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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The Shocking CAROL WOODS Coverup: LANCS. FRAUDS TO HIDE MORE CRIME + archive [+ videos]

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Please see below, under the video etc. links, the latest update from whistleblower and ex-UK Government Social Worker Level 3 and Child Protection Officer Ms. Carol Woods, received  12 December 2016, [and before]. A lot of the posts shown throughout, beginning in the archive from Febuary 2016 – when Carol was being forcibly and illegally detained in a Lancs. “mental facility” – are emails sent by Carol to very top level UK Government figures, including police, some posts with addresses removed to comply with current laws. Everything sent is ignored wholesale by these government figures and departments. Please believe me – many have tried!

While the more recent updates from Ms. Woods may concentrate on the more current ID frauds and similar relating to her at her present abode, it must be fully understood that the longstanding chronic stalking and serious I.D. frauds by locals and by parties known and unknown [most definitely connected to certain UK Government agencies, eg the police, Social Services etc.]  are seemingly being enacted as a direct result of Ms. Woods reporting, or attempting to report certain findings [serious crimes] whilst employed by a UK town council as a senior Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer, as described within the videos and radio broadcasts that follow these paragraphs entitled “IMPORTANT VIDEOS”. 
The massive corruption that is described has so far gone unchecked and is ignored wholesale by whichever UK government agency it is reported to, which is clearly described within the videos – an absolute and utter public scandal!
More serious crimes and misdemenours committed against Ms. Woods, all completely ignored by whichever UK government agency one tries to take anything to, include: 

the theft of her home [as happened also to Patrick Cullinane R.I.P., Len Lawrence, Joseph Henry [multiple houses stolen], Tom Crawford, Barbara Hofschroer, and so many more],

at least 5 separate enforced incarcerations in mental hospital units for no earthly good reason – one excuse used  for such incarcerations being that Ms. Woods was mentally “deluded” in her findings of utter corruption within a Lancs. council – her latest incarceration being between November 2015 and Febuary 2016. Carol was also forced to take psychotropic drugs against her will during these hospital stays, and was threatened with re-arrest before her leaving the “Cygnet” unit, Lancs. in Febuary 2016.

fake IDs used [for example: for expensive commercial criminal frauds], 

chronic gangstalking and/or harrassment by government connected sources,

home burglaries,

the inflicting of tracking devices upon her motor vehicle, and also numerous attempted thefts of that vehicle, and the attempted destruction of her motor vehicle, 

enforced “bankruptcy” with no evidence whatsoever.

Many more seriously criminal activities exist, committed against this lone female, which have been reported accordingly to no avail, along with her discoveries as a Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer. All of what is described, especially within the videos and related data below is a public scandal, and equally as disgusting is that nothing is being done about any of it by any UK government department contacted, from the Prime Minister down, let alone the heads of police forces and MPs!




2] Please listen to this vital radio show interview with Ms. Woods from the 12 March 2016


3] CAROL WOODS WHISTLEBLOWER ON RADIO lancashire police corruption county council 06 Febuary 2016



 SriLankerC 24 April 2016



6] Carol Woods Social Worker Unlawfully Incarcerated In Psychiatric Gulag  https://youtu.be/-sMukHhkl4o   – 16 April 2016 by  GeorgeGreekTrucker 

Google CAROL WOODS carolwoods..see the 2007 blog: http://www.criticalreader2006.blogspot.ae/

Lancs FRAUDS to hide MORE CRIME  12 Dec. 16

 “policing.minister@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk” ,
“privateoffice.external@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk” ,
“homeaffcom@parliament.uk” ,
“dispatches@channel4.co.uk” ,
“clarkek@parliament.uk” ,
“huntj@parliament.uk” ,
“ministers@dwp.gsi.gov.uk” ,
“elizabeth.truss.mp@parliament.uk” ,
“amber.rudd.mp@parliament.uk” ,
“anne.owers@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk” ,
“diane.abbott.mp@parliament.uk” ,
“hammondp@parliament.uk” ,
“hodgem@parliament.uk” ,
“privateoffice@no10.x.gsi.gov.uk” ,
“info@iocco.gsi.gov.uk” ,
“farront@parliament.uk” ,
 cc: “mayt@parliament.uk” ,
“sajid.javid.mp@parliament.uk” ,
“smithc@parliament.uk” ,
“secofstate@justice.gsi.gov.uk” ,
“tom.winsor@hmic.gsi.gov.uk” ,
“contact@actionfraud.police.uk” ,
Dear Sirs, I sent 3 emails 1 from this address and 2 from my other well used and left Lancaster library finding the usual lowlife sent to hide behind shelves to use their phones and commit E-CRIME using computers as if linked to me. I return and find a NEW fraud where one sits at a computer but uses their own lap top (taking up a space someone else might want) and watches for me to log on. The Gestapo use persons they THINK could be mistaken for serious fraudsters already used from YEARS ago. The lap top this troll uses (she supposed to be serious fraudster DANI DEVAL of 8 Chancery Lane OL2 8EX from Xmas 2011 leading then to not only an old doxy to sit in her 2 seater light blue AUDI MF55 VYX outside 8 Chancery lane and PRETEND she met with me indoors about MY HOUSE setting up a claim in FRAUD as if I was “too disabled” to live in MY house as if I was my own dead mother. My sister lives in 8 Chancery Lane; she is Deval’s grandmother. That with Deval led to serious E-CRIME using GRAHAM staff member BOOTS Lancaster as reported yet ignored. Returning to the library I found a bent solicitor used a few times stalking me almost in my shoes with me; he carrying about a FILE which somehow makes him acting legally in whatever lunatic event is dreamed up. I took his photo; I do not know which firm he works for.
The troll with the RED lap top and it looks very much like one stolen from MY grandson left as a Xmas present at 8 HAZEL GROVE LANCASTER week before Xmas 2011. Then my sister and I traveled to Lancaster to deliver Xmas gifts to ALL my family. One daughter being out, I left the lap top with her neighbour who assured me she would pass it on. It was weeks before I found out she had not. The refs to thanks for my presents were about the cards and smaller gifts I had put through the letter box. I assumed he had the lap top. The Gestapo did nothing when I reported that.
I went round all the used computer shops Cash in a Dash etc when I returned to live in MY HOME AREA March 2012 but it had not appeared as for sale. The troll TODAY uses one EXACTLY like the one stolen – amazing!! The computers misused are no’s 8 and 20.
Photos with this so I split into 2 parts. Use of colours as symbolic as if this a D H Lawrence novel. I am Carol Woods Ms of 28 Fell View LA2 9RP under duressand MY red car parked outside when I am indoors is apparently invisible. RED cars are used to park and pretend at various other houses as I apparently live in 23 others all at once, as relative or whatever of total strangers all bullying, greedy lowlife, fraudsters, thieves. One example is that I live in 33 Fell View, empty for over 2 years but dullards from the council park outside 33 and PRETEND they call on “someone” invisible, me as their car is red it is proof somehow it is my references to my car RED outside me. Apparently an invisible person in 33 is typing this and referring to the council sleazy who park and pretend. One said to be is Agnes Jackson in 26 Fell View but she doesn’t drive, so, she was found various red cars with drivers to drive her about to be seen in a red car thus proof she really was me. One used was Y191 SLF, provided to a Rosa Klebb type in 31 Fell View, for those “look at me; I’m Carol Woods” trips out, she had to wear a grey hoodie (in her 70’s) to hide her flabby face, the fact she needs glasses, and her almost white hair. They were “clues” she was not me thus the idea was that if she could hide in a hoodie, “witnesses” would say they saw “me” being driven about. The original idea of that was sent out in the photos as above reference with the forerunner of Jackson, looter of the dead also “me” and told to wear “hoodies” to hide the FACT that she was nothing like me. the car was then passed to an unemployed male who was moved to 31 Fell View and he given the car to drive about as if he was MR CAROL WOODS.
BUT we seem to have moved onto PINK again now instead of RED. The scores of photos I have of lowlife show PINK is a substitute it seems. The desperation to invent a “cleaner” as being me or linked to me is to try and make me the old doxy of Gestapo and Lancashire Social Services senior management who all had sexual relations with a cleaner in a children’s home as she bragged loud and long. Without qualifications and in payment for her “services” she rose to be manager of child protection team, Greenbank St Preston when she was barely literate: they all knew and when I blew the whistle on serious matters with that to be exposed, all covered for her. Since then they have tried to make me into her but she only had one daughter and no published work on the Internet aside from anything else. Trust me, seeing mangers at any level in Lancashire one would not want any relations with them; but she wanted what was promised. She had a false CV and claims to qualifications that did not exist (notice what I was said was proof I was mentally ill, trying to make me into her who couldn’t do the job she had let alone any I have had) but despite all the proof the lunatics in Lancashire still tried to cover for her threatening me and a writer who knew. Apparently I had committed a criminal offence finding out about that bullying old doxy.
Thus the roughnecks used, coarse, common, vulgar, loud mouthed, low IQ and they are all ME so that I can be PATRICIA ALLEN. They are all me as if I am, Patricia Allen. And all round Fell View used are coarse and malicious and, like Ms Allen, prepared to do anything for gain. At 2 20pm and again at 2 33pm on 2/12/16 I heard the loft noises of the accessing of a phone LINKED TO ME IN RIPA breaches to be lowlife using their phones posing as me, it was clearly planned for the time I have gone out a few times recently, about 3pm. I waited and I was right, a black pick- up arrived to 45 DALTON aka others, more deluded who think she is me, sounded his horn a few times as if collecting someone then drove off PRETENDING he had when no one got in. My expected going out was to be said to be the deranged in 45 who was not out! The black pick-up is to be YD06 VVN a black Mitsubishi pick up with rear cover that could be added. The fraudsters in 20 Fell View K MILLS and her older sister also K MILLS of Leslie Ave off Fell View who BOTH claimed I lived with them as their aunt when they are total strangers, claiming from summer 2014 in FRAUD and who would park YD06 VVN outside me at night, hope I would not notice and with the rear cover on, they would use their phones as if it was MY use. In that, as on many photos, they then had ordered goods for themselves and had on a few occasions when caught red-handed, sent the delivery vans to their friends. That is also on photos and that is what the black pick- up was to “rewrite” as if Dalton in 45 was me and I had phoned for that yob to call. Usually the black 4 wheel drive used at 45, thugs in MK57 WAJ would pick up Mrs Dalton and drop her off with her straggly grey hair badly dyed red trying to be me just making ANOTHER NEW DWP claim. A more recent black pick-up is used at 12 Fell View as I also apparently live there as well, more strangers, ELY, such as 11pm on 5/12/16 when the driver was to wait for me to drive along to 28 after being out and then drive off and PRETEND. OEO4  LWR.
On 2/12/16, there were more loft noises at 3 04 again, 5 40pm and 5 45pm with WILLIAMS indoors in 30 but pretending to be out. Their pretence is to be out to claim, when she makes calls as me, she said to be out is to be proof I made the call(s). This is done daily and has been from March 2014 when I first moved to 28 Fell View. How did the council for A YEAR pretend that 28 Fell View did not exist thus I was not in 28 but was wherever they wanted to say I was? I noticed that my bungalow had no house plate which seemed odd. I found Jackson in 26 had a great deal of MY mail (reported as TREASON- ignored) I found Williams in 30, aside from working as “me”, was claiming to be me and even tried to sell MY house on 20/4/14. I found the council removed MY electoral registration from records and resurrected the bullied-to-death former tenant and pretended she still lived in 28. The Electoral Commission had to get involved to have me reinstated so I could vote. When I did try to vote the Gestapo had a helicopter to aid and abet WILLIAMS who they pretended was me out voting. All that is recorded elsewhere. That is the scene as set amid the wider issues of using trolls in PINK.
PINK was used much in 2012 and I refer to them looking like Morecambe sticks of rock. I can only think that photos LOOTED FROM MY HOUSE 19 Nov 2008, my photos of MY children and with 3 daughters, sometimes in pink, some pink toys such as a small doll’s pram (MY photos are why lowlife MILLS was told to say I took photos of children, pretending I was not me with sleazy NHS ready to tell me, “But luvvie, they weren’t your children” as they were told to tell me 2011, “But luvvie you sold your house” {but had forgotten}). The current mania to make me Pat Allen and a cleaner has found lowlife in PE64 HMG a black VW to stalk me, park near me in 28, park well away from me but PRETEND she shopped for me, she with her RED jacket and borrowed dog, park well away and stay all night in 37 pretending I needed 24 hour care as a road traffic victim. I found that roughneck was a cleaner in an LCC establishment. She was replaced briefly and then used again with ANOTHER school cleaner, a troll in PG03 WGU who I found was the cleaner in the Caton junior school but hid parked behind 31 Fell View and tipped off by HUNTER in 22 when they saw me park up so she in PG03 would drive off and PRETEND she had dropped me off. All that was while she should have been cleaning the local school. Yet another total stranger acting with known thieves and worse and all for gain; any reasonable person will see they do not act for free.
A favourite “cleaner” wears PINK and seems to have a daughter or at least a woman who claims to be her daughter. This is an NHS cleaner and was used on and off after I moved back to my home area to REGAIN MY HOUSE. Pat Allen had dyed blonde hair; thus many used have the bleached hair such as O’Conner, her predecessors when I rented elsewhere, the local school cleaner as it is to be that younger trolls with bleached hair are more likely to be a daughter of a Pat Allen and, I am to be Pat Allen.
The cleaner used is sent to sit or stand near to where the Gestapo know I park my car (the illegal GPS on my car) which has an NHS storage unit close by. She is to be seen there just as I have parked and somehow that makes her me. The photos show she is a Pat Allen type; then another woman began to join her, it may be her daughter, Ms Allen has a daughter, I have 3, Jackson, also “me” has no daughter, so the Gestapo sent her an old doxy almost as old as Jackson with bleached hair and pretended that was Jackson’s daughter, other idiots are sent to pose as “relatives”; that is on old act of lunacy. The woman with the cleaner may be the daughter, she may not be but they are to talk loudly as I pass about being mother and daughter.Notice the PINK bag; this is a detail the Gestapo don’t like. (As I type this section from 20 13am on 3/12/16 Williams in 30 is busy making phone calls as if she is me, I still hear her at 11 08am, this one is so deluded she thinks if she dyes her thin, short, grey hair a yellow colour or even orange she can be said to be me), in 2010 one of my daughters travelled to London to see me on my birthday and brought me gifts from my brother as well. Some gifts were presented in a very unusual gift bag which I refer to as being pink when pink is only the predominant colour. I took a photo of that most unusual gift bag in the room I rented BUT the Gestapo kept arresting me when I was in LONDON as if I was someone else, someone they invented MRS CAROLE WOODS. On one arrest the Gestapo found my driving licence which I happened then to have with me, “But this is you” they all agreed, seeing that Lancashire thugs had sent MY photo with FALSE details.
That has its own events which the Gestapo WILL be held to account for. Then I moved eventually and decided that anywhere I stayed the PINK bag with me would have be on a photo of wherever I rented/stayed. That is their quandary; how can they say their invented person has a bag EXACTLY like one my daughter bought for me? And, as it is on photos in the sitting room of my sister’s house, is my sister not really my sister but someone else’s? Has the scum round Fell View got a bag the same or photos in rooms I have rented? I have not shown the bag so the Gestapo think any old pink will do. Thus we have a variety and to link that with their deranged in “red” or “pink” symbolic of MY car we had the sleazy from the council, another gormless troll hiding behind cars where I was to park again on 1/12/16. She then assumed I had parked up, came out of hiding and walked along in pink and red everything: I was almost blinded by the light. She waved about a PINK folder as the sleazy think if they wave about bits of paper and folders it is proof of something. The Gestapo on hand to claim they saw her, they saw me thus that proved something. Except they did not see me, I let the scum float about and drove off to park elsewhere seeing the Gestapo from my rear window. Earlier they had one with her bleached hair hiding behind parked cars on Fell View to walk away as I drove off, she in RED and seen walking away somehow to be “me” in my car! These half-wits are apparently not mentally ill, they are prepared to dress as they told to, hide behind cars for indefinite periods and then PRETEND.
On 1 July 2013 I moved to flat 3 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA and thus apparently move on the 1st of every month since. On 1 Dec 2010 I went to stay at my brother’s; he will confirm that P Allen, Williams, Jackson, any of the deranged or the cleaner who sits about in PINK are all total strangers to him. The other photos show more deluded who are all to be “seen” and said to be me as they have a PINK bag. These are examples from many. Jackson was to walk out of 26 Fell View Nov 2014 and then waddle back waving about a PINK small gift bag; she thinks that makes her me. HUNTER from 22 did the same 6 months later as she was me. Jarvis in 41 has done the same as she is me. PATRICIA JACKSON of 8 DeVitre St Lancaster is also me; nothing to do with Jackson in 26 Fell View but the name was seen to be “useful” to the county cretin IAN YOUNG arranging all this and arranging for payments to be made. P Jackson was to be PAT ALLEN and me amalgamated and somehow metamorphosed into Agnes Jackson. P Jackson was friend of mine of over 20 years but bribed end 2010 to steal 2 USB’s of data from me to use and pretend she was me. I asked her to return those to me where she called the Gestapo who sent 2 TWO PC’s to tell me that if I asked her again I would be charged with harassing her! So a thief gets to keep their stolen goods! That was repeated at Flat 3 when I alerted DVLA to the looter of the dead with a false licence IN MY NAME. PCSO DENNIS NELSON was sent to tell me I had committed a serious offence saying that old looter had never worked, note the refs to my committing a serious offence finding out and PROOF that Pat Allen was a fraudster as per the county cretin IAN YOUNG police legal rep, notice the arrests of Nov 29015 for telling scum they harassed me and defrauded the DWP.

Part 2 Lancs FRAUD to hide more FRAUD  12 Dec. 16

Please ask if I fail to copy you either part of this. Part 2 of 2. Please feel free to quote me. From Carol Woods Ms under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP. The cleaner in PINK is also sometimes sent to edge of town and to walk into the area where I am to drive to park and that is her seen “walking” thus me WITHOUT a car thus someone who does not drive. The Gestapo always then drive by to confirm they see HER walking into Lancaster and pretend it is me. They have done that with other roughnecks who they think will be mistaken for other lowlife who claim to be me such as SHIRLEY RYCROFT flat 4 Penhale Gardens, murderous bully and looter of the dead.If I moved next week, they would have deluded, deranged half-wits near any other address claim they were me as well. As they have officer TRACEY KENNEDY in MY house claiming to be me. She with the car R205 XRJ when she doesn’t even drive. That was then passed to a seedy old man after my excellent photos and he drove it about MR CAROL WOODS in EXACTLY the same way that Y191 SLF is used now. At 11 35am on 3/12/16 I found the lunatic in 30 using her phone linked to 45 AGAIN. A car was sent to 45 and the pretence is AGAIN that “someone” is collected to “move” and that “someone” is DALTON as me as I moved to rent caravan 1A @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd on 4 March 2012 so I also move on 4th of every month as well as 1st of every month. Mrs MARGARET DALTON has been told to cut her straggly grey hair and have it dyed orange instead of red; she then believes she could be me. Her son TRAVIS has claimed to be Mr CAROL WOODS using his Internet in FRAUD, E-CRIME and more from early 2014; caught red handed, reported, the Gestapo call to 45 and “How can we get out of this” manufacture even photos of MY car which has gone horribly wrong for them thus they simply carry on manufacturing more drivel to cover that which is to cover what went before and so on showing they are more stupid than I knew them to be.  The photos show the cleaner and the woman who may be her daughter with the PINK bag making the cleaner “me”. the red bag use of such when PINK are not available, and MORE in the bank fraud with HSBC having at least 2 accounts run in my name. This was 13/5/15 in Kendal where I had gone to shop. This was done often always with those with dyed red hair, waiting for my car to draw level as I drove into the town (the GPS on my car allows for all this) with the Cumbria Gestapo always right on hand to confirm they saw a “red haired” woman with pink/red bag at the bank and my car this somehow that validates at least 2 accounts being run in FRAUD. 7/9/15 a day of lunacy, I parked on Morecambe prom this was 4 02pm after Gestapo antics at 4pm then 4 01pm but the woman at the bus stop was “seen” taking a bus and she was supposed to be AGNES JACKSON seen waiting for a bus thus must be me as I had been in Morecambe but as she doesn’t drive, they had one to be seen at a bus stop as proof Jackson had been in Morecambe; the pink bag confirmed it. I decided to take the same bus 2 stops to where my car was parked; she was not me nor was she Jackson. 3/11/15 amid plans to see me off in the pipeline (carried out 7/11/15 doomed to failure from 7/11/15) an area where I pull in when I know thugs are stalking me in their cars: they continue and from there I can drive at least 3 routes so they have wasted their time. This day they had this event staged, an old grey haired woman with a dog which dog walked away from the photo; notice her PINK bag. The PCSO was part of the act; he was to confirm he spoke to someone with grey hair A PINK BAG and DPG thus Agnes Jackson or any of the old trolls who claim to be me with their grey hair AND the dog. Jackson has to dog. The PCSO was chosen to be Sept 2013 when PCSO Dennis Nelson was sent to Flat 5 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA to pretend the tenant was me just having moved in; it was obvious she had been there for years; the smell told anyone that. She had/has a dog and is a favourite babe of CS R BAYLY’s. This event miles from Penhale Gardens was to be that of Sept 2013 again; MY car having been parked for a few minutes was top proof she in flat 5 was me thus so was Jackson as Jackson is supposed to be the tenant of flat 5 as me in Fell View.
25/6/15 and illegal monitoring AGAIN tells the Gestapo I am going to MY dentist, they ALWAYS have someone there to be seen as “proof” others are me. I PAY to park my car which suggested I drive and parked up. This old trout was to wait down a side street I would have to pass close and she was to step out and rush to MY dentist: but I saw her as had parked my car where I don’t often park. I hurried and ran right into the Gestapo running to see this old trout walking as if after parking MY car and heading to my dentist. They saw me as well. None of these are like each other, but on 8/4/16 Patricia Jackson was found following me round Lancaster with her PINK bag and then seen using a phone thus PROOF I used a phone! She has, since this photo, been told to dye her hair a light brown colour again. 6/8/16 and this troll was sent to Lancaster University library, empty library as not term time, this was the 3rd time. She in that empty lovely library of hundreds of places to choose to sit, was to sit right next to the scanner which I use which is the most dreary place in the library. She was to be me as DANI DEVAL another gormless troll now about 3 who claimed when she at 16 and later that she was me! Deval is a distant relative and told to dye her dark almost black hair RED to be “me”. Deval was used with a later found out BOOTS FRAUD and E-CRIME, ID THEFT all reported and all ignored. This one had the PINK rucksack. She was not a student of anything except how to be an idiot. 30/6/16 I was in Venice and found this woman following me; I was not mistaken, eventually I stepped to one side and took this, notice the pinky red bag and, she walked properly: Jackson waddles and I guarantee has never been further than Lancaster. This woman also spoke Italian like a native (!) which a jury can ask Jackson to testify in Italian then we can be sure.


Lancs Police More FRAUD/Harassment  12 Dec. 16

“policing.minister@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk” ,
“enquiries@policesupers.com” ,
“public.enquiries@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk” ,
“homeaffcom@parliament.uk” ,
cc: “andy.cooke@lancashire-pcc.gov.uk” ,
“smithc@parliament.uk” ,
“commissioner@lancashire-pcc.gov.uk” ,
“ministers@dwp.gsi.gov.uk” ,
“mayt@parliament.uk” ,
“telegrapheditorial@telelgraph.co.uk” ,
“clarkek@parliament.uk” ,
“diane.abbott.mp@parliament.uk” ,
“bennh@parliament.uk” ,
These are some more faxed letters to Lancaster Police: ignored as usual. In the past I have typed up 3 or 4 to send out in one document: now I only add 2 or 3 so that I can record the lengths they go in HARASSMENT all related. Their lunacy knows no bounds as can be seen from 10 Dec 2016. July 2014, 5/6/7 a malicious old thief and worse in 26 Fell View she AGNES JACKSON admitted herself into a local mental hospital as if she was me. The NHS sleazy all knew she was not me but all found it hilarious when they returned that old lowlife to 26 Fell View. The INTENT and ATTEMPT to rewrite that in Nov 2015 involved much else with local lowlife round Fell View recruited, PERJURY of bent cops PC MASSINGHAM and INSP BROWNSMITH at least, PERJURY of NHS sleazy with ATTEMPT TO HARM OR MURDER ME e.g. LES MARSHALL plus DALTON and associates of 45 Fell View who the Gestapo manufactured “evidence” for to aid and abet them in SERIOUS CRIME FOUND OUT. All that is recorded in many other documents but sets the scene for NOW 10 Nov 2016.
Jackson was to be “taken” somewhere” again on 5 Dec 2016 with the INTENT to claim she was me BUT in that they, deranged, tried to manufacture “criminal events” so that I would be charged and “disappear” so that the useless old fraudster Jackson could suddenly re-appear in 26 Fell View. I rent 28 under duress. The “crimes” involved all the usual dullards, all proof that evolution does work in reverse, JARVIS and sleazy COUNCIL staff hoping to lure me to “burgle 41 Fell View” (I told you I couldn’t make this up), and sleazy sitting outside, lying across their front seats and PRETENDING as not seen in their cars they are “somewhere indoors” and those deranged parasites will pretend it was with me such as 9/12/16 where the sleazy then had to go to 24 Fell View and PRETEND there as no one lives there. Except, I apparently do, disguised as lowlife CURWEN who “suddenly came into money” via an RTA which was apparently MY RTA! How then, as I was not “seen off”, to get Jackson back to 28? Pretend she was already there and have her thug son, unemployed by trade call in a car YOU the tax-payer bought him, a BMW no less, P514 JBC and make a call from 26 as if she made the call for a taxi which taxi thug was to drive all the way to Caton, park and hide, then to drive off when he saw my car drive off from 28. (The BMW was bought for that thug because MY son had a BMW which he pays for himself, the tax-payer does not fund my son; he works.  Buying that BMW for Jackson’s son was to be PROOF he was my son “with a BMW” thus she was me.)That was “proof” Jackson from 26 made the call and as I went out she was me going out in a taxi which incidentally is on my photos and he has no passenger as is usual. I returned to 28 and let him drive miles, then I went out which suggested he was not driving me. By 10th the Gestapo had sent their “would-be –false- friend” again with yet another version of events as she thinks I’ve learned nothing over years of them sending such to me to take information and worse.
By 10 30am, a car pulled up by my car, I saw that, took a photo; it had gone within seconds, she arrives immediately, they had to be driving together; she parks in the same place but I do not answer my door when she knocks. She is an employee, a “spoiler” recruited to trap people with the INTENTION of claiming she, with the other, had dropped me off as if I was returned as Jackson. That failed as I was too busy to open the door. She returned not 10 minutes later, and tried again failing again. Out of hiding drove 3 THREE CARS, none local and they were all pretending I had been dropped off and was moving into 29, 31 and 37 Fell View yet again. I took photos; they merely drove to my car and turned then drove off, those hiding behind 29 and 31 drove out and away. In among that, the thug son of Jackson was to drive along in the BMW YOU bought for him to somehow validate as FACT the old thief was me being returned to 26. AND NOW THEY HAVE GONE TO ALL THAT TROUBLE BUYING THAT LOWLIFE A BMW AND HAVING HIM USE IT IN FRAUD TO BE MY SON, I CAN RECORD THAT MY SON SOLD HIS BMW WEEKS AGO. HE DOES NOT HAVE A BMW NOW THUS THE THUG KENNETH JACKSON OR HIS DERANGED MOTHER IS EVEN LESS LIKELY TO BE ANYTHING TO DO WITH ME. That was prior to 11 15am so I expected lots more before the day’s end. I will just add that in 2012 when it was known the fraudster running at least 5 FIVE bank accounts in Santander as if they were all linked to me; ELIZABETH MASON of Morecambe branch which the bank fraud dept reported to police who sent me PCSO PAUL SHEPHERD to tell me that he, as PCSO was not prepared to conduct an investigation into bank fraud. I told him he couldn’t conduct a bus; that is what I have to deal with. BUT in that I was screamed at, abused and so forth as apparently I could lose Mason her job!!!! Drawn your own conclusions.
Late morning on 10th Dec 2016 they had brought in their recruited trolls in E-ON, in my VAST experience 100% corrupt: they appear just to walk about as they did outside 23, 29 and 31 Fell View on 10th. What was the point of that? The lunatics pretend it is PROOF “someone” has moved in and need the meters reading. ALWAYS E-ON, how odd is that? It is more odd is they are council houses and all deal with SE Power. I watched the female staff member walk about to PRETEND; she entered no house anywhere. My photos are clear. I can now record this as it appears in the background of various photos. While I was away in Madeira late Oct into Nov 2016, CLARKE child abuser in 23 Fell View had a CONTAINER dumped on his council house yard; he has space given the layout of Fell View where some yards are much bigger than others; what is the huge container to make me “forget”? The squalid small caravan dumped BY THE COUNCIL and GESTAPO on the small front yard of 20 Fell View where the dollop Mills and her greater dollop sister of 7 Leslie Ave off Fell View pretended was where I LIVED as their aunt and PAID RENT.  That was only removed early summer 2016 when all collective “plans” to hope they could keep it in FRAUD failed. In that they had BLEASDALE from 2 Hall Drive also off Fell View pretend he drove me to drop off in his then red Audi.WG03 DMW and that is still on-going, lunatics who drive up and down motorways and PRETEND they drive “someone” which “someone” is always “me” and I am always invisible. FE11 OBN does EXACTLY the same at Hunters’ 22 Fell View when I seem to move in there at least 4 times a year. The false friend drivel on notes to me that could only have been dictated by the county cretin and Gestapo legal rep: he thinks he’s so clever; her last note pushed through only days ago said she’d meet me southbound M6 services as if I was an idiot. Why would I want to drive all that way and south when I wasn’t going anywhere? I wouldn’t.  The county cretin is IAN YOUNG.
This time in 2013 and right from early Nov 2013 to Xmas Eve late in the day the Gestapo had other old parasites, deranged murdering thieves on Penhale gardens LA3 2QA where I rented flat 3. In that they had an old doxy in flat 2 WESTWELL taken out a few times and then “away” by Gestapo in N10 KWW Audi so she could then be returned while I was “seen off” and then claim she was the murdered lady from flat 3 thus that lady was not murdered, she had been “away”. This is how they use the EMPTY 33 Fell View to PRETEND that the missing lady from there is really me but invisible. Flat 8 had another old doxy, BESSIE FROBISHER who also claimed to be me. She hid in her flat 3 seedy old men, all to be MR CAROL WOODS “disabled” who they were to sneak into MY flat when I was “seen off” which was their “back-up plan” in using Westwell. Westwell returned from her being “taken away” mid Nov 2013 with no plans succeeding but all filmed, the Gestapo tried Frobisher. They thought I did not know. Each time I let it be known I had seen the old fools sneaking in, they “left” – being collected. Finally on Xmas Eve 2013 they had one sneak out from behind a camp bed being moved, to hide him NOT disabled, giving up in expecting me to go away for Xmas. That is also on excellent photos. Now they just have to get the old thief and much worse JACKSON back into 26 and then pretend that 26 and 28 are ONE bungalow IF they have a successful plan to PRETEND I have been moved in by lowlife dullards such as the false friend, MAXINE, as if I am Jackson or her identical twin which she apparently has and that “twin” not only is she invisible but also called Carol Woods. 26 is empty when Jackson is not in; where then is the identical twin while I am in 28?
I went to work in my gardens, the old lecher Mr K WILLIAMS from 30 Fell View was to follow me if I went to the front garden, follow if I then went to my rear garden: he in his 70’s, bloated, repulsive and never a man by any definition at all, has done this often: THEY in 30 think it makes them really Mr and Mrs Carol/Karol Woods. He does nothing but stands about to harass. She as maracas mouth joins in with the lunatics pretending that SHE is me and as she is with him, it means they are me! She wouldn’t know a rose from a dandelion but there is no TV so she has nothing to do: MY power was switched off at the mains so they can’t have their SKY TV registered as if they are me, active in 30, which the council had linked to MY bungalow ready for my moving in. I was not expected to discover all I have. I was expected to accept this bungalow in exchange for my memory of my whistle-blowing and MY HOUSE while the scum around me swirled in the cess pit and PRETENDED TO BE ME. I went to my front garden after spending time indoors; JARVIS assumed I was going out; she in 41, opposite me apparently has been ‘caring for and driving me about’ since March 2014. Another parasite: she misses her “free money” and actually set off assuming I was going out so she could drive to PRETEND she collected “someone” for when I returned BUT to claim she had returned the “someone” to 41 Fell View. My Jarvis did this one week ago: he pretended he had been “away” to collect someone (me) which failed in every sense as I had not been out so could not “return”. Jarvis’ car GN07 AHO as ref in fax to Gestapo. Note TREASON of Jackson and why they try to cover for her. I will report Maxine for harassing me. She is to “replace” another perjurer MELANIE who thought she was going to be my friend as well, sleazy NHS as was the first false friend JANET WOODALL of 11 Sullom View Garstang near Preston Lancs. “Maxine” apparently lives “near Preston Lancs” so there we have another “coincidence”.
This letter was faxed from Ryman’s Lancaster 1/10/16. At 15 35. To 01524 596735 Lancs. Police. Report: Harassment, E-Crime, FRAUD, FORGERY, DEMAND MONEY WITH MENACES, ID THEFT etc. From: Ms Carol Woods under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP 1/10/16.                                                                           
1)All data requested of Oct 2015 – photo of MY car at Manchester airport – proof anyone of Fell View had real business there, the statement of “someone” who saw me on Fell View in that time, photos showing I took photos of children, copy of “injunction” said to exist. NOT BEING SUPPLIED TO ME, suggests you are all bullying liars and perjurers and thugs I declare you are.                                                                                                                                                                         
2) Perjury has no statute of limitation – IAN READER et al note.                                                                                                                                                         
3) I have reason to believe Scarthwaite Hotel, New Parkside Farm are used in fraud pretending “someone” rents there when they do not – all Masonic links so, ask them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
4) The frauds using empty caravans at 298 Oxcliffe Rd is still to be dealt with.                                                                                                                                        
5) The same frauds using empty properties continue at 24 Fell View, 33 and 37 at least. YH55 GXZ and BD56 VDL will identify 2 thugs who use 33 Fell View in fraud.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
6) 29 and 31 are not empty but used in fraud – cars identify the main offenders – do ask for photographic evidence: Y191 SLF, R945 KEC, PL07 ZRR and AF07 XLL (to be GN07 AHO).                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
7) Another of yours thus a dimwit by definition PJ07 AWV at Lancaster University (night) using her mobile phone while driving almost ran into me – she driving without due care and attention (reverse that now,  have idiots rush out in front of me and say I drive without due car etc.)                                                            
8) Mail Theft, ID Theft, TREASON etc Agnes Jackson 26 Fell View had MY DVLA doc. for at least 3 days – why?                                                                         
9) Lindsay Robertson continues to harass to try to be me – did she sign contracts for work not done to defraud LSC? Jeremy BRAUND instigated all that.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
10) Deranged in 30 have been hiding AGAIN – Intent to defraud – PJ65 WLL used in that theft of my electricity.                                                                          
11) Taxis harass and stalk – found hiding again – who pays? Signed by me.
This was faxed on 7/10/16 from Ryman’s in Lancaster to the usual number at 13 56hrs.
 FRAUD, SERIOUS ORGANISED CRIME, MORE reported by Ms Carol Woods under duress at 28 Fell View. 7/10/16, MY HOUSE KEYS AWAITED & INVOICES PAID.
1) June and Kingsley Williams in 30 Fell View are nothing to do with me – their fraud found out – YOUR PROBLEM.                                                        
2) The old troll MARY LAMB in 32 has been there decades – wasted police time to deceive and worse 4/10/16 noted.                                                        
3) Car loaders – 4 recently – who pays for them? Usually at 15 – 17 – this week at 37.                                                                                                                       
4) 33 Fell View used in serious crime, Margaret Peck was not Margaret Porter – I told you before.     
5) I was not given rank and badge number of Tracey Kennedy or Andrew Halliday. Photo of my car at Manchester airport awaited 5/10/15.   
6) 17 Whalley Rd Lancaster used in serious fraud, forgery, theft etc. Link to 41 Fell View JARVIS and car PE08 ZRX. Copy court injunction awaited.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
7) Report scum hiding in 24 Fell View AGAIN – no vehicle but rely on me to identify the thug. Do you call to 24 or do I send a letter? I sent one to CURWEN who claim to be me with an RTA as you know – you organised it; I have it all on camera.                                                                                     
8) Grey hoodie yobs can’t all be Mr Carol Woods, even you can see that. Statement from yob at 45 re Oct. 2015 awaited.                                               
9) Reid in 49 and their extension and roof had better not be linked to me. I reported all the fencing.                                                                                    
10) Hunter and all huge garden play items had better not be linked to me for when they pretended I lived there – anything MILLS in 20 have ditto.                                                                                                        
11) Bleasdale 2 Hall Drive thinks he’s driven about Pat Allen – his stalking and harassment of me ON-GOING remains ignored.                                                              
12) Sleazy Marjorie Hodgson is not my sister – why not have her hide in her car to set off when she sees me ready and she can claim I follow her – like the deranged Jarvis tried. Signed by me.
(NB item 12: they did have that sleazy hide to then race off as I slowly pulled out so she could scream I was following her. Jarvis has tried that many times often sitting in GN07 AHO for anything up to an hour – waiting.
7 Nov 2015 I was arrested in a farce only seen by Lancashire Gestapo  – “Send in the Clowns” we do not need any sent it; they’re already about, apparently I had followed someone (unspecified) to a local airport (we don’t have one) on an unspecified date, and on another unspecified date, I had followed someone else unspecified to Kendal. There have been traps set using the brainless such as Jarvis and Hodgson with others from near- by such as from 2 Copy Lane and the Scarthwaite “hotel”. )

2] CONTINUED:  Lancs Police More Fraud/Harassment  12 Dec. 16

to: “policing.minister@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk” ,
“diane.abbott.mp@parliament.uk” ,
“private.office@no10.x.gsi.gov.uk” ,
“telegrapheditorial@telegraph.co.uk” ,
“homeaffcom@parliament.uk” ,
“amber.rudd.mp@parliament.uk” ,
“clarkek@parliament.uk” ,
 cc: “smithc@parliament.uk” ,
“andy.cooke@lancashire-pcc.gov.uk” ,
“commissioner@lancashire-pcc.gov.uk” ,
Just to show I also this email address as well as woodsresearch2002@yahoo.co.uk, NONE is shared. This document is drawn up on 9 Dec 2016 by Ms Carol Woods under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP, the 9th being a date for “revision” by Lancashire Gestapo, the 9th of many moths of many years need to be “revised”. The MOTIVE is to “see me off” to protect the lowlife found out for SERIOUS ORGANISED CRIME and for acting in FRAUDS on 9th of months, all wanting to be me. Example, 9 Sept 2014 and PCSO PETER WOOD called to keep me talking indoors so that the malicious, old thief and parasite AGNES JACKSON could attend a GP as if she was me. Obviously if I had gone out that FRAUD of hers would have been spoiled. There many dates in EVERY month since I moved to Fell View in March 2014. Prior to that of course others posed as me. On 9 Dec 2016 amid the lunacy and thuggery of dates from 5 Dec 2016 all to be JULY 2014 AGAIN and then OCTOBER 2015 etc, I decided not to go out but to see what was to be arranged behind my back.
The usual lunatic events started to take place: the now famous white van thuggery was acted out at 17 Fell View, AGAIN. That council house has been used often and now seems not to be JUNE CARRADICE which old trout was to be JUNE WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View leaving then WILLIAMS the deranged to carry on being another me. 17 has been used with the found out thieves and worse in 20 Fell View, MILLS and in 22 Fell View HUNTER. It seems now there is a JOANNE NOLAN in 17 Fell View and apparently as I am also Joanne Hall in her early 40’s, she of Oldham area, then it seems to be proved I am in 17 as an old troll JOANNE NOLAN. The old troll in 25 is also a JOANNE and also used to be me as if they are at least 20 years younger than they are and from the Oldham area. A jury will see they look nothing like Joanne Hall. Thus by 11 15am, the lunatics had been in full swing at 17 AGAIN, Williams had been tapping along the party wall AGAIN as that is to REVERSE the removal of ILLEGALLY installed equipment in 26 Fell View, Agnes Jackson their criminal associate, end Aug 2014 with the Gestapo filmed removing the equipment after it had taken days to decommission it. I had found out that it was used to have the old thief Jackson in 26 Fell View linked up to what I typed etc in 28 so that she could claim to be me. Thus every so often the Gestapo have the deranged and deluded in 30 tap along the party wall between 28 and 30 and I am to “forget” end Aug 2014 and the other party walls of 26 and 28. The days of 5 Dec 2016 onwards saw Jackson sent to stay somewhere to hope she returned to Fell View AFTER I had been “seen off” so she could claim to be me! In Dec 2014 WILLIAMS were used to do EXACTLY the same with again sleazy council staff using 41 Fell View pretending I lived there as “cared for and driven about” by JARVIS deranged thieves and fraudsters at best.
Other vehicles were used on 9/12/16, in the same old, same old, truly pathetic action of drawing up, slamming doors and driving off as if they have collected someone when no one gets in or out. The loft noises were heard at 10.24, 10.27, 10.51 which are noises I hear via MY LOFT when someone makes a call as if they are me given the ILLEGAL BT devices in MY loft to enable that. On 8th the thug son of Jackson was sent to sneak into 26 to make a call. I was not surprised when going out later to find a taxi hiding to PRETEND I had made the call and thus was not going out in my car but used taxis. I saw that thug (they know EXACTLY what they do is FRAUD and HARASSMENT) waiting, he set off behind my car, no passenger, I drove round the block and returned to 28: he had done all that at tax-payers’ expense AGAIN. That is to be PROOF I am the old thief JACKSON who does not and never has driven.
After the 10 51am noise I noticed a car parked opposite me with the driver not alighting or doing anything at all except pretending NOT to be in her car; she was parking to PRETEND she had called on me which is all “same old same old” and boring, as well as harassment and INTENT IN FRAUD and DECEPTION. I took a photo: shortly after she sat up, saw me examining my garden, moved the car and delivered something to 24 Fell View, the EMPTY self made slum where I also apparently “live” as “ill”. OR, she pretended to deliver something. She drove off, thus, she will be council sleazy; sent to park and if not seen by me then her INTENDED FRAUD/DECEPTION would be “successful” if seen they PRETEND they have business elsewhere. Why then park and lie across the front seats to “hide” to look as if no one was in the car? This was a repeat of sleazy in PE08 ZRX using 41 Fell View from March 2014 but see events Dec. 2014 which are being repeated now using different trolls.
I went to the cinema after a late night shop: 2 cars full of yobs raced along the roads as if to the University; the Gestapo clearly thought I was going for one of my late night visits there. How do they know I was getting ready to go out? They monitor my power use; I had had my mains power on but turned it off about 30 minutes prior to going out. Aside from those 2 cars (WHO PAYS THEIR PETROL?) an old troll rom Hall Drive was used to hurry away behind me and she to take the Morecambe/Heysham Road as apparently I live in 2 Cherry Tree Close about 9 or 10 miles away. Photos to be sent out to show ALL that lunacy. I had been right about the 10 BLUE cars or so stalking me over the past week as the old trout in 2 Cherry tree Close is now deemed to be me AGAIN, she with the dull, vacant look, grey hair and seediness about her so beloved of the Gestapo and which is why their murdering recruits are the same types: SHIRLEY RYCROFT who lives in flat 4 Penhale Gardens right opposite Cherry Tree Close, she who was one main bully in the murder of Mrs Margaret Porter of flat 3 Penhale Gardens and the looting of her assets along with others especially the old parasite in flat 5 looter of the dead. They are the same types as is Agnes Jackson 26 Fell View another bully linked to the bullying to death of the former tenant of 28 Fell View, JUNE WILLIAMS of 30 Fell view who dyes her grey hair yellow to hope to be able to pass herself off as being me so deluded is she, a major bully, Mary Lamb in 32 Fell View a thief linked to those 2, and others. As often the old forger, fraudster of 28 REGENT ST Lancaster was sent to stalk me in X339 FEN BLUE TOYOTA he DAVID JACKSON as BLUE is now to be the colour that proves everything. The old troll in 2 Cherry Tree Close has a BLUE PEUGEOT, PJ12 UWX. MY HOUSE IS CHERRY TREES NOT CHERRY TREE. Thus a RED car leaves from NEAR Fell View and “is seen” taking the road away from Lancaster – ME. But I park up eventually near the cinema and find a usual sleazy council type waiting to PRETEND she dropped me off in a BLUE FIAT FL05 UDK, thus I had been driven FROM Heysham area in a BLUE CAR as well as in X339 FEN.
After the film, I had taken a photo of the Fiat, so there was no point in her waiting to pretend any longer: she had been replaced by a small silver car, PJ56 TVF. I had not gone straight to my car: walking around the Gestapo drove up and down to confirm something; that they saw PJ56 TVF drive away thus it must be linked to me. They saw me walking round. The Gestapo then were to drive all around again and confirm something else; what, I thought? R208 MKN used in FRAUD and HARASSMENT from 2014 and on many photos FOUND OUT now is driven by MALES, Mr CAROL WOODS. The Gestapo do this EVERY TIME with EVERY CAR used, they swap the females for males and somehow that means I can be MR CAROL WOODS as well, or they are Mr Carol Woods and I am someone with a different name. A series of photos to show that will be sent out. Without my photos no one would think they could waste so much time and TAX-PAYERS’ MONIES in swapping the significant cars about. I will be asking for the names ranks and badge numbers of the Gestapo wasting all that time to harass with INTENT TO LIE ABOUT WHAT WAS SEEN OR NOT SEEN. All this of course is done in the climate of the council sending leaflets to every householder saying refuse collections are to be reduced as the council runs short of funds!
Tomorrow being another day; I expect more: meanwhile I type up some more letters hand written and sent to Lancaster Gestapo by fax; all remain ignored. I will add that MY lap top NO Internet connection is showing me it is accessed by another computer somewhere. It did not get far into 10th to start: DALTON in 45 with WOODRUFF she from 2 Fell View who pretends to be a daughter because she has auburn hair and the driver of SV08 a black saloon to be SV08 HEU a RED Merecedes used much with DALTON and WOODRUFF all at 45 and the loft started about midnight and were still heard at 12 20am. They used the Internet as if it was MY use. The 10th started as I predicted but recorded elsewhere.
This letter was faxed from a Morecambe outlet on 26/9/16 at 14 30hrs. 01524 596735. E-CRIME, ID THEFT, FRAUD, EXTORTION, DEMAND MONEY WITH MENACES, FORGERY etc. From: Ms Carol Woods under duress at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP.
Report: Via the loud mouths of murdering thieves, fraudsters and more, we now have another “daughter” in FRAUD for the parasite, thief, liar and worse, AGNES JACKSON in 26 Fell View LA2 9RP. This one is almost as old as I am.                                                                          
Williams claimed to have a similar old doxy daughter, they in 30 – the difference being they do have a daughter who does not see them – she is not nearly as old as they are but the one sent to be their daughter was almost as old as they are – in MAZ 7675 – often reported – always ignored – also used at 45 Fell View.                                                                                                                   
The driver of MAZ 7675 is not the “daughter” of Agnes Jackson (she has no daughter) – the impostor has the BMW P514 JBC which was Kenneth Jackson’s on 1/9/16 – according to his big mouth. But, he did the same with NK06 KXX at Xmas 2014 did he not? Then another bleached haired doxy claimed it had not been his but was hers – she then pretended for a short time to be “daughter” to Jackson. Hunter in 22 was provided with FN59 OUG shortly before Kenneth Jackson was bought P514. Hunter was bought that Yaris to be “confused” with PE64 OUG red Ford used by thieves and fraudsters in 30 Fell View, Sept. 2015 – so you thought Sept. 2016 could be “confused” with Sept. 2015.
KY02 in March 2014 was to be YK02 VPF was it not in an earlier such farce? Hunter’s FN59 OUG “disappeared” BUT, now is to be LT59 FGN with Jarvis leaving a “fostered boy” all alone, all day in 41 Fell View while they went out. Jackson in 26 and Williams in 30 BOTH steal my MY MAIL IN TREASON – aided and abetted by post staff – Royal Mail. This troll “daughter” of Jackson’s is not the one of the red Mini and use of police helicopter costing about £2000 to aid and abet her – a useless, old  parasite. She seems to be collecting “daughters” and “sons” – KS53 VLF, MD02 HGO etc – good thing I have photos or else it would be hard to follow. NOW Sec 7 Data Protection Act S.A.R. I require a copy of INJUNCTION said to exist in perjury of Massingham Nov 2015. Signed by me.
This letter was faxed from Lancaster Ryman’s Lancaster 28/9/16 at 14 06hrs. Faxed to 01524 596735 Lancs.  Police E-CRIME, FRAUD, EXTORTION, FORGERY, WITNESS INTIMIDATION, TREASON, HARASSMENT. From: Ms Carol Woods 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP. Today I received junk mail when no one else did – my door has a large enough sign – NO JUNK MAIL.                                                                                                           
This is indicative someone writes to me which is stolen from me. It may be in a name you invent to try and suggest I have another name. The related email will have gone out – widely.
No one called to arrest me so I guess you don’t think I am KAREN.                                                                                                                                                
The car, black Ford PN15 XPA @ the old fool’s BARRON in 47, is not going to rewrite the thieves and fraudsters with PX14 LRJ and PX15 KHW in 30 Fell View – WILLIAMS who claim to be me.                                                                                                                                                                                  
Scum from 12 and 14 walking up and down with a dog suggests MY MAIL has gone there – ELY and McGUIRE. Your fraud, your problem signed by me.

3] CONTINUED Lancs Police and MORE Harass/Fraud 12 Dec. 16

to: “policing.minister@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk” ,
“privateoffice.external@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk” ,
“homeaffcom@parliament.uk” ,
“clarkek@parliament.uk” ,
“amber.rudd.mp@parliament.uk” ,
“diane.abbott.mp@parliament.uk” ,
cc: “smithc@parliament.uk” ,
“andy.cooke@lancashire.pnn.police.uk” ,
“look.north@bbc.co.uk” ,
“haveyoursay@lancashire.gov.uk” haveyoursay@lancashire.gov.uk

This will include letters faxed to Lancaster Police as my data typed 9 Dec 2016 has done and ditto for 10th. They will be sent out in dated order of my typing to show what thuggery is arranged every day; typing this then 11 Dec 2016. The 11th has been “eventful” for a long time: I record here SOME 11th and the antics filmed and recorded on those 11ths. As on 10th, the Gestapo hear me up and about via the illegal devices in my loft and within half an hour, various scum floats on the cess pit all to pretend something. The usual RED car arrives to park at the empty 33 Fell View and PRETENDS to call on another invisible person (me) but who happens to be MISSING, another, lone elderly lady. (The lengths they have gone to using 33 to make me think someone lived there included erecting a dummy to cast a shadow at night with times switches to look as if someone was inside, the “someone” never position over WEEKS when the lights were on.) The stalker and harasser from 39, he who pretends he drives me about in DG04 URX a RED car, set off, along with the idiot in 31 Fell View moved there to be MR CAROL WOODS and given Y191 SLF the RED car first used by a Rosa Klebb type from 31 to drive about Agnes Jackson from 26 Fell View to be proof Jackson was me “seen in a red car”. 2 silver cars drove round to sit and wait and leave within minutes for no seeming purpose, a blue in the OEO range of scum using OEO licence plates arrived to park, not used previously, what are the chances of that being a “coincidence”? Williams in 30 were up but used no water at all; they do that when they want to pretend MY water use in 28 is theirs in 30. HUNTER from 22 was in and out of 24 which is empty to which she must have a key; given she is bullying parasite, thief and fraudster at best and given the empty 24 has been used from May 2014 in serious organised crime, given she was sneaking in and out of 26 Fell View early mornings recently to pretend she was Jackson’s daughter after claiming for 2 years that she was mine, we can only wonder what she is up to; she is another missing her “free monies”. Another with cars supplied to drive about and PRETEND she drove “someone” (me- an invisible person).
Some dates of the 11th. 11 March 2016 and I solved the puzzle of McHARRAN from 43 posing as me. The link was Sainsbury’s and my usual Friday shopping done there with the WiFI cafe used as if I used an Internet link. I only had a laptop that could link up AFTER I found that fraud was all I had suspected.  She had taken Jackson out shopping at least twice pretending Jackson was me. I then find she is now a very part-time check out assistant after over 2 years doing nothing. 11th April 2016 and a great deal of harassment and lunacy as I parked near the Catholic church in Lancaster which I rarely do. The Gestapo were in evidence, church officials and the usual “common purpose” stalkers/harassers. That church was used Aug 208 with GMP thugs and a day then to “see me off” which didn’t.11th May I was away visiting a FALSE FRIEND who I found was such after visiting. Time has shown me to be right and he was not just a liar but INTENDED to DEFRAUD me as well. 11th June 2016 and I saw that JARVIS had a MR CAROL WOODS living in hiding in 41. 11th July 2016 and the usual vans, plumbers van etc; I had apparently just moved in again. 10th and 11th August 2 days of red cars hiding and all driving off together plus the “small white van” which is apparently always “proof” I have just moved (events from MY house 2006 onwards are to be “rewritten”). In that as usual there was the usual old doxy in the grey/silver 2 seater, parked to PRETEND, T222 used a few times after that always with a different driver. 11th Sept. and wherever I was, the Gestapo had arranged Agnes Jackson types to try to be seen “with me” so that it was “proof” she was me. 11th Oct 2016 and I was asked to take notes of a court hearing in Preston by an associate which I went to do; the emails read ILLEGALLY, my trip was turned into a farce where I was to be said to have been in court and then driven to Lancaster by a pair of idiots told where my car was parked so they could park next to it. As I drove off, they were to drive off with me and that was me moving me again after being in a court!The car was specially chosen as it was a bronze Citroen Zsara many used in serious organised fraud; I keep records of all the plates of those, only days ago the Gestapo found another and sent the shaved headed yob driver to 20 Fell View to pretend he dropped off “someone” to move in there yet again: they also miss their “free money”. 1th Nov 2016 I went to work in Lancaster University library, leaving about 8pm a pair of bleached haired old council doxies in a Lancaster City Council car had arrived and PRETENDED to find me living in the library – AGAIN. (Thus I needed rehousing.) I apparently have been found living in the library at least 8 times. After they thought they’d been so clever and drove off after I drove away: I let them pass me on the main road and returned to work some more. That YOU paid for and here we are: leaflets, refuse collections cut as short of funds to pay for them as they are.
By 2pm more public money had been used: I had switched off my radio and made sounds as if going out having no intention to go out; the illegal listening devices allow for this:  within 10 minutes more scum floated, all those as above had left without achieving anything; Bleasdale a Freemason from 2 Hall Drive in the red Mercedes SV08 HEU drove to 2 Milestone Place to park and wait; the tiny council house is used in much fraud by old doxies, council employees, and younger trolls. He collects from there and sits to wait and then drives off behind me and PRETENDS whatever his delusions allow; he has driven about Agnes Jackson to be “me, seen in a red car”. He is a MAIN OFFENDER from 5 Oct 2015 with JACKSON 26 Fell View, DALTON in 45 at least after aiding and abetting and participating in serious FRAUD at 20 Fell View in June 2014. All that is on film. Thus he was sent round from 2 Hall Drive which is 1 minute away from Fell View along with more scum in PJ63 HCL used often to PRETEND they also drive me and they of course went to 20 Fell View. Another drove to hide behind 31, all 3 together which EXACTLY what was done on 9th and 10th. The only difference is that the cars differ, day to day. One witness observed that they seemed to 2work in shifts”. Believe me it is the only “work” they will ever know. The old lecher in 30 decided they were indoors at 30 after all, heard me out in my rear garden and suddenly they have water running and he then steps out to do nothing but thinks he’s harassing. I had done what I wanted to do and was back indoors; he’s a sloth so doesn’t move fast. “Seeing the good when it’s all going bad” (Moby) think of it as this: a bloated old parasite who thinks if he’s in his rear yard area when I am in my rear garden (my space is larger given the layout of the bungalows, 4 only round Fell View, 55 houses with the 4 bungalows) and stands about gawping but with nothing to do, as close as he can then it makes me his horrendous old roughneck wife; one has to see the funny side. Note the use of houses number 2. This is to make me a dreary old parasite who is at 2 Cherry Tree Close miles away: (photos to be sent out to show this clearly) as she is a type used, gormless, dreary, grey haired, single but said to be me as if I am various. MY HOUSE is CHERRY TREES NOT CHERRY TREE. MY house has no number; it never has had a number, there were 5 houses only so were only named. I have never had grey hair. 2 Copy Lane also off Fell View is also used in the same way by bullying half-wits and their BOUGHT cars.
By 4 30pm on 11th Dec 2016 I only went out to my car with more scum floating about, CX51 HDH drove from hiding, he had been parked behind 31, used 23/11/16, just another thug with nothing better to do that wait to stalk or hope to stalk me. Hunter seeing me outside suddenly rushed out of 22 pretending whatever they thought would be “convincing” that someone had just moved in 22 again. By 7 08pm the loft noises started which meant that someone probably from 30 Fell View used a phone as if it was my use. The illegal devices in my loft allows for this.7 13pm and 7 19pm. The loft noise went on for over another hour which means someone uses the Internet as if it is my use. That always means someone places orders to be delivered behind my back the day after the noises. PF08 WDJ was not parked; that is the black Mitsubishi linked to me via the malicious old trout in 32 Fell View who claimed to be my dead mother with me driving her about! Others have always used the car to drive elsewhere so that “witnesses” can say it was seen elsewhere thus somehow proof I live somewhere else! This is linked to the current hysteria in having Jackson from 26 Fell View “be away” as “me” with Williams in 30 also pretending to be me. The Gestapo want ME to be linked to PF08 WDJ so that MY car can be linked to the old thief in 26 as if she is me “too disabled to drive”.
This letter was faxed 13/10/16 from Ryman’s in Lancaster at 14 38hrs.
From: Ms Carol Woods 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP Under duress.
Report harassment of me by R HARLAND council following a course of conduct sending me a MALICIOUS COMMUNICATION. It caused great distress and was so scruffy I thought it had been stuck to my car windscreen. The intention is FRAUD. CURWEN nothing to do with me – allowing use of 24 by thug in various vehicles but mostly KS53 VLF is being  filmed – he pretends to be me Mr Carol Woods and collects and generates data as scum did in caravan 3 @ 298.                                                   
The loft noises always coincide with that thug’s visits as well as actions from 30, 26, 41,43,45,39 etc. They all use phones and Internet as if they are me or linked to me – seeing lowlife Hunter 22, Jarvis 41, O’Conner 39 at my gate for over an hour to harass and PRETEND on 12/10/16 reminds me YOU HAVE NOT SUPPLIED rank and badge number of Andrew Halliday at MY HOUSE MAY 08. Not rewritten by lowlife on 12/10/16. Nor R Harland AGAIN today. I await a copy of injunction referred to Nov. 2015. I await a copy of photo of my car at Manchester airport on 5/10/15 – I await a copy of statement of one seeing me on Fell View between 5 and 10 Oct 2015.
The council ignored my fax 5/10/15 and their malicious communication planned of 6/10/16 to PRETEND shows what dullards, liars and worse I deal with. Poor Mrs Greenbank, she didn’t stand a chance did she? Mrs M Peck I continue to report as “missing”. You will have seen my data – illegally, as to trolls who claim to be my sister – my daughter – and myself – no one is anything to do with me, her, at all. I have reason to believe 2 Milestone Place, 11, 15, 17 Fell View continue in FRAUD. Signed by me.
There is only 1 letter added given the record of harassment; 12 Dec 2016 amid much else a large blue van arrived to park outside which van driver was at 30 briefly only days ago as “someone moved into 30 then, today 12th it is to 43 Fell View; McHarran is in 34 to “oversee” any frauds: Jarvis took a delivery at 11 10am which was the result of loft noises from 11th as I predicted. Earlier much harass had been to make me feel anxious about being indoors to force me out so all this could be “behind my back” thus PROOF of whatever the lunatics decided it proved. The blue van then at 43, the delivery at 41 and E-ON arrive after pretending on 10th by walking about. (E-ON will confirm they do not read meters for anyone on a weekend.) Of course she went to 43; thus someone INVISIBLE has just moved to 43 that will be “me” to account for found out thief and fraudster McHARRAN posing as me on her computer from March 2014, in FACT, all arranged ready for my move to 28 on 24/3/14. This is how “I” am said to be in 23 houses all at the same time. And how thieves, liars, fraudsters are covered for. A jury will be grateful for my photos to help them untangle this.
E-ON at MY HOUSE 2008: thugs in E-ON jackets with E-ON vans arrived at MY house and asked to read the meters; my electricity meter was read with comments as to how HIGH my reading was. How? I had hardly anything on electricity. Going then to my kitchen to read my gas meter, I had a visitor arrive unexpectedly: suddenly he didn’t want to read my meter. That was the THIRD event using such thugs: when I spoke to DECENT E-ON staff they confirmed they had sent non-one at all. I rang after the 3rd event. They also confirmed that those reading my meters THREE had given high reading which E-ON decent staff knew was not in line with MY use of YEARS. They told me they used agency staff and would manage that differently to avoid such thugs gaining access to properties. I awarded me compensation. In that I found that the INTENTION had been to create FALSE DEBTS and claim I was bankrupt because of non-payment of bills! I found the BILLS stolen from me by DAVE RIGGS thug in ROYAL MAIL LANCASTER FENTON ST LANCASTER SORTING OFFICE via a decent Royal mail staff member who may wish his name to be undisclosed. Flat 3 and E-ON sent bills for the murdered former tenant and I returning bills to E-ON , BT etc which did not halt the bills arriving, I rang to be told that NOTHING HAD ARRIVED AT BT or E-ON and so bills seemed to be ignored by a DEAD lady. Despite adding my information to their systems when I rang to speak to staff AGAIN, the information had mysteriously been deleted from their systems.
In among that (my car, delivery van at 41, E-On for 43, the blue van pretending to move someone, someone passing to walk past and open my gate and carry on, all within a few crowded metres, the dollop in the PJ63 HCL drove to my gate and turned to drive off EXACTLY as done on 11th when they pretended then to drop me off but at 20 Fell View. After the delivery at 41 with E-On calling to 43 in PRETENCE (do those idiots think I have lived opposite one who claims to be over 2 years and not noticed who provides their power supplies?) someone was to walk past MY gate and open it to PRETEND someone had called here! FRAUD BY OSMOSIS I think – a classic example. Thus 43 and 28 are inextricably linked apparently and she then in 43 is “me” but who is her car registered to: YP06 UEH a silver Megane which does not look like my Toyota Yaris especially as MY car is RED and X165 YUB. And all we can ask now is all my photos of moving to various lowlife round Fell View Quernmore Rd, all the removal vans PAID at public expense, the “plumbers” paid to sit and PRETEND, the white vans, large and small, taxis, sleazy aiding and abetting and so on, where are all the utility providers’ records for those moving in occasions?
By 12 30 there had been a delivery to 24, the empty house where I apparently live as “ill” and as a CURWEN after an RTA. By 1pm a dark sea- green Volvo arrived to park just where the E-On fraudster had: FY03 KTO chosen in wasted police time trying to rewrite the history of dark sea green DX53 KTO used at 22 Fell View over the last month DAILY to pretend something else in FRAUD to aid and abet HUNTER. That car was used at 22 AFTER KS53 was used in FRAUD in the empty 24 Fell View which was not dark sea green. That thug driver claimed to be MR CAROL WOODS taking out Agnes Jackson from 26 claiming she was his mother as if she was me Carol Woods.FY03 KTO was also FOUND wasting YOUR money for bent cops to find it trawling systems, to be YJ03 UNV a dark sea green used by CURWEN at 24 which was another to “disappear”. The driver of FY03 parked up and did nothing as usual; just to sit and PRETEND while DPD thugs drove round to deliver to someone else in FRAUD. After loft noises, I can guarantee there will be deliveries to lowlife and the more loft noises, the more deliveries. The INTENTION to harass and hope it forces me to go out thus I would not see the deliveries. The lowlife placing the orders IN MY NAME claim I will be out so to deliver to other houses round and close to Fell View.
They didn’t stop there: I went out to find R004 parked to pretend with an R004 car to pretend from 2013 he at Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA where I rented flat 3 when he pretended to be ME as MR CAROL WOODS actually in flat 3! A silver grey van had been parked hiding behind Fell View a usual hiding place, the grey vans used often to stalk to harass and PRETEND as the one kidnapper from Lewes 2011 AUG was a silver grey van an excellent photos. The rest I won’t record here but suffice to say that a 2 seater dark green with old doxy T479 JJR waited AFTER I parked up my car she to set off after I passed the pay and display used often by trolls to PRETEND. She was to PRETEND she met me.

Embezzle to harass Lancs  1 Dec. 2016

This is MORE in the file of EMBEZZLEMENT of public monies in Lancashire. Thus sent to Chief Executive given the vicarious liability in law for employees committing crime in works’ time whether the CExec is aware or not. Police Reform Act 2002 and CExecs responsible of Gestapo. I am Carol Woods Ms of 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP.                                                                                                                                                                    
On 29 Nov 2016 in Lancaster library where I went in to use the public computers amid hours of lunatics acts from various imbeciles mostly round Fell View LA2 9RP but spilling further afield as I eventually went out in my car just after 3pm. All the harassment is usual for me, suffice to add that the scum floating all PRETENDED again that “someone” was just moving in with them and in some examples, such as CLARKE child abuser in 23 Fell View, Mills and criminal associates in 20 Fell View, the Masonic buffoon Bleasdale in 2 Hall Drive off Fell View all pretending they drove about to collect “someone” to move in to be “cared for and driven about” among …

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