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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Open Lines / Nature People - Christian von Lahr - ZFIRELIGHT RADIO, C2C AM RADIO

Date Friday - March 17, 2017
Host George Noory
Christian von LahrOpen Lines

During Open Lines in the second half, Carla called to describe an encounter with a classic flying saucer which she witnessed with her daughter. She felt that "you could feel it looking at you" before it disappeared so quickly it seemed to blink out of existence. Later, she believed her daughter was replaced by a double who was "not the child I raised."
Melody in California recalled a visit from what she called a group of "traveling gnomes" with classic red hats who stayed in her home when she was a child. She says that her mother saw them too, and described some of them as so small that "they could sit on your glasses frames." Josh called from Texas to describe an eerie experience he had with apparent areas of his couch and bed that vibrate.
Jeff in Toronto recalled a frightening episode at age 16 where he was apparently shot by an unseen person and entered an altered state where he couldn’t move or speak while remaining completely aware of his surroundings.
John in Missouri told a story of seeing a cloud of smoke over his grandparents’ home and went to investigate, which he believes kept him from being injured in an accident. As he left the house, he saw a man with a rifle standing at an upper window who nodded to him. When he moved in later, he occasionally saw this ghostly figure, who he refers to as "Herman."
Lucy in Yucca Valley said that her daughter began having night terrors at age three and said she was scared of "white babies" that came into her room. Many years later, she saw the book cover of "Communion" and repeated "white babies." She believes her daughter's experiences are ongoing.
News segment guests: Mish Shedlock, Steve Kates

Parts 3, 4 = OPEN LINES


In the first half, Christian von Lahr discussed his ongoing work exploring direct communication with the Nature People and the truth behind the legends of leprechauns, four-leaf clovers, and other symbols of lore associated with St. Patrick’s Day. In Ireland, the original meaning of the normal three-leaf clover represented the Christian values of hope, faith, and love. The fourth leaf came to represent luck and with it, life itself. Von Lahr described leprechauns as nature spirits who inhabit a spiritual or ethereal realm where time does not exist, so that they can help and direct life in the human dimension, which he believes that they have been doing since people have existed. Von Lahr says that he channels leprechauns and other nature spirits in order to write his books and can "see and experience them at will."
Leprechauns are associated with Ireland von Lahr continued, because "that’s where they come from." He explained that throughout the history of the Earth, their place of emergence from an underground world has always been where Ireland is now. As for the association of rabbits and rabbits’ feet with good luck, von Lahr observed that with the end of each ice age, clover, and then rabbits were the first life to appear in a food chain, so they represent the beginnings of life, and therefore, good fortune. He believes that leprechauns can be captured (at least for a short time) by using music and surprisingly, fermented drinks. This would not be against their will, because he believes that their purpose is to help us achieve goals in life and acquire things that we need for those goals. They can be used to reach the "potential for you to accomplish things on this Earth" von Lahr concluded.

Parts 1, 2 - NATURE PEOPLE with Christian von Lahr:

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source:  http://zfirelight.blogspot.co.uk/2017/03/03-17-17-nature-people-open-lines.html