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Sunday, 13 March 2011




more power to this outfit who trashed the scumbags factory making israeli killing equipment... this should be done everywhere...
From PRESSTV 3 7 10
All those arrested at Smash EDO's Remember Gaza (see https://publish.indymedia.org.uk/en/2010/01/444772.html) demonstration have had their charges dropped when they returned for bail at the police station. Another person arrested after the Mayday! Mayday! (http://www.smashedo.org.uk/mayday-09.htm) demo has had all charges against him dropped
Support the Gaza Demonstrators
Hundreds of thousands of people across the world demonstrated against Israel's war crimes during the 2009 bombardment of Gaza. Motivated by images of violent death and destruction, and a desire to express solidarity with the people of Gaza, British adults and children spontaneously gathered at the Israeli Embassy in London on December 2008 and January 2009 to demand justice and protest their own complicity in the massacre.

The police did not facilitate justice. Instead, they took names, addresses and photographs of as many demonstrators as possible, including children. Forward Intelligence Teams (FIT) were deployed on these demonstrations, and people were physically blocked in by lines of police (kettled) and then refused the right to leave unless they gave their details and had their photograph taken for police files. These tactics are illegal under British law.

The police used the Territorial Support Group, equipped with balaclavas, helmets, riot shields and heavy batons, as well as dogs and horses to intimidate and control the demonstrators.

The police also used force against the demonstrators, including children and the elderly, who were pushed, hit, and refused freedom of movement. In many cases, the police physically assaulted demonstrators. Ater the demonstrations, the police arrested 119 people. The vast majority of these people were not arrested at the demonstrations, but often months later, using intelligence gathered at the demonstrations. Many of these arrests were made in shocking dawn raids, which included the handcuffing of entire families, and the seizing of phones and computers.

Though the demonstrations were composed of a hugely diverse range of people, the vast majority of those targeted for arrest were young people from Muslim communities. Of the 79 charged, 77 are Muslim, mostly under 25 years old. The youngest was 12 years old.

For more info see gazademosupport.org.uk
site - smashedo.org.uk =
email = smashedo@riseup.net