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Saturday, 20 August 2016


The Huge Secret That Princess Diana Knew

2/2 Open Lines

"Case Closed" - clip of A.J. Benza's film on Lady Di's passing in that French tunnel, and related:

even more: media reports - how much truth in them??:

Fiat Uno Caused Di's Death
Crash Says New Eyewitness

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
Posted By: billym

She Saw Fiat Driver Kill Di
A new witness to Princess Diana's death smash has come forward - and says her limo WAS forced to crash by a white Fiat.
Moroccan beauty Souad Mouffakir, 33, kept silent for six years about what she saw because she feared she would be killed.
But last week she gave her startling evidence to The People after her husband Mohamed Medjahdi - who was driving in front of Diana's black Mercedes in a Paris underpass - claimed there was NO mystery Fiat. Souad said:
I saw through the back window a Fiat Uno driving very fast up to us in the outside lane. But rather than hurtle past, it slowed down so we were side by side.
It was very strange behaviour and I got frightened. The white car was only centimetres from ours. I stared over to the driver and I will never forget him.
He had a very strange expression like his mind was thinking about something else. His whole manner was odd. It troubled me.
He was Mediterranean, short because his head was only just above the steering wheel. His skin was tanned and his hair was very dark brown and wiry.
He was in his mid-thirties. In the back seat was a huge alsatian. I became very scared, I thought he was a madman and I told Mohamed to speed away. We did that and a moment later we heard the screech of tyres.
I looked round and saw a black Mercedes sliding out of control at 45 degrees, coming straight at us. I saw the car impact into the pillar. I did not realise that I had just seen the crash that killed Diana. I saw the chauffeur thrown forward into the steering wheel. I knew he had been killed immediately.
I wake thinking about it. The nightmares are terrible. I looked for the Fiat but it had disappeared. The Mercedes must have gone out of control trying to avoid it.
Souad contacted police next day and she and Mohamed, 29, were quizzed but neither mentioned the Fiat because, she says, they were too scared.
But Souad, who split with forklift truck driver Mohamed three years ago, agreed to speak to The People after he claimed in British and French newspapers last week that there was NO Fiat.
At her home in a northern suburb of Paris, she said: "I have kept my silence for over six years but I am sick Mohamed lied.
"I was convinced what I saw would lead me to being killed. But anyone who tries to kill me now will have to come out of hiding to do it.
"I am furious Mohamed did not tell the whole truth. Diana was a beautiful woman who did so much good. I owe it to her and the people who loved her."
Souad's dramatic claims were backed by two close friends.
Farida Azzouz, 31, said: "Souad told me just after it happened that she had seen a white Fiat but she hadn't told the police about it. She was worried her life would be in danger."
Another friend, Bouchra Zahdane, 24, said: "I can confirm they witnessed the crash but they kept very quiet about the exact details of it."
Souad's evidence will be keenly studied by British police who have been asked by Royal coroner Dr Michael Burgess to investigate the deaths of Diana and her lover Dodi Fayed.
  source:  http://www.rense.com/general48/fiat.htm
Princess Diana Crash - First BBC News Report (interrupting 'Borsalino') 1997
The first news report of the Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed car crash in Paris, France on a BBC News announcement.
The news flash with Martin Lewis was interrupting French film Borsalino, starring Alan Delon and Jean Claude Belmondo - the movie scenes before and after the news announcement have been left as they were broadcast: a funeral scene followed by a Paris street scene."   [how oddly coincidental...ed.]

Was Princess Diana’s Assassination meant to happen in 1996?

DianaWhite Fiat UnoMi6BuildingDolphinSquarephilip-hates-meElmGuestHouseGeorge SmithDianaLetterQueen and PhilipSavile and PhilipDi CrashSASCromwellRoadSign

The mysterious death of Princess Diana in 1997, has never been fully explained.
Various theories have emerged over the past 16 years which have cast doubts over the official story that Diana was killed in a crash after a Paparazzi car chase; the most popular being that she was murdered due to her relationship with Dodi Al-Fayed.

Could a more likely theory be that Diana had knowledge of the powerful VIP paedophile ring linked to the UK Government, the BBC and the Royal Family that has been operating in the UK for over 50 years and was about to blow the lid on what she knew?

We now know that Diana was aware of the Elm Guest House scandal, where boys were trafficked from local care homes to be abused by filthy VIP’s. Did this knowledge lead to her death?

Quite possibly, yes.

You see, Diana was meant to be assassinated in March 1996, well before her friendship with Dodi Al Fayed had even developed.
The assassination attempt was made using a white Fiat Uno- the very same car implicated in the Paris crash that killed Diana.

The 1996 attempt failed but it proves beyond doubt that the British Establishment wanted rid of Diana for their own reasons and her death had nothing to do with her plans to marry an Egyptian.
Her death was ordered because she knew all about Britain’s filthy secrets.

Diana should have died in 1996.
By an act of God, she survived that attempt.
Unfortunately, 18  months later, she wasn’t so lucky.

This Mirror article from March 1996, reports on the crash:
"Princess Diana was “extremely shaken” but unhurt last night after being involved in a five-car pile·up in her BMW.

Witnesses said Di – white-faced with shock – was lucky to escape injury as a Fiat Uno  smashed into the driver’s side of her car.
She was driving her dark blue BMW coupe back to Kensington Palace alone after a private visit to a friend when the accident happened.

A passing motorist said the princess was “extremely” lucky. The mayhem left other vehicles “mangled” wrecks.

Witness Peter Hull added: “She looked totally dazed . Her face was shocked white.”

Immediately after the smash in Chelsea, Diana hailed a black cab which took her to the local police station. Officers then drove her home.
It is thought she was following advice that if there was ever any trouble she should head to the nearest police station.

The crash involved a white Fiat Uno which was parked outside a casino in Cromwell Road.

Passers-by said a blue Porsche pulled up behind it and the driver vanished into the casino, leaving staff to park the powerful sports car.

A doorman got behind the wheel but his foot slipped on the Porsche pedals, sending it flying into the Fiat which then careered across the busy two-lane road.
It collided first with Di’s BMW, then a following blue Mercedes. A pink Porsche was also damaged in the confusion.

Di’s smart BMW, which was on loan after an aide smashed her own car last week, was left with a severely damaged front wing. The driver’s door was also smashed in.

But Mr Hull, 25, said she climbed out unhurt. “I saw her face as I passed a mere second after the impact,” he said. “She looked as if she didn’t know what had hit her.”
It was a miracle she wasn’t hurt.”

Another eyewitness said: “I could not believe it when I saw all these cars in a mess.
“I was amazed to see Princess Diana behind the wheel. She looked really shaken up. A taxi driver was being very protective and told everyone else to go away.
“It was a really nasty accident – she was lucky to escape unhurt.
From the look on Diana’s face it seemed as if she was thinking, `God, I don’t need this sort of thing to happen to me right now – I’ve got enough going on in my life without this’. “

The accident happened the night before Diana was due to fly to the island of Barbuda on holiday with sons William and Harry”.

The White Uno’s significance in the 1997 Paris crash is detailed in the Express:
” A WHITE Fiat Uno suspected of colliding with Diana and Dodi’s Mercedes had paintwork matching samples found in the wreckage, the inquest heard yesterday.

There was also evidence to suggest that James Andanson, a French royal photographer who owned the car, had been in Paris following the couple on the night of the crash, despite his earlier denials.
Andanson, who died in a car fire in 2000, is said by Mohamed Al Fayed to have been an MI6 agent in a plot to lure Diana and Dodi into the Alma tunnel and force them off the road.
But the photographer told police hunting the white Fiat Uno involved in the crash that he was not in Paris on the fateful night.”

Princess Diana died in 1997.

She should have died a year before.

Proof-positive that her death was not linked to Dodi Al-Fayed.

Who the bloody hell wanted her dead and why?

It’s high-time we found out the truth.








source:  https://thecolemanexperience.wordpress.com/2013/11/02/was-princess-diana-assassination-meant-to-happen-in-1996/

Inquest shed light on mystery of white Fiat Uno

By Gordon Rayner, Chief Reporter
7:36PM BST 07 Apr 2008
Despite the jury's findings, conspiracy theories will persist about the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, and most will rely on the role of a mystery white Fiat Uno which brushed her car immediately before the crash.
The most popular theory is that the Fiat was used by an assassin to force the Princess's Mercedes into the Alma tunnel, where a dazzling flash was used to blind the driver, Henri Paul, and make him lose control of the vehicle. [see more: Owner of white Fiat Uno refuses to give evidence at Diana inquest ... ...ed.]

The single greatest failure of the investigation into the Princess's death was that neither the car nor its driver were ever traced, but new evidence heard at the inquest provided a tantalising clue to the driver's identity. [talk about an inside job!...ed.]

For the first time, a couple who saw the Fiat leaving the tunnel were shown pictures of possible suspects - and they picked out Le Van Thanh, a French-Vietnamese taxi driver who resprayed his white Uno bright red just hours after the crash.
Mr Thanh, who has previously denied being the driver of the white Uno, refused repeated requests to give evidence at the inquest, and his own father has said in the past he has doubts about whether his son is telling the truth.

Intriguingly, Mr Thanh, who was 22 at the time of the crash, is known to have been driving in central Paris on the night in question, the paint on his car matched traces found on the Mercedes and he owned a rottweiler, similar to a "large dog" witnesses described seeing in the back of the Fiat.

Sabine Dauzonne, who saw the Fiat after it came out of the tunnel, described a "tanned" driver with short, black hair, and when she was shown several pictures of possible drivers during the inquest she immediately said a picture of Mr Thanh "clearly rings a bell".

Forensic tests on Mr Thanh's car in 1997 concluded that the car could have been involved in the accident, but Mr Thanh was ruled out by French police because he said he was at work on the night in question.

However his father Francois later said: "Le Van behaved very strangely at the time and has behaved strangely since.
"(His brother) Dung helped with the respray of the car but he will not talk to me about it. What I do know is that the Fiat was resprayed very soon after the crash that killed your Princess - only a few hours later."

Francois, who also refused to give evidence to the inquest, told The Daily Telegraph this week: "There are aspects of all this which do not add up, but it is time to move on. We have all had enough."

Mr Thanh himself said: "I did not want to get involved. This matter is over for me."

and more:
31 August  

1997: Princess Diana dies in Paris crash



Found: The mystery white Fiat Uno driver in Diana death crash | News ...

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23 Dec 2006 - The father of a man who was driving a white Fiat Uno in Paris the night ... investigation in Paris has dramatically shed new light on the mystery .... of his findings about the Uno will feature in the inquest into Diana's death when ...

Owner of white Fiat Uno refuses to give evidence at Diana inquest ...

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29 Oct 2007 - Georges and Sabine Dauzonne saw a white Fiat Uno emerging from the ... At her inquest today, both pointed to pictures of former security guard Le ... He said: “I could not even see the car any more because the lights were so ...

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21st Apr 2004 - Diana: Secret Documents Revealed by CBS News. 7th Jan 2004 - I receive email naming 'Mr Andenson' as owner of white Fiat, who was later killed ... Dec 2003 - The long-awaited inquest into the death of Diana, Princess of .... If it was merely an accident, he may be able to shed new light on what happened ...

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20 Oct 2003 - The alleged letter, which Mr Burrell kept secret until now, has been published in the Daily Mirror. ... "There has been to date, incredibly, no inquest into the death of Princess .... It was one of the reasons why she shed her police protection. ..... The white Fiat Uno which clipped the Mercedes in the tunnel, ...

Briefing: Diana's 'rock' to be quizzed about missing letters | Crime ...

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12 Jan 2008 - He may also shed light on letters once in the princess's possession, and on ... The inquest opened on 2 October, presided over by Lord Justice Scott ... Other witnesses recounted the involvement in the accident of a white Fiat Uno. ... avoiding the mystery Fiat and that Mr Paul's consumption of alcohol would ...


5 Sep 2013 - The mystery was made clear at the Inquest ten years later by Richard Kay. ..... She also saw a dark-coloured car - possibly Fiat Uno - and in her ..... The MI6 file contains all of Henri Paul's contacts and shed some light on why so many ... Diana's head turned to avoid what seems the 'Dazzling White Light.