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Sunday, 4 October 2015

MELANIE SHAW - videos: EVICTION 20 OCTOBER - 7 OCT. 4 OCT, 03 OCT. "Beechwood survivor" 26 JULY + more

“Pls help me stop my eviction that’s due on the 20th.I need help on the 19th”. – Melanie Shaw – Eviction 20 October 2015 –

Melanie Shaw 7 October video

Sharing my thoughts
Posted by Melanie Shaw on Saturday, October 3, 2015

From Melanie Shaw 4 Oct. 2015 - Pls watch this, its all about the money. Then share Posted by Melanie Shaw on Sunday, October 4, 2015

Pls watch this, its all about the money. Then share
Posted by Melanie Shaw on Sunday, October 4, 2015

Pls share, just filmed. Thank you. This is all for children suffering today, the car crash adults of tommorow. Posted by Melanie Shaw on Saturday, October 3, 2015

below: Melanie Shaw interview on 24 July 2015:


Melanie Shaw talks to Anna Bragga about Beechwood, confessions of a serial killer and persecution

See more:  BeechWood Survivor Melanie Shaw Exclusive Interview July 26, 2015:

MELANIE SHAW SLOWING TRAFFICJULY 2015 - http://www.vid.me/nnNc

Melanie Shaw at Glastonbury Town Hall – 8th July 2015 

Published on 10 Jul 2015

Melanie Shaw was released from Peterborough SODEXO private prison a few days before this recording.
Most of the six months sentence (for a spurious arson charge) was spent in solitary confinement.
Melanie was refused medication and treatment for a leg ulcer.
What Melanie has undergone can be descibed as nothing less than torture.

Melanie speaks of murder and satainc rituals in state run care homes for children


  • News Flash: Melanie Shaw Taken By Devon And Cornwall Police
    Brian Gerrish
    | Saturday, 4th July 2015
    The morning after her arrival in Plymouth, three aggressive male officers and one female, were hammering at the door of the UKColumn Offices demanding to know where 'Brian' was and the whereabouts of Melanie Shaw.
  • At 0907 this morning 4 July 2015 Beechwood child abuse victim and whistleblower Melanie Shaw sent a text saying "Ring me urgently...I'm at station with the police, he's been nice...well both have, 2 of the good guys..." We have heard nothing more.
  • Melanie had sought refuge in Plymouth after weeks of harassment and abuse by Nottingham police. It seems that Britain's police have unbridled power and money for operations to track, harass and arrest child abuse victims. They cannot of course stop criminal bankers, corrupt MPs or perverted Judges and senior police. 
  • The morning after her arrival in Plymouth, three aggressive male officers and one female, were hammering at the door of the UKColumn Offices demanding to know where 'Brian' was and the whereabouts of Melanie Shaw.
  • After receiving no help they departed. Rude, aggressive police, chasing not a serious criminal, but a frightened extremely vulnerable and very brave lady, who has suffered unbelievable abuse within the State 'care system.'
  • We suspect that Melanie is already on her way back to Nottingham, to be held in a circle of abusive authorities acting under the so called Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements MAPPA. When David Cameron said that child abuse was a matter of National Security he meant just that. So deep, so entrenched and so vicious is institutional child abuse in Britain that its exposure is capable of bringing down the UK government. The evidence already available in the public domain shows that Westminster is desperate to cover-up the widespread penetration of paedophiles within our political and public systems.
  • Highly intelligent, and with an excellent memory, Melanie Shaw represents a real threat to national security. Her testimony of her own abuse and that of hundreds of other youngsters, and the trafficking and the murders, is enough to cause the highest heads to roll. She must therefore be silenced by the State at all costs.
  • Melanie Shaw is now once again encarcerated in the gulug of the corrupt criminal British police and justice system. She will no doubt endure further abuse, bullying, harassment and solitary confinement 'punishment regimes.'
  • In the time I have known Melanie I have come to recognise an unbelievably brave lady who is worth 1,000 David Camerons, Theresa Mays or Alison Saunders. In fact there is no comparison.
  • That our british police constables should now prostitute themsleves to a peadophilic Westminster administration is a dangerous tragedy. Their blind willingness to support criminal activity and their failure to uphold the law will certainly rebound, since the emerging police state will eventually consume them and their families...for the revolution always consumes its young.
  • If by some unlikely occurence we find that Melanie is receiving tender care in the hand of Devon and Cornwall Police and Mental Services I will be grateful. My sentiments stand however, as she is but one of thousands of children stolen and abused by a corrupt criminal British state. 
    To readers of whatever nationality, I apologise for all the actions of this vile British government and establishment. It is beholdent on all of us to take all appropriate action to bring these people to justice. 
  • We will report further when we can."

  • Brian Gerrish interviews child abuse survivor and Nottingham Beechwood children’s home whistleblower Melanie Shaw. Recently released from HMP Peterborough where she suffered nearly 6 months in solitary confinement, was denied medical treatment and was subjected to significant bullying and harassment, Melanie has also been harassed by Nottingham police.
    In a catalogue of threats and intimidation Nottinghamshire Police have subjected her to unwanted phone calls, followed her, attended her home to threaten her with arrest and used a team of 6-7 black dressed ‘heavies’ to smash in her back door. Already suffering PTSD as a result of her abuse as a toddler by her own family, and subsequently through abuse by children’s services in Beechwood, there is no doubt that the actions of Nottingham Police have been designed to intimidate and ultimately silence Melanie.
    It is her testimony of the rape and murder of children at Beechwood in 2011 which started Operation Daybreak. For Melanie the subsequent vicious action by the police is simply to silence her and to protect abusers within the establishment and political magic circle.
    How can David Cameron and Theresa May’s Conservative Government allow this brutal treatment of vulnerable child abuse survivors? How could Crown Prosecution Boss Alison Saunders help protect Lord Janner from justice, but facilitate the vicious abuse of Melanie Shaw via ‘StarChamber Courts’ without proper legal representation, or a Jury, or the Public, or the Press? There can only be one answer. The British government in its broadest sense, across all three parties, Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat are collaborating, not to expose and stop child abuse, but to protect abusers.
    Watch this powerful insight into the horrific world of Melanie Shaw as a result of her simply telling the truth.



     photo mel_zps7gct8nkm.jpg










     photo 1_zpsxcmyizdx.jpg

    Most of us cannot even imagine what she has suffered. Many simply cannot bear to hear what she has experienced, never mind worry that she is presently making financial profit for the Directors and Shareholders of Sodexo private prison.  

    Melanie Shaw tears up Chris Leslie letter

    Most of us cannot even imagine what she has suffered. Many simply cannot bear to hear what she has experienced, never mind worry that she is presently making financial profit for the Directors and Shareholders of Sodexo private prison. 
    Yet one kind man took Melanie under his wing, looked after her, gave her a lovely home and fathered a child she loved. Strengthened by a stable family home and the passage of time, Melanie then found the courage to speak out about her abuse and those of many other children at Beechwood children’s home Nottingham. The local police took her evidence seriously and started Operation Daybreak – they soon admitted that up to 150 children were likely to have suffered. Many other children’s homes were implicated.
    Far from being protected, nurtured and praised Melanie Shaw was quickly returned to prison. It would seem that Nottingham police became nervous when she discovered that they had lied over their interviewing of witnesses. Fitted up with charges of arson and criminal damage, Melanie was sentenced to 3 years community service and branded mentally ill. Her real sentence was to start when she returned home. Tired, distraught and still suffering post traumatic stress from her abusive history, she was denied any help from Nottingham Social Services or Mental Health Services. Credit where it is due though, Nottingham Social Services had previously been remarkably efficient in taking her son into ‘care’ after she was charged with the arson offence.
    Alone without access to money, except for that provided by the generosity of the UKColumn readers and other members of the public, Melanie was subjected to repeated harassment by the police. Intimidating telephone calls, followed by police cars in public, her house broken into by heavyweight police in black, arrested for visiting the bank, Melanie was brutalised by the very public services that claim they are there to protect.
    The stress took its toll and she became volatile – but who wouldn’t? Her unpredictable behaviour allowed Nottingham police and the Crown Prosecution Services to cook up more charges – unlawful imprisonment of a paramedic two offences under the Communications Act. Further charges of breaching her probation service conditions were also concocted, however these were later dropped.
    Returned to HMP Peterborough after a secret court hearing, Melanie has repeatedly been denied her desired legal representation – that of her trusted and capable Lay Legal Advisor. Instead she has been bullied by the Judge into using VHS Fletchers law firm, who happen to be the very people she sacked for their poor performance and unqualified staff in her first trial. Now incarcerated in the same Sodexo prison that has previously denied her medical treatment, pushed her into solitary confinement, bullied her and denied her basic human rights, Melanie is now being blocked from receiving telephone calls or letters from those who can help her. She is due to appear in court for a ‘mention request’ on 8th May 2015. The next hearing will then be 18th May for a case management hearing.
    In the meantime, and as Sodexo’s profits rise, we must never forget Melanie Shaw or her vicious treatment at the hands of the British State. Why? Because when there is no justice or law, any of us could be next.

    source: http://www.ukcolumn.org/article/why-we-must-never-forget-melanie-shaw

     photo luke_zpsa0jsjusr.jpg