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Monday, 20 March 2017


3/19/17  #898
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-  Will the Real Commander X Please Stand Up
-Crop Circles Contain Hidden Messages, Scientist Says -
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The Secret Exploits of Adm. Richard Byrd



Several years ago a mysterious manuscript said to be Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s Private Log or Diary emerged. In it Byrd wrote about a vast ice-free “paradise” beyond the Poles: “We are crossing over the small mountain range and still proceeding northward as best as can be ascertained. Beyond the mountain range is what appears to be a valley with a small river or stream running through the center portion. There should be no green valley below! Something is definitely wrong and abnormal here! We should be over ice and snow! To the portside are great forests growing on the mountain slopes. Our navigation instruments are still spinning, the gyroscope is oscillating back and forth!”

During his career as an explorer, up until his death in March 1957, Byrd was considered a national hero. Besides exploring both Poles, it is alleged that the veteran Navy commander had come upon an entrance way that led into a Hollow Earth inhabited by a race of giants.

Rumor also has it that Byrd, during his 1947 expedition, was confronted by a “lost” battalion of Nazis whose settlement was being guarded by a fleet of back-engineered “Flying Saucers.” And while Byrd’s scientific team was supposed to stay for six months in this frozen region, his expedition was called off shortly after his arrival.

What is generally not known is that on one of Byrd’s sojourns to Antarctica, he sought to stave off mutiny from among his crew by enlisting some of the younger members into a very secretive “Loyal Legion,” which enabled him to clamp down on any leaks about his missions and discoveries.

And while the content of Byrd’s “secret diary” is open to debate, researcher and author Tim Cridland searches deeply into the many shadowy unknowns surrounding Byrd and the Nazis as well as a previously undisclosed wrinkle: a closely guarded connection between JFK’s assassination and the iron grip of those determined to keep the secrets surrounding UFOs and the arrival of ultra-terrestrials locked away from public scrutiny forever. This conspiracy involved members of a sinister, secret group of wealthy and “well-connected” individuals that included Lyndon Johnson, John Connelly and at least one member of Byrd’s family among its ranks.

This book takes a wholly original approach to a great many areas of interest revolving around the concept that our Earth is “hollow” and that a vast cavern system, constructed eons ago, exists connecting various subterranean cities with their hidden gateways back up to the surface world. Some researchers believe that the Inner Earth houses a potential “Garden of Eden-like” utopia, while others espouse the idea that much of the planet’s caverns and hollows are overrun by monstrous inhabitants wreaking havoc on the surface while serving to entice evil machinations from above ground conspirators who are loyal only to their self-serving dream of world conquest and domination.

The “Secret Exploits Of Admiral Richard E. Byrd” is a valuable inquiry made by a variety of independent researchers into a subject that has long been one of “instant ridicule” without being given its day in court. Here the reader will get to visit the various ancient cities of the subterranean world as well as learn about the “denizens of the deep” and their future design on unsuspecting surface dwellers who know little – or absolutely nothing – of their existence.
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New ‘Alien Megastructure’ Star DiscoveredBy Anna LeMind

You have probably heard of the intriguing discovery made in October 2015, when a group of astronomers detected a so-called ‘alien megastructure’ around KIC 8462852, also known as Tabby’s star.

In essence, it was a weird pattern of light which was nothing scientists had ever seen before. Normally, a star’s brightness dips by approximately 1% when a planet passes in front of it, but in the case of KIC 8462852, it was almost 22%, which suggests that there must be a really huge object nearby, which is interfering with the star’s brightness.

It seems that after all, KIC 8462852 is not the only star with this kind of dimming and ‘alien megastructures’ could be more common than we thought. EPIC 204278916, detected by NASA’s Kepler spacecraft back in 2014, has a similar size to our Sun but only half its mass. For these two years, the star has been observed by a team of astronomers led by Simone Scaringi of the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Germany. As a result, they discovered something even weirder than the patterns of light exhibited by KIC 8462852.

The researchers report that the star has been showing dips in brightness of up to 65% for 25 consecutive days! What kind of space object could possibly cause this kind of dimming, considering the fact that even something as massive as a planet affects a star’s brightness by only 1%?

Possible explanations

Since the discovery of the first ‘alien megastructure’ in 2014, the researchers have come up with three theories that could explain these weird patterns of light observed around KIC 8462852.

The first one claims that the dimming could have been caused by vast swarms of comets around the star.

According to the second theory, KIC 8462852 spins so fast that it becomes ‘oblate,’ i.e. its radius is greater at the equator than it is at the poles. As a result, the poles seem hotter and brighter than the equator, which appears to be darkened to the observer.

The third explanation, which is the least plausible of the three, suggests that there could be something similar to the Dyson Sphere we have seen in a few sci-fi movies and books. This would be a massive construction of solar panels encircling a star – an object that would be perfectly described with the term ‘alien megastructure’.
New hypothesis

Since 2014, none of these theories has received any evidence. Now, the team of German astronomers who made the observations of EPIC 204278916 came up with a new hypothesis that could shed some light on the nature of this mysterious dimming. They say that a dust disk could be responsible for these huge dips in the light curve of the star. If the disk is oriented “edge-on” to Earth, then it could be blocking light from the star and, at the same time, interfere with our observations since we wouldn’t be able to see its infrared radiation at this angle. A fact that favors this theory is the star’s age – EPIC 204278916 is only 11 million year old, so the presence of a protoplanetary disk around such a young star makes perfect sense.

As for the age of KIC 8462852, there is no consensus among astronomers. According to the initial estimates, the star’s age is hundreds of millions of years. However, a number of astronomers tend to think that it’s as young as EPIC 204278916. But even if KIC 8462852 is much older than that, the inexplicable dimming could be caused by rings of ‘cometary-like debris’ also referred to as circumstellar disks, which many mature stars are known to have.

Whatever it is, a disk of space dust or a gigantic structure built by an advanced alien civilization, the time will show. Next year, Kepler is going to make new observations of EPIC 204278916 and who knows what else will be found in that distant corner of the universe.

Source: The Mind Unleashed


Will the Real Commander X Please Stand Up
By Sean Casteel

Most discussions of Commander X begin with this question. Who the heck is he REALLY?

This issue is grappled with in the newly released “The Commander X Files – Updated – Identifying the Real Commander X.”

In this most recent offering of Commander X’s prolific works – as published by Timothy Green Beckley’s Inner Light-Global Communications publishing house – the cover teases that the book will identify the “real” Commander X.

Which is true up to a point. But revealing the literal, physical, human identity of Commander X would endanger not only Commander X himself but also many of the people with whom he works as he labors to bring the truth of so many government/alien conspiracies to the attention of that portion of the reading public who are receptive to his general message. The truth can set you free, but it can also lead to imprisonment or assassination, a familiar threat to those who conceal their identities and sources of information as a necessary requisite to doing business.


But Commander X has sanctioned that a little information about his working methods can be uncovered at last – the fact that his writing was often corrected and made more readable by the late Jim Keith, a conspiracy theorist whose story is also a fascinating one in itself.

As Beckley writes in his introduction to “The Commander X Files – Updated,” it’s all gotten a little complicated over the years. Still, Beckley does offer some tidbits he hopes readers will find satisfying.

“I am going to tell you something,” Beckley writes, “that I have never revealed to anyone else before. Some of the books by Commander X were not written in their entirety by him. He had help.”

Beckley first addresses the accusation that Commander X is just another disinformation agent. He defends the Commander by saying that the secretive figure had always been aboveboard and honest in his dealings with Beckley himself, which is all Beckley can really know.

“True, I have never met him in the flesh,” Beckley continues, “but in the ‘old days’ we did exchange correspondence and a couple of telephone calls. I think if you have been an avid reader of the Commander X books, you will agree that he has made some striking revelations. He says he worked at Area 51. That he knows about the underground base at Dulce. Was involved in the government’s teleportation program.”


But Commander X was continually on the run from his enemies, whether they were part of the international cabal or the aliens themselves.

“Often he would submit a few pages at a time,” Beckley explains, “ramble on a bit and not complete a project he had started on in all earnest. Even as a small publisher, we had to adhere to some sort of schedule for the release of a new title. In order for us to fit into a specific time slot, we had to get the good Commander a bit of literary ‘help.’ We had to find someone who could polish up a manuscript and fill in some of the blanks. Nothing drastic, mind you, but you still can’t put out a book that is full of incomplete thoughts and not rendered in a professional manner.”

So Beckley turned to the aforementioned Jim Keith, a writer who was quickly establishing himself as a prominent conspiracy theorist.

“If you have ever been into alternative topics such as black ops, UFOs and mind control, you probably have a number of Jim’s books close at hand,” Beckley writes. “His most important works include ‘Saucers of the Illuminati,’ ‘Mind Control, World Control,’ ‘Casebook of the Men in Black,’ ‘Black Helicopters Over America,’ and ‘OK-Bomb!’ Unfortunately, tragedy struck at an early age, when Jim Keith passed away suddenly – some say under mysterious circumstances.”

Beckley draws on writer Peter Robbins to fill in some of the background. “Jim was truly a conspiracist’s conspiracist,” Robbins writes.

“He spoke at numerous conferences about conspiracies and contributed many articles to journals and magazines. He did not subscribe to the extraterrestrial theory of UFOs and viewed the phenomena as human in origin. He felt that the craft involved were entirely the product of highly classified governmental programs, employing advanced technology.”

In September 1999, Jim was attending “Burning Man,” a weeklong arts festival held annually in Black Rock, Nevada, when he broke his knee in a fall from a stage. He underwent emergency surgery in Reno, Nevada, where he resided. During the operation, a blood clot was released and entered his lung, which was the official cause of his death.

“It’s particularly tempting,” Robbins writes, “to yell murder when someone so dedicated to conspiratorial thinking, and to bringing government abuses and cover-ups to the attention of the public, dies under such freaky circumstances. If the blood clot was not the cause of his death, as some still maintain, I doubt if we will ever learn what in fact it was.”


Beckley resumes the narrative by writing: “Interestingly enough, at about the same time as Jim Keith’s passing – whatever the cause might have been – a ‘wild rumor’ started to circulate. It was being said that Keith was in reality the mysterious Commander X. These rumors were denied by Keith himself and ‘verified’ by at least one ‘close friend’ who thought Jim had taken him into his confidence. Actually, Jim was not lying or covering up for Commander X or, for that matter, our publishing company. He was NOT Commander X. There was – and still is, somewhere out there – an actual Commander X!”


Having dealt with these weighty facts and suspicions, “The Commander X Files – Updated” moves on to the writings of Commander X – as told to Jim Keith.

The first chapter, called “Escape to Abduction,” is a thrilling opener as it recounts the story of Commander X being warned by a phone call from a friend in the intelligence community that the Commander’s cover had been blown and he should “run like hell.” As he flees his pursuers (whom he calls “hired murderers who had been hunting me for years, ever since my defection”), he philosophizes that, “I had given it my best shot, and that was all I could do. I had done my best to warn the people of the world about the Secret Government and the gray aliens and their plans, and if I didn’t last another day, it would have all been worth it.”

Commander X arrives at a grassy overlook at the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean. Thinking he has managed to conceal himself from the human element, he is struck by the sight of two unmarked black helicopters in “whisper mode” who obviously know where he is. They are followed quickly by the appearance of an alien craft, which he calls “truly beautiful in a purely artistic way.” The craft shoots a cool white beam of light from its underside that engulfs the Commander in the most intense fear he has ever felt.

“I was about to say that that was when I blacked out, but the term isn’t appropriate,” he writes. “I whited out. I knew no more.”

A typical day in the life for Commander X? It would be a little daunting, to say the least, if that was the case. But the fact of the black helicopters working in concert with an alien ship does serve to illustrate one of Commander X’s primary operating assumptions.

“The most horrifying truth that ever confronts a researcher into UFOs and aliens,” he writes, “is the realization that, at a certain point, forces within the U.S. government capitulated to and, at least to a certain degree, joined forces with the aliens in their goal to dominate the Earth.”


As an example of the treachery of the gray aliens, Commander X presents a short Q and A with a woman he calls “Miss N,” who was employed as an executive secretary at what is known as the A.T.C. (the Alien Technology Center) at an Air Force base the Commander declines to name. The A.T.C. was a secret “sub-facility” that has been in operation since the 1960s.

“It had been believed until recently,” Commander X writes, “that this area of [deleted] was under the control of the human forces and engaged in researches positive to human aspirations, but subsequent events showed that this had been a ruse fostered by the gray aliens.”

The Commander explains that he often travels incognito to UFO conferences around the country in order to chat with the attendees. Along with the gawkers, the debunkers, and the merely curious, he says one also meets individuals with a real knowledge of the planetary situation.

One such savvy attendee was the aforementioned Miss N, whom Commander X calls “articulate” and “perfectly rational.” He first met her at a UFO convention and she continues to be one of his informants.

“It was apparent to me after speaking with Miss N for a brief while,” he writes, “and after having her pull me aside to see the array of government identification cards which she carried in her wallet, that she knew about what she spoke. While she was terrified and was looking for someone to ease her mind about what she had witnessed at [deleted], she was also privy to an otherwise unreported instance of alien betrayal by the higher-ups in the military.”

Here are portions of Commander X’s dialogue with Miss N, as transcribed from an audio recording:

X. You alluded to a “shutdown” and a “cover-up” at the A.T.C. portion of the base in 1991? I hadn’t heard about that. Could you give me some additional details?

Miss N: I’m surprised you didn’t hear about it considering your connections to the military. I won’t pretend I’m not scared telling you about all of this. They came in, came right into the lab area . . .

X. Who came in? Military intelligence?

Miss N: It was totally transparent what happened. My God, who do they think they are? The talk had been going around that the scientists in Section G, which supposedly dealt with antigravity research from what I heard, had made a big breakthrough. We thought that was supposed to be the purpose of the center, to actually make scientific discoveries, so I guess nobody was trying to hide what they heard. But that wasn’t it at all. It was only supposed to look like that.

X. I’m not quite following you. What happened?

Miss N: Really, I can’t believe that you didn’t hear about this. I heard it was a directive, straight from the grays, that was issued to the brass at the A.T.C. An ultimatum, I guess. They terminated the scientists in Section G and they tried to cover it up by . . .

X. Terminated? Do you mean . . .

Miss N: You know as well as I do that I don’t mean “fired from their job.” I mean they killed them, they killed four scientists in the A.T.C. and they tried to cover it up pretending it was radiation poisoning. They sent the hit team into the compound . . .

X. Humans?

Miss N: Yes, I’m sorry to say it was humans who did the job. They came into the lab dressed in radiation suits, and the alarms were going off. I heard the shots, even though they used silencers. I heard the shouts and the crashing of equipment. It didn’t last long, maybe three minutes total. I think you understand as well as I do what the situation is. The research is a total fraud, a cover-up, and they’re keeping the scientists pretty much tethered, giving them little bits and pieces of information and technology. They know that, if we know what they know, then we can fight them, maybe even win. God help me, I hope no one saw me talking to you.

The foregoing conversation between Commander X and Miss N puts in a nutshell so much of what Commander X is all about. There is the collusion between the secret government and the hostile gray aliens, aliens who sometimes masquerade as benefactors to mankind. There is the cloak-and-dagger meeting with an informant who fears being murdered even for speaking in secret. There is an “ear witness” to an unlawful execution of government scientists who somehow drew the anger of the gray aliens by going too far with a technological breakthrough, a breakthrough they had been told they were supposed to pursue.

“I agree with Miss N’s assessment that the alien forces will stop at nothing,” Commander X writes, “to keep humanity in the dark about advanced technology, while at the same time pretending to offer it to us.”


In another recent offering from Inner Light-Global Communications, entitled “America’s Top Secret Treaty with Alien Life Forms,” Commander X discusses similar themes of a secret branch of the government’s longtime conspiracy with the gray intruders.

“Primarily, what the government doesn’t want people to know,” he writes, “is that an actual agreement was drawn up between the military and the group which John Lear and others have identified as the EBEs (short for Extraterrestrial Biological Entities). The key figures taking part in this scenario had no reason to suspect anything but the best from what they had taken into their confidence. The EBEs said they wanted to take a few humans for examination, that they had actually seeded the planet at the time of creation, eons ago, and simply wanted to keep track of their scientific experiment. For being allowed the privilege of abducting members of the human race on a limited basis, they were seemingly willing to give us scientific data which would greatly enhance our technology.”

According to Commander X, what the government didn’t realize was that the aliens planned to abduct tens of thousands of people, plant monitoring devices in the abductees’ brains, and program them with specific series of responses to direct commands. In other words, the aliens were going to take a much bigger bite out of the human population than what was agreed to and then take complete control of their victims’ unsuspecting minds.

“The EBEs – also behind our backs – began to mutilate cows and other animals,” Commander X writes, “because they wished to use their tissues to create a genetically advanced race of flesh and blood robots. When the government realized what the EBEs had in mind, and wanted to go back on their agreement, the aliens took over several of the bases where they had already installed underground laboratories.”


As someone with close military ties, Commander X says he is in a privileged position to know what is going on. He feels it is his patriotic duty to reveal all he knows regardless of the consequences.

“This conspiracy has gone on far too long,” he writes, “and it surely would continue were it not for the a few brave souls who have literally risked their very lives to leak the story of the century to a public that has been left in ‘blissful ignorance.’ I can testify to the fact that this conspiracy leads right up to the front gate of the White House and behind the walls of the Kremlin; for it is a secret that all the major world powers share, but continue to keep to themselves, for fear of what the repercussions of their actions and the eventual outcome of the situation may be.”

One would certainly hope to be among the “few brave souls” Commander X refers to and do one’s part to help to break the leash the grays and their government allies hold us to heel with, to use an unfortunate “dog” metaphor. In taking up the struggle, the reader should begin by familiarizing oneself with the books of Commander X, which are published to the potential peril of many in the fields of UFO and conspiracy research. Let us hope that there is still time to undo the damage that has already been done.

Source: Spectral Vision


Crop Circles Contain Hidden Messages, Scientist Says
Dr Horace Drew, 61, was just 10 years old when he allegedly saw an unidentified, silver, windowless craft hovering in the sky near his suburban home, in Jacksonville, Florida. The encounter lasted only moments but led to a lifelong fascination with the extraterrestrial.

“I saw a UFO, so I knew they were real from an early age,” Dr Drew told news.com.au.

The scientist, who holds a PhD in Chemistry from Caltech, the California Institute of Technology, and worked for CSIRO as a molecular biologist, has been researching crop circles and aliens for 20 years. Dr Drew relocated to Australia in the 1980s but most of his work has taken him overseas, predominantly to Europe.

“They’re quite rare in Australia,” he said.

He, along with many conspiracy theorists, believe crop circles are the work of aliens or human time travellers. Sceptics say most are probably man-made.

A crop circle is typically defined by standing wheat stems that have been flattened in the shape of a circle or more complex pattern. They tend to appear mainly in developed Western or secularised countries — including Japan.

The cause of many of the circles is unknown despite various natural and unorthodox explanations having been put forward. Some crop circles have been proven to be hoaxes.

But according to Dr Drew, a number are legitimate and contain puzzles that can be decoded and linked to time travel and alien life.

He told news.com.au he had visited about “two dozen crop circles” around the globe in his career. Typically, they were between 50-500m in length, he said.

“For the past 20 years I have been studying UFOs or crop circles. Just as other mainstream scientists study conventional subjects,” Dr Drew told guests at the March UFO & Paranormal Research Society of Australia (UFO-PRSA) seminar in Sydney on Wednesday night.

“This has led to at least one major breakthrough the discovery of a more advanced binary code than our computers currently use.”

Dr Drew claimed that aliens or human time travellers have been leaving the crop circles on Earth as messages to “us or themselves”.

Dr Drew said he was one of a handful of scientists around the world who had worked to successfully decode some of the messages in crop circles.

According to him, some crop circles provide general descriptions of the future.

“Other crop (circles) show schematic images of the future for astronomical or human events,” he said.

He said some of the decoded messages read: ‘Much pain but still time. Believe. There is good out there’; ‘Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises’; ‘We oppose deception. Conduit closing’.

Dr Drew has developed at least two theories as to the purpose of the circles by reading their “advanced (version of) binary codes”.

“One theory is that they are trying to introduce themselves to us peacefully, like we do using bubbles with dolphins,” he said.

“When (humans) want to talk with dolphins we put little bubble circles under the ocean with a generator. We watch the dolphins come up and play and investigate, and we study them.

“This is called the ‘dolphin communication project’.”

He said the dynamic between the way humans interact with dolphins and whales was likely comparable to how extraterrestrials communicate with us.

“Barack or Trump have never said to a dolphin: ‘take me to your leader I want to sign a treaty with you’,” he said.

“And (the extraterrestrials are) not interested in making a treaty with us.

“They are ahead of us like we are ahead of the dolphins and the whales.”

His second theory was that the messages “are not even for us”.

Dr Drew said human time travellers from the distant future could be creating the circles as directional markers, to help them navigate “in their distant past, which is our present”.

“There are definitely humans living there in about 5000 years with time travel capability,” he said.

“They’re coming back and flying all over Earth.

“They seem to just say ‘this is a certain day’ and mark it.

“So the trouble is we don’t know space time physics enough to understand what’s happening. It’s beyond our knowledge.

“Maybe they don’t want us to know about it. It might be just for them.”

It’s a theory shared by many in his field of work.

Dr Drew said the circles appeared to be created by an “unknown energy that heats the crops up”.

“It’s like microwave energy but is something beyond earth’s science,” he said.

“It can pattern the wheat.

“No one sees or hears anything and that's why its so hard to prove. If there’s a craft, it’s silent, noiseless.”

But there’s nothing to fear, according to him.

“Don’t be afraid,” he said.


Telling the difference between a real crop circle and a hoax is like differentiating between an original painting and a fake, according to Dr Drew.

“There are some things to look for,” he said.

Crops that are bent “halfway up” their stems, rather than on the ground ,is one telltale sign “cereologists”, or someone that advocates paranormal explanations of crop circles, look for to determine that it’s not a hoax.

“You can’t absolutely prove a crop circle wasn’t a hoax but you can give a high probability and judgment,” he said.

“If there’s a hoax the word of it gets around very fast, people are aware, people are not that easily fooled.”

In 1991, English pranksters Doug Bower and Dave Chorley took credit for most of the crop circles across southern England made since 1978. They were inspired by the Tully “saucer nest” case in Australia, where a farmer found a flattened circle of swamp reeds after observing a UFO.

Using basic tools including a plank of wood, rope, and a baseball cap fitted with a loop of wire to help them walk in a straight line, they said they made complex crop circles in England — which others then copied all over the world into the 1980s.

They made a circle for journalists, which was later declared authentic by a cereologist. They then revealed their hoax to the world, spurring on even more copycats.

Dr Drew said there was a lot of scientific evidence to show that some crop circles were made by human time travellers or extraterrestrial beings. “Laboratory results on plant or soil samples taken from a crop circle in Brazil in October of 2016 show that it was formed by unknown sterilising images,” he said.

The earliest mention of a crop circle dates back to the 1500s. A woodcut from the time showed a “mowing devil” making the pattern.


Earlier this month, US TV host Jimmy Kimmel asked former US President George Bush if he went through “secret files, the UFO documents” when he was in office.

But instead of laughing off the question, the former commander in chief replied: “Maybe.”

Mr Kimmel then asked him if there were “any great secrets you know that you can’t share with people?”

“Yeah, there are,” Mr Bush said. “But I’m not telling you.”

Many conspiracy theorists and some scientists, including Dr Drew, argued that Mr Bush’s comments indicated the US government knows much more about extraterrestrial life than it has publicly revealed.

“The politicians are scared they'll lose votes if they talk about it,” Dr Drew said.

He said international media had also played a part in causing the public to doubt the legitimacy of crop circles and aliens.

But according to him, its important for humans to keep seeking answers.

“The ET visitors have technologies which would benefit us greatly, for example, how to make safe, clean energy without burning oil, coal or gas,” Dr Drew said.

“Ultra-fast propulsion systems, based on gravity and inertia, could carry us safely to distant planets or stars.

“We may also need to upgrade our planetary defences soon, to protect against ET’s who may not be friendly.”

There’s still a lot more to be understood but Dr Drew’s hope is that he one day gets a closer look at what was inside the UFO he believes he saw as a child.

“I’d like to meet (the extraterrestrials or human time travellers) in person,” he said.

“But I don’t think they're going to do that.

“Whichever scientific team is doing this I don’t think we’re supposed to have full knowledge of it because it will interrupt their program, whatever they're doing.”

Source: News.com.au


The Beast of Bladenboro
In 1954, a savage killer kept a small North Carolina town in a grip of terror. He left big tracks, a bloody trail and a hair-raising legend. Was it a bear? A vampire-cat? To this day, the creature remains a mystery.

The two butchers at the Dublin IGA grocery store are a little confused about what exactly “the Beast of Bladenboro” was. A Revolutionary War tale, one says. The other jokes that he knows what it is: His daddy.

Just up N.C. 410, in Bladenboro, a man with a graying five o’clock shadow pays the gas station attendant for a bottle of Sun-Drop. He notices someone not from around town and strikes up a conversation.

“Yeah,” he says of the beast, “I’ve heard of it, but I don’t know what it is.”

These folks shouldn’t feel too bad. To this day, nobody really knows what, in 1954, went around killing dogs, goats, hogs and small cows in the most unusual way – breaking their jaws, crushing their heads flat and sucking the blood from their bodies, according to local newspaper reports.

It was downright gruesome. Women and children stayed locked in their homes. Men dared not walk outside without some kind of firearm. Big-game hunters from around the country infiltrated Bladenboro, a town about 60 miles west of Wilmington.

The Beast of Bladenboro was big news then, but today, the story is buried in clumsy rolls of microfiche. Local headlines only give sensational clues: “Mysterious Beast is Still At Large,” “Vampire Tendencies Found In Bladenboro’s ‘Monster,’” and “Guns, Dogs Circle Blood-Lusty Beast.”

Only a few people who experienced the fear are still kicking around Bladenboro. Ask the people at Town Hall if they know anybody who was around when the beast roamed, and you’ll get a pretty good chuckle. But you’ll also get a file of newspaper stories kept in the town vault. And Delane Jackson, town manager, will direct you to Tater Shaw, a man who saw the carnage first-hand.

In 1954, witnesses gave conflicting descriptions of the beast to Bladenboro police. We turned over a summary of the characteristics to Gary Longordo, a local law enforcement sketch artist, and asked him to draw up a rendering of the beast.

* Four and a half feet long, bushy and resembling either a bear or a panther
* 150 pounds, with a footprint like a dog’s
* A 90-100 pound lion
* Three feet long, 20 inches high with a tail about 14 inches long. Dark in color, with a face like * a cat
* Gray in color – not vampire-like or vicious, but “strange”
* Four feet long, two feet high, with a long tail. A large head with “runty-looking ears.” Brownish and tabby, indicating a furry appearance.

“Vampire lust”
Shaw lives in a nursing home not too far from Town Hall. On a recent October morning, the 87-year-old man, with his perfectly combed hair and neat long-sleeved gray shirt, sits in the commons area, people using walkers and canes clunking all around him.

“You want to know about the beast?” he says, throwing his hand up as if to shoe away someone. “Oh, you don’t want to talk about that. I’ve told that story before.”

It takes a little encouragement, but before long, he guides his electric wheelchair down the long, waxed linoleum corridor toward his room. You know you’ve reached it when you see a plaque on the door, “Tater’s Place” burnt into the wood.

Inside, bright family portraits and black-and-white World War II navy photos hang on the wall. Shaw glides over to a small table and pulls out a three-ring binder with typed pages out of the drawer. Years ago, a friend of his wrote a screenplay about the beast and based a character on Shaw. He seems quite proud of that.

Then, after shutting the book, Shaw gets comfortable in his wheelchair and says, “It started out one morning.”

Shaw, then the 35-year-old owner of a gas station, had heard about a goat killed on a fellow’s farm out on the edge of town. He’d been told there was something mighty odd about how it died. Curious, he decided to go see for himself.

“His head was flat as a fritter,” he says. “It had a great big ol’ track . . . It was weird.”

Shaw spreads four fingers of his right hand and places them on his left palm, simulating the size of the paw. Then he looks up and says the beast killed small cows, too, and “two or three” hogs.

Those details are missing from newspaper accounts of the time, though the Wilmington Morning Star (what is now the Star-News) and the Wilmington News, as well as others, thrived off the story for a good part of January 1954.

The stories start Jan. 4, 1954, with the deaths of three dogs, their “skulls crushed in and chewed.” There’s no mention of a goat, but then there’s a lot about this beast that is only uncovered with time.

People were already getting distressed enough to cause Police Chief Roy Fores to go out hunting for the killer with three coonhounds. The “dogs refused to follow the trail.”

Maybe they were smarter than their master. The next day, the chief released a chilling detail. Fores called it the “vampire aspect of the animal.”

The story in the Morning Star on Jan. 5 began, “This nervous town chewed its collective nails today, dreading the pitch of night that might bring a return visit by a mystery killer-beast with vampire lust... (Fores) said a dog found killed last night ‘was opened up today. And there wasn’t more than two or three drops of blood in him.’ In all three cases, the victims’ bottom lip had been broken open and his jawbone smashed back.”

People gettin’ crazy
Shaw remembers the fear. “Everybody was scared,” Shaw said. “Everybody, near ‘bout, that had a gun was carrying it.”

Irrationality began to set in. Locals claimed to have seen the beast, described it, then retracted their statements.

Another resident got trigger happy. He heard his dogs barking one night, looked through a window and saw a shadow. Grabbing his shotgun, he rushed outside, blasting away. On closer inspection, he found his child’s bicycle “crumpled to the ground with the tires in shreds and the seat ripped with buckshot.”

Witness accounts of the beast conflicted. Some said it was about 90 pounds, others said 100 or even 150 pounds. Some claimed it was black, or brown, or tabby, or just “dark in color.” Most people agreed it was a cat, but one veterinarian said it could be a big dog.

The sound is about the only thing people halfway agreed on. They described it as like either a baby or a woman crying, only louder and blood curdling.

“Anyhow, it was getting so bad, it was getting in the newspapers and the radio,” Shaw said. “There came hunters from all over, I mean big hunters.”

At the height of the hunt, according to newspaper accounts, 1,000 men armed with pistols, shotguns and rifles divided into posses and combed about 400 acres of swamp. Some were fraternity boys from UNC Chapel Hill looking for a good time; others were professional hunters accustomed to killing lions and tigers.

Bladenboro only had about 1,000 residents at the time. It only has about 1,700 now. You’d think that if anything was out there, somebody would’ve stepped on it.

Many of these hunters would stop by Shaw’s gas station on their way to the Green Swamp and brag about how they were the ones who were going to kill the beast. Those same men usually stopped back by after the hunt – and always empty-handed.

A friend of Shaw’s, Jabe Frink, also owned a gas station during this time. Frink lives in a brick house just a couple miles from the nursing home. He’s 82 and doesn’t mind talking about beast at all. Frink remembers one group of hunters who brought trained “bear dogs” to turn loose in the swamp. “They said they gonna ‘catch that vampire,’ but they never did,” he said.

Mostly, Frink remembers how terrified everyone was. “It kept snowballing and snowballing. It got so nobody would walk out on the street at night,” he said. “There was a dog that scared that lady on her porch, though.”

Frink is referring to a 21-year-old mother named Mrs. C.E. Kinlaw. She apparently walked out onto her front porch at about 7:30 p.m. January 6, 1954. She was minding her own business when she looked up and saw the “beast” stalking toward her. It was only about 20 feet away, she told the Morning Star.

Kinlaw screamed and ran into the house. Her husband, Charles Kinlaw, grabbed his shotgun and ran outside but only found cat-like paw prints all around his yard.

Everyone’s worst fears seemed to be confirmed. The beast had shown interest in a human.

Not long after that, S.W. Garrett, an experienced hunter from Wilmington, warned women and children to stay indoors. Residents were also advised to keep dogs, “whose nighttime howling reportedly grows more piteous nightly,” locked up indoors.

Source: Wilmington Star


UFOs Halt Flights at Peru’s International Airport, Twice
By MJ Banias

According to recent reports, a large group of unidentified flying objects suspended regular operations at the Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima, Peru. Twice.

The large collection of twelve airborne objects halted all aircraft from taking off or landing for three hours on February 12th at 7:38 pm local time. The event was leaked only days ago to the media by Ufologist Mario Zegarra, who was provided with documents from CORPAC, the corporation which owns and operates the airport. According to Zegarra, the radar tower was engaged in communications with pilots diverting them to another airport due to unusual radar activity. Zegarra stated,

    "The Jorge Chavez airport radar captured 12 unidentified echoes on its screen. Each identified with code 0000, which means a UFO…"

Zegarra states that he heard recordings of the conversations between the control tower and the pilots, but those have yet to be released to the public.

During the incident, a second Ufologist, Joshue Cornejo, captured the image below in the same area as the airport using an infrared video camera. He and Zegarra claim that these twelve objects are the same ones that showed up on the airport’s radar system, and are responsible for the suspension of outgoing and incoming flights. According to Cornejo, the objects were not easily visible to the naked eye.

While this may be strange, the leaked documents also contained information regarding a second UFO incident on February 7th which also temporarily shut down the airport at 9:40 pm local time. According to the February 7th incident, the radar identified a large unknown object passing over the airport’s airspace.

Perhaps one of the most famous airport UFO incidents occurred over O’Hare International Airport in 2006. Personnel in the radar tower, ground crews, pilots and passengers all reported seeing a large disk shaped object silently hovering over Gate C-17. The initial sighting was made by a ramp operator who contacted the tower and the crew of a United Airlines Flight 446. A dozen employees reported the object to their superiors, while many others also allegedly saw the object.

Regardless of one’s personal belief towards the UFO question, these two incidents over Peru ultimately caused significant inconvenience for the passengers who had to wait for the airport to resume flights. Furthermore, airports are busy with dozens of flights either ready to take off or land within minutes of each other, and the slightest misstep on the part of the radar crew, pilots, or ground crew can lead to tragic consequences.

Source: Mysterious Universe

UFOs spotted 50 years ago in Galesburg, Illinois
By Talbot Fisher

Have you ever looked into the night sky and seen something you can't explain? A twinkling light or a moving shape, or perhaps a line of lights moving through the clouds? Have you ever seen this in the skies over Galesburg?

Unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, have long captivated the imaginations of people of all ages and social classes. While sightings have been recorded for centuries, interest and sightings saw an uptick in the 1940s, most famously in 1947, when an alleged UFO crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. Sightings continued through the '50s and '60s, with some being explained, while others never were.

Fifty years ago, in March 1967, Galesburg was added to the list of UFO sightings. On March 9, Frank Courson, a 39-year-old Knox County deputy sheriff, watched two unidentified objects for more than an hour. At 12:30 a.m., he watched with three men from County Road 10 behind the Deep Rock Service Station southeast of Galesburg. The men used binoculars to watch as one of the objects moved from above the Gunther Construction Co. radio tower southeast of Gates Rubber Co. toward Monmouth. The second similar object was seen about 1:15 a.m.

Courson was considered a credible witness, as he had long worked in police and security fields and was also a pilot. He described the objects as about "30 to 40 feet in diameter, circular with a hazy red light coming from the bottom." He also said a white light around the object would grow brighter and the red light would begin to pulsate. The objects were also said to be surrounded by a blue haze. He was not the only witness, as about 15 people at the Colonial Inn Motel and others in Galesburg reported seeing the objects, too.

It turned out not to be the first UFO seen that week by Courson. On March 6, he had seen an object estimated to be 2,500 to 3,000 feet away in distance through binoculars. It was similar to what was seen on the 9th, and Courson claimed it emitted a bright beam and he heard a hissing sound like air escaping from a tire. This occurred about 4:30 a.m. from the Interstate 74 overpass on the Henderson-Wataga blacktop. He also claimed he saw a 5-foot-wide rim spinning rapidly around the object.

On Jan. 15, Samuel S. Westfall, a resident of Mobile City Trailer Court, reported seeing an object and claimed to be hit in the arm by something fired by the object. Another sighting on Feb. 11 saw the object southeast of Gates Rubber Co., as was Westfall's sighting. What hit Westfall was a tiny piece of bright yellow wood.

Courson's object was also seen 35 miles away in Henry County by a Henry County deputy sheriff.

Two professional UFO investigators showed up in Galesburg to follow up on the UFO claims. They men believed Courson's claim on the 9th and researched the sighting.

The next night, numerous folks watched the skies, including 15 carloads of people along County Highway 10. With binoculars, CB radios and hot coffee, they watched. They reported seeing a red light around a radio tower and a white light that quickly moved across the sky.

The Register-Mail also reported that a garment bag, inflated with hot air from a candle, floated over the sky and was found on the ground in the morning. The identified object was photographed for the newspaper.

On the 18th, the newspaper reported that a DuPage County farmer wrote the Knox County sheriff's office after the sightings, claiming that UFOs were using his field as a landing strip. No one took him seriously, however.

Alas, Galesburg's UFOs were evidently not extraterrestrial life, but something more earthly. While the Galesburg sightings made newspapers across the country, soon the answers did as well. On March 13, two guards at Butler called police with a UFO sighting. Two large kites soon landed on the southwest edge of town. Attached to the kites were battery-powered light bulbs. Two bulbs were on each kite, which were made of red plastic. The lights flickered on and off as the wind moved the kites, likely resulting in the reddish glow and flickering lights seen above Galesburg.

But this does not explain every aspect of the sightings. What did Courson and others see? Was it the kites? A different man-made object? Were their eyes playing tricks? Or did they really see the real thing? Many still want to believe.

Source: Galesburg.com/The Register-Mail

Be Nice To Fairies ... Or Beware

Not so many miles away, on the borders of Snowdonia National Park, there is a village which seems to have been a popular abode of the fairies - Pentrefoelas, in Conwy.

In the late 19th century the vicar of Pentrefoelas was the Rev Owen Jones, who happened to be a good friend of the Rev Elias Owen, who was busy collecting folk tales for what became his book of Welsh Folklore. Mr Jones was enthusiastic about the folklore of his own parish and passed on the many stories he heard to Owen.

For example, he recorded the account of a Pentrefoelas man who saw a grand procession of Y Tylwyth Teg (the Fair Tribe) one fine summer's night.

Writes Owen: "They were marching in single file and consisted of a number of small people, robed in close-fitting grey clothes, and they were accompanied by speckled dogs that marched along two deep like soldiers."

The fairies urged the man to join them, but he knew better than to do that, so, at length, they departed, dividing into two companies, the dogs marching two abreast in front of each company.

"They sang as they went away the most entrancing music that was ever heard."

This man's extraordinary vision was far from the only encounter with fairies to be had by the folk of Pentrefoelas. One good old soul found they were attracted to her very clean and tidy cottage and enjoyed spending their nights there, while she was in bed asleep. They always left a bright, shiny shilling behind for the woman to find in the morning.

This continued until she told her neighbours where she got the money. Unfortunately, the fairies saw this as a breach of trust and they never more came to her home.

One had to treat the fairies with respect - they would repay kindnesses done to them, but could be tricky, as shown in this final story.

A woman returning home from Pentrefoelas Church found on the ground in an exhausted state a fairy dog.

She took it up tenderly and carried it home, where she made a nice soft bed for it in the pantry.

The following night a company of fairies came to her home asking after it and she was happy to return it safe and sound.

The fairies seemed pleased but asked the woman a very odd question. What would she prefer, they asked, a clean or dirty cow? Her answer was: "A dirty one." Presumably,, a clean cow is an unhealthy cow - anyway,, it was the right answer.

"And so it came to pass that from that time forward to the end of her life, her cows gave more milk than the very best cows in her neighbourhood."

In fact, she had behaved this way not entirely out of kindness. She recalled that another woman of the parish, some time previously, had also found a fairy dog. But this woman had mistreated it - and had fallen down dead!

Source: icnorthwales.com

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