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Thursday, 8 December 2016

MAURICE KIRK: Re: November 2017 sealed Cardiff Court judgement BS614159 +2 – 7 Dec. 16 + ARCHIVE

“Flying Vet” Maurice Kirk, 72, has been in the news recently as the intrepid pilot who’s vintage airplane crashlanded in Africa during an air race. MK ended up just after in a Juba hospital with malaria and other exotic illnesses, but is now back on track, fighting the forces who have caused him so much grief over the past 22 years, Maurice got the title “flying vet” as he would visit sick or injured animals in the remote Welsh countryside in his airplane, landing in nearby fields to be able to tend to them. Maurice has been fighting the abject irregularities he has been experiencing, mostly in the courts or legal system itself for over 22 years,  for example the dubious juistice system that resides in Wales has had him imprisoned for over 5 years since 2009 on dubious and highly questionable remands or court dictated sentences – often custodial remands would be mysteriously “dropped” after months of time in prison served and Maurice would be literally thrown out of whichever prison he was in without a word of redress, let alone compensation, often HMP Cardiff –  a hellhole in itself. Even whilst in prison he would be charged with nonexistent offences, and have to deal with that – often losing the cases relating to these appalling frame-ups. His licence to practice as a vet was removed some years ago by the typical chicanary he has spent 22+ years fighting [yes, even ailing animals have suffered at the hands of the rogues] especially within the Welsh justice system, who have, over the years dealt this man a dreaful menu of highly questionable imprisonments, severe targeting by police characters, and a host of other remarkably suspicious irregularities. But this is no tale of sadness and woe – Maurice has gained vast experience and learning from every blow dealt him, and with that knowledge of just how this legal system we are forced to endure can be corrupted – and good men targeted for simply doing nothing except what is right. It has been said “the law is an ass” – but that pales into insignificance when our very judicial representatives – our judges – are not keeping to the script they should, but are abusing the very system that purports to deliver “justice for one and all”. The cases surrounding Maurice Kirk prove that statement an understatement, and its been like that for a very long time.

Judgements alone forcing one to spend over 5 years of one’s life in prison whilst committing no crimes whatsoever are acts of barbaric inhumanity, and those responsible for creating and also condoning those acts of barbarity should they themselves each be forced to serve 5 years – tenfold – locked away for something they DID DO – an utter disgrace in itself. And Maurice’s abject targeting is just one of many totally innocent persons subjected to this abhorrent agenda.


Re: November 2017 sealed Cardiff Court judgement BS614159 +2

On Dec 7, 2016 5:42 AM, “Maurice Kirk” <maurice@kirkflyingvet.com> wrote:

“Dear Sir/Madam, 
I know this is just another Cardiff Cabal ploy to delay my 23 year running civil damages claim appeal against the South Wales Police for harassment as I have no evidence of it having been sent to you so far?
 Those in Cardiff appear to continuing to refuse to communicate on this and other highly related matters despite the urgency for fear of world-wide publication of the transcript, redacted or not by now and which may now be at gross variance to the original draught against what actually was said in open court. I know, I was there. 
The now quashed Dr Tegwyn Williams’ unlawfully filed ‘restraining order’ on me,  deliberately never served in order to gaol me and the stifling by both Cardiff criminal and civil courts, re this doctor and Professor Rodger Wood’ maliciously fabricated medical reports for Ashworth incarceration, indefinitely, ALL bear heavily on why the current trial judge,  still refusing to return my 1993 police custody tape, for fear of internet exposure. 
I ask, under what ever law,  for RCJ to intervene on the above including the immediate lifting of the machine-gun claim 1CF03361, currently blocked by the same judge these past six years, as it will further prove both the South Wales Police and Dolmans, their solicitors, criminal conduct accepted as the norm in welsh courts. 
All was judiciary led/police led /lawyer led fabricated now proved nonsense in order to unlawfully prejudice a Litigant in Person unable to obtain appropriate legal representation.”



Maurice writes from Africa 5 Dec. 16: 
“They have me bed ridden back in Juba hotel ….diagnosed malaria and severe septicaemia/diarrhoea/head aches etc…..meanwhile, back at the ranch, we must capitalise on Bruce’s brilliant but FAR TOO SHORT OBSERVER article as the UK judicial system stinks and is only a huge money stealing organisation funded by the uninformed’ general public…the bad judges /lawyers have come to dominate ‘policy’……..that is the heart of the problem where ‘the rule of law is concerned’.
I knew this long BEFORE I started civil ligation in south Wales, of course. but wanted to expose the likes of Cardiff judges and corrupt magistrates….Now , people are asking me, even here, “but you won all 33 incidents in a criminal court or dropped out of court and not be compensated is wicked”

Unlike most LiPs I have documentary proof of the wide spread corruption in the welsh judicial system frantic to get autonomy, of course before Europe, our only hope, was going to kill the goose that lays the golden egg…..that is why BREXIT must not happen without radical reform in our legal system first.
..89% of all South Wales Police allegations I won up until I was struck off by the vindictive South Wales Police complaining to RCVS and then giving false evidence.
The current trial judge has allowed the police to withhold all most all contemporaneous record of each incident that have exposed the truth of their harassment for 23 years.
The judge also still not return my 20th May 1993 audio tape of custody interview tape as it will nail the bastds re my arrest and gaol over ‘found with ‘garrotte ‘type instrument on HRH Prince Charles’s farm only to be gaoled in Cardiff prison as ‘unidentifiable’ — 
Maurice J Kirk BVSc                               
 GET WELL SOON Maurice!!

Maurice Kirk ‘determined to carry on’ after crash landing drama  Bristol Post 4 Dec. 2016

Maurice Kirk
Image caption Maurice Kirk was taking part in a vintage air rally flying across Africa when he was reported missing
23 Nov. 16
A 72-year-old British pilot who went missing while attempting to fly a 1940s plane the length of Africa has been found alive, his son has said.
Maurice Kirk, who lives in Bristol, was part of a vintage air rally flying from Crete to Cape Town.
A search and rescue operation was launched after the aircraft went missing on Monday somewhere between Sudan and Ethiopia.
Mr Kirk’s son, Charles Kirk, said he had been told he had now been found.
Vintage Air Rally confirmed he has been found and said: “All participants including the hitherto ‘missing’ Maurice Kirk are safe and accounted for.”

 The pilot had continued to fly despite being asked to withdraw from the Vintage Air Rally event after two engine failures and a lack of navigational equipment.

Mr Kirk, who also has links to Taunton in Somerset and the Vale of Glamorgan in South Wales, went missing on a three-hour leg of the cross-African flight from southern Sudan into western Ethiopia.

Maurice Kirk posted a video online on 19 November saying his radio had broken – click here to see video @ source:  http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-somerset-38075255

Organisers of the Vintage Air Rally said he had been asked to withdraw from the rally because of a lack of satellite tracking or a working compass on his 1943 Piper Cub plane.
He previously reported suffering two engine failures, but had apparently decided to continue.
Vintage Air Rally logoImage copyright Vintage Air Rally
Image caption The Vintage Air Rally flies from Crete to Cape Town
On its Facebook page, Vintage Air Rally said earlier that Mr Kirk departed Ad-Damazin, Sudan at approximately 14:00 local time (11:00 GMT) on Monday on the three hour flight to Gambella, Ethiopia.
The statement added that Mr Kirk had sent no radio communications or satellite tracking at any time during the flight and his location had been unknown.
Organisers said they believed he made a precautionary landing before sunset.
The rally describes itself as “following in the footsteps of the pioneering flights in the 1920s” connecting “some of the most beautiful and evocative points in Africa”.

Maurice Kirk
Image caption The self-styled ‘Flying Vet’ is originally from Somerset and has a home in the Vale of Glamorgan

Who is Maurice Kirk?

[I’m sure MK will agree that some of this “text” below, and only some, of this is true…but what is remarkably dishonest is the “Leaked MAPPA REPORT on Maurice Kirk” shown on this site on 13/11/2013: https://butlincat.com/2011/11/13/the-4-leaked-m-a-p-p-a-pages-concerning-m-kirk/  …ed.]
Once described as the “bad boy” of the veterinarian profession, the Bristol University graduate and self-dubbed “Flying Vet” is also an amateur pilot and a former drinking friend of the late actor Oliver Reed.
Since 1995, he has had a string of court appearances including for hurling abuse at police while he tended to an injured dog on a beach and on another occasion for refusing to give a sample when stopped on suspicion of drink-driving.
He was kicked out of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons for “disgraceful conduct” in 2002 following his court cases.
Most famously he was arrested for landing a replica World War One biplane on private land near American President George W Bush’s Texan Ranch.
source:  http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-somerset-38075255

MAURICE KIRK: Dr Tegwyn Williams Welsh Police Conspiracy Spreads to Somerset 26OCT16 + archive

Posted on by  

HM Courts and Tribunal Service HQ           Your Refs CO/4737/2014
The Ministry of Justice                                         2016/P1/11303
(old Home Office building)
St James Park
24th October 2016

Dear Sir/Madam,

  • Proposed Claim for Judicial Review re ABUSE OF PROCESSTo: Cardiff County Court Manager       
  1.        HMC&GTS (Wales)  
  2. The Claimant: Maurice J Kirk 
3   The defendant’s reference details
No reference
4  The details of the legal advisers, if any, dealing with this claim: May be
5   The details of the matter being challenged
South Wales Police gave instruction to Swansea prison staff to remove the claimant in his wheel chair from the prison van and then someone lied to Mr Justice Gilbart on 21st January 2015 that their MAPPA 3/3 victim was refusing to enter the prison van.
The claimant’s sister was quick to inform the welsh court that this was a lie.
Record of claimant’s complaint was applied for to be preserved, anticipating the usual conduct to delay, in that he even heard the direction over prison ‘walkie talkies’ to remove the claimant from the van thereby preventing his attending Cardiff Crown Cort sitting as The Administrative Court.
The case stated appeal was in pursuit to the over-turning of his prison sentence regarding the said police refusing to allow the claimant to have his passport returned by the Cardiff prison needed to obtain his BS614159 case records stored in France for safe keeping. Decades of police bullying and failure to investigate crimes committed against him, as in his 4th Action 7CF07345, are being unlawfully delayed due to exacerbate his medical condition.
6  The details of any interested parties include HMP Swansea, South Wales Police, HMC&TS (Wales), NHS (Wales) and GEOamey Custodial Service
7  The issues include:
Conduct contrary to Article 6 and the laws of natural justice have been breached by the prison’s actions and failure to disclose both police records of the criminal matter leading to the 21st January 2015 appeal re ‘case stated’. Failed disclosure of claimant’s custody records from both HM Prisons Swansea and Cardiff, Geoamey and HMCS&TS(Wales) court records is a common theme throughout twenty-five years of the claimant and family’s suffering.
Accentuated in this Swansea prison incident (3rd breach of purported restraining order) in that, on 1st Dec 2009 the clerk of the Cardiff magistrates court, Michael Williams, was ordered to both destroy part of the Cardiff magistrates court file and fabricate the remaining record but CCRC intervention finds the claimant had NOT even been served the restraining order.
The purported wording indicates the preventing the claimant’s publishing of the doctor’s indiscretions along with the then CPS prosecutor, in the conspiracy, to pervert the course of justice, one David Gareth Evans (photo to follow).
Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams was black-mailed by South Wales Police, while in collusion with Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University who, himself, also contributed fabricated Caswell clinic medical records in that their victim should be sectioned to Ashworth High Security Prison, indefinitely, due to his ‘significant brain damage’.
The police purpose was to thus kill off the claimant’s formidable claims against Cardiff’s cabal culminating in the Chief Constable’s fabricated ‘machine-gun’ conspiracy in the hope in having her adversary in court, shot dead.
  • The details of the action that the defendant and interested party is expected to take
Disclose court, custody and MAPPA and IRIS surveillance records etc etc.
9  ADR proposals
This doesn’t seem appropriate in this particular case, unless the other respective parties have alternative proposals.

10    The details of any information sought

With the police, having successfully getting the claimant struck off the veterinary register in 2002 on a ‘tissue of lies’ when none of which related to animals, from 2002 onwards had served on their victim no less than seven times HORT 1 traffic infringement tickets to produce his driving documents.
On each occasion the police were told, in appropriate language, the claimant had no intention, what so ever, in producing any driving documents. The claimant therefore seeks disclosure of police records concerning each of the 7/8 incidents (one outside Wales) when each HORT 1 was torn up by the claimant, often in the face of each welsh police officer to hear nothing more.
These records are also needed in the ongoing BS614159 and associated claims for damages in the Cardiff County Court and now Taunton Magistrates for the substantive trial this welsh conduct appears to have now caused leading to the claimant’s arrest and custody.
Taunton magistrates, tomorrow, may enquire as to why the claimant was never prosecuted for his actions for an ‘absolute offence’ seven times?
This Parade, Taunton, incident was immediately followed by the two Somerset police officers taking instructions from the South Wales Police and Dolmans, solicitors for them defending in the civil claims.
No seizure notice was therefore served on the claimant for his WW2 Piper Cub, trailer and car parked in The Mall the day before or again in the centre of Taunton as, it appears, the habit of Welsh police irregularities have been ordered on others in England. No HORT 1 was served on the claimant either as it was clear, following instructions from dolmans via welsh police, he is exempt of the law, the rule of law- an expression alien to the South Wales authorities.
  • The details of any documents that are considered relevant and necessary
As above and a lot more.
  • The address for reply and service of court documents
See Kirk Aviation business card     ‘find me under the wing of the cub’
13 Proposed reply date
I would invite you to respond well before fourteen days of receipt of this letter as it is abundantly clear that this matter concerning South Wales Police withholding prison video and police contemporaneous record, to deliberately delay ‘due process’ of 24years civil proceedings, has already been brought into question by Lord Justice Sweeney this year and requires your immediate attention.
Yours faithfully
R U Welsh?…..then read up who first rolled hot chocolate for the first Yeatman’s (spelt wrong) Watford chocolate factory where I was lost, for a long time, imagine, at 7 years of age and where my grand dad also created ‘chocolate buttons’ and converted plain cane sugar ( glucose/fructose) into invert sugar and ‘Sunny Spread’

One of Our Aircraft is Missing

by mauricekirky

                           Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police Constabulary      
Claimant’s Position Statement
  1. Withheld South Wales Police evidence caused Claimant’s name to be permanently removed from the veterinary register.
  2. After 90% of all police allegations against the Claimant having been now quashed in criminal proceedings, between 1992 and 2002, (first three of Claimant’s ten Actions seeking damages) but the currently presiding civil trial judge still continues to refuse to order police full disclosure within the current thirty-three incidents of over one hundred yet for trial.
  3. Police swore this had been done, back in 2009, in the signed Barbara Wilding’s Chief Constable affidavit ordered by His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC’s predecessor, His Honour Judge Nicholas Chambers QC.
  4. 1st Action para 8.6 HRH Prince Charles ‘garrotte’ incident is just one outstanding example when 2013 cross-examination revealed Guernsey extradition proceedings were even tried without victim even knowing.
  5. Another example of unlawfully withheld police data is seen in the closing transcript extract, re retired Sergeant Rowe, in the yet to be ‘sealed’ purported October 2015 judgment for the Royal Courts of Justice. It refers to just how Cardiff police unlawfully brought duel summonses and made use of a sledge hammer to gain access to the Claimant’s veterinary premises, without his knowing, just to put back their chief superintendent’s pregnant daughter and drug dealer boyfriend to be able to repeat still further extensive vandalism of claimant’s property.
  6. After the RCVS 29th May 2002 verdict the police then served on the Claimant no less than seven HORT 1 road traffic tickets for him to produce both his driving insurance and driving licence. The Claimant refused on each occasion and no known legal proceedings have ever followed until last week.
  7. In the past two weeks The Claimant has been subjected to PNC scrutiny by the Metropolitan Police in order for his Vintage Air Rally aircraft, shortly to fly to Table Mountain South Africa, to be displayed on Horse Guards Parade both with his vehicle and equally road worthy trailer.
  8. The 2nd time was following a confrontation on his aircraft, that same night, having been parked up in The Mall.
  9. The 3rd occasion was from another police patrol, next morning, checking on the legality of the Claimant’s right to drive down The Mall towing his WW2 Piper cub on a public highway.
  10. On arrival in Taunton, Somerset, the local police finally arrested the Claimant for having, it is rumoured, neither a driving licence nor the mandatory 3rd party insurance cover and goaled him for the night where he was denied both his medication or right to see a doctor.
  11. During the Claimant’s time in handcuffs he heard the police speaking to both the South Wales Police and Mr Adrian Oliver of Dolmans, solicitors, the latter currently defending the police in the Claimant’s numerous actions. One includes 1CF06331, the HMC&TS Cardiff Cabal conspired machine-gun 2010 jury trial scandal now blocked for well over six years along with almost all the others by His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC.
  12. The 2nd radio message, also appearing to come from South Wales Police, caused the 2nd officer to confirm that he was expected to press for as many charges as possible but both had other ideas, thankfully.
  13. The magistrates were informed that the Claimant had been summoned with his aircraft on a public road, in central Taunton, with neither valid driving licence nor with appropriate insurance cover and yet no assistance has been given by the authorities as to just how this can be?
The local newspaper, face book , twitter and other such social media all seem to have varying accounts far from the truth.

20161012_083114 (2).jpg20161013_133915.jpg

source: https://mauricejohnkirk.wordpress.com/2016/10/20/one-of-our-aircraft-is-missing/

    MAURICE KIRK ARRESTED 13 OCT. 16: Claimant’s 29th Sept 2016 letter to Defendant’s private solicitors 


Newspaper report from the local rag 13 Oct. 16:


MUST SEE! VIDEO:  “ROUGH JUSTICE” from Dialect Radio, with MK’s sister telling of the background to MK’s longstanding persecution + targeting, programme made during MK’s last extremely questionable 18 months in custody, mostly HMP Cardiff…

Rough Justice: South Wales Police persecute former vet & pilot Maurice Kirk who’s suing them [42mins.]

Claimant’s 29th Sept 2016 letter to Defendant’s private solicitors






WANTED both as witnesses to give evidence, on oath, in both HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC’s 10 ongoing 23 years of civil damages claims and various private prosecutions, currently blocked by Cardiff courts, also against the South Wales Police and /or their Agents
Wilding Wanted
Geoamey’s custody manager, on the wrong end of the handcuffs, is the key witness in the next most available court hearing by his simply revealing  all records of 1st December 2011 harassment conviction hearing from his employer, his own diary, court file, court clerk, the police in my ‘gate arrest’ upon release and London’s authority’s records surrounding the unlawful manner in which they conspired with the Welsh cabal to have the Musa’s six Nigerian children successfully snatched by the Haringey Council by preventing my evidence, on 28th November 2011, being given. 
Extract of psychiatric report written by someone neither qualified on purported August 2009 brain scans nor even had examined his MAPPA 3/3 victim before recommending the police prisoner, for alleged  ‘trading in machine-guns’, be served a s35 incarceration under the 1983 Mental Health Act that immediately prevented either his name being replaced on the veterinary register nor right to pilot any aircraft in UK air space
Professor Rodger Wood who is a major cause of this protracted injustice simply due to his plain arrogance and having got away with, so far, his falsifying 2009 psychology reports 
A library recording this lot’s conduct on a once veterinary surgeon so stupid to be in Wales
John Graham Esq has just obtained a passport in order to visit South Island NZ to trace the exact whereabouts of the couple for two international witness summonses service.
Meantime, I will have a particular pleasure in serving a lot more summonses on Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University and his various devil-worshipping cronies, past and present senior police officers and Crown Prosecution lawyers, all of whom seriously intimidated Dr Tegwyn Williams to have written that Caswell Clinic MAPPA 3/3 medical report, put before His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC on 2nd December 2009, in the first place.
Fabricated in order to avoid their already concocted machine-gun trial, by both he and CPS prosecution barrister, now judge, Richard Thomlow, both recommending their victim be further sectioned but this time to Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital,  IPP indefinitely,  in order to avoid any further proof of gross police misfeasance ‘going public’ as in the South Wales Police ‘garrotte’ HRH Prince Charles affair from emerging from civil claims.
to be continued……
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