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Friday, 17 March 2017



WikiLeaks: The Real Cost of 'Forced Transparency'
The war on secrecy keeps escalating. In the latest case, WikiLeaks claims to have uncovered documents--which it has labeled Vault 7--that show how ...
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WikiLeaks, Vault 7 and CIA spying: What you need to know
Recently, Wikileaks published a series of documents titled Vault 7, disclosing the government's scope of mass surveillance.
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Trump seems to confirm the CIA docs released by WikiLeaks
President Trump appeared to confirm the authenticity of a trove of CIA documents recently published by WikiLeaks — breaking from US government ...
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WikiLeaks Reopens Debate Over Cyber Intelligence Sharing
A zero-day vulnerability refers to a penetrable hole in commercial software (like Windows) that is unknown to the vendor. These holes are then ...
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If the CIA can compromise smartphones as Wikileaks says, is it still possible to protect your privacy?
In the largest leak of C.I.A. documents, Wikileaks has disclosed the tools that the C.I.A. uses to hack computers, phones and smart TVs around the ...
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Why does WikiLeaks keep publishing US state secrets? Private contractors.
When WikiLeaks released more than 8,000 files about the CIA's global hacking programs this month, it dropped a tantalizing clue: The leak came from ...
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Moscow slams Yahoo hack story as attempt to distract attention from WikiLeaks revelations
MOSCOW, March 16. /TASS/. The accusations brought against Russian nationals for their alleged role in hacking Yahoo accounts may be an attempt ...
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WikiLeaks forces breakup of White House consensus over general leaks
When WikiLeaks made news revealing CIA hacking tools and capabilities, it drew out authoritarian Trump regime to change its priorities over leaks.
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Accessible Compliance Reveals How Companies Can Prevent Becoming Part of a WikiLeaks ...
WORCESTER, MA – 16 Mar, 2017 – There is nothing worse than the thought of becoming the subject of a WikiLeaks-style scandal. While most small ...
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Microwaves that can spy are not so far-fetched – Europe faces a war against everyday objects
assange.jpg Walls have ears? Wikileaks believes the CIA could hack into phones, TVs and other electronics to turn them into permanent listening ...
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Fox News Poll: Voters want congressional investigations into Russia
Voters are concerned about the WikiLeaks info on both the national and personal level. About three-quarters (74 percent) are worried that U.S. ...
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Luxembourg increasingly under cyber-attack
(sth) – Following recent reports by Wikileaks about cyber-attacks by the CIA, Luxembourg's Prime Minister Xavier Bettel now confirmed that ...
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How Has Bezos And The Washington Post Escaped Criticism By Liberals?
We know they have that, they developed it, and the Wikileaks dump showed that they do. This is something they were very concerned about because it ...
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Donald Trump's epic run to where?
Along came WikiLeaks and three intelligence officials. The Wikileaks Vault 7 documents show that intelligence agencies routinely use foreign allies to ...
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Russian agents, hackers charged in massive Yahoo breach
U.S. intelligence officials have branded WikiLeaks a Russian front since the election leaks. But no one knows who provided the anti-secrecy group ...
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Lawmakers want to question President Trump confidant
More than a month before, the Clinton campaign chair, John Podesta's e-mails were published by WikiLeaks, Stone seemed to predict that would ...
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Heed zero-day threats of digital world
What the WikiLeaks claims brought into focus were the range and depth of hacking efforts. Apart from breaching the operating systems of various ...
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Letter: Trump's ties to Russia are many
Putin created his own “Skyfall” with WikiLeaks to bring Clinton down and to put Donald Trump into the presidency. Russia has financially supported ...
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Don't shy from secure end-to-end messaging apps in light of recent news
The seemingly accurate revelations by WikiLeaks recently of a CIA cache containing descriptions and analyses of an enormous number of exploited ...
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Hack Attack: Pearl Harbor or Watergate? A Right to Controlthe Narrative, or Truth?
Second, Wikileaks published the speech Hillary Clinton gave before Wall Street bankers, in which she made it clear that, as President, she would ...
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Alexa arrives on the iPhone: Amazon adds its smart assistant to iOS app
On Tuesday in a press release, WikiLeaks itself said the CIA had 'lost control' of an archive of hacking methods and it appeared to have been ...
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Rep. Schiff: Trump Might Have Leaked Classified Info on TV
The president did not specify if he was referring to documents published by WikiLeaks recently. Just last week, White House press secretary Sean ...
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Ignatius: Not even CIA's secrets are safe from hackers
WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange's revelation last week of the CIA's arsenal of hacking tools had a misplaced tone of surprise, a bit like Claude Rains' ...