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Saturday, 18 March 2017



Of course there are strings attached to WikiLeaks' act of goodwill
It looks like WIkiLeaks' promise to work with tech companies to fix their security vulnerabilities may come with a few strings attached after all. In a move ...
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How Russia and WikiLeaks Became Allies Against the West
Then, on March 7, WikiLeaks released “Vault 7,” a trove of documents detailing CIA surveillance and cyber warfare capabilities. Among its many ...
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Once and for all: Podesta Emails Were NOT Released By RT Before Wikileaks
During the interview, Caplin made a charge against Wikileaks that has often been repeated -- especially on Maddow's show -- but is misleading at ...
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Brazile Defends Wikileaks Scandal: 'You Want to Make Sure That Those Questions' Are 'Out There'
Thursday on Comedy Central's The Daily Show, former DNC chair and ex-CNN analyst Donna Brazile appeared to talk about her time as chair and ...
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Pamela Anderson Shares Topless Instagram Pic And WikiLeaks Julian Assange Love
Now, Anderson has been sharing her love for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, calling him “sexy.” The former Baywatch star also recently shared ...
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House Democrat says Trump may have leaked government secrets
The president may have been referring to the recent publishing of what are alleged to be CIA documents and hacking tools by the website WikiLeaks.
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Rants & Raves
Wikileaks is the enemy of American democracy. To use Wikileaks as justification of political views or positions is asinine. Wikileaks is in collusion with ...
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Trump Alludes To NSA Wiretap Of Merkel: "We Have Something In Common, Perhaps"
At a joint press conference with Angela Merkel at the White House on Friday, President Trump alluded to the time WikiLeaks revealed President ...
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Brazile Defends Giving Questions to Clinton: 'Want to Make Sure That Those Questions' Are 'Out ...
Brazile then blamed the Russians and Wikileaks for Clinton losing the election, saying how “tough” it was to “navigate” Clinton's campaign after ...
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Trump announces $1.5bn for cyber-security and critical infrastructure
It was not long after WikiLeaks hosted a massive leak, taken from inside the Democratic National Committee in the heat of an already spicy ...
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How Likely Are Remote Car Hacks? Car Makers Respond
The CIA documents leaked by WikiLeaks recently seemed to have shown that the intelligence agency may be able to take control of cars remotely, ...
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Did Trump accidentally leak classified information? President says 'CIA was hacked' during Obama ...
The CIA has not confirmed the documents released by WikiLeaks were CIA documents, but experts have said that they appear to be authentic.
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So What Is New On Apple's iOS 10.3 Beta 7?
Again, this points back to the recent WikiLeaks document suggesting the government's lead intelligence agency, the CIA, has the technology to bypass ...
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Latest videos
Spring cleaning applies to more than just sorting out your home. Use these apps to clear out the clutter, from physical items to digital... Play video.
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Susan Says: Was Orwell Right?
If WikiLeaks is correct, the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) has taken the definition of reasonable to new heights. Or maybe I should say new ...
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Tenta For Android Protects All Your Browsing Data From The CIA And Other Hackers
WikiLeaks' Vault 7 opened eyes wider to the possibility of being hacked and spied on by the government. Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden ...
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Part 2: No evidence of Roger Stone's collaboration with 'Guccifer 2.0'; 'Low confidence' of Russian ...
WikiLeaks recent publication of CIA-related documents suggest the CIA has the capability of creating a false path of evidence by planting “fingerprints” ...
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WikiLeaks ayudará a firmas tecnológicas hackeadas por la CIA
Wikileaks publicará todos los archivos sobre el arsenal cibernético de la Agencia Central de Inteligencia (CIA estadunidense), sugirió este jueves el ...
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New Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Is Most Liked Politician
The bottom five results were Donald Trump (-9), Paul Ryan (-10), Wikileaks (-15), ... Wikileaks received a 0 net favorability rating by Republicans.
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How to stop your smart devices from spying on you
A new WikiLeaks release may affect you personally. Thanks to the rogue info-dumping network, Americans have now learned that the CIA can easily ...

WikiLeaks Vault 7: Here's exactly how

agencies spy on you

Jay FayzaRebel Columnist 
It is said that within the Soviet Union, one out people people [typo?...ed.] — that’s 20 per cent — were informants or agents working on behalf of the central government

Today, we have automated machines and unmanned drones that do the dirty work, for groups like the NSA and CIA.

Take your laptop, as an example.
For most people, the form of protection they use is a password or a series of passwords. But an automated machine can go through millions of password combinations, and then access most of your personal information, especially if you use the same password for more than one login.
As we’ve recently found out with Wikileaks’s Vault 7 document release,

government agencies don’t necessarily need to hack into your laptop any more; they either hack into the databases of various companies that store your password, or compel the company to change their encryption so that they can have access to it.
The FBI tried to do that to Apple in 2016, even taking them to court. Thankfully, Apple chose not to compel with the FBI. But, unfortunately, it’s rumoured that the government can already hack into the company's servers as well as the technology itself.

Another method of mass surveillance involves using unmanned drones for warrantless domestic spying.

These unmanned drones can have IMSI-catchers attached to them that pick up the signals from your phone heading towards radio towers.
Everyone’s phone has a SIM chip that carries the user’s basic information. Imsi-catchers act like middlemen between you and the cell phone tower by sending out louder electrical signals that disrupt your connection. They then are able to not only listen in on your conversations, but also track where you’re going.
If there’s an established connection between you and the IMSI-catcher, it’s difficult to shake them off, especially if they’re using a drone. Other carriers of IMSI-catchers can be cars and motorcycles.

It’s pretty easy to get your hands on one. Most American law enforcement departments have an IMSI-catcher.

A number of top US government agencies utilize hacking software systems and unmanned drones. The most famous agencies, of course, are the NSA and CIA, but other agencies include FBI, DIA(or Defense Intelligence Agency) and the DHS.

Automated hacking softwares and unmanned drones are the two most glaring methods of mass surveillance. There are other methods of mass surveillance, of course, and, as tech increases and government protection of your rights decreases this problem will only get worse.