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Monday, 7 November 2016

WATCH: Bedford prison riot 'resolved' after knife-wielding prisoners force guards to flee

THE rampage at Bedford Prison which saw as many as 200 inmates rioting behind bars has been “successfully resolved”, the Prison Service has claimed.

After six hours of rioting – where prisoners reportedly open brandished knives, started fires and force guards to flee the site – officials now claim the situation is under control.
A Prison Service spokesman said: "Specially trained prison officers and staff from the emergency services have successfully resolved an incident involving a number of prisoners at HMP Bedford.
"An investigation into this incident will take place. We are absolutely clear that prisoners who behave in this way will be punished and could spend significantly longer behind bars."
Every wing of the prison was reportedly opened by inmates who began rioting inside the Category B men's facility and no officers were on site, according to a source inside the jail.
Riot police are putting protective equipment on and onlookers are being moved away from the prison as officers look set to storm the site.
Prisoners armed with knives are roaming freely around the prison, which has 506 inmates, and an inmate told Express.co.uk that three officers have been injured – the Ministry of Justice denies this.
Emergency services are on the scene and have been seen trying to enter the prison with medical supplies – it is believed the riot began on A Wing when prisoners stole guards' batons and lit several fires.
According to a source inside the prison says the inmates are still out of their cells and one convict said: "The ******* gaff is going up tonight mate. They're ******* themselves."
A prisoner inside the facility, on St Loyes Street, said: "It started off as a little joke about. But now every wing is open.
"Prisoners are walking around with knives and coshes. They've nicked mobile phones out of the office, everything's been smashed."
"The police are outside and all the guards have left the prison."

Emergency services are on the scene as prisoners 'take control' of HMP Bedford
Ambulance crews are on hand as three officers are reportedly injured
Bedford Police say they are at the scene and those responsible will be punished
Around 300 prisoners are believed to be involved in the disturbance, which has raged for the last two hours.
It is believed inmates were angry at the reduction in "association time", which is when they are allowed to socialise with other inmates, call home and take showers.
Their association time had reportedly been reduced recently due to a shortage of prison staff.
Steve Gillan, Prison Officers Association general secretary, said: "Prison officers on the landings have withdrawn to a safe place, so prisoners are out in large numbers.
"We don't know if it will turn into a full scale riot as these things can turn very quickly.
"The POA has been warning about this situation of violence in our prisons - it would appear it's coming to fruition.
"I just hope there's no prisoners or indeed prison officers injured in the violence."

HMP Bedford has 506 inmates and is a Category B men's jail
Bedford prisonTWITTER
The prison is in lockdown and police say anyone involved in the riot could face massive jail time
Bedford prison
Prisoners claim to have taken over the jail
Bedford Police told Express.co.uk: "We are assisting HMP Bedford following reports of unrest within the prison. 
"We were called shortly before 5pm and a number of officers are at the scene working with the prison staff and specially trained prison staff are on hand to resolve the ongoing incident involving a number of prisoners.
"Those involved will be punished and could spend significantly longer behind bars."
A Ministry of Justice spokesman gave almost exactly the same statement.
A prison guard at HMP Bedford refused to deny there was a riot ongoing.
In May, a report into the prison revealed conditions had slipped to "unacceptable levels" and one inmate said it was easier to get drugs than it was to obtain clean bedding.
The report also showed increased use of violence twoards inmates, a hike in the number of prisoners committing suicide and self harming and "unsafe" living conditions.
This is a cramped two man cell inside HMP Bedford
There are fears that a "riot mentality" will now sweep across the British prison system.
One Twitter user claiming to be an inmate serving a 24 year tarriff who has spoken to prisoners using a mobile phone illegally smuggled into the jail is convinced Bedford's riot will spark unrest within the prison system as a whole.
He said: "This 'riot' mentality will now spread throughout the prison system. It's like a virus and it will infect all prisons. Just wait and see."
"Prison officers on the landings have withdrawn to a safe place, so prisoners are out in large numbers.
"We don't know if it will turn into a full scale riot as these things can turn very quickly."
It comes after the head of the POA Mike Rolfe last week warned British jails have been engulfed by a "bloodbath".
Mr Gillan said: "The POA has been warning about this situation of violence in our prisons - it would appear it's coming to fruition.
"I just hope there's no prisoners or indeed prison officers injured in the violence."
HMP Bedford
HMP Bedford's riot may spark unrest throughout the nation's prisons
The ongoing riot in HMP Bedford is the latest in a long list of violent and disruptive events inside British prisons.
- On October 29, 2016, at HMP Lewes:
A national response unit had to be brought in to control the prisoners at the East Sussex jail during the incident which lasted from 10.30am to 4.30pm. The Ministry of Justice said it involved a small number of inmates in one wing of the jail.
- On October 18, 2016, at HMP Pentonville:
Police launched a "murder" investigation after Jamal Mahmoud, a 21-year-old of Somali descent who had just become a father, was killed in a stabbing attack in which two other inmates were injured at the north London prison at around 3.30pm.
- On December 11, 2015, at HMP Leicester:
A group of six prisoners, who were being kept in a segregation unit, broke through their cell walls and congregated in one cell in a stand-off with prison guards lasting for four hours.
- On June 14, 2015, at HMP Stocken in Rutland:
Around 60 prisoners took part as trouble flared among inmates and a number of small fires were lit. One guard and four other prisoners were taken to hospital and ten men were eventually charged with prison mutiny.
- On March 8, 2015, at HMP Deerbolt:
An inmate at the young offenders institution, in County Durham, was left with a fractured skull after a riot broke out and inmates reportedly began throwing pool balls and lighting fires during the disturbance.
- On January 5, 2014, at HMP Oakwood
Disturbances at the country's largest prison, run by G4S, took nine hours to resolve after up to 20 inmates threatened officers and damaged cells and prison property in one wing of the jail

source:  http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/729405/Bedford-Prison-Ministry-of-Justice-prisoners-riot-police