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Sunday, 2 April 2017


The question has been asked: "why would the PTB target someone such as Carol Woods for so long [since 2006], involving so many perpetrators, committing so many crimes, some extremely serious?". Carol Woods is a 63 years old former Lancashire County Council Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer [who used to train social workers] and a former Probation Officer, amongst many other attributes. Perhaps the appalling and chronic targeting she has no choice but to put up with is because she reported numerous seriously grave irregularities she discovered, including child abuse, when being employed by this county council, as described in the "IMPORTANT VIDEOS" at the foot of this post, and also because of what Carol has reported here, from Feb. 2007:  "York LGO Blog and Lancashire CC"  http://criticalreader2006.blogspot.ae/
More is described here:   "Harassment as punishment for whistle-blowing: Lancashire" http://criticalreader17.blogspot.ae/2017/02/harassment-as-punishment-for-whistle.html.

When one realises that the very controllers of the targeting Carol is forced to endure are, very probably, the same departments and characters who are described in the "IMPORTANT VIDEOS" [below] then it should not be hard to understand this type of payback. Let me try and put it this way: the Welsh scientist, weapons expert and authority on biological warfare, employed by the British Ministry of Defence David Kelly was supposed to have leaked serious information to the detriment of the PTB at the time - look what happened to him. Now, Carol is no weapons expert, but one doesn't have to be one to upset the proverbial apple cart bigtime. And anyway, we are told there have been assassination attempts upon her life too - quite a few in fact, including ramming her car at speed, on a main road, by perpetrators unknown....

Certain "authorities" responses are awaited concerning they're being contacted. Please help if you can. What is going on is maybe unbelievable, and at times complicated, but that is surely deliberate, and part of it all.

Updates from the 16 March follow, beginning 1 April:

Witness Intimidation Reckless Endanger of Life FRAUD 1 April 17

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: carol woods
Date: 1 April 2017 at 14:38
Subject: Witness Intimidation Reckless Endanger of Life FRAUD
To: "hq1-professional.standards@lancashire.pnn.police.uk" , "hq1-professionalstandards@lancashire.pnn.police.uk" , "andy.cooke@lancashire.pnn.police.uk" andy.cooke@lancashire.pnn.police.uk

As the usual lowlife have been sent stalking and following to be Mr Carol Woods seen in library this is all I will do for now. LANCASHIRE POLICE WITNESS INTIMIDATION AND FRAUD. From Ms Carol Woods 28 Fell view LA2 9RP under duress.

This was SOME harassment of 30/3/17 where Lancashire Gestapo try to LINK ME with news items. In 2012 they had a woman sent to tell me of items in a charity shop in CARNFORTH so I should hurry to Carnforth and thus get a bargain. It was a trap; that day a lout in a small red car had hit 2 children in a hit and run LEEDS and I was to be lured to Carnforth where there are motorway junctions and thus PROOF I had hit those children in LEEDS. The thug was not caught: despite CTV they had no one; he’ll have been a Mason. The events of 30/3/17 and in news a hit and run, child aged 4 killed and that was to be linked to me as well. PLUS the wagon driver now tagged as he drove while disqualified, another killer with his vehicle. Thus this below: then see what the Gestapo arranged because it all failed.  Collecting my car  on 30/3/17 almost 7pm, I found a lout illegally blocking a street entry as he was to park where I had parked when I pulled out: apparently if they park where I have been then it is proof I was not there at all. The usual taxis all raced round. I decided to go for petrol which rather spoiled ALL to that point. In that they had a thug with his shaved head and “outfit” of the thug on his ORANGE 3 wheel “motorbike” loud engine and against the law in fact,  who was to tailgate me, threaten me by gesticulating, rev his engine and roar, hope he intimidated me enough to speed which is a GESTAPO USUAL ACT OF THUGGERY where the victim feels obliged to speed to “escape” and then they get a speeding ticket BUT this: there was also a youth with his push bike, he in RED of course, he was to  be the “witness” to ME driving fast. He was to be OLIVER MATHER the male sent to ram my car then on Westgate area Morecambe 2012 in an attempt to STEAL my car. This I report as WITNESS INTIMIDATION, and RECKLESS ENDANGERING OF LIFE – again.                                                                           

Ahead of me was a small roundabout which is busy as is that main road. I ignored the thug behind thinking he was RAMBO, I watched ahead and saw a small white car race out of one side street which feeds the roundabout ; a busy area, small, so one has to take care, and I was supposed to run into that lowlife racing round and round to hope I did. Why that car? WHITE SEAT IBIZA from CATHERINE ROWBOTTOM thief and worse of 31 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP AND 2 Copy Lane Caton who was to do EXACTLY that round and round Fell View to then scream I followed them in Seat IBIZA PO11 XTL with the “witness” to the crime of “following” being MARGARET DALTON, thief, liar, perjurer and more from 45 Fell View which deluded old troll is ANOTHER to think she Is me. I was about to go away again  23 Oct 2016 and the Gestapo arranged their lowlife to try to repeat 5 Oct 2015 found out stalking of me, INTENT to pose as me in a DWP FRAUD and more, PERJURY of Gestapo involved etc. DALTON mother to yob TRAVIS and she now claims to have changed her name to WHEATFIELD. That is a small street in Lancaster and new developments have sprung up: now the Gestapo have lowlife hiding round those properties to race off when alerted via the GPS on MY car and pretend they have driven me. Thus WHEATFIELD STREET is somehow proven to be “in use” and maybe is Dalton’s new surname!

As it was; I was driving, all were safe. The thug raced off down a side street, no further use. Bullying moron; a typical Gestapo recruit. In January 2006 I had to report again serious witness intimidation because of my appeal then in the Employment Appeal Tribunal; the intimidation was AGAIN ignored.  I had my appeal “stayed” so the perjurers in LCC just went on anyway and PRETENDED that JANET WOODALL psycho cop was me and she appeared as me 19/4/06. MAIL THEFT/TREASON played its part. Michael Arbuckle, Pauline Donleavy and Julia Johnson staff in EAT all took part and MY mail was delivered to WOODALL as it is now to 30 Fell View, 26 or 41 etc. Obviously much goes on behind my back in acts of TREASON. I found out about the EAT later in 2006 when one from the Home Office found an entry on the web. Eventually, by January 2010 the PROOF that WOODALL had posed as me came into my possession.
Today’s harassment will be written up and sent out later. [see below, esp.: "HOW BT aid and abet org police FRAUD Lancs"...ed.]

There is also a male homeless in the news re stabbings and all stabbings are down to me apparently. Apparently I am not me but MR CAROL WOODS and no one tried to force entry to my caravan at 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ when I rented there in 2012, I apparently did not name STUART WILLIAM ROGERS aka STEVE aka DAVE and ALAN McTEAR aka Malcolm, and Ken, J Delaney etc and do not have photos of them outside MY caravan 1A, with knives. Thus ANY stabling anywhere is me apparently. The usual Masonic lunacy of reverse FACT to create FICTION.

Today I left  28 Fell View and found a bleached haired old doxy hiding in a RED 4 wheel drive S5 KSK and took a photo. The old doxy is one of scores who pretend they have met with me about MY HOUSE. I then waited and found a Gestapo motor biker to race through Caton and confirm he saw me then that old doxy; he did not see me, I was not where he assumed I would be. That Gestapo was to PROVE that old doxy had been seen and thus PROOF she must have met with me. He was also rewriting the thug of the 30th.  Later, I found a Gestapo squad car doing the same where they assumed I would park up. I didn’t. I am sending out a few photos of the types of old doxy they use. BUT THIS IS MORE FRAUD FOUND OUT IN THAT. The old fool Mr K WILLIAMS in 30 FELL VIEW is pretending to be “too disabled to live in MY house” and really now is not 2017 it is 2008 apparently. His horrendous wife, bankrupt, drunkard and worse is using her phone while he DRESSES in a NEW RED SWEATER to swap with her walking about in a RED DRESSING GOWN over her clothes and SHE is posing as me ON HER PHONE TO THE BLEACHES HAIRED OLD DOXIES parked in hiding. His delusion is that he in red is PROOF he is MR CAROL WOODS. Williams is not ill, he is deluded and deranged, he is a pest, a harasser, and that I now report FORMALLY as FRAUD. The WITNESS INTIMIDATION is also reported. To be sent out wider asap.  This I print off and keep with me for when MORE RTA's are manufactured.

ONE who claims to be Lancs W'blower: police led crime  30 March 17

06-05- 12 003 and 004, 00-07-10 001 002  This is Agnes Jackson 26 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP thief, fraudster and worse. The photo was taken 17/2/17, my car is just seen. Jackson had been away as me again between 5/12/16 and 5/2/17 – she goes to admit herself into mental hospitals as if she is me. She has attended GP’s as if she me. She has made various DWP claims in FRAUD claiming to me “ill”. The 2nd photo is me in Madeira Nov 2016. Jackson claims she is 2 people and is aided and abetted by Gestapo and council who pretend she has an identical twin.
The Gestapo have sat outside 26 and 28 to claim they see her leaving 26 as 2 people. How do they do that? She leaves from the front in 1 jacket, walks round the block, sneaks back into 26 at the rear after sneaking through my rear garden, then leaves from the front again in another jacket – al within 10 minutes thus apparently proof she is me. She wears RED when she goes out as me; her jacket is symbolic of my car and she is so deranged she thinks she is me out in my car.
Jackson is a mail thief aided by Royal Mail in TREASON. In July 2014, knowing she was found out soon after I moved into 28 (end March 2014) they decided to say she had the identical twin as Carol Woods. She was sent RED cars driven by total strangers who were to drive her round for 10 minutes so she could said to have been seen in a red car thus PROOF she was me.  The “identical twins” grew in number. The lunatics organising have delusions of being clever and as they are only delusions they are soon found out. July 2014 and an identical twin sent to 26 Fell View with her bleached hair gone yellow. Jackson and that troll were to hide by 26 front entry and then when I went to my car, they were to rush to be “with me” in the lunacy of suggesting I was not there but was the “identical twin” with Jackson. This woman was used 3 times, one occasion included the postman, MAIL IN MY NAME and then she left and has not been seen since. Her “new identical twin” appeared 10/3/17 and had a small silver car which ‘small silver car’ is an issue; she was told what to wear and off they went to be Jackson out in RED and her driver and thus PROOF Jackson was out with her identical twin and there really is one called Carol Woods. This one was new and a total stranger asking Jackson if she was Agnes Jackson when quietly tapping on the door hoping I would not hear.

Jackson is not the only “me”, in fact there are at least 20 others who are all apparently me around Caton LA2 9RP. Used often are Jackson’s associates in 30 Fell View Mr and Mrs K Williams aka Mr and Mrs Carol Woods. Apparently he is Russian so might be called Carol. They swap about depending on who gets MY mail. From spring 2014 Williams in 30 have had much mail which includes my mail shots from the Duke’s Playhouse in Lancaster. They are delivered to her as PROOF she is me. BUT on 20th March 2017 the Gestapo wanted Jackson to be me so they used lookalikes of her to be where I was as proof she is me after all. The photo of the old troll in “black” shows her told to walk to the Duke’s Playhouse as I walk to town and that is PROOF Jackson is me and should get MY mail shots as well as much else. This one was nothing like Jackson as she walks normally; Jackson waddles, this one had huge teeth with large gaps, she was nothing like Jackson to any sensible person. Later then, one used often to stalk me and watch if I go to the library where she has to log on trying to link with when I do, she then has to try to do something that I might do. As the Duke’s was much in vogue she was to look at opera sites as if I have time to spend doing that. I have been attending the Dukes and other theatres for ever and not once seen this old troll. Notice she was told to wear “black”. That is MORE PROOF apparently that she is Jackson and thus where I am, is further PROOF Jackson is me.

On 28/3/17 I sent out photos of the identical twins of Jackson which “identical twin” changes as they are old trolls found by the Gestapo and sent to hope a)I am stupid and believe she has an identical twin who is Carol Woods and b) hope I am blind and not see they are different old trolls. The Gestapo were annoyed about my photos going out so on 29/3/17 set about rewriting JUNE 2016 again. Then they knew BY ILLEGAL means that I was to go to Manchester for my Ministry of Justice data after my Section 7 Subject Access Request had been made. I was to collect my data. But Jackson is me, then why would she not be going? Why would I be going? The Gestapo decided “she” was going as me. They sent a roughneck LCC cleaner to park outside me in 28 Fell View and she was to hide in 14 Fell View (I also live there, remember?). She pretended she was indoors waiting to drive ME as JACKSON to Manchester. Jackson does not drive and in the past when they have had lowlife without transport pretending to be me such as if I went to PRESTON, they would have lookalikes “seen” to be PROOF whoever they were supposed to be was me as they were where I was. On many occasions I had asked the Gestapo for CCTV film footage of ALL train stations, bus stations and so forth as that would show who was actually taking a bus or train if it was me. They never had any do that: they had local lowlife to wherever I was act it out. Thus the cleaner was to PRETEND she was outside and overnight to drive JACKSON to Manchester as Jackson does not drive and clearly would NOT be on any CCTV film taking a train or bus to Manchester.                                                                                                         

In my dentist EXACTLY as they tried last week, EXACTLY as they did in March 2015 when I had a check up then, EXACTLY as they did in Dec 2014 when I had a check then and so on, they decided last week I was LYNNE AUSTIN from Blackpool using a scruffy old woman called LIZ. Prior to that visit they used a bloated version of Jackson as Jackson was at MY dentist then as me. Prior to that they used RYCROFT from Penhale Gardens Flat 4 LA3 2QA to be driven and stand about outside as she was then me, and so on. It depends who is me who the Gestapo get to be ‘lookalike’ the lowlife. In the last 3 weeks’ panic they have tried to manufacture as FACT that I am LYNNE AUSTIN of Blackpool and YOU have paid an enormous amount for lowlife to harass and try to make FICTION into FACT.
BUT then they decided I was RYCROFT as RYCROFT is more like WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View, and Williams is also ‘me’ so we had reverted to me being RYCROFT again so that Williams could be me without hindrance. Thus I was Lynne Austin and then Rycroft after I had been Jackson with another identical twin to prove Jackson really was 2 people, one of them me. Then I sent out the photos of Jackson and her “twins” and a photo of me; there is no confusion, Jackson is not me and her “twins” are deranged strangers with nothing better to do. On Wednesday 29/3/17 the Gestapo decided it was one week earlier and I was going to my dentist and then to Kendal again just as I had done on 22/3/17.  They decided to create a “following someone to Kendal” CRIME. Remember I was arrested for “following someone to a local airport” and for “following someone to Kendal”, person not named, no dates, no details, no CCTV etc. I guessed it was the deranged Jarvis in 41 who was to be the victim of being followed by me to Kendal. I guessed right. BUT prior to being able to send out photos of that deranged thief in 41 Fell View, I sent out my photos of Jackson and the Gestapo decide I am

Jackson again being driven about by the cleaner of June 2016.

Thus 29th is really 22nd again and JARVIS go out, HE is dressed in RED, he is MR CAROL WOODS going to the dentist: she follows him in his van; but I take note, I do not go out, they return and swap vehicles again and start all over again. I still do not go out. Williams goes out but Mr and Mrs amid loud screeching make it known they are going out: but he doesn’t go out. He sneaks back indoors and PRETENDS they are out as MR and Mrs Williams, but she is out alone in the car registered to ME, PJ65 WLL thus he pretends he is INDOORS with me and OUT with her! She out alone pretends she is me as she is alone. Meanwhile the cleaner is sent to park at my gate again and they hope I drive to Kendal. The “plan” is then for Jackson lookalikes in Kendal SEEN where I am thus PROOF Jackson is me as she was in Manchester in June 2016 having been driven by the cleaner. The cleaner of course just clears off and Jackson stays hiding in 26 and pretends to be out. Jarvis also wait: they ALL think I am going to set off to Kendal so that JARVIS the deranged can race along and scream I am following her; he is now indoors to child mind to leave Mrs Jarvis free to drive about and claim she is being followed by me. The INTENTION is to then have me arrested to rewrite the PERJURY of Nov 2015 and bent cops, the lowlife round Fell View PLUS the deranged Jackson who thinks she could be me with my MoJ file collected last June.

But if I am arrested, that is proof I am me and no one else is, surely? No, The Gestapo see what I sent out on 28th in relation to Jackson posing as me, so need to get me out of the way as I also informed the Information Commissioner and CQC, PHSO and anyone else I decided to alert to the events of Nov 2015 where they tried the same and PRETENDED I was someone of their invention. Thus, they THINK they will have me go to Kendal, have Jarvis the “victim” of being followed, Jackson then to claim she was there after being given a lift and WILLIAMS out alone also as me is the “back-up plan”. And I of course disappear within that. But I had no intention of going out at all, Jackson has hidden all day in 26, Mr Williams in 30, Jarvis the deranged and words almost fail me, and the cleaner paid at your expense to park and pretend to aid and abet. The photos with this are those as data above and are of Jackson in “red” with the Manchester troll and the large troll in the dentist pestering staff to be “seen” yet not a patient but to be said to be PROOF Jackson was “seen there” so must have been me. The cleaner’s car is next to mine. The Gestapo cars of 30/9/15 and 2/10/15 are included, Gestapo sent to park outside and claim they saw 2 leave 26 thus PROOF she has an identical twin and 2/10/15 to confirm they saw 2 walking round Caton so she is 2 people and I don’t exist as me. How did they arrange with Jackson to be seen as “2”. She walks from the front door of 26 in one jacket, she then sneaks round to the rear after about 10 minutes of walking up and down to be seen “out”. She enters 26 via the rear door and leaves by the front again IN A DIFFERENT JACKET and the lunatic thinks that is PROOF she is 2 people and one is me.

The data typed above being ILLEGALLY seen the Gestapo leap into action and send to act out her farces the car with driver PE08 ZRX the RED Citroen Zsara, thief, fraudster and LCC employee. All she had to do was to drive to 41, pretend to park up, then leave then try again and then race off. What was that for? 2015 and I caught her lying across the front seats of the car pretending that as she was not seen she was indoors with “someone” – me. That car has 2 LCC drivers and they validated the bank frauds, forgery and false claims that Jarvis housed at least invisible people, all of them, some though as Mr Carol Woods. I had caught PE08 stalking me, and found out hiding at 41 had to race off being then so annoyed at being found out, she left amid a flurry of tyres screeching and so forth. The events of approx 3pm in 29/3/17 were to be those events at 41; I caught her hiding across her front seats a few times. The rest of the time she, or the 2nd driver, would be indoors at 41.

Williams on her return were to shout about the old fraudster from 32; she is now called MARYLYN why? Because the Gestapo told maracas mouth to shout that when she is MARY. But in the great “all change” end 2015 into 2016 the Gestapo sent LCC staff member to “bump into me” and tell me nonsense JANE UPTON with her dyed auburn hair used a few times because she had an old red car. Then she was fully recruited and was bought a much newer car and sent to ‘bump into me’ more often. She, about 6 years younger than I am, was to be my daughter. Why? Because the thief, harasser, stalker and worse LENNON in 29 was found out, is on photos to show what she is, and she claimed I lived in 29 as her mother being driven about by her as well as JARVIS, in 41, CLARKE in 23, the deranged in 31, the empty 33 used  by sleazy council to PRETEND someone lived there (me), 37, Malaysian troll then she succeeded by LCC EMPLOYEES to PRETEND I lived there as an RTA victim, 39 O’CONNER the bleached haired old doxy who thinks she is me, McHARRAN in 43 was a “me”, DALTON in 45 was a “me”, BARRON an old fool like Williams in 30 pretended he was linked to me, REID in 49 pretended they drove me about and had me living there, 42 O’KEEFE to follow through the O’CONNER fraud, IAN and JUNE BLENKINSHIP 34 Fell View and Jackson in 36 having been moved out as found out and MILLS from 38 also found out, brother to K MILLS in 20 Fell View where I also lived, 22 HUNTER, 12 ELY, 14 McGUIRE/STROUD, 18 with Marjorie HODGSON  2 WOODRUFF, at least 20 in Brookhouse and then 32 MARY LAMB who now is MARYLYN as LENNON in 29 was told to change her name; the old fraudster LAMB has not changed her name BUT maracas mouth wanted me to think she had. Why? Because she was told what to shout; see her husband and she will do anything for the Gestapo who send her texts; she thinks they are REAL MEN and interested in her. They have READ about a fine piece of evidence I have of murdering scum ALAN McTEAR and hope if they have Williams shout ‘MARYLYN’ I will forget what evidence I have. WILLIAMS In 30 are me, Jackson in 26 is me, the old lecher in 28 Regent St Lancaster claims I am there as his horrendous wife, CURWEN in 24 Fell View are “me”, 15 EDNA SCOTT is me, 17 Joanne NOLAN is really Joanne Hall and I live there as well, I live in 2 Milestone Place and in 7, 10, 16, and more on Leslie Ave off Fell View, I am in at least 2 on Langdale on the rear of Fell View odd numbers side and that is ALL AT ONCE; I LIVE IN ALL THOSE ADDRESSES as me, my sister, aunt, daughter, mother, partner and so on ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

The HIRE ME thug drove from hiding at 6pm; Jarvis the deranged acted out a farce at 41 and the lowlife leaving her car by mine to PRETEND she was driving “someone” or calling on someone to help them move, drove off. Thus someone has again moved into 41 Fell View. That is at least 8 this year, oddly no one ever moves out so what they do with the one who moved in on 24/3/14 (me) and every date since, is anybody’s guess.  Yours etc Carol Woods Ms please feel free to quote me.

HOW BT aid and abet org police FRAUD Lancs.  30 March 17

Please feel free to quote me: NOTE If anyone has written to me I have not received it. I am Carol Woods Ms under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP and found that BT council and Gestapo all freely gaining access to 28 as I moved in, had installed illegal equipment in MY loft which then allows for lowlife in 41, 43, 45, 26, 30, 22 and 20, 23 Fell View AT LEAST all to use phones/Internet as if it is MY use. What the Gestapo never imagined was that I could hear the use, I know more or less whether it is phone or computer and from where it emanates. I am rarely wrong.                                                                                                                                                       

+Loft Noise ALWAYS leads to something the next day such as deliveries in FRAUD and THEFT which I have reported many times with photographic proof yet it remains ignored.  IT ALSO INCLUDES THUGS IN TAXIS PRETENDING I HAVE PHONED FOR A TAXI LIKE ONE STALKING ME AFTER I SENT MY EMAIL PRIOR TO THIS. YOU PAY FOR THOSE TAXIS.    
I have kept a log for over 2 years since I found the noises were not usual after I found that my bungalow had been entered in my absence with one clown taking his measurements from my bedroom link to connect to 26 Fell View and actually writing it on my newly painted wall. Obviously I took photos. This is the 3rd document.  Of note, the noises often start later at night, often after midnight as the lowlife don’t work so they’ve nothing to get up for thus don’t need to retire at a reasonable time. The other fraudsters park and hide in cars as found by me such as CW55 AYM hiding by 29 and 31 Fell View a number of times, various who park by 34 Fell View just out of sight of me, it is always just out of sight of me and they lie across the front seats of the cars and use their phones/ Internet and pretend it is my use. They then drive off after they see me retire for the night as the pretence includes the lunatics pretending that I am driven to a 2nd address and really am 2 people claiming in 2 different names at 2 addresses. I apparently have the use of 50 phones or more a day and seem to carry them all about with me at the same time. In any week I will apparently use over 400 phones. On 26 March 2017 the .lowlife and thieves and much worse WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View who claim to be me acted out yet another farce trying to make 26/3/17 be dates from April 2014 and August 2014 when Jackson in 26 Fell View posing as me was found out to be running more than phones from 26 in FRAUD. Found to be using a TV via MY loft so that I would be charged with viewing with a licence and then by August found out with the various thugs sent to pose as sons and use phones linked to ME in 26 to place orders for goods as if I placed the orders. The Gestapo decommissioned much ILLEGALLY installed equipment end Aug 2014, all on photos to identify the Gestapo and vehicles used. On 26.3.17 trying to make NOW be 2014 when I had just moved in, they had a RED FIAT call to 30 Fell View and try to be their frauds PLUS the events from 26 of 2014 and the male who had never previously been to 30 was to bang along the party wall, switch the TV on and off and act like the usual idiot to make me think it was 2014 again. WILLIAMS have TV as if they are me as well as CARS PLURAL and phones, bank accounts etc. She is another deranged and deluded and thinks she is me dying her thin, short white hair to try to look like mine so sometimes her hair ends up orange or a yellow colour. That sets the scene; the loft noises start late and spoil my reading. This data is sent out as an example of what takes place.

Loft noises new document begins 12 midnight on 22- 23 Nov 2016. In the past YEARS the lowlife hiding by 29 or 31 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP to drive off after they see I have retired for the night and they pretend whatever their delusions allow:  I have photos of such driving from 29/31 towards me in 28 to then turn to drive away with their headlights on my bedroom window, I then switch everything back on so whatever they were pretending was wasted time for them. From early Nov 2016 after I returned from holiday, that was done a few times but then a “new idea” was formed. The trolls then ARRIVE to 29 or 31 from somewhere in Masonic inversion lunacy. (I found out they pretended I lived in 2 addresses and used the one on Fell View only at night!)

On 22 Nov 2016 a day of failed “plans” for Gestapo and their deranged and deluded in all the usual houses 30, 1, 43, 29, 31, 45, 39, after 22 HUNTER had been used for a full week without any “result” for their efforts. I heard the loft noise at 10 06pm which seemed to be phone use from 30. At 11 14pm they were heard again louder as if Internet use as those from 41, 43, 45 have been doing as if it was MY use from March 2014. They continued for at least 20 minutes and shortly after, a car drove round TO 29 or 31 in this new “idea” of waiting for me to retire then not driving away but to. I waited and then I switched everything back on so they wasted their time. How do they know I switch all back on if not parked to watch and see as usual?
The Gestapo have illegal devices ready installed which I guess are behind the fire surround so newly fitted ready for my moving in; those are NOT the BT links in fraud in the loft, they monitor sounds in my bungalow and as MY electricity power source is linked to 30 as they are me (as they think in their grandiose delusions) they know when my mains are off and on. I hear the fraudsters testing the link sockets on the party wall at certain times when they test to see if MY power is on so they can watch TV as if they are me! My power is off about 22 hours a day. It is always switched off at night and then on again when they have finished driving about wasting their time. It goes off when I finally retire fully for the night. Meanwhile the Gestapo thugs hear my radio on, know my power is back on and know thus I have not moved from anywhere else to anywhere else.

Loft noise at 8 46pm after my son and family had gone. One car used within loft noises is PL07 ZRR which drives to 31 from Copy Lane and then leaves AFTER I switch all of and then hear loft noises. BUT CX51 HDH is also used to park at 31 and wait then PRETENDS that lowlife drives “me” somewhere. This lowlife replaces DK51 HVL used from March 2014 for over 2 years in a blue badge fraud where she pretended she drove me from 33 Fell View as “disabled”. My photos excellent, reported – ignored.

Loft noise 11 40am on 24 Nov 2016 with Gestapo trying to make NOW AFTER a holiday be 2015 AFTER that holiday. Loft again 12 24 and Williams in 30 in with all in 22, 24, 26, 41, all as usual, the Gestapo don’t like what I type as they see illegally.
KS53 VLF thug sent to 24 while Curwen was not there, evening 24 11 16. Loud noises from loft hour after hour so I went to Uni library and by chance saw Y191 SLF idiot MR CAROL WOODS another one, from 31 out as at 2nd address as MR CW.
25 11 16 and Williams from 30 Fell View makes call under my OPEN bathroom window posing as me then back indoors she uses her phone over an hour as I hear.

26 Nov 2016 and KS53 VLF arrives at 24, I get a photo and off he goes. I had opened my front door about 3pm and Jackson (also claims to be me) in 26 had opened and closed hers to pretend my going out was hers; KS53 driver was sent for to use Internet as me while I was out but I wasn’t out. He races off when he sees I was not out. In 2015 often he would drive Jackson about and she posing as me he claimed to be Mr CAROL WOODS, son to her. He sneaks back after dark, loft noises alert me; I go and get a photo; off he goes again. Deranged in 30 acting like what they are all day and TV on and off; loft noise starts at 10 50pm approx as I switch off my radio, fire surround has been very noisy these last few days never so previously, almost as if something by way of illegal device is behind there. 43, 45 and 30 still all up with all lights on 11pm while loft noises active, the noises swing about so at least 2 phones are in use.
After lots of useless activity to 10 10 am on 27 Nov 2016 I type letters already sent in hand writing to Gestapo ready to send out as typed record and the loft noises start, 10 46am. They sulk. 3 30pm caught by chance DPD thug hiding behind 31 Fell View, I think he’d been there a long time for reasons I will explain to someone. DPD fraud dept confirm they have no records of drivers with legitimate deliveries round here. I offered my photos showing deliveries, times and places with vehicle plates but they did not respond

27 Nov 2016 will report this to police: No noise but heard maracas mouth Williams from 30 out in the back yard at 9 50pm freezing cold; she screeching into her phone; in the rear of 30 she apparently is me, when she is in the front she poses as herself! 30 is a tiny bungalow.
28 Nov 2016 7 48 loft and then I switch this on at 8 05pm and a loud bang in my loft; someone accesses Internet as if it is my use. More at 8 23pm the Gestapo are cross about something and X431 at 45 when he is not there as much as he was. That driver has been used in much E-Crime with Dalton in 45 Fell View and with Woodruff in 2 Fell View who also claim to be me because of their name.

29 Nov 2016 3 03am loft noise woke me: lights on in 43 only. Have noticed that every night when I switch off my radio and cease typing any word document that the loft noises start then if they are going to start at all. I can hear them above my radio as I have done for hours in the past but now the Gestapo wait until they assume I have retired for the night and start with their yobs sending in MY name. In the local library I caught red handed 2 thugs who access MY email address and PRETEND it is a JOINT email. One good photo and printed off the junk they used, that can be scanned. The Gestapo sulk because their lure to a motorway service area failed. Added that the lout outside the cinema as I left, he with his texting thinking he was so clever yet so obvious, I merely drove my car a distance and re-parked; the old doxy in the silver 4 wheel driver pretending to collect me to drive to Morecambe/Heysham area had wasted all her evening. Hers was not the only car used. The loft noises started at 11 10 and were active LOUD which is Internet so there will be a delivery tomorrow somewhere in FRAUD. Lights on at 43 as usual, 30, 45, 22, 23 which are easily seen from me in 28.
30 Nov 2016 12 32 loud loft noise, Williams from 30 had pretended to go out but sneaked back in, loud noise from 30 coincided with loft noise.

See Police Harass doc 3

3 12 16 thieves in 30 and they act as usual in their delusions, they trying the sockets at the party wall from 10 am but I have no mains power on and have not had from 10 15pm on 2/12/16. Loft noises as usual on 2/12/16 AFTER my radio is off, the only people who would hear my radio off is Williams in 30 so they start with their phones to those in 43, 45, 26 (she in 26 Jackson surprisingly was still up with lights on) and 41 at least. Thus they try to sockets almost an hour, no power free for them. Loft noises start 10 33am.
The noises started on 4 Dec 2016 after the Gestapo saw what I had typed about L.E.P. Nov 08 so thought they’d teach me another lesson. 9 02pm. 9 20, 9 30pm all usual indoors with lights on. I have no doubt they’ll have trolls in cars arrive now at night after “lights out” instead of leaving, more noise at 9 34pm, phone use.

6 Dec 2016 see Police Harass document. 3. 4 18pm I’d been in all day, had my radio on most of day, switched it off and shortly after the loft noises started 4 18pm and went on to almost 4 40pm. Fraudsters in 30 and 41 have been acting like lunatics all day. Loft noises 10 31pm and then about 10 42pm, ASDA delivery to lower even numbers at 12 50 on 7th Dec 2016.
9 50 am and K.Jackson thug at 26, blue BMW makes a phone call loft noise heard, then leaves. I type that up and one hour later Williams in 30 use their phone yet have been pretending to be out. A Jackson is “away”.

9/12/16 loft noises start and gormless troll arrives to park at 39 Fell View and lies across her seats to PRETEND. I get a photo, she gets told, she sits up and drives to 24 and PRETENDS her business was there. She was to PRETEND she had delivered more drivel to me. Then we had a taxi but I didn’t go out, we’ve aircraft and other cars at 23, 33, and all that yet we can’t afford refuse collections now.

Loft noise quite loud at 18 56hrs. All usual lowlife are where they always are and Gestapo mad about failure of liar who wants to be a “friend” to replace psycho cop, false friend Janet Woodall. Exposure of bent cops in news now wanting sexual favours instead of money as bribes! I was not at all surprised.
Sunday 11 Dec 2016 as all plans fail, loft noises start at 7 08pm, then 7 13, 7 19 and 7 37pm either HUNTER from 22 was sneaking into 24 as KS53 driver did but Williams in 30 hope to aid and abet A. Jackson away as me. All the usual trolls indoors 41, 43, 45, 22, 20, 30, 37, 23.                                                                                                                                           
By 10 35pm I switched off my radio, retired for the night and MORE loft noises started: these were not from 30 or 45 but from 22 or 20 likely. They went on for at least 30 mins.
Jarvis got a delivery, on camera, DPD went to Milestone Place on camera, lots went on all at once and all on camera. Loft noises just after midnight on 12th woke me, usual lowlife still with all lights on.
13/12/16. 11 20pm, 12 20pm at least but by then only fraudsters in 43 and 45 with lights on.

Email of E-CRIME, ID THEFT and Lancs Police corruption  30 March 2017
--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: carol woods
Date: 30 March 2017 at 16:41
Subject: Fwd email of E-CRIME, ID THEFT and Lancs Police corruption.
To: "amber.rudd.mp@parliament.uk" , "bennh@parliament.uk" , "dispatches@channel4.co.uk" , "diane.abbott.mp@parliament.uk" , "privateoffice.external@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk" , "homeaffcom@parliament.uk" , "coopery@parliament.uk" , "butlincat75@googlemail.com" , "letters@independent.co.uk" , "look.north@bbc.co.uk" , "haveyoursay@lancashire.gov.uk" haveyoursay@lancashire.gov.uk

Please feel free to quote me. Dear Sirs, It took me an hour to type and send the email below, it was impossible to send it to many. Returning to the library the staff had their "instructions" a) pretend I had not already been in so I'll take the same photos as I took earlier showing I am in Mcbe library, the lowlife inn earlier INCLUDED the shipping in of BLACK males to stand about and PRETEND Morecambe was Blackburn! This is the racism of LCC and Lancs police. b) one staff member had to pretend he needed to make a call and that was what? Apparently "someone" YESTERDAY handed in a HOLDALL FULL OF STOLEN BOOKS they suddenly found stored in their house. Why was that drivel to be indulged in? MY BOOK data again and I went to my sister's in SHAW 2013 and retrieved a HOLDALL full of files which the Gestapo were livid about. Why? Because they wanted to claim MY sister was me and without MY files she is herself. I will be sending out pages from my book which draft pages the Gestapo illegally see and rewrite using bullying liars and very poor actors. The staff in Lancashire libraries are 99% corrupt and I ceased using them in 2012 after trying to use them after YEARS of not doing. I then went to KENDAL and used CUMBRIA libraries until 2015 when a shop opened up in Lancaster offering Internet use and then I also found in spring 2016 I could use Lancaster UNI. Look out then for pages of MY book Vol 3 meanwhile I will be sending out POLICE HARASSMENT data which record I keep daily and LOFT NOISES the BT aiding of lowlife round Fell View to use their phones and Internet as if they are me. Houses mostly used for E-CRIME and COMPUTER MISUSE 23, 37, 39, 41, 43, 45, 49, 22, 20, 17, 12 and 14 AT LEAST.

arol woods
andy.cooke@lancashire.pnn.police.uk clive.grunshaw@lancashire-pcc.gov.uk policing.minister@homeoffice.gsi.gov.ukprivateoffice.external@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk contact@actionfraud.police.uk
Today at 15:44

I have to log out as it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to do anything else.
Dear Sirs It has taken me 8 full minutes to open this word doc. in Morecambe library which I resorted to typing as my emails were being accessed as usual to pretend something was FACT when it is FICTION. This for those cc this, the INTENTION is to rewrite history after ILLEGALLY seeing data from VOl 3 of MY BOOK where I record that December 2010 in Lancaster library the librarian was puzzled as to why MY printing showed it was printed from BLACKBURN library miles away. The INTENTION was to PRETEND I was in Blackburn as Mrs Carole Woods and was IN A BAIL HOSTEL there as the bullying thugs invented me as a non-existent person. Thus today, so conveniently they had the usual corrupt librarian standing in the doorway to confirm she saw me and thus I assume I am using MY email address in E-CRIME as apparently I am not me, here. Such is the lunacy of LCC.
I reported OEO6 APY for stalking to harass and more; YOU ignored that yet I was ARRESTED for BOGUS following of lowlife PERJURY the result.

That is dereliction of duty in ignoring OEO^ APY using 37 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP as a Fagin’s den. In that I have had a good idea; why not have any yob with a grey hoodie and trackie “uniform” carry about a baby in a carry cot and I will a) think it is PERJURER DALTON or b) forget the events of Nov 2015 to end Aug 2016?

I also reported a rough looking coarse woman in black VW PE64 HMG and report her again. YESTERDAY she was outside me in 28 Fell View amid the rest of the deranged all PRETENDING with their removal vans and trailers that “I” had just moved in again. She left at 5pm, returned, hid by lying across the front seats of her car then racing off when she saw me at the front going to water my plants. Thus I REPORT her again (first report June 2016 for harassment and aid and abet Jackson in 26 in FRAUD and ID THEFT).

There is also a light silver Toyota Yaris used at 39 Fell view, O’CONNER, bleached haired, rough, at least 60 but that car is used in major fraud using at least 2 addresses. Today I saw a dark grey Toyota Yaris PF08 KWO (I think, the PF08 clear enough, the rest obscured by filth) with a similar type driver to O’Conner, bleached haired, rough, old and smoking in the car after hiding parked to then race off as TOLD TO when she saw me. There is no confusion, O’CONNER’s is light silver V24 MAJ and that was PF08 and NOT the black Mitsubishi Colt PF08 WDJ used in fraud from 32 Fell View. That old thief in there MARY LAMB is NOT Marylyn, she is MARY, LAMB is the surname. She is not my dead mother.

For those cc this, I record what YOU paid for today, aside from the old doxy in PF08 dark grey Toyota sent to be ME as O’CONNER “seen” thus O’Conner will be posing as me at a 2nd address EXACTLY as I have reported for over 2 years now. You will recall that she used R208 MKN when a DARK GREEN TOYOTA filled the bill better. All cc this know mine is X165 YUB and RED, a Yaris. There was a bus for “disabled” then going, as I saw and took a photo of, along the new motorway link to Heysham after driving out of hiding where he’d been parked at least 2 hours waiting for MY car to set off (if I do not set off, they all leave about 3 – 4 pm and YOU pay for it all), there was a van with sign writing OVENS, why? The Gestapo illegally see my data being typed for Vol 3 of my book and see what thuggery I endured within that, early 2013 my oven door disintegrated; the landlady was told NOT to have it repaired for me. That was at 298 Oxcliffe Rd Morecambe where the lunatics want to claim I still rent there having left 1/7/13. O’Conner already mentioned is ONE who claims at 2 addresses and leaves V24 MAJ as PROOF she is at the 2nd address when she lives mostly in hiding in 39 Fell View trying to be me.

Hiding behind Fell View was the usual Audi thug PRETENDING to have met with me, and others. I pulled in, took photos of the thugs all racing in a cavalcade so we have my photos again to help see what YOU pay for.
I did not walk, after parking, to pass Morecambe Town Hall scene of much harassment using sleazy council staff to PRETEND something as I walk by; or we have the unemployed males to hide and dart to the post box as I pass it as they are me posting, apparently. I spoiled that for you and instead watched the TAXI DRIVER at Morecambe police station which taxi I record did not drop me off. Now you have this above to be getting on with. Kind Regards, Carol Woods Ms PS I will print this off and take a photo of Morecambe library so we know it is not Blackburn or anywhere else YOU try to make it.
ID THEFT org Lancs Police  28 March 17
to policing.minis., farront, fieldf, fieldm, info, telegraphedito., contact, privateoffice.., ministers, coopery, greend, 
Please feel free to quote me: The data below was typed ready to send out when I had the photos to attach. Prior to being able to send the data or scan the photos, events were rewritten and then revised and so on. My data sent out on 20/3/17 showed how one recruit was to stand by the road leading into Lancaster and send a text to someone alerting them I was on my way The GESTAPO HAVING GIVEN OUT MY CAR DETAILS AGAIN WITHOUT PERMISSION. The old woman waiting was a Jackson type, she was to wait until I parked up and walked to the town centre where she then darted into the Duke’s Playhouse as the Duke’s and TREASON is an issue as my email sent explained. That old woman was then rewritten by another who was to watch and see me log on in the town library again and try to match her logging with mine: she was told to wear “black”; she is used often as she lives locally. Her “job” was to try to make her computer seem to be mine where she was to look at web sites for operas I have referred to as seen by me at the Duke’s. I have attended the Duke’s (and many theatres) for ever and never once seen this troll there. I went to the Duke’s for an early film on 20/3/17 and leaving, after all that and much more, the Gestapo had a small red car illegally parked but to dart out as I passed to reach mine. They were to claim that red car was the one seen as if leaving near the Duke’s; mine was not to be there. How were they to claim that?

THE ILLEGAL GPS on my car showed them I headed to Lancaster University library so they had a “surprise” for me. A long straight road known as BARTON ROAD is used by many and many speed; it is 30mph. I was not speeding, the Gestapo though hoped I might be and using a large Gestapo van pulled out without warning and had I not been the approaching car, another if travelling even over the speed limit, would have gone right into him. Beyond him was the usual lout hiding behind parked cars he in uniform of grey trackie and he was to dart out in front of my car. This is an old trick and reckless endangering of life. The INTENTION was for the Gestapo to have first chance of claiming I was speeding; the lout was the “back-up” with the MOTIVE being TREASON. AGNES JACKSON AGAIN FOR THE 3RD YEAR RUNNING will have MY car tax reminder letter as that old thief claims to be me. The FACT that she does not drive nor does her invisible twin has to be “accounted” for so the Gestapo use others to claim to be the “small red car” (for example the yob waiting illegally parked by the Duke’s) while they expect to see me off the road and then say JACKSON was me, and she cannot drive so there is no “small red car” on Fell View. The Royal Mail delivers my CAR MAIL to Jackson to aid and abet while mail flyers for the Duke’s have been delivered to 30 Fell View as she JUNE WILLIAMS is also “me”. WILLIAMS does drive and indeed has had 5 FIVE cars IN MY NAME. My recent communication with DVLA about the cars registered to me in FRAUD is causing some “problems” thus if Jackson can be said to be me carless, then that is the problem solved.

The other MOTIVE is that CURWEN 3 horrible old fraudsters from 24 Fell View claim also to be me AFTER an RTA which they did not have; which I have never had BUT they have made about £50.000.00 on that FRAUD and STILL try to claim to be me. 24 Fell View is empty and has been from May 2014 when they decided to claim to be “disabled” after a non-existent RTA and the council thus re-housed them in a flat leaving 24 empty so it could be “improved” from what it was – a self made slum. It is still empty. CURWEN are an old couple Mr and Mrs and his unmarried sister – a “3 some” the Gestapo try to invent me being one of not only with CURWEN but as if Jackson in 26 the “single” and Williams in 30 the “couple” make the 3 some one of whom is to be me. 

The drive back from University was not quite as usual. It was after 11 30pm, a car waited but did not stalk to pretend they drove me, there were no taxis to stalk and pretend; in fact the driver of the one car I knew was being used, sat sending a text, I knew he was alerting someone ahead for them to follow from in front. Aside from the oft used sleazy NHS with lights for NO emergency at all, just to harass, I was through Lancaster when I saw the car to follow from in front. This was a technique employed from 2008 where the trolls would hide behind gate posts, in shrubs, behind cars along the road I was expected to walk. They would then step out ahead of me and walk ahead but constantly look over their shoulder to make sure I was still behind them; following from in front. Then cars were used to do the same. Thus one on the far side of Lancaster waited, this is ANOTHER council estate, one which leads to a 2nd NEWTON and RIDGE and I also live there as well – apparently. Scenes of much as I have to drive by, a car pulled out as my car approached: at that time there was nothing on the road aside from me by then heading east of Lancaster. I slowed down and let them race off to pretend they had driven me from the University. Who could it be? I knew who it was not and then found another car not on my extensive records, KN59 MXS black left at 33 Fell View which I would not have seen had I not walked round to look. I also apparently live in 33 as “disabled” and needing a driver which the Blue Badge fraud of user in DL51 HVL FOUND OUT reported, yet ignored but the unemployed driver gained in that for over 2 years. The elderly, lone lady from 33 Mrs M PECK has “disappeared” and she was to be another me “too disabled” to live in MY house yet not too disabled to live in a 3 bedroomed council house! Mrs Peck is not in 33 Fell View and has not been for 3 years or more; the Gestapo and council just pretend she is there; 33 is empty. The driver of KN59 MXS could be in any house. There will be a glut of “59” car plates now to cover for council sleaze using LT59 FGN to aid and a bet JARVIS in 41 forgers, thieves and fraudsters. LT59 FGN used often e.g.to stalk me Aug Bank Holiday 2016 pretending to drive me about.

On 10/3/17 amid the lunacy round Fell View LA2 9RP with serial fraudsters and thieves, Jarvis in 41 was sent away AGAIN to then return to be me just moving in, (I predicted that as the 11th approaches again and I apparently move in or out on the 11th of every month) the car sent to 45 Fell View DALTON at 8 am with the loud slamming of car doors was with the INTENTION of making me anxious about someone being out as me. That is done often with the INTENTION of making me go out to combat any impersonation of me. I have done that in the past and spoiled much for them: now I just take my photos and do not alter any plans I have. I guess I was right about “them” hoping I’d go out: at 9 58am the loft noises were heard, it was from the 26 Fell View side of my bungalow, no. 28. The “loft noises” are caused by ILLEGAL devices installed ready for me moving into 28 Fell View with the sole purpose of allowing others around to use phones and computers as if their use was mine from 28 Fell View. I have neither phone nor Internet access for personal use.                                                                                                           
AGNES Jackson in 26 fell View either made or received a call as if she was me. At 10 13am a small silver car drew up, not one from my extensive records and the old woman was in RED, short and dumpy supposed to be Jackson’s “identical twin” who is apparently me as Carol Woods or making it seem she is JACKSON the driver and thus Jackson is me as passenger. She knocking for Jackson and they left together, a pair of dumpy, grey haired old trolls in RED. The woman had never been previously: I will attach with this other “identical twins” who have driven Jackson about so she IN RED can be me in my red car. The INTENTION with the old woman sent on 10/3/17 with a small silver car was to somehow validate the thieves and fraudsters in 30 WILLIAMS with PX14 LRJ especially which was to cover for serious criminal K NICHOL with NL03 WKM both silver Peugeots and BOTH linked to me.
I have a photo of Jackson with this NEW IDENTICAL TWIN, this one knocked and asked, “Are you Agnes?” which reminded me of Jackson’s son KENNETH JACKSON who called to INTRODUCE a new “son” for his mother which thug had ginger hair so was to be PROOF she was me but apparently I had gone grey to almost white; my son does not have ginger hair. That thug drove MD02 HGO a silver VW BORA and took part in many frauds.  The previous ‘identical twin’ for Jackson had bleached hair which was almost yellow, she called 3 times, had to introduce herself the first time then never called again. Without my photos no one would think this possible.  On one day, summer 2016, after the Gestapo had had Jackson walking out of 26 Fell View in one jacket, walking round the block, sneaking in via MY rear garden to her rear door then leaving from the front again in another coloured jacket, to be PROOF she was 2 people and did have an identical twin. That day was so funny: CURWEN at 24 Fell View was on one his missions to dump “yellow waste” at 24 (to pretend someone “ill” lived there when it is empty but that bogus RTA FRAUD is out of scope of this) and saw her the 2nd time, “Off out again, Agnes” he’d said, “well, it’s a nice day for it”, (words to that effect). Jackson has done that often; the Gestapo have sat parked in unmarked cars to claim they saw 2 people eventually leave 26 Fell View.

Jackson’s REAL son has a small silver Vauxhall, although at least 50 and a life-long parasite, he has had at least 5 FIVE decent cars since I moved in to 28, the car today, found in wasted police time is to be “confused” with that also. I will ask the Gestapo for all data related as it is clearly arranged and organised IN MY NAME using Jackson who thinks she is me. Let us not forget the “small silver car” RENAULT CLIO LK02 VPF looted from the murdered Mrs Margaret Porter of Flat 3 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA. As earlier data recorded, moving me to 28 Fell View was so that JACKSON in 26 could be the “successor” of the looter of the dead in flat 5 who is the same type as Jackson although she in flat 5 has never had a son. She in flat 5 had a provisional licence in MY name and found out. Jackson never having driven was to be me “too ill” to drive and the Gestapo with sleazy NHS set about trying to make that FACT by trying to make me too ill to drive and claim thus, me without my car was PROOF the old fraudster in 26 Fell View was really me AND, also as the old looter of the dead had not passed the driving test.

On a lighter note I add this: on 8 March 2017 amid the lunacy and entrapments PLANNED of using youngsters and sleazy NHS hiding etc all recorded and sent out, how did the Gestapo try to rewrite MY car on a loader after sloppy road works by COSTAIN building the M6 link road in spring 2016? They firstly used WILTSHIRE Gestapo just north of Salisbury to hover and claim they saw a car on a loader AX03 which was to be PROOF that I apparently drove SX03 SUE the car of old doxy and fraudster who is YET ANOTHER ME. (I know, I told you I couldn’t make this up.) The plans for me while away in Bournemouth were to result in my thinking that the car AX03 and the Gestapo hovering was really MY car months earlier on a loader hundreds of miles north when my car is X165 anyway. Also it is RED which is why the deranged from 26 has gone out again in a RED jacket to be symbolic of MY car which she claims she drove but then was away “ill” (from 5 Dec 2016 to 5 Feb 2017) thus now cannot drive MY car! Except the plans to “see me off” which included the INTENTION of sleazy NHS saying to me, “No luvvie, your car was never on a loader”, or that “No luvvie, your car was silver not RED”, but failing in their manufacturing of “crime” of “luring or kidnapping youngsters” , how were they going to get yet ANOTHER loader in sight of me yet again (I have many photos of those sent round Fell View to hope I forget MY experiences and think what I see after is all I know – it is called “brainwashing”)? They had PL02 THK a BLUE FORD driven by at least 6, but I guess it is a pool COUNCIL car given the change in drivers in such a short space of time. That car has been used to drive about behind me, hide at 2 Hall Drive off Fell View, hide at 2 Milestone Place off Fell View where the exchanges of all within those addresses linked to 2 Copy Lane also off Fell View, 45 Fell View with links to all those and ultimately to claim the link is ME; apparently they drive me about, they collect me and drop me off and I live in all those houses or, those who do are all me. On 8th then when the Gestapo thought their lunatic ideas would “bear fruit” they had PL02 THK at 2 Hall Drive and he had put it in blocks, I took a photo: the deranged and revision history, “No luvvie, it was not your car on a loader – it was one who has driven you about on blocks – it was never your car”. In 2011 the sleazy NHS were told to tell me, “But luvvie, you sold your house” (apparently I was mentally ill as I had apparently forgotten.) Jackson’s name is not on my title deeds.
The Gestapo do not understand that TWIN is actually two, Jackson now having at least 6 on photos we seem to have identical sextuplets not twins. Jackson does not even have a sister. The Gestapo often find “relatives” for people, not real relatives, those deranged and bored enough to PRETEND; they have for example found her not just the ginger haired thug for a “son”, they found her one almost as old as she was, KS53 VLD car driver from NEW PARKSIDE FARM, they found her an unemployed thug from 36 Fell View as his name coincidentally was Jackson (a common local name) so he was HER son as Mr Carol Woods and one to stand outside me in 28 with his phone and “texting” to pretend he made arrangements with me. It was a day I knew was planned for him to go out with Jackson in 26 she being driven, he to go by bus and meet at the DWP medical centre in Lancaster. He was to shave his head as it was obvious his dark hair was not a son of mine, I took photos of all that as proof. The Gestapo have provided Jackson with 3 daughters, all old doxies almost as old as she is and they call once, linger for 5 or 6 minutes, shout so I will hear and “believe” then never call again. They provided her with a “brother” in summer 2016 which “brother” loud mouth to make me hear and “believe” (another to introduce himself) was really sent to check a detail at the rears of 26,28,30  which is significant in the theft by Williams in 30 as on camera. They sent an ordinary “sister” for Jackson not a twin and yet again, a total stranger with KENNETH JACKSON “sent for” to shout pretending she was his aunt when she had no idea who he was, but in that he was to shout about his benefits being “holiday pay” as she loudly was to ask why he was not in work. If only she’d asked me: I could tell her. She stayed 5 minutes, left and never called again. Thus Jackson with an unemployed son suddenly finds herself with daughters, at least 3 sons, grand children (yes, auburn haired pairs have been sent to pretend and they are almost as old as her real son), a brother, sister, 6 identical twins at least and really JUNE WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View is her sister, the Gestapo will confirm that, Williams driving Jackson about in PJ65 WLL and wearing red; it must be true. The photos with this include now the ones of the Jackson lookalikes used on 20/3/17 in Lancaster.

Org Crime Lancs Police led: use cars   27 March 17

 Please feel free to quote me.

2017-01-23-03-43-37 016 and 009 from 20-35-50 2012 I found my name Carol Woods had been removed from my family tree: all family were included except me. That was seen by a daughter, reported, it then reappeared. Who though would have done that? Late 2011 I found that our mother’s death records had disappeared: apparently she had not been dead for over 20 years. The Gestapo were inventing me as if I was my dead mother. That full detail out of scope of this, I had to find out who had removed my name. LYNNE and JOHN AUSTIN 14 Linfield Terrace Blackpool former friends entered the picture surprisingly. She had a clothes stall in The Assembly Rooms Lancaster which she attended 3 days a week; that had been their routine for about 20 years; John Austin did the driving; Lynne never learned to drive. He did not work because of a “back injury” so was available to drive her about. They had no children through choice. That was why I had to be removed from my family tree as Carol Woods has 4 children all adults now.

In 2012 they were not at the stall; various stories emerged as to why it was closed BUT she still had all her overheads to pay mounting to £hundreds for rent alone. YOU paid for that. She was being instructed in basic computer use so she could offer family tree tracing for customers. Lynne is vain and vacuous, selfish and greedy; she uses blonde hair pieces; she has little hair of her own. She was ONE used to pretend to be me. The computer issue was to make her, without even a GCSE, into me as qualified, experienced teacher of IT.  She removed my name so she could be me. Blackpool is an issue with my whistle-blowing see http://www.criticalreader2006.blogspot.com/ thus the Gestapo want me to live in Blackpool when I never have and never will. But more recently PERJURY of Gestapo.

Mr and Mrs Austin have a red Citroen CV, red with white as seen on the attached photos. H reg, see also on the page a fat troll in RED taking a RED taxi. Fat women have stalked me and still do as I am apparently obese and “lost” MY house as I was too fat to live in it! The use of RED is symbolic of my car; the red taxis are used often as they apparently drive me about and I only think I have a red car, Toyota.                                        
In 2015 I was arrested for “following someone to a local airport” no date, no airport named, no victim named. We do not have a local airport; the perjury of all involved was proven. Recently I found out that my son had sent me an email when I was LOCKED UP but which was not in my in box until recently. The Gestapo were holding me in ANOTHER name so my son had to be ignored as that suggested I was me. Now they want to rewrite all that time. They have used the same lowlife perjurers from round Fell View trying NOW to trap me into “following” so the Gestapo can invent a NEW crime for me. AUSTIN has a local airport in Blackpool but it is only seasonal so all the “victims” of my “following”, the “witnesses” and so on have to be covered for. The lunatics try to manufacture as FACT that LYNNE AUSTIN is me in Caton. How?
They find an H reg VW red with white stripes and dump it in Caton. That is the proof. The lowlife then used in entrapments which all failed, the Gestapo see they wasted their time so launched a different “idea”. They found a VINTAGE VW, XTF 178D, my car is X165 thus XTF is “close enough”. The vintage VW was 2 tone to be the Citroen and dumped VW “2 tone”. Mine is just RED. But the VINTAGE was the link to the old clothes she sells. The couple with this VINTAGE VW were then recruited to follow me about and be seen where I was and to pay car parking fees to be PROOF they were there so the Austins had become a pair about 25 years younger than they are. I of course am not one of a couple.

The Assembly Rooms closed for refurbishment New Year 2017 and I was told that Lynne was selling on-line. Thus the Gestapo invent that to be where I am. I go to Morecambe library on 16/3/17 which they see via the ILLEGAL GPS on my car. I find a local troll waiting: she has the hair pieces although brown because the Gestapo want me to have a daughter with long dark hair as I am also, according to the deranged, someone else with dark hair. The troll watches carefully; her screen shows sales of old clothes; she continues to watch me, when I start opening emails she starts to send emails; the COMPUTER MISUSE is for her use to be MINE to make me Lynne Austin selling clothes. Any time the troll saw me noting what she did, she minimised her emails and showed the page of old clothes again; that page did not change. I logged out and left. The red VW appeared again in Caton, on every day traps were set to manufacture crime, extreme provocation ensued but I did not retaliate, by 25th March 2017 they had tried “following” and “anti –social behaviour” then tried COMPUTER crime in having one of their recruits with a phone and computer shop stand outside his shop and, when I passed, he was to waylay me and tell me there was a computer for me to collect. I assured him there was not. The plan had been to have me, as an idiot, accept a lap top so they could then claim I stole it and that was to be the COMPUTER MISUSE and E CRIME rewritten as something which suits the Gestapo more. I do not consider myself to be a moron. There are enough of them involved in my case without me adding to the number. The “crime” would never appear before a jury: it would IMMEDIATELY be said to be “mental illness” to try to get right what they got so wrong on ALL the earlier occasions. It was also to try to link me to a thief Joanne Hall who lives over 60 miles from me and may not be a thief now. The Gestapo have tried to claim she is me for YEARS. In the Uni library from where I send this now, they have PAID a TAXI to stalk me and carry as passenger a HALL type so she can be “seen” here and thus be me. The INTENTION then is to claim their deluded deranged fraudsters and much worse especially round Fell View LA2 9RP are then “free” to be me. BUT so apparently is LYNNE AUSTIN from Blackpool. I told you I couldn’t make this up. Carol Woods Ms The receipt with the photos shows something I bought which suggests I am me with that. Please ask if you want photos of me with my car.


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I am sending the data prepared but add this, the Gestapo cover for fraudsters WILLIAMS in 30 FELL VIEW LA2 9RP see below and HIRE CAR as if they are me. Today they had parked in Caton for over 2 hours a seedy old pair, too young to be WILLIAMS in a RED KIA PJ65 OGO waiting to drive off IF I did (which I eventually did) and they somehow make the FRAUD ID THEFT and more of Sept 2015 (see below sent in 2 parts) invalid! They went north at M6 junction and I got my photo. Parking up AFTER 3 tarty pieces were then sent to pull up hard in front of me to hope I ran into the back of them to rewrite the DELIBERATE ramming of MY car by OLIVER MATHER April 2012 and thus claim I was driving without due care. The Gestapo also had their usual lowlife thugs on cycles riding FAST down the one way system AGAINST the3 traffic on an incline thus recklessly endangering life AGAIN for someone, maybe an inexperienced driver. The hard braking in front of me has been done scores of times over YEARS. I have witnesses. Then they sent a BLACK MAIL in dark grey 2 seater convertible S242 SOJ to park where I always park and where they sent the bleached haired old doxy in SX03 SUE for over 2 years to PRETEND she was me or was meeting me. The usual masonic inversion, bleached haired old doxy now black male stalking me as if I am blind and would not notice. News and someone coves for McCann “murderer” well we know, he’s a Mason, of course he’s covered for.This will go out as soon as possible after all the failed attempts on 25th March 2017. I have reason to believe that thieves and fraudsters CURWEN in 24 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP ONE address they use were using phones to contact Jackson in 26 or Williams in 30 Fell View LA2 9RP on morning of 25/3/17 as has been done before where one party pretends to  be me. CURWEN I found hiding in 24 Fell View after hiding the car they arrived in which is any one on my list of all they have at tax-payers’ expense. YOU HAVE IGNORED THE FORGERY AND FRAUD AND MORE OF CURWEN POSING AS ME TO HIRE EQUIPMENT FROM HARTLEY HIRE despite pretending to be disabled after an RTA. The old woman Mrs CURWEN on Saturday was yet another: we now have at least 5 who pose as her who poses as me. I also was 99% certain that Jarvis hid in 41 Fell View as they had done a week earlier. For those copied this, Jarvis hides their car GN07 AHO and it looks as if no one is home when they are; they stay in the rear of 41 and use the hiding to use their phone as if the use is mine. They claim that, as they were out, the use must have been mine. I have no phone. The Gestapo ruined the last I had by blocking any use at all. They did that to the phone of one of my daughters in 2008 for at least a year: every so often they would release the blocking and she could use her phone again. WILLIAMS stood outside at the front to show they were outside after hiding for over 2 hours indoors at 30 where they used the phone as if it was my use. They stood outside at lunch time to show “look we are not using a phone” which would be when Jarvis would have taken over; they were not out.+

At 18 39 O’CONNER, the thief and fraudster from 39 Fell View walked out of 39. She also claims to be me AT A SECOND ADDRESS AS CURWEN HAVE 2 ADDRESSES. She does that every evening after I park up. She pretends that my parking up is hers and then she walks to her 2nd address as if she is me. Oddly she had no car yet has at least 5 to use, at least 3 are Toyotas to be MY Toyota yet there she was again “carless” so I guess she left any one she uses at the 2nd address as PROOF she, as me, lives there. On 25th she was with yet another old woman who was an AGNES JACKSON type. They SLOWLY walked from 39 to then go along Fell View to no. 12 to PRETEND that they in 12 Fell View, ELY, more thieves and fraudsters, MORE who claim to be linked to me and MORE who have at least 2 decent cars without any work at all-ever, were linked to O’Conner and somehow me as she claims to be me. But so do they. The troll in 12 pretends to be daughter to ME and uses O’Conner as O’Conner claims to be me. The old woman with O’Conner on 25/3/17 had not been seen previously, it was obvious she and O’Conner were “new friends” and supposed to be Jackson as mother to O’Conner thus making O’Conner not me but my daughter and the lowlife Ely a grand-daughter! But O’Conner has never had any children, the last thing Jackson will ever have is grand-children and the old woman with O’Conner was only a few years older than O’Conner who looks about 80 on a bad day. It reminded me of the 3 THREE old trolls you found for Jackson to call and pretend to be daughters when they were almost as old as she was.  Right on cue the sleazy who had been hiding in the rear of 31`Fell View to pretend to drive me as usual but who got the timing wrong, was to return to park at 31 and then confirm O’Conner was seen with an old woman which she was: I can confirm that and also it was a total stranger and NOT Jackson from 26 nor me.

The taxi used along Leslie Ave with the woman “disabled” I assume was another fraud using taxis as earlier I had filmed one pretending he collected me with one of your usual types posing as Carol Woods so that had to be “revised” hence the woman from Leslie Ave off Fell View. For those sent this Leslie Ave is 10 council houses, I live in most of them as well as in 24 round Fell View, at least 2 on Langdale behind Fell View, various in Brookhouse the next village along and the PROOF is in the names of those used: anyone with WOOD/WOODS in their name for example WOODRUFF and WOODHEAD, they are all me. O’CONNER is “me” as she has bleached hair and is a type of old doxy used to pretend they meet me and somehow I sign my house to such old doxies. As the old doxies have been found out and filmed, O’Conner is used to pretend she is ALL those bleached haired old doxies thus they are all me as well. Photos show EXACTLY what those types have been taking part in. The photos of Jackson and her “identical twin”, who is also me apparently, will be sent out a.s.a.p. WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View also has an “identical twin” who is said to be Carol Woods (all identical twins are invisible incidentally).  Incidentally anyone with a red car is me and anyone with a “65” in their car plate as mine is X165 YUB so really any car at all with anything remotely resembling that is me.

The loft noises were heard 10 34pm and again 10 45pm. I knew someone was parked near-by pretending to be in touch with me, or making calls as if it was my use. Thus JARVIS, WILLIAMS, JACKSON in 26 Fell View, the various thugs who are sent to pose as sons of Jackson, CURWEN, DALTON, WOODRUFF and others all use their phones pretending it is my use. To do that they pretend to be out when they hide indoors, I hear the link up via the ILLEGAL devices in my loft installed by BT when I moved in. I heard the loft again at 10 58pm. I had switched everything off after hearing the 10 45pm noises. The troll parked, waiting then drove off thinking I had retired for the night where they drive off and pretend whatever their delusions allow. I let them get at least a mile away then switch everything back on so they have spoiled any intended FRAUD. The Gestapo have arranged this for YEARS, 5 in fact. They arranged it with lowlife along Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ when I rented at 298 Oxcliffe Rd, they would wait to see my light go out then PRETEND I had gone to another address along Oxcliffe Rd. I rented a flat on Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA and they had lowlife parked hiding behind Flat 10 where they could see my flat and thus my light go out, here I have found them hiding in cars hundreds of times using various addresses mostly 29 and 31 Fell View but also 34 and the small car park between 32 and 34. They have hidden in the driveways of 33 and 39 hiding behind hedging. I have a full document of all times and dates I hear the noises, and the result as mostly they result in taxis arriving to PRETEND I have sent for a taxi, mostly they result in deliveries to thieves and fraudsters who do not pay for what they gain. The louder noises start at 23.09 and indicate a computer on which will be 43, 45 or 34.

Sunday, from 9 30am, amid much else which I ignored, I saw at least 2 hiding behind the hedging beloved of idiots and sleazy bordering 37 and 39 Fell View; 2 cars at 37 one OEO6 APY has been reported for stalking, it has at least 3 drivers, at least one has been found lying across the front seats PRETENDING they, parked near my car, were indoors with me. Then, for MONTHS they pretended to drive me to BROOKHOUSE, the next village along from Caton. YOU funded all that; all council sleazy who did not live in 37 but used it as another Fagin’s Den, had received from me a letter warning them that I was informing they then had the warning I was obliged to offer under the Protection From Harassment Act. Those who have read data from me from 2014 know that 37 was used by single parent, MALAYSIAN thief and fraudster who YOU paid to pretend to drive me about and “care for me” as if I was her mother! (Yes, as well as being in 26, 24, 22, 20, 41, 30 as well ALL AT THE SAME TIME PLUS others as above). I have reported the troll OEO6 APY for stalking me SEEN and ON camera yet it was ignored, however the Gestapo can arrest me for “following” an unnamed person to an unidentified airport on an unidentified date. Various use 37 for INTERNET use in fraud. DPD seen racing to Caton 26/3/17 about 10 10 am which is usual after loft noises at night. DPD have told me in writing that all the dates of deliveries in Caton are not on their records: I offered my photos showing when and where, and which drivers but they have not asked me for the evidence of FRAUD.

Lately, a male has appeared at 37 and he commutes between 41, JARVIS and 37 on certain days. His car was FOUND and USED because he’s unemployed and gormless, GN55 JNK is to be the many “55” cars used, those of significance used years ago and to be “covered up” using such as GN55 JNK which using 41 Fell View is also to be GN07 AHO such is the lunacy. Apparently, if a car parks outside one address then drives to park at another it is PROOF somehow that what already exists, exists no more. He is the usual type used and on 26/3/17 was one waiting for me to drive off. The fact that it was Sunday and many “following” acts of lunacy take place on a Sunday, I expected something. I loaded up my rubbish for the tip, and smirking in a “Look at us, we’re clever” act of harassment, they raced off but I delayed. I took a photo of the 2 cars racing off. On my return I found OEO6 APY left by the M6, access to north and south, they were doing what I watched the male lowlife using PE03 LGW with a 2nd vehicle every day for a week where they with 2 cars then converted to 1 and here we have the same. THUS WHO PAYS THE UNEMPLOYED MALE TO DRIVE ABOUT UP AND DOWN MOTORWAYS as O’Conner has done in DG04 UXR, as BLEASDALE has done in WG03 DMW, and various others, many on photos? YOU DO. As I had returned and was not out for long as was expected so that lowlife could pretend they drove from somewhere to move into 37, SV06 also from 37 was to drive along and pretend they drove someone – me. Another “plan” took place; yet more council scum floated at 33 PRETENDING to visit the invisible person. YOU PAY for that as well. They use a key, sit about in 33 then leave and PRETEND they have called on someone. Small red cars are mostly used as that is to be my small red car seen at 33 and not outside me in 28.

The red cars always leave after I take a photo; I took a photo as it showed no cars at 37, mine at 28 and clearly, the lowlife being paid in FRAUD racing along motorways and we have embezzlement seen again: they will NOT be paying for their own petrol costs. YOU will.
As it is Mother’s Day, I knew my son would call, my daughters suffer Gestapo thuggery if in touch as was routine so I only expected my son. He did call and after he left, the lunatics opened the asylum doors again and ANOTHER car was in use at 33 Fell View. It was not on my extensive records RV13 AHD a black VW which is to be the other black VW’s used in FRAUD especially see PE64 HMG below. The tribe of male half-wits was sent to walk by, so, who were they to represent and hope I forgot the original used? Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA and thief and worse SHIRLEY RYCROFT Flat 4, used to be ‘me’ from July 2013 and even after I left Flat 3 where she had bullied to death the occupant of Flat 3 prior to me as she had been told to. Flat 3 was wanted for me. Rycroft has no children so the Gestapo found SOME for her. Thus I move in and she tells me they have no children, soon after she said they had a son in Dubai (from the MARSDEN thieves and worse events of BIDEFORD 2010), then ‘the son’ arrived with wife and 2 small children. I spoke to the wife, she thought I was insane, Dubai? She had never even heard of it. Then the ONE son arrived again, but he was ANOTHER so we had 2 who I was to think were 1. But then we had another and he had 2 children but in 6 months the children from the second son NOT ever in Dubai so, there must have been the one in Dubai as she told me he was there, had aged 6 or 7 years each. One said, as Rycroft opened the door, “Who is it?” They stayed 5 minutes and never called again. Thus we had NO son which she told me and which I found was FACT, then she remembers she has a son in Dubai, then a son calls but he has never heard of Dubai far less been so that must be son no. 2 if one is in Dubai. Then ANOTHER calls but no children, not from Dubai and clearly not the 2nd with tiny children so, son no.3. Then ANOTHER son calls, another 2 children far too old to be those with “son no. 2”, they do not know who Rycroft is (neither did he, I was there when she opened the door), but we seem to have gone from no children to 4 sons. Thus as I am apparently RYCROFT as well as scum in 26 and 30 and so on, the Gestapo sent males to walk up and down outside in a queue almost and with small children thus 2017 is 2013 again and miles away BUT, Rycroft never had any visitors on Mother’s Day as she had no children. Williams in 30, weeks after Mother’s Day 2014 when she and Jackson were so jealous that I had children call, the Gestapo found her 2 months later an old Mother’s day balloon which she was to stick in the rear yard of 30 and PRETEND it was from her Mother’s Day visit as if she had been me.

What about WILLIAMS being me, they in 30 Fell View? They are the same as Rycroft and her horrible husband DEREK. 28 Fell View was wanted for me as Flat 3 had been wanted for me and WILLIAMS bullying liars and worse bullied out the tenant of 28 Fell View as Rycroft had bullied out the tenant of Flat 3 BECAUSE THEY WERE TOLD TO. Both tenants dying in the process - CORPORATE MANSLAUGHTER at least. (Then we have the ‘missing’ from 33 Fell View and why the deranged keep trying to pretend someone is there.) WILLIAMS were to be ME as 30 is really 3 anyone can see that: a jury will be convinced that 30 is 3 and 3 is 30 and 33 is really 3 or 3 but where is 4 in this? A “minor set- back” so they use 41, 14, 24, 34 all Fell View and 34 Quernmore Rd to be the “4” for Rycroft thus as she is apparently me as well then I live in all those with a “4” in the number.


to policing.minis., privateoffice.., privateoffice, hammondp, clarkek, dispatches, info, farront, fieldm, fieldf, homeaffcom, bennh, diane.abbott.mp, alan.beith.mp, contact, me, freedomtalkrad., dominic.kavakeb, johnsonb, hodgem, letters, look.north, letters, sajid.javid.mp

 The black VW as above: PE64 HMG LCC cleaner, they use a lot of cleaners and found JARVIS in 41 a cleaning job as she was me after being found out to claim to drive me about and care for me as invisible, she decided she was me and got the job at Lancaster University as “proof”. That lasted only a few weeks as I found out. WILLIAMS in 30 being me was found volunteer work in HMYOI Lancaster Farms in the education department. That lasted weeks until found out. All that has been recorded DOZENS of times and ignored but now I add this and watch the repercussions. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO QUOTE ME. PE64 OUG a red FORD FIESTA look at PE64 HMG and then see the dark grey TOYOTA YARIS FN59 OUG. Data in relation to that will show the photos and the link to sleazy in”59” cars and why they are FOUND at YOUR expense and used. The OUG is significant: PE64 HMG a cleaner was PAID to park outside me in 28 and PRETEND she drove me BUT as if I was AGNES JACKSON when I had to go to Manchester in June 2016, The Gestapo had Jackson type stalk me for hours to be said to be Jackson in Manchester thus proof she was me. Reported to GMP they referred the matter to Lancashire: I did not laugh, the joke by-passed me completely. 
That troll would then park further afield, wear RED and still pretend she drove me about and pretended she shopped for someone “invisible” taking care to hide her car except not much is hidden from me and my camera. The PE64 was the IMPORTANT part of her car plate: HMG to be OUG and HUNTER in 22 with the Yaris with OUG and it being dark grey as she is me, thus she has a Yaris (as do I) but it is dark grey because Williams is me (mine is RED) so it follows that Hunter being me has a dark grey Yaris with a plate to be confused with WILLIAMS’s PE64 OUG with a black VW and dark grey Yaris thrown in the melting pot to confuse a jury in this.     

Williams had PK62 NXJ dark grey Peugeot; after I typed this on 26/3/17 the Gestapo found an old male to call to 30 fell View a total stranger with a RED FIAT PK12 OMT to be PK62 plus OMG, OUG, and YOU paid the Gestapo to spend time ILLEGALLY reading this and then trawling records for a car to suit with an idiot with nothing else to do at 5pm on a Sunday but to call on a pair of fraudsters to aid and abet.   He started to bang about by wall sockets to rewrite the Gestapo at 26 removing their ILLEGAL equipment Aug 2014 RED Vauxhall, PLUS the SKY in 30 IN MY NAME PLUS the TV farces that followed and then the computer E CRIME with COMPUTEK and they go to the rear of 30 and PRETEND they call on WOODS. Why did the drive of PK12 OMT park by MY car then walk all the way round to the rear of 30 so that maracas mouth could start to pretend to be me again? I switched off my mains power, all the noises along the party wall ceased.   
 RYCROFT does not drive YOU paid 2 sleazy council trolls to drive her about in Y96 OBU a large light sea green Rover from July 2013 to March 2014 and beyond to stalk me and PRETEND she was me. RYCROFT like the deranged in 26 Fell View, Jackson who is also me, wore RED to be symbolic of MY CAR. Thus the council scum floating are in pairs (PE08, PE56, LT59, SV08, OEO6, GN55 etc) to be RYCROFT’s fraudsters driving her about AT YOUR EXPENSE. Rycroft used the looted money of the former tenant of Flat 3 HALIFAX as CS Bayly’s Babe in Flat 5 took the car YK02 VPF. (The Gestapo even paid AA driving school today to drive to and fro Caton as Bayly’s babe had SOME driving lessons with the AA school giving MY name as learner.) She in Flat 5 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA and RYCROFT attended COURT in Lancaster as me and my sister 6 March 2014. I took photos of them going in KY02 a silver Audi found by the Gestapo to hope it muddied waters of investigation with YK02 VPF the SILVER CLIO looted from a murder victim. I took photos of them returning Rycroft in the most hideous black outfit (twice my size and nothing I would wear) and the Flat 5 looter in her “black” with a black bag so distinctive and on camera. That bag was nothing I would have. The Audi found (all at your expense) KY02, I then found at 2 Newlands Rd Lancaster, yet more council scum floating and that is partly why I am said to live in anything “2” as well as every other house in Caton and area PLUS Penhale Gardens flats etc. I reported that I had found the Audi used in ID THEFT, PERJURY, FORGERY, FRAUD etc, returned to see what else I could find out, they had been advised to remove the licence plates, then it disappeared. All this has massive amounts of data; all sent out and reported to those who should act but haven’t. And of course I have thousands of photos. We can ask RYCROFT for her photos; if she is me then she has my photos.

Back to PE64 OUG the RED FORD FIESTA, September 2015 after seeing how the Gestapo muddy waters using other cars and lowlife to hide FACTS. WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View, she who dyes her hair yellow and orange from time to time to be me; she who walks about in RED and thinks she is me in my car AT THE SAME TIME AS JACKSON et al. The car was hired; I went to check it all out, took my passport and photos of Williams: it had been hired in my name. The car was retrieved quickly. It had been RED because my car is red and they had a dark grey Peugeot but needed to claim they had a red car if they wanted to continue the fraud of being me. Then this last week and the WESTMINSTER HORRIFIC EVENT of brainwashing leading to murder.

It was recorded that the murderer hired a car. To hire a car one needs to produce one’s driving licence. To hire a car one needs to produce a BANK CARD with plenty of funds. Thus the lowlife in 30 to hire PE64 OUG had to have a driving licence in my name, a bank account and bank card – EXACTLY what I have reported from my moving into 28 Fell View on 24/3/14 and seeing within hours what bullying lowlife and liars at best I was next door to.

After my son left on 26/3/17, I went to my rear garden; the deranged are opening and closing their door when I do as they pretend they are me in and out BUT now we have ANOTHER “identical twin” found for the thief and fraudster in 32 Fell View, LAMB. She who claims to be my dead mother. She now has an identical twin except this old woman had never been previously, is nothing like Lamb, not as old aside from anything else. Like Jackson’s “sons” who had to be introduced to her, like her identical twins who all had to check they were at the right house and she was who they had been sent to meet, like the deranged in 30 who think if they are at the rear of 30 they are Woods while at the front they are Williams and pretended only 25/3/17 that they had just moved in again but trying to make 32 seem to be 30 which would mean we had all moved along one and thus I was in 30 not 28. This is done often; apparently there are only 3 bungalows here: only I think there are 4, clearly I am hallucinating in seeing 4.
Major interference at 15 33 on 26/3/17 just to open this word doc. WOODRUFF from 2 Fell View used to be 2 Newlands Rd as above, is at 45 Fell View, used to be Flats 4 and 5 Penhale Gardens. Ignoring most sent, they being the half-witted to walk up and down, talk gibberish very loudly and so forth. One issue that crops up time and time again is how lucky one is to be alive. July 2003 and BILL RALPHSON senior Gestapo, early retired as usual, Lancashire, sent to tell me, “It’s time to consider your health” - a veiled threat*. LCC had just had Ms B LIAR represent them in the High Court and lost their case re MY whistle-blowing. He then said, “What about your children?”  How did he know I had any? Another veiled threat. And then, (all this virtually in one breath as it was the list he was sent to reel off to me), “She could have died anyway” (Sheila Bridge, murder victim my whistle-blowing – corporate manslaughter). And that is what they aid and abet murderers NOW with; Rycroft and her retinue of bullying looters and worse, I can just hear LCC saying, “She (Mrs M Porter) could have died anyway”. The FACT being she had not died until she was bullied to death. They will say that about the old lady who had 28 Fell View prior to me, and so on. Thus, those 4 people murdered in London, they could have died anyway, are they now going to abolish murder as a crime as everybody “might have died anyway”? Logic of Lancashire lunatics. *In my data sent out on 25/3/17 I record that an inarticulate yob from Lancashire Gestapo posing as another from West Yorks police did threaten me with “something happening to a close relative” (if I did not cease my case). They chose my brother to start with, but the threat was May 2006 NOT 2007 as my data records. The 2007 was when they started to manufacture a criminal case against him. Perjury seen and ignored, males posing as David Mainwaring solicitor when Mainwaring knew nothing of what went on and so on.

Shortly after I typed the data re WOODRUFF at 45 (see how they INTENDED and PLANNED to use that fraudster on 25/3/17 as above), she drove off from 45 back to 2. The Gestapo see what I type ILLEGALLY and act on it which is what leads to so many “reproduced” events. The white van and thug was sent to drive by and the afternoon shift of lowlife hiding at the rear of 31 left as I began to cut my front lawn. Rycroft has no lawn anywhere she is in a first floor flat. The references to “bad backs” are not just to hope I forget JOHN AUSTIN married to Lynne but as she is me he is apparently married to me (photos to go out), with John off work over 25 years to drive his wife about for her used clothes business. RYCROFT claims to have a bad back and had never worked claiming to be disabled with my photos showing what a liar she was/is. Reported and ignored she was ANOTHER the Gestapo visited socially while supposedly on duty. The use of RYCROFT again is because of my Royal Mail TREASON data sent out with the 4 writ large showing how they arranged to deliver her my mail. The “identical twin” of thief in 32, LAMB was to be a seedy old woman supposedly ANOTHER who was my dead mother, SYBIL WESTWELL flat 2 Penhale Gardens and the Gestapo seeing my photo of the old woman sent on 30/7/15 to wait and then go to Nat West bank Morecambe as I was in that area and PRETEND she was me using the bank as WESTWELL. Westwell used her address in bank fraud as I have the mail for me from Nat West with the large 2 written to make sure that old thief got that. I have no account with Nat West. And then we move on to Flat 5 and my car mail going to Flat 5 with the large 5 written on and MR Sleazy caught red handed, and then we move on to Flat 13 BARBARA LENNON which took me almost 3 years to find out why she was to be me; she was the LENNON from 298 thief and fraudster except she wasn’t; she was a name the Gestapo could use and why LENNON in 29 Fell View was icing on the cake when they decided 28 would do for me. I have not scanned the other mail for me with the ADDED NUMBERS yet.

At 5pm a bogus someone was sent to 30, maracas mouth was so excited to be involved again, the caller never previously at 30 or anywhere in Caton had a red car and I thought of R004 LMZ red was sent to be a “friend” to RYCROFT but he posed as Mr Carol Woods and claimed he lived in MY flat. He would arrive, park up and sit in Flat 4 and PRETEND, just like Williams do, Mr is left indoors and she goes out via the rear in PJ65 WLL and pretends she is me as she is without Mr. The photos I scanned, the Gestapo try to rewrite: taxis harassing at MY house 2008 was the motive of taxi use on 25th March.: the bleached haired old doxy with a roughneck and long, straggly hair caught out in a FRAUD pretending they were me with a daughter on 24/10/16 they had O’Conner try to act out again on 25/3/17. The shaved headed yob stalking me seen on photos where he has to dart into a doorway trying to hide 17/8/16 was rewritten by the shaved headed male with the YD white Mercedes at Sainsbury’s on 25/3/17, the male with the Sainsbury shopping fraud on 13/3/15 and his dark green jacket was rewritten by lout outside here on 24/3/17 pretending to be SSE reading a meter for someone who had just moved in,  there were a number of photos of VICTORIA ST Morecambe and what has taken place along there with stalking and fraudsters pretending to have met with me so there will be more of those when I walk along there again. The red van of 27/7/15 in a bogus delivery to 30 after the ROYAL MAIL TREASONABLE ACT and entrapment of me 27/10/14 had failed is the clown outside NOW as I type this, the fat trolls were to be one caught red handed trying to pose as me in a shop where I routinely sent my faxes from; she was to be me with the proof being that I had just sent my fax. I sent no faxes then and found her driver in PK11 FPX dark blue Ford hiding, sleazy council aiding and abetting and a car I had found from Jan 2014 parked outside me in Flat 3 with the driver hiding by laying across the front seats. The troll had bleached hair so we have those like the foul mouthed lowlife from 34 Quernmore Rd chosen for their bleached hair.  The use of fat women is to be me “disabled through obesity”. Mills in 20 Fell View and 7 Leslie Ave who have both posed as me for GAIN are more than large. The photos of a bleached haired older doxy with an arm full of mail seen on photos 9/6/14 and the posting as me when she was told to watch for my car and then post when she thought I would not see. Thus such as O’Conner is used as she is that same type so she is PROOF the woman on my photos is me which is odd as I took one from inside my car. I am sure the lunatics will think of a reason for a jury how I could do that. One photo of an old fraudster 24/7/15 where she in the lunacy then conducted every time I went to use the University library, was to stand by the scanner and then walk off and PRETEND she had been there to meet me. The Gestapo did that often but now the scanner has been moved so the photo cannot be reproduced.

On Saturday 25th, a market stall I frequent, the male serving was told to engage me in conversation about Wednesday last and talk to me as if I had not been there for the street market then. Why? The Gestapo illegally reading my emails of reminder from my dentist of my appointment, wanted to claim I was not in Lancaster Wednesday 22 March 2017 thus was not me paying my water rates and then going to my dentist; that was to be said to be someone else such as RYCROFT who they have used outside MY dentist March 2015 to PRETEND she was me inside. Thus I will not use that stall again: they never fail, I have had the most ludicrous tales told to me on instruction by smaller shop keepers, stall holders which is all harassment and brainwashing. I cease patronising them; most have not stayed the course and had to cease trading. Because I cease patronising them, the Gestapo sending idiots to be someone they want to be me, waiting to enter when I do, and thus seen when I am there which apparently is proof they are me and I am not there, they then do not need to be sent as I am not going; that trade is lost as well. One small shop keeper who was not recruited for a while would say to me that I always seemed to take a flood of other customers with me and would I please walk in and out every hour. Then they were recruited so I ceased patronising that shop as well. The old woman waiting for me at the stall on 25th to then suddenly decide she would make a purchase was an Agnes Jackson type.
These are names of persons in the immediate area and why the Gestapo want me to be at various addresses including the next village along. CURWEN 3 Sycamore Crescent (notice the 3 which they interpret anyway that suits in lunacy) which is also a name of thieves and fraudsters posing as me from 24 Fell View PLUS an Edith Curwen of Flat 15 Penhale Gardens. HICKS 15 Sycamore Crescent note Hicks in 43 Fell View with his partner MAUREEN McHARRAN who is also me. WOODHOUSE is 3 Sycamore Rd so we have “3” yet again. Remember the Gestapo had the digit 2 painted out from the number plate at 32 Fell View to make it look like ‘3’. I then find a pair GREENWOOD, yet another JACKSON, another WOODHOUSE at 43 Copy Lane and 51 is WILLIAMS. 22 Quernmore Rd is another Williams and she has been used as she has a red car, 32 and yet more JARVIS who are also me in 41 Fell View. The use of Sycamore Rd/Crescent in Brookhouse is explained now when I find the names which are used round Fell View and to muddy waters of investigation. Poor Mrs Greenbank in 28 prior to me, she never stood a chance.

On 27/3/17 after the days of thuggery to hope they got a “result” for 23rd to be 23/10/08 then 24th to be 24/3/14, then 25 and 26 to lead to 27th to be 27 Oct 08 MY house and officer Tracey Kennedy posing as me 27 Nov 09 in Newcastle Magistrates Court, they had the usual sleazy council employee arrive 33 to PRETEND at exactly the same time as lowlife in FE02 VDK the shopping thieves were sent to 20 MILLS. The loft noises of late evening 26/3/17 after a day of harassment to hope they got their result for 27th again, will be said to have been calls to the lowlife using other houses round Fell View but pretending they are all ONE they use. This time in 2013 the Gestapo and their lowlife then, they who they gave lifts to in order to get them to 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ to pretend they lived there, they had STUART WILLIAM ROGERS aka STEVE aka DAVE found out as one of MILLS thieves types and was forced to sign as available for work so had to cease being Mr Carol Woods so they gave lifts to a T GATEBY/GATENBY and he was to wear RED and stand at the landlady’s door as I paid my rent and PRETEND he stood there was PROOF he paid my rent and he was MR CAROL WOODS and I wasn’t there – apparently

Harassment in org crime Lancs police led  27 March 17

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Please feel free to quote me: This records events AFTER I left Lancaster library from where I had sent my emails re ORGANISED CRIME POLICE LED Lancashire and TREASON also police led. Without recording all I record the salient details: to rewrite the old roughneck woman they have used for over 2 years to PRETEND to be me she hiding where I park my as routine then stepping out to pretend she had just parked it thus was me, she was a cleaner for the NHS Now at least 70 she is MI6 recruit. She was used to be me as if I was AGNES JACKSON thief and worse 26 fell View who claims to be me BUT as if she was also a type of JUNE WILLIAMS 30 Fell View paid by the Gestapo to pose as me. Both are horrendous old lowlife parasites and much worse. The CLEANER post was to be JARVIS in 41 Fell View found out to be a cleaner at Lancaster University and pose as me and PRETEND my references to the Uni were that deluded troll’s as a cleaner IN MY NAME. BUT see below and 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ of 2012. I noticed the loud, foul mouthed unemployed lowlife was at 34 Fell View again as she thinks 34 Quernmore Rd is the same as 34 Fell View and she pretends the 2 addresses are really my 2 addresses. The Gestapo are desperate to have me at 2 addresses in the usual Masonic inversion of reversing their lowlife found out in doing just that. See below and how the Gestapo provide free taxi rides to aid and abet. Remember also that they call socially to 34 Quernmore Rd, another you would not wish your son to bring home or your daughter to associate with.

Near my car I saw the male would-be-fraudster in S242 SOJ of earlier to be the female thief and fraudster in SX03 SUE had gone: the usual council sleazy waited to race off and PRETEND they drove me except I went to B and Q. Today the council pushed through my letterbox a card for the next voting date of local elections which is a miracle: in 2014 after I moved to 28 Fell View and started to unravel the frauds and lowlife posing as me in FRAUD, the council, I found, had removed me from the electoral register. The Electoral Commission AGAIN had to force them to re-add MY name at 28 Fell View. AGAIN? Yes they have been removing my name from 2005 to pretend I was not me in MY house and then anywhere else I “lived”. That is out of scope of this but now you know. Near my car was also a red VW car S419 KLJ with 3 parking tickets DOUBLE YELLOW LINES as if an idiot would leave a car there. They hadn’t. The Gestapo had left it there to be MY car and from MY BOOK about them not allowing me to have parking tickets as the thugs pretended I was not me with my car so Vol 3 records why I could park anywhere. Thus recently, the thugs wanted to force me into an act where they had their sleazy BACK DATE a photo and then another and then send me 2 tickets in one week. The Gestapo shot themselves in the foot. The plan of that time failed and I had 2 tickets paid for which suggested that lowlife were not me in whatever car they had which was registered to me. I also had the usual troll waving about an item to post: good for her: that was her posting not mine.

I took a photo of the car with 3 THREE tickets in a farce. Why is that to be MY car, it is not even a Toyota, it is not X reg and so on. Prior to that, ignoring the usual sent to harass and pester, I record a male who is used and has been for YEARS. I do not know him but know who he is: he is the personification of a spent firework of years ago: on 27/3/17 he was to walk about with SOCKS waving them about: why? That was done months ago when AGNES JACKSON was to walk to 26 Fell View waving about 2 baby’s T shirts to pretend she had grandchildren! She had been caught out in DWP FRAUD claiming to be me but that is not for this data. He with the socks? That was a detail from MY book Vol 3 now being typed which means the Gestapo are stealing MY data as I type it as usual. Thus what I will do is to send out via email every so often 2 or 3 pages from MY book as the data names names, car details, dates and events which the Gestapo want to PRETEND did not happen. In the data typed I refer to JOANNE HALL so it was not surprising to find a lowlife type of Hall sent to UNI to type a word document and PRETEND she was me as HALL. On my photo; she is nothing like Hall. In my book data I also name a THOMAS/TERENCE GATEBY/GATENBY who the Gestapo would pick up from where he really lived in Morecambe and give him a lift to 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ where he did not live but they pretended he did as MR CAROL WOODS.
How can they now reintroduce Gateby with his 2 names at least? He is short, very overweight, almost bald and at least 60, managing not to work for ever with his various false claims at different addresses. With the troll who is supposed to HALL who is supposed to be me NOW as I type this, they have found an older male, heavy, thick set scruffy with a shaved head in a pattern which type deters employers which is the point; the last thing the Gestapo recruits want is a job. I have his photo; he has a pile of books near as PROOF he is a student except term ended last week and he clearly has never read a book in his life. The Gestapo started to tell their recruits, when sent or dropped off (the Gestapo often drop them off and today I saw one Gestapo leaving this area, then see him sitting there and suggest they dropped him off to be GATEBY again) to grab a pile of books to look as if they studied: they are deluded. (Hall lives over 60 miles away, Gateby or whatever name he uses now lives at least 15 miles away.)
Prior to the troll now supposed to be HALL they had a taxi waiting and the usual lowlife stood about on street corners to say where I was heading using their phones. After B and Q they had a thug in a white van stalking to be a photo they had ILLEGALLY seen of a white van in London stalking me Sept 2016; he though had to continue as I pulled in to the only space available as I was to pass. The FRAUDSTER I only know as “MARK” landlord from the ROBERT GILLOW PUB used to pose as a solicitor in 2012 on 23 Nov 2012 using a fat old woman who posed as a cleaner at 298 Oxcliffe Rd to me BUT was really posing as ME to others. That was the PERJURY, FORGERY and more 23 Nov 2012 when ALAN McTEAR, murderous lowlife claimed to be my partner and claimed EXTRA DWP monies in FRAUD. The fat cleaner as I referred to her given there was a thin cleaner had posed as me. The old woman who stands about at the NHS as cleaner and thinks she is me  was to be that “fat cleaner” seen where I always was after parking my car thus “proof” I was McTEAR’s horrendous old troll. The repulsive MARK is used often; he hides where the Gestapo know where I am, in cafe etc and he uses his phone and PRETENDS to be me or with me, he claims to be MR CAROL WOODS. I have some excellent photos. That thug dresses in RED to be me in my car; he is bearded and I caught him out again today as I pulled in to let the white van thug pass. Had I not done that I would not have seen the sleazy “Mark” hiding BY THE POLICE STATION using his phone to pretend he called a taxi for me. How do I know? I saw him, I saw the usual taxi thug hiding to then drive out as I passed and he had the usual troll as passenger. I saw he drove to Uni; they were pretending that troll was me having had that scum ring a taxi for me. How did they know I would go to the Uni? They stalk and use the police station area EVERY SINGLE TIME I drive round just in case I continue to Uni in the traffic flow. Today though they ILLEGALLY ACCESSED AN EMAIL I SENT SAYING I WOULD SEND MORE LATER (after the library): oddly the lowlife in the library harassing are not here so we seem to have something not quite right; they seem not to be me.

All morning the fraudsters in 26, 30 and 41 Fell View at least used their phones as if it was my use, taxis arrived and left empty of passengers; they were pretending that I rang for a taxi when it is the lowlife who do that. I see a taxi and then return indoors so he’s wasted his time. I took a photo of the taxi with the troll (believe me, these are all lowlife you would not want your sons to bring home, you would not want your daughters to associate with) PN59 ZDJ white Toyota was the taxi hiding ILLEGALLY by the police station as that is the only place they can wait to join the one way system. Thus we have it AGAIN, ILLEGAL ACCESSING OF MY DATA and use of scum to harass and hope to rewrite history. I called in to BOOTHS supermarket so anyone who is me will have my receipt for my purchases. The dark grey S242 not parked, a seedy old male in a red 2 seater convertible, Mercedes had joined the fray S100 LAX so they are going to all that trouble to rewrite the old doxy in SX03 SUE. I’ll bet she’s one they call on socially as well. I have just scanned more photos which is driving them into a frenzy; that is their problem; they should not be so nosy and watch ALL I do.
My book then, when I send out sections from time to time please note they are the notes for the book, the details, the bare bones. With this I send the data below and s canned till receipts which show that those posing as me on that occasion were probably not me as I was somewhere else.

These receipts I scanned to illustrate how FRAUD, HARASSMENT is arranged but which fails because I have my till receipts. Imagine how many people have been ruined by fraudsters because they do not prove they were elsewhere, doing something else from where the fraud PLANNED takes places. The MO must have been successful for YEARS because they keep doing it.

10/3/17 the day that the thief and worse AGNES JACKSON 26 Fell View was driven off in a small silver car dressed in RED to be me as her identical twin leaving me to be out as if I was someone else. I go to Sainsbury’s which is my routine: more and more over recent weeks I have found old doxies who are parked and they “dressed up” are to walk about the car park and PRETEND they have met with me in the cafe. I have used the stores’ WiFi in the past and now they want to PRETEND I, seen in the cafe plus the old doxies seen walking about and somehow that is PROOF I have met with them. The Gestapo thought of that after MY BOOK data of Aug 2008 was ILLEGALLY seen where one of their old doxies DAWN MORRIS FRAUDSTER pretends by parking outside MY house in her silver AUDI Lancaster that it is PROOF she has met with me. Thus now the Gestapo want to PRETEND that then is now and actually she gave me a lift to shop! (My car in my garage, I walked that day.) The use of ‘well past their sell by’ old doxies is to recreate that event of August 2008. It is why silver cars are used mostly, Audis if possible.

At the Lancaster store, I spot the old doxy, parading up and down “dressed up” and pretending. She walks about to be seen and then walks back to her SILVER car when I walk out with my shopping: she has bought nothing; she is not there to shop; she drives off as I begin to drive off and that is apparently PROOF I have met another old thief and fraudster. Thus, my parking ticket for my arrival is timed for the half hour “free” 14 54 so, I arrive at 14 24. My check out receipt is timed at 14 46, thus I apparently manage to get all my shopping, queue to pay and in less than half an hour and STILL meet with a deluded old troll.
I then drive to the University and pay to park as the free time does not start so early. I arrive at 15 19 as the 2 hour paid for shows my 2 hours time ends at 17 19. Along the route there are all kinds of farces involving lowlife from Caton all sent with scripts and in the usual cars of trolls PL02 THK for example. (YOU fund all that.) Leaving, I found another troll had parked, on the empty car park right next to my car; she arrived AFTER me pretending HER car was mine and presumably I was not there. OR, that I was Jackson and she was the driver with the “small silver car”. BUT Jackson was not out; she had been driven round and dropped off to sneak in at the rear and PRETEND to be out so that when I went out I was her!  The car parked NV06 WMC a silver Mazda (Mazda cars feature much in this from 20/4/14 when MAZ 7675 parked out of sight of me with the driver then sneaking into 30 Fell View to PRETEND they were me and were arranging to sell MY house as they are me and “too disabled” to live in it!) I drove off and called into Sainsbury’s on my return, timed at 18 19, did not shop, just wanted the ticket as if I was there I was not with any silver car of any make and any old doxy pretending anything.

TREASON Lancaster area police led  27 March 17

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Mail today went to 30 and 26 Fell View; I had nothing again. Please feel free to quote me: Dear Sirs I CAROL WOODS MS have already tried to send this once but prior to sending the whole emails “disappeared” so we know who to blame for that. This is what I wish to report and record: 23/3/17 I was delivered of mail dated 3 March 2017; it had been withheld (a criminal offence) so that ‘they’ have something to deliver when REAL MAIL for me is to go to others and today I guess AGNES JACKSON as he delivered to her in 26 Fell View LA2 9RP AFTER he delivered the old mail to me in 28. This is an old FRAUD and they decide what to withhold to then deliver while someone else gets the REAL mail. Today the item for me was just a council circular, not too important but withholding is a criminal offence. The INTENT, MALICE, FORETHOUGHT, PLANNING AIDING and ABETTING is seen. Attached I send an example of many events of TREASON which stem from this type of FRAUD and HARASSMENT. In 2015 after HEARING and SEEING Jackson in 26 and WILLIAMS in 30 be delivered of RECORDED and SPECIAL DELIVERY FOR ME as they are both me, apparently, the Gestapo and their sleazy in NHS decided to say I was “hallucinating”. BUT I have it in writing from a REAL psychiatrist that I do not hallucinate and imagine things. Actually if they’d have asked me for photos, we could have saved ourselves all that trouble.
In that I sealed my letter box and told the postmen that they had to knock to give me my mail. No, they didn’t have time to knock, he was going to take a photo of my letterbox and tell his sorting office manager than I would have to collect my mail. Despite a national initiative to do that: I apparently do not have that right and have not had from 2011; he shot himself in the foot.
Another “idea” was hatched. I had asked what he did if he had recorded or special delivery for people; did he just throw them away to save time in knocking for signatures? What if the item was too big for letterbox, some are very narrow, well I guess they’d just go in the bin as well, they would take up far too much time in knocking.
There we have it, a “service” to the customer. In that, the sleazy STILL delivered to me old mail saved up and then knocked at 30 or 26 Fell View or, even 41 right across from me, and they signed for what I should have had. BUT he also knocked anyway to PRETEND he was at MY door knocking for me to take MY mail from him. No, he had not time to knock on my door but lots to knock at 26, 30, 41 and 20 plus others when necessary. He had all the time in the world to stand chatting to the thief in 20 Fell View K MILLS but as the Gestapo call socially while supposedly on duty it will not come as a surprise to read that about the postman. I stood for weeks at my door waiting for the mail and still received nothing they did not want me to have. I then added this NO JUNK MAIL sign. I keep it fresh as it can fade with time.
I think this looks like NO JUNK MAIL. If I have misspelled it or given an unclear message, would someone please let me know? It also shows 28, dear me, not 26, not 30, not 41 nor any of the 10 on Leslie Ave off Fell View where I apparently live, not any of the 23 others along Fell View where I apparently live, not the few on Langdale rear of Fell View nor Copy Lane off Fell View, nor Brookhouse the next village along, no 28 Fell View (some streets where I apparently live do not have numbers as high as 28). We seem to have a FRAUD in progress. But using 30 Fell View the postie thinks nothing of popping along there 3 hours before his usual time and then back at his usual time so they get MY mail and then they get theirs.
The junk mail in the letterbox delivered to me 20/3/17 FARM FOODS leaflet AGAIN. (The photo of the NO JUNK MAIL sign was photographed and scanned weeks ago on equipment which records the date just to save the Gestapo time in claiming I only added it after the junk was delivered to me.) The shop is used often as are a few others similar for cheaper goods. But Farm Foods do NOT pay Royal Mail for delivering junk. They leave the leaflets in the shop for customers to pick up should they wish. Aldi has a similar practice,, local factory outlets etc. I have seen and caught on camera sleazy posties in Royal Mail vans at places where they collect the leaflets WITH INTENT TO DELIVER INSTEAD OF MAIL. They claim then that they delivered something but the “something” is junk and not even real junk mail and real junk mail goes to every address not just to me. On scores of such occasions I have stood at the gate and watched to see where the postmen go after delivering such to me. Often they go nowhere else, or nowhere in sight of me and I can cover at least 30 houses from my gate.
Boots staff told me a week ago that my loyalty card mail shot was in the post with vouchers for discounted offers. I have not been delivered of that. I have not have my Holland and Barratt loyalty card mail shots and offer coupons for almost a year when I should have 4 a year. I have had no Duke’s mail shots as I have stated previously, for 2 years at least, and my car DVLA tax reminder is missing for the 3rd year running.


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 Jarvis then walks from 41 with a PINK bag and goes to the empty 33. She is daughter to an invisible person now so we have another HUNTER! In 2010 one of my daughters bought me gifts presenting them in a gift bag best described as being pink. The Gestapo thus use their lowlife and provide pink bags as that is proof they are my daughter. They have not seen the bag so use any old pink bag. HUNTER in 22 claimed I lived there from May 2014 as HIS mother being cared for and driven about by them, from 2015 FOUND OUT they claimed I was her mother then she claimed to be me. It was EXACTLY what was taking place at 41 at the same time and 12 Fell View and so on. I record that on data illegally seen typed: there is a change of plan. By 3pm LT59 FGN had been sent for. This is council sleazy caught stalking me and one car used in many frauds. The blue car left after I took a photo; they dispersed which is why the sleazy in LT59 was sent for: ANOTHER ATTEMPT.
Then I went out to work in my garden and a pair of loud mouths sneaked from behind 31 and walked off towards 22 and then along Fell View obviously having hidden their car. (I have lived in 31 Fell View as various MR CAROL WOODS as well as myself when it was a designated NHS establishment doubling as a scruffy council house full of unemployed half-wits. As I said, I couldn’t make this up.) The hiders were the “Hello” and “Bye” fraudsters pretending to have met with “someone” but as I was outside gardening they had to leave. I was the “someone”. That was when LT59 thought she’d get the desired result.  I was not surprised to find the sleazy in PE08 ZRX arrive also to 41. My son called unexpectedly; he seemed to know where I lived without my telling him I had moved.
By 6 20pm we’d had the Leonard Tyler van at 37, (I live in 37 after an RTA, being cared for by 3 council sleazy apparently that is why I am not in MY house, I am TOO DISABLED to live in my house so live in one in Caton instead!) the firm used to make me forget someone I know called LEN. In this the expectation is that sleazy NHS will say to me, But luvvie, it was a van not someone you knew” as they were told to say to me in 2011, “But luvvie, you sold your house” but forgot as apparently I have Alzheimers and dementia as well.  After my son left, the thieves in FE02 VDK were sent for; they parked outside me and not outside thieves in 20, MILLS. The car is used in shopping frauds. I apparently lived with MILLS in 20 Fell View (as well as her sister in 7 Leslie Ave) as I am their aunt according to them.  The unemployed in FE02 (Gestapo escort May Bank Holiday 2016 to pretend they drove me to live in 20 Fell View yet again) go shopping for “someone” unable to go themselves – me in fact, invisibly in 20 Fell View. They then keep what they buy using council cards for themselves. She in 18 does the same: PE08 ZRX driver, they are all taking part.
I had heard of a solicitor getting in with the wrong crowd and using drugs then trying to put a man’s head through a train window and horses for a couple who they don’t like children; much taking place in Wales. Then the solicitor was found out and struck off, lost the family home and ended up in a flat, divorced but only with 1 son. What was that drivel supposed to make me forget?
FYLDE and my whistle-blowing and the working farm seized illegally; horses are always used to trot up and down when the Gestapo have a plan in place where they hope I see them and forget FLYDE. If they have no horses to show they talk of them so I’ve had some truly silly horse tales told. The ’don’t like children’ is to hope I forget LCC having Westmorland House, home for disturbed adolescent boys set alight to make it unfit for purpose and as a listed building they wanted to demolish it and claim the land. This is what Ms B Liar is party to.
I had a former friend SUSAN HOLT from 2010 sent with her harassment and thinking MI6 might then give her a job; she was to tell me about an invisible railway sleeper put through her window, to hope I thought of railway sleepers and forgot my brother worked for Network Rail. It was also to be the windows wrecked at MY HOUSE. I was to confuse them with what a former friend was sent to tell me and that was repeated in the drivel about the solicitor in a railway carriage. We had the “got in with the wrong crowd” and “struck off” so we have me as Joanne Hall a niece. Class A drug user from the age of 15, and apparently she was/is me and bought MY house via the proceeds of crime so I lost MY house as Hall was me and had been a drug user. Hall’s name is not on my title deeds; she gave birth to my son as me 4 years before she was born according to Lancashire lunatics.
The “struck off” is the comment to me 2406569/01claim against LCC Social Services: “You are getting people struck off, you are getting people sent to prison” Chairman Manchester Employment Tribunals BRIBED PERJURER himself which is why Mike Todd was prosecuting him as well. “I did not ask them to commit perjury” I replied, “It isn’t my fault I’ve found them as liars under oath”. I was also told that bible bashers were met on a mountain pathway by 2 mountain bikers; that would be Jarvis I was confusing, the 2 Gestapo bikers of 22/3/17 escorting a yellow car and pretending it was a Mini which they did in May 2014 and pretended then it was an ambulance with me after ‘my’ RTA! And 2 bikes of my brother’s, an issue and his case of manufacturing a crime he did not commit and which nearly gave him a breakdown in 2007. That was the Gestapo inarticulate yob of May 2007 threatening me of “Something happening to close relative” if I did not cease my case. To show me they were inarticulate but clever, they started with my brother. My brother is an issue as he is not the brother of lowlife and roughnecks from Fell View or anywhere else who claims to be me.
The bible bashing and reformed drug user was more harassment last week when they all thought I’d walk into the “following” trap planned for Sunday when I often go out. (The lowlife sit in cars in shifts; morning to 12 – 1 and then afternoon to 3 – 4, if I have not gone out then they drive off.) The trap was to lead to CRIMINAL charges which were to be dropped as they would claim it was mental illness and then FORCE DRUGS, their JUNK, on me as they do with whistle-blowers NOW. Melanie Shaw whistle-blower saved many children from Masonic organised child abuse and is incarcerated for her trouble after PRIVATE COURT HEARINGS. The sleazy NHS then use the JUNK to confuse a person so they try to tell them nonsense and hope it is believed, the junk forced on victims plays its part. Thus not only are the brutal degenerate parasites baying for vengeance, they INTEND to get it by foul means. The leaflet pushed through my door, NO OTHER as I looked to see who was delivering at that time but obviously then I did not know what the trap waiting for me was to be, advertised an event for 24 March 2017, WOODHEAD, a reformed drug user, he apparently has written a book and he only lives 5 minutes drive from me. Thus WOODRUFF is said to be me, any WOOD or WOODS, and now we have a reformed drug addict giving a talk in a church WOODHEAD and he’s written a book so he’ll be me. He is not typing this and he won’t be printing it off either as I will to keep it with me.

More Police led serious org. crime details  25 March 17

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Part 1 of 1 please see highlighted section. Please feel free to quote me. Photos to be sent next week.  This data below, prior to being able to send it out, still stands but I add this as date of NOW. The Gestapo had stalking me a male in dark grey SEAT car to PRETEND he drove me to Lancaster University  DC66 CGF, he left when I let it be known he was a stalker and harasser. I found the usual planted junk by the scanner to PRETEND it was linked to me which junk seemed to have found its way under the scanning equipment after I scanned what I wanted to scan: my papers must have pushed it underneath. The staff will find the junk when they clean. Outside we have a variety of fat people and some with DYED RED hair to be MILLS thieves and fraudsters from 20 Fell View and 7 Leslie Ave on photos showing what frauds they conducted in my name. They are not my nieces. I saw the usual ring for a taxi which is the latest lunacy where then the taxi races to collect one YOU think could be said to be me BUT as if I was the lowlife thief in 12 Fell View LA2 9RP ANOTHER who claims to be linked to me. That troll ELY is a total stranger as is K and K MILLS I took a photo of the taxi in front of me as by then I stopped for petrol which suggested I was in my car. ELY has taken many taxis claiming to be me and claims in FRAUD to be a daughter of mine. The taxi details  YX05 OXB badge 476 firm 848 848 on photos at MY house harassing then from 2008 which photos YOU have illegally seen as I scan them and set about trying to make MY photos taken from 2008 be NOW. Ignoring the rest but of note your use of a white haired old woman told what to wear to seem to be the thief in 32 Fell View MARY LAMB who claims to be my dead mother and walk about where I am as proof LAMB is linked to me when she is not. I have paid to park as YOU have used the WOODRUFF fraudster and serious E-CRIME thief, COMPUTER MISUSE etc of 2 Fell View and 45 Fell View who you visit socially as well as the house 34 Quernmore Rd and Mills in 20 fell view AT LEAST. For those sent this WOODRUFF has a car unemployed but lots of money to race about, stalk and pretend and the Gestapo want to claim she also is a daughter of mine, thus all the lowlife they use are my daughters, nieces, mothers and sisters etc. WOODRUFF uses a RED Peugeot DG51 WRL and today was told where to park ILLEGALLY which is where I always park for free along with others. Why did she not use the ONE available 'so convenient' FREE space and park illegally? I was to slip into that free space and YOU were to come along and claim you saw MY car and hers very close by and thus that thief and worse was linked to me. I have just scanned photos to show that was done IN THE DARK WEEKS ago with a PCSO to be standing about as I returned to my car. WOODRUFF has auburn hair; she is less than nothing to do with me. WOODRUFF parks on the space allotted to me on Fell View as PROOF she is linked to me in 28. I thus drove off and have paid to park elsewhere. WHO PAYS HER PETROL? How can she afford all that racing about to stalk and harass when unemployed? Why is she not available for work? Does she pretend to be a driver for someone "disabled"? I will also record the HIRE ME thug yet again pretending "someone" just moved in AGAIN. I hope those sent this see how many half-wits you claim are me: ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Not one knows what a day's work is.
This is SOME harassment of me organised by the brutal degenerate parasites of Lancashire because they didn’t get their Super Casino because of my whistle-blowing so they continue to INVENT FICTION and set about hoping to make that become FACT. They do that using former friends, former work colleagues, family, general lowlife and so on.
This then records a few illustrations: 24 March 2014 I move to rent under duress 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP finding, within days, myself among thieves, liars, forgers, deluded idiots who want to claim to be me, murdering lowlife and so on. The elderly lady tenant of 28 Fell View was bullied out and ultimately to death because the Gestapo wanted it for me knowing 99% unemployed lowlife would do exactly as they asked and they did; it had to be 28, and there are scores more reason why it had to be 28 Fell View all drawn up ready for any jury. In that the Gestapo sent horrendous lowlife to screech and shout and PRETEND to be her family when she had no family; it was why she was an easy target. Since then of course the deranged have tried to make me LYNNE AUSTIN from Blackpool former friend shipping into Caton, cars to try and make the Austin’s car in Blackpool be said to have been seen in Caton when they used old VW’s while Austin’s is CITROEN CV! 
That has gone on for days amid the traps set to scream I ‘follow someone’ so am mentally ill and committing serious crime. The setting of the trap to claim I follow someone has been done before, usually using the deranged bible basher JARVIS in 41 Fell View who told me she cannot tell even a white lie yet can forge my signature, run bank accounts as if she is me, claim monies as if she is a carer and driver of an invisible person who happens to me, stalks me to pretend she is driving and NONE of that is a crime apparently and that is she who could not even tell a white lie. In that of course we have sleazy council aiding and abetting and validating her frauds claiming they know she has at least one invisible person in 41 Fell View. As Jarvis pretended all that from March 2014 when I moved in, so she pretends often in REPEATS when she knows she is found out. They just start again. In that she claimed I was an invented person using a permutation of my name, she claimed to be me as if she was Mrs Carol Woods, and then she claimed to be linked to the empty 33 Fell View which has another missing elderly lady. 33 is used by council sleazy and various to PRETEND someone lives there and now it is Jarvis to go along and PRETEND her invisible person is really one in 33 Fell View. Jarvis was given a cleaning job at Lancaster University sports centre as if she was me. She could not do anything else because she is gormless and has no qualifications. I am sure staff would have known she was not Carol Woods as she would have needed ID and wage slips, possibly references etc.
Prior to that, I found a horrendous old thief, one with a drink problem, a bankrupt, JUNE WILLIAMS was claiming to be me and volunteered for work in HMYOI Lancaster Farms as me.  LCC provided the references from MY file from when I worked as QUALIFIED TEACHER to aid and abet. Found out, she “resigned”.

March 2008 MIKE TODD GMP Chief Constable was murdered. October 2008 MY HOUSE was seized and wrecked. November 2008 it was looted. They did not get my files which is what they wanted. Mike Todd was prosecuting such as DAVID MICHAEL FAIRCLOUGH senior Mason who was then Head of HRU Social Services Lancashire, IAN YOUNG and IAN FISHER Heads of LCC legal dept. Stephen Sainsbury and Bernadette Gregson for issuing false court documents for YEARS from Lancaster County Court, among others. Fairclough now is the secretary for the police advisory committee. Ian Fisher has moved to Lancashire Central University, Preston Poly as was. Without going into all that, I refer to it as a little background is needed. We have corporate manslaughter (murder) of Sheila Bridge in my whistle-blowing, we have the murder of Mrs M PORTER in 2012, corporate manslaughter, we have the same of Mrs O Greenbank 2013, we have the missing Mrs Peck from 33 Fell View and we have looting of assets in this SHIPMAN POLICY LED council, and frauds in “charities” linked to the council such as Furniture Matters.Bulky Matters linked to them ALWAYS harass when the lunatics want to suggest I have just moved again so I was not surprised to see them out well after 6 30pm on 23 March 2017 to drive where I was to harass. They do not work after 4pm but I have many photos of those thugs racing round to harass on such events. The PRETEND I donated my household items to them. I can just hear sleazy NHS, “But luvvie, you donated all your antiques and collectibles to charity, don’t you remember? Have you forgotten the dementia and Alzheimers you have?”

Thus on 24 March 2017 as I had stated in an email sent out days before, I would be said to have just moved in again so, to avoid any confusion, I would stay indoors all day. Thus the harassment is brought to me. It is always to rewrite what has been done before and the thugs use MY data STOLEN from MY books and use the events of years ago as if they are now and any event not able to be acted out is TALKED of. I expected much on 24th after a week of lunacy with lowlife trying their entrapments such as the LYNNE AUSTIN drivel which went on for at least 3 weeks but the intention to claim I followed a Masonic thug Sunday 19/3/17 failed as I saw the trap. It has been done many times. MY REPORT OF HIM STALKING ME WITH PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE WAS IGNORED. He’s a Mason as is BLAIR and the matters in WESTMINSTER now must not blot out Westminster Jan 2010 and the huge protest with B LIAR effigies with him behind cell bars and B LIAR is heavily involved in MY case via the perjury of his wife for LCC in July 2003.
WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View being me rise but are told only to use the toilet and not flush it as MY water use is their use apparently, they do not wash. Much of that is to hope I think they are out when I know they are not. The INTENTION is to use their phone as if it is my use and then claim it must have been my use as they were out. Caught out hundreds of times, they simply repeat it all day after day and think they will get a different result one day. JARVIS who is not me at the moment, walks to 33 Fell View and PRETENDS she is about to care for and drive about Mrs Invisible from 33 instead of in hers, no. 41. The sleazy from the council aid and abet that farce. Jarvis is the church goer who cannot tell a white lie (so she claims). Mr Jarvis is something else, equally deranged he beggars belief with his antics which is why I take photos. Thus we have a plan using 33 underway. There was no post today, yesterday I was allowed a letter sent to me 3 March 2017. JARVIS, WILLIAMS, JACKSON and others get MY mail which is known and proven and ignored. TREASON reported many times is ignored.
As lunchtime approached I watched a lout in a dark green sweatshirt walk up and down outside me he on his phone and with what I was to think was a meter reader. Why? SSE suppliers and when one moves in one has the meters read. But I’ve just paid my recent bill, yes, that was why he pretended: there was no move, no meters to be read but he pretended.  They thought of that because of photos of mine ILLEGALLY seen when I copied them. SSE only days ago, hid by my parked car and then set off when they assumed I had driven away thinking I would not see them; I had not driven away, I saw them and that was hours after works time but they pretended that I had just moved in then as well to where I parked my car, in Lancaster! Among my photos is one of a male in Sainsbury’s shopping as Mr Carol Woods. He wears the dark green, photo 2013 he shopping in FRAUD. The GREEN is because of MY passport stolen in Dec 2010 so that police officer TRACEY KENNEDY could use it as PROOF she was me. (Everybody wants to be me.) IN that passport photo I wear a green jacket. BUT since the Gestapo want me to be male then males with GREEN jackets are apparently me. (I had that passport returned to me under odd circumstances AFTER Kennedy had used it. The Intention was to claim that as I had it, I used it when she posed as me thus she was me.)That stalking and harassment was more complicated than most events: he was to shop and PRETEND to buy things I bought; he was a pizza and burger person. But then outside, another waited and as he saw me leaving with my shopping, that 2nd one was to rush to HIS car with an empty shopping trolley and PRETEND he had been the one inside in dark green and he was me so as I left, he pretended I was male and leaving as him and would thus load up into his car. That 2nd male had an empty trolley to run to his car with as my photos show: he pretended to unload invisible shopping into his car boot. The lunacy being that he in the store, as my photos clearly show, only had a basket as I did; he had no trolley.  In 2011 TESCO confirmed suspicious activity from a male using a bank card as MR CAROL WOODS.  All reported; all ignored.          
The use of males to buy “healthy” is a joke, the Gestapo have had them buying a dozen lemons after ILLEGALLY MONITORING and seeing me buy a few; one was to dash in to a small store and buy a load of lettuces plus the lemons, it goes on all the time and the idiots use their own money and think they’re going to be reimbursed! I guarantee they have no idea what to do with what they buy; they are not healthy eaters. Thus they tried to rewrite my photos from 2013 and thought the dark green being SSE (the male was just a yob, not SSE at all; in August 2016 EXACTLY the same was done using RED and same stage props as then E-ON were reading my meter as I had just moved in then as well).
By 12 50 council sleazy were at 41, one wore one of the cheap GREEN WITH FISH TAIL coats all the fashion victims wear and, right on cue STROUD from 14 goes past with the dog; why is he still unemployed? Surely after 3 years he could get something?  STROUD from 14 is also where I live and am driven about and cared for by those total strangers as well; the dog is apparently mine. Stroud is gormless and only walks the dog when he is told to; always up and down outside me. There is a reason for the dog and the breed but out of scope of this. They were told to get the dog in early 2016 in a great ‘all change’ and when at least 6 others had to get a dog if they wanted the free money they received instead of working for it. It is money they earn as carers and drivers of an invisible person who happens to be me: that is how I am in at least 25 houses all at the same time and why no one needs to work. The council sleazy stand about talking, the car is used to be PE56 NXB a council liar and fraudster who stalking me 24 April 2014, a month after I moved into 28 Fell View called to 41 and PRETENDED with Jarvis that I had just moved into 41 AGAIN because I’d been out to visit another town 24/4/14 so that was another opportunity to claim I had moved. JARVIS then had 2 Mrs/Ms Invisible to care for and drive about. PE08 ZRX driver had set up the first fraud from 24/3/14.
But it was not just to be PE56 NXB and 24/4/14 again, it was to be lowlife from 34 Quernmore Rd off Fell View and 34 Fell View as she thinks both houses can be said to be 1 in FRAUD as usual. The roughneck unemployed has been used for a few weeks and she also drives me about apparently. On 22 March 2017 she was sent to race along behind me, then pass me and pretend to drop me off knowing I would get a photo as I did. She then screeches to a halt and, blocking the road for an Audi proceeds to screech and yell and gesticulate using her words of one syllable and 90% beginning with “F”. She was to do the U turn to be WOODRUFF thief and fraudster found out using 45 Fell View in serious E-CRIME and COMPUTER MISUSE, although Woodruff lives in 2 Fell View. She has auburn hair and a red car and she claims to be me. My hair is not auburn and never has been; my car is a Toyota: hers is not. She is another unemployed: I have never been unemployed.  WOODRUFF pretended to drive me about but as if she was me thus: I drive back to Fell View and the GPS ILLEGALLY on my car tells the Gestapo where I am so can send WOODRUFF ready to race from Caton, screech and do a U turn to then race back behind me to PRETEND she was me out and has just driven back. Thus the roughneck on 22nd was to do the same BUT link that to screaming at me to provoke me as she wanted me to threaten her. Why? On the 22nd of EVERY month, the Gestapo use their lowlife and have done for YEARS where they set traps and hope to provoke me so that they can be the “victim” and I get arrested for ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR or THREATENING BEHAVIOUR. Why that? On 23 October 2008 T KENNEDY posed as me in Liverpool magistrates Court on what I found out was linked to MY fabricated anti-social behaviour of which only I now have proof that happened. (The Gestapo have destroyed all records, well, they would, wouldn’t they?) Thus the bullying thugs invent such a case for me and ALWAYS to be including 23rd to rewrite 23 Oct 2008. The roughneck was to try and get me to threaten her so they could throw in this: arrested for “following someone to a local airport” (it is only a criminal offence if I follow someone unknown and to somewhere unspecified and on a date unknown) and then I apparently, in an illegal detention as obviously they couldn’t have me in front of a jury telling a jury FACTS, they decided to say that I walked into Cygnet hospital Harrogate at 3 30 am on 9 Nov 2015 and said, “I am dangerous I need locking up”. (I told you I couldn’t make this up.) Thus that needs to be covered for in what they think is REAL MANUFACTURED EVENT of extreme provocation. On 11/3/17 I found the Gestapo socially AT NIGHT while on duty at 34 Quernmore Rd with this horrendous lowlife; it rather sums them up and all they stand for. I have found them at 20 Fell View also known thieves and fraudsters and worse, and at 45 in the early hours of the morning serious E-Crime and computer misuse with the Gestapo probably advising DALTON and WOODRUFF. The lowlife got nothing from me but in that she blocked the road to a large Audi, when I pointed that out she said, “Lerimwait”. In that she was out of her car using threatening words and behaviour and behaving like what she is. She wore one of the green jackets; how did the Gestapo know to REPEAT that as far as possible with a BLUE car and the one standing and shouting in the GREEN FISH TAIL JACKET? PE56 NXB is cobalt blue but the roughneck’s car is FORD powder blue PF02 FSK. Thus the Gestapo added up 24/4/14 and 22/3/17 and produced that event outside me in 28 Fell View to be 23/10/08 and 7/11/15.

Lancs W'blower sells/moves yet again. FRAUD  21 March 2017

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Dear Sirs without boring you all as I am sure you all have better things to do than worry about the attempts to murder me, the perpetual, organised, collective harassment, TREASON and police thuggery, and the FACT that the tax-payers funds it all, I will just send this today: I record that I have received not one single response from any one at all, not via email or Royal Mail. As you know TREASON rife in my case which might explain the lack of mail to me as it goes to those who are said to be me. Said by whom? Lancashire Gestapo and their deluded selves anywhere I "live".
This morning, after the failure to manufacture a "crime" said to have been committed by me, that was to be a few including "following" a local masonic stalker. MY formal report of him stalking me was ignored: yet when they want to say I "follow" someone I am arrested in the lunacy. I reported formally, only days ago, ANOTHER stalker and fraudster as all stalking to harass is with INTENT. The INTENTION is to claim, among other things, that I am not me and am being driven about as many who claim to be me do not drive. Naturally that with dates, times, and photographic evidence remains ignored. The car OEO6 APY is used often by at least 3 and is ONE with drivers found by me to lie across their front seats and PRETEND that they not being seen but parked near me in 28 Fell View is PROOF they are indoors with me. I have no idea who they are but know them to be council trolls. BUT really following me is apparently not a crime, only I can be arrested for "following someone" un-named on an unidentified date to an unidentified place and with no evidence at all!
The loft noises I heard this morning; the Gestapo always have another "plan" when one fails. That meant a taxi or delivery or something in fraud was to take place in my name later. The loft noises are via ILLEGAL DEVICES IN MY LOFT INSTALLED BY BT without my permission or knowledge for months: it took me a while to find out what was taking place. (BT harass to day which is no surprise and all to be expected. I ignore them.)
Thus at lunch time a SALFORD VAN HIRE van drives all round and away: they are used to try to suggest I move FROM or to Manchester area when the firm is local to Lancaster on White Cross site. But surely I am already indoors? Not according to the Lancashire lunatics.
It was noted that I noted that van. More loft noises, leaving I found ANOTHER 'HIRE ME' hiding by 36 Fell View; not 34 today as I have apparently moved into 34 already, about 20 times. This thug hid until after 11 pm only 2 days ago pretending he moved me then as well. I took photos. On the main road I pulled in and waited for the inevitable lowlife sent to race after me as they had all been parked hiding: I was right, they all flew from hiding and I had ANOTHER removal van: this is the back up - not only am I moving in but moving out as well. I took photos of all and noted the bronze Citroen not used before but added now to the list of such cars used in stalking, fraud and worse. As the first one was found out, the Gestapo then found other bronze Citroen Zsaras to rewrite the history of PJ11 PPX on photos. The Citroen went south on the M6 with the removal van so that'll be me moving south again.
Also I found, among other things which are not for this data, that the Gestapo have found enough deranged unemployed, available for harassment trolls to park round where I could not but fail to drive past and they try to recreate PENHALE GARDENS LA3 2QA which Flat 3 I left on 24 March 2014 for 28 Fell View. The flat had been home to bullied to death Mrs M PORTER she who also had all her assets looted.
This month I moved on 1st to be 1 July 2013 a move then, on 4th to be 4 March 2012 a move then, 17th to be 17 Nov 2013 not a move but council corruption trying to make it seem as if I had, 11th to be 11 Aug 2012 when I moved nowhere but one who posed as me for gain did, and so on, these dates are used EVERY month. I moved to 28 Fell View on 24/3/14 so the lunatics will be arranging NOW to make me think this is 2014 and Penhale Gardens and really I haven't moved to Fell View yet as we all think it is 2017 we are wrong, it is 2014 again. The use of a van advertising BLIND was used again, one used dozens of times as apparently the "disability" I have and thus "unable to live in my house" is not diabetes, is not an RTA, is not alzheimers, is not dementia, is not blood pressure, is not obesity, is not heart problems, or anything else thus far; NO I am blind. That is the reason my house was seized wrecked and looted on 27 Oct 2008. The other intention is to hope I forget the wrecking of my house including the expensive double glazed windows and really was only having blinds fitted. I would not have blinds at all. I dislike them.
After parking my car amid the usual old doxies walking about waving bits of paper (only where I park my car, it is very focused on that small area), the usual bent "solicitor" to walk by with his folders (on photo, I ignored the doxies) we can be sure I am about to move BUT from MY house apparently. Thus here we have for the record: I won't be going out on 24th then there is no confusion as to my moving in or out of anywhere and being "confused" with any lowlife out posing as me. As the Gestapo ignored my FORMAL complaint of OEO6 APY driver using 37 Fell View, I reported others yesterday and told them I would keep  all informed as to "progress". Yours etc Carol Woods. And the data below with the photo attached: I'd be grateful if anyone can throw any light on the actions described and seen in the photo.
06-05-12 001 This photo was taken in Bournemouth library when I called in while having a few days holiday (turned into the usual daymare thanks to Gestapo and masonic linked thugs). This happens often: I do not understand what goes on but know it is not “good”. 25/2/17 the staff log me on as a visitor thus I have no chance to log off and move terminals as I can do in my local library when such louts harass. The main INTENTION is to pretend they are me as Mr Carol Woods. The place almost empty, the usual type logs on to the one right next to me when he had many empty spaces which usual users would welcome for privacy. Notice his “leaving home bag”. This is standard stage prop for such with the alternative being a rucksack why is out of scope of this.
This lout logs on, plugs in 2 phones, opens a web page and walks off. That is all he does: another INTENTION is to pretend at least one phone is mine and I am charging it up. 20 minutes later he returns, unplugs his phones and gear – packs up, minimises his screen and leaves.                                                                                                                                                                
Another had been hiding behind a book rack; he steps out and starts to use the computer without logging on – there is no need – his associate left it for him. I log off. This is how the Gestapo end up with emails from my draft folders – ones waiting to be sent when I have the correct email addresses. It is how lowlife round Fell View all use the Internet and phones as if it is my use or shared use with me.

House theft. No HIPS on CHERRY TREES LA1 5ED at any time.  20 March 17

Sent: 20 March 2017 23:02
To: graham.farrant@landregistry.gov.uk;  contact@actionfraud.police.uk
Subject: Fw: House theft. No HIPS on CHERRY TREES LA1 5ED at any time.
Dear Sirs

Please see this email sent out about the THEFT of my house and those who ALL claimed to have bought it. I received not one response. Carol Woods Ms. (Since this time of course scores of others have claimed to be me selling MY house as if they as me are "too ill" or "too disabled" to live in it. Those round FELL VIEW LA2 9RP such as J and K WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View trying to sell MY house on 20 April 2014 as if they were me as Mr and Mrs Carol Woods but "too ill" to live in MY house were found out,  prior to that SHIRLEY RYCROFT with her old husband in Flat 4 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA did with council staff help try to  sell MY house end Aug 2013 as they claimed to be me then. On 4 Feb 2014 an old woman in Flat 15 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA ANOTHER total stranger claimed to be me as my dead mother needing to sell MY house as "too ill" to live in it. She was EDITH CURWEN. Not related to the CURWEN 3 some of fraudsters of 24 Fell View who also claim to be me after an RTA thus "disabled" but they had no RTA, I have never had one. And no one does anything at all. Please feel free to quote me. Carol Woods Ms.

On Saturday, 22 May 2010, 13:10, carol woods wrote:
spelling error but D Cameron got his at least and I sent out as fax also
 --- On Thu, 20/5/10, carol woods wrote:
 From: carol woods
 Subject: House theft. No HIPS on CHERRY TREES LA1 5ED at any time.
 To: dhornby@smsr.co.uk
 Cc: lpa.information@lancashire.gov.uk, info@cfps.org.uk, tony.ash@landregsitry.gsi.gov.uk, julie.jenkins@landregistry.gsi.gov.uk, mail@ukmetro.co.uk, press@bigissue.com, michaelryanresearch@yahoo.co.uk, dtletters@telegraph.co.uk, hickey@express.co.uk, richard.littlejohn@dailymail.co.uk, voice@mirror.co.uk, d.willetts@the-sun.co.uk, rfu@landregsitry.gsi.gov.uk, camerond@parliament.uk, cleggn@parliament.uk, a.walsh66@ymail.com
 Date: Thursday, 20 May, 2010, 17:20

To Lancashire (THEY ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW) Police via LPA members.
Today 20 May 2010 I have sent a fax recording various harassment incidennts intended to rewrite history and also recorded that I have felt it necessary to record digitally my movements this am at least given 20 May is a date for revision history. From 1.50 I have enough to confirm where I was and what I was doing.
 The headlines have been noted that HIPS (re house sales) are to be scrapped.
This records that ANDREW HALLIDAY did not have a HIPS in place when he "owned" my house Cherry Trees LA1 5ED after presumably "buying" it.
DAVID CARTER did not have a HIPS in place when he bought it which he must have done as the sworn statement fo ANNA JUDITH PERELES states she bought it from him in 2009. PERELES is also the person on the police interview tape surprisingly where she gives her name as Carol Woods (unclear whether Mrs Carole Woods or me Ms Carol Woods) in the company of thugs posing as police who knew who she was and it certainly wasn't me.
PERELES buying my house apparently in May 2009 neither had a HIPS in place. Having PAUL WILCOCK of Portland Street as co-conspirator with ABIGAIL CAPSTICK also known as GAIL CAPSTICK thief of my title deeds trot round in winter 2009 to check the wiring did not constitute the HIPS. Naturally all that is witnessd and documented.
So another headline is wasted in your plans to revise history. My house was not for sale, has never been sold and I wil not be selling it at any price.
Copied to others which will be intercepted so printed of and faxed as well so they can all see what is being intercepted.
Carol Woods Ms not the CAROLE WOODS MRS currently om Lancaster polcie data as bering owner of my house without another HIPS in place after PERELES must have sold it to her. I have never met Mrs Carole Woods.
TREASON AGAIN. Lancs: FRAUD motive  20 March 17
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 Dear Sirs without boring you all as I am sure you all have better things to do than worry about the attempts to murder me, the perpetual, organised, collective harassment, TREASON and police thuggery, and the FACT that the tax-payers funds it all, I will just send this today: I record that I have received not one single response from any one at all, not via email or Royal Mail. As you know TREASON rife in my case which might explain the lack of mail to me as it goes to those who are said to be me. Said by whom? Lancashire Gestapo and their deluded selves anywhere I "live".
This morning, after the failure to manufacture a "crime" said to have been committed by me, that was to be a few including "following" a local masonic stalker. MY formal report of him stalking me was ignored: yet when they want to say I "follow" someone I am arrested in the lunacy. I reported formally, only days ago, ANOTHER stalker and fraudster as all stalking to harass is with INTENT. The INTENTION is to claim, among other things, that I am not me and am being driven about as many who claim to be me do not drive. Naturally that with dates, times, and photographic evidence remains ignored. The car OEO6 APY is used often by at least 3 and is ONE with drivers found by me to lie across their front seats and PRETEND that they not being seen but parked near me in 28 Fell View is PROOF they are indoors with me. I have no idea who they are but know them to be council trolls. BUT really following me is apparently not a crime, only I can be arrested for "following someone" un-named on an unidentified date to an unidentified place and with no evidence at all!
The loft noises I heard this morning; the Gestapo always have another "plan" when one fails. That meant a taxi or delivery or something in fraud was to take place in my name later. The loft noises are via ILLEGAL DEVICES IN MY LOFT INSTALLED BY BT without my permission or knowledge for months: it took me a while to find out what was taking place. (BT harass to day which is no surprise and all to be expected. I ignore them.)
Thus at lunch time a SALFORD VAN HIRE van drives all round and away: they are used to try to suggest I move FROM or to Manchester area when the firm is local to Lancaster on White Cross site. But surely I am already indoors? Not according to the Lancashire lunatics.
It was noted that I noted that van. More loft noises, leaving I found ANOTHER 'HIRE ME' hiding by 36 Fell View; not 34 today as I have apparently moved into 34 already, about 20 times. This thug hid until after 11 pm only 2 days ago pretending he moved me then as well. I took photos. On the main road I pulled in and waited for the inevitable lowlife sent to race after me as they had all been parked hiding: I was right, they all flew from hiding and I had ANOTHER removal van: this is the back up - not only am I moving in but moving out as well. I took photos of all and noted the bronze Citroen not used before but added now to the list of such cars used in stalking, fraud and worse. As the first one was found out, the Gestapo then found other bronze Citroen Zsaras to rewrite the history of PJ11 PPX on photos. The Citroen went south on the M6 with the removal van so that'll be me moving south again.
Also I found, among other things which are not for this data, that the Gestapo have found enough deranged unemployed, available for harassment trolls to park round where I could not but fail to drive past and they try to recreate PENHALE GARDENS LA3 2QA which Flat 3 I left on 24 March 2014 for 28 Fell View. The flat had been home to bullied to death Mrs M PORTER she who also had all her assets looted.
This month I moved on 1st to be 1 July 2013 a move then, on 4th to be 4 March 2012 a move then, 17th to be 17 Nov 2013 not a move but council corruption trying to make it seem as if I had, 11th to be 11 Aug 2012 when I moved nowhere but one who posed as me for gain did, and so on, these dates are used EVERY month. I moved to 28 Fell View on 24/3/14 so the lunatics will be arranging NOW to make me think this is 2014 and Penhale Gardens and really I haven't moved to Fell View yet as we all think it is 2017 we are wrong, it is 2014 again. The use of a van advertising BLIND was used again, one used dozens of times as apparently the "disability" I have and thus "unable to live in my house" is not diabetes, is not an RTA, is not alzheimers, is not dementia, is not blood pressure, is not obesity, is not heart problems, or anything else thus far; NO I am blind. That is the reason my house was seized wrecked and looted on 27 Oct 2008. The other intention is to hope I forget the wrecking of my house including the expensive double glazed windows and really was only having blinds fitted. I would not have blinds at all. I dislike them.
After parking my car amid the usual old doxies walking about waving bits of paper (only where I park my car, it is very focused on that small area), the usual bent "solicitor" to walk by with his folders (on photo, I ignored the doxies) we can be sure I am about to move BUT from MY house apparently. Thus here we have for the record: I won't be going out on 24th then there is no confusion as to my moving in or out of anywhere and being "confused" with any lowlife out posing as me. As the Gestapo ignored my FORMAL complaint of OEO6 APY driver using 37 Fell View, I reported others yesterday and told them I would keep  all informed as to "progress". Yours etc Carol Woods. And the data below with the photo attached: I'd be grateful if anyone can throw any light on the actions described and seen in the photo.
06-05-12 001 This photo was taken in Bournemouth library when I called in while having a few days holiday (turned into the usual daymare thanks to Gestapo and masonic linked thugs). This happens often: I do not understand what goes on but know it is not “good”. 25/2/17 the staff log me on as a visitor thus I have no chance to log off and move terminals as I can do in my local library when such louts harass. The main INTENTION is to pretend they are me as Mr Carol Woods. The place almost empty, the usual type logs on to the one right next to me when he had many empty spaces which usual users would welcome for privacy. Notice his “leaving home bag”. This is standard stage prop for such with the alternative being a rucksack why is out of scope of this.
This lout logs on, plugs in 2 phones, opens a web page and walks off. That is all he does: another INTENTION is to pretend at least one phone is mine and I am charging it up. 20 minutes later he returns, unplugs his phones and gear – packs up, minimises his screen and leaves.                                                                                                                                                                
Another had been hiding behind a book rack; he steps out and starts to use the computer without logging on – there is no need – his associate left it for him. I log off. This is how the Gestapo end up with emails from my draft folders – ones waiting to be sent when I have the correct email addresses. It is how lowlife round Fell View all use the Internet and phones as if it is my use or shared use with me.

pt. 1  Entrapment of Lancs W'blower to steal ID  20 March 17

to contact, andy.cooke, policing.minis., privateoffice.., clarkek, dispatches, info, info, douglas, redwoodj, ministers, privateoffice, hammondp, diane.abbott.mp, graylingc, graham.farrant, corbynj, farront, info, fieldf, fieldm, huntj, johnsonb, look.north, northern_expos.

 Part 1 of 2. I CAROL WOODS MS sent my Royal Mail TREASON document about 20 minutes ago and recorded the old woman sent to the DUKE's Playhouse in Lancaster to be "me" BUT as if I was AGNES JACKSON of 26 Fell View LA2 9RP who is ONE to pose as me. I was right: I then sent that and found one other white haired old woman used often to stalk and harass and try to log on when i do in the library and so forth. She was sent to be the one I took a photo at the Duke's Playhouse, this old troll is not like her but was told to wear "black" and watch for me to re-enter the library after leaving for 15 minutes; thus I have another "me" who is supposed to be any old woman with white hair dressed in "black" which is odd as my hair is strawberry blonde and I am not dressed in black. That sets the scene and is Gestapo aiding and abetting. This data shows how they INTENDED to see me off so that Jackson could step forward and claim to be me. JACKSON is not on my house title deeds. This document will be kept with me and shows what lunatics I Ms Carol Woods deal with HOURLY and DAILY with Gestapo always close by socialising often while apparently on duty; they have their “favourites” to call on. Clearly the organised crime round Fell View and environs LA2 9RP is Gestapo led and then the criminals found out are covered for in perjury and manufacturing of crime said to have been committed by me which is my punishment for finding out what deranged dullards take part in for GAIN and EXCITEMENT in their dreary, dull lives as unemployed parasites. I am Carol Woods Ms and rent 28 Fell View Caton under duress finding culture shock in moving among these trolls and murdering lowlife in such numbers. This is a snap shot of a few hours and where the Gestapo tried to take FACTS and make them FICTION to manufacture as FACT that I commit crime on 19/3/17. All this, all of it is on excellent photos. The Gestapo arranged this to a) punish me for daring to formally report lowlife in 37 Fell View as a stalker of regular use and daring to report formally another using 45 Fell View as a base but also using 2 and 12 Fell View when he claims to drive me about and b) because the perjury of the original REAL event as below will not be “forgotten” by me so the Gestapo reverse it and try to make Oct 2015 NOW and do it all again. 

Dramatis persona:

MARGARET DALTON aka WHEATFIELD (so she says) of 45 Fell View, run down council house used as a collection point for lowlife, thieves, organised fraudsters and one the Gestapo call to in the early hours to socialise while supposed to be on duty. The many cars used from there are not Dalton’s.                                                                                                                                                                                          
TRAVIS DALTON son of Mrs Dalton he claims he has another surname but doesn’t what it is.                                                                                       
AGNES JACKSON 26 Fell View a deranged old thief who claims she is 2 people, one apparently is me, Carol Woods her identical twin.                                                                                                                                   
WILLIAM BLEASDALE of 2 Hall Drive off Fell View used at various houses of the organisation; he Freemason and used as driver for much theft and so on.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
CATHERINE ROWBOTTOM of 2 Copy Lane off Fell View but also of 31 Fell View another collection point used as a Fagin’s den.                                                                                                                            

LYNNE AUSTIN 14 Linfield Terrace Blackpool who also is so deluded she thinks she is me.                                                                                                  
JOHN AUSTIN her husband at the same address; he thinks he is married to her but she thinks she is me so he must think he’s married to me.                                                                                                                        

KARLEY MILLS is one in 20 Fell View. Another house used in theft and shop frauds, deliveries etc.                                                                                        
PC ANDREW MASSINGHAM Lancaster Gestapo                                                                                                                                                                              
Inspector BROWNSMITH Lancaster Gestapo                                                                                                                                                                                       
LES MARSHALL bogus NHS in Lancaster police station                                                                                                                                                              
MELANIE FORREST perjurer NHS                                                                                                                                                                                                       
JASON BLEZARD perjurer “social services”                                                                                                                                                                                   
JANETTE CARR perjurer “social services”                                                                                                                                                                                               
IAN YOUNG the lunatic in residence of Lancashire and legal rep for the Gestapo; he writes all documents for everyone, every single person and forges signatures, or just leaves them unsigned, it is all utter drivel.  
JAKE DIAMONT usual corrupt Chief Executive Royal Mail                                                                                                                                                         
TRACEY KENNEDY police officer, Green Party councillor, self employed “alternative therapist”, manager Lancaster Homeless Unit, also vaguely described as “LCC employee”  in PERJURY of MASSINGHAM yet she is also apparently me.  
5 October 2015 I was going on holiday to Barcelona which I knew the Gestapo via illegal monitoring and stalking and accessing of systems would know of. I book via Lancaster University travel as I always do.  I also was certain that Jackson would be going to appear at another DWP medical to claim she was me behind my back and claim for EXTRA monies as if she was me AS HER IDENTICAL TWIN “ill or disabled”. Jackson does that as routine using lowlife males to attend with her and driver her when Bleasdale is not available and the thugs pose as MR CAROL WOODS to make Jackson seem to be me as their mother.  On 5 October 2015 I stopped off in Lancaster and sent a fax to the Gestapo 01524 596735 saying that Jackson had better not be anywhere as me while I was away. Leaving Fell View, I set off in plenty of time as I had never been to Liverpool airport previously which is where my flight was from. The usual unemployed lowlife all raced round after parking and pretending but I PAID to park my car while I went to Ryman’s to send my fax. It suggested I was driving myself. Jackson indoors as I left, Dalton in 45 in bed as usual, Bleasdale parked up in his drive with red Audi WG03 DMW used often to stalk and harass me.
I picked up the M6 later when south of Lancaster. At the north side of Preston, I was not driving fast and noted Bleasdale rushing down the M6 in WG03 DMW, he was alone in his car. I took photos. In June 2014 he had PRETENDED, using that car, that he collected me from somewhere south of Caton and delivered me to 20 Fell View house of thieves and worse who had the council and Gestapo dump in their small front yard a squalid caravan and they all claimed I lived there as her aunt with the council PAYING RENT to that unemployed lowlife bullying stranger.  Bleasdale’s son lived in that house then. K MILLS is in 20 Fell View. Bleasdale has also drive about Jackson from 26 so she could be seen in a red car as PROOF she was me. He is used a lot.
Bleasdale was stalking me; my fax had upset the applecart so he pretended he drove me as AGNES JACKSON to the airport thus she was me as her identical twin in the DWP FRAUD planned. Thankfully Jackson looks nothing like me. She has no sister let alone a twin, identical or otherwise. I stopped off in Kirby, found the library and sent another fax about Bleasdale but the Gestapo blocked their fax line which they sometimes do when they see the first part of the fax from me – they wanted to say I had not reported their Masonic chum. I sent it to HOUSING: same types of liars and sleazy. It was referred to in emails. I have a fine photo of outside the library where the local Gestapo were sent with all haste to claim they saw me leave the library which they did, and saw a male in a large red car parked “disabled” bay so obviously was driving me. The loud mouth in the red car was to shout to all and sundry so he’d be noticed and thus PROOF I was there with Bleasdale. I was there: I was stood taking photos; it wasn’t even an Audi car.
My airport space being pre-booked and paid for, I was then on my way to Barcelona. I returned after 8 days away. In that I sent warning letters to scum floating round fell View about their harassment of me and frauds found out informing them that they now had their warning under the Protection From Harassment Act which knowledge of the Gestapo are totally ignorant of. They found out about my letters when I typed them up and sent to myself as emails; illegal accessing of MY emails showed them the letters. NO ONE HAD MENTIONED MY LETTERS TO THE GESTAPO because of the content damning them so fully. The GESTAPO pretended that they had complained and that I was harassing the thieves and lowlife in sending my letters. The Gestapo could not even decide who had a letter and how they got it. On 7 November 2015 PC ANDREW MASSINGHAM called at 8 30am to arrest me. The custody record, proven to be false, stated 9 30am as ONE FALSE FACT but as that document is drivel they lied from the word “go”.  Massingham claimed he had called to arrest me on 5 Nov 2015 but no one knew where I was; liar I was indoors all day and in and out on 6th as they knew arranging the lowlife to harass and stalk all on photos.  The GPS on my car was their problem; they know where I am but couldn’t admit it. The PNC records stated I was my sister at her house 60 miles away. Had they called there? No. Why not if that was apparently my address? No, my sister apparently has the same name as mine. Our parents were so unimaginative that they called us both Carol and then we went on to marry men with the surname Woods so we are both Carol Woods.
In that it is recorded that I was arrested for telling lowlife they were found out and that my reports would go to DWP HQ and HMRC and anyone I felt like sending them to so they had to be protected. I was also arrested for “following someone to a local airport” (we don’t have one, time, date and who was not named), and various other serious crimes! Apparently I sit in my car daily and wait with a full tank of petrol to see who I can follow and hope their larger cars (no one has an old small car as I have, they are all large cars/vans/estates/ 4 wheel drives and all have at least 2 yet no one works, how amazing is that?) don’t have enough petrol to continue after I had run out. BUT I was also arrested for “following someone to Kendal” (un-named, no dates and no photos to prove that) and, “taking photos of children” with no proof and that serious crime (!) disappearing from the 2nd police drivel AND, apparently one deranged thief had a court injunction which stated I had not to write to her, she was not named either, there were no dates and there was no injunction as I made my enquiries. Thus we were to believe that one local thief and worse thought that I as a total stranger might write to her so she thought she’d get a court injunction just in case I did. I told you I couldn’t make this up. They were more reasons to keep me away from a jury.
In that I also only thought I was on holiday: the Gestapo had a witness UN-NAMED and no, I was not allowed to see their statement, from 45 Fell View who made a statement (PERJURY again) that I was seen on Fell View between 5 and 10 Oct 2015 so was not in Barcelona. That I found out end August 2016 when Travis Dalton, his mother and a pregnant teenager called to shout at me and hope to provoke me so they could be “victims” again which they failed to do. I apparently followed them to the airport: which one? Manchester. Is that local to Caton? No. The pregnant teenager had been in 45 when I gave them my letter and she 6 months pregnant found it stressful. But she had never previously been to Fell View; the Gestapo had found a pregnant teenager to send and pretend to be partner of Travis Dalton and tell me their woes so I’d feel sorry for them.  She was still 6 months pregnant when they called to try to provoke me: they are ignorant of how long pregnancies are.    
She has not been since; no pram at 45; they assumed I was as stupid as they are.                                                                                                                  
Did that get to trial? No, I was deprived of a solicitor and apparently spent about 2 hours talking to a thug who wasn’t even there and that was proof apparently I was mentally ill: apparently I had forgotten speaking to LES MARSHALL so was mentally ill. But I was also mentally ill because I only said I’d had the jobs I said I’d had. Thus there was no trial; BOGUS NHS in the station arriving after 10 hours of apparently staff being concerned about me, so concerned it took 18 hours to decide what to do with me. (The INTENTION of depriving me of food and drink was to make me break down so they could say I was mentally ill – that failed.) The custody records state that the Gestapo have no idea who was in their police station that night so, why not go for a couple of mates and walk round the cells in any police station and tell people you are Sectioning them as they are mentally ill AND tell them that the mortgagee has reclaimed their property whether they have a mortgage or not.
In all that a JASON BLEZARD then produces a letter he claims is from a psychiatrist who saw me apparently at Fell View and the drivel written by the lunatic in residence of Lancashire IAN YOUNG is what that a psychiatrist claims was her assessment. But then Feb 2016 she confirms she has never set eyes on me and has never been to Fell View but I have what BLEZARD manufactured as “proof” I was mentally ill when he clearly is a raving lunatic.  BUT by then I still don’t know who I followed, where or when. MELANIE FORREST a scruffy unprofessional had YOUNG produce drivel for her which was detailed with events of YEARS ago but as if they were recent to end of 2015. Then JANETTE CARR another unbelievably scruffy “professional” liar joined in and said I needed to be locked in a secure hospital for a long time. BUT oddly, she said she knew I had worked as level 3 social worker yet I was supposed to be “deluded” thus mentally ill in only saying I had the jobs I said I had had.
Thus, the jobs issue being dealt with especially as I collect files of YEARS from employers the lunatics in the asylum then changed the “delusion” to claiming that I only thought important people knew of my case. I happened to have a letter from HRH Prince Charles with me and Baroness Young of Old Scone plus others: I showed them and suggested they were important people. As their “new ideas” of what “delusions” I suffered from were squashed they just made up more. Then relied on BLEZARD’s junk and apparently I could not recall any psychiatrist calling on me NOT A REAL ONE, I TOOK PHOTOS OF A SEEDY OLD TROUT ABOUT 80 WITH ONE NOT MUCH YOUNGER plus 2 council managers harassing me at 28 Fell View in October 2014 and PRETENDING the old trout was a psychiatrist and the nearly as old was NHS.  The council managers were HELENE TREVELYAN and DAVID WATAMOUGH with JAKE DIAMONT ROYAL MAIL CHIEF EXECUTIVE told to send me an email only days ago which was to include a name he could use as close to David Watamough as he could showing himself to be a liar.  The Gestapo think of it as “brainwashing”. Thankfully my brain is not in need of a cleanse at all.   
Part 2 entrapment PLANNED and ORGANISED W'blower  20 March 17

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This is Part 2 I send the whole document to CQC and Mr HUNT to show what is PLANNED. This is done as routine.                                 
There was also then produced by BLEZARD a letter from a GP which lists large amounts of drugs I was said to be prescribed when I was never registered at their medical centre and didn’t even live in the area anyway. That letter was ONE to disappear from formal files when it was so easy to see it was manufactured as the usual drivel. The INTENTION had been to dope me up with drugs with the aid of a corrupt bullying “judge” JEFF WILLS so scruffy he looked mentally ill and his overriding of panel members when I applied to a mental health tribunal. I survived all that. The paperwork was a shambles, false, a 5 year old could find the PERJURED STATEMENTS within, but in all that I was not told who I followed, when or where.  The hysterics NOW are because I told the Tribunal service only last week that what I stated had been right and they had another corrupt judge to deal with. 
Melanie Forrest had called to me end Feb 2016 and asked if I intended to do anything about the illegal detention of me. Damn right - which information went out recently as well.  End Nov 2016 and JANETTE CARR called and hoped I would not remember her: she asked me if I would admit myself into a mental hospital as that would make it better for them! I told her “no” not quite as short as that but the same message.
The Gestapo then had Jackson admit herself from 5 Dec 2016 to 5 Feb 2017 to be me trying to make all that proper from 2015 into 2016. And they then set about trying to recreate a “following farce”. ONE attempt was in a conspiracy with M DALTON and ROWBOTTOM, Rowbottom was to race round and round Fell View to see when I drove off as they can’t see from Copy Lane and then set off as they saw me go to my car; Dalton was to then walk from 45 across to me and say “Hello” so she replaced the “WITNESS” of October 2015 which witness the Gestapo just had lowlife make it up as usual. She was confirming that she saw me leave 28 and I was following Rowbottom thus another arrest was imminent with the INTENTION of making me forget the 2015 events. I saw all that and not being as stupid as they are went for petrol which suggested I followed no one.                                                                                                                                                                                                               
That was 23 October 2016 why? 23 October 2008 and officer TRACEY KENNEDY poses as me in LIVERPOOL MAGISTRATES COURT so the Gestapo want a 23rd to rewrite that FOUND OUT FRAUD and WORSE. And I was about to go away again to Madeira so the lunatics thought they could rewrite October 2015 as October 2016. On 7 December 2016 they sent the travel agent to the Duke’s Playhouse while I attended an opera via satellite. On 7 Nov 2015 Massingham “arresting me” (in that I reported misconduct of him which under PACE 1984 Regulations has BY LAW to bring in a solicitor yet I still didn’t get to see one yet the misconduct is included in the custody record which I had to get the help of a solicitor to get for me) the lunatics thought they’d use 7 December to try something else: on 5 December 2016 Jackson had gone away as me.  That was the date the Gestapo CLAIM they sought me 5 Oct 2015. But I was at the DUKE’s at night on 5 Nov 2015 to see MACBETH, I’d been indoors all day, he was a liar found out. My going to the Duke’s again on 7 Dec 2016 they sent the old thief from 26 away as me and thought they’d act out 2015 again BUT after the failure to link it with my going away of October 2016 with the DALTON/ROWBOTTOM manufacturing of “crime” of “following”  they decided to send the travel agent to make sure I saw him at the Duke’s theatre which I did, no he was not attending for the opera, the lunatics thought they had ANOTHER plan to “see me off” where Jackson was to then be back at 26 as if she had not been away. The sleazy were to claim I admitted myself!                                                                                                                                           
All that failed so between then and now they try other things. They sent the most awful, smarmy youngsters about 11 or 12 to smile and simper and hope I engage them in talk so they can scream I try to kidnap them: this has been done from 2011 so, what parent sends out their youngsters telling them what to do? We can imagine what else they use them for. And then they failed again so this was tried amid the usual lunacy acted out by lowlife round Fell View, sleazy DWP in Morecambe office and Gestapo I found hiding yet again at night on 18/3/17 as I’d found them on 11/3/17 but not as late at night.    
I had gone out later on 18/3/17 to see which thug his in his car was ready to drive off when he saw I had retired for the night as that is PROOF I then leave for a second address. They all collect in 45 BUT 34 is also used as that is well away from my line of vision. The INTENTION was to hope I went out to Lancaster University library as it is open 24 hours a day in term time and then claim sleazy hiding at 34 and 45 either drove me as apparently I do not drive, or, scream that I followed them which is a joke, not one could read a page in a book, they haven’t progressed beyond the instructions on microwave meals. All that seen and much on camera, I found that a red with white striped VW car H781 FLX had been driven in and parked up at no address, just left where one cannot fail but see end of Copy Lane.
The lunatics found that car recently in ANOTHER “plan”. It is to be the RED with WHITE stripes of AUSTIN’s Citroen CV car from Blackpool H677 UFR as PROOF she is me in Caton. On the night of 18/3/17 I found that ANOTHER car had been shipped in to replace the H reg red VW, the replacement, also left in middle of nowhere was   MK65 RJV and pink with white, a Fiat I think. On 19th amid the latest plan, the red VW “H” reg was back and then as I took a photo and went out spoiling the next “plan” the red VW was not parked on my return so I took a photo of it not parked. Earlier JACKSON had walked from 26 Fell View and gone the way she walks when she claims to be me. When she is herself she walks to the left. She walked only as far as BLEASDALE’s and then returned. That told me they were up to no good. Going out, I saw Bleasdale was parked opposite 45 but out of sight of me as if a large red Mercedes is hard to hide. He set off fast, I delayed and found the usual type of village idiot racing down to be behind me as I drove off; the INTENTION was for Bleasdale to set off, for me to be behind him and the village idiot the “witness” to seeing me behind Bleasdale thus PROOF I was “following”. I merely pulled in, waited, drove round, got what photos I wanted, ignored the rest which included a bleached haired old doxy in a shed that has just been built which apparently was to somehow make me think of MY wrecked house from Oct 2008 (apparently “sold” in March 2009 as I was “too disabled” to live in so every March since they try to manufacture something to suggest I am “ill”.) I went somewhere I have not been for a long time; by the time the Gestapo had their half-wits there with their loud mouths and revision history farces, I was leaving. The GPS on my car allows for all that.                                                                                   
Going back to October 2015; surely the Gestapo had my car on CCTV at Manchester airport? I asked and asked, paid £10 for Section 7 Subject access Request, Travis Dalton told me he had seen the photo of my car X165 YUB at Manchester with them in the background with their luggage and Bleasdale’s car. They were going to Tenerife. Really? Did they have any travel documents? No. Did they have any holiday photos? No. Did they recall where they stayed? No. Did they have passports? No. I didn’t need to ask that. When was their return flight? They couldn’t say probably because there were no flights to Tenerife that day. What then has the vain, vacuous Austin in Blackpool got to do with that and being me? Because Blackpool has a local airport so the “following to a local airport” is really me as Lynne Austin in my car as she doesn’t drive and there were no flights to Tenerife that day either from Blackpool Now, the Gestapo could not have a trial as I have my travel document, my holiday photos, and my car pre-booked at LIVERPOOL airport. That is why they decided it was easier for them to claim I was mentally ill. Thus a red H reg VW is really a red Citroen CV and my red Toyota is either of them but unfortunately, I have no white stripes on my car. There have been traps to have the Gestapo rely on CCTV footage of my car plates such as having the local garage suddenly walk from the pay desk and hope I was like one of their doxies and drive off without paying so they could say that where they had the plates from my car. They made sure I had 2 parking tickets in one week, one being back-dated to hope I wouldn’t pay them; I was overjoyed, they accepted my car was my car and not the car of scum round Fell View and in MY area nowhere near Blackpool.  I will be sending out photos of Austin’s car and the H reg left to hope I could be convinced it was their car from Blackpool and thus mine as it was in Caton. I told you I could make this up.     
As usual whenever the Gestapo fail to manufacture “crime” they pretend I just move in or out thus at 22 30hrs switching all off to retire for the night I waited: sure enough the thug with his HIRE ME van drove from hiding being parked up to pretend whatever his delusions allow and then he was followed by a car that had been hidden.
The 19th of anything is a date to be “rewritten”: 19 Oct 2012 and JOANNE HALL attends a DWP meeting in ROCHDALE office (she could not attend at her own local offices as she was too well known); she attended as ME just moving to that area. Her address then was 14 Julian House Henshaw St Oldham. I understand she moved that same week to another Oldham address after making the fraudulent claim. Hall is my sister’s youngest daughter and will now be about 44. On 19 November 2008 my house was looted which is why the Gestapo and their thugs always use a removal van on the 19th and PRETEND I moved my house contents. PLUS they pretend that it is somehow PROOF Joanne Hall is me/was me and thus I did move from Julian House in Oldham on 19/10/12 to another Oldham address. Her name is not on my title deeds.
20th is a date to be “rewritten” of any month any year: thus to follow through the bogus “move” after the failure to manufacture “crime” on 19th HUNTER from 22 Fell View went out in KW54 XDO which is their 2nd car and rarely moves, JARVIS went out from 41 Fell View: the Gestapo see my records of 2 local fraudsters stalking me on 1 Dec 2014 to PRETEND BOTH drove me to and from my dentist’s in Lancaster (this is how I am in at least 23 houses all at the same time and thus can be in more than 2 cars at once including my own) and send out HUNTER and JARVIS as HUNTER was one involved on 1/12/14 using YD54 VYR (KW54 XDO was bought for her by the tax-payer to muddy waters of her frauds using YD54 VYR) and the other, not being so easily available now, JARVIS fills the gap.                                                                                                                      
On 20 May 2008 the resident lunatic of Lancashire IAN YOUNG recorded “She is her daughter” in a formal document regarding me which he went on to translate (revising as usual) into a FACT of my being my own daughter, which one he did not say. Thus JARVIS who has claimed to be me for GAIN and HUNTER are sent out to be a) the 2 stalkers of 1 Dec 2014 and b) to pose as MY DAUGHTERS in a 20th “revision” of “She is her daughter”. Hunter and Jarvis are lowlife, unemployed dullards yet HUNTER I concede, could be a daughter of LYNNE AUSTIN if Austin had had any children which she had not. HUNTER is a younger version of Lynne Austin including the bleached hair.
In the INVENTION of a “Lynne” in Fell View area, on 5 Nov 2014 the Gestapo and council sent a local troll to kick my door, scream abuse, threaten to smash my windows and so forth. She then ran off, returned and went through the process again trying to provoke as end August 2016 with DALTON (above). She failed; she said she was “Lynne’s” daughter and “Lynne” was the daughter of the elderly lone lady bullied out of 28 Fell View so that I could move in with all the lowlife ready and willing, unemployed and greedy to act on instruction, which killed the old lady; OLIVE GREENBANK. The Lynne was said to be Lynne Greenbank. There is no such person. I do my homework and knew the elderly lone lady in 28 Fell View had fallen victim as had Mrs Margaret Porter Flat 3 Penhale Gardens and why. In 2016, in chat to a local recruit who is used because his name happens to be “useful” being the same as ANOTHER deluded who thinks she is me, GARNER/GARDNER he told me that LYNNE GREENBANK had just walked by and he’d chatted to her. “Really, is she invisible?” There was no one in sight anywhere and the views were not interrupted. There is no LYNNE on the electoral register either. All that was with the INTENTION of making LYNNE AUSTIN somehow linked to Caton and as if she lived here now. Lynne Austin’s mother died over 30 years ago.
The loud mouth sent then claimed she worked for NHS which did not surprise me except she is just another unemployed recruit; she had been told what to say and wrote it down; thus she had a list to work her way through and so stupid she thought nothing of reading her list every so often to see what else she had to scream at me.
All the above considered to examine: Lynne Austin is “me” yet has no children. BUT Agnes Jackson is also me and has no daughters. BUT June Williams is also me and while she has a daughter Carol/Carole the daughter has nothing to do with them. June Williams has no son. Jarvis only has 3 children. Hunter only has 2. Curwen has none. Dalton has a son but no daughters. O’Conner has no children, Mrs M Peck from 33 is non-existent yet she is also said to be me, Ely does not have 4 children plus grand-children, O’Keefe does not have 4 children with grand-children. McGuire has no children, Mills has no more than 2 young boys, Joanne Hall had 2 children both removed from her as she being unfit and so on. In my previous address Shirley Rycroft Flat 4 claimed to be me but had no children, un-named looted of the dead in flat 5 claimed to be me yet had never married and had no one, Sybil Westwell in Flat 2 claimed to be me as my dead mother yet had no family, Bessie Robinson Flat 7 also claimed to be my dead mother yet had no family, and so on. Prior to that Margaret Middleton of 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ claimed to be me as my dead mother yet only had a son no daughters and no grand-children, Mary Lamb of 32 Fell View claims to be my dead mother. They are just a few who are all ME and all at the same time.
The bullying thugs of Royal Mail called to me with FARMFOODS store leaflet: FARMFOODS have already confirmed to me that they DO NOT EVER PAY ROYAL MAIL to deliver their leaflets. I watched after hearing the postie sneaking along through front gardens NOT using the gated entry, took a photo of the leaflet in my letterbox despite my NO JUNK MAIL sign. The bullying thugs DID not deliver to 24, 22 or down along the even numbers with any junk mail. This was so he could deliver to fraudsters in 30 and then 26 MAIL THAT WOULD BE MEANT FOR ME. The other motive is to hope I write to the sleazy “David” sorting office manager (NOT DAVID RIGGS) to complain and then say that I POSTED A NEW DWP CLAIM as I posted for him. He will get my response, when I feel I can be bothered and meanwhile, I post nothing. MAIL SENT OUT AS BEEN INTECEPTED AND STOLEN FOR YEARS AS WELL AS INCOMING MAIL. (By 1 20pm he still had not been to all the odd numbers with junk mail at all.)
I went to walk round about 13.25hrs to see which lowlife was parked up pretending: many crawled out from under their stones: Royal Mail, a blue FORD to rewrite the one used at 34 Quernmore Rd and 34 Fell View which went to the small site of converted offices end Fell View, had a good look at that harasser. A silver 4 wheel I have wondered about for months always parked end Copy Lane where Fell View runs off and he I had been right about: another who parks and pretends. The hiding place on photos of where sleazy have hidden for MONTHS including “removal vans” where they can view MY car but I cannot see them, a dark greeny TOYOTA R218 EYJ and roughneck to be R205 ZRJ, and R208 MNK that one used at 39 Fell View. I watched O’Conner sneak out of hiding from 39 as she had driven off in V24 MAJ yesterday then left it at her 2nd address which she claims is MINE, and photos of white van at 39 at 7 am “moving things”. I saw the silver BMW left at 31 yet again PE03 LGW where they pretend to “oversee” “someone” moving in (invisible.)

TREASON AGAIN. Lancs: FRAUD motive  20 March 2017

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From Carol Woods Ms 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP. One old fraudster AGNES JACKSON TREASONABLE OFFENCES of 26 Fell View found out poses as me for GAIN. JUNE WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View also poses as me; MY Duke's Playhouse mail has been delivered to Mrs J Williams when she poses as me as MY membership of the Duke's goes back to when I was married so, for 30 years at least. That was why sleazy postie delivered my DUKE's mail to 30 Fell View  to aid and abet WILLIAMS in posing as me; having MY mail was PROOF she was me. She also had much else such as 5 FIVE cars and related documents, a bank account, SKY TV etc.  My Duke's mail shots are sent to me as Mrs Carol Woods. I am now Ms and have been for about 18 years. Now we have Jackson in 26 ANOTHER who claims to be me. To aid that, and I suggest it was she who had MY MAIL TODAY while I received junk, (see below) the Gestapo sent a Jackson supposed lookalike to walk into the DUKE's as I parked up and walked to Lancaster. How did that dreary old troll know when to start walking into the Duke's? The Gestapo have unemployed lowlife stood on the road into Lancaster and send a text when MY car passes which details they have given to such WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. I took a photo of the old troll who thought MI6 had recruited her. She was only like Jackson from the rear, short, dumpy, short grey almost white hair and dressed in "black". Jackson thinks if she wears black she can pose as me better! Thus more proof JACKSON 26 Fell View is to be covered for.
This is for Royal Mail and relates to TREASON with events such as withholding of my mail – another criminal offence, and whatever else needs recording. It will help in any “thorough investigation” which is as thorough as my understanding of the Japanese language.
17 March 2017 and after events with sleazy using Morecambe DMP centre again LONG AFTER closing hours (I suggest any reader goes to his local DWP office and demands to see someone after 5pm), the Gestapo, a pair of old doxies in supermarkets pretending they met with me about the sale of my house, the deranged round Fell View in and out being aided and abetted by the usual gangsters to pretend whatever their delusions allow: I was right, the INTENTION was to claim I had just moved to 28 Fell View LA2 9RP yet again so that TREASON, corporate manslaughter, organised crime, E-CRIME, EMBEZZLEMENT (of public funds) and more could be swept under the carpet. I was allowed mail: one of 11 March 2017 my water rates bill and one dated 13 March 2017. A DWP note. The Gestapo with the contacts in Lancaster Sorting office saw my mail, withheld it and set about arranging the lunatics to act out their frauds to then make me think I had just moved in again! The deranged in 30 are pretending to be Mr and Mrs Carol Woods again having just moved into 30; As Mr and Mrs Woods they have moved into 30 Fell View now 36 times since I moved into 28 in March 2014 which the lunatics acted out as if 17 March 2017 was March 2014 again. I did not move into 28 Fell View on 17t March 2014. How do they in 30 with MY mail having gone to them as fraudsters, pretend yet again to just move in as me? She Mrs June Williams stands in the rain at their rear door and exclaims that the bungalow will do. On one such occasion over a year ago, she with her loud mouth exclaiming that they had not been in 30 Fell View long, I asked if they had exhumed the body of their pet in the “grave” in their rear yard to bring with them. There is the headstone, large as life, with the date they buried their pet which amazingly was YEARS prior to them moving in. They need to be covered for as they have had scores of items of mail INTENDED for me. That allows and aids them in their frauds of having cars IN MY NAME, bank accounts, SKY TV and so on. Jackson in 26 is EXACTLY the same, JARVIS in 41 and others.  When I get bills in the pipeline they are held until they in 30 get a bill, then she hides and pretends to be out and pretends when I pay my bill that is her paying the bill thus proof she is me. At least once she has been told to go out about 9 am and not return until it would be too late for me to go and my bill(s). My water rates of September 2016, the half year prior to this one now, Williams in 30 was to be out the whole day and then claim I paying my bill was hers for that deranged old parasite to be me. BUT I took my bill to SWANSEA and paid it there AFTER I had been to DVLA in person to ask about my missing car documents among other related matters. The response from DVLA was what was delivered to Jackson in 26, another deluded old parasite who thinks she is me. YOU DID NOT ADDRESS THE FACT THAT SHE HAD BEEN DELIVERED OF MY MAIL CLEARLY ADDRESSED TO ME IN 28 FELL VIEW. After days she was told she had to somehow get that mail to me, she conferred with Williams at the rear of 30, Jackson the lunatic dressed in RED which she does when she claims to be me out in my RED car; Williams told her she could only sneak round to my front door and post through the letterbox as quietly as possible and hope I didn’t see. Of course I did.
On 18/3/17 there were 2 TWO postmen, neither seen often before yet YOU claim that only 2 postmen deliver to Fell View when I have at least 6 on photos. This was done at MY house often with one the bogus postie and just pretending that his holding of 3 or 4 items he was a REAL postman. The real postie today was about 10 minutes after the one with his 3 or 4 items: the real postie had his bag and the usual load of mail.
20 March 2017 the bullying thugs called to me with FARMFOODS store leaflet: FARMFOODS have already confirmed to me that they DO NOT EVER PAY ROYAL MAIL to deliver their leaflets. I watched after hearing the postie sneaking along through front gardens NOT using the gated entry, took a photo of the leaflet in my letterbox despite my NO JUNK MAIL. The bullying thugs DID not deliver to 24, 22 or down along the even numbers with any junk mail. This was so he could deliver to fraudsters in 30 and then 26 MAIL THAT WOULD BE MEANT FOR ME. The other motive is to hope I write to the YOUR sleazy “David” manager to complain and then say that I POSTED A NEW DWP CLAIM as I posted for him. He will get my response, when I feel I can be bothered and meanwhile, I post nothing. MAIL SENT OUT AS BEEN INTECEPTED AND STOLEN FOR YEARS AS WELL AS INCOMING MAIL. At 1 40pm I found the sleazy hiding round Copy Lane; he was to race off as I went out to walk round.


Earlier this week I went to my local “Santander” bank in an attempt to report the ID frauds and fraudulent bank accounts at this bank connected to these criminals Carol Woods reports, but was told by the receptionist at my local Santander that the manager had said to go to the police regarding these alleged frauds – which must, by now, involve a vast amount of money. I had already gone to my local police recently to report these frauds and many more blatant crimes Ms. Woods speaks of, but was unable to see any police officer, nor tell anybody anything but was called by the local “Dorset Enquiries” department after filling in their “contact form”, but before I could arrange to give any information proper the phone call was terminated without a word by my being hung up on. I then wrote to certain departments reporting this, but so far have been totally ignored, so it seems it is impossible to report serious crime nowadays, which, of course, is echoed throughout Ms. Woods reports in these archives beginning last Febuary 2016, something that has been happening for years to Ms. Woods when trying to report the serious crime she knows of.
And why is there an illegal tracking device installed in Ms. Woods car – put there, apparently – by Lancs. police? The Chief Constable of Lancashire has been written to so many times about so many serious matters its quite remarkable – with absolutely NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER!
Regarding the Royal Mail irregularities concerning Carol Woods, eg. where mail to Carol Woods has been misdelivered deliberately to nearby addresses or not delivered at all on so many occasions, the CEO of Royal Mail was approached more than once recently and the irregularities reported to him. Sadly there was no response from the head of Royal Mail other than for Ms. Woods to make an official complaint to the Customer  Services department – something that has already been done since at least 2006, achieving nothing whatsoever. This clip from the post below:
In 2011 I rented in Lewes and found the deranged landlady JANICE BOURNEN posed as me and applied for jobs as if she was me. BOURNEN claimed to have my qualifications when she could barely write. Obviously when she was phoned with the offers of work she had to make an excuse as to why it was not suitable for her after all. I asked if I could collect my own mail; no I could not. That was pointless anyway after my experiences in Lancaster with the thugs there; they just told me there was no mail when I went to ask. ONE decent staff member DOMINIC GLEASON found a pile of MY mail hidden and it took me days to deal with it all. I had postmen climbing my garden wall long after delivery time and trampling all over my plants when the Gestapo manufactured junk they made sure I did get,(my photos of all events are excellent).
Then we had RYAN sitting on a wall taking my photo on his phone to send to Gestapo to make sure I was the one he was to pose as a bailiff to serve more junk of me, POSE AS COURT OFFICIAL and Mr Diamont knows and thinks that’s OK.
I have hundreds of examples and at this address 28 Fell View LA2 9RP where those in 20, 22, 26, 30, 32, 12, 14, 23, 41, 33, 37 all receive mail for me PLUS others who do to allow for the organised fraud. Stores used in fraud have confirmed where mail for me goes: it does not come to me. Banks alerted all confirm fraudulent accounts, 5 Santander, 2 HSBC 2 LLoyds, at least 2 Barclays Bank and Williams in 30 Fell View LA2 9RP with their 5 cars IN MY NAME, with Agnes Jackson in 26 with MY DVLA mail and Mr Diamont talks of my missing pay slips. Yes well he would, wouldn’t he, let’s pretend nothing else took place.
No Mr Diamont could not explain how the sleazy go to collect store leaflets to then deliver to me and take MY mail elsewhere but claim they have delivered to me. I have been to stores who will confirm they have not ever paid Royal Mail to deliver junk mail. Yet I get the junk and watch the sleazy who then amazingly, have no junk for anyone else. That is so they can deliver MY mail then to the number written on by sorting office staff who say where it is to go,thus catching Mr Sleazy in LA3 2QA with MY MAIL addressed to ME in the address then he was taking to one who claimed to be me then with HER address writ large to make sure he delivered NOT to me but to her. I saw the junk mail just for me and went to give it him back, saw MY mail being delivered and he said “Oh, do you want your mail?” That is how I got that fine example,. I got more after storms blew about recycle bins, MAIL for ME had been going to that address and at least 2 others.” [ends but continues in post below].

These mail irregularities are ongoing as I write – how come nothing is done about any of it when the CEO of Royal Mail himself is told? Just how many are involved in this massive case of deception and serious crime?

...continues here - [archive goes back to Febuary 2016 when Carol Woods was forced into a mental unit before being released due to pressure put upon certain authorities as the incarceration was based on false reasoning - this was at least the 5th time such a false incarceration had taken place upon Carol Woods] =




More serious crimes and misdemenours committed against Ms. Woods, all completely ignored by whichever UK government agency one tries to take anything to, include: 

the theft of her home [as happened also to Patrick Cullinane R.I.P., Len Lawrence, Joseph Henry [multiple houses stolen], Tom Crawford, Barbara Hofschroer, and so many more],

at least 5 separate enforced incarcerations in mental hospital units for no earthly good reason – one excuse used  for such incarcerations being that Ms. Woods was mentally “deluded” in her findings of utter corruption within a Lancs. council – her latest incarceration being between November 2015 and Febuary 2016. Carol was also forced to take psychotropic drugs against her will during these hospital stays, and was threatened with re-arrest before her leaving the “Cygnet” unit, Lancs. in Febuary 2016.

fake IDs used [for example: for expensive commercial criminal frauds], 

chronic gangstalking and/or harrassment by government connected sources,

home burglaries,

the inflicting of tracking devices upon her motor vehicle, and also numerous attempted thefts of that vehicle, and the attempted destruction of her motor vehicle, 

enforced “bankruptcy” with no evidence whatsoever.

Many more seriously criminal activities exist, committed against this lone female, which have been reported accordingly to no avail, along with her discoveries as a Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer. All of what is described, especially within the videos and related data below is a public scandal, and equally as disgusting is that nothing is being done about any of it by any UK government department contacted, from the Prime Minister down, let alone the heads of police forces and MPs!




2] Please listen to this vital radio show interview with Ms. Woods from the 12 March 2016


3] CAROL WOODS WHISTLEBLOWER ON RADIO lancashire police corruption county council 06 Febuary 2016



 SriLankerC 24 April 2016 


6] Carol Woods Social Worker Unlawfully Incarcerated In Psychiatric Gulag  https://youtu.be/-sMukHhkl4o   – 16 April 2016 by  GeorgeGreekTrucker

Google CAROL WOODS ..see the 2007 blog: http://www.criticalreader2006.blogspot.ae/

See CW’s NEW BLOG @ Harassment as punishment for whistle-blowing: Lancashire.


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