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Thursday, 23 March 2017


Cisco issues patches for flaws stockpiled by CIA, exposed by WikiLeaks
Cisco issued a critical advisory on a number of security updates to address vulnerabilities in more than 300 of its switch models, some of which were ...
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Cisco's WikiLeaks Security Vulnerability Exposure: 10 Things Partners Need To Know
Cisco's security team has discovered that hundreds of its networking devices contain a vulnerability that could allow attackers to remotely executive ...
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Report: Justice Department may have confirmed authenticity of WikiLeaks CIA documents
The Trump administration may have confirmed the authenticity of a portion of the WikiLeaks documents it claims were stolen from the CIA's secret ...
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Shane Harris: Wikileaks, Hacking, And FBI Investigating Trump-Russia Links
Shane Harris, senior writer on national security at the Wall Street Journal, joins this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour to discuss James Comey's ...
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Edward Snowden talks about Russia, Trump, WikiLeaks and 'spy' microwaves at CeBit conference
Edward Snowden is of the view that people around the world live in the "golden age of surveillance". Speaking at the CeBit tech conference in ...
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Facebook And Cyber Security
WikiLeaks recently distributed a myriad of documents showing that the Central Intelligence Agency uses espionage tactics to tap into smart devices.
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What we know about evidence of coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign
We've also known for a while that Russia leaked this information, using WikiLeaks and other proxies, in order to damage Clinton and strengthen ...
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The CIA's Weeping Angel, Vault 7 and the threat to personal privacy
More than two weeks after Wikileaks exposed the US Central Intelligence Agency's arsenal of more than 1,000 hacking weapons, glaringly absent are ...
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Government hoarding of software vulnerabilities needs more transparency, tech firms say
Several major technology companies are calling for increased transparency from the U.S. government after WikiLeaks published CIA documents ...
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Apple y Samsung reafirman compromiso de seguridad ante filtraciones de WikiLeaks
WikiLeaks informa que se trata de la mayor filtración de documentos de la historia de la CIA, la cual "recientemente perdió el control de la mayoría de ...
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Overnight Cybersecurity: House Intel chair says surveillance collected on Trump transition team
--WIKILEAKS: WikiLeaks has not yet fulfilled its vow to contact all of the companies whose products were targeted by the CIA and help them repair ...
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Roger Stone, the 'Trickster' on Trump's Side, Is Under FBI Scrutiny
John D. Podesta, the Clinton campaign chairman whose hacked emails were released by WikiLeaks, accused him in October of having advance ...
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Did Putin use Breitbart and Infowars to help Trump? The FBI wants to know
They often used WikiLeaks documents as the basis for groundless conspiracy theories, such as the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, which held that a ...
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US Deception: The West's 'Peaceful Revolution' Narrative in Syria Was a Lie From the Beginning
Then there were the Wikileaks cables from 2006 confirming US regime change policy for Syria, and also the admission by US General Wesley Clark in ...
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Privacy Perils: Data Collection from Connected Devices
While the WikiLeaks CIA dump makes for interesting reading about our nation's capability to hack certain connected devices, it does not mean we are ...