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Tuesday, 31 January 2012


From this site which has many more videos on the sounds heard everywhere now:


"Sounds from the Hollow Earth"

Disclose.tv - SOUNDS FROM THE HOLLOW EARTH, JAN 2012 Video

Sunday, 29 January 2012






You can use the following link to retrieve your file:


If you have any questions, please contact the sender directly.

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Saturday, 28 January 2012




- FROM =


Subject: Taped segment of an electronic captive's life! please pass this along to everyone you know!

 Help Stop Torture!.

A bulletin from

Help Stop Torture!

Taped segment of an electronic captive's life! please pass this along to everyone you know!

Support the cause. Be counted:

Well, we finally have it - our first drafted audio tape about the life of a torture victim and captive of energy based weapons.

As the beginning of our tapings for our Stories-Out! project, I decided to take a stab at it today and tape one event that I can remember about how perpetrators (perps) are taking people's lives away form them and using them for experimentation and torture.

The Stories-Out! project is here:


We are working on taping a CD of experiences victims are suffering through while our government turns a deaf ear toward us. We want the public to know how horrible it is and the kind of electronic captivity that is waiting for them unless we get this stopped.

We need a congressional investigation and we need the state secrets and corporate partnerships with our government or private entities that are harming Americans and people world wide exposed.

Unless we victims tell our stories and tell the public how horrible this is, the public will continue to have their rights and liberties taken away with no understanding of how much control can be imposed on human beings and their bodies and minds, literally, through brain wave mapping and other technologies.

Here is the first audio tape of my experience being involuntarily moved against my will. Be aware that this is really hard to believe unless you have been victimized already. So at the risk of being called crazy, etc. by the public, here it is.


If the link does not work, go to the Announcements section and download it here:   http://links.causes.com/s/clAyQh

"If we don't stand for anything, we will fall."

In Solidarity,

Suz LeBoeuf, Founder

Help Stop Torture!

The Coalition For A Safe World


Support the cause. Be counted:


Address: Causes, 88 Kearny St, Suite 2100, San Francisco, CA 94108 United States
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Thursday, 26 January 2012



Robert Green has filed charges with Dunblane Police in respect of the financial regularities (misappropriation of public funds) of 'Dame' Elish Angiolini in securing the law firm Levy & McRay. Therefore, Angiolini is now a suspect in a criminal investigation!!

Robert Green Found 'Guilty' By Despicable Scottish Establishment For Exposing Despicable Scottish Establishment

Wednesday, 25 January 2012 13:16

Robert was denied key defence witnesses, including former Scottish Lord Advocate, Elish Angiolini, whose behaviour was fundamentally relevant to the case. The outcome was never in doubt from the start. A thoroughly decent man has been 'convicted' for acting thoroughly decently. But the trial proved beyond doubt that there was no police investigation into the allegations of long-term abuse by Hollie Greig or the blatant murder of her uncle.

Robert will be sentenced on February 17th and if it is custodial we need to raise the bloody roof. More than half a million pounds of taxpayers' money has been spent to protect the low-life of the Scottish establishment in the most expensive breach of the peace case in Scottish history.

But all it has done is further expose them. The inner core of Scottish politics, legal system, law enforcement and judiciary is very, very dark, deeply Satanic, and controlled by the extensive network of secret societies and Satanic covens that connect with the Scottish aristocracy and the House of Windsor.

How long are you going to stand for this, Scotland?

Scottish people get off your knees.












Autumn 2009 was the 1st time the HOLLIE GREIG case was ever mentioned online...










Dunblane on Burns Day 2012

Posted on January 25, 2012

It was refreshing to be able to escape today from the stuffy confines of the Sheriff Court at Stonehaven,

Aberdeenshire to the glorious, open countryside of Stirlingshire with its many ‘sudden’ little hills, each

crowned with a castle in varying stages of crumbling.

Our digression from the direct route south back to England was not for the purpose of tourism or

refreshment, however, but had a serious purpose and our specific destination was Dunblane, where

Robert had a long overdue mission to fulfil, namely to report that town’s currently most high-

profile resident, Dame Elish Angiolini, to the police for theft of funds from the public purse of Scotland.

It is over 2 years since Angiolini, then Lord Advocate, engaged the private law firm Levy & McRae in

order to place an injunction on various organs of the press and media, including internet outlets, from

publishing articles in which her name was linked to that of Hollie Greig.

The cost of this complex operation is said to have been in the region of £50,000 and what it would be

very interesting to know – and certain legal organs have published articles posing this very question –

how the Lord Advocate, arguably the highest public servant in the land in 2009, financed this excursion

into the private domain, ostensibly purely in her own personal interests. Did she therefore use her own

funds, or did she, in some kind of cross-wired, confabulated reasoning going on in her mind at the time,

consider this hygienic expedient to be in the public interest and pay for it out of taxpayer’s money?

For the best part of 2011 the outgoing Lord Advocate resisted the attempts of the Freedom of

Information Commissioner, Kevin Dunion to secure an answer to this question, from which it has to be

concluded that Angiolini did indeed pay Levy & McRae’s bill out of public funds, but is unwilling to

admit that publicly, knowing what the consequences will be.

Robert having been freshly convicted as a criminal under Scottish law, largely because of Angiolini’s

dereliction of public duty in blocking any investigation of Hollie’s allegations during the time that she

was Procurator Fiscal for Aberdeen, 2000-05, and being quite sure the lady herself was behind his

arrest in February 2010, feels no compunction about bringing criminal charges against her. If the full

weight of Scottish justice has come down on him for trying to prevent crime, why not on her for

actively encouraging it, and committing further crime in the process?

The young constable who admitted us to the police station and received Robert’s report took down the

details in a methodical kind of way as if recording a car-theft, for which we gave him credit! and the

matter has been passed to those immediately upwards of Dunblane in the police-service pecking order,

Lothian and Borders Constabulary, for their consideration. At the time of writing it is not yet known if a

crime-file has been opened and a number issued; we can only wait and hope some areas of the Scottish

justice system are still free of corruption.


Hollie says

Posted on January 25, 2012by Admin


This Video says it All but Know one is listening to me

From Holliexx



Trial Day 6 – Robert found guilty

Posted on January 24, 2012by Belinda

Robert was denied a second key defence witness today (Dame Elish Angiolini) by Sheriff Principal Bowen when he supported an objection to her citation by the Prosecution, on the grounds that she was IRRELEVANT TO THE CASE. He had already been denied the Procurator Fiscal Stephen McGowan as witness for the defence, despite unanimous support for his citation by all his legal representatives, past and present. Thus prospects of a successful defence were damaged from the beginning, yet another instance of bias by the Scottish justice system, in Robert’s view.

On taking the witness stand therefore Robert asked if he could make a statement on the record? but was refused by the Sheriff. His cross-examination then began and continued all morning, with the only other witness to be called today taking the stand in the last 10 minutes before the lunch-break.

Answering his Counsel’s questions with his customary eloquence and clarity, Robert stressed that his main object throughout the activity which had offended a few people in Scotland was to secure an investigation of Hollie’s allegations. He was able to quote from Dr Eva Harding’s letter in which Sylvia Major is named as an abuser and stated that this individual was sitting in the court.

Throughout Mr Lamb’s cross-examination Robert reiterated his belief that he was acting in the public interest in attempting to protect vulnerable citizens. He explained that he had tried every possible avenue prior to taking the action which had given rise to his being prosecuted, and that Anne Greig had also been directing her concerns through the normal legal channels since 2000. By the time of his arrest therefore, 10 years had passed during the whole of which time the authorities had obstructed every attempt to secure justice.

Robert also continued to stress that his efforts were designed to instigate an OPEN, INDEPENDENT INQUIRY into all aspects of Hollie’s case, including the abduction of Anne and the highly suspicious death of Robert Greig.

The Procurator Fiscal, Stephen McGowan then opened the Crown’s cross-examination of Robert. Robert immediately countered this by asking McGowan why he had passed a sheet of paper bearing the masonic symbol of the Square and Compass to Sheriff Patrick Davies on 30th April 2010? and asked what possible role the Freemasons could have had in the prosecution case. Unsurprisingly, the Sheriff blocked this question, which only served to underline how his refusal to allow McGowan to stand as a defence witness had helped to undermine Robert’s case.

McGowan continuously challenged Robert on his expertise on a wide range of technical subjects, including his knowledge of post-mortem examinations. Robert pointed out he was not a pathologist, nor had he ever claimed to be, but that his opinion on all these subjects was directed by the expert witness statements provided him by Anne Greig. Moreover, as the pathologist Dr Grieve had stated that he liked and trusted such people as the Majors, Sheriff Buchanan and Elish Angiolini, he could hardly be regarded as an impartial witness.

To be fair, McGowan did raise questions about a possible family relationship between individuals of the same surname not having been properly established. Robert conceded the possibility that there might be some grounds for doubt in this regard but stressed that what was at issue was what the individuals had been alleged to have done, rather than any family connections between them, real or otherwise, that might exist.

Further on in the discussion it became apparent that McGowan, when questioned by Robert, had little knowledge of the PCCS report to which the latter had referred. It also became clear that neither McGowan nor the Sheriff appeared to have any concept of the effect that Satanic Ritual Abuse has on those unfortunate enough to be forced into such a cult. Robert explained that for 14 years Hollie had suffered the most appalling ordeals in silence, due to having been terrorised by her father. Therefore, anyone with any knowledge of this issue would know that evidence provided even under oath could be unreliable. As things stand, the Scottish court system does not yet provide a facility for swearing oaths in the name of Lucifer, somewhat surprisingly.

The only other witness to be called by the defence was Steven Raeburn, Editor of the distinguished legal magazine The Firm. During a brief cross-examination by Defence and Prosecution, Mr Raeburn described clearly and authoritatively his attempts to engage individuals in the Crown Office in connection with issues relating to the FOI Commissioner, details of which have already been published. Whereupon Mr Lamb brought up the matter of the payment to Levy & McRae over Angiolini’s private legal actions. McGowan objected to Defence’s questions but was overruled by the Sheriff.

In the afternoon session both sides summed up and Mr Lamb skillfully had Robert acquitted of 3 of the 5 charges against him. However the Sheriff ruled that in his view Robert was guilty of Breach of the Peace and of breaking some of his bail conditions.

Sentencing has been deferred until Friday 17th February, until which time the bail conditions on Robert remain in force.

NOTE by Webmaster:

This week this site was visited by known and clearly identifiable establishment bodies.


Scottish Executive – 1 visit


Council Of The European Union – Brussels – 4 visits

Commission Europeenne – 1 visit

Government Of South Africa – 2 visits

Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission – 7 visits

The Audit Commission – 1 visit

Police National Network – Eastcote, Bucks – 15 visits

Police National Network – Brierley Hill, Staffs – 6 visits today, 27 visits in last 3 days

Aberdeen City Council – 6 visits in last 3 days


With such high profile visits it was envisaged that either the establishment would offer up one of the accused to protect the rest, or would stamp on this case hard. The answer to that is in the title of this post.


There is still a case to answer however over the sheer cost of this case, nor will this campaign go away.

Trial Day 5 – Last Day of the Prosecution

Posted on January 23, 2012by Belinda

Roy Greig’s death featured strongly in today’s proceedings, in particular in the remainder of the evidence given by DS Drummond, followed by that of DC Crowder, the other Grampian officer who had arrested Robert on 12th February 2010, and that of Dr James Grieve, the senior pathologist who had carried out the autopsy in 1997.

When questioned by Defence Counsel Andy Lamb QC as to whether Robert had mentioned Sylvester Cadger in connection with Roy’s death during the police interview on 12 February, DS Drummond confirmed that he had. DC Crowder on the other hand, asked the same question, stated that he could not recall. The omission from the transcripts provided by the police and Crown of this vital information continues to cast a cloud over the integrity of the authorities concerned.

DC Crowder confirmed that Robert had reminded him when he was detained of his duty as a police officer to investigate crime; a police officer’s duty was to the law rather than to a senior officer. His response to the Crown’s question on this fundamental issue was initially vague and equivocal, but asked what he would do if he suspected a senior officer was up to no good he confirmed that he would investigate. It was somewhat heartening that he was prepared to make this statement on oath.

Dr James Grieve appeared next and began by making much of his qualifications and experience. When asked about the death of Robert Greig, however, his judgement would seem to have been affected by his close relationship with the late Terry Major and his wife Sylvia. It should be remembered that Sylvia Major was one of the 3 people named by the expert witness Dr Eva Harding whose evidence was supported by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority in providing Hollie with public funds to help compensate for her suffering. We will quote directly from Dr Harding’s report: “When asked if anyone else had ever touched her she immediately said Sylvia. She explained that Sylvia was her father’s cousin. Surprised at this, I asked her how Sylvia had touched her. She clasped her own breast… She also mentioned other people such as Sylvia’s husband who is a policeman”. At the end of her report Dr Harding confirmed her belief that Hollie had been systematically sexually abused by her father and brother “and probably by others who had access to her.” This quite clearly included the Majors.

These are friends and associates of Dr Grieve’s, in fact Sylvia Major was seen warmly congratulating him on his evidence at close of court today. It would hence be extremely difficult for any reasonable person to regard Dr James Grieve as an impartial and reliable witness. He confirmed that questions had been asked before about his judgement, to the extent of action being taken against him, and that mistakes could be made. In the spring of 2011 he was also questioned about his role in the Claire Webster murder inquiry at the trial in Glasgow. As in the case of Roy Greig’s death Dr Grieve did not appear to suspect foul play and at the time of Mrs Webster’s death in a car-fire in the Grampian area the decision was that she had died accidentally. We now know that this supposedly accidental death was in fact as the result of murder by Malcolm Webster, a friend of Graeme Mackie and his wife Jillian, the latter having also like Grieve given evidence in both trials!

Dr Grieve continued to maintain today that Roy’s injuries, including the breaking of his sternum, said to be the hardest bone in the body, had come about due to resuscitation attempts. Interestingly, Dr Grieve stated his understanding that this had been carried out by a nurse who was on the scene. This is something of a revelation as neither the police, the fire-service, the Crown Office, the Royal Humane Society and the other witness, Sylvester Cadger seem to have any information on this individual or how he/she came to be at the scene at this remote spot on a dark, windy and rainy night at exactly the same time as Cadger.

In fairness to Dr Grieve, no one is suggesting that he could have been aware that Denis Mackie had been found by Roy Greig sexually abusing Hollie just prior to his death. Dr Grieve may also have been influenced by the official report we hold which states that the cause of death was regarded as suicide, a conclusion reached less than 4 hours after the arrival on the scene of the emergency services. Since then we have obtained a document from the NHS confirming that they have no knowledge of any authority requesting Roy’s medical records, without which a verdict of suicide could never have been reached. Mr Lamb asked why Dr Grieve’s autopsy report should not have been passed on to his next of kin, bearing in mind that Anne Greig had been requesting this document for 12 years. Dr Grieve went to some lengths to explain that the decision was not his but that of the Procurator Fiscal; it was not for him to decide the reason for the death, other than the conclusion reached in his report that it was by smoke inhalation. Any criminal investigation into a death of this sort was a matter for the police, not for him or his team.

Dr Grieve also admitted knowing Sheriff Graham Buchanan and Elish Angiolini, describing them both, along with Terry Major, as people he trusts. This is a somewhat puzzling position to take, given the exposure of Angiolini both through Robert’s investigations and those of the Freedom of Information Commissioner, and may cast yet further doubt on Dr Grieve’s judgement.

Another interesting witness was Rosemary Murray who was head-teacher of the sister Special Needs school sharing a campus with Beechwood School during the same period that Andrew Young was headmaster there.

She also stated that she worked in Aberdeen Court, and that she knew Sheriff Buchanan. One interesting disclosure was her confirmation that it was the schools’ policy for no staff ever to be alone with a pupil with the door closed, for “common sense” reasons, she said. As a result of Robert’s advertisement in the Aberdeen Press & Journal, 3 parents and 2 teacher colleagues had stated having been aware of Andrew Young regularly breaching this policy by having pupils with him in his study with the door closed for periods of up to 20 minutes at a time. Parents had told Robert that during these ‘sessions’ Young had spoken in French throughout to the pupils, a language they did not understand. One of the parents of an 11 year-old boy was sufficiently concerned about Mr Young to have retained the postcard Young had sent to the boy from his holiday in Egypt, the odd text of which has already been published.

A final reminder about Mr Young is that when questioned by Mr Lamb, he claimed that Hollie was not at Beechwood School when Dr Carter’s 2nd report about her being at risk was presented. This is incorrect. The report is dated 3rd February 1992 when Hollie was still a pupil of the school; she left in the summer of that year.

Young must have known this, as he must also have known about the first report in 1990, yet on neither occasion did he take any action.

One of the last witnesses to appear was Ian West, a retired tile-fixer from the Ferry Hill area who was worried by Robert’s January 2010 round-robin letter to local residents, in which he said that nothing had been done to investigate Hollie’s allegations regarding a paedophile ring operating in the neighbourhood. He went to the police because of his worry over this; he had grandchildren, he said. When asked by the prosecution if he thought it was true? he said until it was either proven or disproven, “you never know about these things, do you?”

This witness ably vindicates the point we have been making throughout this trial, that Grampian Police should have investigated Hollie’s allegations years ago and if they had, all the present public worry, embarrassment and distress would have been avoided. They should at the very least have pursued Hollie’s father, brother and her father’s cousin Sylvia Major and husband Terry Major, for whom the evidence that they abused Hollie was strongest. The problem was that Terry Major was the senior Forensics officer for Grampian Police and used his position to block any further forensic investigation of Hollie’s allegations, even though their medical forensics specialist at the time, Dr Frances Kelly had immediately found evidence on Hollie’s body that she was a victim of long-term abuse. The rest of the force at the time seems to have been somehow cowed into silence and inaction. With the result that even in death, Terry Major continues to block this investigation and could this be why his widow Sylvia dogs the present courtroom at Stonehaven, ready to congratulate any witness who gives evidence favourable to the ring? as we saw today in respect of Dr James Grieve. One can only wonder and indeed shudder at what favours such faithful champions of evil receive, having fulfilled their remit.
The final witness cited to appear, Councillor James Donnelly was curiously missing from court. This individual had been amicably discussing with Robert the concerns about the existence of the alleged ring operating in the area he represented, the Ferry Hill area. Robert had specifically contacted him in the public interest, as there could be some risk to those he represented or their families. Donnelly, a Conservative, had agreed to meet Robert at Union Square, Aberdeen on the evening of Friday 12th February in order to examine documents supporting Robert’s concerns. He was unable to meet him earlier as he was attending a Conservative meeting in Perth at which the main speaker was David Cameron. Robert was then unable to keep the appointment, having been arrested earlier that day.
Therefore, given Robert’s belief in Councillor Donnelly’s genuine concern, it came as a surprise to discover that whilst in discussion with Robert in apparent good faith, he had already made an official complaint about him to the police. Perhaps he had since become concerned that his appearance in court in the circumstances might have led to justifiable questions regarding his integrity as an elected official, charged to represent the people of Ferry Hill as a whole, rather than certain individuals of his personal acquaintance.

Tomorrow Tuesday the case for the Defence commences.

Trial Week 2 – ready to go

Posted on January 22, 2012by Belinda


Back in Stonehaven on the eve of Week 2 of his trial, Robert is looking forward to this second round of the proceedings, in which he will have more chance to input directly, rather than merely confirming to the court every morning that yes, he is indeed Robert Green!
He wishes to thank everyone for the helpful suggestions that have been coming in via his blog, this website, email and Facebook (via 3rd parties, Robert himself doesn’t do Facebook ).
This week Robert/his defence team will be able to recall any of the witnesses for the prosecution as well as producing their own witnesses. Of course everyone is hoping to see Dame Elish Angiolini take the stand. This would in itself be an admission of the irregularities that have occurred under her watch, first in Aberdeen, then nationally. But this may be too much for Sheriff Principle Bowen who’s in overall charge of these proceedings.
This is not the High Court, it is only a Summary court, as we’ve been reminded by those who understand such niceties. By the same token, Robert if sentenced will get 1 year at most rather than 5 or 6.
Whatever court this is, it promises to be another interesting week in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
Conspicuously absent from the line-up of 22 civilian witnesses last week (yes, the same number as Hollie’s alleged former abusers, yet these included others than on that particular list) were Denis and Greg Mackie, Hollie’s father and brother who are somewhere in Portugal or possibly Brazil, doubtless still busy tormenting children. The case against them is cast-iron, having being confirmed by police expert and medical evidence.
There is no excuse therefore for Grampian police not to have questioned these two at the very least, especially as Greg had already been charged with offences of a sexual nature on 3 occasions but was let off. Which Sheriff?

The rest of Hollie’s alleged abusers or fellow victims, of whom 13 took the stand last week, are all in some way connected with Mackie, as we shall see, and Robert may well decide to call any of them back.

If Robert & team recall these witnesses there are some hard questions they could be asked, especially with the revelations of inconsistencies in the documentation, which was updated over the weekend.

FROM: http://www.davidicke.com/headlines/60103-robert-green-found-guilty-by-despicable-scottish-establishment-for-exposing-despicable-scottish-establishment

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the Musa case - Maurice Kirk: www.butlincat.wordpress.com

Monday, 23 January 2012



update:  see more: 



[Please don't forget a lot of this article is opinion and not fact..ed.]


Richard J. Boylan

January 28, 2008

"Open Letter To the UFO Community and Other Concerned Citizens

Fellow citizens of Earth,

This Open Letter will address the Plan of that global cartel of the ultra-rich and powerful, the Cabal, to Demonize Visiting Star Persons by putting on a fake "Alien Invasion".
Because the events described here were planned to occur in the near future, you need this information now as a responsible citizen equipped to take part in shaping your future.
The Cabal’s (Shadow Government/NWO/Illuminati) Plans To Demonize Visiting Star Persons by Staging a Fake "Alien Invasion"
At a press conference given in Washington, DC at the National Press Club May 9, 2001, Dr. Carol Rosin, (who had been the first woman corporate manager of an aerospace company, Fairchild Industries), told the assembled press about a warning given her by her boss, Dr. Wernher von Braun in 1974.
Von Braun revealed that dark powerful forces controlling world wealth and political power had over a third of a century ago planned to create a future fake “extraterrestrial invasion” to acquire total global control. (Meanwhile this global plutocratic cartel has maintained the UFO Cover-Up as a cover, while they prepare for their “Great Day”.)
Dr. Rosen said, “What was most interesting to me was a repetitive sentence that he said to me over and over again during the approximately four years that I had the opportunity to work with him. He said the strategy that was being used to educate the public and decision makers was to use scare tactics. That was how we identify an enemy. The strategy that Wernher Von Braun taught me was that first the Russians are going to be considered to be the enemy. In fact, in 1974, they were the enemy, the identified enemy. We were told that they had "killer satellites". We were told that they were coming to get us and control us - that they were "Commies".
“Then terrorists would be identified, and that was soon to follow. We heard a lot about terrorism. Then we were going to identify third-world country crazies. We now call them Nations of Concern. But he said that would be the third enemy against whom we would build space-based weapons. The next enemy was asteroids. Now, at this point he kind of chuckled the first time he said it. Asteroids- against asteroids we are going to build space-based weapons.
“And the funniest one of all was what he called aliens, extraterrestrials. That would be the final scare. And over and over and over during the four years that I knew him and was giving speeches for him, he would bring up that last card. And remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens, and all of it is a lie.
“I think I was too naïve at that time to know the seriousness of the nature of the spin that was being put on the system. And now, the pieces are starting to fall into place. We are building a space-based weapons system on a premise that is a lie, a spin. Wernher Von Braun was trying to hint that to me back in the early 70's and right up until the moment when he died in 1977.
“What he told me was that there is an accelerated effort in place. He didn't mention a time-line but he said that it was going to be speeding up faster than anybody could possibly imagine. That the effort to put weapons into space was not only based on a lie, but would accelerate past the point of people even understanding it until it was already up there and too late.” (Testimony of Dr. Carol Rosin, NEXUS Magazine, (Dec., 2000).
The Cabal is that shadowy global plutocratic cartel bent on world domination. Its leadership is not stupid. They plan carefully. In the present context of increasingly abundant open flights of Star Visitor craft over populated areas, the Cabal have devised special measures that they believe will sell the public on the “reality” of the “alien invasion” the Cabal have planned.
One element is the Cabal’s secret development of antigravity craft back-engineered from Star Visitor craft that Cabal military stooges had shot down. (More about those craft in the next section.) This high-performance advanced-technology fleet is expected to fool the viewing public into thinking that they are extraterrestrial UFOs. (For instance, the huge “UFO” seen January 8, 2008 over Stephenville, Texas and chased by F-16 fighters, as reported on CNN, Fox News, Larry King, and other media, was actually a Cabal antigravity craft, warming up the public for the false “alien invasion” which the Cabal plan to stage later.)
Furthermore, these Cabal craft have technology aboard their craft which can project 3-D, solid-seeming holographic images in the sky to create realistic sky-battle scenes. In order to further terrify people, the Cabal plan to use the advanced Star-Wars-program energy weapons these false “UFOs” carry on board in order to shoot at Humans on the ground, killing thousands, and convincing people that “aliens are bad, and are on the attack.”
Remote-viewing reveals that the Cabal have, as an additional information-management tool, recruited three noted UFO investigators to act as spokespersons during their fabricated “Star Wars”. This part of the plan was reported by a woman who is a potent psychic, was a Star Being in a previous lifetime before incarnating as a Human this lifetime, and is a respected close associate. Her name is Fran, and she lives in the U.S. Southeast. She remote-viewed a contemporary scene involving those three UFO investigators. Fran shares the following information obtained from that riveting remote-viewing session.
These three persons were observed consulting in an out-of-the-way building's windowless room about the Grand Story that the Cabal plan to launch in the not-too-distant future. That Grand Story would be that which Dr. Wernher Van Braun had warned Dr. Carol Rosin about in 1974. Fran identified that the two men and woman who would help front this Alien Invasion story were UFO investigators Steven Greer, MD, Michael Salla, Ph.D. and Linda Moulton Howe. The "Grand Story" which these three were secretly discussing would unfold thus.
First, Cabal-controlled scientists and/or government officials would proclaim alarming new evidence of an imminent Alien Invasion. Greer would react on cue to this new information and “admit” that he has “been wrong all along about the aliens being good,” and now “realizes” they are evil. Salla, who has said all along that "there are aliens who are evil" would say essentially, "I told you so." Moulton-Howe, who specialized earlier in her UFO career generating reports attributing cattle mutilations to “aliens”, would declare that she is “not surprised” that the aliens "would kill Humans next".
The Cabal would launch fake "alien attacks", featuring Cabal antigravity craft designed to look like classic UFOs, and armed with Star-Wars energy weapons. These would annihilate swaths of the population, mostly in areas of the Third World, thus achieving the Cabal desire to thin "undesirable" (to the Cabal elite) populations, but with token attacks in the developed countries as well, to maintain “global-attack” credibility. The Cabal-controlled world governments would declare global martial law, and the creation of a global authority to address the “menace”.
The Cabal-controlled world leadership would then unveil antigravity fighter craft (held in secret for such an eventuality) and order counter-attacks, using their antigravity craft to engage in shooting the Enemy Invaders out of the sky. Since the real Star Nations ships would not be a party to this madness, the Cabal would simply have sent up drone antigravity craft to dart about and project convincing 3-D “solid” holographic images of sky warfare featuring these “Alien Invaders”, which would dutifully begin to get shot down.
A grateful world would meanwhile accept the Cabal-controlled government leaders' demand for a unified global government, and to allow them to assume unlimited power in order to fight “the alien invaders”.
The accuracy of Fran’s remote-viewing of the above planning has been confirmed by Star Nations representatives.
To many in the UFO community, it may seem astounding that noted UFO investigators would front for a deception, and one which sells out Human self-determination, and stampedes people into the arms of the Cabal controllers. It is therefore useful to examine what indications do exist in the open record as to whether these UFO investigators would be well suited for fronting such a star wars plan.
Steven Greer, MD is Director of a "Committee for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence" (CSETI). Has he hob-nobbed with the ultra-rich and powerful? Yes. Does he have a history of being financed by Rockefeller interests? Yes. Does this point to Cabal influence? Yes.
The Rockefellers head the American wing of the Cabal, as the Rothschilds head the Cabal’s European wing. (Holly Sklar, Trilateralism: The Trilateral Commission and Elite Planning for World Management , Cambridge, MA, 1980.
Greer has admitted his association with Lawrence Rockefeller. In his typical third-person style, he writes, “Subsequently, working with philanthropist Laurence Rockefeller, Dr. Greer provided in-depth briefing materials for President Clinton and Hillary Clinton, who reviewed the matter while staying at the Rockefeller's JY Ranch.” (Steven Greer, Disclosure Project press release, Nov. 14, 2007.) Thus, Greer admits cooperative association with one of the Rockefeller brothers, (who head the Cabal in North America.)
Who financed the briefing material Dr. Greer provided to his friend Lawrence Rockefeller’s guests, who included Hillary and Bill Clinton? “The Executive Summary was not the only report funded by Rockefeller. There were actually three different Best Available Evidence briefing documents produced for Rockefeller.” (Extraterrestrial Politics in the Clinton White House, Part 7, at: www.presidentialufo.com/part7.htm). “The financing of the Best Available Evidence report was also only one in a whole series of UFO research efforts that Rockefeller had financed in the early nineties. He had been a constant source of what researchers referred to as Rockeybucks, i.e., money spent by Rockefeller to get to the bottom of the UFO mystery. During this period, in the early nineties, many researchers made research proposals to Rockefeller, and were provided funds. In January, 1994, for example, funds were provided for Steven Greer to fund his Project Starlight.” (www.presidentialufo.com/part7.htm)
Reporter Leslie Kean confirms that Greer furnished Rockefeller-financed briefing material to then-President Clinton and Hillary. “In August 1995, philanthropist Laurance Rockefeller provided Greer's briefing materials to President Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Presidential science advisor Jack Gibbons while they spent a weekend at Rockefeller’s Wyoming ranch.”(Leslie Kean, “USA: UFOs and National Security”, June, 2000.)
Aside from Rockefeller, were there other members of the UFO Cover-Up organization that Greer met and associated with?
Greer says: “I have personally met with a number of people who are very involved with such [Grand Story] plans. My meetings over the past 9 years with covert operatives who have worked on UFO-related programs have introduced me to some characters right out of a spy novel - and then some. Whether in private high-tech industry, at the Pentagon, or at a midnight meeting in a private mansion, a theme has emerged - the eventual covert militarization of the ET subject. Part of this disclosure plan involves the use of UFO look-alike devices made by humans in an attack on Earth or military assets of Earth.”
“The covert projects which have been running UFO related programs for nearly 60 years are not interested in a disclosure which upsets their apple cart. But then there is the [UFO] disclosure the powers that be would like to see: Manipulated. Calculated to consolidate power and engender fear. Configured in such a way that chaos and a deepening need for Big Brother is carefully inculcated into the masses.” (21 October 1999; “When Disclosure Serves Secrecy”, by Steven M. Greer M.D.)
Is there other evidence that Steven Greer, a self-described “humble country doctor”, has extraordinary access to high-level officials to discuss highly-classified matters, the kind of access only the extremely-powerful can get you?
Greer’s Project Starlight Coalition, “referred to in this AP [Associated Press] report, was The Disclosure Project in its early days; it was named by our point of contact [Washington, DC think-tank director John Anderson] who set up my briefing for CIA Director R. James Woolsey on December 13, 1993, and was operational around the time of Bill and Hillary Clinton's visit to Laurence Rockefeller's JY Ranch to review the data base and briefing materials we had helped assemble.” ( Nov.13, 2007 personal email of Steven Greer to multiple-names mailing list.)
Dr. Greer also acknowledges his access to covert information not available to highest government officials: “As early as 1993, when I personally briefed CIA Director James Woolsey on the UFO matter, we knew of on-going, secret projects to which President Clinton and Mr. Woolsey were denied access.” (Steven Greer, Disclosure Project press release, Nov. 14, 2007.)
So, it is plausible that Greer would be accessible to Cabal plans. But how would Michael Salla fit in?
Michael Emin Salla, Ph.D., is currently operating as a UFO investigator. His earlier research earned him note as an Islamic expert on radicalism, as evidenced by his book, Islamic Radicalism, Muslim Nations and the West. Indeed, he selected Al Jezeera to send a letter to, informing them about the possibility of alien intervention. (El Amraoui, Ahmed (June 4, 2006). “US-Iran: The truth is way out there.” Al Jazeera.) Also in 1996 he was selected from Australia to work as a professor at American University, which receives substantial Rockefeller Foundation funding. Over the last several years his focus had shifted from studies of Islamic nations to UFOs.
To be helpful as a reported member of the planning team intending to go public with views about the Star Visitors which suit the Cabal’s planned false “alien invasion”, Salla would need to be primed to promote “evidence” for “evil aliens”. Is it the case that Michael Salla repeatedly presses the case that there are “evil aliens”? Let’s see.
Tn Comment Paper #11 on his website, Salla claims that among the reasons Star Visitors have for coming here is “subverting humanity for the exclusive benefit of visiting extraterrestrial races.” In Comment Paper #26, Salla alleges the need to raise “global consciousness against the threat posed by resource-hungry extraterrestrial visitors.” In Comment Paper #44, Salla gives a more nuanced stance: that “there appears to be a minority of extraterrestrial visitors, who view humans as a biological resource to be exploited.” Close enough for (Shadow Government) work. Salla could therefore at the opportune time merely explain to the public that those attacking [fake, Cabal] UFOs overhead are from the “evil minority of extraterrestrial visitors.”
How about the third reported member of the reported conspiracy? Linda Moulton Howe is a journalist who has made a specialty of reporting UFO-related phenomena. She has promoted herself as an expert about cattle mutilations, asserting that they are done by “aliens”, rather than the Cabal special operators who actually are doing virtually all of them (See Dr. Wolf’s testimony at: www.drboylan.com/wlflk1a.html).
It would be useful to the reported Cabal team to have a “cattle mutilation expert”, who could then sound convincing if she were to say that there is “no surprise” to finding that the “aliens” have “graduated” from allegedly killing and harvesting organs from cattle to killing Humans. Even better if she already had a track record as saying that “some alien races are evil.” Howe managed to do both in her 1993 book provocatively (and falsely) titled: Alien Harvest: Further Evidence Linking Animal Mutilations and Human Abductions to Alien Life Forms. So, the trio who were reported to having been observed plotting their role in announcing the fake “alien invasion” contain: a UFO investigator with ties to the top tier of the Cabal, one who is on record that “aliens” are here to exploit us, and one who has asserted that “aliens”are here to “harvest” us.
The Cabal’s Secret Antigravity Fleet And Star Wars Weaponry
The Cabal have acquired extremely-advanced extraterrestrial science and technology information by back-engineering it from UFOs they have shot down, by stealing such benign information from legitimate governments to whom Star Nations had entrusted it, and by torturing Star Visitors they captured into disclosing such information. The Cabal have then weaponized this basically benign, neutral science and technology information by having their scientists and engineers turn it into such tools as swift antigravity fighter craft and Star Wars weapons.
The Cabal’s antigravity fleet consists of at least the following. (For more details and sources, go to: : www.drboylan.com/xplanes2.html)
1) The B-2 Stealth bomber secretly has electrogravitic systems on board, eliminating most weight when turned on, and enabling it to fly great distances with little fuel consumption. While the B-2's existence is public knowledge, the fact that it secretly has antigravity properties is not.
2) The Aurora is a moderate-sized spacefaring vehicle that can operate on both conventional fuel and antigravity field-propulsion systems. The Aurora can travel to the Moon. It operates out of Area 51, (Groom Dry Lake Air Force Station), at the northeast corner of the Nellis AFB Range, north of Las Vegas, Nevada.
3) The Lockheed-Martin X-33A VentureStar military space plane is a military version of its acknowledged civilian aerospace vehicle, the National Space Plane, in off-and-on development. The military X-33A has an electrogravitics system on board.
4) the Lockheed X-22A is a two-man antigravity disc fighter. The late Colonel Steve Wilson, USAF (ret.), stated that military astronauts who fly it trained at a secret aerospace academy separate from the regular Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, CO. These military astronauts then operate out of such bases as Beale and Vandenberg Air Force Bases, Northern California. From those bases, these military astronauts regularly fly trans-atmospherically and out into space. An ex-NSA employee said that the X-22A is equipped with Neutral Particle Beam directed-energy weapons, that it is capable of effecting optical as well as radar invisibility, and that it is deployable for worldwide military operations
5) The Nautilus is another space- faring military spacecraft, which operates by magnetic pulsing It is manufactured jointly by Boeing's Phantom Works near Seattle and EU's Airbus Industries Anglo-French consortium. It makes twice-a-week trips up to a secret military-intelligence space station, which has been in deep space for the past thirty years. The Nautilus has the ability to strike a ground target, hurtling down from space, a direction from which attacks are not usually expected.
6) The TR3-A 'Pumpkinseed' is a super-fast aerospace vehicle with a thin oval airframe shaped like a pumpkinseed. It has been identified as using pulse-detonation technology for propulsion in a sub-hypersonic regime, and also uses antigravity technology for mass-reduction and complementary field propulsion at higher speed levels.
7) the TR3-B 'Astra is a large triangular anti-gravity craft within the U.S. fleet. It was reportedly secretly deployed in the Gulf War's early hours, using electromagnetic-pulse/laser cannons. It literally sat in mid-air, firing at long-, medium-, and short-range targets to take them out.
8) A Northrop antigravity disc is manufactured by Northrop Aircraft Corporation. I have seen and dubbed it the 'Great Pumpkin' , from its intensely-brilliant ruddy golden-orangish glow, resultant from strong ambient ionization. This points to electrogravitics as its method of field propulsion.
9) The XH-75D or XH Shark antigravity helicopter is manufactured by Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical Corporation of San Diego (now part of Northrop-Grumman). USAF Colonel Steve Wilson reported that many of these XH-75Ds were assigned to the Delta/National Reconnaissance Organization Division which retrieves downed UFOs. That Division is also implicated in mutilating cattle as a psychological warfare program on the American public, to try to get citizens to fear and hate Star Visitors through assuming that “the aliens” are the ones cutting up the cattle. The antigravity Shark helo is also capable of operating invisibly.
10) The TAW-50 is a hypersonic, antigravity, space-capable fighter-bomber jointly developed by the Lockheed-Martin Skunk Works and Northrop. The TAW-50 is capable of moving considerably faster than 38,000 mph. The TAW-50 has a SCRAM (supersonic ramjet) propulsion system for passing through the upper atmosphere. The TAW-50 also utilizes electrogravitics to maintain its own artificial gravity while in weightless space, as well as to nullify the vehicle's mass during operations. The TAW-50 is armed with its own Kill Laser system. In addition, the TAW-50 is armed with micro-superexplosive HyperDart missiles. These are just a little larger than ordinary aircraft cannon ammunition, but travel at hypersonic speed for up to three minutes, and have enormous explosive capability. One HyperDart can blow apart a MiG fighter anywhere within 20 feet of the HyperDart. The TAW-50 carries several hundred HyperDarts. The performance of the TAW-50 makes it virtually impossible to defend against. It can hide in orbit many hundreds of miles into space, orbiting at times at 22,000 mph. Then, without warning, it can dive straight down through the atmosphere at over 38,000 miles per hour on an 80-degree attack vector, reverse direction within 150 feet of the ground with very little loss of motion and without a glide turn, and almost instantly go vertically straight up at over 38,000 mph until long after it leaves the atmosphere and resumes orbiting in space. The TAW-50's electrogravitics allow it to change its mass to almost nothing in a moment, and reverse direction in a second, then increase its acceleration to many times Earth's gravity, yet is able to virtually nullify the inertial and G-force effect on the pilots. As of 2002, the U.S. has 20 TAW-50s in its arsenal. But, as a contractor who helped build it commented, 'You could take out an entire nation in under 10 days with only 10 of these, doing three attacks a day. One can wipe out an entire city the size of suburban Cleveland in a single attack without having to use any nukes at all.”
11) The Northrop Quantum Teleportation Disc is the result of advances beyond “mere” antigravity field propulsion. Northrop engineers have incorporated quantum physics principles, and have harnessed quantum entanglement to achieve quantum teleportation as the means by which this craft “ceases to exist” in one location and suddenly reappears over a distant target.
Where are these craft kept? While not all locations are known, some of these advanced-technology craft operate out of: Nellis Air Force Base’s Area 51, Rachel, Nevada; Vandenberg AFB (Lompoc) and Beale AFB (Marysville), California; Michael Army Auxiliary Air Field at Dugway Proving Grounds, Tooele, Utah; Space City at White Sands Missile Range, Las Cruces, New Mexico; Whiteman AFB, Sedalia, Missouri; and undoubtedly at additional locations.
Epilogue: What Does This Mean For Our Future?

Are large numbers of Humans therefore doomed under an onslaught from these seemingly-invincible Cabal advanced antigravity craft masquerading as “alien invaders”? Not so.
Star Nations spokesperson, Councillor For the Watchers stated on November 5, 2007 (personal communication) that the staged “alien invasion” and resultant bloodbath, reportedly to be fronted by Greer, Salla and Howe, will not happen. The Councillor says, “We would never let countless Humans die in such an event because we love them too much to allow that. We do intervene in Human affairs when the stakes are high – a false-flag “invasion” meets that criterion.”
This Open Letter has touched on several very important areas: the Cabal’s plans to thwart any Star Visitors public presence by staging a preemptive fake “alien invasion”; and the secret advanced antigravity craft and weapons which the Cabal has available to accomplish their simulated “alien invasion” Star Wars sky battles and ground attacks.
Now there is a need to address the Cabal’s overall agenda and strategy for total global domination. Rather than go into that at length here, if you want more information on the Cabal, you can read two articles of mine on the subject at: www.drboylan.com/cabal.html , and at: www.drboylan.com/shadgovt2.html .
Forgive my Open Letter’s length. The matters discussed are so vital that they needed to be laid out adequately, because you need to be aware of every one.
Informed citizens can take back their country, and world, from the self-appointed Cabal controllers currently running things.

It is time for us to get busy doing precisely that.
in the light,
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Councillor of/for Earth

Diamond Springs, CA 95619, USA


source: www.drboylan.com "

  2009 - TR3B Astra witness Kris Bales speaks:  with Linda Moulton-Howe.

Witnesses described a football-field-sized triangular craft they saw while on a hunting trip in Idaho in the year 2000 (see illustration below). They said the vehicle matched an image in the Special Operations Manual, a purported top secret document from 1954, dealing with the recovery of extraterrestrial entities and technology, that Linda showed them. Witness Kris Bales said he was directly under the huge craft which was about 100-200 ft. above him, just silently sitting there. It had a central pulsing red light that was about 90 ft. in diameter. His brother, Marc, who later observed the craft with binoculars, described seeing a small dome-like light on its top. More here =

 Alien Tech TS Black TR-3B Astra Triangle – How It Works





Regarding the book "Catchers of Heaven" by Michael "Wolf" Kruvant:

"For the truth about the fantasies of Michael {"Wolf"} Kruvant pls see the youtube videos with his brother Ron being interviewed by Charles Wright, the videos maker -   http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD6858087C0A8EDE3 . Michael Kruvant sadly had mental problems, and a lively imagination, but was elsewhere when he claims he was at places doing certain things, and unfortunat...ely was mostly incapable of advising Kennedy, etc. The papers on his Supreme Court case brought about by his mother are available, and should put to rest forever the hype that is within "Catchers of Heaven" book. I quote from the court transcript whereby Kruvants mother seeks to modify the original divorce judgement regarding making provision for her son Michael, dated March 18, 1968: "...divorced wife seeking modification of provisions for support of son failed to establish in moving papers that admit son, who was so disabled as to be incapable of maintaining himself because of mental illness, was incapable of self support because of emotional illness at time of attaining majority." These court case papers are dated being from from 23-10-67 until 18-03-68 at the Superior Court, State of New Jersey, Vol. C when Michael was 26. The report also states "In her moving affadavit she alleged that he suffered from an emotional illness or mental disorder that had pre-existed the divorce and had continued during his minority. It had become so bad during the period 63-65 period that it had been necassary to summon the East Orange police {Michael was living there} on 6 occasions, 2 of which resulted in his hospitalisation. She also alleged that he had required "constant psychiatric treatment and had at one time been hospitalised at the Carrier Clinic, a private mental institution located at Belle Mead, N.J. It was further alleged that by the latter part of 1965 Michael had withdrawn from all interpersonal relationships, had lost weight had was suffering from depression and black-out spells. He had been unable to complete his college education or obtain employment and generally demonstrated an inability to function normally in society." These above are just a couple of quotes as stated in these legal papers which sadly describe Michael as not being the person he and others claim him to be and which clearly adds to the overall deliberate disinformation surrounding ufology and its extraterrestrial connections....namaste...butlincat 23 1 2012"

- from:    http://www.amazon.co.uk/review/R22B8KIGG482F0/ref=cm_cr_pr_cmt?ie=UTF8&ASIN=0805939075&nodeID&tag&linkCode#wasThisHelpful



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Sounds from the Hollow Earth.

Citizens of Shambala are releasing powerful vibrating energy. It sounds like a extreme combined energy of healing mantra sounds. On the surface the Tibetan monks that are meditating in this cave of the spirits for a long time are saying that this started to happen only recently. They also were saying that the spirits telepathically transmitted to them that something major is going to happen soon. The Earth is ringing like a bell more and more recently. Its all happening guys.

No human interference in the audio file. You can download the original file Russian scientists recorded on: files.mail.ru/SGYD94

The good part is that we are not alone in this major planetary shift and I'm sure that people of Shamballa will do their best to protect all life on Earth when time comes. Reports are coming in that this video keeps being taken off of youtube. We at Apparently Apparel take that kind of thing very seriously and we usually keep a copy of every video we share. Keepvid is a great thing!


Day 4 - Robert Green Trial, Stonehaven Court, Scotland:

Hollie Greig Case - Robert Green Trial Day 4 – A Day with Grampian Police

Posted on January 20, 2012 by Belinda


As may be recalled, matters were held up on Day 3 Wednesday with ‘both sides of the Bar’ requesting an adjournment. This was to resolve the issue of the unwillingness of DC Lisa Evans to be cross-examined by the Defence in public.

DC Evans is a key witness in this case, with potential to be helpful to all sides, including Sheriff Bowen as adjudicator. It was a relief to all therefore when Evans reappeared at the stand soon after 10 am on Thursday.

Thanks to Defence Counsel’s methodical probing, the reason for Evans’ nervousness rapidly became apparent. She is the officer from Grampian force who conducted the most recent interview of Hollie, on 8th September 2009 in Shrewsbury, and she also headed up the raiding party on Robert’s home on 13th February 2010. It is certain that she was directed to obtain a particular item with the potential to cause big problems for Grampian police. This item was not among the productions placed before the court yet the policewoman knew there were bound to be questions about it from the Defence, which only she could answer.

As Evans knew from having conducted the September 2009 interview which went on for 3 ½ hours, Hollie is a formidable witness, having both an excellent memory and in common with Down’s Syndrome people an inherent truthfulness. She is unable to fabricate information of which she has no direct, first-hand experience. On that day in September the information she supplied to the officer from Grampian police in West Mercia’s interview facility, much of it extremely upsetting to have to recount, was entirely consistent with the statements she had previously made in Scotland.

The problem for Grampian police was compounded by the fact that throughout the 3 ½ hour interview Robert Green had been listening in and taking notes. This notebook was therefore a key item for which Evans had been searching on 13th February.

Defence Counsel Andy Lamb was onto this straightaway and asked Evans whether she had come across any notebooks in searching Robert’s premises? Yes, she had. And had Mr Green been present as well as Hollie and her mother? Yes he had been, but he been had asked to remain in the kitchen area. Was this separate from the interview room? It was; it was behind a wall. What kind of wall? A partition wall. Would DC Evans describe the layout of the premises? Etc.

In fact, what DC Evans tried to pass off as a wall or solid partition was only a sliding wooden door. Robert says that when the policewoman was first asked whether he was present or not while Hollie was being interviewed she had tried to get out of it altogether and said no, he was upstairs. As it happened, Anne was in the upstairs facility being interviewed by another police officer while Hollie was downstairs with Evans. Because of her speech and hearing difficulties both she and Evans were speaking at high decibels so that Robert just behind the wooden sliding door and who moreover was already very familiar with Hollie’s diction could hear everything being said.

These notes taken by Robert remain therefore a crucial piece of evidence confirming the truth of Hollie’s allegations. In fact Robert says there were 2 notebooks relating to that interview in 2009, the rough notes he took while listening in the kitchen and a “better written” version he put together immediately afterwards, in which he included more of the detail, knowing the importance this first-hand evidence from Hollie could have some at some point in the future. So far according to his Defence team only the rough, semi-legible version has been produced; the blue exercise book in which he wrote the second, fuller record has not been seen.

This interview and the transcripts of it, both Grampian’s own version and Robert’s version, when married with the other key evidence in the police hands would leave a properly-working force in no doubt that an investigation was urgently needed. Grampian were also in possession of the 4 medical reports confirming Hollie’s abuse as a child, 2 by well-known doctors whose expert analysis fully supported her allegations, and the report of Dr Frances Kelly, their own medical forensics officer who carried about an internal examination on her on 20 May 2000, two days after she and Anne had first reported her father Denis Mackie and brother Greg as her abusers at Bucksburn Police Station in Aberdeen. Dr Kelly had found clear evidence that Hollie had been abused. This was later confirmed in a letter dated 24 September 2003 to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority from DI Iain Alley of Grampian’s Criminal Investigation Division.

This clear medical confirmation of Hollie’s allegations against her father and brother should have sent the Aberdeen police straight round to the Mackie home to confiscate the computers and bedding, especially as brother Greg already had already been convicted of a sexual offence! It should be remembered that this first report of the abuse she had suffered in May 2000 came several months before she had begun to name any of the other perpetrators. Only her father and brother were so far on the radar.

In the court at Stonehaven yesterday, much was made of Grampian Police’s Forensic Computing expertise when Ronald Findlay who had set up the unit in the late ‘90s and his colleague Gordon Simon took the stand after DC Evans. They had carried out “hundreds” of computer investigations over the years, they said, proceeding to divulge what they had found on Robert’s computer and how they had extracted that, a somewhat lengthy exegesis which sent at least one person in the public gallery literally to sleep!

So why had Mackie’s computer been left untouched? That is the question which remains as burningly relevant today as it was back in 2000. In fact, it is even more relevant in 2012 with so many people expressing grievance at having been publicly accused of horrible crimes against children by Hollie, Anne and Robert. Their innocence, if indeed they are innocent could have been established a dozen years ago! Mackie and Greg would have been locked up (meaning Portuguese as well as Scottish children would be safe from these monsters), Anne and Hollie would not have had to leave Scotland nor would Anne have been sectioned under the Mental Health Act, the people of Ferry Hill and Bridge of Don areas of Aberdeen would not have needed to be told worrying information about dangerous sex-offenders in their neighbourhoods and Robert Green, bless him would doubtless be busy defending some other victim/s of injustice or official corruption. Oh, and if Grampian Police had been doing their job, Roy Greig’s murderer would be behind bars too.

After the two Forensic Computing experts had given their evidence, the actual contents of Robert’s computer were put before the court by DS (now Sergeant) Stewart Drummond, in what was clearly an exercise to prove that Robert had breached his bail conditions, rather than that he had breached the peace. It was DS Drummond who had been sent to arrest Robert on 12th February 2010. Drummond had assembled a sequence of extracts from Robert’s many public appearances on internet TV and radio and speeches given at public meetings in the period February to April 2010, the majority of which had taken place outside Scotland or in cyber-space and none at all in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire. In two of the extracts Robert alluded to the principle underpinning the bail “to do nothing to prevent the course of justice”. “So that’s exactly what I’m doing, assisting the course of justice! ” he told his interviewer (Paul Drockton Show, 23 March, Truthjuice Llangollen 24 March).

Eyes moistened in the public gallery when Hollie herself suddenly popped up in one of the interviews. She was on the Manchester Online show of 7th March 2010 along with Anne and Robert. The host Tony Legend asked her what she thought should happen to her dad? Hollie was in no doubt at all. “He should go to jail”, she said. And what about the other people, should they go to jail too? “Yes, the WHOLE LOT of them!”

At which point, two of the witnesses who had stayed on to keep watch over the proceedings couldn’t take any more and left the courtroom.

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This site came under sustained hack attempts overnight in what was clearly an attempt to interfere with its good working.

In particular there were 39 Attacks, by 11 attackers using 21 separate IP addresses. All failed. In the main it was an attempt to corrupt the Share buttons on each post, and in particular the Facebook share.

One can only assume that the reporting of the Trial of Robert Green is causing much consternation amongst the powers that be, and that they have tried to limit the spreading of the reports. That the MSM have been largely silenced is witness to this.

Our response has been to harden our site security, update and make more widely available the share facility on this site, and you will notice that the share options now appear on a floating sidebar as well as within the posts themselves.

We have also made the content available via mobile phone, which we can see a good number of you have already made use of.

The truth will eventually come out, but in the meantime the interest in this story of an attempt to silence the messenger of a heinous crime that still remains to be properly investigated is growing daily. We will continue to report, whether that is liked or disapproved of or not.

Justice is for all.

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Trial Day 3 – Grampian Police on the back foot

Posted on January 18, 2012 by Belinda


Crown Office in attempt to block defence questioning of Grampian police “weak link” DC Lisa Evans.

Towards the end of a very interesting day, the Trial came to a dramatic halt after Procurator Fiscal Stephen McGowan attempted to prevent DC Lisa Evans being cross-examined by Robert’s defence QC, Andy Lamb. Even Sheriff Bowen admitted being “mystified” but agreed to an adjournment, as Robert’s Counsel and the PF could not reach an agreement. It has not yet become clear why the Prosecution seem so desperate to obstruct the cross-examination of a particularly weak witness.

We should point out that Evans was the officer who interviewed Hollie about her allegations on 8th September 2009 at Shrewsbury, witnessed by Robert. From the current cross-examining of alleged abusers and victims, it has been confirmed that none of those named were ever interviewed as a result of Hollie’s detailed and precise evidence and, in line with what appears to be normal police procedure over such allegations these days, no computers were seized or examined.

DC Evans had been brought in as a prosecution witness because she was one of the officers involved in the raid on Robert’s home on 13th February 2010 whilst he was being held in Aberdeen and his computer, unlike those of the alleged sex abusers, was seized. The computer and papers taken from his living room (with no inventory supplied) were part of today’s court productions.

It would seem that Grampian police have a confusing sense of priorities when computers of alleged sex-abusers are not seized or examined, but the computer of someone who trying to expose the abusers is confiscated! There may well be some rational explanation for this anomaly but so far after two years, no one has been able to provide one.

Although the Evans issue seems to present a problem for the prosecution, it was not the only set-back for the Crown. Today’s witnesses packed less of a punch than yesterday’s, in particular Win Dragon, who seemed to be overwhelmed and incoherent. Dragon repeatedly claimed that Hollie had never been raped. However, she admitted to being a friend of Denis Charles Mackie, which could have affected her judgement. She was also cross-examined by Mr Lamb about her relationship with Dame Anne Begg, MP for Aberdeen South.

There seems to be an increasing mood of dissatisfaction about Grampian police’s repeated failure to investigate Hollie’s allegations, or to try to ascertain the true facts about the death of Robert Greig. As we said yesterday and as we believe is rapidly becoming apparent to even the most sceptical observer in the court, the witnesses who claim to be angry and/or distressed about Robert’s allegations should instead direct their feelings towards Grampian police whose negligence, and possibly worse, has brought things to this pass.

Most conspicuously absent from today’s court productions are the 2 notebooks seized from Robert’s house in which details of DC Evans’ interview with Hollie were recorded. This account from another source today:

Another witness called by the prosecution was DC Lisa Evens, of Shrewsbury Police. DC Evens was the female Officer who interviewed Hollie whilst Robert listened in intently outside the room, noting down everything that was said between them and then transcribing his notes into another document later the same day, so as to be sure nothing was forgotten or overlooked. DC Evens was also one of the Police Officers who took part in the raid on Robert’s home on 13th February 2010. During that raid, DC Evens and her partner took Robert’s home table-top computer and, amongst other things, BOTH of Robert’s note books which contained a very precise and detailed record of the interview between DC Evens and Hollie Greig. These two documents would, of course, be of critical importance in such a case as Robert’s. To that end, Robert’s legal team requested sight of them today. The case was temporarily adjourned so that all of the presented evidence could be gone through by both sides in an attempt to find these two note books. Oddly, the documents were nowhere to be found! They do not appear to be listed as part of the legal bundle presented by either side either. How strange!

Once again, Robert wishes to thank all those who turn up every day to support him and for all the kind messages of encouragement he has been receiving. Please note there is no hearing on Friday, so after Thursday’s session the trial will resume again on Monday.

Admin Note:

Following the updates from Stonehaven court for the past three days, on Hollie’s website, the hits have increased expotencially as they have for other supporting sites with a phenomenal amount of interest. On Hollie’s site alone, downloads of the Buchanan V Robert Green pdf file are now heading close to 1,000. The dam is fit to burst. Mainstream media are at long last NOW showing an interest as are councils and police in both England and Scotland. Across the world people are visiting the site. Due to the wonderful support of the many thousands of people who support truth and justice, it finally feels that justice may in the end prevail for all three victims of authoritarian abuse – in many departments.

Please continue to visit, support, comment and spread the word about the documents, which reveal so much.

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Trial Day 2 – The Witnesses for the Prosecution

Posted on January 17, 2012 by Belinda


Today the trial began in earnest, being the day when the Prosecution managed to call and question 15 civilian witnesses, with a few more to follow tomorrow, plus the police witnesses.

First to take the stand at 10.10am was Sheriff Graham Buchanan who claimed he was not related to Evelyn or Jack Buchanan, nor to Sarah Jane Buchanan from Aberdeen Social Services. He was extremely vague and unconvincing about the depth of his association with Elish Angiolini, despite his having served in Aberdeen as a Sheriff during the time when she was Area Procurator Fiscal and, as he later confessed having spoken to her regularly when she was working in Airdrie as Deputy Fiscal in the ‘80s. He denied all Hollie’ allegations of which he had first learned in June 2009, prior to which he claimed to have had no knowledge of Hollie or her case, and was very vague also about his about his involvement in Anne and Denis Mackie’s divorce case, although he had acted as Sheriff.

Furthermore, Simpson and Marwick which had organised his interdict against Robert also act for Denis Mackie, a fact initially denied by the law-firm, but which later had to be retracted by senior partner Peter Anderson when Anne was able to produce a document to prove otherwise.

When Buchanan was asked if he had looked at the variety of material about Hollie on the internet, he made a surprising attack on David Icke. He replied that one of the sites that was publishing Hollie’s story was Icke’s website and said he was “comforted” that David Icke was “a strange fellow”, therefore any material he published “doesn’t have any credibility”.

A large number of the alleged abusers and victims then gave evidence. It would appear even to an outsider, let alone to all those following this case, that their answers to the prosecution had been carefully rehearsed and choreographed, since all were polished performances and no two adjectival words or terms used to describe their emotion at having being branded child-abusers were the same. Much was made of their being distressed by articles on websites and blogs that were controlled not by Robert but by Greg Lance Watkins and Tom George.

An explanation is required as to why these other 2 individuals have not been charged, as it could be argued that their blogs have caused more ‘alarm and distress’ than anything put out by Robert.

A key witness was Sylvia Major, one of the three people named in the report by Dr Eva Harding confirming Hollie had been abused and identifying her abusers, the other two being Denis and Greg Mackie, Hollie’s father and brother. It should be remembered that this was the report that secured Hollie her award of £13,500 by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. Of all the witnesses it was agreed by those observing in the public gallery that Major made the weakest and least convincing impression, “I can’t/don’t recall” being a frequent response and little emotion, contrived or otherwise being shown.

A considerable number of those called continued in similar vein, having either forgotten information or as expected denying everything of which they are accused by Hollie, yet here and there belying the need for more probing than this hearing, which is focused on indicting Robert rather than them, allowed. One such was Hollie’s aunt, Jillian Mackie who first described herself as a nurse then admitted later she was actually currently involved in child protection work. Although she was at pains to portray herself as just an ordinary woman, she recently testified in the High Court in Glasgow that she was a friend and colleague of the convicted murderer Malcolm Webster. At that hearing it was alleged that she supplied Webster with the drugs that may have led to Mrs Webster’s death. Also at that hearing, Graeme and Jillian Mackie admitted to having received a mysterious ‘loan’ of £10,000 from the murderer, yet this was left hanging in the air, unexplained.

The final witness of significance was Hollie’s former head-teacher at Beechwood School, Andrew Young who began by saying he could hardly remember Hollie Greig, yet as the interview went on, including questions about the 2 medical reports by Dr Paul Carter indicating that Hollie was at serious risk he appeared to have a far more detailed knowledge than he first implied. He didn’t remember Hollie but he knew exactly when she left the school, and under cross-examination he confirmed that Robert had brought up Dr Carter’s issues in late 2009, yet he had taken no steps to check their veracity. Throughout giving his evidence he appeared nervous and uncomfortable.

Robert stresses that it is not the function of this court to ascertain whether all these people are telling the truth or otherwise, owing to the narrowness of the charge against him. All the prosecution witnesses had to demonstrate was the degree to which he had caused them ‘alarm and distress’. Every single witness confirmed that they had never been questioned about Hollie’s allegations, whether in 2000 or 2009, which is precisely the point Robert has always made about Grampian police’s failure to investigate.

If any of these people were telling the truth, therefore, why hadn’t they directed their anger at Grampian police for not conducting an investigation which, if they really had been innocent, would have cleared their names long ago, and obviated the need for the public campaign they have all found so distressing!

And why, in view of the degree of distress and anger these witnesses claimed to have suffered, has not one had embarked on the conventional legal remedy of defamation against Robert Green which was open to all, and taken steps to clear their names, either individually or as a Class?

The evidence of these witnesses may need to be put to the test in future court cases.

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Trial Day 1 – Angiolini still on the hook

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At Stonehaven Sheriff Court, Aberdeenshire, Day 1 of the resumption of Robert’s Trial on Breach-of-the-Peace charges, joining the previous line-up of Sheriff Principle Bowen, Procurator Fiscal for Edinburgh and Prosecutor for the Crown, Stephen McGowan aided by Anne Currie, Procurator Fiscal for Aberdeen, was a new Counsel for the Defence, Andy Lamb assisted by Lili Prais, instructed by Solicitor Patrick Campbell. Some 5 out of the 61 witnesses for the prosecution (and their driver) were also spotted going into the building. All had to run the gauntlet of the crowd of Green’s supporters who had braved the sub-zero temperatures to stand outside the courthouse and welcome participants with clicking cameras, placards and a ‘Scotland’s Shame’ banner. Catching sight of the battery of cameras, Sheriff Bowen tried to hide his face behind his briefcase as he entered the courthouse.


Robert got things off to a flying start by asking first McGowan, then the Sheriff if they were Freemasons? He cannily popped this question before responding to the Clerk’s opening question, are you George Robert Green? confirmation of which would have doubtless resulted in the Freemason issue being dismissed out of hand, so it was now or never, as Robert explained afterwards. Besides, he wanted to put the Freemasons in the frame right at the outset, this being not just a case about the rape and torture of children, but as he told the court, ever since April 2010 when during the course of an Interim Diet he had spotted a document with the Masonic insignia passing between McGowan and Sheriff Patrick Davies he had been disturbed by this possible element in the case. Up till then he had been of the opinion that the case was not connected with Freemasonry. So why were the Prosecution using this to influence the Sheriff? A question that remains unanswered to this moment.

Again, as Robert explained afterwards, his raising this issue was by no means to discredit Freemasons in general, which would be unfair, but merely to question if there was some undue Masonic influence in the proceedings being brought against him and the manner in which they were being conducted. There was now the new question of a mysterious tie-up between his previous Counsel Frances McMenamin and the reporter from the Scottish Sun, who seemed to be ‘in the know’, to use a Freemasonic metaphor, about what was to transpire in Stonehaven Court on 15th November 2011. If it became clear from the evidence coming out of this case that Freemasonry was harbouring within its ranks rogue elements who are protecting paedophiles and abusing their public position in the process, then that would obviously be a matter of concern to all who are members of this organisation which, at a certain level anyway, prides itself on its moral standards. Quite apart from the fact it would indicate that there could be a collusion between the Bench and the Prosecution which would constitute a conflict of interests.

This was then the reason why Robert asked the question, in the interests of justice being seen to be done, and had the Sheriff answered in the affirmative he would have asked him to recuse himself.

McGowan, whom we have never seen looking anything but discomforted in his thankless role of Prosecutor for the Crown, after the briefest of pauses for reflection and looking down at the floor, answered “no I am not”. The Sheriff himself tetchily told Robert he did not intend to answer the question. Whereupon Robert confirmed to the Clerk, “yes, I am George Robert Green” and the hearing began.

Whether or not they had been prepared for this opening salvo, Anne Currie for the Prosecution was certainly ready to deal with the issue of the citation of Elish Angiolini. She attempted to dismiss that first-off, indicating that as the former Lord Advocate was not amongst those who have been offended by Robert’s allegations/named as Hollie’s abusers, she had nothing to do with the case. At which there were gasps of incredulity from the public gallery and one loud chortle, the perpetrator of which was summarily removed from the chamber.

It will be remembered that Currie has come unstuck over the witnesses and is currently under investigation over an attempt to mislead the court. Robert has by now seen the statements of the 61 who include members of the justice service, including Peter Watson of Levy & McCrae, as well as friends and neighbours of those named by Hollie as her former abusers. Many of these people were previously described by Currie on 13th April 2011 as ‘traumatised’. This would have placed them in the vulnerable witness category, requiring accompanying medical reports, yet these are conspicuously absent. In fact not even Peter Watson would seem to have been ‘traumatised’ by the course of events, despite the additional pressures on him of the Stephen Purcell case.

Without going into the vapidity of Currie’s argument, Andy Lamb suggested to the Sheriff that the Prosecution’s evidence needed to be heard before any decision regarding the former Lord Advocate’s attendance or otherwise was taken. And surprisingly, the Sheriff concurred!

Lamb then went on to point out to the Sheriff that as he had only just arrived on the case and had in fact only met Robert in person for the first time that previous evening, he had not had sufficient time to prepare the defence and requested an adjournment for the rest of the day.

Again, Sheriff Bowen was disposed to be amenable, but cautioned Lamb that if he let him off for the rest of the day, he did not expect him to use the time and then walk off the case! as had happened on the previous occasion. He wanted everyone back in court ready to go at 10 am sharp the following morning.

Thus proceedings on Day 1 terminated shortly before 11 am and everyone could enjoy the by then brilliant sunshine and a breath of sea air.

Best of all, Angiolini cannot yet sleep easy in her bed. "

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