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Wednesday, 14 December 2016


Where Is Julian Assange Now: Is WikiLeaks Founder Alive Or Dead, Hero Or Russian Spy?
The saga surrounding WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's detention in the Ecuadorian embassy in London gets stranger by the day. Assange has ...
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Clapper: WikiLeaks Connection With Russian Cyber Attacks Not Strong
United States Director of National Intelligence James Clapper claimed the intelligence community did not have strong evidence into the sequencing of ...
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WikiLeaks strikes again: The Clintons 'praised' Rex Tillerson in hacked memo
Tillerson is no stranger to the CGI and headlined a 2009 program on supporting the economic advancement of women and girls. From ExxonMobil:.
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Director of National Intelligence Says the Evidence of a Russian WikiLeaks Connection 'Is Not Strong'
Director of National Intelligence James Clapper confronted a Democrat congressman on the idea that Russia leaked all of the releases to WikiLeaks ...
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Legion hacking group becomes Indian Wikileaks
They are more like Indian wikileaks which is trying to bring transparency in the system rather than someone like anonymous hacking group which is ...
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Julian Assange News: U.S. Wanted to Frame Assange in 2011? Sent FBI Agents to Iceland to ...
FBI wanted to investigate into Assange and Wikileaks for leaking military ... Wikileaks themselves provided information that FBI agents were sent to ...
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Kremlin calls talk of Russian interference in US elections 'absolute nonsense'
In an interview with RT television, Peskov dismissed the findings by the CIA that the Russian government provided WikiLeaks with thousands of ...
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House Intel chief demands answers from top spy on conflicting Russian hacking reports
... role in hacking emails from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman that were publicly released by WikiLeaks.
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How Russia Played Everyone
Though Mr. Assange did not say so, WikiLeaks' best defense may be the conduct of the mainstream American media. Every major publication ...
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Ronn Mott: Russian hacks
WikiLeaks proceeded to strategically drop a few every time it looked as if Hillary was going to bury Donald Trump in his own stupidity. The Director of ...
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Corrupt CIA Feeds Crooked Media
There is no doubt that WikiLeaks has worked for the Russians. Julian Assange himself worked for the Russian propaganda channel RT. But that ...
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Iceland's Former Minister Of The Interior Confirms The FBI Tried To Frame Julian Assange
Keep in mind that the FBI were only meant to be in Iceland to investigate government software systems, not Julian Assange or WikiLeaks. Fortunately ...
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Pizzagate Pedophilia: The Scandal from Hell
"Look around the country. Wouldn't you agree we need some more adults? So WikiLeaks, Alex Jones, and the subreddit sub-geniuses-and I mean this ...
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Typo may have caused Podesta email hack
It was a phishing email that ultimately revealed Podesta's password to hackers. Soon after, WikiLeaks began releasing 10 years of Podesta's emails.
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NY TIMES: DNC hacks turned US media into 'de facto instrument of Russian intelligence'
Then WikiLeaks, and a new website called DCLeaks, published many more. "There shouldn't be any doubt in anybody's mind," NSA Director Adm.
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When Good Answers Are Never Good
As for the Trump question, Russia and Julian Assange have both denied that the WikiLeaks emails came from a Russian source. Moreover, neither the ...
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WATCH: President-Elect Takes To Twitter To Bash Media Again
He's doing the same with CIA liars, who, as WikiLeaks revealed, the CIA will not allow TRUMP to win. WikiLeaks disclosures have been proven to be ...
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Bernard Kerik: What's More Dangerous — DNC Hack or Criminality It Exposed?
As it stands right now, no one knows for sure who hacked into the DNC, or who gave those emails to WikiLeaks. No one knows for sure if it was Russia ...
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Trump at odds with own party even before he takes office
The election season was marked by a number of releases of information by the website Wikileaks, including private emails from the Hillary Clinton ...