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Wednesday, 12 April 2017


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This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such vein-vacillating tales as:

Former USGS Employee Admits Hoaxing Artifacts At "Bimini Road" -   -  Group to Research Mysterious Little People of Alaska -Medium Claims to Communicate with Extraterrestrials -
AND: "Mermaid" Identified As Woman From Virginia

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The Secret Exploits of Adm. Richard Byrd



Several years ago a mysterious manuscript said to be Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s Private Log or Diary emerged. In it Byrd wrote about a vast ice-free “paradise” beyond the Poles: “We are crossing over the small mountain range and still proceeding northward as best as can be ascertained. Beyond the mountain range is what appears to be a valley with a small river or stream running through the center portion. There should be no green valley below! Something is definitely wrong and abnormal here! We should be over ice and snow! To the portside are great forests growing on the mountain slopes. Our navigation instruments are still spinning, the gyroscope is oscillating back and forth!”

During his career as an explorer, up until his death in March 1957, Byrd was considered a national hero. Besides exploring both Poles, it is alleged that the veteran Navy commander had come upon an entrance way that led into a Hollow Earth inhabited by a race of giants.

Rumor also has it that Byrd, during his 1947 expedition, was confronted by a “lost” battalion of Nazis whose settlement was being guarded by a fleet of back-engineered “Flying Saucers.” And while Byrd’s scientific team was supposed to stay for six months in this frozen region, his expedition was called off shortly after his arrival.

What is generally not known is that on one of Byrd’s sojourns to Antarctica, he sought to stave off mutiny from among his crew by enlisting some of the younger members into a very secretive “Loyal Legion,” which enabled him to clamp down on any leaks about his missions and discoveries.

And while the content of Byrd’s “secret diary” is open to debate, researcher and author Tim Cridland searches deeply into the many shadowy unknowns surrounding Byrd and the Nazis as well as a previously undisclosed wrinkle: a closely guarded connection between JFK’s assassination and the iron grip of those determined to keep the secrets surrounding UFOs and the arrival of ultra-terrestrials locked away from public scrutiny forever. This conspiracy involved members of a sinister, secret group of wealthy and “well-connected” individuals that included Lyndon Johnson, John Connelly and at least one member of Byrd’s family among its ranks.

This book takes a wholly original approach to a great many areas of interest revolving around the concept that our Earth is “hollow” and that a vast cavern system, constructed eons ago, exists connecting various subterranean cities with their hidden gateways back up to the surface world. Some researchers believe that the Inner Earth houses a potential “Garden of Eden-like” utopia, while others espouse the idea that much of the planet’s caverns and hollows are overrun by monstrous inhabitants wreaking havoc on the surface while serving to entice evil machinations from above ground conspirators who are loyal only to their self-serving dream of world conquest and domination.

The “Secret Exploits Of Admiral Richard E. Byrd” is a valuable inquiry made by a variety of independent researchers into a subject that has long been one of “instant ridicule” without being given its day in court. Here the reader will get to visit the various ancient cities of the subterranean world as well as learn about the “denizens of the deep” and their future design on unsuspecting surface dwellers who know little – or absolutely nothing – of their existence.
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Former USGS Employee Admits Hoaxing Artifacts At "Bimini Road"
By Dr. Greg Little

About a decade ago I was privately told by an archaeologist that Eugene Shinn, a geologist who spent 30 years with the United States Geological Service (USGS), had fabricated and planted fake archaeological artifacts. According to the archaeologist, Shinn planted the fake artifacts around the controversial stone formation known as the Bimini Road at a time that there was intense interest in the underwater formation. Shinn supposedly hoped that someone would find the fake artifacts and publicize them. When I heard the accusation, I had trouble believing it. I decided that I would not repeat it nor publish it without some sort of genuine verification because I considered such an act to be unethical, probably illegal, and simply not something that a “scientist” would do. Now the proof is public—by an open admission from Shinn.

On April 27, 2015 Shinn spoke to a group of biology students at Florida International University with more than a third of his talk devoted to his geology “work” at Bimini. During his filmed talk Shinn laughingly admitted perpetrating the fraud after being questioned by an audience member. I believe Shinn probably remains a faculty member at the University of South Florida. The film of his talk is available here, but I have made a copy of it for future
reference. There may be an effort made to delete the film but I’ll repost it online if necessary.

Shinn refers to people who don’t believe scientists like him as the “underclass.” In the talk he mentioned getting “hate mail” after he published a 2006 article on Bimini in the “Skeptical Inquirer.” I engaged Shinn in a series of cordial emails after his 2006 article appeared and asked him directly about many of the obviously untrue assertions he had made. His emails came from the USGS. His 2006 article is

In the Skeptical Inquirer article Shinn related that he undertook the task of examining the Bimini Road in such a way as to not be embarrassing to the USGS. However, in the article Shinn related several blatant untruths and what might be considered as deliberate lies. He began these by writing that Edgar Cayce was doing a reading for a patient who Cayce discovered was a reincarnated Atlantean. According to Shinn, Cayce “asked the patient where Atlantis was and the patient said, ‘in the Bahamas near Bimini.’” That’s a false and absurd assertion. Shinn told me that the information came from the Cayce organization (the A.R.E.) but I know that’s untrue. Cayce was not doing such a reading for a patient, and he never stated that, Atlantis was in the Bahamas near Bimini. Shinn also referred to David Zink as “Edward” Zink and spelled Ernest Hemingway’s brother Leicester as “Lester.”

In his article Shinn tried to explain how he determined that the limestone beachrock forming the Bimini Road was “natural.” He obtained core samples from a few rocks and wrote, “all the cores showed consistent dipping of strata toward the deep water.” It isn’t necessary to explain the importance of this assertion, but what matters is that it is also a completely false statement. (Shinn’s earlier publication of his actual research on the cores at Bimini clearly contradicts what he claimed in the Skeptical Inquirer. About 25% of them “dipped toward deep water.”)

A blatant lie Shinn made in the article related to the stone “columns,” “pillars,” or “cylinders” found at Bimini in the early 1970s. There were 39 of these found intact or partially intact (pieces) off the shoreline. Shinn referenced Wyman Harrison’s 1971 Nature letter about the columns stating that all the columns, “were made of Portland cement.” That’s a lie, pure and simple. Harrison’s article showed that several of them were fluted marble columns. However, not a single other stone column found at Bimini was cited by Harrison as being Portland cement. Shinn lied in the article.

In 2005 I issued a lengthy paper on this affair and someone (not me) posted it
here. In response to questions Shinn was asked by another writer about my findings, Shinn also lied by claiming that my research at Bimini was funded by the Cayce organization. The research my wife and I did at Bimini was totally self-funded and I told him this long before he was interviewed. He also refused to address the main issues I had raised above by calling it “nit-picking.”

Wyman Harrison

One curious sidelight to the veracity and ethics of the geologists mentioned here relates to Wyman Harrison. Shinn and others who describe themselves as skeptics always cite Harrison’s brief 1971 article about Bimini. As far as I know, Harrison appears to have been the first real geologist to attempt to “debunk” the Bimini Road by relating that it was natural limestone beachrock that fractured in place. What is generally unknown is that Harrison did decades of work at Bimini looking (drilling) for gold based on the Edgar Cayce readings. That’s why Harrison was at Bimini when the controversy over the Bimini Road emerged. There is a lot of intriguing information about Harrison’s search for gold at Bimini that has never been revealed but perhaps that might be the subject of a later article. Harrison began his involvement with the Cayce organization in 1957. The drilling for gold by Harrison continued at Bimini well into the 2000s with some of his last articles (as recent as 2010) claiming that stones from Atlantis were

Harrison gave talks for the Cayce organization (the A.R.E.) as well as publishing through the organization using the alias “The Geologist” and then using the famous name “William Hutton.” Some of his “work” was funded by the A.R.E. Harrison died a few years ago after revealing “who” he was. Many of his articles on Atlantis, his quest for gold Cayce related could be found at Bimini, and other Edgar Cayce issues can still be found
here. If the site is taken down it can be accessed by going to “archive.org.”

Back To Shinn

While I concluded that Shinn was often deceptive, was a sloppy “scientist” when it came to reporting findings, and probably just lied from time to time when he was trying to make some point, I had trouble accepting that Shinn fabricated archaeological artifacts and planted them. It’s a violation of many ethical codes and might have violated Bahamas’ laws. I would also guess it’s not in accordance with USGS employee guidelines—assuming they have some guidelines. However, Shinn’s work was done with the knowledge of the US Geological Service and often with their support. Shinn’s email responses to me regarding questions about his work at Bimini always came from his official USGS email. The USGS has had numerous news pieces about Shinn’s work at Bimini and his debunking of Atlantis highlighted on their websites. Shinn has been repeatedly honored by the USGS and several universities that received substantial “support” from the USGS over several decades.

In his April 27, 2015 talk, Shinn stated, “There’s an awful lot of strange beliefs out there today. There’s not enough science.” Indeed. I agree, there is not enough science.

At 49:34 in the talk an older audience member (name unknown) relates that he encountered Shinn some 30+ years ago in Florida where Shinn was “carving this stone statue.” This took place at Shinn’s USGS lab at Fisher Island around 1978. The audience member continued, “Somebody [with me] asked him what he was going to do with it [the statue] and he [Shinn] related that he was going to take it over to the Bahamas and throw it overboard.” The audience at the talk laughed and there was a brief pause.

Shinn then replied that, “someone told me that they saw it in a magazine somewhere but I kept waiting for something to really happen … but nothing really happened.”

The questioner then asked Shinn where he dropped those [faked artifacts]? Shinn continued, “we hid them [the fabricated artifacts] up under the stones [on the Bimini Road]; we made little cement pyramids and put a vacuum tube inside, made little pictures of astronauts.” More laughter. The audience member said, “that was my first memory of you,” to which Shinn replied, “you never know what you’re remembered for.” Indeed.

In brief, that’s precisely what I was told Shinn had done years ago. Apparently quite a few people knew about it.

It’s a remarkable admission, made more significant because neither Shinn nor seemingly the students saw anything wrong with it. What probably makes this much, much worse, is that it appears many people at the USGS were aware of it and apparently never questioned it or made any move to correct it. Obviously, they thought it was ethically and legally appropriate to do such a thing. It shows the ethics and scientific scrutiny that the US Geological Service represents as well as whatever ethical principles the students have been taught. Professional geologists do have a code of ethics, but apparently it’s optional or it doesn’t apply to the USGS.

Falsus in Uno, Falsus in Omnibus

Back in November 2014, archaeologist Andrew White (now at the University of South Carolina) issued an article on his blog (andywhiteanthropology.com) examining the essence of the phrase heading this section. As White explained, it roughly translates, “He who speaks falsely on one point will speak falsely upon all.” The phrase is sometimes taught to students in science and it boils down to a simple set of lessons. When I was being trained in experimental psychology it was stressed over and over that the data was all-important. Never make it up, never exaggerate it, never fabricate evidence, and never deceive. Dr. White summarized it all in three words: “Lies hurt credibility.” Over the years I have published a few hundred studies presenting evidence and I can say that all of them presented the data precisely as it was found. There are a few examples in them where just one piece of data ruined the results, but the study was always reported in line with the data.

The bottom line to this pretty simple. Shinn has lied about findings at Bimini. He’s lied about his results and other’s results. He made fake artifacts and planted them. In conclusion, it’s pretty clear that Shinn’s research at Bimini is tainted. Tainted by deception. Tainted by the willful awareness and promotion by the USGS. Tainted by the placement of false artifacts and then hoping to see someone reported finding them. Tainted by pseudoscience. Maybe it’s time to put the USGS out to pasture and defund the entire organization. What other conclusion can be reached? Lies hurt credibility. The universities can provide whatever support is needed to delude and hoax the public in the ways they want. When science, at its very heart, is shown to be pseudoscience, something is very, very wrong.

Source: AP Magazine


Feathered Friend? -- Legend of Big Bird Remains A Mystery
McALLEN — For decades, bird lovers have flocked to the Rio Grande Valley to see a large variety of their feathered friends. But in 1976, hunters scoured the area trying to win a reward for the capture of a creature which became known to residents here as Big Bird. For about two months in the mid-1970s, Big Bird — not the friendly tall, yellow bird that loves children on Sesame Street — terrorized Valley residents.

The 5-foot-tall bird was described as "horrible-looking," according to The Monitor’s archives. Its wings were large enough to be folded over its body and it had large, dark red eyes attached to a gray, gorilla-like face. Its head was bald and it made a loud, shrill sound through its 6-inch-long beak.

Tom Waldon claimed to have found its tracks on Jan. 2, 1976, near his home in Harlingen. The three-toed tracks measured 8 inches across and pressed an inch and a half into the ground.

Three teachers from San Antonio claimed to have seen Big Bird in that city as well, on Feb. 24, 1976. The trio later pointed to a picture in a book of a pteranodon, an extinct giant flying reptile, as being most like what they had seen.

Some bird experts told area residents that the bird was a lost condor or a jabiru, a large Central American stork which can boast a 10-foot wing span, big tracks and a featherless head. The jabiru has a breeding ground about 250 miles south of McAllen, near Tampico, Mexico, experts pointed out. But just as mysteriously as it arrived, Big Bird seemed to disappear overnight. But for some Valley residents, what exactly the Big Bird was is still a mystery.

The Big Bird sighting thought to be the first was Jan 1, 1976, when Tracey Lawson, then age 11, and her cousin Jackie Davies, then 14, were playing in Lawson’s back yard near Harlingen.

The two girls say they saw the bird standing about 100 yards away on an irrigation canal, according to the Atlas of the Mysterious in North America.

Lawson went inside to get her binoculars, and when she returned, she saw the bird staring back at her.

Big Bird was more than 5 feet tall, she said, and when she and Davies ran inside to tell her parents, the adults did not believe them.

On Jan. 8, 1976, The Brownsville Herald and the Valley Morning Star ran a piece that told the story of Alverico Guajardo and a strange "birdlike" creature which he claimed to have seen outside his home one day earlier.

"I was scared," Guajardo said at the time. "It’s got wings like a bird, but it’s not a bird. That animal is not of this world."

Guajardo said Big Bird had large wings but it never flew while in his presence. Its eyes were as big as silver dollars and its long, skinny beak was three or four feet long, he said.

It made a terrible noise, and although the sounds seemed to come from the creature’s throat, which pulsated as it made the noise and its beak never moved, Guajardo said.

The Brownsville Herald article indicated that reports of the large bird began shortly after a number of cattle mutilations made the news in Cameron County, but there was no proof that the bird had caused the strange mutilations.

As more sightings of Big Bird were reported, its legend grew. One Valley radio station offered a reward of $1,000 for the capture of the bird, archives show.

Johnny Carson even joked about Big Bird on The Tonight Show. The West German newspaper, Die Bild Zeitung, ran a story about the bird on its front page on Jan. 15, 1976.

Tejano artists Raul Ruiz and Wally "The Taco Kid " Gonzalez recorded songs about Big Bird.

It was official: Trying to spot Big Bird became more popular here than searching for UFOs.

The almost daily reports of Big Bird sightings and the frenzy of Valley hunters to trap the bird in an effort to claim the cash prize prompted the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission to issue a warning.

"We have a number of species of birds that do exist in South Texas in the Valley area," said commission officer Ed Dutch at the time. "Many of them have wingspans up to perhaps 10 feet or in excess of 10 feet, and some of them are on the rare endangered species list."

The punishment for catching a protected bird could cost a hunter $5,000, Dutch said.

The sightings of Big Bird were reported from every type of person, including two San Benito police officers.

Patrolmen Arturo Padilla and Homero Galvan, traveling in separate police cars, reported seeing a huge bird with a 15-foot wing span gliding through the air.

"It’s more or less like a stork or pelican-type of bird," Padilla said. "I’ve done a lot of hunting, but I’ve never seen anything like it."

Padilla said the bird had a wingspan of about 15 feet. He said he was willing to shoot it if

"It’s a true story that happened in Starr County in the early 1980s ... There were reports of the bird killing cattle because the ranchers were finding cattle mutilated and drained of their blood." — Javier, 27 eyewitness.

Big Bird was sighted along the river near Laredo as well, by Arturo Rodriguez and his nephew Ricardo, as they were fishing on the banks of the Rio Grande, newspaper archives show.

Television footage showing three-toed footprints, measuring 9 inches by 12 inches, and believed to have been left by Big Bird, fed the fear felt by area residents.

When one eyewitness said he believed the bird was large enough to easily scoop up a small child off the ground, parents began to keep their children indoors, instead of allowing them to venture outside to play.

Fear took a tighter grip on the Valley after Jan. 15, 1976, when a Raymondville man told police officers he was attacked by the bird.

"I felt some wind and looked up and this big bird attacked me," said Raymondville resident Armando Grimaldo, who was 26 years old at the time.

Grimaldo’s neighbors found him in his back yard shaking and screaming, and reported that his shirt and jacket were torn.

A man from Eagle Pass said he was attacked as well, archives show.

Francisco Magallanez’s claim that he was attacked was given some credibility by law enforcement officials, who said Magallanez had marks on his shoulders. His physician, Dr. Arturo Bates, told police the marks were made by some type of animal or bird.

The Monitor reported that Magallanez, who was 21 years old at the time, admitted he was drinking at the time of the attack.

On Feb. 1, 1976, Texas A&M ornithologist Keith Arnold said he believed Big Bird was a large Central American stork, which at times has been observed as far north as Oklahoma, according to The Monitor’s archives.

The stork, also known as a jabiru, had a 10-foot wing span, leaves large tracks and has a featherless head, Arnold said.

Arnold said he had examined a jabiru in 1973 when it was found in a weakened state near Houston.

Big Bird became larger than life when the tales about it were told over and over.

Some of the stories can be found in the Special Collections Department in the library of the University of Texas-Pan American.

For years, UTPA students have been asked to write down what they know about local legends, and Big Bird has always been a favorite. Because the students never intended for their stories to be published, The Monitor will not print their full names.

Javier, 27, of Rio Grande City recalled the story which connected Big Bird to the mysterious cattle mutilations.

"It’s a true story that happened in Starr County in the early 1980s," Javier wrote. "There were reports of the bird killing cattle because the ranchers were finding cattle mutilated and drained of their blood.

"There was no explanation and people were shocked because the cattle were supposedly mutilated using surgical instruments and there were no tire tracks or foot prints near the dead cattle," Javier wrote. "After the bird disappeared, there were no more reports of mutilated cattle."

A 49-year-old man from Olmito, who withheld his name from the report given to a UTPA student named Yadira, said he had proof the bird attacked him.

"He left a bar a little late and was about to get in his car when he was attacked by a giant bird," Yadira wrote. "It cut him up, so when he got home his wife bandaged him up.

"He told her the story but she didn’t believe him," Yadira wrote. "The next day the wife used his car and found bird feathers on the seat and the floorboard."

Another UTPA student, Esequiel, said he was in sixth grade at a Pharr elementary when he saw the bird for himself. His story is also in the library collection.

"We were at recess and saw a huge bird-like object in the sky," Esequiel wrote. "My friend and I were the only ones who saw it, even though there were a lot of students playing outside. "We told a teacher about it and she said it was probably an unexplained event like a UFO or something," Esequiel wrote.

On Feb. 11, 1976, the legend of the magnificent winged bird died. Some farm workers saw Big Bird in a fruit orchard about two miles south of Alamo, and within an hour, about 50 people had gathered to see the bird for themselves.

The bird stood quietly and watched the group of people walk around, including a television reporter who filmed the bird.

The film showing a 4-foot tall silvery-blue bird was broadcast around the state on Feb. 12 and Feb. 13, 1976, and the bird was identified as a great blue heron by Don Farst, a curator at the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville.

Farst said the great blue heron was not uncommon in the Valley.

"They usually stay near the bay or in arroyos, feeding on small snakes and lizards," Farst said at the time.

Just when we thought it was safe to go back outside, another big bird made headlines.

On Feb. 17, 1976, The Brownsville Herald ran a story about a big bird that died after it became entangled in a barbed wire fence in Logan, Ind.

The bird, named Boomer by his owner William Brasier, had been lost for four days before it was found dead in the fence line.

The 6-foot, 2-inch tall ostrich-like creature was a South American bird that can run up to 40 miles an hour, but cannot fly, Brasier said at the time.

Brasier believed Boomer got caught in the barbed wire while trying to jump the four-foot fence to freedom.

Source: The Monitor - McAllen, Texas
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Catfish Falls out of Sky, into Florida Couple's PoolBy Ben Hooper

A Florida man investigating a loud crash on his screened porch made a bizarre discovery: A catfish had fallen out of the sky into his pool, and it was still alive.

Leonard Vanderpool of Winter Haven said he and his wife were watching TV Monday night when they heard a loud crash on their screened porch.

Vanderpool said he went outside to find there was a hole in the lanai -- and a catfish in his backyard pool.

"I come out and there's a big hole in my screen, and there's this big bullhead swimming in the water. It didn't kill him or anything. He's going crazy. The water was moving like crazy," Vanderpool told WFLA-TV.

Vanderpool called Winter Haven police for help getting the fish out of the pool. He said it took some work to convince the police dispatcher that he wasn't joking around.

"I told her, 'You're not going to believe this, but a fish dropped out of the sky and it is in my pool,'" he told WTVT-TV.

Police arrived and helped Vanderpool get the fish out of the pool.

"The fish was swimming like crazy. We took ten minutes to get him out of the water. Then the policeman put him in a big bucket that I had. It just barely fit in there," Vanderpool said.

Vanderpool's wife, Dawn, said police made sure to take photos to make sure their colleagues would believe the story.

"It didn't seem like people would believe it. It is crazy," Dawn Vanderpool said. "[The officer] had to take pictures because he knew they wouldn't believe him back at the station."

The Vanderpools and the police officer eventually came to the conclusion that a bird of prey had snatched the catfish out of the water, intending to make it into a meal, and accidentally dropped it over the screened porch.

"The fish probably stung it with its horns, because bullheads have horns, and he dropped it right through my screen," Leonard Vanderpool said. "When we had it out you could see talon marks on its back."

The lucky fish, which did not seem to have any severe injuries, was released into Lake Ruby.

Source: UPI


Group to Research Mysterious Little People of Alaska
By Paul Seaburn

    "These little man are strong. They hunt and catch whales that come to the mouth of the Noatak. When a big man and a little man fight for the whale the little man will always win."

The Alaska Natives or indigenous peoples of Alaska tell some great stories about little people, Hairy Man, shape-shifting whales, unexplained lights, mysterious occurrences around sacred burial sites and much more. Those stories are have typically been passed down for generations among tribe members but not often shared between tribes and rarely with non-Natives. The versions of these tales heard outside the tribes are Westernized and often sensationalized. Kawerak Inc., a Native nonprofit, has set up a new program to change that while preserving the stories and investigating their origins.

    "He had a pointed head, a big nose and pointed ears. We tried to hide and watch him for about an hour. He just smoked and looked around. Suddenly he jumped up and began to run toward the high mountains."

Julie Raymond-Yakoubian, social science program director with Kawerak, says the various ‘little people’ stories will be a primary focus since virtually every tribe has them. The most common name for them is Inukin and they’re generally small in stature but big in strength and supernatural powers. They dress like Natives (who knew that bear furs came in petite?) and have Native habits like smoking, but pull off their hats and hoods (assuming you can get close enough) and you see their pointed little heads and ears.

    "Then he looked down and there was a little man about 3 feet high talking Eskimo. Saul could understand him and they started talking. Saul had a gun, something like an old 30-30. They talked about that gun and the little man’s weapon, a bow and arrow. Saul tried to pull on the bow but it was so strong he couldn’t pull it."

In addition to the little people, Kawerak will be collecting anecdotes about the Iliamna Lake monster, Alaska’s  version of the Loch Ness monster, and the Hairy Man, the area’s name for Bigfoot. These have been well-documented, so Kawerak will also be looking for unusual and untold tales, like those of shape-shifting killer whales that can look like humans. The researchers are also going beyond cryptids to collect sightings of Alaska’s unusual lights (many more than just the Northern lights) and ghost stories, which often center around the burial sites of medicine men.

Using $150,000 in federal funds from the National Park Service’s Shared Beringian Heritage Program (Beringia is the name given to the land mass that once connected Alaska and Siberia), Kawerak has begun interviewing members of 17 Native tribal governments. To attract more people who may be suspicious of its purpose, it’s holding storytelling events and community meetings.

Once the project is completed in 2018, a book and research papers will be published.

Depending on what they find, the History Channel could have enough stories for years of new reality shows, especially on shape-shifting killer whales.

Source: Mysterious Universe


Medium Claims to Communicate with Extraterrestrials

THE first time was "terrifying”.

Former nurse Kerrie-Ann Thornton, 37, says her first alleged encounter with an extraterrestrial took place when a dark figure suddenly appeared from the back seat of her car as she was driving on a Sydney highway.

“From then on it kept happening,” she said.

“It made my life hell until I actually learned to communicate with them and then it settled down. “And eight years later here we are.”

Ms Thornton now dedicates her life to serving ‘the greys’ — a “peaceful alien species” she claims to have a contract with. As a self professed psychic medium and telepathic communicator, she says she also has contact with other alleged “alien races” including the Draconians, Reptilians, Annunaki and Illuminati. Ms Thornton, from Harrington Park, is one of thousands of people around the world who believe in the existence of these so-called extraterrestrial creatures which she claims talk directly to her.

She says the purpose of the communications is so the aliens can pass on messages about living and dead people and animals to “help us”.

While some people might call Ms Thornton and her beliefs crazy, she insists she, and they, are not.

“If you want to call me crazy, or I’m just making things up, or an attention seeker, go right ahead,” Ms Thornton says.

“It’s not my business.

“My job and my business is to deliver messages for the ET’s ... it’s up to you what you do with those messages.”

About 12 people, men and women, pay a $20 entry fee and file into the small function room to watch Ms Thornton become possessed by aliens and deliver messages to them on a sunny Sunday afternoon in March.

They meet in an old country-style motel, tucked behind a used car sales business in Campbelltown, on the outskirts of western Sydney.

“You are invited to ask questions about anything, the ET’s themselves, life, the universe, etc and the ET’s will answer all questions,” a pamphlet advertising the seminar reads.

No “security sensitive” questions are allowed. It’s in the best interests of the human race, Ms Thornton says.

It’s the first time Ms Thornton has attempted to lend her mind, body and soul to the aliens she claims to have been communicating with telepathically and in person for almost a decade. She says the aliens will today possess her to deliver important messages to earthlings.

She says she has been preparing her body “mentally, spiritually and physically” for this moment for seven years.

She warns that “everyone will be running for the door” in the second half of her seminar when she becomes possessed or if the aliens decide to appear in the room.

“I’m told they’re going to put on a big show,” she said.

“They’re calling it ‘the Awakening’. They’re going to make a statement.

“I won’t remember the second half after it’s happened.”

Guests are told there is nothing to fear and advised not to be alarmed if they “feel something touch (their) shoulder” or if the medium starts levitating.

“There are 30 plus ET’s in this room right now ... invisible,” Ms Thornton says.

“They’re invisible.”

John Farnham’s ‘You’re the Voice’ starts playing on a small radio at the front of the room. Ms Thornton looks at guests in the front row and tells them: “not my choice”.

“You ready guys?’ she asks the invisible ET’s.


Ms Thornton starts the seminar by giving audience members individual readings she says come directly from the other worldly entities.

She tells one audience member that her dead grey cat didn’t like the Whiskers meat she fed it and would have preferred the Kitekat brand.

Another woman is asked who “the young child who fell out of a tree and broke their arm” was. She says she has no idea who the psychic is talking about.

Ms Thornton tells another woman that one of the aliens recommends she buys some lotto tickets.

“I had a dream about that last night,” the woman says.

“I will definitely buy some now.”

The guests all appear to share Ms Thornton’s beliefs and that she’s psychic and cling onto every words she says.

She tells a young woman in the audience she was a medieval princess in a past life who now has healing abilities.

“I can feel it when she hugs me as it’s warm,” the girl’s friend tells the group.

Another guest is asked if she has an older brother.

“Yes,” the guest says.

Ms Thornton: “When he was your age was there a car accident not him but could be close friend or family.

“The person driving the other car wants to say he’s really sorry and wants to say it was his fault and please accept his apology.

“He didn’t mean to cause harm was young and dumb.”

The woman she's addressing says this is the first she’s ever heard about her brother being involved in a car accident.

“Who likes fish? Ms Thornton asks the crowd.

No one answers.

Ms Thornton: “Gold fish?”


Ms Thornton: “Tropical fish?”

One woman raises her hand: “My brother,” she says.

Ms Thornton: “Tell him to keep a check on thermometer as it’s faulty and you’ll wake up with fried fish.”

She then turns her attention to another young woman in the audience.

Ms Thornton: “You’re having internet trouble.”

Guest: “No.”

Ms Thornton: “OK it might be coming. Just watch your internet server, (the provider is) going through issues.”

After a short break, tea and biscuits, the second half of the seminar gets underway. This is where things are expected to get especially interesting as Ms Thornton attempts to allow aliens to take over her body. It’s the moment guests were warned they might run for the door. She takes a swig of water and shakes her hands like an athlete preparing to compete. She stares intently at the ground, awaiting for something phenomenal to take hold. Nothing happens. So she fills the time instead by relaying second-hand messages from the alleged aliens.


Talk turns to celebrities, royals and politicians and which of them are supposedly aliens or hybrids.

“Is Queen Elizabeth a clone?” one guest asks.

Ms Thornton: “No, she’s not.”

But the same can’t be said for Kate Middleton, according to Ms Thornton.

“She is a draconian hybrid, half woman, half, they’re 10ft tall T-Rex type thing,” she says.

“She’s in the right place to seize power.

“They’ve designed her specifically to be in that position.”

Ms Thornton says the suggestion that the “Queen and Trump are shape shifters is rubbish”.

“They’re not aliens,” she says.

“Trump has no interest in Americans.

“His only interest is gaining technology, gaining power, gaining money and wanting to take over the world, and this is driven by his ties to Putin and the Illuminati.”

A member of the audience raises his hand.

“What is Pauline Hanson?” he asks.

Ms Thornton: “A few people have said she’s an alien but she is not. She is someone with morals and integrity.”


Ms Thornton tells news.com.au she sees the aliens through her “third eye and physical eyes”.

She describes the “typical grey” as being about seven foot tall with “large heads, black eyes, small nose and mouth, skinny necks, long slender bodies and very muscular”.

Ms Thornton also claims to have twice been impregnated by aliens on their “space buses”. She says she miscarried several months into each pregnancy.

She believes she was given the ability to communicate with aliens because of her “rare DNA”.

“It’s something not many people have,” she says.

“And another possibility is that I don’t care what people think. I will do my job regardless of what people think of me.”

Ms Thornton’s mother, who also attends the seminar, supports her claims.

“Her DNA is special,” her mother tells inquisitive guests.


As the three and a half-hour session comes to a close it becomes apparent Ms Thornton’s attempt to become possessed by aliens has not worked. Not today. Her seven years of training for the moment has apparently all been in vain.

“I think they have not done that because they have not got their message across,” she tells news.com.au.

“People have understood why they’re here and their messages and I believe that they would have done a possession if people did not believe, if they were challenging what they said.”

News.com.au reminds Ms Thornton that many sceptics will read this story and not believe her claims.

But according to Ms Thornton, that doesn’t matter because all will be revealed later this year.

“They will be showing themselves in the next couple of weeks and months,” she says.

“To everybody. To the world.

“They’re not waiting for the government to disclose their existence they’re going to do it themselves.”

She says the aliens “want people to know when they come they’re not here to harm anyone”.

“They believe that the earth is dying and that we have to go somewhere.”

So what are they waiting for?

“That’s a good question and I have asked them repeatedly that during the afternoon,” Ms Thornton says.

“They just didn’t want to.”

Source: News.com.au


Student Obsessed with UFOs Mysteriously Vanishes
By Lia Eustachewich
Authorities in Brazil are baffled by the bizarre disappearance of a college student obsessed with the occult and aliens.

Bruno Borges went missing around March 27 from the town of Rio Branco, leaving behind a jaw-dropping bedroom and many unanswered questions, including where he is today.

Footage of the twenty-five-year old man's bedroom is simply breathtaking as Borges covered the walls with coded text and odd diagrams. Some of the elaborate writings in the room are passages from the Bible and phrases from Leonardo da Vinci.

Additionally, the room also contains a large statue of Giordano Bruno, a 16th century philosopher and theorist who expounded upon the possibilities of space, including exoplanets, and was burned at the stake largely because of it.

Inspired by the famed philosopher, Borges reportedly told family members and friends that he was working on a series of books that would transform the world.

These books, also written in code, were left behind by Borges when he vanished. The contents of Borges' proverbial masterwork has purportedly been decoded by a computer expert in Brazil, but the writings have yet to be revealed aside from a few vague sentences.

“It is easy to accept what you have been taught since childhood and what is wrong. It is difficult, as an adult to understand that you were wrongly taught what you suspected was correct since you were a child,” the passage allegedly says.

According to his sister, the young man had locked himself in his room for 24 straight days working on what he called his "project."

Borges had asked his family for money to fund his secret project, according to relatives, but wouldn’t provide any details about it. He only told them he was working on books that would “change humanity in a good way.”

“He was clever. In school, he was always different — a born leader with high powers of persuasion,” said his mom, Denise Borges. “He is such a kindhearted boy.”

The Criminal Investigation Department is investigating the disappearance.

Source: NY Post


"Mermaid" Identified As Woman From Virginia
Fresno County Sheriff’s Detectives have positively identified the woman found walking in the middle of a street in Fresno, California, early last week.

Police said the woman was "most naked" with wet hair and webbed toes. She told police she had been in the water and that she was a mermaid named Joanna.

The Fresno County Sheriff's Office has positively identified her has a 33-year-old woman from Virginia. Her name is not being released. There is a possibility that the woman is a victim of crime and therefore her identity is being protected.

According to the Sheriff's Office, On Wednesday afternoon, detectives received a tip and spoke with a relative who lives out of the area. Detectives learned that the woman made travel arrangements and flew to Fresno last week. She was visiting to see if this is an area she may want to move to one day.

Detectives continue to try and develop information about the woman and any contacts she made during her time in Fresno County. Arrangements are being made to reunite her with family and friends.

Source: CBS 58

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