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Friday, 11 January 2013


Nancy Talbot Crop Circles

Nancy Talbot has been researching crop circles in Holland and states, “The awareness that a new crop circle is either forming (or is about to) at the precise moment Dutch medium Robbert van den Broeke "sees" in his "mind's eye" either the pattern of the new crop circle and/or the exact field where it will be found has been carefully recorded every year since he was 15 years old (he is now 32)”. For the 17 years prior to Robbert's move last year to his own apartment his father documented all of the formations and Robbert's "pre-cognitive" drawings of the designs, and I posted a detailed report of the 2007 summer's crop circles and related bizarre events, most of which occurred in a field at Bosschenhoofd ("Woodenhead") -- the same area where many of the 2012 events occurred.
In 2007 in the "Woodenhead" field Robbert suddenly disappeared in front of
witnesses as a red light-ball appeared & began strange maneuvers.
Graphic: Andreas Muller

The 2007 report (http://www.bltresearch.com/eyewitness/eyewitness8.php) includes one incident in which Robbert disappeared totally in front of two witnesses' eyes at the exact moment a small red ball of light appeared in the field and began a series of odd movements. Deposits of white powder were also found that year in several of the circles, and subsequent analysis by infra-red spectroscopy (FT-IR) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and electron-dispersive spectroscopy (SEMEDX) -- conducted by both BLT consulting scientists and a materials scientist in Amsterdam -- revealed the powder to be a very pure magnesium carbonate.

Laboratory-grade ("99.99% pure") hydromagnesite often found in Dutch crop
circles & associated with other bizarre events in Robbert's case.
Phot Peter v/d Broeke

Inductively-coupled plasma mass spectroscopy (ICP-MS) and isotopic ratio analysis (in conjunction with x-ray diffraction (XRD) carried out by U.S.G.S. geologist/mineralogist Dennis D. Eberl) of another deposit of white powder found in a 2009 Dutch circle, further revealed this material to be a "highly refined" (99.99% pure) hydromagnesite and, thus, a laboratory-produced substance (http://www.bltresearch.com/robbert/2009whitepowder.php) not readily available to the general public. Thanks to Nancy Talbot