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Wednesday, 12 January 2011



From apfn.org:

"As regular readers will know about this time last year the work of M T Keshe was being discussed here, whereby M T Keshe himself answered an idiot who was spreading lies about him and his work. Then correspondance from him stopped, and the reasons for that are given below, got from an email I received this afternoon. He and his family had been kidnapped whilst passing through Toronto airport and held by the Canadian government and incarcerated and had his work stolen, amongst other things. {If you recall an Iranian nuclear scientist was murdered a few weeks ago: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-11860928 }. Now I guess Keshe is another marked man for exposing the elites system of robbing groundbreaking pioneers work. If they shout too much about it they are murdered by assassination squads detailed here on this very site in the past { http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/archive.cgi?read=151285 }.=
"Extraordinary RENDITON program of scientists used by Canada
by MTKeshe » Wed Jan 12, 2011 3:06 p
From M T Keshe,
Belgium ,12-01-2011

The extraordinary rendition program is not for terrorists but is used effectively for scientists in stealing and depriving them of their life long works and their intellectual rights.
In the last open letter I have explained about how the Keshe Foundation has been accused of being involved in production of an atomic and nuclear bomb for government of Iran in his host nation of Belgium.
After posting of the last open letter, supporters of the Foundation have been furnishing us with e-mails and documents that not only these confirm the close collaboration of the Mr Adrianus WAJ Van den Elshout with government of Belgium, but through the same e-mails from himself, Mr Ad Van den Elshout confirms that he is in contact with the American ambassador and his cabinet and he emphasis on his cabinet in respect to another theft of intellectual property right from another Belgium inventor, which he is offering to the American government, and at the same time, he, in another e-mail again connects himself to another nuclear centre in Belgium.
In receiving these recent e-mails and other communications from others, this have given me the confidence to put my life on line and tell in short as it has been unknown up to now about what a nightmare me and my family have been put through by these actions, I release the following statement on my own behalf and on behalf of my Foundation and not on behalf of any other government, organisation or individuals.
If MY Foundation and I and even if the government of Iran was after publicity in trying to make a big deal out of in what happened to me during the last summer, then we would have shouted and cried out about it on the forum and in the press at that time, when this horrendous matter happened to me and my family.
But as me and the government of Iran, we are dignified, peace loving people and nation, and opposite to what has been made of us, I decided to keep silent about this horrific incident which I was subjected to by the government of Canada through their rendition and intimidation program.
Now seeing these correspondence supplied by the supporters of the Foundation in the past days, for the first time I have decided without asking for sanction from and the knowledge of my country or any other to release the information in how third nations are used for rendition program of scientists to steal their technology and life works under the cover of special rendition program.
Now I explain:
As in my last posting of the open letter of 3.1.2011 last week, in simple way I referred in this letter to imprisonment of me and my Foundation.
The imprisonments of scientists in transit from airports are and becoming part of the US and Canadian government rendition program, where no one knows about them and apparently it has been going on for years.
They use this transit of transfer from one plane to another by the scientist, to terrorise scientists and raps them of their dignity and let them feel as they have done something wrong, while their technologies and their knowledge are taken off them as the pretending to be investigating their activities by these governments, as if scientists are criminals and then these stolen loots technologies’ are shared among the gang of nations for further research and development in their countries in secret. They bank on the fact that scientists are usually from third world or upcoming nations and that the scientists will be afraid to report the matter back to their government on their return. So this rendition program is succeeding and fully carried out with no knowledge about it by public and other nations.
Since when, Canadians have become highway robbers by falsely using the international transit laws?
I start from the beginning and in this section whatever I refer to I have physical evidence to prove my case as I show in few cases below as attached evidence. It has to be said that I have been to USA a number of times and I have been to Canada before, so it is not as I wanted to escape to these countries, secondly I was issued visa to go to USA to meet with NASA in 2005, which I did not take the option of travel and visa has been expired. At the same time I was invited by a well-known US institute as a guest lecturer to give a talk at John Hopkins University in Feb of 2010, which the American government refused the issue of the visa and this lecture was given by live video conferencing as has been announced and talked about on the forum of the Foundation.
This is the exact count of how as nuclear physicists I became part of the rendition program of the US and Canadian government, that they could steal my technologies and for them to access most confidential files and technologies which are developed and being developed by me and my Foundation and these are mostly years ahead of present known science and these are the property of my Foundation.
It has to be said that on my death these intellectual rights become the properties of the Untied Nation and all citizen of all nations on the earth, that no nation and no religion will have superiority over another and that on my passing all my knowledge become the source and assets of the United Nation and all the religions of the world for advancement of human race in peace and science.
One of the technologies stolen from the Foundation by Canadians and their gang in this so called rendition of me are for example: The technology of how to produce solid CO2 at room temperature and pressure, which the papers about this has been published on the site of the Foundation for past year. This technology is part of space program of the Foundation and is used to cure cancer with use of water only. This process is used by the Foundation for production of space fuel and allows the production of new materials, which are unknown to world of science and this moment, this material is the fifth state of matter unknown to man up to now that is gases at state of solid at room temperature and pressure.
In fact Canadians during my incarceration and by force they have taken these materials from me, they told me that they will let me have a copy of the report of their tests by their scientist to confirm some of our discoveries and then after my release they denied to release the report as it was too sensitive and a copy of e-mail by Canadian deportation officer sent to me in private confirming this refusal and confirming the theft and how the Canadians have stolen the technology. The scan of the bag which the Canadian immigration after their testing and stealing some of my materials was return to me at the airport is attached, where I was given some of my materials back like a hip of rubbish piled on the floor while I was packing them to be repatriated.
Another technology they have stolen from the Foundation, is the technology of space motion without use of propulsion which Iranian government has had participated in its development with the Foundation to develop, with this putting Iranians space technology about fifty to one hundred years ahead of USA space program. In reality what they accuse us of doing wrong and developing advance nuclear technology and then they steal the technology, is to cover their own backward propulsion technology which is out of dated, these groundless nuclear weapon development accusation are to steal advance technology and not to monitor as I have experienced first-hand with Canadians.
I can go into detail: but in brief, I was kidnapped on 8.6.2010 by the Canadian authorities on a flight from Brussels to Mexico city in transit through Toronto, I was taken off the flight and me and my family were told immediately without any ambiguity that if press are informed, I can be put in prison which are known to be so dangerous that I can be killed. In this process I was interrogated for nearly four days, deprived of sleep and all my scientific documents and computers were copied and downloaded and some matters were stolen from me and after 11 days of constant terrorising, I was put on a flight back to Brussels like a criminal. My File and case number 3273-6308-8116.
The name of officer in charge Mr CARDINALE rank number 14784. I was put in front of a Kangaroo court in the prison camp itself and I was told that if I tell the judge anything I will be put in prisons that I will not come out alive. Even in the last session I told the judge that I do not agree with what has been said and I could not explain the reason as I was threaten to be killed and everything was falsified in the court to fit their usual procedure.
During up to 18 hours of interrogations daily at the airport and then being kept in secure prison or detention centre, then in the last hours of my release I was told that my release has been ordered by the prime Minster of Canada personally, as even my keepers were not aware of my release. (There is a long story that we do not go through it but if the Canadian government would like to open the case we are pleased to release our documents).
In time of my incarceration by Canadians, my detention officers in prison told me so many times that they do not understand, that you are not the only one like this, we seen in recent years that a number of scientists, doctors and highly qualified people whom are brought here, kept for days and then sent back, but we see drug traffickers and illiterates being given the right to stay in Canada, there is something wrong but this is normal process in this prison. Thus; Canadians like stupid and traffickers and not as they claim wanting intellectual people to join their nation.
It has to be said as I am use to travelling for business around the world for the past thirty years, that sometimes ago a lawyers in UK told me that if ever they stop you at customs or in a country with accusation of entering the country illegally, on the spot you demand asylum, that then they have to report your case to the UN and this stops you going missing for a long periods. And, this is exactly what I did as I came off the plane in Toronto to wait and move to my next flight, where, at the door of the plane’s gate and as I was faced with MR CARDINAL, I noticed that he had a full copy of my Foundation site in his hand, and in the first sentence he told me that he has been reading about me for the past three days to become a nuclear scientist and then he said to me at the same time at the gate of the plane that I have entered Canada illegally, were in fact I was in transit to Mexico and international laws explains that transit passengers flight do not require visa.
In the next stage of my dilemma in Canada, it took them over two hours to find my luggage in the flight to the Mexico section as they were panicking as where it has disappeared to, and then after a long time when the found them, then I was taken to an open large empty hall, where at one time, I could count as many as 16 different officers from different forces in the hall around me checking the loot that they could not believe they have stolen. This giving me the feeling of being in the hand of pirates on high seas after taking over the ship as they wanted to share their loot and could not believe how easy this was.
At all times of search and interrogation they were only interested in contents of my suitcase and the main computer hard disc block, which they knew all my experiments and technological discoveries were logged in and it looked as they knew all things to do with my future research were in my suitcase, as I was on my way to south America to fine a new cure for the malaria, as I was invited by an organisation to be there. Where, the ambassadors of these nations can confirm of their knowledge of my plan as I have been in touch with them over past two month before my trip.
Interesting enough, if I was wrong in entering Canada, and my capture was accidental, then how come Mr Cardinale has been studying my site for three days before hand as he told me and secondly I only bought my ticket and my visa to Mexico was issued only less than 24 hours before my departure, and strangely only two other persons were aware of my move, thus this shows that American have been planning this kidnapping a long time to capture me, may be from the time of my return from Iran in 2008, and as I was sick and have had suspected cancer, that I could not have travelled since that time, so this was their first chance to look into my technology and steal, as it is well known that I always travel with most of my lab and newly discovered material as I have done, when I went to China, Korea and as I do in Europe and even as I did when I went to Iran for the first time after over thirty years in 2008.
It has to be said up on my return from Iran within a week or so, I attend the office of prime Minster of Belgium on their request, and at the same time they were informed and were ask to collaborate with the Foundation to further develop in what was already developed in Iran by us. So there was not a Mickey mouse game with our openness, and no need to steal. I leave in Belgium because my child is born here and the love of my life is a Belgium, and Belgium has been home to us for the past years. Keshe Foundation team almost all are of Belgium of Flemish origin and loyal to the Foundation. The Foundation has been based in this country up to now and we hope we are safe; I am loyal to my nation and will not sell it to anyone unless I am stolen from as the Canadians did.
It is known fact that as a free scientist I teach everywhere and to all nations, now in fact to me Canadian’s are like thieves of Baghdad and part of pickpocket team, with methods of distract, intimidate and steal scientist’s life works. I think patents are not applicable to any scientist whom their work have been stolen from them by this way, and by laws of patent how can one nation know by stealing and while other have to pay for it. Thus all knowledge of the Foundation and the work of those scientists whom have been through USA scientific rendition program have to become open to all and not loot benefit to selected few whom have and given themselves the right and the opportunity of stealing.
Interesting enough during my incarceration I was told that I have been refused the asylum request against the government of UK and Belgium as I asked for as the latter was the country which I was coming from and the former was where my first travel-document was issued by which I was travelling on. I have copies of their endorsement by Canadian confirming the correctness of my document, They were in such a rush to copy and steal that they left some of their copied papers in my note books which were torn-off and put in the bag and then given back to me at the airport by mistake, this is how I know they have copied over 1000 pages, and 1 terra bite of information from the suitcase, I have a immigration bag which confirms 6 computer keys and hard disk in one bag in their own hand writing.
This is funny, as to save my life, as I had to do, as I became rapidly aware of what I have walked into with Canadians; I had to claim refuge statues from some of the leading free nations in the world the like of Belgium and UK that I had to do this claim to protect my life. I wonder how many people have had to do this in the past century to escape from these free nations.
Thus: the Canadian government uses their detention centre near the airport for rendition of scientists to steal their technology and they share their loot with the ones whom they chose and help them out to carry these atrocities.
May be irrelevant, but one of the officers involved in my interrogation told me that you are one of the biggest fishes’ we have ever had and at the same time my interrogators asked and took two copies of my book “the universal order of creation matters” from the content of my suitcase to read.
One officer in the cabin in the airport said to me in the second day that he did not understand why I was kept overnight, we have to greet people like you to join our nation, but decisions are made somewhere else and he made it clear that there was more to my capture that met the eye as it became apparent later on and even six month latter like now.
In some session I counted that there were up to 12 officers in different cubicles around us sending questions and listening to interrogation, in some cases and sessions I had a Chinese looking man and black officer and up to six other people in my cubical, whom were sitting in sessions and asking questions.
Strange enough that within days after my release another Iranian nuclear scientist whom has gone through scientific rendition program was suddenly after a year appeared in USA and then he was released by USA. I am sure he has been as I have been through the same rendition program but in different country.
The officer told me himself in a session during my interrogations, that he was so highly ranked that the officer was answerable to Minster himself direct and during my 12 – 14 hours long sessions of being brought to and kept in the airport every day for interrogation, he told me that there are five other agencies and ministers monitoring the interrogation live on line while he was inputting my answers, which question were coming mostly through the computer screen.
What is interesting to point out, first of all is that if Canada is looking for the edge of science scientists, how come they refuse a leading nuclear scientist refuge application and then they threat to kill him in front of his family to put fear of god into them, except that their plan was from the outset to steal technology of the scientist, as they have done with me.
Secondly, if rendition is so effectively carried out by Canadians and Americans, I wonder how many other scientists like me have been through this rendition program that out of the fear of their lives are silent about these enforced nightmares.
I am aware of one, whom is another Iranian nuclear scientist as has been in the press, but is this rendition program only for Iranian scientists as our research is about decades ahead of western world, and is this wolf cry of nuclear weapon development is the truth about USA wanting to look into what they are years behind in technology than Iran. Do not forget history has shown and are well known the one shouting foul game are the one whom are losing or when they are behind and this is a normal behaviour for the losers.
Further the Canadians knew what they are doing with me was illegal, as every time I was moved from the airport to prison late at night at one or two o’clock in the morning and on my way back from the prison at nine in the morning, there was always a discussion, that by law, security people had to handcuff the prisoner, but the officer and security people were discussing every time that he should not be handcuffed or they discussed that at least until he is in the van and then they be taken off when he comes out of the van walking through the airport. Even on the day of my transport to the airport to leave this godforsaken country the officers taking me to the airport told me that we do not want to handcuff you, we know what is going on and please cooperate. These all was done as they were afraid if I am seen in handcuff and pictures been taken and then they were in hip of manure with the outside world.
If you would like to know what it means to go through a short sharp rendition by Canadians as I have been, it feels like being raped, where the victim thinks what have done wrong to be in this position and this hunts you for a long time, that you do not want to talk about it and you become secluded as I did, and with the help of family I have started to write and research after months again.
I would like to thank the staff of the Iranian embassy in Brussels that I turned to up on my return to report to them in what has happened to me and they listened and allowed my fears to subside. I would like to thank the dignity by which the Iranian government knowing my ordeal kept its silent about this incident that I could recover from this nightmare and they did not go out to make a case of my suffering and situation. Thank you, you are the real gentleman, and you are not like wolf in skin of sheep as in the colds waters of north-pole nation where I was imprisoned.
I think I leave the rest of what happened to me and my family during and after this high way robbery in Canada with humans of this world to decide about who are the real animals of this world.
Now interesting information about, MR (Mr Adrianus W.A.J. Van den Elshout) which shows why the sudden move by the Canadian kidnap job, which we have received these information’s in the past week after the release of our open letter from the supporters of the Foundation.
What is interesting to me now after receiving and reading through these e-mails from public at large, is that how a man (Mr Van den Elshout), whom wares trousers with the biggest hole I have ever seen between a man legs, that shamelessly his genitals are hanging out of them when he sits, that such a man cannot afford a pair of trousers, how can that such man can see the American ambassador and be aware of the American government diplomatic cabinet set-up in Belgium embassy in Brussels as mentioned in these e-mails by him and organise such a kidnapping.
May be Mr water work is good at his job, his nickname in Belgium for Mr Van den Elshout is Mr water work as this man cries like a woman, and it is called by some “the golden tears“, when he wants something and when he lies, then he takes a picture of holly something or another out of his pocket and cry’s’ to the picture that floods the room for people to believe him. May be American like weeping woman as they feel important and that they can save the woman (Mr Criminal) and this satisfies them with feeling of being the big brother coming to rescue and at the same time that is how the water worker convinced them to believe his lies.
At the time of my incarceration me and my family were in such a shock that we did not want to talk about our pain, but now it has become apparent that Mr Van den Elshout in his own e-mails confirms that he has been in touch with MR Howard W Gutman (the American ambassador to Belgium) and his cabinet on the 19.5.2010, three weeks before my incarceration, and talked about god knows what like as we mentioned in the open letter and other plots he is involved in and this e-mail shows whom he is working for.
No one can see the American ambassador and know about the working of embassy except a man like Mr van den Elshout and now even we know and now we are aware from these e-mails that there is an ambassadorial cabinet in the American embassy in Brussels that they work with Mr Criminals ( !!!).
In different e-mails Mr Van den Elshout confirms the need of delivering his stolen technology and be given to NASA, CIA and others (see the attached references) and he refers in different e-mails to the American ambassador again and again. In e-mails he refers to president of USA name in person and connects himself implementing he is in talk with to the American ambassador and his cabinet in the same sentence (attached reference). All these correspondents by this criminal or the agent carry’s the ALPHALYS S.A header and signature which is his or other nations company registered in Luxemburg for their clandestine activities in conjunction with water man.
We have been told since the publication of the last open letter that this company is in process or being considered of being closed down.
In other e-mails he refers to getting into another Belgium nuclear centre in Doel near Antwerp. This confirming his interest in nuclear program as we reported before in the last posting (attached reference).
We are in possession of documents that Mr Van den Elshout shows and confirms being involved in laundering money through Panama account through KBC bank of Belgium and in an e-mail he confirms paying large sums of money in black.
Where do these sums of hundreds of thousands of dollars come from, as he lives with a nail polisher in two bedroom rented flat and according to people who known him his car is mostly not even insured and not even passed its technical control.
We have received evidence that there are five known case of intimidation and fraud with prosecutors of four cities in Belgium, and strange enough no one taken action about them and all have been put away in drawers as he is protected by paedophilia gangs as he says he knows them and are part of his larger relationships and extended family. These are case number for attempted intimidation, death threats and fraud and have been with prosecutors for years and month, case number AN 45.9.550/10 and case number AN 42.98.3582-01 city of Antwerp, Case number 45.F1.5136/2007 city of Kortrijk and two other files in city of Gent and Leuven in Belgium.
And we are in possessions of confirmed document from the city of Antwerp prosecutor that Mr Van den Elshout has threaten one of the leading Belgium inventors that he and his wife will be killed and a tape recording of this has been in possession of the Belgium authorities since 25.6.2010, and up to now the Belgium police has done nothing about this case. MR untouchable we call him or the American agent, god knows, who the next victim is.
We have e-mails and we are in possession of copy of contracts drawn up by this criminal himself, which shows or indicates to that Mr Van den Elshout has close collaboration with Flemish government and its head Minister-President Kris Peeters as a specific contract is signed in conjunction with investment with the Flemish government and Mr Peeters name is specifically mentioned in this contract, thus he has the ears in the government whom listen to his groundless accusations as in the American embassy. Why should the name of Mr first president of a nation still in office be mentioned in a commercial contract, is it to influence or is it to say who is protecting who? It can be seen again he uses the name cabinet of the Minister-President Peeters, so he is well inside and we have been furnished with e-mails which addressees CC to cabinet of Mr Peeters. In the set-up of stealing the intellectual rights of another inventor which this criminal has been in the process of by fraud, this case has been in the hand of procurer of Antwerp for seven month and has been put aside as it seems. I Wonder! If Mr Peeters knows his name and his cabinet is used like this to defraud or there is another motive behind these freedoms, which has been given to this criminal to do what he likes and hide the criminal files in drawers around the country that Mr untouchable become a full grown AL Capone.
In my letter to the procurers of the city of Kortrijk I mention that this man has become untouchable and he can do what he likes and the police does nothing about it, now do we too understand who is behind him and how he is protected.
In the past minutes before the publication of this paper we have been informed of the system Mr Criminal (Mr Van den Elshout) has used and he has been using to import people into Holland and Belgium. The e-mail is self-explanatory; the name on the email is the name of the gentleman as company director on the company (I gave in the last open letter) owned by the criminal in Holland. The address Meer (douanezone) given in this e-mail, is the warehouse on the border of Belgium and Holland, and it was used by the Mr criminal to import illegal people into EU and is registered as his office and the home of imported people to get identity/green cards. This used to be the customs building of the Belgium government at the border. It is known fact that Mr Criminal has been importing people from Turkey and Arab countries on false entries for years they say. Let the police check who is registered in the past three years to live in this warehouse office. We have been informed that Mr Van den Elshout has set-up a new company in Luxemburg for this purpose, the name of the new company is ATHOR S.A.
By the way, we have no evidence but we have been told that this criminal claims’ that he has bought a 55,000,000 US dollars company in US according to him? A tape is available in .mp3 of Mr. Ad van den Elshout's confession about that Delaware off-shore company. We wonder if this true then is this the payment for him reporting and stealing technologies for his paymasters? Is this the reason why the Dutch and the Luxemburg companies are closed, now that he has received payment from his masters for a good job of damaging a number scientist’s work and lives, now would he become good American citizen?
My advice to all scientists is that do not carry any of your works with you when travelling, even if you are going for research project or presentation to a conference, as you without knowing become a victim of the false rendition program for these governments as I did.
In conclusion: The Canadian Government and its bosses are involved in special stealing rendition program under the cover of terrorism as I have experienced it first hand, but what is interesting is that I was invited to Canada to give a talk to scientific community in Canada and we offered a sector of our technology for joint development to a university in Canada three month before and visa was refused for the trip and presentation too, we have the refusal application number if needed to be produced. But I presume is hard to kick the old habit, once a thief always a thief. May be we should call the Maple leaf on the flag of the Canada a Maple thief of Canada and this should become the new flag for pirates on high seas in the coasts of east Africa.
M T Keshe In person, Belgium, 12-01-2011
Link for the full text and physical eveidences: [link to www.keshefoundation.com] "


From: mtkeshe@keshefoundation.com
Sent: 12 January 2011 15:11:50

Read this and forward it as fast as possible befor it is blocked.

Yours faithfully
M T Keshe

The Keshe Foundation site is athttp://keshefoundation.org/index.php


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