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Saturday, 19 November 2016


Susanne Kellner Johnson
The background:

Susanne Kellner Johnson has been terrorised for 18 years for whistleblowing against Mental Health frauds and violation of Human Rights by public servants in Yorkshire .   Susanne is currently being held hostage in the Heather Ward, Airedale Centre,

She was falsely diagnosed as “delusional” in 1998 by Dr A A when she mentioned her belief in God and forced to have an anti-psychotic by depot injection for writing to her Member of Parliament.  Her nightmare has got worse.  She has been subjected to multiple Police raids at her home without cause with dogs threatening to break her door without any cause. 
Susanne’s demands for an independent second opinion from a psychiatrist other than N J has been denied against the law to pervert the course of justice.

Susanne exposes the local Mental Health services which failed the Care Quality Commission’s standards Inspection in 2014 which required “Improvements”.  No improvements are evident as Susanne was kidnapped in September 2015 and September 2016, forced with Haldol depot injection 50mg against her wishes and in a fraud.
Susanne has been failed her remedy despite seeking the assistance of the local BAMHAG Advocacy services due to bias towards the Mental Health frauds, local MIND service frauds within the Bradford District Care Trust NHS Trust.

Susanne fears for her life and it is in the public interests in matters of great general public importance that these services are shut down immediately for the crimes and Treason being committed on a daily basis against the public by those impersonating public servants embezzling public money in attempted corporate manslaughter


“I am JohnTimbrell of Cider Mill Cottage, Drybrook Gloucester, GL17 9EZ. 74 years.

I am the Mckenzie friend of  Susanne Kelner Johnson who has annoyed the establishment by tying to expose human rights abuses. She has been sectioned under the mental health acts using the reason that she is incapable of looking after herself. This reason is patently false because anyone who knows her will know that her home is well furnished and spotless and she is efficiently managing her finances. Her correspondence to the European Court of Human rights also is adequate proof of her intelligence. Susanne is being detained in the Heather Ward of the Airedale Mental Hospital at Steeton Nr. Keighley. She is being forcibly injected with a drug trade name Haldol. This drug was used to alter the minds of Soviet dissidents in the 1960s and was widely condemned as torture by Western psychiatrists. The law on forced medication is quite precise and certain conditions must be met before such forced medication can be done. None of these conditions apply to Susanne. 
Susanne’s plight was the subject of Freedom Talk Radio an internet broadcasting site. After that a meeting was held at the hospital under the auspices of a DR. Johnson who signed a document stating that Susanne was to allowed to make unsupervised ‘phone calls. Her mobile phone was to kept from her and any visits were to be supervised. I had arranged for an friend of mine who that time lived in Leeds to take a statement from Susanne. This visit was supervised so that Susanne might have been restricted in what she said, so Susanne wrote the statement herself. Attached first page of 10 . Ask if you want to see the rest.
On the 7th. November I attended with a friend at the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand. 
I attempted to seek a writ of Habeas corpus for Susanne to be produced before a court so that the reason for her detention and forced medication could be examined. The application for Habeas Corpus is considered so important that the application should be heard before any other court business is dealt with. The rule 54 of the Supreme court and the Civil Procedure rule 87 clearly state that such as I can make an application before a judge not necessarily at a court and at any time 24/7/365. I found that the court was closed until 9am and the office to where I was directed did not open until 10 am. I asked the clerk Ms. Eatough to see a judge. She explained that her instruction was that “we don’t do it that way anymore. You have to make a written application first.I paid a fee of £528 under protest because, as magna carta states, access to the court for a common law case is free. The Honourable  Mr. Justice C  returned my application with inter alia the  instruction that I should name the defendant as the Bradford and district NHS foundation Trust and not Nicola Lees the CEO of the trust. This is clearly against the law which states the writ must be served on the governor of a prison or the person in charge of an establishment where a person is detained. I thought at the time that the judge did not know the law because his reason for not issuing the writ was also not correct because he stated that the defendant (The hospital) should be given the opportunity to put it’s case. The judge refused to see me and I was told to submit a claim for an oral hearing in writing and told to go away.See attachment for the document supposedly signed by the judge.
I did submit the form for which I had to pay another £385. Together with the form I submitted an explanation of the law stating that if the trust was to be the named defendant it being a dead thing could not be cross examined  so that any person representing the trust like a barrister could not be cross examined because his evidence would be hearsay. I received from the court an amended form showing Nicola Lees the CEO as the defendant. This I served on the Defendant’s solicitor.
Yesterday (17th) I received another form this time stamped and dated the 17th November with Judge C’s signature removing Nicola Lees name as defendant and leaving the trust as defendant.
I can only deduce from this that THE Honourable Mr. Justice C is anything but honourable. He ignores my right to a hearing before a judge and now 10 days later I am no further way forward to getting Susanne’s unlawful treatment examined.”

Susanne Kellner Johnson Statement used but rejected in Habeus Corpus Application 7/11/16



We tried very hard from 9.50 until 4.30 @ Royal Court of Justice, London, undertaking an emergency “Habeus Corpus” application, which was rejected totally by the judge.
This means SKJ must continue residing in this mental unit, where she is sectioned as “she is incapable of looking after herself“.
Also, she is forcibly given Haldol, a seriously damaging psychotropic drug which can do all sorts of damageto the psyche, including memory loss, for starters.
This application fee was paid by a terrific supporter – £528!!

An absolute scandal – and the irregularities in this case are shocking!

More soon. Watch this space!