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Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Eric Jon Phelps exposes Jesuit-CIA Alex Jones 8/15/07 C&D1/3

Uploaded by matheis on 20 Aug 2007

Historian Eric Jon Phelps exposes CIA-Jesuit dis-info agent Alex Jones as a fraud. On the radio program Cloak & Dagger. The great patriot legend Sherman Skolnik also exposed Alex Jones. Alex Jones has connections to the Jesuits & the New World Order.



Alex Jones Hires Former Analyst of CIA-Front Stratfor – Molly Maroney, Infowars Editor-In-Chief

Saturday, November 24, 2012 16:15
 Sunday November 24, 2012

On this episode of The Pete Santilli Show:

On July 2012, Molly Maroney joined the InfoWars team with a resume that should send conspiracy theorists frothing at the mouth with excitement.

On Wednesday 11/21 it was brought to our attention that a video was posted November 20, 2012 by independent YouTuber MsSherrieLea: ALEX JONES Satanist 4 Stratfor ISRAEL Exposed

In the video, MsSherrieLea explains how Molly Maroney intercepted and responded to an email sent to InfoWars pleading with Alex to have Tila Tequila on his show. MsSherrieLea indicated in her YouTube report that it seems odd that “Molly Maroney, Editor in Chief” (email address: mollym@infowars.com) would be responding to her email. Upon further investigation, MsSherrieLea discovered that Ms. Molly Maroney previously worked for Stratfor, which she innocently refers to as a “zionist israelian firm”.

Here’s where the story gets very, very interesting:

An extremely reliable, confidential government informant connected to the Central Intelligence Agency has verified with Pete Santilli that Stratfor is much more than a “Commercial Intelligence” agency operating in the private sector. It has been confirmed that Stratfor allows the CIA to conduct surveillance operations within the United States under cover of a private U.S. Corporation –Stratfor — which is contracted to “sell” intelligence data to government agencies including branches of the military, DOD contractors such as Trapwire, etc.

Essentially, our entire corporate & government chain of command receives “privately acquired” intelligence data from C.I.A. front Statfor, whose profits total in the 10′s of millions (per confidential internal emails released by ANONYMOUS).

For many months, Pete Santilli has received tips from reliable, high level informants who have indicated that they suspect InfoWars.com may somehow be connected to Austin, Texas based Stratfor Global Intelligence. Informants have also revealed that Alex Jones requires anyone who visits his new production facility which contains his primary computer servers must sign a “Non Disclosure Agreement”, prohibiting them from disclosing the exact geographical location of his high security facility. There is high speculation expressed by insiders that InfoWars servers are within close proximity to Stratfor, and informants have told us they believe Infowars.com may actually be selling user data directly to Stratfor.

[Special note to the reader: All information contained in this article regarding high level informants and sources are all documented in writing and/or recorded telephone conversations, and can be presented to protect me in a court of law if absolutely necessary, but only under the condition of absolute immunity and protection of all parties. This article would never have been written without documented proof of such claims. The article is being released to the public domain due to the highly sensitive nature of this information, and because it is a matter of such high public importance.]

1) Planet InfoWars’s own privacy policy states the following:

3.2. “we may use your personal identifying information” “when complying with an order” from “..other government entity…”

3.4. “We us cookies, log files, and third parties to create a profile of our users and the information gathered is personally identifiable as belonging to you…”

3.7. Any information you disclosed to third parties on our Website or other websites becomes public information, and you should exercise caution when deciding to disclose any personal information.

2) InfoWars Molly Maroney is not just the Editor In Chief of InfoWars Magazine:

-Per the email sent to MsSherrieLea, Ms. Maroney’s job functions are not limited to InfoWars Magazine. Ms. Maroney has corresponded to emails not related to her publicly stated job title or function.

3) Molly Maroney’s LinkedIn profile lists the following employers:

Editor In Chief | Graphic Designer – Infowars July 2012 – Present

Freelance Graphic Designer – Self Employed – 3 months

Intern for Sen Whitmire – Texas Senate – 1yr 3 months

Intern – Strafor – 11 months

Researcher – Parker Media, LLC – 7 months

4) Molly Maroney’s publicly available resume lists her work experience consistent with her Linked In profile.

In her list of published works, Maroney sites her direct research and work on the following whitepaper:

China, CyberEspionage and U.S. National Security. Essentially, she clearly describes her direct involvement with an extensive US Government document dealing with covert Cyber Warfare.

Molly Maroney’s Resume


5) Parker Media, LLC is a suspected CIA shell corporation affiliated with Statfor, and founded by former Stratfor employees

Richard Parker
 Chief Executive and Executive Editor

Patrick Boykin

6) Parker Media, LLC principles were listed as recipients of email correspondence within Stratfor to the following known email addresses: rparker@parker-media.com and richard.parker@stratfor.com


See the following direct links to WikiLeaks emails directed to Parker / Boykin:


RE: INSIGHT – US/IRAN – US has known about the facility since 2006


Entire Iran Sanctions Series

7) Parker Media, LLC’s history is described on their website as follows http://www.parker-media.com/about/ :

With more than 25 years of experience, Parker Media provides advisory services to publishers and media companies in the form of management consulting as well as investment advice. The founder, Richard Parker, is both an award-winning journalist and a seasoned publishing executive; he is the former associate editor of The New Republic. Today, Parker Media’s clients include some of the biggest names in news and publishing, such as CQ-Roll Call, an Economist Group company, News Corp., CanWest Global Communications, as well as start-ups and their investors.

8) Richard Parker received confidential internal Stratfor correspondence regarding “Iran Sanctions”

FACT:  InfoWars.com has hired a former Parker Media and Stratfor analyst, both organizations known to have close government intelligence ties including the CIA. When confronted by MsSherrieLea with the facts about Ms. Maroney, Infowars terminated all access to InfoWars, Planet Infowars, as well had various YouTube Accounts suspended.

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