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Thursday, 31 October 2013



from 31 Oct..:
“Just spoken to him! He is on the lifers wing (E) now on top level with high risk offenders…5 flights down for a meal but he is relishing the exercise. Canteen goods stolen from cell yesterday….tin of mackerel, choc, coffee etc.
Emails getting through fast, thanks to all. In court re tenants on 12th Nov. unable to get to legal papers in locked car as prison will not release his key to aide.
Recorded delivery letters sent to lawyer and another last Friday STILL not received! (prob sent via Police Station/PPS)
Using irrelevant regs to stop him photocopying.
and so it goes on…..”

from 26 Oct.:
“They are preventing him from using the photocopier, access his legal papers (he is on remand) or his money….very rationed re phonecalls.”

from 19 Oct.:
“He was then sneaked into court first thing Thursday (?) so no support there and Judge Bidder remanded him.
He has no money nor any means (I am sending PO today) . Have also sent him an e mail via email a prisoner service.”

an excerpt from MK’s letter [see below from 26 Oct.]

 1] blocked for 2 lawyers trying to visit
2] blocked handout of car keys, parked in public place [burgled 3 times in under a year]
3] blocked visitors just like last time
even THOUGH filled in PVS2 form over a week ago
4] blocked photocopying [paid from my own funds]

In the light of MK being denied his Human Rights letters notifying this outrageous situation re: M Kirk were today 31 Oct. 13 sent to Cardiff Crown court manager, Cardiff Magistrates court, a top ranking CPS barrister who aided MK in the past, HMP Cardiff prison governor, and MK himself, and many more will be sent.


02 Legal Battles
All Key South Wales Police Witnesses Refused to give Claimant Evidence...... Oh what a Surprise!!!
Oh, I almost forgot...Barbara Wilding, Chief Constable of South  Wales Police, by Feb 09 sworn affidavit, denied the incident ever even happened
and to day, in court , was classic.........later
Statement of Truth
12th May 2013
I, Mr G of Caerau, Cardiff, confirm that the content of this, my statement, consisting of two pages, is true to the best of my belief and say as follows:
1.      Sometime in May 1995 both I and Alison Jenner, the daughter of Chief Inspector Brian Jenner agreed to rent a flat in the process of renovation above the veterinary surgery. The address was 175 Cowbridge Road West, Cardiff.
2.      I hope to re visit the premises before I give evidence.
3.      The week before the water damage Mr Kirk stated the tenancy was not going to work and too dangerous to inhabit.
4.      On 6th June 1995 I returned to 175 Cowbridge Road West, Cardiff flat, above the veterinary surgery, to find it all barricaded by a roller shutter locked down across the entrance.
5.      I telephoned both my parents and those of Alison Genner, my girl friend and waited for them to arrive.
6.      All arrived within twenty to thirty minutes making five of us standing outside the front door.
7.      My belongings were in sealed white bags in the ally way to the left side of the property.
8.      Mr Jenner telephoned his officers and described the situation to several of them. Every one heard the conversations.
9.      After about ten minutes a van load of police arrived with five or six police officers who got out of the van. I believe there was also a police car that turned up as well.
10.  There were about a dozen of us now outside the premises.
11.  Mr Jenner and one of the police officers then went off to the side, out of hearing and discussed something for at about five minutes.
12.  Sergeant Roe then turned up and said I was to go up to the Ely Police station later.
13.  There was still some of our furniture in the flat.
14.  As an ‘aside’ sergeant Roe said to me, “I will be a witness to your entry. You can use reasonable force (wink, wink), do what you want”.
15.  The police opened no bags.
16.  Police went and interviewed owner of the flat.
17.  All left bags.
18.  Bags In Jenner’s car, possibly and my parents possibly also carried some home.
19.  I went to parents flat, 6 Ogmore Rd.
20.  When Mr Kirk asked about sledge hammer and crow bar my reply was, “it was a feasible possibility”.
21.  Then went back to Ely police station and Sergeant Roe in the dark at about 8pm and signed a document re proposed breaking in. [Why not tell me Kirk asked. People in the group trying to get hold of me, possibly Mr Jenner].
22.  Then I walked back to the flat with Roe.
23.  I used the sledge hammer and crow bar to break in.
24.  It was obvious to me that there was some obvious agenda re police against Mr Kirk”
25.  It was not going away. The police were indicating that a lot was going on than I was being told about.
26.  On the day after the 6th June I went into the surgery alone and complained to receptionist’s boy friend that he had nicked my belongings from the flat. 
27.  A few days later, by appointment by phone, I go back to Ely police station and make a long statement. I only made one statement.
28.  Date, I cannot remember.
29.  I was told Mr Kirk had been arrested on the day or a couple days later by police.
30.  When asked for what Mr Kirk was arrested (by Mr Kirk) I said: Eviction and sub letting property not even Mr Kirk’s. (Not arrested for criminal damage or theft).
31.   While we and Mr Jenner were putting in furniture in the flat, before the 6th June, a neighbour told us Mr Kirk should not be renting as part of the sale was not allowing to sub let. .
32.  They didn’t give a *** about the (Scanner for court obliterated value) criminal damage and theft.
33.   From then on I was ‘out of the loop’. Police did not bother me again.
34.  The week before the water damage Mr Kirk stated the tenancy was not going to work and too dangerous to inhabit..
Anthony Glen Gaphael
The boys in Ely forecast almost exactly what would happen once evidence became so damming.
The case started in February, two months ago, with about fifty or so police and ex police giving evidence.
 This week we started the Claimant's witnesses with the court allowing only three days for their evidence.
That is twenty or so witnesses to be 'dis[posed of'.
The Defendant, the Chief Constable, was not allowed to give evidence.
Other senior police officers , many retired, were all denied as Claimant witnesses.
In the above, one of thirty odd incidents, just as an example, ex Inspector  Robert Nelson Roe and ex Chief Inspector  Brian Jenner were warned. more than once of perjury.
The police, at Cardiff airport, prevented me from serving a summons on Jonathan Clayton, working at Air Traffic.
I have been refused the right to produce a number of police who gave false evidence in various Barry magistrates hearings, including one in which Barbara Wilding swore never even happened.
It has been commented upon that where my witnesses who came from South Wales, all but all were terrified of likely repercussions with several not not even answering to a summons,  while those from England simply told came and not even needing a summons.
It stinks, doesn't it.
                                                       BS416 159
Re examination of Claimant (continued)
1st Action 8.23
‘Failing to Produce’ versus ‘No Insurance’ (27.. 3. 95 Llantwit St/Prosecution case collapsed in Court)
Cross examination of the Claimant’s Evidence, based on my pleadings, caused me further confusion stimulating me to try and find any further record from within the 50 odd Claimant exhibit leaver arch files, served on the Defendant years ago, in order to try and clarify factual matters.
In Claimant Exhibit file no 41 (about half way through) I have just found twenty sides of both of my original and copies, including fax slips, of documents re Special Constable Frank O’Brian’s Evidence who has been summoned for Tuesday/ Wednesday as my witness. (There may be some of these documents already in court bundle)
I rely on these documents from FILE 41 as my memory of this incident and court hearings is not good but combined with Special Constable 7781 Deryn Martin’s evidence of startling revelations over where police photos and talk of ‘phantom’ HORTs being issued or not now might explain the ‘jigsaw’:
[My own 4th March 1996 contemporaneous notes (FILE 41) ave almost clarified the truth for me]
1.      15th May 95 police photos of the van outside my surgery were taken for the 4th March 1996 Llantwit Street hearing.
2.     Martin’s ringing Guernsey police for van information and having had all the photos taken, just before it was stolen for the final time, to be burnt out on the outskirts of Barry, is much supported by the scrap dealer who recovered it, theft crime ref EA/95/12610 and my futile 8th Nov 95 and 16th Jan 96 written complaints to Barry police station.
3.     For over fifteen years the police have denied any knowledge of these photos, their relevance/existence or relevance of photo ref no 33139/A or identity of the photographer, PC 566 Wilson, who just happen to have been at hand after the theft of one of my other Guernsey registered vehicles, my BMW motor cycle, while all the others having now been stolen or mysteriously burnt out.
4.      I refer to my Oct 95 stolen BMW motor cycle registration 1876 only to be found , in minutes for one of my clients to retrieve it only to find no number plate on the bike.
5.     I had parked Honda van reg 43083 on the double yellow and so was confronted by O’Brian to produce ‘driving documents’ which included the vehicle’s log book
6.     Whereas I pleaded ‘fail to produce’ that is exactly what this case appeared to about.
7.     I produced my driving licence as per usual at the incident in order to avoid the usual trouble I received whenever, at least in those days, I faced by entering Barry Police Station.
8.     There was no MOT certificate, as usual, as it was a foreign registered vehicle.
9.     No HORT 1 or 2 ‘could be produced’ by the Crown Prosecution Service from either special Constables Frank O’Brian or Martin.
10.                         The van’s log book or copy of it was produced which further indicated I had valid insurance.
11.                        BUT the police already knew I had valid insurance both before and on 27th March 1996 but still persisted in prosecuting with no reasonable cause other than it was clearly malicious.
12.                        Having been stopped so many times and taken to court so often, primarily over car insurance, suggested my routine by March 1995 would have been to delay production by saying:
a)      I would produce ‘later’
b)     or ‘in seven days’
c)     or ‘when the cows come home’
d)    or  ‘never’
13.                        Following the 35th occasion when police had ordered yet again, I ‘produce proof’ of insurance, I successfully argued ‘the balance of probabilities’ and ‘evidence of similar fact’ to have the case dropped and have done so ever since for the past ten years.
 Because I has now having repeated warnings, as I did in both Taunton in the 70s and in Guernsey in the 80s, not just from my various insurance agents but also from my insurance companies that my respective policies were close to being withdrawn because police were constantly telephoning and demanding intricate details that covered my aircraft, cars and numerous motor cycles.
Due to police harassment I continue to have to pilot a vehicle rarely owned or registered by me.
In 2001 Inspector Collins of Barry police was instructed to ‘lay off’ trying to take my driving licence via the ‘no insurance’ route but instead, to complain direct to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons using the surviving 10% criminal allegations from the hundred so original ones.
[Barbara Wilding, the then Chief Constable, signed 2009 sworn affidavit denying being ‘aware’ of the 8.23 incident or subsequent court case shambles that had to be stopped http://kirkflyingvet.com/blogs/legal/archive/2013/05/13/all-key-witnesses-refused-oh-what-a-surprise.aspxpart heard]
Written 12th May 2013
Maurice J Kirk BVSc

JFK: The Uncensored Story of the Two Oswalds

JFK: The Uncensored Story of the Two Oswalds
Wed Oct 30, 2013 09:46

I have always enjoyed your programs in the past and enthusiastically look forward to being your guest on Wednesday, 10/30/13 at noon time EDT. The "Two Oswalds" creation by the CIA is not a simple and questionable "theory" but a fact, and the (verrry suppressed) research done by John Armstrong proves it over and over. Yup, we were deceived. Can't wait to tell you the details.
Pat shannanpat@gmail.com

My radio program: Monday-Friday, 11 am to 1 pm (CT)HTTP://www.republicbroadcasting.org
My radio schedule: http://www.spingola.com/radio_schedule.html
Spingola Specials - commercial-free interviews; audio files: HTTP://www.spingolaspeaks.info

(Dr. Ralph Cinque is a nutritionist and chiropractor in Houston, Texas. In recent years he founded the Oswald Innocence Project seen at http://www.oswald-innocent.com)


I would like to recommend a new book, The JFK Assassination & The Uncensored Story of the Two Oswalds by Pat Shannan. It is essentially a synopsis of John Armstrong's massive tome, Harvey and Lee. You may know that the earlier book is over 1000-pages long and costs many hundreds of dollars. So, for those who would like to get the gist of it without spending so much time and money, there is Pat's book.

Pat has a close working relationship with John Armstrong, and one of the chapters (on the Tippit murder) was written directly by Armstrong. There is also a chapter by Jim Marrs on the mysterious deaths of JFK witnesses.

I am a strong advocate of the Armstrong theory of the Two Oswalds. I am drawn by all the circumstantial evidence that he cites: dual schools, dual addresses, witness testimonies, such as the people from North Dakota, Laura Kittrell one of the Texas Employment Commission personnel who interviewed both Oswalds, the school psychiatrist from New York City when both boys were there, and more. Then, there is all the info about the two different Marguerites, one being very short and quite old (with whom we are familiar) and the other being tall and glamorous and much younger.

But, the thing that convinces me the most is this: the utter impossibility of Oswald having taught himself Russian. The official story has it that he went to Japan in early 1956 sans any Russian and came back in September, 1959; and when he showed up at El Toro Air Station in California in December 1959, he was already well-versed in Russian: speaking it, reading it, the works. And to this day, people try to defend the idea that he just got out a few books and started studying on his own. The truth is there is not even any evidence of that. Two of his Marine buddies from Japan, Zack Stout and George Wilkins, said he never did anything with Russian or even mentioned any desire to learn it while over there. They tried to speak to the Warren Commission but were turned down.

John Armstrong (and Pat Shannan) say that the Oswald we know never even went to Japan, that he was an East European native whose first language was Russian, that he may have been an orphan who was brought over here after WW2, as many were. And when it was observed that he bore a close physical match to another boy, a native American boy Lee Oswald, a decision was made to merge their identities in preparation for a false defector program which did transpire.

But, there is more in this book than just a synopsis of Armstrong's ideas. Pat is a tenacious investigative reporter. He had a close friendship with Madeleine Browne (LBJ's longtime mistress with whom he had a son) and through Madeleine he met Marina Oswald. Did you know, for instance, that Marina Oswald reported that she was sexually abused- nightly, for months on end- by Secret Service agents or FBI agents or both?

For me, Pat uncovered a lot of interesting facts. Did you know that George Applin, one of the Texas Theater witnesses, reported that sitting some rows behind Oswald in the Texas Theater at the time of his arrest was Jack Ruby? George was adamant about that until his death, which came early. That's right; he is listed as one of the many mysterious JFK deaths.

Here is the link to Pat's book, which is well worth the $20 plus $5 for shipping.



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Failure To Deploy: Aided And Abetted By Shelfware   [thank God for these government staff being so incompetent they couldn't get it together to install this crap..more than likely..."bandwidth issues" my ass...ed.]

It takes more than technology acquisition to protect against the insider threat -- just ask the NSA

 Jared Thorkelson October 28, 2013
Recent news reports indicate the NSA had acquired technologies to help prevent the leakage of classified data, but failed to deploy them before contractor Edward Snowden began working there. The technologies in question were purchased in the wake of the 2010 WikiLeaks scandal, but went uninstalled at NSA's Hawaii facility due to what was described as "bandwidth issues." The path that allowed Snowden to pilfer large quantities of classified information was paved by the NSA's failure to deploy the technologies the agency had already acquired and presumably deployed at other facilities. As the technologies sat unused by the Hawaii facility, Snowden was, in essence, aided and abetted by shelfware.

More Security Insights

White Papers

More >>

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This calls to mind an all-too-common story in many of today's enterprises when acquired technology is simply not deployed, but sits on the shelf where it may look good -- but doesn't do jack squat. With some technologies, the impact of not having these technologies in place is minimal. But when it comes to safeguarding sensitive data and protecting against inside threats, you could be playing a very high stakes game of chicken. And the consequences of losing the game? Simply disastrous. Just ask the NSA. But lest I get too dramatic in my oversimplification, shelfware does not always represent a simple failure to deploy. In terms of the inside threat, there are varying levels on the fail scale, each of which we have likely encountered in our own experience. It's one thing to stick your head in the sand and pretend the threat does not exist. It's another to courageously acknowledge the threat -- but take no action. And it's something else entirely to face the threat head on, acquire technologies to protect against that threat, and then fail to put the technologies to their most beneficial use. That said, we all know efforts made in good faith sometimes go awry. The overall initiative to protect against the insider threat may be carefully planned over months or even years, with meaningful requirements established, budgets approved, RFPs released, products evaluated, and, ultimately, dollars spent. But if organizations fail to put the technologies to their most effective use, budget is wasted and, worse yet, sensitive data is put at risk. While we may not often see instances of blatant shelfware in our own organizations, where acquired products never even see the light of day, most organizations are guilty to some degree of lesser offenses when acquired technologies are not used to their full potential. Failure to make the most of a technology purchase may sound trivial or, at worst, just a sin of omission, but as demonstrated by the NSA's recent experience, the results can have very serious consequences

Wednesday, 30 October 2013




In the first half of Tuesday's show, author and paranormal investigator
Hoss Lors discussed his years living on a Navajo reservation and his witnessing of the amazing powers of the Skinwalkers, the Navajo name for a type of shape-shifter. He explained that Skinwalkers are actually people who engage in black magic or negative witchcraft, sometimes using the pelt of animals as part of their transformation ritual. Lors said he had several encounters with Skinwalkers while on the reservation-- one involved a rabid dog which he killed. Before he could dispose of it, the body of the dog disappeared, and he became extremely ill. When Lors visited a Navajo Medicine Man, he learned that the Skinwalker who created the rabid dog released a toxic powder which he breathed in when he was hitting the dog.

According to Navajo tradition, a Skinwalker will die within three days, if they are confronted about their secret, malevolent identity, he recounted. Lors also shared details of his strange
UFO sighting, in which he saw a silver cigar-shaped object hovering near the horse corral and fired a pellet gun at it. He heard a ping sound, and the object shot off at an incredible speed, and then could be seen a couple miles away dropping "tendrils of light." Later, Lors reported the case to MUFON, who sent out an interviewer. After that, he said he was visited by the "Navajo Rangers" – a special ops group that investigates paranormal activity such as the Skinwalkers, and he also saw black helicopters flying over his home.


In the latter half, author
Varla Ventura returned to the show to talk about the folklore of banshees and other creatures of the night. In Ireland, as well as in parts of the British Isles, the banshee is a female figure known as a portent or harbinger of death, and when her wails are heard, it usually means that someone will fall ill or die. "And to see a banshee, often means that someone is you," she noted. Banshees can be accompanied by a coach driven by a headless horseman, which is where legends like Sleepy Hollow originated, she continued. The haunting wailing or keening of the banshee is thought to come from the spirit of someone who died in childbirth, or a mother whose child died young, she explained, and the sound has a beautiful yet terrifying sound that can lure people toward it.

Banshees may have evolved from the 'elementals' described in Irish mythology, and can manifest as a kind of inherited ghost that passes from household to household, she remarked. In Ireland, a visit from a banshee is synonymous with the death of someone in the household, while in America they can be associated more with bad luck or a warning, she said. Ventura also spoke about werewolves, vampires, and changelings-- disturbing instances when a baby is substituted for one from the fairy world.

New 9/11 Eyewitness Evidence of Bombs at WTC

This witness and health victim of 9/11, 
who worked at 170 Broadway, on the 
corner of Maiden Lane, a few doors down 
from where I lived, at 11 Maiden Lane, 
just one block away from the WTC, tells 
of his experiences and gives his numerous 
fact-based and sound reasons for doubting 
the official story. 

He says that the NYPD was ubiquitous in the 
area and he overheard much of what was 
said via their radios. He says that anybody 
with a scanner within the City of New York 
and the surrounding areas would have heard 
the NYFD firefighters talking about bombs 
going off in the buildings, while they were in 
the stairwells around the 20th-30th floors, 
rescuing people from the floors beneath the 
fires. He tells of attending the first two NIST 
hearings, which he walked out on, when it 
became clear to him that their whole thing 
was a whitewash.

People ask me why I run so many 9/11 videos, 
the answer is that, in addition to being an event 
of vast significance in US history and to the 
whole world - and of marking the beginning of 
a nefarious development in US Governance, 
which appears to be far from over, it was also 
totally in-my-face and therefore, extremely 
Video (about 12 and a half mins):

- Alexandra

New 9/11 Eyewitness Evidence of Bombs at WTC