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Tuesday, 31 July 2012



Letter to Tim Collard

The following letter was sent to Shropshire Council on Monday 23rd June in order to clarify points that have either not been answered previously or where we have found to have been given false answers in the past.
On the Wednesday 25th the CEO of Shropshire Council, Kim Ryley suddenly and unexpectedly resigned and left.
Dear Mr Collard
I refer to your letter dated 22nd June 2012 [......]
Two years on, the Greigs house is still not repaired, although estimates were submitted to the Housing Department. Shropshire Council officials continue to deny responsibility. The police likewise deny all liability; they state, Shropshire Council instigated the break-in.
We require the names of the staff in attendance at Anne and Hollie’s home on 3rd June 2010, as they may be required to write a statement in relation to the crime that took place on that day. How do you support your claim that your staff were not responsible in any way for the damage caused to the property? Provide further clarification.
Provide the details of the assistance the Council gave to the police to enter the premises. Did the Council employees actually enter the premises by breaching the threshold of the property?
With regard to the compensation sought, this was rejected on the grounds that the police action was lawful. Provide a certified copy of a wet signed warrant issued by a magistrate to enter the property or provide details of what reasonable cause for forced entry was claimed by the police, as well as of the removal of personal items.
Since Anne and Hollie are Council tenants, provide an update on your promise to look into this issue further and for note: I acknowledge your comment on the spending of public money.
Can you confirm for clarification, as a representative of Shropshire Council, that you are not seeking to remove Hollie from her mother by direct legal action, or by any other means, against her will or the will of her mother?
Can you further confirm, as Legal Services Manager, that the Family Court judges and the judges in the Court of Appeal were acting under their sworn Public Oaths of Office at the moment of any administrative hearing regarding this case? Also, confirm that all previous court hearings in relation to this matter have been administered by duly authorised individuals acting under their sworn Public Oaths of Office.
Sworn Public Oaths of Office constitute a very clear logical and fundamental principle of the judicial system and one which demands full respect. As a Legal Services Manager, you should be able to provide confirmation. Anne has asked for this confirmation from the Court. Under the Oaths Act of 1978, each of these individuals made a solemn, ecclesiastical ‘promise to do without fear or favour all manner of good to all peoples.’
We now accept and acknowledge this solemn promise and require certified confirmation that representatives of our judicial system will uphold this voluntary oath to which they have subjected themselves without the possibility of perjury charges. This oath they have taken, overtly serves to subject them to an unwarrantable jurisdiction wherein they have no rights, and ‘their duties shall be to all people without fear, favour and ill will.’
Society functions according to fundamental principles of law, to provide a remedy in criminal and civil matters. One of these fundamentals is honour (honesty) of which the opposite is dishonour (dishonesty).
Disregarding fundamentals in a civil matter when there is no injured party or consent to civil proceedings can and does in most cases create an injured party. In this case the Greigs are the injured party and yet they are treated like a criminal party due to the actions of individuals who represent various agencies and local authorities.
Mr Collard, as the Principal Solicitor for Shropshire Council, you will be aware that you have a duty. Under the Law Society and the Solicitors Regulation Authority, you are required to adhere to fundamental principles. One of these primary principles is to uphold the rule of law and the proper administration of justice. We now hold you to this principle by bringing to your attention our fear that proper administration of justice and/or the rule of law will be abandoned. The evidence of this abandonment will be firstly the failure on your part to provide confirmation of your Public Oaths of Office.
Any administration of this ‘estate’ must be administered at all times under the Justices’ sworn Public Oaths of Office and anything other than this is improper, unjust, obtained with non agreement and under duress and harassment. This will not provide a resolution to this issue.
As the Principal Solicitor for Shropshire Council, we trust that upholding the rule of law and ensuring proper administration of justice will be your operating principles in these matters.
Before penalties of perjury can be attached to an ‘Oath,’ the ‘Oath’ must have been taken and the party must be lawfully sworn in accordance with the Oaths Act 1978. This confirmation is forthcoming from the justices and will ensure no favour will be provided to a corporation, which exists only through a legal entity. Corporations such as Shropshire Council are the ‘created’ and not the ‘creator.’ They are represented by trustees and not by beneficiaries.
As duly appointed Public Servant Trustees, your scope of Office and the law prohibit you as individuals from interference in other individuals’ private affairs and any claim over their lives. If you claim you have such a right then you must provide an affidavit to affirm this. Would Shropshire Council be willing to address this issue with transparency in an open public forum, to which purpose we will arrange the hire of a public meeting hall?
Note the following points, which we will be happy to address openly in public, should you accept this offer to help, remedy and bring these matters to speedy closure:
1) Provide proof of authority, such as permits you to take action against Anne and Hollie Greig in the High Court.
2) Who instigated the Missing Persons alert for Anne and Hollie Greig, in June 2010? This in turn instigated the forced entry of their home by the police.
3) Explain how persons who caused damage to the home of Hollie Greig, whilst she and her mother were away on holiday, leaving it in an uninhabitable state, constitutes protecting Hollie as a vulnerable adult?
4) Why was the electricity left turned off in Anne and Hollie’s home, spoiling all refrigerated and frozen food?
5) Neighbours state that people remained in Anne and Hollie’s home for approximately ten hours, until 10pm on the night of the break-in. Why was it necessary to go onto the roof of the house? Specify in detail what was done in those ten hours to the home.
6) Provide a copy of the warrants used to enter the property and take belongings, as required by law, and a copy of the item log for items removed from Anne and Hollie’s home. The law states that an inventory of items removed must be left in the home. Provide a copy of that inventory.
7) The actions sanctioned were hugely inappropriate. Upon inspection, the home was found to have loft insulation and wiring disturbed, broken internal doors, unsafe external doors (split), security alarm disabled/broken and curtains/rails pulled down, freezer and fridge contents destroyed and the lock smashed off internal shed door – left unsecured. Advise which Statute, Act, Regulation, or Code was used to apply for the required warrants from a Justice of the Peace in order to enter this property, remove belongings and if necessary cause damage.
8.) *Have you, Tim Collard and your colleague Stephen Chandler, considered the psychological and emotional impact caused by the violation of and wilful damage to Anne and Hollie’s home? Provide the unredacted risk assessment.
9) In the light of Data Protection Laws, under what authority did Stephen Chandler contact Anne Greig’s GP, Dr Brodie Fraser and discuss her health and other issues?
Provide full-unredacted documented details of all correspondence including statements of any telephone conversations.
10) Who ‘in Scotland’ initiated concerns to Shropshire Council about Anne’s mental health? Provide the name/s and documented evidence.
11) Have you or anyone else in Shropshire Council seen evidence of any sectioning warrants issued ‘in Scotland’ against Anne Greig? Provide a certified copy.
12) What is the exact relationship between Shropshire Council and Grampian Police in this matter? What is the nature of the reporting functions to Grampian Police? Provide full documented details of all correspondence.
13) In documents obtained from Shropshire Council under FOI, it states, “Jan Clamp told a Level 3 Meeting, she had been informed by Scottish Police that HG and her mother AG have a long history of making wild allegations….”
Give the full name of the Scottish Officer who provided Jan Clamp with this allegation. Provide full unredacted documented details of all correspondence.
14) Shropshire Social Service records state: “AG was regarded as a risk to HG …and she displays paranoid thoughts.”
Explain by whose assessment and under what authority and under what guidance this statement was made?
15) In documents obtained under FOI, it states: “The state of Anne’s mind became an issue for (Grampian) police which resulted in her being sectioned under the Mental Health Act (1984). Her ability to care for HG was called into question.”
Confirm with ‘absolute certainty’ with ‘documentary evidence’ that Anne has ever suffered from mental illness.
16) What authority and evidence permit Shropshire Council to state Anne Greig had/has “paranoid thoughts?” Provide full unredacted documented details of all correspondence and evidence.
17) In records obtained from Shropshire Council under FOI, state: Shropshire Council is providing reports to Grampian Police. Provide unredacted copies of all reports exchanged between Shropshire Council and Grampian Police relating to Anne and Hollie Greig and all unredacted Social Service records, under Data Subject Access Request, Section 7.
18) In records obtained from Shropshire Council under FOI, it is states: “January 24, 2006, HG took part in a video interview, she was confused and rambling.”
Provide a copy of this video and the name under whose authority this assumption was made.
19) Stephen Chandler is quoted in documents as saying: “He felt he would rather concentrate his efforts and time in court making Hollie safe and securing her immediate protection.” What does this statement mean precisely, for protection against what and whom?
Provide further clarification and justification for this statement* see (8) above.
20) In records obtained from Shropshire Council under FOI, it states: “Explore ways of ensuring Shropshire Council is alerted if Anne and Hollie travel to another part of the country and come to notice.” Was this request implemented? Provide precise unredacted details.
21) If the answer to question 20 is yes, state what overt/covert action has been undertaken? Provide precise unredacted details of all such actions and any notifications.
22) Have any of Anne and Hollie’s movements been entered into West Mercia Police and Shropshire Council’s databases and records? Provide unredacted copies of all reports and database records under Data Subject Access Request, Section 7.
23) In records obtained from Shropshire Council under FOI, it states: “8 May 2007. Police searched their intelligence for details of Denis and Greg Mackie [….]”
To which police force does this quote refer? Provide the precise and full-unredacted report to which this quotation is part.
24) In records obtained from Shropshire Council under FOI, there is a letter/report dated 2/6/2010 reference: StephenChandler/STAFF/SHROPSHIRE-CC from Stephen Chandler to Kim Ryley.
Provide the unredacted letter/report and any other correspondence to/from Kim Ryley regarding Anne Greig or Hollie Greig, under Data Subject Access Request, Section 7.
We do not know whether Kim Ryley’s sudden departure is in any way related to the contents of this letter, as we are actively exploring the possibility of action, and our reason for publishing this particular letter is to ensure that the questions put to Shropshire Council are seen by the public at large.
We hope that following the largely unexplained departure of Kim Ryley, Shropshire Council will now see sense and withdraw from all legal actions at all levels against Hollie Greig and her mother Anne.

Original Article at Hollie Demands Justice http://holliedemandsjustice.org/content/letter-to-tim-collard/







50 police officers arrested in child porn raids

Fifty police officers across the UK have been arrested as part of a crackdown on suspected paedophiles who pay to access child pornography websites, detectives revealed today.
The officers were among 1,300 people arrested on suspicion of accessing or downloading indecent images of children - some as young as five - from US-based Internet sites.
Thirty-five men were arrested in London this morning as part of the investigation - codenamed Operation Ore - following raids on 45 addresses across the capital.
Of the 50 policemen identified, eight have been charged to date and the remainder bailed pending further inquiries. Scotland Yard said none of those arrested today was a policeman.
At a press conference at Scotland Yard today, Jim Gamble, assistant chief constable of the National Crime Squad, said he was not surprised at the number of police officers among the suspects.
"As police officers, we should expect to be held accountable," he said.
"Fifty police officers have been identified and we are not hiding that fact. We want you to know about that to reassure you.
"Police officers are member of the communities that they serve and there will be good people and bad people in the police."
Mr Gamble said the 50 officers were among 1,200 Britons who had been identified as "category one or two" suspects - those who posed the greatest potential risk to children.
In addition, 40 children nationwide - 28 of them in London - had been identified as being at risk of being abused and appropriate steps had been taken with other agencies to ensure that all the youngsters were safe.
Before today's arrests, the Metropolitan Police had executed 75 warrants across the capital with 65 arrests and more than 130 computers seized. Although 7,000 suspected users of "pay-per-view" child pornography sites based in the US were identified in Britain, Mr Gamble said the actual number of offenders would probably be lower, partly due to duplicates.
The Met's Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Carole Howlett, said today's raids represented the single largest operation of its kind mounted so far by the force.
She added: "Our priority so far has been to identify those individuals on the list that pose the greatest threat to children now.
"But this process is on-going ... and it will continue after today, even though it is extremely resource intensive."
Ms Howlett also announced that the Home Office had agreed to allocate an extra £500,000 to support further action as part of Operation Ore.
She said the money would be used to provide extra training in computer forensics for officers across the country and to buy more equipment for analysing computers seized.
Commenting on today's operation, children's charity NSPCC said it had been assisting the Met by responding to any emerging child protection matters.
Colin Turner, head of NSPCC's specialist investigation service, said: "The arrests send out a strong warning to those that think they can remain anonymous and escape the law by using the Internet to trade in child abuse images.
"Behind these indecent, abusive images are real children who will have suffered immense damage and trauma."
Operation Ore is the UK wing of a huge FBI operation which traced 250,000 paedophiles worldwide last year through credit card details used to pay for downloading child porn.
The names of British suspects were passed on by US investigators.
Suspects were traced through the Landslide web site - a gateway to an international collection of child pornography sites.
Thomas Reedy, who ran the web site and earned millions from it, is now serving several life sentences in the US.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Peter Levenda: Secret Space Program Conference Amsterdam 2011

Uploaded by samertje on 29 Jul 2011

Topic: Sinister forces, Paper clip, Nazi to NASA Secret Space Program, JFK and the Cold War
"From Peenemunde to Paperclip, from Nazis to NASA the Secret Space Program and the Cold War." Peter will focus on the Nazi space scientists, their UFO designs, Operation Paperclip, and the strange connections between the UFO phenomenon of 1947 and the Jim Garrison investigation into the JFK assassination in 1967.

03 Apr 2011 sinisterforces.info
Bio: Peter Levenda is a native of the Bronx, New York, and has been investigating and writing about the connections that exist between politics, religion and history since the 1970s. His first book, Unholy Alliance: A History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult, was published in 1994 and bears a foreword by Norman Mailer. Since then, he has published Sinister Forces: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft, a three-volume magnum opus that searches for the meaning behind some of the most famous historical events in American history, from the Salem witchcraft trials to Jonestown, from Operation Paperclip to the weaponizing of the paranormal, from the serial killer phenomenon to the Manson Family and beyond, and exposes some of the strangest aspects of American political assassinations and their relation to a shadowy -- yet well-documented -- group known as "The Nine". His research has taken him to Chile during the Pinochet regime to investigate Nazi war criminals, to China, India, all over Southeast Asia, and throughout Europe and Latin America. His work has been praised by Paul Krassner, Jim Hougan, Dick Russell, Jim Marrs, Whitley Strieber, Katherine Neville, and many others. He has appeared numerous times in television documentaries on the influence of occult beliefs on the development of the Nazi Party: on the History Channel, the National Geographic Channel, TNT, Discovery, etcTHIS IS GREAT Uploaded by samertje on 29 Jul 2011 http://secretspaceprogram.com Topic: Sinister forces, Paper clip, Nazi to NASA Secret Space Program, JFK and the Cold War "From Peenemunde to Paperclip, from Nazis to NASA the Secret Space Program and the Cold War." Peter will focus on the Nazi space scientists, their UFO designs, Operation Paperclip, and the strange connections between the UFO phenomenon of 1947 and the Jim Garrison investigation into the JFK assassination in 1967. 03 Apr 2011 sinisterforces.info Bio: Peter Levenda is a native of the Bronx, New York, and has been investigating and writing about the connections that exist between politics, religion and history since the 1970s. His first book, Unholy Alliance: A History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult, was published in 1994 and bears a foreword by Norman Mailer. Since then, he has published Sinister Forces: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft, a three-volume magnum opus that searches for the meaning behind some of the most famous historical events in American history, from the Salem witchcraft trials to Jonestown, from Operation Paperclip to the weaponizing of the paranormal, from the serial killer phenomenon to the Manson Family and beyond, and exposes some of the strangest aspects of American political assassinations and their relation to a shadowy -- yet well-documented -- group known as "The Nine". His research has taken him to Chile during the Pinochet regime to investigate Nazi war criminals, to China, India, all over Southeast Asia, and throughout Europe and Latin America. His work has been praised by Paul Krassner, Jim Hougan, Dick Russell, Jim Marrs, Whitley Strieber, Katherine Neville, and many others. He has appeared numerous times in television documentaries on the influence of occult beliefs on the development of the Nazi Party: on the History Channel, the National Geographic Channel, TNT, Discovery, etc.

Friday, 27 July 2012



Persevere in Prayer day and night
27 Jul 2012 Leave a Comment
Friday, 27th July 2012. 9.57am
Abba Father, I thank You for this second day of fasting and prayer for the Musa family. Thank You for bringing me thus far in Your plan for them, for surely those of us who stand with our brethren in prison will be blessed by Your own sweet hand of love.
Holy Spirit, my Teacher, guide my thoughts and my finger tips as a I write this update, and may what I share with Your beloved ones speak deep into every heart. Amen.
This morning, as I was stirring from my sleep, I thought of our second day of fasting and prayer for the Musas, and the Lord knows I was listening for Him. My spirit was saying: ‘Speak my Beloved…speak!’
He spoke. He said: ‘Though none go with you, still I will follow!’
I wondered why He said these words to me. I recognised them with no hesitation. They were the words of a song which I chose at my water baptism in March 1986. The words of the song came back to me and my spirit was singing the words: ‘Though none go with me, still I will follow…’
The Pastor who baptised me, Pastor Harold Stevens, had said: ‘Choose two songs which we can sing at your baptism.’ The songs came to my mind immediately. The first one was: I have decided to follow Jesus and the second was: I love you Lord. There was a guitar player on the beach, and we sang both songs when I had come out of the ocean that beautiful early evening TEARS. It was a most blessed time. None came with me. Not one person attended my water baptism with me, except my toddler daughter and son.
I had come to Jesus through a Mission who had visited our town on the 17th February 1985, and I gave my life to Jesus that Sunday evening at St Ives Guildhall. As each day went by following my commitment, I read about water baptism in the bible, and I knew I wanted to be baptised like Jesus disciples. I purchased a book on baptism and I answered each question very carefully in the back of the book. The question and answer section was there so you could clearly understand what the meaning of water baptism was.
I then phoned Pastor Harold Stevens, a Methodist minister and asked to meet with him. He took my little booklet and said he would read all my answers and get back to me. He did, and the good news was, he said he believed I understood the full meaning of water baptism, and yes he would baptise me.
He was baptising some of his church members, and he would include me. My Nan told me Pastor Harold Stevens was a distant relative of ours, and that was nice, hearing that. Pastor Harold Stevens knew I had been brought to Jesus through a visiting Mission and I had no Church to look after me, but this did not deter him from going ahead with my baptism.
No one came with me to my baptism service. Everyone had relatives and friends, and I had no one. The other Christians had flasks of drinks, relatives holding their towels ready to capture them in their arms as they came out of the ocean. I had no human to capture me in their arms. I had the smiling faces of my two toddler children, and I am not sure how much they would have understood what Mummy was doing that day. But Beloved, you know, I know now, there was Some One there to meet me that day, and I was not alone.
Paul told Timothy he had no one to go to the court with him when he was falsely accused. That night the Lord said: ‘Paul, you will not be at that court alone tomorrow, I will be with you, and I will put My words in your mouth when you speak to the Judge.’
Brethren, this is what I pray for Gloria and Chiwar Musa. My prayer is: Lord Jesus, stand beside Gloria and Chiwar and put Your words in their mouth when they speak to the Judge. Recently, a friend of Gloria and Chiwar sent me a copy of a letter Gloria has written to the Judges. She entitles it: To Just Judges. I think I only have two pages of the original letter.

Letter from Bishop Gloria Musa addressed to Just Judges

Letter from Bishop Gloria Musa addressed to Just Judges (second page)

Day one, Fast & Prayer for the Musa Family update 3

26 Jul 2012 Leave a Comment
Thursday, 26th July, 2.45pm
Loving Heavenly Father
Thank You for bringing us this far through this day of fasting and prayer for our brethren the Musas. I pray You will continue to guide us in all we think, say and do. Beloved ones, I am really looking forward to your updates when you’re ready. I know America will only now be stirring from her sleep J Wake up America and smile for this is a new day and the Lord is shining His light on His Beloved Bride.
Yesterday, I ordered Richard Wurmbrand’s book: Torchured for Christ. I read it back in the mid 80’s. The late Nikki Pearce had sent me a copy. I remember it had such an impact on me. I ordered it yesterday from Amazon and I was most surprised to see it arrive in the post today. I ordered a copy for Gloria Musa as well. I have a book of sermons by Martin Luther King for Chiwar Musa. I have a belated card for Gloria and a lovely writing book. Gloria is a writer.
I felt drawn to Gloria when I heard about her situation, and as I was looking at her photographs today, what struck me was, she reminds me of my lovely daughter Lise; that beautiful olive skin, black eyes and lovely long ringlet hair. I remember when Lise was working as a waitress in the local Chinese restaurant years ago. She was serving a table of customers who were from Zambia. She said one of them said to her: ‘Are you Zambian?’
My daughter said she was surprised when she was asked this question. She replied: ‘My dad is Zambian.’ The woman said she could tell by looking at the shape of my daughter’s face she was Zambian. I think my daughter thought this was quite incredible and I think I do too. I mean, I would never have thought of describing my daughter as Zambian.

I am dark, but lovely, O you daughters of Jerusalem. Song of Solomon 1:5
I have always described her as British, but if you think about it, she is British and she is Zambian – half and half! I have never wanted her to deny her father’s side of the family despite what happened. So, I am wondering how the Lord works in all of this things, how He uses different things to draw us into what He wants us to do. He draws our heart doesn’t He? Come, come My Beloved, come away with Me, come into the Cleft of the Rock with Me and let Me hear your voice. Let me see your face, for your face, for your face is beautiful and your voice is sweet. I want to add the word, so sweet.
When I looked at this photograph of Gloria, I thought how beautiful she looks and what a sweet spirit shines out of her. That’s why it hurt me to read all the wicked things that have been written about her; people saying she is an unfit mother and so much more. Our Lord knows doesn’t He, and so we just lift this godly mother up to Him now and pray for her. Lord, take her in Your arms now and comfort her. Heal her broken heart and tell her everything is going to be fine. You will restore all that the enemy has taken from her. You will restore her family and they will once again be happy.

Day one, Fast & Prayer for the Musa Family update

26 Jul 2012 Leave a Comment
Thursday, 26th July 2012, 12.30pm
Beloved Father in Heaven
I pray You will guide me as I write this second instalment on behalf our beloved Musa brethren. Holy Spirit our Blessed Teacher, enlighten our hearts, flow through me as I think and write. I love my brothers and sisters and I want to share as You would have me share.


Children taken into care: why are the figures rising?Record numbers of families are having court cases brought against them to remove their children because of factors like abuse and negelect. We look at the data and ask why are the figures so high?

• Get the data = http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2012/feb/09/local-child-abuse-care-statistics?fb=native

Share 84
Local authorities made 903 applications to protect youngsters from abuse or neglect last month. Photograph: Edmond Terakopian/PA
Today the number of applications for children to be taken into care has hit a record high according to the Children and Family Court Advisory Service (Cafcass).

An application comes from the local authority when a child or children are thought to be in such serious danger that a court order is needed to remove them from their family. A single application can be made for one or more children in a household. The local authority application goes through to Cafcass and the courts.

If you compare the applications to previous years you can see that 2011/2012 is already clearly higher than any time in the last 4 years in England:

Click here to see the bigger version of this graph.
In total, between April 2011 and January 2012 Cafcass, received 10,199 new applications - 10.8% higher when compared to the same period last financial year

What can these figures tell us about the way the 1989 Children Act is being applied? An answer to this comes from Anthony Douglas, Chief Executive of Cafcass:

Agencies are working more quickly to ensure that children are removed from deeply damaging households where many have been for some time and are showing a lower tolerance for poor parenting. What we are seeing is an elimination of drift in neglect cases and a greater recognition of the appalling impact of neglect can have on children. Nearly every child involved needs love, care and therapy, either back home or elsewhere. All agencies need to factor in these much larger increases into their planning systems, resource allocations, workforce development strategies and service contracts, so that the most vulnerable children in the country continue to receive strong public services.

So quicker assessment and better awareness in care professionals of the damaging effects of leaving a case goes some way to explaining the increase in applications.

Another view is expressed by the Guardian's Patrick Butler who considers the "Baby P effect", but he also echoes Douglas' point about the reasons children go back into care:

Most children who go into care do so as a result of concerns that they are being neglected, not that they are at risk of physical violence or sexual abuse. The increase in applications, say professionals, reflects a greater appreciation of the impact on children of parental neglect, emotional abuse and domestic violence.

Click on a education authority to get the data. Get the Fullscreen version
We have gathered statistics from the Department for Education showing regional breakdowns of children at many more stages in the care process in a Google spreadsheet, along with the latest Cafcass figures.

What do you think? What have we learnt since the Children Act and what do these figures tell us about society at large?

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Photobucket WHY DONT THEY JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE?? Photobucket Published on 26 Jul 2012 by StoptheWarCoalition http://stopwar.org.uk/ "Why is Wikileaks founder Julian Assange seeking political asylum in Ecuador? Watch this film, see how an Interpol Red Notice has been issued for his arrest -- which is usually used for dictators and terrorists -- even Syria's Assad and Libya's Ghaddafi were not subjected to one -- and know why he is resisting extradition to Sweden." ---------------------------------------- He uncovers their dark secrets - they crucify him. 2 words - DAVID KELLY - what did he do to get murdered by the UK government? ...b.

Thursday, 26 July 2012





02 Legal Battles

                Mr Justice Beatson revives 'Vexatious Litigant' Registration                          

But I wasn't there was I?

The judgment of today's JR hearing, written some weeks ago, had not allowed for my absence due to ill health.
But who cares?
Three things you can rely on here in Wales. They are taxes, death and widespread deceit throughout Cardiff’s judiciary, while they fight for their independence away from any interference from Whitehall.
But not too quick, chaps, not before they can persuade that same HM Treasury Solicitor’s vast legal team in Whitehall that, between 2003 to 2008, slaved tirelessly when last trying to have me registered as a Vexatious Litigant over RCVS and South Police bullying.  http://kirkflyingvet.com/photos/legal/HM-Treasury-Solicitors-Office.aspx
Yesterday the usual attempts were made to ridicule a GP's medical certificate, I had handed in at the court door but that is what happens when their own rogue doctor is allowed to say I am 'mad', with irreversible, probably, 'significant brain damage' and a possible brain tumour and get away with it! 09 09 01radiologist scans report.pdf
Their very own forensic psychiatrist was to suite their collapsing 'machine gun' trial, the latest in string of false imprisonments. Reliant on a widespread Welsh judicial conspiracy, which even meant using MAPPA and England’s FTAC, as they did, was bound to fail, but now, again, compounding an ordinary GP’s work, someone just trying to do her job.
Remember, Cowbridge Health Centre, my registered practice for nearly 18 years, dropped me like a ‘hot potato’ as soon as I won the ‘machine gun’ Caswell Clinic fiasco and walked free from the abuse of the Mental Health Act.
Remember, my Ravenscroft, Barry medical practice, very soon after, also dropped me like a ‘hot potato’ as soon as they produced a medical report, deliberately withheld by the Cardiff Magistrates, from the then 2nd Nov 10 presiding judge, for the ‘relatively minor incident, as District Judge Charles called it.  Charles confirmed he knew of my being pushed down a flight of stairs by a bully boy ex-police officer, to finish up in Casualty with a broken leg but was the judge to prevent my cross examining, on medical grounds, any prosecution witnesses leaving it to another to adjudicate upon.
District Judge John Charles, “wash your mouth out, Maurice”, even said the penalty for my common assault conviction carries ‘no order’ frantic, of course, I did not appeal it as it was heard in my absence, with no cross examination whatsoever. Yes, you guessed it, the GP’s report in 2010, as with yesterday, was also ridiculed.
So when this NHS (Wales) GP writes that I need a brain scan with legitimate reasons, whatever judges, frilly nickered or not, may wish to say or do, behind the scenes, they are simply stuffed.
'Stuffed', I hasten to add, only in the minds of those who were brought up in believing in 'the rule of law'. Presiding judges should damn well know better than to allow pathetic Principality politics, harbouring to my paedophiles, to be allowed to  dominate just for the protection of further criminals amongst their chosen.

So what just did The Honourable Mr Justice Beatson have to say relevant to Article 6?
His first duty was to consider the content of this police commisioned and Crown Court used medical report now with my GP pending another brain scan....

Reliable witnesses, yet to confirm my accuracy in this preliminary account, sat in court only to hear the continuing Welsh judiciary, MAPPA and HM Prison Cardiff and NHS (Wales) cover up over a rogue NHS (Wales) doctor backed by a Swansea Professor who also falsified medical reports. Why? Just to get an IPP on an Englishman having failed in getting him shot. The crime, pray? For 20 years of questioning Cardiff courts’ inherent conduct, clearly only answerable to cyberspace.
This was an oral Judicial Review Application CO/3970/2012 from apparent failures in both Nov/Dec 11 Cardiff Magistrates and 1st/ 2nd March 2012 Crown Court hearings concerning allegations of harassment of a NHS (Wales) level 12 consultant forensic psychiatrist who had knowingly falsified the victim’s medical records for cash.

Mr Justice Beatson said there was 'no challenge' in law to the fact, in both sets of court proceedings, I was:

1.refused any of my legal papers from my prison cell, exactly as in the Jan/Feb 2010 ‘machine gun jury trial’ fiasco

2.refused any of my legal papers from my private solicitor especially collected and delivered to court by so many frustrated helpers, exactly as in the ‘machine gun’ trial

3.refused the right to cross examine any prosecution witnesses not even the investigating police officer, exactly as in the ‘machine gun trial’ when allowed only six questions

A currently useless photo of a disgusting example of our current Welsh judiciary , a Paul Thomas QC , who should never have allowed that 2010 'machine gun' jury trial ever to have even got off the ground,,,,,,,but how much in back handers did he make?

4. appointed a lawyer, against my wishes, given no defence instructions or any idea of the defence’s case (the reasonable right to detect and prevent further criminal conduct etc)

5. appointed a lawyer who refused to challenge prosecution evidence including that of the unqualified doctor, the complainant, who had contradicted the diagnosis from doctors who carried out the series of brain scans

6.refused my right to call defence witnesses, the above doctors, for example or even to be allowed to interview, as eye witnesses or obtain police personal note books including those from the seven police officers who had concluded, at many of the incidents, no crime was likely to be committed should there be further distribution of ‘Wanted’ posters.

His Lordship went on to say, I am told, he was notifying the next JR judge, about to deliberate over His Honour Judge Hughes QC, of the March 12 Harassment appeal, should be made to ‘state a case’ concerning the above.
An extract example, from 1st March 12 Transcript, sent to court on 18th June but apparently withheld from Mr Justice Beatson
5C   indicates the false psychiatric report in linked JR CO/3970/2012
7A, B, E   Defendant refused any of his legal papers in court
8A promised witnesses but later refused Dr Gaynor Jones etc in rebuttal to false psychiatric reports so seriously affecting the Applicant’s private life
9F   same court appointed lawyer, as in magistrates, again refused to challenge by cross examine the main prosecution witnesses on the issues relevant to the Applicant’s innocence or guilt.
10A   this lawyer had no idea of defences as he had not been instructed and specifically asked not to act on his behalf with Defendant then expelled from court for no valid reason
11A   Defendant NEVER told of invitation to return to court
12F ‘poster’ exhibit switched from the different ‘poster’used on same witness at magistrates
55A  extract from false medical report read out not on the poster used at magistrates
62E  Complaint that this appeal ‘leap frogged’ an outstanding appeal from 2nd November 2010,‘common assault’, destined to be heard outside Wales, to safeguard court officials as witnesses but  all knowing the Appeal Court judge else were would scrap any restrictions by the YJCE Act.
66B   prosecution switch poster
67E   REPEAT requests refused to get all of the Defendant’s legal papers and exhibits off the custody staff and interview potential witnesses over lunch break
69C  defence relied on section (3) (a) and (c) of Harassment Act not allowed to give evidence on it and mental state of prisoner considered unfit due to medical reports and prison records , as of that time
76D& 2nd March 8F transcript of Defendant’s cut short evidence riddled with too many examples to list
12 01 27 A20110290 - kirk - proc - 27.01.12.pdf
12 02 22 RO trans re  YJCE Act.pdf
12 03 01 A20110290 - KIRK all proc - 01.03.12.pdf
2nd March 12 HHJ Hughes QC transcript too large so on downloads section
2.      Further enquiry, since the Applicant was released from Cardiff prison over this latest conspiracy, indicates there are a significant number of other victims in South Wales with similar accounts to tell, explaining just why this doctor continues to enjoy immunity as an ‘absolute witness’, an expression to be milked, no doubt, in Cardiff, in the next few years, during judicial melt down when he need only to be ‘cross examined’ by HM Partnership’s Cardiff court very own appointed lawyer!

3.      Enclosed are few extracts and copy from a few other JR Applications (Sections 14 and 15) all conceived in South Wales’ unique environment. They all relate to this ‘absolute witness’ a forensic psychiatrist for the South Wales Police and who, all alone, recommended and obtained the protracted incarceration of Maurice John Kirk under Section 35 of 1983 Mental Health Act.
This list is far from being exhaustive.

Nothing was said in court, because I wasn’t there, about the RCJ already having notified this judge, by their 19thJuly letter, adjourn to join with this application the pending ‘state a case’ and time for me to find a lawyer.
Oh no, of course not, just like my 23rd April High Court hearing, while I was in prison, Civil damages 20 year running damages claim, ‘striking out’ the police prosecution incidents where numerous Cardiff court officials had been caught falsifying, again, court records.
Cardiff court judge and /or staff truly excelled themselves, yesterday, in saying ‘no application’ had been made for an adjournment…..bloody liar(s).
My helpers came out of the Cardiff Civil Justice building to demonstrating ‘Rick on the Roof’ and me, to say my case would be dismissed, as I should have notified the court earlier for an adjournment with  my suggestion and application that it was only common sense to consolidate both JRs as 'state a case' in the Crown Court appeal  was a similar but  very different argument in law. The Court management continued their 20 year campaign to distort the facts and withhold vital sent in documents to RCJ visiting judges

The judge had to adjourn for 30 minutes for another matter. Quick as a flash I was on the phone paying a court fee of £80 for another application while the blank application form was being tricked out of them for me to fill in. One of my portly but able ‘runners’ then alighted the court steps, again, at break neck speed , with form filled in and with much aplomb served the papers on the disreputable organisation.
Within a mere few nanoseconds, it seemed, a smart young but somewhat embarrassed court official came panting out on to the pavement, grasping in his hand , ‘Chamberlain style’, a piece of paper.
It was the sealed/stamped court record of my latest application to consolidate this current episode of Cardiff Cabal skulduggery.
“Your case has been dismissed and I have been sent down by the court to reimburse the court fee”, he said, as I quietly logged the time he spoke on the back of my hand.
I looked at the piece of paper, my hurriedly filled-in application of seven minutes earlier and made off with it to ’have it out’ with the judge …..a bloody nose did cross my mind. But I was considered too unwell to enter court by those present, as did my GP, so, in the lift, returned the form to the clerk remonstrating I was not allowed it, on the promise I had a copy. An unlikely chance but we had plenty of witnesses.
No, of course the case had not yet been dismissed, it was just bluff, the judge was not aware? Had this judge ever been told of the first application let alone the second?
‘HM Partnership’ has once again come to their rescue. I continue to be banned from the building, except for court cases and soon that won’t happen when I am registered a Vexatious Litigant!
After a convivial lunch with the K-Team, my helpers hear the case, without me, culminating in the judge’s promise to block the outstanding ‘state a case’ JR or any others in the pipe line.
One might get the impression this particular judge was trying to tell me something or are they all, together,  just getting rather itching feet about their respective pensions realising that once cyberspace really takes a hold and fully exposes their day by day behaviour it will be  showing  the tax payer just what really is going in our South Wales law courts.
There leaves, of course, the small matter of  the outstanding 12 03 30 Application for Case Stated .txt , to be heard shortly by yet another frilly nickered judge wheeled in to protect the gravy train.
He or she may well agree with me that this remaining, deliberately aimed at the heart of the principles upon which British justice is based, JR Application, may look a little incongruous amongst what I have just witnessed in South Wales these past twenty years but who around here any more cares?
Filed under: South Wales Police, MAPPA, Cardiff County Court, Cardiff Magistrates Court, HM Treasury Solicitor, GMC, Abuse of Process
                    Published                    Jul 25 2012, 07:49 AM                    by                    Maurice Kirk

About Maurice Kirk
                    Maurice was born 12th March1945, a war baby, in Taunton, Somerset, West of England,  within a final family of four brothers and one sister while mother and father were working 24/7 to run a country veterinary practice. Country pursuits very much dominated his spare time from most sports with his passion still for hunting , shooting and fishing! Maurice is currently trying to fly to South Africa in  his WW2 Piper Cub,registration G-KURK. His other D-Day Cub, G-KERK, is destined, on skis, for a rather taller mountain after his promise to Sir Edmond, six years ago. Meanwhile, the task of obtaining justice in the UK courts, in order to practice veterinary surgery, is proving to be somewhat elusive.Authority has quite another agenda.

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..................................................................................OBJECT SIZE OF THE MOON HEADED HERE....more Tuesday, 24 July 2012 11:06 Written by Kerry Cassidy ....................From an undisclosed source this morning................. "Hi ______9:15 AM Mountain time, _______ and I were in the kitchen and we both noticed, the SUN momentarily blacked out as if something the size of the moon momentarily flew in-front of it. IT blacked out for about 100 milliseconds. I went outside to listen for any jets or check for clouds, there were no jet sounds, no clouds, perfectly deep blue sky, something we haven't had in many months." .........................Interestingly, I got the above just after a call with another source describing this object as "the size of the moon". More info coming in fast and furious. Another person has been threatened over disclosing this information. ANNOUNCEMENT: JOHN MOORE will be joining me and Mike Harris on the AFR show tomorrow night at 7pm PT... important new info coming forward. Added note to all : I just found out that John Moore's source is Mike Harris. This narrows things down considerably. We will discuss this with both of them and the ramifications of this on my show. I am also trying to arrange an unscheduled live broadcast today for some new info on this object. ***New info saying this is a "natural object" and NOT A THREAT... as of 3:07 PM PT Some info saying this is piloted... and verification of date August 17th. According to Mike, they are expecting tsunamis, earthquakes and other affects from this... His sources are asking people to prepare. At least one source has told me to leave the California coast. Again, if this is a PSYOP it is wide spread. I am reporting what I hear to warn people and inform them. Please understand we are operating on limited information and are presently dependent on sources from deep inside with above top secret clearances. THERE ARE NO CONCLUSIONS BEING PRESENTED HERE at the present time only source information also known as "witness testimony". This is still under investigation. What is interesting about all of this is last year, with regard to Elenin and YU55... both were seen as piloted planetoid objects. Neither one caused any at least known problems. YU55 supposedly grazed our atmosphere and disappeared during the same time Obama and APAC was going on in Hawaii. Was this a dress rehearsal for this new "planet sized object"? Is this another no show event in which we will never know whether any of this info we are getting is simply DISINFO to mislead and create distraction or even discredit various individuals coming forward? These are all questions you must ask yourself. We do not have enough information and so I want to urge anyone reading this to listen to your own inner guidance and act accordingly. more to come.... ================================================================================ WHISTLEBLOWER'S LIFE & FAMILY THREATENED -- updated Monday, 23 July 2012 18:55 Written by Kerry Cassidy My contact who has been in touch with "Z" the NSA whistleblower has just had his life and family threatened over this information posted here: http://projectcamelotportal.com/kerrys-blog/1206-large-craft-rather-than-planet.html This should tell the Camelot audience that there is some truth to this story. The bottomline that I and my contact are getting is that this is a VERY LARGE CRAFT... not a planet. He has not had any word on this from the NSA whistleblower. This is our intuitive impression of the object only. UPDATE July 24, 2012 at 7AM: This situation is now stable... From what I have been told. What is unclear is why this particular information regarding the "planet-sized object" generated such a reaction from within the NSA.. or related organizations within our government/secret government. Regarding my upcoming radio show... Dr. Deagle is not able to make this show. He sent the following statement regarding this: My information is secondary from John Moore's sources and would not be able to comment on the issues until I complete more source analysis. The general issues re the returning dwarf star and galatic plane radiation issues require the most meticulous care re date setting. Dr Bill Is this a more cautionary stance on Deagle's part? I sent an invitation to John Moore but so far no reply. Mike Harris has accepted my invite and will be on the show. This is a developing story. If this object close to Earth is going to manifest on or around August 17th at least the answer should be clear by then. However, if this object is a craft, then why are we given dates for its appearance? If it is a planetary object following a trajectory then dates might make more sense. Unless of course, the gigantic craft is pre-announcing it's arrival. A craft traveling at a set speed along a set trajectory is trackable no doubt but a craft regardless of size can change direction at any time and so unless there is some communication going on, for sources with deep insider status to be giving out dates seems revealing on more than one level. The question is why these dates (August 17-September 26)? This is just one among many questions that come to mind. I am told it is visible in the infrared spectrum and by telescope. http://projectcamelotportal.com/kerrys-blog.html

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------------------------------------------------------------------- Cables from Kabul Posted: 23 Jul 2012 05:00 AM PDT Watch a first-hand account of the widespread corruption; get an inside look at the drug trade, rampant child sex abuse, and ever-present Taliban control. All these elements make Afghanistan one of the most frightening and unstable places on earth. We touch down in Kabul and are treated Watch now... >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> CIA COMPLICIT IN 90% OF THE WORLDS HEROIN TRADE: from the now defunct "Air America" radio show 2010 =


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Published on 20 Jul 2012 by StoptheWarCoalition The US government wants Bradley Manning convicted of treason, a crime that carries the death penalty. But his real crime is exposing the truth about the crimes of the US government and its military. With Obama leading the charge ("he's guilty"), the aim is to punish Bradley Manning so severely that no potential whistleblower in future will dare to expose government or military crimes.



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From my facebook page:  "ACCORDING TO THE ARTICLE



Project Camelot
"Tuesday, 17 July 2012 22:02
Written by Kerry Cassidy

My contact referred to as "D" has come forward with more from the NSA contact designated below as "Z"...
This is excellent material:
I thought it best to outline a series of questions related to the "Movement of Equipment" while I am still able to meet and question my friend. He appeared to be comfortable still answering questions and when I asked about it, he shrugged and said "if I can't answer, I won't." He continued, saying: "There is a common misconception concerning Classified and Ultra Classified material getting into public hands. At this level they are moving forward so fast and so intently it really doesn't matter to them any more. We are rapidly approaching the end of the road and they believe nothing can stop them at this point. True, I am taking a risk discussing certain matters with you, but in the end I know this will help a lot of people and I'll know that I tried to help them."
* (Z) So what's on your mind?"
* (D) Were any of the objects brought into the DIA area manned?
* (Z) There was a minimal crew brought out of stasis to manage holographics in the first ship, the rest remain in stasis for a different agenda. There were six objects transferred in all. This took four days.
* (D) Can you elaborate on the use of this technology?
* (Z) It is going to be used to manage the situation here once things become very complex. You see everyone is focused on the wrong thing, which of course is what they want. They're masters at getting everyone looking in the wrong direction.
* (D) What's the right direction?
* (Z) The system approaching us coming out of the Kuiper Belt (Nibiru) is part of this equation, but this is manageable. However the Base Disk (Black Hole) holding our Galaxy in position below us is the real problem. All material known to us that was sent into it on an exploratory never returned. Ships or probes. We are approaching this at a very high rate of speed and the material is charged with a plasma UN-known to us. It is believed that the area which is commonly referred to as "the Rift" is multidimensionally polarized and thus our current systems will not function during the passage through it. The pulsed phasing alone would probably render most, if not all electronics inoperative and you can forget about all satellites. The speed or movement of the disk is not measurable and because of the angle of approach, it is believed we will skip off its surface several times before entry. The last geologic survey pertaining to a complete passage, or one full rotation around the central sun recorded a " World Quake," where all tectonic Plates shifted at the same time. It is believed that this event was caused by a Base Disk Impact. This is the real reason most of the Elite are nervous.
* (D) You mean about entering the D.U.M.B. bases?
* (Z) Yes. Although there are other alternatives, they would rather not get trapped below.
* (D) Have you been to the bases?
* (Z) Most of them.
* (D) Can you elaborate?
* (Z) No.
* (D) Have you personally used the Jump Room Technology?
* (Z) No Comment.
* (D) Should we be seriously concerned about the "Rift" passage?
* (Z) You weren't really thinking when you asked me that were you? (Laughs)
* (D) Sorry, my questions seem to have their own momentum.
* (D) Are the Elite groups united as a whole? Are there any inner conflicts or divisions?
* (Z) There are always conflicts. The technology crutch is beginning to crumble and the rift between groups is widening, but as a whole they move in unison.
* (D) How serious a grip or "hold" does this group have over our World?
* (Z) At the moment, complete control. But things are changing very fast. Since the passage is uncharted territory no one knows what to expect on the other side. There is some concern that once they are exposed for who they really are, they would be eliminated. I personally think this is a distinct possibility. All Empires fall sooner or later.
* (D) Are they actually considering implementing project Blue Beam?
* That is a possibility, but with the Solar System in such flux and a secondary System (Nibiru) rapidly approaching, (more electronic havoc) it has been formulated that it could be unreliable in critical moments, thus not entirely effective. There are much more effective methods to reach their goals without using an elaborate holographic hoax. As you may have surmised I have been against this sort of nonsense through out my career.
* (D) What do you see being the single most important thing going on right now?
* (Z) People in high level positions are actually taking responsibility for themselves and our World.
* (D) Are you going to get into trouble for talking with me about all of this?
* (Z) Probably.
* (D) After [removed] years of service, are you relieved to be out of the N*A ?
* (Z) You're never really out, it just appears that way on the surface.
For the prior post from this Whistleblower see the one entitled: Ultra Classified : Secret Gov Moving Large "Equipment


You can use the following link to retrieve your file:


Ex-minister Annett

Royce White Calf shared a link.
19 July 2012



My wife, Lydia (of 20 years) and I were asked by an NGO, IHRAAM, to be jurors for a Tribunal in 1998 in Vancouver to hear Survivors’ testimonies regarding abuses committed by the Residential Boarding School system. We sent our findings to the NGO for the UN. This is when and where we met Kevin Annett.

To the extent to which we have been involved in assisting Survivor’s and their testimonies be heard by the International community, we had to cross paths with Annett over the years. We knew there was a lot wrong with him, his lack of ethics – and his behaviors, but what is going on now is beyond the pale. This guy is committing outright crimes against our People, (and now I know always has been), and we have to shut him down. Seriously.

Problem condensed:

-This is a case of obvious Criminal Conspiracy against our Peoples and our Nations, both in Canada and in the US.

-Annett has used, since before I met him, the classic standard methodologies of agent provocateur, Cointelpro, Socialist, Marxist, Jesuit, and other fronts for our Enemy, to Indigenous Peoples of The Northern Hemisphere.

-These include: whisper campaigning, classic intimidation, cyber-stalking, emotional blackmail, the consistent and chronic labeling of voices of objection and dissent to his person and his actions against us (such as but not limited to: ‘agent’, ‘paid informant’, ‘FBI agent or informant’, ‘RCMP informant’, ‘Cointelpro informant or agent’, ‘Black Ops’, ‘smear artist’, ‘mind-control slave’, ‘MK Ultra’, etc..), classic character assassination tactics including but not limited to: ‘delusional’, ‘deranged’, ‘mentally ill or incapacitated’, ‘agitated’, ‘mentally unstable’, ‘pathological liar’ etc etc etc. and other political psychiatry, and lastly outright hate crimes, especially as defined by law in Canada – to individuals within the First Nations Peoples and Nations down here, as well as conquer and divide tactics to whole Nations on both sides of the Border. (He seems especially interested in Pine Ridge, AIM, Oliver, Anna Mae, etc…and quotes me prolifically with- of course- words I have never spoken).

He has lied since the beginning of his career as our academic savior starting in or around 1994 - that he has permission from Nations that do and do not exist, and the names that go along with that classic that were never given, etc…such as STRONG EAGLE VOICE. He claims he has Ambassadorship from all kinds of bizarre places using our names.

He has started his own groups in our names such as The Friends and Relatives of The Disappeared (FRD), The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS.org), filed bogus law suits in bogus courts, or non-existent suits in credible courts including Federal Court of Canada under our names, yet with himself somehow as plaintiff. He uses imaginary press to interview himself, and imaginary elegant staff names to talk to each other, and to him on his websites – now a total of three. Also he claims the be the –drum roll- ‘FIGUREHEAD OF A GROWING INTERNATIONAL MOVEMENT’ in our name blah blah blah etc. He has multiple Facebook sites for fan pages, MySpace pages, has ‘published three books’, one real one that has been reported by my wife and me and others to Amazon (the ‘manuscript sells for $113.00) as complete fraud and trashy airport read, a film that largely features yours dearly – him - ‘Unrepentant, Canada’s Genocide’, etc etc

He profits illegally and handsomely on his unreported paypal income and private donations, and uses his alcoholic, nasty, rude, bipolar father’s trashy trailer park in Florida to collect all funds through his personal account. (Of course IRS and tax evasion fraud here and in Canada). Of course these illegal solicitations are International – in our name- and he has traveled the world lecturing and book and film touring on our behalf, without our knowledge or permission.

His last stop has been our unfortunate Brothers and Sisters of the Mohawk Nation, where he claimed he had UNEARTHED A MASS GRAVE OF CHILDREN AND FOUND HUMAN BONES – DECLARED SO BY HIMSELF- ALL THE WHILE WAVING SAID BONES AROUND INFRONT OF VIDEOS WITH HIS BARE HANDS…they are believed to be pig bones he planted in the ’grave site’.

Currently, he has just named a well-known crackpot New Age and Disclosure Guru, Alfred Webre to be ‘JUDGE’ for our great Tribunal that was due to occur in London September 2011, but the ‘Tribunal’ never happens, and the paypal account never rests.

(Oh and he was caught on camera raping a First Nations prostitute – AND SMOKING CRACK WITH HER at a tiny co-op radio studio in Vancouver and was thrown out- WHEREBY HE SOUGHT INTERNATIONAL ASYLUM AS A POLITICAL REFUGEE with global posting and all due hysteria THAT IT WAS HIS DOUBLE PLANTED BY THE RCMP).

There is a legitimate Harper Police Force investigation ongoing for, we believe, HATE CRIMES, by Officer Brian Ritchie.

In solidarity with all my Brothers and Sisters of Canada and the US,

Royce White Calf

Links :









(please note first comment by COLIN on above post)







[11:45:20 AM] Greg Renouf: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-G63YYTUOOw












(with some help just DELETED !!)


My name is Lydia White Calf, and I am here to speak on behalf of my husband as well, Royce White Calf. Please note the following google link under my name for google books result :

There are so many non-truths and categorical lies in the body of this ‘book’, it is impossible to outline in any fashion to amazon.com, or the International community their entirety. I and my husband are willing to swear to that effect in a court of law, or in any capacity.

Directly concerning us however, on page 59 -60 of this book, Kevin Annett falsely and fraudulently recreates an examination I did not execute to a witness I did not question. I have never spoken to a Helen Morgan, nor do I know who she is. I was a juror for the Tribunal that this book supposedly recounts, along with my husband in Vancouver, British Columbia 1998, as we are associates for IHRAAM. Further, my husband did not perform any questioning, or ever speak publicly, and he is given a chapter as well...page 40-41, questioning a man he has never heard of. http://books.google.com/books?id=RfrvYwoGoREC&pg=PA40&lpg=PA40&dq=royce+white+calf&source=bl&ots=DRMYshDi9G&sig=-Pq2EcQ9z5Q75M9g1xG-UaEnFCg&hl=en&sa=X&ei=gkYHUNcPw6jbBauJ9OQP&ved=0CGAQ6AEwBw#v=onepage&q=royce%20white%20calf&f=false

Further, my husband and I question the veracity of any dialogue concerning Rudy and Dianna James within this book. We were there, and they have both been part of our family since 1996 (Dianna is deceased, resulting in the exploitation and misuse of her voice and character far more egregious). As well, from historic memory, the interactions with Mr. Annett and Ed John recounted on page 130 are so dramatically altered they do not remotely resemble reality. The statements concerning James Craven and The American Indian Movement is another outright lie, and we will provide proof from The American Indian Leadership if necessary. As well, we are in the process of contacting the publisher of this fraudulent manuscript in the UK to alert her. I give my testimony, along with my husband, that if the transcripts of said Tribunal are retrieved, the aforementioned will be proven the truth.

Email from Belinda McKenzie, financier and leading activist in London who threw him out of the UK (enjoy the lies on the internet about his deportation):

-----Original Message-----
 From: Belinda McKenzie <b.mckenzie@btinternet.com>
 To: 'White Calf Paradigms' <lydiabwc@aol.com>
 Sent: Mon, Apr 25, 2011 12:04 pm
 Subject: RE: One more thing I think you should know...

Lydia, I am struggling with all this information because I have no means of verifying any of it however. Kevin has been sending me personal testimonies confirming his good standing with the native Indian community. One such comes from Kevin claiming he is Ambassador of the Lakota. I now have likewise positive testimonies from members of the Mowhawk, Metis, Cherokee/Shawney nations too, with more to come from Squamish and Ojiba people.

Thank you for supplying contact details for Gerald Standing White Horse and Ken Bear Chief. I have just emailed Ken and depending what he comes back with am thinking to phone Gerald.

I don’t like any of this one bit either…


OH yes, and he had himself thrown out of Italy for abusive treatment to Survivors who were there to testify:



Ken Bear Chief

No, I have not followed anything about Kevin Annett at all. I did a radio interview,and he was one of the guests, but I was asked to participate due to my work for Native Americans who suffered abuse at the Residential Schools in the U.S., he asked me to get back on board with him, but after I considered what I know he has done that is just plain 'wrong' and how he treated Clara Vargas in Italy...and those things I learned about from others that he has done and said, I decided it is better to stay out of his circle.

Sep 28/98: Public notice from Circle of Justice
I was contacted by the Cicle of Justice on September 24th and told that Mr. Kevin Annett had been dismissed from the COJ on September 23rd. This was followed by faxes sent to me asking that I put this out on the Internet as none has access to the Internet and because the Circle of