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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Description: CONSPIRACY JOURNAL 17 2 11

Description: CONSPIRACY JOURNAL 17 2 11

You can use the following link to retrieve your file:


Subject: BRAND NEW Conspiracy Journal Latest Issue Right HERE!

Date: Thursday, 17 February, 2011, 5:45


Here is the pdf version of the latest Conspiracy Journal Number 33 long before it hits anyone's mailbox.

Please note we have a number of exciting new titles and products, in particular ROUND TRIP TO HELL

ON A FLYING SAUCER. . .by all means this is NOT your typical UFO book. It runs 300 large size, 8x10 pages, and

is hugely illustrated. On Amazon it will go for $29.95 - we are offering it for just $22 and you get a BONUS DVD with

two features, and if you order more than $30 from this issue we give you another FREE DVD.

And now you can order the preferred way via PayPal even if you do not wish to subscribe to the service. Just let us

know what you want from this issue (or any other issue) and we will send you can invoice via PayPal and you can pay it

with any credit card without signing up. PayPal is easy and faster than any other method (especially if you live overseas

so we can include the postage calculated right in there) and it enables us to get your order out MUCH FASTER.

Also if you are sending a check or money order through the mail please make it out to me, TIMOTHY G BECKLEY

as this will speed things along since our bank holds business checks much longer than necessary and it slows down the


Also we have been making the rounds of some talk shows recently. You can find our latest chatter by going to the sites

below and just scrolling till you get to my name. We have some interesting things, we think, to say.

www.DarkMattersRadio.Com with Don Ecker

www.TheParaCast.Com Gene Steinberg hosts, look for our latest program on the Men In Black and one on the late John Keel (that one is a bit older).

And remember your orders support our efforts. Without you this publication would be impossible to publish. And join me on FaceBook as a friend if you will.

Timothy G Beckley, Publisher


Tim Swartz on line editor