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Saturday, 17 May 2014



Pentagon moving to get WikiLeaks leaker Manning gender treatment
The Pentagon is moving toward transferring Pvt. Chelsea Manning from a military prison to a civilian prison so the WikiLeaks leaker can receive ...
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Defense analyst: Obama to blame for allowing soldier's sex-change operation
Manning is serving 35 years in prison for giving a trove of military and diplomatic secrets to the website WikiLeaks. Now the soldier, who is ...
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Lawfare (blog)

For the Delicious Irony Files
Many will recall that back in 2010 when WikiLeaks first started releasing classified materials many of the financial intermediaries (Visa, Mastercard, ...
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80 companies cooperating with NSA, Microsoft, Intel, IBM and more
Wikileaks reports that roughly 80 companies have been cooperating with the NSA to collect data on American citizens without their awareness or ...
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Hard National Security Choices
The Times also reported yesterday on confidential diplomatic cables made public by WikiLeaks, which reveal that in 2010, then-Defense Secretary ...

Defense analyst:

 Obama to blame for

 allowing soldier's



Chad Groening   (OneNewsNow.com) 

         Friday, May 16, 2014

A national defense analyst says American taxpayers should not pay for a sex-change operation for convicted U.S. Army Private Bradley Manning.
Manning is serving 35 years in prison for giving a trove of military and diplomatic secrets to the website WikiLeaks.
Now the soldier, who is homosexual, has asked for hormone therapy to become a woman named "Chelsea."

Maginnis, Bob

Bob Maginnis, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel and now senior fellow for National Security at the Family Research Council, says Bradley entered the army as a man and was tried and convicted as a man.
"It was only after he was found guilty that this person decided that he wanted to change his sex," Maginnis points out.

"I do not think that the American taxpayer should be paying for that," he says of the planned surgery, calling it "a travesty and absurdity, and very unfortunate."
The request was the first ever made by a transgender military inmate.
Transgenders are not allowed to serve openly in the U.S. military, and the Defense Department currently does not provide sex-change operations, though OneNewsNow reported recently on speculation that President Obama wants to change that.

"Chelsea" Manning

Manning can't be discharged from the service while serving his 35-year prison sentence, so the Pentagon is trying to transfer him to a civilian prison to receive the treatment.
Maginnis says Manning's sex-change operation would not be planned if it weren't for President Obama.
"He intimidated the chiefs of staff. They lacked the moral courage to stand up," charges Maginnis. "And the Secretary of Defense at the time didn't do anything except to bow what Obama wanted. They could care less about the military."
Finally, Maginnis calls it absurd that at a time of tight fiscal restraints, the military could be forced to use medical dollars to treat individuals with sexual-identity problems

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