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Tuesday, 1 March 2011


can anybody help this guy? His number is below and he has many videos on youtube regarding his position. Either hes a complete fruitcake , or something very serious is going down here. Ive been in touch with him for sometime and im prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt. Please help if you can. Ive never met gangstalking in the UK but i understand its rife over there.
His youtube channel is: http://www.youtube.com/user/kcraigdc pls check here for many videos of his harrassment {?}.
" Well my latest Terror in my life I walked out of my house Sunday morning 2/27/11 on my way to a meeting in NYC that helps victims like me. I'm greeted by two cop cars (one unmarked the other in Suffolk Cty car 510 officer Stewart) and two ambulances sitting right out my front door as I'm leaving. I was told by a former FBI person if I try and report this abuse to people I will get in further trouble. These psychopaths have planted a Directed Energy Weapon in my home, which has been torturing me for the past year and a half, they planted it in a small GE refrigerator when I first moved in here the land lady put this new apt refrigerator in my place. The thing shocked and burned my ass for over a year and a half until I finally figured out what was going on. Now I'm trying to take it to authorities and the harassment and threats have intensifies ten fold. I'm gang stalked everywhere and anywhere. I have been implanted with some sort of bio medical telemetry implant that sends signals that are used to track me like an animal, I'm sure the VA had something to do with it, probably Dick Cheney's personal pet NWO CIA project, he actually would hunt human beings on his ranch in Wyoming, see video below. I had so many surgeries by these creeps after almost dying at their frickin hospital, my face is still infected, and I have some guy here at Columbia University (CIA) in NYC who wants to do radiation treatment on me, meanwhile I'm being radiated by this frickin weapon they put in my apt. When I go anywhere on foot especially in the city you can see people tracking you everywhere with their hand help device, the minute they see you they push a button to enter your GPS coordinates. IT'S SICK.
> I can't go to the cops they are part of this sick CIA mind control behavior modification program they are experimenting on people with. I got involved in this narcissistic church in Orlando, FL Faithworld where we got a black President and my life has been terrorized ever since, they have DESTROYED my life. These people are the sickest SOBs you can imagine, I can't even go to the grocery store without being mobbed by gang stalkers and cops. They constantly are trying to set me up with constant neighbor harassment, provocateurs, gang stalking. Of course 7/24 satellites and God knows what other kind of surveillance. Get straiphed by commercial air traffic the minute I step out my door or go for a walk, the military now controls all the airspace in North America now since 9/11. They intercept all my emails, phone calls, and now my US mail to keep me isolated and with NO help. Now its ambulances and cops, my latest threats are a state mental institution. Guess that's what the ambulances and cops were for Sunday. They get to my doctors, attorneys, anyone who can help me. I tried working a part time job they destroyed that. I'm sure they will evoke more wars and terror on this country between now and May to get their CRIMINAL Patriots Act made permanent to insure they can terrorize innocent Americans speaking truth to CRIMINALS forever. This is my life now. I don't know how this is going to turn out I have no choice but to resit these criminals and try and get my life back if I ever can.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnfWatyxAlY&feature=related
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDBjOnpcsoQ&NR=1
> {This is a must-listen!!...b.}
> Kevin Canada
> 631 419-6132 "