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Monday, 24 February 2014

ATOS: Sickness benefit tests firm pulls out of £500million contract after death threats to staff

Atos Healthcare staff are increasingly coming under attack, source claims

Around 160 incidents of staff being assaulted or abused each month last year

  •  Atos has been in discussions about ending contract for 'several months'
By Tamara Cohen
The private firm that decides whether benefits claimants are fit for work has pulled out of its £500million contract after claiming its staff received death threats.

Atos Healthcare, which has been accused of making unfair decisions on when sick and disabled people lose benefits, was ordered to review its tests last summer after a government report found its assessors were of unacceptably poor quality.

But yesterday, sources in the French IT company claimed it was pulling out as its staff were increasingly coming under attack while carrying out their work.

Protesters hold placards outside Atos's London headquarters in August 2012
Protesters hold placards outside Atos's London headquarters in August 2012

Each month last year they recorded about 160 incidents of the public assaulting or abusing staff, the Financial Times reported.

Protests had erupted outside their offices this week, when staff received deaths threats in person and on Facebook  and Twitter.
Examples on social networking sites include someone calling staff ‘murdering scumbags’, adding: ‘We won’t be smiling when we come to hang you b******s.’ Another said: ‘Know anyone who works for Atos? Kill them.’

The company has regularly come under fire over the assessments – which are used to gauge eligibility for employment and support allowance and incapacity benefit – amid claims people are being wrongly recommended for work or put through stressful medical interviews.

One third of its decisions have been overturned on appeal and the firm has become a lightning rod for Left-wing critics of the Government’s welfare reforms.

Atos Healthcare revealed it has been in discussions with officials for ‘several months’ about ending its work capability assessment contract, which was due to run until August 2015.

Kate Green, shadow minister for disabled people, said: ¿People have been badly let down by Atos'
Kate Green, shadow minister for disabled people, said: ¿People have been badly let down by Atos'

A spokesman insisted it would not ‘walk away’ from the contract and that it would continue to provide a service until new contractors had been appointed.
‘For several months now we have been endeavouring to agree an early exit from the work capability assessment contract,’ the spokesman said.
‘We will not walk away from a front-line service. Our focus remains on delivering the services we are contracted to provide in a professional and compassionate way until a new service begins.’

However, relations with the Department for Work and Pensions appear to be close to breakdown amid persistent criticism over the quality of Atos’s assessments.

Kate Green, shadow minister for disabled people, said: ‘People have been badly let down by Atos. But changing the contract isn’t enough. It’s time for the government to fundamentally reform work capability assessments so disabled people who can work are given support they need to find a job.’

The DWP yesterday refused to comment.

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Corrupt atos doing the Tory's dirty work decent hard working people who've paid taxes all their god damn lives being denied help when getting sick through no fault of there own told they are fit for work when seriously Ill, humiliated, drag through long appeals then when they win still denied help due to crafty new Tory changes then drag into work related interviews told still have to go for atos medicals for pension and ni contributions no money just contributions even though appeal form signed by a judge and doc says shouldn't be asses for a year !!!!!!

This is excellent news. I am not saying that the sick and disabled should not be assessed, but it should be done by proper medical staff who understand the conditions, not pen-pushers.
ATOS so called health staff ...get £800 for every person the find fit for work .....£0.00 for finding some one unfit .. also if they find you fit and you appeal and your found unfit ,,they still keep the £800 .. and nothing gets said .... this is why they !!! assessors were of unacceptably poor quality.!!! as they only work for the money ....not doing the job they are paid to do assess ppl .

There's so much hate in the world, why don't everyone just get along...I feel a song coming ' All you need is love...

Lets face it, who would make a good job of it? If there were not so many people trying to rip off the system because they are to damn lazy and greedy to get a job, we wouldn't need an organisation to weed them out and only those who genuinely couldn't work would get the benefits they are entitled to. So before you all start screaming that Atos are scum, start with the scummy workshy scrounging spongers who shouldn't be claiming in the first place!
G4S, A4E, ATOS etc all created to get rich at taxpayers expense.

If I was forcing terminally ill people into work I would expect retribution.

I have autism, serious depression and crippling anxiety and they didn't even take it into account at all. I passed with perfect scores so I had a tribunal and was promptly deemed unfit to work in about an hour. The only realistic way of getting a sensible outcome is to lie through your teeth or have your assessment on LSD.
The only question being is are they going to replace them with a company just as bad or worse? Im fed up of the government targeting genuinely disabled people (not those that claim im depressed so cant work ect but people physically unable to work) I see no problem at all getting tougher on those on jsa that are work shy and make career of playing the system while offer support to those who have just fallen on hard times with the resection and are trying to get work. But for those calling disabled people lazy and work shy I just hope you never have any injury or develop a condition leaving you unable to work as you will learn the daily struggles these people go through just to get through the day. Its called compasion people some should try using it as this is clearly whats wrong with this government and country. And before anyone says anything yes I work and I work with these poor people being targeted and pushed to the edge of society by this awful government

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2565297/Sickness-benefit-tests-firm-pulls-500million-contract-death-threats-staff.html#ixzz2uFH0nyod