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Wednesday, 28 December 2011



28 December 2011 06:59:37
from:   http://www.kirkflyingvet.com/blogs/news/archive/2011/12/27/on-hunger-strike-again.aspx
04 Latest News
1} I am on hunger strike, because:I am being refused a proper application for bail and to have my medical records clarified or corrected.
2} Also both South Wales Police and HM Prisons have conspired to confiscate my legal papers, computer, cash and proper access to both telephone and secretarial facilities to defend myself.
3} More importantly the current reason for "HM Partnership Wales" conspiracy to pervert the course of justice is just to block my access to both the civil and criminal courts in the UK and my civil action for damages due to 20 years of South Wales Police bullying.
4} 17 OCT. 2011 County Court letter indicates my appeal for further disclosure of 10 MAPPA meetings, in both police stations or their forensic labs, Caswell Clinic was dismissed as I failed to attend on the 28 Sept 2011.
5} Likewise BS614159 appeals FD10C00242, FD10C00195 and current Judicial Reviews including CO/4298/2011 again because prison refused my request to contact the court.
6} H.H.J. N. COOKE QC refuses with Cardiff Magistrates to consider my private persecution information laid against Dr Williams for falsifying my medical evidence at the request of the Police.
7} "H.M. PARTNERSHIP WALES" refused to produce or notify my legal representative alternative in my place for High Court and administrative court 28th Sept + 4th Oct. hearings knowing I was seriously incapacitated during the first 2 weeks of my current remand in custody to face a Section 2 Harassment Act 1997 explained by Dr T Williams.
8} In September 2011 I was transferred from London Police Station "demanding my lawyers hand over my own legal papers", and best of this nonsense "conspiracy by aeroplane to abduct 6 young Nigerian children snatched by Haringey Council".
9} Cardiff Prison refuse my my legal papers, basic stationer, to be able to interview my own defence witnesses or get proper medical attention.
10} By Sept. 11 letters, the Independent Police Complaints Commission have given South Wales Police "dispensation" from an enquiry of their "shoot to kill" policy and painting the machine gun a different colour.
11} H.M. Prison refuse to release my faxes from my lawyer.
Published Dec 27 2011, 06:59 PM by SabineKMcNeill
Bigwhistleblower said: Maurice Kirk would not be where he is today if he had not been wrongly encouraged and badly advised to get involved in this damned and rotten Musa Case.
December 27, 2011 8:27 PM Meirion said: Maurice was safe before he decided to go to London. His supporters in Wales persuaded him not to go. He had sent his evidence to the Musa's Barrister and it was their lawyer as far as we are aware that asked him to be a witness. He is now locked away to prevent him from speaking the truth about Child Trafficking in London and Psychiatry the Industry of Death in South Wales. The HM Partnership are fully aware of the risks to "professional bretheren" by Maurice telling the truth. They are determined to shut him up in any way they can. They will protect each other at whatever consequence to others. We live in a society where Telling the Truth is a Crime - Freedom of Speech is on Trial.
December 27, 2011 9:11 PM butlincat said: Whosoever derides any case where children are removed illegally from good familes to be put with total strangers, especially when a child is sexually abused as a result, such as in the Musa case, has no right commenting anywhere, let alone here. This "im aright Jack, screw you" attitude sucks and goes against everything Maurices site is about.
"Where is Favour Musa? Favour Musa has not been seen by her parents since she told her mother of being “inappropriatly touched” – sexual molested to those who call a spade a spade. Favour was placed in a foster home in Erith, Kent, and whilst there was abused by the teenage member of the family. When she told her mother of the sexual abuse some EIGHTEEN MONTHS AGO all contact of any kind was stopped by Haringey council – responsible for this and so many other outrageous actions. This is against the parents and Favours’ human rights, against the court orders regarding the Musas removed children regarding the contact visits, and against the “Childrens Charter” touted by the government, which actually promotes contact between the children removed and their parents. Is Favour Musa dead? Why will the council nor anybody else contacted about her wellbeing say anything about her when her parents ask? Her disappearance and sexual abuse has been reported to the police and a chief constable and numerous other so-called “authorities” to be met with a stony wall of silence. Where is she and what has happened to her? Dont the parents, who have been treated so appallingly throughout this case deserve to be told if she is even well? Why the secrecy? What has happened to her?"Latest updates on the Musa case: from http://www.www.butlincat.wordpress.com/ =...peace + a happy new year...butlincat.
December 28, 2011 4:45 AM butlincat said: Merion, you say Maurice was "safe in Wales" even though there was a warrant out apparently for his arrest? This is not true that Maurice was "safe in Wales". Since when do people in Wales get immunity from police warrants and being arrested because there in Wales? They dont, and I put it to you, and if you knew basic UK law youd know Maurice going to London had nothing to do with him being arrested, as British police warrants are executable anywhere in Britain. What is responsible for his arrest appears to be an order that Maurice knew nothing about, if it existed in the first place. Everybody blaming the Msas for something they had nothing to do with whatsoever is pathetic and shows the level of intelligence were dealing with in these comments here. I cant believe it. December 28, 2011 5:01 AM"