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Thursday, 22 December 2016


The Democratic tantrum over Russia and WikiLeaks
In all the debate over the origin of the Hillary-killing WikiLeaks emails, a simple point is seldom if ever made: Even if Russian hacking did bring them to ...
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'Not Russia': Who really was Wikileaks' DNC Deepthroat?
Former United Kingdom Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray is back, and he is getting more specific about who Wikileaks' source(s) were for not ...
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Hillary Clinton Bribing Republicans To Speak Out Against Donald Trump Is A Fake Story
The story originated from an alleged e-mail that was published by WikiLeaks that revealed that three prominent Republicans were on Clinton's payroll.
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The Vast Cognitive Gulf between the Left and the Right
It was Comey, it was Russia, it was Wikileaks. They never ... But Hillary was at 48% before the Wikileaks and she lost at 48%. She was an awful ...
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How fake news and fearmongering defined 2016
We were surprised to learn that even Julian Assange's WikiLeaks, the information-should-be-free endeavor that always fronted as kind of radically ...
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Assange Says Democrat Insider Leaked DNC Documents, Not Putin – OpEd
Scoffing at the claims regarding Russian hacking, Wikileaks web site creator and journalist Julian Assange implied during a TV interview that a ...
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How We Identified the DNC Hack's 'Patient Zero'
We also reached out to WikiLeaks — and its editor in chief, Julian Assange — and tried, though without much success, to engage individuals in the ...
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A Hard Rain: The CIA proxy war with Russia
No connection between Russia and the leaked DNC documents that appeared on Wikileaks was documented by public figures or reporters. It could ...
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Bill Clinton's Bitter Blather
After all, that is what Wikileaks told the American public, regardless of who gave that information to Wikileaks. Robert Chernin, vice-president of ...
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Quora Question: Did Russia hack the 2016 election?
The Democratic National Committee was hacked, and damaging emails were recovered and released to Wikileaks. John Podesta, Clinton's campaign ...
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Lawyer: Russian Hackers May Have Been Responsible for Breach of Aaron Hernandez's ...
"It could be a Russian hacker, with all respect, like WikiLeaks, who was able to backdoor into the system," attorney George Leontire said during a ...
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Election hacking shouldn't surprise you, Obama's former tech chief says
"The thing is, 2008 was just kind of normal espionage," Reed said. "However, after that you have WikiLeaks, you have all of these hacking groups but ...
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LETTER: We deserve more facts on the hacks
This election saw and heard many references to WikiLeaks publications. Now we are fed lines from Obama, Trump, Donna Brazile, maybe even Putin.
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Rep. Rohrabacher: 'I Don't Care Who Provided Us Those Emails...More Factual Information' for ...
Rohrabacher said the WikiLeaks email dumps were "just the American people getting more information." Mitchell asked Rohrabacher how he'd like it if ...
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Silencing the Messengers
If we make the scenarios analogous to Wikileaks and the Center for Medical Progress, for example, public attention is suddenly diverted from the ...
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Consider why Hillary lost – and move on
The emails that were released by WikiLeaks showed the disgusting level of deceit and corruption within the DNC. WikiLeaks didn't compose the ...
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5 scenarios to watch after the shooting of Russian ambassador in Ankara
With indications of Russia cooperating with Wikileaks to publicise hacked emails in the past, Russian cyber surrogates could target Turkey, revealing ...
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Hillary Clinton Lost the November Election because She Blew Off Sanders Activists and Voters
According to this conspiracy theory -- and that is what it is -- the "Russian" hack, with the results allegedly passed on to Wikileaks, and the resulting ...
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Russia-Hack Story against Donald Trump, Another Media Failure
... told at least two radiointerviewers that the Democratic National Committee and John Podesta emails were not obtained by WikiLeaks through hacks, ...
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Continuous attack on the Constitution!
And more, the Wikileaks people not only deny any Russian connection, but have provided who did give them the emails! The Democrats, and more ...