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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Gerald Celente: First Great War of The 21st Century Has Begun - Alex Jones Tv

Gerald Celente: First Great War of The 21st Century Has Begun - Alex Jones Tv




Niara approached me during the UFO Congress in Phoenix and reminded me that we had met a year before at the Laughlin event. Back then, due to time constraints, I wasn't able to interview her. Her demeanor was extremely low-key and unassuming and something about her story sounded to me as though it needed to be told.

Niara enlisted in the Air Force back in 1979 and became a surface to air missle/anit-aircraft artillary radar specialist based at various bases around the U.S. She was based for aprpoximately one year at Nellis Air Force Base working out at the Tonopah Test Range. And that is where these incidents occurred.

Although her experiences are hard to believe, her down-to-earth way of relating the information if anthing, underscores how very real they were and the depth of depravity and cruelty implied in her treatment brings to light some very sinister dealings going on that include a race or races of ETs and the military, that if true, couldn't be more scandalous.

If and when government disclosure ever becomes a reality this is the type of story that will be very hard to explain let alone acknowledge by those coming forward at that time.

Kerry Lynn Cassidy
March 2011

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Please write a letter of protest to the Canadian govt./RCMP about this appalling attampt at intimidation regarding Kevin Annett + his work by certain factions there. Thank you...b.

My letter:
"As a supporter of Kevin Annett and his mission I do not support these outrageous actions by Officer Ritchies high-ups in certain departments of this government who should be brought to book for the unspeakable things that they are responsible for.

2 words = Bingo Dawson.......and many others {pls see videos below}.


Dear friends.

I've been notified that the Hamilton, Ontario police have told the staff at Mohawk College, where I'm speaking this Wednesday, that a plain clothes officer from their force will be in the audience monitoring me and what I say. The officer who notified them, Brian RitchieBrian Ritchie, says this is "purely routine".

Hardly. This is the first time anywhere that a police force has thus notified organizers of one of my meetings in this manner. I consider it a form of intimidation since undercover cops are regular features of my meetings, I must assume, and to be notified of this fact is unusual and designed to unnerve people.

I would appreciate it if you would phone or email Brian Ritchie and let him know that their actions have been noted by my supproters, and that we consider them a form of intimidation and subtle pressure to impede and obstruct our investigation into the criminal actions of their employer, the government of canada and the crown of england.

here is his contact info:

Brian Ritchie, Hamilton police

1- 905-546-5678 (direct phone line in Canada)

email: britchie@hamiltonpolice.on.ca



ps: I am NOT intimdated!!

See the evidence of Genocide in Canada at www.hiddennolonger.com and on the website of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State at www.itccs.org .

Watch Kevin's award-winning documentary film UNREPENTANT on his website www.hiddenfromhistory.org

"If there is no struggle, there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters."~ Frederick DouglassFrederick Douglass

"We will bring to light the hidden works of darkness and drive falsity to the bottomless pit. For all doctrines founded in fraud or nursed by fear shall be confounded by Truth."

- Kevin's ancestor Peter Annett, writing in The Free Inquirer, October 17, 1761, just before being imprisoned by the English crown for "blasphemous libel"

"I gave Kevin Annett his Indian name, Eagle Strong Voice, in 2004 when I adopted him into our Anishinabe Nation. He carries that name proudly because he is doing the job he was sent to do, to tell his people of their wrongs. He speaks strongly and with truth. He speaks for our stolen and murdered children. I ask everyone to listen to him and welcome him."

Chief Louis Daniels - Whispers Wind

Elder, Turtle Clan, Anishinabe Nation, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg, Manitoba


K ANNETT links:



Download pdf here (51 MB) =










KEVIN ANNETT in Dublin, April 2010 receiving shoes of deceased children =


Kevin Annett speaks about his banning from COOP RADIO, Canada for speaking out against the abuse of the indigenous people there =


Kevin Annett on Irish Radio April 2010


Kevin Annett speech UCC 27 Sept. 2010


Kevin Annet on Alex JonesAlex Jones Jan 2009


The murder of Johnny "Bingo" Dawson, 2009:


KEVIN ANNETT - Three Stories, Three Children: On the Requiem Road


Kevin in Slovenia, March 2011:


Kevin in Liverpool, Febuary 2011:






Monday, 28 March 2011


Bush Family Fortunes 2003-The Bush's bought their way to the WhiteHouse

Bush Family Fortunes 2003-The Bush's bought their way to the WhiteHouse

Illuminati World Drenched in Radiation Ritual and DE Art. Grupp on Black Helicopter Radio 3-24-11


Illuminati World Drenched in Radiation Ritual and DE Art. Grupp on Black Helicopter Radio 3-24-11

Who really controls world events from behind-the-scene?
Years of extensive research and investigation have gone into this massively documented work. In this 624 page, large format book, Fritz Springmeier discloses mind-boggling facts and never before revealed truths about the top Illuminati dynasties.


You’ll learn of the secretive, Chinese Li family, which operates with impunity in the U.S.A. and around the world.
Along the way you’ll find out,
why President John F. Kennedy and actress Grace Kelly were killed
who created the United Nations
who controls the two major U.S. political parties
how the Rothschilds invented and control modern-day Israel
who secretly founded false religions such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses,
...and much, much more. A literal encyclopedia of rare, unbelievable information!
Discover the amazing role these bloodlines have played - and are now wielding - in human history, with family names such as:
The Astor Bloodline
The Bundy Bloodline
The Collins Bloodline
The DuPont Bloodline
The Freeman Bloodline
The Kennedy Bloodline
The Li Bloodline
The Onassis Bloodline
The Reynolds Bloodline
The Rockefeller Bloodline
The Rothschild Bloodline
The Russell Bloodline
The Van Duyn Bloodline
Merovingian (European Royal Families)
The Top 13 Families & The Mormon Leadership (Moriah & The Mormon Leadership)
Interconnected families:
Disney - Uno de Los Mayores Engaños de Todos los Tiempos
The Disney Bloodline
The Krupp Bloodline
The McDonald Bloodline
Related Reports
CFR - Council on Foreign Relations member of The Shadow Government
Estos Mataron a Kennedy! - Reportaje, A Un Golpe De Estado
Kennedy and The Nazis
Merovingios - Los Reyes Perdidos
New World Order
Rockefeller Internationalism
Teflón - 'Only by DuPont' (Solo por DuPont)
The Biggest Secret - The Book
The Bilderberg Group
The Biological Basis of Elitism and "The Divine Right" Rule
The House of Rothschild
The Majestic Project / MJ-12
The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave
The Trilateral Commission



MUST LISTEN I'VIEW - World Drenched in Radiation Ritual and DE Art. Grupp on Black Helicopter Radio 3-24-11

Sunday, 27 March 2011


Victor: Looks to me like someone who is possessed of a higher of level of consciousness than the savages that inhabit this planet have decided that the "Kids will not be allowed to play with matches in the hay barn." Gosh, they are just going to ruin everything.
BTW, this is not unprecedented. This has been going on for many years. One of the most famous and well documented incidents was at Malmstrom AFB where dozens of Minutemen missiles were disables by "the neighbors."

Robert Hastings [Author / Paperback]

Submitted by Robert Hastings on Sunday, 03/27/2011 - 12:55 / An
Exclusive UFO Digest Report!


On October 23, 2010, F.E. Warren Air Force Base, in Cheyenne, Wyoming,
temporarily lost communications with 50 of its Minuteman missiles. The
five Missile Alert Facilities responsible for launching them - Alpha
through Echo, comprising the 319th Strategic Missile Squadron - would
have been unable to do so during the period of the disruption, although
a back-up airborne launch platform could have accomplished the task,
according to an Air Force spokesman.

This startling announcement occurred less than a month after my
"UFO-Nukes Connection" press conference in Washington D.C., during which
seven Air Force veterans discussed their knowledge of UFO-related
activity at nuclear weapons sites located near various Strategic Air
Command bases decades ago.

Most of those still-classified events involved the appearance of
technologically-advanced, intelligently-controlled aerial craft, which
according to the witnesses seemingly monitored ICBM sites and sometimes
disrupted the missiles' guidance and control systems.

Another incident involved a UFO hovering near a nuclear bomb depot and
directing laser-like beams of light down onto it. The veterans felt
compelled to speak out about the reality of these events and urged the
U.S. government to finally divulge its knowledge of them to the American
people. CNN streamed the event live and a full-length video with
subtitles is at:

Upon hearing the intriguing news from F.E. Warren last October - which
immediately received worldwide media attention after it was leaked to a
reporter working for The Atlantic magazine - some of those who
participated in the press conference and I wondered whether our
mysterious "visitors" had been responsible for the incident, or if it
had indeed been caused by a computer glitch as the Air Force claimed at
the time.

(The USAF's Global Strike Command, which controls the missiles, recently
amended that initial explanation to say that a hardware component had
been improperly replaced by a technician, thereby triggering the
communications issue.)

However, the validity of this official explanation is now in serious
doubt, at least in my view. In early December, 2010, I received a tip
from a county sheriff in western Nebraska, where some of F.E. Warren's
missile sites are located, and was told of a UFO sighting that occurred
on November 28th.

The witness reportedly observed a triangular-shaped craft being pursued
by a military fighter, northwest of the town of Bushnell, and
subsequently told local law enforcement personnel about it. The area
where this occurred is littered with missile launch facilities,
otherwise known as "silos."

After being informed of the sighting, I traveled to the region in
mid-December and spent four (4) days interviewing ranchers and other
civilians living near various missile facilities in the Nebraska

Although I initially received no further reports, except of UFO
sightings in years past, local news stories about my investigation soon
resulted in my being contacted by half-a-dozen persons who had also seen
one or more UFOs near Warren's missile sites during the Fall of 2010.

Over the past three months, even more reports have come in and I now
know of other sightings by civilians and law enforcement personnel in
the larger, tri-state area of Wyoming, Nebraska, and Colorado, where
F.E. Warren's 9,600 square-mile missile field is located.

Cigar, cylinder, spherical and triangular-shaped aerial objects - many
of them silently maneuvering or hovering at very low altitude - have
been reported in the region as early as mid-September 2010 and as
recently as March 18, 2011. In short, the UFO-Nukes Connection is NOT
ancient history, so to speak, but ongoing and current.

But the most important development, at least potentially, is this: I've
learned that active duty Air Force personnel working at different
locations in the missile field repeatedly sighted a "huge blimp" on
October 23/24, 2010 - the exact time-frame of the ICBM communications
disruption incident - which, according to my sources, lasted much
longer than the 59-minute period the Air Force has acknowledged.

These persons all emphatically say that the object was not a commercial
dirigible, but much longer and narrower in shape, similar to a WWI
German Zeppelin. However, it had no gondola for passengers and did not
display any visible writing on its side as would an advertising blimp.

Whether or not this unknown object was involved in the 50-missile snafu
has yet to be determined, but its intermittent presence and anomalous
appearance has been attested to by reliable eyewitnesses.

I also have received credible reports that missile squadron commanders
at F.E. Warren have sternly warned their personnel not to talk to
journalists or UFO investigators about "the things they may or may not
have seen" in the sky near the missile sites. Severe legal penalties
were threatened for anyone who violated the mandated secrecy.

I am asking anyone not currently in the Air Force who can provide
additional information about the ongoing situation at the base to
contact me at one of the email addresses below. All communications will
be kept strictly confidential unless I am granted permission to publish
them, with or without the sender's name - once I have thoroughly
vetted the information.

I request that persons who e-mail me also provide their telephone
number(s) and make themselves available for a confidential telephone

In a few weeks, sometime in May 2011, I will publish a far more detailed
article about all of this at:



QUESTIONS? E-Mail Contact at:



More links to F.E. Warren AFB:



Saturday, 26 March 2011


london hyde park peoples village - please spread!


Can you help build the Hyde Park peoples occupied territory?
The purpose of Hyde Park occupation.

The Hyde Park occupation is in its essence an autonomous village. Its purpose is to serve as a safe space for people of all backgrounds to hold workshops, plan actions, rally peoples assemblies, camp and rest after actions. It should as a priority serve as a launch pad for activists heading out to other actions in London and to support the other occupied zones. It should be our utmost priority to try and persuade people who have travelled down on coaches to stay for 24 hours of resistance and support the other actions in London.

Taking the space

It would be best to get the marque up straight away and maybe a banner with multiple tripods so we can secure the area quickly…

Things Resist26! are currently working on:

Media / press releases / social media / videos etc.
Mapping out Hyde Park into zones. E.g. rest areas. Food areas, creative spaces, planning and workshops, friendly zones catering for all especially children, elderly and disabled attendees.
Co-ordinating the needs, wants and aspirations of the Hyde Park Occupation with other groups that might be able to help with the logistics and planning etc.
Legal support / bust cards etc.
Free Internet facilities / hotspots for the camp.
What is happening:

People are bringing tents to London with the intention of staying (around 2500 confirmed via facebook and youtube - total potential numbers “Maybe attending” 5000+)
People are trying to co-ordinate drop offs of tents / Marques / tarps, Blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, fire pit building gear (bottom plate, stone, wood kindling etc) ,food stuff.
Land Claim - Freeman Eco Village, “Once the land has been claimed only those of you who want to live full time in an eco village, build benders, etc, will be asked to stay. We need numbers for the initial claim - people prepared to stand up for our unalienable rights and to camp out for a couple of nights are what we need for the land claim, and, of course as many as possible to stay on and make Hyde Park their home for as long as this here piece of string.”
Love Police are planning something with Hyde Park also…
Democracy Village - with marque
We need help with:

Please forward this link to people who you think that can help with any of these items!

Taking the space
Toilet facilities
Food and water
First aid and trauma work
News reporting of actions to the camp via PA or chalkboard of tweets? Maybe a map with pins?
Communication with outside groups at different locations.
Child and family friendly activities
Sound systems
Clean up and lost property
Persuading people to stay in London for 24 hours both before the day and when the march enters Hyde Park… Maybe a banner telling people to “Stay for a day”?
This is a work in progress, anything people want to add that hasn’t been thought of please email us solidarity@resist26.org
Tags: hyde park occupation March26

Jello Biafra - White People And The Damage Done (2013) Full

Jello Biafra - White People And The Damage Done (2013) Full


Ex-Anonymous Hackers Plan To Out Group’s Members
Mar. 18 2011 - 12:19 pm | 22,233 views |

The nameless revolution that calls itself Anonymous may be about to have its own, online civil war.

A hacker startup calling itself Backtrace Security–made up of individuals who formerly counted themselves as part of Anonymous’ loose digital collective–announced plans Friday to publish identifying information on active members of Anonymous. According to one source within the Backtrace group, it will release the names and instant messaging logs of dozens of Anonymous hackers who took part in attacks on PayPal, Mastercard, the security firm HBGary, Westboro Baptist Church, and the Marine officials responsible for the detainment of WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning.

That spokesman, who goes by the name Hubris and calls himself BackTrace’s “director of psychological operations,” tells me that the group (Backtrace calls itself a company, but Hubris says it’s still in the process of incorporating) aims to put an end to Anonymous “in its current form.” That form, Hubris argues, is a betrayal of its roots: Fun-loving, often destructive nihilism, not the political hacktivism Anonymous has focused on for much of the past year. “[Anonymous] has truly become moralfags,” says Hubris, using the term for hackers who focus on political and moral causes instead of amoral pranks. “Anonymous has never been about revolutions. It’s not about the betterment of mankind. It’s the Internet hate machine, or that’s what it’s supposed to be.”

Backtrace has posted a triple-encrypted torrent file labeled “insurance”–a tip of the hat to WikiLeaks–on its website, BacktraceSecurity.com, and says it’s posting hundreds of links to copies on filesharing sites. Early next week the group plans to release the keys to unlock that file, which contains the names, pseudonyms, chat logs and methods of the Anonymous hackers. It’s a tactic, Hubris says, designed to cause “maximum fear and distress” for the individuals Backtrace is outing.

Backtrace’s members largely haven’t been active in Anonymous for years–Hubris says he only participated in the anti-Scientology protests in 2009 and none of its more recent operations. But he and others with Backtrace gained access to Anonymous hackers’ information by infiltrating the group with false identities and other “social engineering” tricks that he says fooled members into revealing themselves. “The whole point of this is that we didn’t break any laws,” Hubris says. “All we did was hack peoples’ minds, because they’re fucking retarded.”

An image from the group's site, Backtracesecurity.com

Backtrace hopes to turn those digital dark arts into a business. Hubris sent me a “mission statement” for the group that calls Backtrace “an information security provider” focusing on “psychological operations/social engineering and deep investigative research.”

“Backtrace Security assists our clients predict and neutralize emerging social threats,” the statement reads. “While other security companies specialize in hardware/software vulnerabilities and exploitation; Backtrace specializes in the human experience.”

And doesn’t the group fear the same retaliation from Anonymous that hit HBGary Federal, the last firm to claim it could identify Anonymous’ leaders? In that case, Anonymous spilled 71,000 of the company’s emails onto the Web, defaced the company’s website, and hijacked the Twitter account of Aaron Barr, its chief executive. After a variety of dirty tricks were revealed in the company’s hacked emails, including proposals to launch cyberattacks on WikiLeaks and threaten its supporters, Barr resigned from the company.

Hubris says he’s confident Backtrace won’t face the same fate. He calls the Anonymous hackers “script kiddies” and downplays their skills, arguing that the HBGary hack was based merely on the company’s reusing passwords and falling victim to social engineering. ”If you do enough damage to someone, you don’t have to fear retaliation.” says Hubris. “Once the world sees who these kids are and what they stand for, no one will follow them.”

Hubris hopes to launch Backtrace as a startup while also calling attention to what he sees as Anonymous’ hypocrisy. “They say they fight for free speech, but then they use fear and intimidation, like Scientology or Fox News,” he says. “That’s not freeodm of speech, and we won’t put up with that crap.”

And how would Hubris prefer Anonymous spend its time? “Making fun of stupid people on the Internet. Laughing at natural disasters. Like back to the good old days,” he says. “Not trying to overthrow governments.”



Kin, caseworkers charged in girl’s death
yvonnemason | March 25, 2011 at 4:56 pm | Tags: abuse by miami dade dcf, corruption by cfce in miami dade florida, corruption by miami dade dcf, corruption by our kids inc, greed by miami dade dcf, nubia, yvonne mason | Categories: Abuse by CPS | URL: http://wp.me/pHgBq-ye

This article was in the Miami Herald today.
We must keep CPS in the forefront we can not allow the corruption to continue with the broken system - It is going to take the newspapers to keep this in the news not allow it to become back burner news. The letter they are refering too is on the is blog. The children who are aging out lost three hundred dollars in their monthly money because Our Kid's gave themselves a bonus.
Write letters to the newspapers especiall Miami Herald especially if you live in that area. Tell your story. Send it to me I will tell your story. Come out of the dark, name names it is time to bring our children home before anymore are harmed because of money.

After the most scandalous child death in a decade, chinks are beginning to show in the armor of the state’s largest private provider of child welfare services, Our Kids.

Miami-Dade’s 5-year-old privately run child welfare agency is paid $100 million each year to protect thousands of abused and neglected children. But in recent months, it has been forced to defend itself.

Last summer, several children’s advocates became incensed when Our Kids, a private contractor that oversees foster care and adoption in Miami-Dade and Monroe, paid more than $330,000 in employee bonuses – some totaling five figures – at the same time it cut the stipend given to newly aged-out foster kids by $300.

Then, in February, an independent review panel criticized the agency for a series of missteps uncovered in the wake of 10-year-old Nubia Barahona’s death. Bound, beaten and left for days in a bathtub, Nubia was found dead, stuffed in a garbage bag, in the back of her adoptive father’s pickup truck. The panel accused Our Kids executives of “circling the wagons,’’ rather than aiding their inquiry.

To the state’s most powerful lawmaker on social service issues, Sen. Ronda Storms, the lapses reflect system-wide failings in Florida’s landmark move to shift all foster care and adoption programs over to private, local management. Beginning almost a decade ago, lawmakers agreed to pay 20 “community based care’’ lead agencies throughout the state more than $750 million to oversee most child-welfare services.

“When the state of Florida said we were not doing well with our child abuse and child welfare efforts, there were people in the community who raised their hands and said, ‘We can do a better job’ — and by that they meant there will be fewer dead bodies, better outcomes for children,’’ said Storms, a Valrico Republican who chairs the Children, Families and Elder Affairs Committee.

Our Kids has its defenders, including Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Cindy Lederman, a 17-year veteran of the child-welfare bench, who said the agency has delivered “accountability, innovation, professionalism and leadership. We can never go back,” she added.


With 3,400 kids in their care and a $101 million budget, Our Kids —the largest private child welfare lead agency in the state and one of the biggest in the United States — carries considerable clout. Three Our Kids officials, including CEO Fran Allegra, were members of Gov. Rick Scott’s children and families transition team, and its board of trustees reads like a who’s who of state politics, including Donna Arduin, former Gov. Jeb Bush’s budget director who was tapped to lead Scott’s first budget team, and Carol Licko, one of Bush’s general counsels.

Our Kids’ troubles began in June, when advocates for older foster children started complaining about the $331,104 in bonus money Our Kids had paid to 85 employees. Figures just released show that, in 2010, the agency paid $353,104 in bonus money to 95 employees, including $28,000 to a technology manager and $22,000 to the chief financial officer.

Our Kids leaders insist their pay structure is reflective of — if not below — the salaries paid by other private child-welfare agencies in Florida. Our Kids paid CEO Allegra $203,086 in total compensation in 2009. Broward County’s ChildNet paid its top executive $195,500. The lead agency in Seminole paid its top executive $188,000, but its budget is a fraction of Our Kids’ at $14.5 million.

Adam Goldstein, the president of Royal Caribbean International and past-chairman of Our Kids’ board, said he would not have volunteered for the group if it did not recruit — and pay for — top talent.

“We have always felt strongly that if you want to make progress on the daunting terrain that is child welfare,’’ Golstein said, “you need strong committed professionals to lead the effort.’’

In recent weeks, with the high-profile death of Nubia Barahona, the private agency’s problems moved beyond money.

An independent panel’s review of the death cited several criticisms of Our Kids, including:

• Although multiple people, including a nurse practitioner, said Nubia and her twin brother weren’t getting proper medical and dental care while living with the Barahonas as foster children before their adoption by the couple, Nubia’s case record with an Our Kids subcontractor had little documentation of what health services she did and did not receive.

• Case managers with an Our Kids affiliate failed to inform psychologist Vanessa Archer of calls to the state’s child abuse hotline suggesting the Barahonas were not fit to raise the twins, and never sought to amend Archer’s psychological evaluation when it omitted the material in a report. The absence of that information bolstered the couple’s case for adoption.

• And although an attorney for the children’s lay guardian had raised the “very serious concerns’’ of educators that Nubia was afraid of her foster mother, caseworkers waited five months before completing the court-ordered psychological evaluation.

• Though an oversight group, the Foster Care Review Panel had recommended Nubia be given mental health therapy in light of her disclosure that she had thoughts of killing herself, her Our Kids foster care record doesn’t show the therapy was given.

The report was not the end of it.

Within a week of the report’s release, Storms took aim at the state’s private-foster care agencies during her committee’s first meeting


Storms raised concerns over legislation that would cap how much community-based care agencies could be liable for when they make mistakes, including those that lead to child abuse and death. If passed, the law would shield them under sovereign immunity in the same way state agencies are protected.

The House Civil Justice Committee voted 9-6 on Wednesday in support of a bill, and a similar provision is included in a Medicaid reform bill moving in the Senate.

“You can’t have sovereign immunity if you don’t suffer the bright light of public scrutiny,” said Storms.

Community-based care leaders argue growing insurance premiums, without help, will force them out of existence. A report commissioned last year by the industry said the state’s 20 lead agencies paid $2.75 million in liability insurance last year with scores of subcontractors in the field paying “tens of millions of dollars’’ more.

For both agency leaders and advocates, though, the central issue remains quality of care. And Our Kids has prominent child advocates saying they have seen improvements.

Two child welfare judges, Lederman and Circuit Judge Jeri B. Cohen, a 15-year veteran, say the caseworkers, supervisors and support staff that Our Kids oversees have been quicker to respond to orders from the bench, easier to work with, and more accountable than their DCF counterparts of five years ago. “While they are not perfect, and I am not always in agreement with decisions by their board, I truly believe that Our Kids is motivated by an abiding desire to protect children,” Cohen said.
Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/03/24/v-fullstory/2133051/private-child-welfare-agency-under.html#ixzz1Hd9s9ZkJ

Fighting CPS =


....how would you like to be that abused child?


Thursday, 24 March 2011



Tsunami attack against Japan.

This attack used nuclear weapons drilled into the seabed by submarines and not HAARP according to senior Pentagon Sources
by Reena on March 21, 2011
US troops and occupation forces flee Japan, their lackeys flee Tokyo
Mar 21, 2011
by Ben Fulford

The United States occupation forces in Japan are staging a major strategic defeat because they know the Japanese defense establishment knows it was elements of the US military that set off the March 11, (311) tsunami attack against Japan. This attack used nuclear weapons drilled into the seabed by submarines and not HAARP according to senior Pentagon Sources. In addition, four months ago they overruled Japanese authorities and placed deadly plutonium into the number 3 reactor at Fukushima, according to the governor of Fukushima prefecture. This was to provide a nuclear cover story for the seabed atomic attack, pentagon sources say. Needless to say, the ring-leaders of this attack are now in hiding and know they will be found.
The attack on Japan was orchestrated by the Bush/Clinton/Rockefeller cabal in an attempt to prevent the upcoming bankruptcy of their criminal corporate government in Washington D.C. That is why they staged the farcical show of "President" Obama of the bankrupt United States signing an "aid" bill for Japan, as if they could terrorize the rest of the world into giving them more money. That is also why they are now desperately trying to use their extortionist nation-wrecking IMF as the new vehicle for a "global currency."
In addition, Chinese and Russian intelligence now report that Germany's Angela Merkel is the daughter of Adolf Hitler thanks to the use of frozen sperm and the expertise of a Nazi doctor captured by the Soviets. That means she is almost certainly one of the ringleaders of the Nazi faction still hoping for a fascist world totalitarian government.
The Pentagon, for its part, is running out of oil thanks to a spreading global oil boycott targeting the criminal US corporate government. Bombing Libya will not help their case, just as attacking Japan did not help.
They are whistling in the wind because the whole world despises them and will no longer do business with them, even if this means facing down their threats of additional violence.
Their only hope is to turn over their command and control to General Colin Powell and other decent human beings still to be found within that large, bureaucratic and potentially good organization.
Meanwhile, multiple sources report that cabalist bankers, US military forces, corporate propaganda experts and other occupation forces have left Japan or have withdrawn to Okinawa. Japanese workers at US bases say troops have been withdrawn from all bases on the Japanese mainland, although this is not yet fully confirmed. However, we can confirm that agents of the criminal part of the Federal Reserve board have now left Japan. We would like to bid an especially good riddance to the rapacious bankers who have been stealing Japanese savings and using them to buy up chunks of Japan's industry.
We can also now say that arch-traitor Heizo Takenaka, the former Finance Minister of Japan, will be facing multiple criminal charges for his crimes against the Japanese people during his time in power with the murderer Junichiro Koizumi.
One example of his criminality that we can prove in great detail in a court of law is his theft of the company Mizawa home. Takenaka illegally and unethically forced financially sound Mizawa Home into a government "financial restructuring agency," pumped at least $200 million of Japanese taxpayer money into it and then handed it over to his brother who is now chairman of Misawa home. Our sources for this include Chiyoji Misawa, the founder of Misawa Home.
There will also be insider trading investigations into the sudden rise of the stock price of Higashi Nihon House in the month prior to the earthquake. It would only make sense for the share price of that company to rise as it did in the month prior to the tsunami if someone had insider knowledge that a bunch of housing was about to be destroyed. Japan has 3 million empty homes and a shrinking population.
Investigations will also reveal if Takenaka's take-over of Misawa home was a sign this attack was planned long in advance.
We have also been informed by an astute reader that a Canadian company sent large shipments of Potassium Iodide to South Korea (a treatment for radioactive poisoning) one month before the nuclear "accidents," in the Fukushima earthquake zone.
A representative of the Satanists was also told by a White Dragon Society representative that their idea that prophecy of the future was written in the stars and could not be changed was balderdash. "We will write our own stars," he was told.
Finally, this writer went to the volcanic Island of Oshima to watch the supermoon on March 19th. The moon appeared a bright gold in color and had the exact same trajectory over the sky as did the sun on the following day. There were plenty of presumably US military observation planes in the sky over Oshima on that night but they left disappointed. Anything unusual that took place, took place when they were not watching.
This writer would like to add that even if he was given a technology capable of destroying the planet, he would never use it. Using it to save the planet is a different question but, humans already know how to do that.
~~ End of Message ~~



Wednesday, 23 March 2011

agenda 21 for dummies / haarp


Pentagon: 112 cruise missiles launched from US and UK ships and subs, hitting 20 sites 19 Mar 2011 [Now, that's change we can believe in! See, Bush bombed Iraq on 19 March 2003; Obama bombed Libya on 19 March 2011! See the change? --Lori Price]

The UN Agenda 21 plans on breaking up families and controling all
children by the state just like the former USSR.

The Agenda for the 21st Century has been given approval by George Bush
senior,Bill Clinton and most leaders of other countries.

UN Agenda 21 for Dummies: Depopulation of Planet Earth

UN Agenda 21 for Dummies: Depopulation of Planet Earth

The objectives for Agenda 21 are,

At 1:28mins the abolision of private property
,the restructure of the family unite,restrictions to individual freedom
At 2:18mins undermining of the family
At 5:40mins children will be cared for by the state
At 5:50mins a generation of children will be stolen by the state to
indoctrinate them into accepting this new way of living as being
At 6:25mins a transfer of loyalty from the family to the government
At 7:40mins children will be intentionaly under educated to dumb them
down because educated people consume more resources which is bad for
the environment.
Georgia Guidestones and Depopulation,erected in 1980
At 3:45mins there is only one obstacle to world unity,"christianity"
At 5:13mins a new root race of people to begin after world depopulation
At 6:45mins spirit guides give vision message says,"we are in charge
of Gods selection process for planet earth,he selects we destroy"
Operation Overlord: Population Reduction
Depopulation should be the highest priority for foreign policy towards
the third world,"Henry Kissinger 1974"
Social Darwinism and Eugenics is whats leading the NWO elites UN
Agenda 21 plans,depopulation of the world to 500,000,000 million
people will take place after intentional economic colapse.
Population Reduction is REAL! Watch and Learn People!
UN 1974 Kissinger World Population Control
At 4:18mins Ted Turner says a 95% population decline to 300 million
people would be ideal.
At 4:35mins Planned Parenthood is an organisation involved in
population reduction financed by Bill Gates and has donated $30
billion to population control groups.


Georgia Guidestones,standing stones engraved by the global elite
saying they want to depopulate the world population to 500,000.000

George Green Interview - Elites World Depopulation Plans -This is how
they will KILL us!
Ex-CIA George Green says China is presently acquiring all the USA and
Canadian assets and China will be given these countries and USA
citizens will be put in concentration camps then executed just like
the Jews in WWII and Stalins USSR.

George Green is inviting people to join his GROUND CREW to stop the
NWO elites plans of global depopulation. http://www.nohoax.com/

John Perkins an elite insider and his book "The Secret History of the
American Empire" http://www.johnperkins.org/

John Perkins,Aljazeera TV - Riz Khan - Economic Hit Man - 27 Nov 07
Corporations put poor countries into debt and covet there natural resources.
At 5:15 John Perkins names leaders of countries the CIA wealthy
corporations assasinated and decided to write his book to expose them
but was bribed with huge amounts of money or threatened his life and
daughters life to not publish it until 9/11 happened which made him
publish his book.
At 15mins the media is controled by the corporations to manipulate
public opinion and make sure the truth does not get out.

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man - John Perkins speaking at Veterans
for Peace National Convention
At 12:00mins Saddam Hussein was a CIA agent assassin then the CIA made
him president of Iraq - At 14:00mins Israel is mainly established as a
military fortress for economic corporations - At 17:00mins economic
corporations are responbible for Iraq war and many U.S. and U.K.
soldiers have died unnecessarily

THE ATTACK BY U.N. FORCES on Gaddafi,Libya is created by the
multinational global corporations,they sent in rebels to stir up
trouble and kill Libyans,Gaddafi defended and killed a few rebels and
is accused of killing his own people as an excuse to send in the
military to take control of the oil,ex-CIA John Perkins did this work
before he gave it up,he says whoever controls the middle east oil


Interview from June 24, 2008

March 22, 2011

HAARP antenna array in Gakona, Alaska. Photo credit Michael Kleiman, Air Force, Source: Wikimedia Commons
FLASHBACK: Alex Jones' June 24, 2008 interview with Dr. Paul Kossey, H.A.A.R.P. Program Manager for Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicles Directorate (operating out of Hanscom Air Force Base in Massachusetts).

Dr. Paul Kossey was featured in a Popular Science article from June 18, 2008:

The Military's Mystery Machine

The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP, has been called a missile-defense tool and a mind-control device. The truth is a bit less ominous

One application government scientists are particularly interested in is turning the lower ionosphere into a tool for broadcasting radio signals or bouncing them around the curvature of the Earth. By beaming a signal ranging from 2.8 to 10 megahertz into the ionosphere and then pulsing the signal, HAARP stimulates what's called a "virtual antenna"—a radio interaction that causes the ionosphere to send a very low-frequency signal back down to Earth. The phenomenon could theoretically improve submarine communication. Because salty, conductive seawater absorbs high-frequency radio waves, submarines currently operate with wires that reach up into shallow depths to receive usable radio signals. Low-frequency signals like the ones HAARP generates in the ionosphere could allow subs to operate at much deeper depths. "It's a real signal that comes from space as though there were an antenna up there," says Paul Kossey, HAARP program manager for the Air Force Research Laboratory's Space Vehicles Directorate. "But there's no wire doing it."

Dr. Paul Kossey is listed in a number of white papers, some of which are listed below:


We review experiments in ionospheric modification and long distance propagation performed at the HAARP facility. Most experiments were in bistatic configuration with the WAVES receiver on the NASA/WIND satellite. Initial experiments showed scintillation-like variations in low frequency propagation through the earth's ionosphere. A HAARP-HIPAS transmission experiment set up a spatial interference pattern measured at WIND. The Kodiak SuperDARN radar scanned the modified region above HAARP and observed the growth of ionospheric irregularities. Recently, lunar echoes at 8 MHz were detected by WIND. The experiments at HAARP will extend to nonlinear regimes as power levels increase.
High Frequency Radar Astronomy With HAARP

At high frequency, radio waves will interact with space plasmas and surfaces of local astronomical objects, producing an echo that can provide new diagnostic data. The availability of high power radars operating at high frequencies opens a window for the remote investigation of our surrounding space environment. We discuss and illustrate this technique with some specific examples.


The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program has constructed a new interactive ionospheric research facility in Gakona, Alaska. We present a description of the major components of the facility including technical detail of its current and planned performance capabilities and recent measurements of its operating characteristics. The facility has been used during numerous research campaigns since reaching its current level of performance in 1998. We present some initial results from these research activities in the areas of ELF/VLF generation, artificial optical emissions, and trans-ionospheric measurements.

Dr. Paul Kossey mentioned in SpaceRef article about Moon & HAARP:

Scientists Detect Lowest Frequency Radar Echo From the Moon

SpaceRef, from the Naval Research Laboratory, Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A team of scientists from the Naval Research Laboratory, the Air Force Research Laboratory's (AFRL's) Research Vehicles Directorate, Kirtland Air Force Base, N.M., and the University of New Mexico (UNM) has detected the lowest frequency radar echo from the moon ever seen with earth-based receivers.

In the lunar echo experiment (more properly called a lunar bistatic radar experiment), the Air Force/Navy High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) high power transmitter, located near Gakona, Alaska, launched high power radio waves toward the moon. The reflected signal, weakened because of the long distance to the moon and back, was detected by receiving antennas in New Mexico.



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Ex Forces GB Stunned Into Action


Ex Forces GB Stunned Into Action
Nick Green
"Veterans attending Brian Gerrish`s lecture at The Imperial Hotel Blackpool yesterday, were stunned with the facts that they, their families and the whole country is being systematically betrayed and destroyed by the political elite holding Office in the United Kingdom.

Veterans sat in a stunned silence as Lt Cdr Brian Gerrish produced the facts for an audience of ex forces veterans showing how they & their country have been betrayed by a greedy, nasty, treasonous Political Elite.

You could hear a pin drop as Lt Cdr Gerrish advised these veterans, many who had fought for Queen and country were now being betrayed by the incumbents of the Palace of Westminster. An intricate web of deceit, lies, bullying and betrayal.

Lt Cdr Gerrish showed irrefutable evidence of how the Political Elite of the UK are systematically dismantling and destroying our country.

Leaked documents from the heart of cabinet were produced and shown in graphic and uneasy detail exactly how these nasty, dangerous individuals, deep within the heavily guarded walls of the Palace of Westminster are subverting the Constitution, destroying our democracy and continuing to hand over our country to a foreign power.

Lt. Cdr. Gerrish stated, "This is very real, these people are very nasty, very dangerous. It is YOUR families, your children and grandchildren who will suffer."

A Veterans spokesman vowed "We will not stand back and allow our country to be destroyed from the inside. All of these guys have fought for their country. They will fight again!"

We were informed that more than one Minibus containing veterans travelling to this meeting were stopped by Police and vehicles impounded leaving all passengers stranded and unable to attend the meeting! Why are the State so concerned? Time is indeed running out for us all.

The history of our once great country appeared to be taking a very real and new path yesterday. Our MPs are - and should - be VERY concerned!"

Mon, 28/02/2011


...see the UK Column site for the latest updates @ www.ukcolumn.org.



Sheva Burton sent a message to the members

Sheva BurtonMarch 22, 2011 at 11:21am
http://www.facebook.com/l/c2afdXl3Zkz_r0JC0-PouKvtHjg/survivorsvoice-europe.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Add-Conway-Hall.png 26th March London survivors of abuse within the cathoic church launce survivors voice europe


11 am - Toys r us Old Kent Road - R.I.P Rochelles march - Walking to whitehall
12 midday - Trafalgar square - for speeches
16-00 ish - Hand petition into 10 downing street http://www.facebook.com/l/c2afd_FoRvfN8Obz74lWhyHcFhw/www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaxfPIyINXw please spread this ♥

http://www.facebook.com/l/c2afdTvyiEeetWiGpK0Qlg32N0g/www.allvoices.com/contributed-news/8530985-child-abuse-awareness-day-speak-out-trafalgar-sq-april-3rd please use these tools to help spread the word through your networks

PLEASE also, see our global events page and add events that you hear of, so that as many as possible can join in , to create more awareness, and help to prevent future abuse.



Richard C. Hoagland - The Secret Space Program & The Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Disaster
March 20, 2011
In this program, we discuss the "Secret Space Program" and the concept of a breakaway civilization. Someone with a more sophisticated and advanced technology, from Earth, has created for themselves a completely different capability to go into space, to utilize resources and maybe even to settle on other planets. Is this a plausible theory? Could this really be happening? Richard C. Hoagland from enterprisemission.com and author of “The Monuments of Mars” and ”Dark Mission", returns to Red Ice Radio to discuss some of these ideas. Richard tries to shed light on the possibility that most of humanity has been kept in the dark about. Topics Discussed: the other space program, advanced technology, Timothy Good, Peter Levenda, Richard Dolan, Joseph Farrell, the Secret Space Program, breakaway civilization, anti-gravity, free energy, Star Trek, the Nazis, the Hebrews, the Bible, natural cycle of cataclysm, the yuga cycles, the superwealthy elite, banksters, uranium and plotunium, Japanese earthquake, tsunami, nuclear meltdown at Fukushima, war in Libya, philosophical roots of the idology and more.

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by Butlin Cat on Monday, March 21, 2011 at 12:50pm

ANNA RACCOON - alias Susanne Nundy, blogs her way falsely on the internet showing articles about injunctions - that disallow free speech. Yet when one tries some of that free speech on her blog, its not allowed. Blatant hypocrisy :

My comment on her blog wasnt not only not allowed, but i was blocked totally for telling the truth - my comments before and after being blocked:


" Yes, these effronteries to free speech should never exist. The people should be told of things like the Hollie Greig case of a 6 year old girl with Downs Syndrome being targeted by a paedophile ring in Scotland {which was to last for 14 yea...rs}, which is subject to an injunction because members of that paedophile ring included members of the Scottish establishment, eg. Sheriff Graeme Buchanen - the reason for this coverup. Named paedophiles continue to walk free and molest and mentally and physically scar vulnerable children because of the unacceptable heinous acts of these officials who inflict monstrosities like "injunctions" and the like upon an unsuspecting people. Its time they were rightfully exposed and made to pay for their traiterous unacceptable crimes and misdemenours."


"So, my comment I posted this morning here was too near ther truth, was it? Yes, it seems by it not being posted it was.How unfair, discriminatory and biased you are!!! And you call yourself a blog owner yet you pick and choose exactly what you deem fit whether is true or false and more than likely pick the ones out that pay you these ridiculous compliments which are nothing more than blatant lies. I put it to you that if these so-called "fans" of yours knew the truth you would get very different types of comments, and very much more truthful. You are a charletan and slyly devious, painting an extremly false picture and theres no place for the likes of government agents on here who are rife with a past life of corruption and subterfuge. Lets not forget your great pals with the madman "Greg Lance-Watkins" who is probably a paedophile himself. Shame on you and people need to know about your underhandedness. You ex- "government child protection" agents - corrupt as sin itself - should be locked away, away from the children you have scarred."

See the Holliedemandsjustice article with her in:


Hollie Demands Justice News Release
"Posted Sat, 06/05/2010 - 13:24 by Campaign Team Member
June 4th 2010

Hollie and Anne Greig have recently been on holiday with friends, during which time their knowledgeable supporters advised Anne to serve Shropshire County Council with a 'Notice of Claim of Right' under Common Law. This was done on May 20th and has since caused Shropshire Social Services serious indigestion in that they felt that this 'Notice' may have caused something to happen to both Anne and Hollie.

Coincidentally, Shrewsbury Police, acting on a tip off from the SSS that Anne and Hollie had gone missing, this gave them an excuse in law to force entry into Anne’s home on June 3rd. Since they did not find any corpse they felt it was necessary to seize Anne’s computer and change the door locks, leaving her unable to enter her home over the weekend, no inventory of items removed has been so far offered. This is also law.

Then later this afternoon June 4th, at approximately 3.15pm, DCI Bates and DCI Rouse contacted a solicitor and requested a meeting with Anne and Hollie, this subsequently took place at a the solicitors office on the same day, this confirmed they were both alive and well.

How very unusual for two Inspectors to leave the police station for two supposed reported missing persons.

In another strange coincidence on the same day, Mr Greg Lance-Watkins, owner of the self-appointed Hollie Greig website, has now been exposed as a UK government agent, hence his rant of today, June 4th on http://stolenkids-hollie.blogspot.com/ see pdf.

Both he and Anna Raccoon, fellow blogger (real name Susanne Nundy nee Blackie), worked at the Court of Protection see email address susannenundy@chcourtofprotection.co.uk view "Links to Old Scholars' Pages" at http://oldscholars.info/links.htm

Is this a coincidence? Also ex-employee of the Lord Provosts Dept. Does she come from Scotland? Another coincidence? We don’t think so. Since Anne and Hollie’s address has been divulged on http://stolenkids-hollie.blogspot.com/ by Mr Watkins, it seems fair that we should reciprocate the compliment. Susanne Nundy nee Blackie (Anna Raccoon), now lives at

Rue de l’Ancienne Poste,

Issigeac 24560


As the Police have seized Anne’s computer, users of electronic media will be aware, that the equipment will have been examined, therefore we feel it is in our supporters interest to be aware of this. We all need to redouble our efforts to raise public awareness of the corruption in our midst. They are few, we are 60 million.

Robert will be speaking on the cover-up concerning the murder in 1997 of Roy Greig (Anne’s brother), at the Rugby Club, Bury St Edmonds this week-end as part of the British Constitution Road Show.

Further evidence of infiltration by Mr Watkins of other groups that may give cause for concern to the controlling cabal, is the fate of the Magna Carta Society. Mr Watkins offered (just has he did with Anne and Hollie) to host their website, this he did and soon commenced to stir discontent amongst it’s members.

Shortly afterwards he froze the website and announced that the society had been disbanded http://www.silentmajority.co.uk/eurorealist/magnacarta/ pdf here.

This was untrue, see Daily Telegraph. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1327734/Peers-petition-Queen-on-Europe.html pdf here.

Do we see a pattern here?

http://www.sott.net/articles/show/201472-Psychopaths-Among-Us-ABC-Report We need not add anything further, but feel it is appropriate when dealing with the authorities who abuse power, to provide the following story.

There once was a man who was famous for training donkeys to perform tricks, he was so good at it that he gave lessons on how to train donkeys.

One day a class of students assembled around a donkey and the famous trainer began by saying: "I always use kindness in my training." Then he turned and punched the donkey on the nose. One of the students raised his hand and asked; "Excuse me." The trainer said: "I know what you thinking, the lesson hasn’t started yet, but I have got the donkey’s full and undivided attention."

It will be interesting to see what Mr Watkins et al will do next.

Robert, Anne and Hollie wish to thank all their loyal supporters, for their kindness and dedication towards their fight for justice, not just for Hollie, but for all other abused children who have been ignored by a system that protects the perpetrators, not the victims. SHAME on all who assist them."

Hollie Demands Justice

{BCC'D X643}


Butlin Cat


Sunday, 20 March 2011


"Eligael:  This is a 3 seconds video of the Jerusalem ufo , filmed from the Western wall area. The original video is around 2 min long, Amazing footage!!! I can't give any further details about this video. I wish that soon I'll have the whole video that will blow our minds.

This will be fun to watch this week if news organizations pick it up. Over the weekend, three videos popped up on YouTube. They claim to show a UFO – in the form of a glowing orb – that appears over the Dome Of The Rock in Jerusalem on January 28, 2011. This is the location:

This is the first video:

This is the second video, supposedly taken from a cell-phone camera held by a man seen in the first video:

Jerusalem UFO, Two Videos Synchronized:

And this is the third video, supposedly from an unrelated group of American Tourists from a different vantage point:

Update – February 2:

A fourth video has appeared:

Slowed down version of the first video:

This page offers some details:

Saturday, 19 March 2011


--- On Sat, 3/19/11, Forbidden Knowledge TV newsletter@forbiddenknowledgetv.com> wrote:

From: Forbidden Knowledge TV
Subject: Kremlin Predicts Mega-Quake for California & Radioactive Particles Are Here
To: "Pamela Esther Golightly Marshall"
Date: Saturday, March 19, 2011, 4:01 AM

This clip from TruthTVNebraska begins by sharing my view that the
following Russian report reads more like a threat than a prediction.
The clip quickly morphs into an interesting documentary about HAARP
technology, which can allegedly cause earthquakes and in which allegedly,
the Russians are more advanced.

The clip segues into a documentary about a journalist in British Columbia
who had a "Deep Throat" inside the Pentagon warning her about HAARP
before it was built and described to her its actual applications.

"...the fault-riddled State of California may be about to suffer its most
catastrophic earthquake in decades, as new reports for this region show
the mass death of millions of fish is now occurring, and just like the mass
stranding of whales on New Zealand beaches days prior to the February 22nd
destruction of Christchurch."

Edited from article by BARRACUDA, Citizen Journalist

A new report released [March 12, 2011] in the Kremlin [!!!?] prepared for
Prime Minister Putin by the Institute of Physics of the Earth in Moscow is
warning that the Americas are in danger of suffering a mega-quake of
catastrophic proportions during the next 14 days, with a specific emphasis
being placed on the United States, Mexico, Central America and South American
west coast regions, along with the New Madrid Fault Zone region.

This report further warns that catastrophic earthquakes in Asia and the
sub-continent are also more than likely to occur - with the 7.3 magnitude
quake in Japan today being one of at least four of this intensity to occur
during this same time period.

Raising the concerns of a mega-quake occurring, this report says, are the
increasing subtle electromagnetic signals that are being detected in the
Earth's upper atmosphere over many regions of the world, with the most
intense being over the US Western coastal and Midwest regions.

Important to note are that Russian and British scientists are at the forefront
of predicting earthquakes based on these subtle electromagnetic signals and
have joined in an effort to put satellites in space to detect more of them.

As if the prognostications for California weren't bad enough, the radioactive
plume from the Fukushima nuclear meltdown has begun blowing over the
State as of Friday, March 18, 2011.

Edited from article by Coup Media

Prime Minister Naoto Kan [finally] announced Friday that the nuclear crisis
at the crippled Fukushima plant is "very grave." He further stated the fire
department, police, and military were putting their lives on the line" to cool
the highly radioactive fuel rods at the complex...

The admission came as Japan welcomed U.S. help in stabilizing its overheated,
radiation-leaking nuclear complex and reclassified the rating of the nuclear
accident from Level 4 to Level 5 on a seven-level international scale, putting it
on a par with the 1979 Three Mile Island accident. The rating was raised when
officials realized that at least 3 percent of the fuel in three of the reactors had
been severely damaged, suggesting those reactor cores have partially melted
down and thrown radioactivity into the environment...

Nuclear experts have been saying for days that Japan had been underplaying
the crisis' severity all along. Japan still dangles by a thread as concern rises

- Alexandra

P.S. Please share Forbidden Knowledge TV e-mails
and videos with your friends and colleagues.

That's how we grow. Thanks.

Alexandra Bruce
Forbidden Knowledge TV
Daily Videos from the Edges of Science

Forbidden Knowledge TV
2380 California St.
San Francisco CA, 94115

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my mars anomalies video=

my cities + structures on Mars video=



A lead member of Anonymous crept out of the internet today and made contact with the Canada Pop Culture Examiner. After months of chasing down fruitless leads, hitting countless roadblocks and a few interviews with impostors it was a Skype message that changed everything. In an exclusive, Anonymous goes on the record about the big banks and a movement that they feel their opponents should "be afraid" of.

Anonymous is an on-line collective of "hacktivists" that assemble themselves in secret and perpetuate acts of civil disobedience that range from the purely entertaining to stark political activism. They have been responsible for bringing world wide attention to the plight of wikileaks and challenging the authority of the United States and world banking authorities but splinter groups within the collective have also been known to digress and launch "raids" against the Epilepsy Foundation of America and Youtube.

In recent weeks Anonymous has taken the world stage yet again after it obtained confidential correspondence that they claim shows culpable participation by the Bank of America and its subsidiaries in the current economic crisis in the United States.

A portion of the content was released on the internet as proof of authenticity towards Anonymous' claim.

The following codes pertain to the emails, so use as reference:

SOR = System of Record
Rembrandt/Tracksource = Insurance tracking systems
DTN = Document Tracking Number. A number assigned to all incoming/outgoing documents (letters, insurance documents, etc)
The first email asks for a group of GMAC DTN’s to have their “images removed from Tracksource/Rembrandt.” The relevant DTNs are included in the email — there’s between 50-100 of them.

In reply, a Balboa employee says that the DTN’s cannot be removed from the Rembrandt, but that the loan numbers can be removed so “the documents will not show as matched to those loans.” But she adds that she needs upper management approval before she moves forward, since it’s an unusual request.

Then it gets approved. And then, one of the Balboa employees voices their concern. He says,

“I’m just a little concerned about the impact this has on the department and the company. Why are we removing all record of this error? We have told Denise Cahen, and there is always going to be the paper trail when one of these sent documents come back. this to me seems to be a huge red flag for the auditors… when the auditor sees the erroneous letter but no SOR trail or scanned doc on the corrected letter… What am I missing? This just doesn’t seem right to me.

In a video released on Youtube shortly thereafter, Anonymous collective members operating under the banner name of Amped Status or A99 released the following manifesto announcing Operation Empire State Rebellion.

We are a decentralized non-violent resistance movement, which seeks to restore the rule of law and fight back against the organized criminal class.

One-tenth of one percent of the population has consolidated wealth in unprecedented fashion and launched an all-out economic war against 99.9% of the population.

We are not affiliated with either wing of the two-party oligarchy. We seek an end to the corrupted two-party system by ending the campaign finance and lobbying racket.

Above all, we aim to break up the global banking cartel centered at the Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund, Bank of International Settlement and World Bank.

We demand that the primary dealers within the Federal Reserve banking system be broken up and held accountable for rigging markets and destroying the global economy, effective immediately.

As a first sign of good faith we demand Ben Bernanke step down as Federal Reserve chairman.

Until our demands are met and a rule of law is restored, we will engage in a relentless campaign of non-violent, peaceful, civil disobedience.

In our next communication we will announce Operation Empire State Rebellion.

After numerous attempts to reach members of Anonymous fell flat, a request to connect from an unknown account on Skype today changed everything. Anonymous found us, verified themselves and gave Examiner.com 15 minutes on the clock.

The answers were given by text only, and in some cases were denied, but in the short time Examiner.com had with Anonymous a great deal became clear.

Following is the interview.

Jeromie Williams - Aside from the manifesto released for Operation Empire State Rebellion, what prompted Anonymous to get involved with fighting the banks?

Anonymous - The systematic disregard for United States law and the truth that banking cartels have been given permission to exist long after they were exposed. Anonymous is the people, we are the people's view, we are the people trod upon by the government; those who are affected by the economy the most, and we have watched as the government has done nothing.

Anonymous can not remain idle. We watch, we remain vigilant and we grow more impatient at what is happening. We lend our voices towards the things that oppress the common citizen. The control of the banks must come to end.

JW - Given your success in other cases such as Wikileaks and godhatesfags.com, how worried should the banks be about the attention they have received from Anonymous?

Anonymous - The banks should be afraid. Very afraid. We have more bank employees willing to come forward from the Bank of America. The content is out and we will use that to our full advantage. It will force the people to see what the banks have tried to hide from public view.

Anonymous is growing in numbers which will in turn mean more operatives in our ranks. Our demand to the banks in question is to heed our warning because the Bak of America is just the first step in many that are about to be taken.

JW - Given that Anonymous is stated to have grown out of the 4chan website, which is infamous for its more bullyish type behavior than activist behavior, when did the change happen to take on hard hitting world and political causes?

Anonymous - This question is irrelevant to the situation at hand. Continue with the rest of your questions.

JW - What prompted Anonymous to take a stand against the godhatesfags.com website

Anonymous - Anonymous is the people. Those who choose to oppress any group through intimidation and misinformation will be exposed and dealt with. Anonymous was not taking a side in a political issue, Anonymous was only equaling the playing field so that the people could use their voice.

JW - If anonymous had the opportunity to speak directly to the banking firms being moved upon, what would you say?

Anonymous - You have seen us before. We are the people. Anonymous is coming.

JW - What will need to happen in order for Anonymous to claim a victory on ...

Anonymous - Your 15 minutes have expired.

After the last response from Anonymous was received, the account logged out and and as agreed was deleted from Skype by the Canada Pop Culture Examiner.

Although steps were taken to verify the authenticity of the call, they cannot be disclosed as per the terms and conditions of the interview agreed to between the Canada Pop Culture Examiner and the Anonymous member.

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Thursday, 17 March 2011


Pickering nuclear plant reports water leak

ALERT: Ontario Nuclear Plant Reports Leak & 4.3 Earthquake In Quebec {VIDEO } http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/story/2011/03/16/pickering-nuclear-leak.html

17 March 2011 01:07:27

Pickering nuclear plant reports water leak - Technology & Science - CBC News
Ontario Power Generation has notified Canada's federal nuclear regulator about the release of 73,000 litres of demineralized water into Lake Ontario at the Pickering A nuclear generating station.
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Butlin Cat By Evelyn Guzman -March 16,2011

Ontario Power Generation has notified Canada's federal nuclear regulator about the release of 73,000 litres of demineralized water entered into Lake Ontario from the Pickering A nuclear generating station.Pickering A is the first four reactors at the nuclear plant just east of Toronto. It went into service in 1971 and continued to operate safely until 1997, when it was placed in voluntary lay-up as part of what was then Ontario Hydro's nuclear improvement program. The leak was reported to have occured at 11: 30 p.m. ET on Monday March 14,2011 and was caused by a pump seal failure.The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission stated“The radiological risk to the environment and people's health is negligible,” . The nuclear regulator and Environment Canada are monitoring the situation. The leak on was reported by Andrew Nichols of CBC News Wednesday afternoon and said he spoke to an Ontario Power Generation spokesperson who told him the risk is minimal but that such leaks are not supposed to occur.

"Gordon Edwards and Andrew Nichols where at the upmost concern since both must report the facts to the public.Edwards said In his words, 'What the hell is considered negligible?'" “The radiological risk to the environment and people's health is negligible.Nichols had reported the leak could be of some concern due to Lake Ontario being the main source of drinking water for millions of people who live along the lake.This all occurs on the back heels of Japan's nuclear crisis emerging in the mist of multiple possible meltdowns.

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Earthquakes today 4.3 reported in Quebec :www.thestar.com/news/canada/article/954926--earthquake-registering-4-3-reported-in-quebec?bn=1

Earthquakes today :earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2011incp.html

Report Confirmed with Video: www.cbc.ca/news/technology/story/2011/03/16/pickering-nuclear-leak.html

MAP LISTED AS NUCLEAR EVENT: hisz.rsoe.hu/alertmap/woalert_read.php?cid=29967

Earthquake Predicted for California This Saturday!
17 March 2011 15:59:02

Jim Berkland has a track record of predicting earthquakes like the 1989 Loma Prieta shaker in San Francisco for the World Series. Here's a photo from the Gilroy paper one day in advance making his prediction:


Now, according to Berkland, we're due for another one. How does he know? The gravitational pull of the moon is at it's strongest in many years, with the "Super Moon", caused by the closest approach of the moon. Also, there have been fish in massive numbers washing up on the beaches of California, caused by disruptions in the magnetic field of the earth."

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