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Thursday, 15 December 2016


Ex-British ambassador turned Wikileaks envoy slams CIA theory Russia hacked Clinton campaign ...
A FORMER British ambassador turned Wikileaks envoy has slammed theories Clinton campaign emails were hacked by Russia and instead pointed ...
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Republicans embrace WikiLeaks, and Trump voters warm to Putin, poll finds
WikiLeaks, which published hacked, embarrassing and damaging emails from Clinton campaign chief John Podesta throughout the campaign, saw its ...
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Wikileaks cables show Gorran leader's 'strong' opposition to Kurdish statehood
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The leader of the Kurdish opposition group, the Change Movement (Gorran), has shown strong support for the integration ...
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Assange denies Russian ties to WikiLeaks
Whatever one's opinion of Julian Assange, it's worth noting what the WikiLeaks founder has to say about those "Russian hacking" rumours.
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Russia “hacked the election” for Trump? What does that even mean?
No, by "hacking," some people mean those damning Democratic Party e-mails from Wikileaks, but there is no evidence that Russia or anyone else ...
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The stages of grief for the left processing Hillary Clinton's loss
Many conservatives with the proper distaste for the illegal pilferages of Julian Assange suddenly found themselves warming to WikiLeaks when the ...
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Wake Forest fires radio analyst Tommy Elrod for attempting to leak football game plans
... affiliate WFMY-TV. The station notes the story became so popular on social media it got a hashtag all its own: #wakeyleaks -- a takeoff on Wikileaks.
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Trump tops Yale's Book of Quotations with 'he could shoot someone and still stay popular'
Hillary makes the list twice as well, once for calling Trump supporters a 'basket of deplorables' and the other regarding the WikiLeaks scandal.
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REPORT: Intelligence officials believe Putin was directly involved in the Democratic Party hacks
A trove of documents were regularly published by WikiLeaks in the weeks leading up to Election Day. WikiLeaks and other organizations also ...
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Former NSA Officer William Binney: CIA Lying About Russians Hacking DNC
In an in-depth interview on Radio Sputnik's Loud & Clear, Binney details points clarifying that the WikiLeaks email releases are not hacks at all, but ...
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Kremlin calls talk of Russian interference in US elections 'absolute nonsense'
“I don't know how, specifically, but I think they probably helped [WikiLeaks founder Julian] Assange,” Mr. Markov said in an interview, adding that he ...
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YouGov poll: Since 2014, Putin's net favorability among Republican rises 56 points
Presumably because of the Wikileaks revelations about John Podesta's emails, which originated with another Russian hack and which also ended up ...
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FAQs on Russian Hacking and the US Election
In July, after emails stolen from the committee appeared on WikiLeaks, Democratic members of congress also blamed the Russians, with Clinton ...
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When the Bear 'assassinated' the US president
The facts that WikiLeaks—which is known as being in contact with elements related to Putin—distributed the information, and that the Kremlin's ...
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Graham: I'd question the judgment of a Trump nominee who opposes Russian sanctions
Podesta's email account was hacked, and his messages were published by WikiLeaks. According to a Washington Post report from Friday, the CIA ...
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Our Social Networks
When asked about whether or not WikiLeaks have ever published information at the behest of Moscow, Mr. Murray said: “WikiLeaks has never ...
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Did the Russians hack Hillary Clinton?
During the final five weeks of the presidential campaign, WikiLeaks released tens of thousands of DNC and Clinton campaign emails to the public.
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Anne Applebaum: Russia's next election operation: Germany
The CIA has confirmed that Russian cyberhackers procured material from the Hillary Clinton campaign that appeared, via WikiLeaks, at key moments ...