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Thursday, 11 April 2013


1] The lawyer mother who beat the social workers

A barrister who fought for parents trying to keep their children found herself a victim of the same system

The more the mother expressed unhappiness about the situation the social worker had created, the more she was told she was being 'obstructive' (picture posed by model)
The more the mother expressed unhappiness about the situation the social worker had created, the more she was told she was being 'obstructive' (picture posed by model) Photo: ALAMY
4:45PM BST 06 Apr 2013

Whenever I report a new story of parents struggling to prevent social workers seizing their children for what seems no good reason, I try to give a new slant on the wider picture of how our ''child protection’’ system has gone so tragically off the rails.What makes this week’s example so unusual is that it centres on a barrister who for 10 years fought hundreds of cases on behalf of parents trying to hold on to their children, in a system where she describes them as being “like lambs led to slaughter” – only to find herself a victim of the same system after she complained to the police over serious allegations made by her older daughter against the girl’s father.

The police called in Barnet social services, who initially shared the mother’s concerns, advising that the girl should have no more contact with her drug-addicted father. But when a new social worker took over, she took the opposite view, working for the child to live with the father. This made the girl so miserable that she took to self-harming by slashing herself, leaving her mother distraught.

The more the mother expressed unhappiness about the situation the social worker had created, the more she was told she was being ''obstructive’’ and that there were “concerns about her parenting”. Last December she was summoned to a meeting to be told that the council wished to apply for care orders on both her children. Knowing how automatically the courts grant such orders, the mother – who although British was also an Israeli citizen – saw her only hope of retaining her children was to escape to Israel.

Within 36 hours, having obtained written permission from the older girl’s father, she took her daughters, now aged 14 and five, on several flights across Europe, terrified each time they landed that she might be arrested by police.

Scarcely had they arrived in Israel than she heard that the council had been granted care orders. Barnet approached our embassy in Tel Aviv to arrange for the children to be deported to Britain, with the co-operation of Israeli social services. After assessing the family, however, the Israelis advised that they could see no reason why the children – now having nightmares about being returned – should not remain in Israel.

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In Britain the matter returned to court before a circuit judge, who criticised Barnet for its “relentless” pursuit of the family, ordering a further hearing in February. At this, although the social worker testified that the older girl had said that she would be happy to live in foster care in England, the mother was allowed to take part by video link, along with a “guardian” from the court advisory service, Cafcass, who had interviewed the 14-year-old on Skype. When the guardian supported the children’s wish to remain with their mother, the judge ruled that the children were now out of English jurisdiction, ordering Barnet to withdraw its case.

The two overjoyed children are thus free to continue living with their mother in Israel, with no more nightmares about being bundled on to a plane to live with strangers 2,000 miles from what they now regard as their new home.

Says the mother, in words many other parents would echo, “It seems my only real mistake was to dare to seek help from the authorities in the first place. source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/mother-tongue/familyadvice/9974950/The-lawyer-mother-who-beat-the-social-workers.html?fb



A European judge has ordered police to force Britain’s rogue ‘family courts’ to hand back a child they kidnapped from her father.

Judges in Belgium made the landmark ruling ordering officials in the UK’s tyrannical secret law courts to give former NATO security contractor Nigel Coopers daughter back to him.

‘Social Services’, the notorious branch of the infamous courts whose staff physically carry out child abductions, have as yet refused.

The scandal cements Britains growing international reputation as a routine violator of Article 8 of the UN Convention on Human Rights, the ‘right to a family life’ and will strengthen calls for the abolition of the hated ‘family division’.

Mr Cooper served in the Royal Navy for 20 years. He lost his child after her drunken and drug-addicted mother took her away to Sunderland.

Feminist zealots in the Social Services department of the local council kidnapped the girl after targeting the vulnerable mother. Just as with the Baby P scandal, they refused to acknowledge the existence of the childs natural father.

42 year old decorated seaman Mr Cooper has been forced to pursue his own case through court in Belgium after a bent British judge banned him from talking about the abduction of his child in the UK.

The father of one says since going public he’s has been contacted by ‘thousands’ of British parents whose children have been taken by the adoption and fostering industries.

The remarkable ruling he’s been awarded by a court in Belgium demands the child return to her father and that the British state effectively pay compensation for the ordeal they have put the young girl through.

This is a common call from civil rights protestors, who seek first abolition of the secret state, then for its worst offenders to be jailed for their crimes, and compensation issued from their ill gotten gains.

In a 32 minute video the father of one has recorded and sent live on the internet he asks other victims of the secretive and unnaccountable Social Services to expose individual social workers, and challenge the authority of Lord Matthew Thorpe, the head of the hated famlily division.

Like most officials of the so-called ‘family division’, Lord Thorpe is a sociopathic bigot, whose day job breaking up families is relieved only by his failure to be a good parent himself .

Here’s Mr Coopers video exposing how the UK abducted his child as part of an ongoing scandal – big news in Europe, but kept from the public by the self censored UK press.

Feel free to share this video as widely as you can.

Do you know of a scandal involving the SS in Cornwall? Have your efforts to publicise your case come to nothing because no-one will listen? Let us know. Just post below.

source: http://www.cornwallcommunitynews.co.uk/2013/04/03/european-courts-come-after-uk-social-services/


BANNED from the UK: NATO Security Consultant because the “UK has been caught red handed stealing children”

see much more at: http://punishmentwithoutcrime.wordpress.com/2013/03/11/banned-from-the-uk-nato-security-consultant-because-the-uk-has-been-caught-red-handed-stealing-children/




All over the country many children are being removed from good families under the most dubious of circumstances by town councils, SS and others, often in via the Secret Family Courts. When told about irregularities in cases the authorities do nothing. It is time it was stopped.

Chiwar and Gloria Musa outside the RCJ, August 2011 with the very much victimised Maurice Kirk'


On the 8 April 2010 at around 4pm 8 policemen let themselves in by key to the Musa family council home and removed the Musa's 5 children without any notice or prearrangement. The children were removed on what later were found to be totally untrue allegations made by certain employees at Y council. All allegations have been disproven, the allegations ranging from the children not being the Musas offspring and were being trafficked, to the children being beaten and generally mistreated by their parents.
Regarding the child trafficking allegation that the children were not the Musas offspring and they were part of a child trafficking network, DNA tests instigated by the Musa parents taking an unusually phenominally long time to undertake proved without a shadow of a doubt that the children were indeed the Musas children, proving also the children were in no way being trafficked in any shape or form. After this allegation was disproved other equally ridiculous allegations were made to keep the children from returning to their once happy home. One such allegation was that Gloria Musa was an active sex worker - a prostitute - who plied her trade not only in front of and with her church congregation but also in front of her children. She is, in fact. an ordained bishop in the Evangelical Church of Africa and is not and has never been what this allegation alleges. This ridiculous allegation was made with no evidence of any kind to substantiate it yet the court believed this nonsense, along with other unsubstantiated allegations such as the children being beaten by the parents, even though medical examinations made when the council took the children showed no sign of anything to back their allegations of cruelty by the parents towards their children. Even though the allegations were proven groundless never was it mentioned that the children were to be returned to their parents as they should have been, of course. Quite the opposite in fact took place in that a 6th child was removed from the Musa parents, the hitherto unborn baby at the time of the April 8 2010 child removals. The baby x6 was stolen once at her birth, the violence of the police during the removal operation in the hospital at 3 in the morning directly after Gloria had just given birth nearly killing this defenceless mother {she is still suffering appalling injuries to this day which the prison,for she is in prison {see update below} will not address by denying her proper medical treatment}.

The baby was returned later after a matter of weeks, but was stolen again on even more dubious allegations on June 28th 2011, and the parents have not seen the baby since that date. The baby's removal, like the entire case, needs an honest investigation away from the entities already involved.... contd. at: http://truth-wars.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,68.msg125.html#msg125
"Received:"Of all the SS child snatching films I have watched this has to be the most distressing I have seen, I became so angry with emotion that I couldn't stop crying. This is the cruel social services at their worst, at their most evil, at their most heartless. You will notice that once they had forcibly grabbed little Ben they were out of the door like a flash, leaving the grieving mother to cope with her distress on her own, with no care for her, no remorse and no doctor on scene to help the poor woman. This is what our country has come to, this is child snatching at its most extreme. If I had been there I'm sorry to say that if I had a gun I would have used it, this film was that upsetting to me, and no I'm not crazy, I just care too much. If you care then please make this go viral and share it like I have and make your own comments too. Dear God help all our little children and protect them all from the wickedness of the Social services scum that steal kids from innocent parents."