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Friday, 3 February 2017



SitRep: Trump's Iran Warning; SEAL Raid Disaster; Putin Testing Trump; Inside the New NSC
On Tuesday, Wikileaks promoted 3,630 documents from its archives on center-right presidential candidate François Fillon. “None were of the ...
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College Yearbook Shows Trump's Supreme Court Pick Already Sounding Off on the Constitution
Some said Kissinger's remark was not made public until after it was provided to WikiLeaks in 2013, the Snopes.com rumor research website reported.
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Chelsea Manning: At the Intersection of Security, Civil Liberties, and Human Rights
Through the platform of WikiLeaks, the documents were released by various media sources, and as a result, Manning was sentenced to 35 years in ...
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Pelosi demands to know: 'What do the Russians have on President Trump?'
... John Podesta, then turning embarrassing emails over to WikiLeaks for publication (although WikiLeaks denies Russia was its source for the trove).
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Presdent Trump has begun to rollback cyberspying sanctions against Russia
The stolen emails were published by WikiLeaks throughout the 2016 campaign, although WikiLeaks denies Russia as the source. On 6 January, the ...
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What Is The Fascism Forever Club? Neil Gorsuch, Trump SCOTUS Pick, Started Group In High ...
WikiLeaks, the group led by Julian Assange that published the stolen emails of Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta, even weighed in ...
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Whistleblower Elmer: "Einen Tauchgang machen und nicht wieder kommen"
2008 lieferte der Schweizer der Enthüllungsplattform WikiLeaks Kundendaten seines früheren Arbeitgebers, die unschöne Offshore-Praktiken zwecks ...

Whistleblower Elmer: "Do a dive and


 do not come back"


RUDOLF ELMER: In the summer of 2016 the whistleblower is released from the main point of the attack, the violation of bank secrecy.
RUDOLF ELMER: In the summer of 2016 the whistleblower is released from the main point of the attack, the violation of bank secrecy.

Rudolf Elmer, the whistleblower of the first hour, black money accounts directed by Angela Merkel, special songs for the British police and the frustrations of a housewife.
As a simple accountant, Rudolf Elmer went to the Cayman Islands in the mid-1990s for his employer, the fine Swiss private bank Julius Baer. Within a short time, he worked as a deputy chief in the Eldorado for covert financial transactions. At the end of 2002, he was dismissed. This was the start of an economic crimes which continues to this day.
In 2008, the Swiss revealed the WikiLeaks disclosure data of his former employer, revealing unsightly offshore practices for tax optimization. Hard legal disputes with Julius Baer were the result, which have not been settled until today. The 61-year-old Elmer has already spent six months in investigative detention. He was sentenced to a conditional imprisonment of 14 months last summer because of counterfeiting and threats. He was, however, released from the main attack point, the bank secrecy violation.
The Swiss filmmaker Werner Schweizer rolled out the case in his documentary "Offshore On 7th February, the film will premiere at the Vienna Metro Kinokulturhaus. Austria's next kinostart will be on February 10th.

profil: Mr. Elmer, you were known as a whistleblower unveiling platform WikiLeaks. Are you a hero or a criminal?
Rudolf Elmer: I consider myself neither a hero nor as criminals, but as someone who is driven by his conscience and by his upbringing. Whistleblower is actually the wrong word. It has a negative reputation. I see myself as someone who says the truth about the system. A turkeys. One who is concerned about the matter with a certain civil courage and is alerting society to a damage. Although I am not a perfect example.

profil: You were eight years for the Swiss private bank Julius Baer in the Cayman Islands. After your release, you have published internal bank data, which cover tax evasion. You want to claim, from purely noble motives?
Elmer: In retrospect, it was the loss of confidence and even anger. I was a Compliance Officer and, as such, the company's legal conscience. I had noticed that necessary information was denied me. Employees and management have certain obligations to the Compliance Officer. They should have told me what was going on.

profil: What went you?
Elmer: Since were, for example, from the central office in Zurich and the New York office customers for Trust & Company (trust company, Note.) Endorsed in Cayman, which were criminal. And I as a compliance officer did not know about it. I had trusted the management, which also consists of members of the Bär family, and I thought that I did not have to look closely at Trust + Company. I was overloaded with work and focused more on the banking side
I was part of the system. I was responsible for the business and also operated it.

profil: shadow banking?
Elmer: We have, for accounting purposes recorded the securities depot of the Julius Baer Group, which has been managed in Zurich on the bank in Cayman. The economic decisions were made in Zurich. But I had to confirm that they had fallen on the Caymans. The profits we made in the shadow bank were then repaid to dividends to Julius Baer Holding Ltd. to Switzerland. That is, these profits were never taxed. We have produced up to 40 percent of the Group's profits on the Caymans with three people.

profil: So you were involved in the offshore business at the forefront.
Elmer: Yes. I was part of the system. I was responsible for the business and also operated it. I knew I was probably deceiving the Swiss tax authorities.

profile: What tasks did the establishment in the Caymans?
Elmer: It was not established, but an independent company, which was one of Julius Baer Holding AG. There were three areas: the aforementioned shadow bank, that is, the group accounting for the securities portfolio, the Trust & Company area and the hedge fund business. They were a new money-making machine from 1996 onwards. About 70 percent of all hedge funds are domiciled in the Caymans. I was also responsible for a hedge fund. I did not have the skills to manage this. Just because you are not on the market at the Caymans. The shops were settled in London, New York or Zurich. For this we paid consulting fees. The profit participation, however, belonged to the hedge fund manager or the Cayman company. For example, if the fund made a 200 million profit, we were able to make a profit contribution of up to 20 percent. They then flowed back into the Bär Holding via the dividend channel. And they were never taxed.

profil: Why has dismissed you?
Elmer: I have drawn attention to inconsistencies and was critical. My CEO said it would be better if I did a dive and did not return.
The company's personnel team threatened me if I brought the bank to justice, I would be ready.

profil: He said that you personally?
Elmer: Yes. I should undergo a lie detector test. I have denied this and I have flown to Switzerland with my family. In Zurich I wanted to discuss the matter. The company's personnel team threatened me if I brought the bank to justice, I would be ready. My luck was that I had the data. As a compliance officer, I had access to everything. I said, of course, that I would defend myself. I could have sold her in 2003 for four million dollars. Also the bank gave me different offer.

profil: Who would pay you $ four million?
Elmer: A Greek who was with Julius Baer in the United States in the dispute, needed information. I did not give it to him, because if I keep myself in this way, I am really criminal. And if I had accepted the bank's offers, I would have had to protect the system.

profil: You have yet compared with the bank?
Elmer: Right. But it was about coercion and stalking my family. In 2004 I showed the bank for the first time, but the procedure was abducted. Stalking is a four-year stalemate in Switzerland, so we have been under pressure. And it was about compensating my daughter for the damage she suffered. I needed money. We got 700,000 francs.

profil: What harm has suffered your daughter?
Elmer: My family was shadowed by detectives the Bank. She did not want to go to the nursery anymore, nor did she want to play in the garden, because these stalkers were always nearby. It went so far that my wife was persecuted on the highway and my daughter sat in the car. She was traumatized and committed suicide in 2011.

profil: These were actually detectives the bank?
Elmer: Yes, they have added. In court it came out that on some days up to eleven detectives were behind my family.

profil: You yourself were in choosing your methods not exactly squeamish.
Elmer: I have also threatened and made mistakes. I'm not proud of that. But it was to some extent self-defense. They wanted to silence me and destroy my credibility. They drove me into a severe posttraumatic stress disorder.
I've tried to find someone who is stupid enough to publish it without censoring. I posted the test balloon "Merkel

profil: You were convicted of threat and coercion.
Elmer: I have clients and Bank employees contacted and threatened that I go to the public. But I have not threatened with murder. After I had to realize that the Zurich authorities do not do anything and the justice does not protect my family, I am rescued. Julius Baer is a Jewish bank, and I have threatened to join the neo-Nazis. I thought I could put pressure on it.

profil: They were sentenced among others for forgery, because they had forged a letter from the Bank to Angela Merkel. The letter suggests that the German Chancellor has black money accounts.
Elmer: I tried to find someone who is dumb enough to censor the publishing without. I posted the test balloon "Merkel The letter was published, and it was clear to me that I had found a fool: they publish everything that comes. And then I had the huge fortune that Julius Baer made the mistake of lamenting WikiLeaks in California. Now the whole world wanted to see the data. I would never have achieved that publicity. I am indebted to the bank.

profil: your grand entrance you have the 2011 when you gave two data CDs in London WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Supposedly only music files were on it.
Elmer: Correct. That was two days before my trial. With this surrender I had the world publicity. I had actually expected the English police to march in and take the CDs. The idea that the then whistleblower song, which a friend wrote for me, listened, I liked.

profil: That is, the entire campaign was a bluff?
Elmer: No. I have published 40 cases on WikiLeaks. I gave everything to the tax authorities. I am of the opinion that it is the task of the state to investigate these cases. I am accused of avenging myself. If so, I would have published everything. There are a few familiar names.

profile: The story now employs more than 14 years. Was it worth it?
Elmer: Yes, although I had to learn the financial and social death. But in comparison to others I still live well. I can not whine.

profil: What are you currently live?
Elmer: From my wife. She works for an American company and feeds the family. We've turned the roles. Now I understand the tasks and frustrations of a housewife. Which is also very good. And I have a great relationship with my daughter. In this respect, it has already paid off for me as a person.

profil: How will it go for you?
Elmer: There will be another movie, I want to write a book and complete the judicial history finally. I would also like to be active again, but in Switzerland this is not possible at the moment. I applied to the Swiss Financial Supervisory Authority but was only admitted to the Talent Pool. But at least.