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Tuesday, 30 April 2013


 Angiolini - should be behind bars!!
Friday, 26 April 2013

The next hearing over Angiolini`s action against me is set to take place again at the Court of Session, Parliament Square, Edinburgh at 10.00 hrs on Wednesday 1st May. If anyone is able to come along to support me, I would be most grateful.

On this occasion, I am forced to represent myself as no Legal Aid is likely to be provided for me to be professionally represented. It seems that now Angiolini has amended her citation to include defamation, it appears that defence is more difficult, on the basis that someone as eminent as Elish Angiolini is simply too important to be criticised, unless you can actually prove your allegations.
That this state of affairs actually exists in Britain may come as a complete surprise to anyone who does not live under a totalitarian regime. In the rest of the UK, ex-Prime Ministers such as Tony Blair and Baroness Thatcher have been condemned in the most vitriolic way many times over the years, but as far as I know, no one has actually been jailed for these verbal attacks, however severe or unfair. I suppose one has to concede that Elish Angiolini is far more important that either of them. One only has to be thought to have claimed that she is unsuitable for a specific job to find oneself snatched from home and thrown into prison. As far as Scotland is concerned, the famous East German film "The Lives Of Others" is now "The Lives of Us"!

The timidity of the Scottish media has always baffled those who live outside the country. Now I think we know why. Freedom of the press and freedom of expression no longer exist there. The all-powerful Scottish magic circle holds both media and people in its iron grip. So Scottish children and the disabled get raped - who dares to say or do anything about it?

Not the media, with some honourable exceptions and certainly not the police. The latter seem to largely exist to ensure magic circle criminals are never arrested. That is not to say that Scottish police are not competent when dealing, for example, with drunks fighting in a Glasgow bar, but when it comes to vulnerable Scots being sexually abused, the police are more likely to support the perpetrators.

It is a shocking state of affairs and I do not think that what I have said is too much of an exaggeration.

Going back to my case, of course, I shall be hopelessly disadvantaged by having to represent myself in a civil case in a foreign land, in legal terms, where I not only have no knowledge of Scottish Civil Law, but also as a non-Scot and non-resident have absolutely no legal obligation to know it. On the other hand, my opponent is a QC and former head of the justice system, using two of Scotland`s most expensive law firms, Balfour & Manson and Levy & McRae. One is clearly not enough for someone as eminent as Angiolini. Nonetheless, last week I asked the current Lord Advocate, Frank Mulholland , to provide the court with an assurance that no public funds are being utilised for Angiolini`s private action, following press reports that a secret "slush fund" is thought to exist to enable senior Crown Office officials, past as well as present, to access public money for personal financial gain. The current head of the justice system has so far failed to provide this assurance for the court.

Also, certain items have been discovered this week within the bundle presented by Balfour & Manson. These are private and confidential emails between me and colleagues that could only realistically have been obtained unlawfully. Appropriate action is already under way to discover how these items could have possibly got into Angiolini`s lawyer`s hands. They have some explaining to do.

Of course, Angiolini is saying that I have made all kinds of inaccurate allegations to defame her. It is most outrageous that she now intends to sue me, as I provided her with every opportunity to address these concerns she claims to have by citing her as a witness at my trial. There, she would have been given every chance to defend herself, on oath , during cross-examination. If her sworn testimony held that I had been mistaken in any way, I would have made a public retraction and apology. She failed to allow me that opportunity by refusing to be questioned in a court of law. Why she refused to attend must be a matter for speculation, but it is hard to escape the conclusion that she did not wish to be faced with a situation where she had to choose between the truth and perjury. What kind of person with nothing to hide would avoid the chance to put the record straight in a public court?

I do not pretend to imagine whether someone with the apparent status of a high priestess would actually deign to attend the hearing on Wednesday. Nobody seems to know.
Posted by Robert Green at 20:14 2 comments:
Much more at:
Autumn 2009 was the 1st time the HOLLIE GREIG case was ever mentioned online...

Friday, 19 April 2013

The announcement of an investigation of this kind will probably come as no surprise to many people who have had any appreciable contact with the Crown Office in Edinburgh and certainly as no surprise at all to those who have followed the Hollie Greig case.

It is already perfectly clear, based on the evidence now available, that senior figures in the justice system have blatantly and publicly lied about certain crucial aspects of the Lockerbie case and the reasons given for the release of Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi.

Although this terrible crime could hardly be further removed from the crimes committed against Hollie Greig, some of the same individuals in Scotland are involved in both of the cover ups, which required the imprisoning of innocent people.

Protests against the conviction of Mr Al-Megrahi have come from a numerous and wide variety of eminent and respected persons, including Dr Jim Swire, Professor Noam Chomsky, Professor Robert Black QC, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Kate Adie. Additionally, in general terms, the Crown Office has been publicly described as "institutionally corrupt" by distinguished counsel Jock Thomson QC.

In 2009, Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill and the then Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini both made public statements relating to the release of Mr Al-Megrahi that were later shown to be entirely false. What is more, both senior officials must have known at the time that the CIA had bribed key prosecution witness Tony Gauci to the tune of $2 million in order to help secure Mr Al-Megrahi`s conviction. Clearly, in those circumstances, Gauci`s evidence could on no account be regarded as being reliable. In short, it would not be unreasonable to suggest that the CIA`s action in paying this witness indicated that it did not wish the identity or identities of the real culprit(s) to be discovered.

Knowledge of this information did not prevent Elish Angiolini, in September 2009, from "deploring" Mr Al-Megrahi`s plan to appeal against his conviction. What could possibly be described as deplorable the desire of a man, seriously ill and imprisoned a long way from his own country and family, to lodge an appeal against a conviction that was already known to be transparently unsound?

On Wednesday, 1st May, at the Court of Session in Parliament Square, Edinburgh, at 10.00 hrs, a further hearing is due to take place over my challenge against Elish Angiolini`s civil action to effectively silence me over salient aspects of Hollie`s case.

I was so grateful to all the supporters of the Hollie Greig case for attending the previous hearing on 6th March and filling the Court. Their decency, compassion and courage is appreciated and the many messages received from those who could not be there was also a source for gratitude. If it is not too much to ask, I would be most thankful for any similar displays of support on 1st May.

It is not yet known whether Elish Angiolini will actually decide to make her first appearance on this occasion. It should not be forgotten that many of the allegations she has made against me could have been resolved, had she not refused to face cross-examination at my trial when cited as a defence witness to do so. Surely, it may be argued that if Elish Angiolini had nothing to conceal, one might have expected her to take up the opportunity I offered her to speak publicly about the issues raised, on Oath.
Posted by Robert Green at 15:07 6 comments:
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Monday, 8 April 2013


The Scottish authorities have been frequently heavily criticised on this blog as they are chiefly responsible for the outrageous betrayal of Hollie and other sexual abuse victims, past, present or future, in Scotland. It should not, however, be overlooked that there are a number of English collaborators who hold a place of shame in this ongoing scandal. Scotland does not deserve all the blame.

One of these is Carol Boys, CEO of the Down`s Syndrome Association. Like Esther Rantzen of Childline, who was happy to share one of Jimmy Savile`s moments of glory, whilst knowing all the time of his reputation of being a foul abuser of children. Moreover, Esther Rantzen refused to lift a finger to help Hollie when I approached her.

When I was first asked to help Hollie, one of my initial ports of call was naturally the Down`s Syndrome Association, who had supported Hollie`s claims totally, even to the extent of providing documents written by Ruth Beckmann and Susannah Seymann to that effect. Susannah, in particular, backed Hollie most loyally, assisted by John Smithies, the association`s press officer. Both Susannah and John told me that they were well aware that Down`s Syndrome children were being subjected to sexual abuse on a considerable scale, especially in Scotland, which is why the DSA was keen to support my efforts on behalf of Hollie. I kept the two officials informed of the steps I was taking and told them that Hollie had been interviewed again at length by Grampian Police on 8th September 2009, in my presence.

Near the end of October 2009, whilst the police investigation was supposedly under way, I received a call from John Smithies, who told me that he had been summoned to a meeting with Carol Boys.to discuss the possible risk to the DSA if it continued to support Hollie.He asked if any legal threats had been made to me. At that time, I had received none at all.

When I next spoke to John a few days later, he told me that Carol Boys had dismissed him. He went on to say that whilst he had been advised not to communicate with me, he suggested that I ring Susannah Seymann, as he told me "She knows everything". Unfortunately, Susannah, a very nice lady, would no longer speak to me and neither would Carol Boys. It would therefore be reasonable to suspect that Carol Boys had been "got at", although by whom remains a mystery. A good man has lost his job and the interests of Hollie and others with Down`s Syndrome who may be at risk have thus been betrayed by the very organisation that is supposed to stand up for them.

I have no doubt that the DSA continues to do a lot of good work, but the issue I have referred to remains there to be addressed.

The phone number of the Down`s Syndrome Association is 0333 1212300 and its email,

Then we come to Conservative-controlled Shropshire Council.

On 3rd June 2010, at around 13.30hrs, I was called by DC Ed Bates of West Mercia Police, responding to a request from Shropshire Council Social Services Department. Although Hollie was not nor had ever been under the care of the council, he told me that Social Services was "worried about Hollie and Anne`s safety". DC Bates asked if I knew where they were. I could not understand the basis for this concern as Anne had told me a few days earlier that she and Hollie proposed to take a short holiday although I did not know where, This proved to have been the case.

My assurance, subsequently entirely justified, did not prevent, just 90 minutes after the call, Shropshire Council staff and police officers, accompanied by a dog, breaking into and vandalising Hollie and Anne`s home. The team remained for several hours in the small bungalow, taking with them Anne`s computer and documents. It hardly needs saying how much alarm and distress this cruel and unjustified intrusion caused Hollie and Anne, following all the suffering they had faced in Scotland.

Knowing the background, what kind of people could stoop to doing such a thing.

A considerable number of MPs, from all parties and in various areas of the country, have now either spoken up for or shown interest in Hollie`s case and full support has been received from Nigel Farage and UKIP, who even withdrew its candidate to help with my election campaign for Hollie at Aberdeen South in 2010. It would, however, be particularly appreciated if Conservative Cabinet Minister, Owen Paterson, Hollie`s MP, could somehow find the courage to stand up for her too.

His numbers are 0207 219 5185 or 01978 710073. The email is patersono@parliament.uk

Posted by Robert Green at 21:21 6 comments:
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Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Following the outrageous snatching from his home and subsequent imprisonment mentioned in my last blog, the Scottish Police lost no time in coming back over the border to threaten Tim Rustige`s son and wife.

Rusty`s son was actually taken from his place of work in the Manchester area and held for around seven hours. Today, the same police questioned Rusty`s wife, despite her being in ill-health. It is sadistic, it is barbaric and we cannot allow such behaviour to continue against English residents by a foreign police force backed by a regime with a lamentable human rights record (see Peter Cadder, Supreme Court Ruling, 76,000 unsound criminal convictions). So the publicly funded intimidation of gallant and respected human rights activists continues. It reminded me of the answer I received from the police when I was first arrested in Scotland and asked for a legal representative to be present. When I challenged the officer who refused this request, in flagrant breach of human rights legislation, I was firmly told "This is Scotland!" Quite.

The police who are now harrassing the Rustiges is the same force that has consistently refused to question, in its home city of Aberdeen, even one of the 29 individuals, alleged abusers or fellow victims, identified by Hollie Greig to Grampian Police in my presence on 8th September 2009. Yet it has no compunction in repeatedly crossing the border to arrest, imprison and intimidate people like the Rustiges and me whose principal objective is to protect Scottish children and the disabled from rape, as Scottish people can no longer expect its police to protect them from such vile crimes.
Just what are the Scottish authorities so afraid of in allowing its police to consistently behave in this unacceptable manner?

The police who harrass the Rustiges is also the same force that deliberately withheld crucial documents, those of Dr Jack Boyle and Dr Eva Harding, that totally supported Hollie`s allegations, from the Prosecutor. This fact is made clear in the PCCS report. A more blatant attempt to pervert the course of justice could scarcely be imagined, yet have the officers responsible been arrested and charged?

Of course not, this is Scotland.

In the meantime, Rusty and his family deserve all the support that we can give them in order that they are adequately protected. The family`s MP is Graham Brady, email crowthers@parliament.uk and the Westminster phone number is 0207 219 1260 and constituency office 0161 904 8828.

The London office has informed me that it has been overwhelmed with calls from those who offer support for Rusty and for Hollie Greig. Nonetheless, a public statement from Mr Brady on behalf of his persecuted and innocent constituents would go a long way to assure English residents that they are being protected against outsiders. In case there remains any doubt, the headline from the Scottish Daily Express this week is unequivocal - "Scotland is now a Police State".
New Scottish Police Chief Stephen House has a great deal to do in order to clean up police corruption and to reassure the people of Aberdeen in particular that he will fully undertake his public duty in protecting victims of paedophile rape in that city.
Posted by Robert Green at 20:16 5 comments:
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Monday, 25 March 2013


Many readers were either in court in Aberdeen to support Rusty on Wednesday or kindly sent messages backing him.

On Friday morning, Grampian Officers returned to the Manchester area to seize Rusty and take him back to a police cell in Aberdeen. Initial reports indicate that his home was once again violated and his son and wife threatened - and it all began because the same police force refused to even question those named by Hollie Greig has having sexually abused her.

It is disgusting and shocking, almost beyond belief, that such an action, which most of us would associate with Nazi Germany or Stalin`s Soviet Union, could ever take place in the United Kingdom, but it has.

I have informed Rusty`s MP, Graham Brady and the Police Commissioner for Manchester, Mr Tony Lloyd for help.

It is difficult to comprehend how officers from Operation Yewtree can be prevented from intervening in Scotland on the basis of a ludicrously inaccurate statement by its Justice Minister, Kenny MacAskill, relating to some of the gravest sexual offences imaginable, yet Scottish Police can come over the border, seize Rusty and me, in our efforts to protect Scottish children and the disabled and violate our homes with the full collaboration and cooperation of English police forces.

What is going on?

May I ask everyone who believes in decency and human rights to come to the aid of Rusty.

During a speech on Wednesday, I demanded the resignation of the Scottish Justice Minister, Kenny MacAskill, for making a knowingly false statement, i.e. "a thorough investigation has already been made into the Hollie Greig case". That is complete nonsense, as we now know from sworn evidence at my trial that not one of the 29 alleged perpetrators and fellow victims has even been questioned by Grampian Police. The PCCS report has already confirmed that Grampian Police withheld two key documents supporting Hollie`s claims from the Procurator Fiscal in a blatant attempt to pervert the course of justice.

Vulnerable British citizens remain at risk in Scotland and it is time that the British government stepped in to protect them, quite apart from the disgraceful way Rusty and I have been treated.

The Scottish people have been invited to vote on the question of independence on 18th September 2014. Of course, this an entirely honourable way of going about such matters and should be a matter for the Scottish people to resolve. However, whilst Alex Salmond and Kenny MacAskill lead the SNP, it is not just a matter of deciding whether to remain in the United Kingdom or going it alone, as it ought to be. It is over remaining in the Union or the prospect of being governed by Europe`s first paedo-fascist state. Alex Salmond has gone overboard in his attempts to instigate repressive media laws, whilst Kenny MacAskill continues to support, in effect, police corruption and the rapists of Scottish children and the disabled. If the mainstream Scottish media were to accurately report the facts about the Hollie Greig case, I am sure that the good people of Scotland would have Salmond and MacAskill out of office in short order and a sensible debate about independence could then take place.

It would be helpful if Mr MacAskill could be challenged over his statement about Hollie Greig in the Scottish Parliament.

The details of the three main opposition leaders are as follows.

willie.rennie.msp@scottish.parliament.uk (Lib Dem)

johann.lamont.msp@scottish.parliament.uk (Labour- this is a lady, by the way)

ruth.davidson@scottishconservatives.com (Conservative)

Meanwhile, let us do all we can to help the courageous Rusty and his family.

Posted by Robert Green at 17:28 6 comments