bs and an attempt at intimidation on their part. After Kevin had left they rebroadcast old progs of him talking about something other than his campaign but altered the voice to a voice like that of Minny Mouse, probably to make him sound silly so as to make people switch off and ignore him. Much other stuff occurred concerning the radio show and casting Kevin in a negative light, for instance when he was out of the country Kevins double appeared out of thin air going around spreading negativerty and making trouble for him, such as badmouthing friends of Kevin etc, so when he returned these people badmouthed would rush up to him and ask aggressively why had he said that about them, etc etc. This impersonator turned up at the radio station causing trouble for Kevin while he was away too which he had to sort out. The CIA call this "blackjacketing" and is a regular trick used by them to confuse, divide and conquer.
Thanks for time in reading this. Please help if you can, somebodys may be saved as a result somewhere sometime. Write or call anytime.

1} The summons served on the Pope, by Lydia White Calf, Westminster Cathedral, London, 18 9 10
2} The interview with Kevin Annett, London, the day before the 1st summons 17 9 10
3} Lydia at a screening of the film "UNREPENTANT" 16 9 10
Pope served summons: Crimes against humanity, child abuse, trafficking
September 20th, 2010 8:20 pm ET
"Our Tribunal has been sponsored by groups of survivors of Catholic church torture in five countries, and is securing legal and political support around the world. Joseph Ratzinger cannot evade the fact that he is personally liable for aiding and abetting child rapists within his church." - Kevin Annett, Sept 20, 2010


A Public Summons to Pope Benedict was delivered today at the residence of the Vatican Ambassador to England in south London. Human rights defender, the former United Church of Canada minister noted for taking Christ's teachings to heart, Rev. Kevin Annette delivered the summons after leading a 20,000 people protest this weekend against the Pope for alleged complicity in crimes against humanity, child abuse and trafficking.

The Summons was issued by the newly-formed International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, that has asked Pope Benedict to appear before its opening hearing on April 4, 2011 in London. Rev. Annett delivered the Summons to the Papal Nuncio office on behalf of the Tribunal.

The Summons asks the Pope to respond to charges that he is complicit in crimes against humanity, child abuse and trafficking, and that he has failed to respond to inquiries into the deaths of more than 50,000 children in church-run Indian residential schools in Canada. (see a copy of the Summons, below)

An attempt was made to hand the Summons to the Pope on September 18 before mass at Westminster Cathedral in London. While security measures prevented a personal delivery, the Summons was read aloud and posted publicly near the Cathedral.

"I would be surprised if the Pope ignored this Summons, since it carries the weight of international opinion and morality" said Rev. Annett today.

"Our Tribunal has been sponsored by groups of survivors of Catholic church torture in five countries, and is securing legal and political support around the world. Joseph Ratzinger cannot evade the fact that he is personally liable for aiding and abetting child rapists within his church."

Following on a similar Tribunal into crimes of the church in 1998 sponsored by a United Nations affiliate, the April Tribunal will be the first international forum to bring actual charges against the Pope and the Vatican.

The Tribunal comes in the wake of a massive protest against the Pope of nearly 20,000 people in London Saturday, in which Rev. Annett and Tribunal members participated. Annett was interviewed by major media including Reuters, Sky News and LBC radio, as part of a month long speaking tour he is conducting in Europe to build support for the Tribunal.

Rev. Annett is Secretary of The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada that was established September 3, 2000, in Vancouver, BC, from a mandate arising from the IHRAAM Tribunal into Canadian Residential Schools, June 12-14, 1998, Vancouver. He is author of Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust (February 2001), and Love and Death in the Valley (First Books, November 2002)

He has been severely persecuted for his actions to defend the voiceless including Canadian First Nation Peoples.

Rev. Annett was assaulted in January by two men in Vancouver's downtown eastside two days after he published an article on church and government complicity in child trafficking on Canada's west coast. He suffered cuts, bruises, and at least one broken rib as a result of the unprovoked beating by two men, one of whom is linked to a downtown church agency.

Annett then rapidly released a new article on the role of Vancouver police in sex crimes. (

Annett is no longer with the United Churc after "thrown out of there in 1997 because of my efforts to expose their crimes against native children," he told the Examiner.

Rev. Annett and this campaign are based in London. For more information, please contact his press officer, Anna Bragga, at 07861677343 or consciencecommunications@gmail.com .

Cause No. ITCCS – 001 – 2011 UK, Docket 001 A


To: Joseph Ratzinger, aka “The Pope” and Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church

BE ADVISED that you have been listed as a primary witness in an adjudication of a matter before this Court, which is a Tribunal of International and Indigenous Judges. Your presence is hereby requested on Monday, April 4, 2011 at 10:00 am, at a location to be disclosed, in the City of London, England.

Said Tribunal is convened pursuant to international Law, indigenous tribal Law, the Rule of Natural Law and the Law of Nations. Your presence is required to participate in the examination of issues and questions regarding the following matters and charges:

1. Your responsibility and liability as head of the Roman Catholic Church for the crimes of genocide, murder, warfare, forced removal from traditional lands, slave labour, institutionalized racism, theft of resources, child trafficking and pedophilia, and other crimes against indigenous peoples and children, arising from the Indian Residential School system in Canada established and maintained by Roman Catholic Church and the government of Canada.

2. Your failure to reply or respond to a public Letter of Demand issued to you from the Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared dated February 4, 2008, asking that you identify the burial sites and cause of death of children who died in Indian Residential Schools in Canada established and run by your church.

3. Your promulgation and enforcement of a policy of concealing and denying violence and rape against children within your Church, and your practice of actively concealing, protecting and aiding and abetting child rapists and other criminals within your Church, and of thereby perpetrating an international obstruction of justice.

You may desire to consult with your attorney in regards to this matter, or have an advocate attend the hearings with you. You may submit written documents and materials, but be advised that they do not carry the same weight, or can substitute for or replace, your personal testimony.

BE ADVISED that any failure by you to respond to this PUBLIC SUMMONS, or failure to attend this Tribunal, can be interpreted to mean that you do not dispute the charges made against you laid forth in this document and by witnesses and other material, and may result in a verdict against you made in absentia.

Due to the Nation to Nation status of this issue, involving the original Nations of the North American continent as holders of Allodial Title, and its concern with matters concerning internationally recognized Crimes against Humanity, this Tribunal and its findings will be monitored by human rights specialists and representatives of governments, International agencies, indigenous Nations and the public media.

This Tribunal will be open to the public and the media. Its officers will submit its findings in the form of a final comprehensive report to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the International Criminal Court, and other bodies.

Duly Signed and Delivered this 18th Day of September, in the year 2010, in the City of London,

(signed in the original)

Royce White Calf, Elder

Oglala Lakota Nation

Acting Secretary, The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State

American Section: c/o 1000 Walker St., Unit 223, Holly Hill, Florida USA 32117

ITCCS Communication 002 2011 UK, Docket 002

Photo: Rev. Kevin Annett. Censored News