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Sunday, 31 August 2014


UPDATE – “The Guardian” – 09.00 31 August ’14 = “Parents arrested as missing Ashya King found by police in …

The Guardian ‎- 3 hours ago

The international hunt for Ashya King, the missing five-year-old boy with a brain tumour, came to a dramatic end on Saturday night when his …cont. at: http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/aug/31/ashya-king-found-spain-parents-arrested
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Naveed King on youtube

~~Published on 30 Aug 2014

This is an update video on the progress of Ashya, he was taken away by police around 1 hour ago at 20:30 on the 30th of August. This video will explain what my father did and why.

I give permission for all to use this video as long as the full video is shown or only if a link is given to this video. Only reason if people and companies twist stories for their benefit to make it sound better or more interesting to watch.

Just received word that hundreds of people wanted to send money to him, I think thats okay, but if its not then I will remove it from the description.


The "press" reports etc.: http://www.google.co.uk/search?sourceid=navclient&aq=&oq=ashya&ie=UTF-8&rlz=1T4ACPW_enGB602GB602&q=ashya+king&gs_l=hp..0.0i3j0l4


 photo ass_zpsa5412048.jpg

@wikileaks dig up the situation in Pakistan. What is happening and why is uk media not reporting it or anyone in the west? Please please.
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Don't miss any updates from WikiLeaks
@wikileaks er, isn't he hiding in the Ecuador embassy still? you can't be ... @wikileaks I thought he was technically in Ecuador and free to roam ...
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English (US)
The strange story of Uzbekistan's 'jailed princess' | Washington Post Cited cables: http://wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/08TASHKENT529_a.html...


. awkw123 

Qi Gong Demonstration by Master James Chee in Quanzhou

 2010 ISWCCA

http://www.ChiPowerSecrets.com - Chi Power Palm Test 

  A.Thomas Perhacs
Uploaded on 31 Dec 2007
  Test your chi energy with this unique test. Can you feel my energy as well? At chipower.com, we talk a lot about chi energy and we get hundreds of letters every month from individuals that want to learn how to do this more magnificently than ever before and yet everyone is skeptical about it because chi is such a concept that is so esoteric that a lot of times, I am trying to really explain it to people, is really not that easy. Now, first thing you have to understand is that you're an energy being and you are built up of energy.....contd. at vid on youtube

Saturday, 30 August 2014


Simon Parkes is an excellent ambassador for a subject that soon will be taken far more seriously and honestly, because he  speaks truth. The governments sit on the subject of extraterrestrial visitation and the entire subject of ets because if the info were made public it would mess up everything.up, from religion to Obama's pay packet - THAT is why disclosure will be a long time coming. Meanwhile the truth will come out through people like Simon Parkes, and there  are many many of them...

Simon Parkes at The Bases Conference



The Malay Mail Online

WikiLeaks inspires 'SwaziLeaks'
As WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange prepares to end a two-year forced stay at Ecuador's London embassy, he may take comfort in knowing he ...
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Daily Mail

'I just want to be able to live my life as I am': Wikileaker Chelsea Manning claims military are forcing ...
The October 2010 release by Wikileaks of hundreds of thousands of battlefield reports, diplomatic cables and a video of a U.S. helicopter attack that ...
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Backing Barrett Brown: Amherst activist behind defense of journalist who faced 100 years in prison
... some of the biggest U.S. news stories of the past few years, such as stories surrounding WikiLeaks, Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning.
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Don't miss any updates from WikiLeaks
@wikileaks no reason why he cannot answer the accusations here in UK (& he should) other than the UK authorities refusal 2 allow it 2 happen.
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@wikileaks im a Swazi,Swazileaks people talk lies,they are opportunist that's all,they can't act like lunatics and expect not to be arrested.
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Don't miss any updates from WikiLeaks
Cited cables: http://wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/08TASHKENT529_a.html … http://wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/05TASHKENT2473_a.html …
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Why we need WikiLeaks 2013
John Pilger, Ken Loach and Jemima Khan talk about why we need WikiLeaks.
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Wikileaks - Watch the full film here: http://is.gd/fQZsyL | Facebook
Israel Ticas, better known as The Engineer, finds the body of a gang murder victim in El Salvador. Watch the full new WikiLeaks film "The Engineer" ...
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WikiLeaks founder Assange talks of leaving embassy, sowing confusion

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange attends a press conference inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London on Aug. 18, 2014, where he has been holed up for two years. Assange said Monday he would 'soon' leave Ecuador's embassy in London but his organization played down the comment, saying he would not depart until there was an agreement with Britain's government. (John Stillwell / Getty Images)
London — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange sowed confusion Monday with an announcement that appeared to indicate he was leaving his embassy bolt hole, but his spokesman later clarified that that would not happen unless the impasse over his extradition were resolved.
Assange made the cryptic comments during a press conference at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London following a meeting with Ricardo Patino, the Latin American nation’s foreign minister. When asked about speculation — some of it sparked by a recent interview with a British newspaper — that the 43-year-old Australian was ready to leave the embassy to seek medical treatment, Assange declined to answer directly, instead pointing to Kristinn Hrafnsson, the WikiLeaks spokesman, who was in the back of the room.
“He said I can confirm that I am leaving the embassy soon, but perhaps not for the reasons that (news media) are saying,” Assange said.
He refused to elaborate on the awkwardly worded statement.
Leaving the embassy would be a big move for Assange, who has remained trapped in the building since he sought refuge there more than two years ago. Assange is seeking to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he is wanted over sex crimes allegations, or the United States, where authorities are investigating his spectacular disclosures of secret information.
As bewildered journalists huddled after the press conference, Hrafnsson said that what Assange meant to convey was that he was ready to leave the embassy as soon as the British government gave him the guarantees he was seeking, namely the right to travel freely to Ecuador where he has asylum.
“The plan is to leave as soon as the U.K. government decides to honor its obligations,” Hrafnsson said, repeating Assange’s long-held position.
That seems unlikely anytime soon. Patino said Monday negotiations between Ecuador and the U.K. remain deadlocked.

From The Detroit News: http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20140818/NATION/308180040#ixzz3BqlJ3nkJ