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Monday, 24 April 2017

MAURICE KIRK: Disclosed at last magistrates 2011 records, + archive 24 April 17

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Maurice Falsely Registered as a Sex Offender

by mauricekirky
Her Ladyship’s Court Order, confirmed this week, that Maurice can now have the 2010 Machine-Gun trial official transcript, despite having paid for it well over 5 years ago, it means he is promised the transcripts when he was falsely registered as a sex offender, MAPPA level 3 category to be amongst the top 5% most violent in the UK.
This also means that from more than seven clandestine Cardiff Court hearings, recently, only achieved by keeping Maurice lock-up in his prison cell, there is a real risk of court records now becoming available, to include the full Caswell clinic forensic history withheld from Her Ladyship, in November 2009 when refusing Maurice bail.
HM Cardiff court records, now suddenly becoming ‘available’ for his on going litigation  at the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and Royal Courts of Justice, makes the boring subject a whole new ‘ball game’.
Maurice’s 26 year running civil action for substantial damages against the South Wales Police, for their string of premeditated but failed malicious prosecutions, is also about to erupt as NHS (Wales), by allowing the police to inform His Honour Judge Bidder QC that Maurice was suffering from a terminal brain tumour, without informing their patient, is leaving them in still further difficulties.
to be continued,,,,,,,,
This means, following Her Ladyship’s recent apparent suggestion that for the forth coming jury trial, in that Maurice had allegedly breached a court restraining order  never served on him in the first place, those who blackmailed Dr Tegwyn Williams, in the frst place

More Phone Calls from Maurice Kirk from HMP Cardiff show the injustices – 19 April 17

 CALLS FROM HMP CARDIFF: 17, 18, 19, 21, 22 JAN. 2014


T20170239 Regina v Maurice John Kirk  – 18 April 2017

     to Cardiff.crn.cm2,
 Defence Evidence
I enclose an HMP Cardiff tape recording telephone record  (already with the police) of part of the audit trail of the 26 years of disgusting South Wales Judiciary conduct when reliant on  their agents  to bring in the money to guarantee all your  continuing employment
Contrary to anybody’s court directions, over the past 25 years, the South Wales Police and your courts continue to refuse to disclose even your own records relevant to the 4th jury on the matter.
 A restraining order was deliberately not served on me in the first place in order to have me quickly gaoled again, for breaching it simply   to prejudice my civil claims against the Cardiff cabal currently being defended.
Successive Cardiff courts covered up their illegal use of MAPPA legislation to frustrate the Claimant’s claim against the South Wales Police’s countless malicious prosecutions


       Case no. 20170239

Regina v Maurice John Kirk
100th Alleged Breach of a Restraining Order
No court has heard the following evidence and explains further  why successive juries have been lied to by so many people in positions of privilege within our community.
The chance meeting, last week, with South Wales Police officer 1718 and earlier, in Cardiff Crown Court, a custody  officer named Rob, the Accused now says as follows:
  1. Rob was one of 4 officers to unlock  my cell owing to my MAPPA category 3 level 3 status as one of the top 5% most dangerous in the UK in Barbara Wilding’s opinion.
  2. Rob was aware of why the then clerk of court, Michael Williams, had positioned himself not in a cell after handing over the ‘missing’ District Judge John Charles part-hand written draft document to Geoamey manager, Lee Barker.
  3. This draft restraining order, mistaken by successive Crown Court Judges ever since as the original 1st December 2011 Restraining Order, David Gareth Evans has now confirmed, under cross examination, is true as it was the one he had personally given to Michael Williams to take down to my cell for amendments.
  4. Rob has knowledge that Lee Barker went off duty that same day and left the magistrates  custody suite at around 3pm as also recorded in the officer’s diary referred to in evidence when he was later cross examined on this point.
  5. Rob is also aware Lee Barker came inside my cell, only once with a document in his hand, as I refused to leave without proper explanation as to why I was being mysteriously offered release at about 1pm before maximum sentence had been served! Also, why had I been refused the right to attend a London from the prison if not to fabricate yet another ‘fail to attend’ to keep me further on remand in prison?
  6. Rob is also aware that the subsequent Geoamey manager, Jackie, after 3pm, knows no document what so ever was recorded anywhere as being handed to me before Lee Barker left the building on that day.
  7. Rob and Jackie are aware that at 5.05pm, on the 1st December 201, no less than four Geoamey staff entered my cell and violently dragged me out along the floor and down the long corridor and for my crutches to be then deliberately thrown onto my head as I lay there in considerable pain in the foyer of the court building.
  8. In considerable pain on daily morphine sulphate,  as no anaesthetist could be found prepared to assist in the now long overdue total hip replacement required.
  9. This was originally caused by the equally barbaric few within the Guernsey police acting out their petty vengeance for being repeatedly ridiculed in open court following collapse of their numerous malicious criminal charges.
  10. CCTV footage of the Cardiff cells incident was denied the 4th May 2010 jury as recorded on their jointly written ‘jury note’ to the trial judge in my absence.
  11. This ‘jury note’ was deliberately not disclosed to  me in court or until long after I had been convicted , sentenced and in a position to allow  Lord Justice Leverson, Mr Justice Smales and Mr Justice Mitting at the Court of Appeal to be aware of it.
  12. Their Lordships recorded comments appear to also confirm they were unaware even of the very existence of the ‘jury note’.
  14. This custody suite and cell CCTV footage, plan of cells lay out or ‘view de justice’, in the  alternative, was crutil evidence all requiring disclosure to their victim, subsequent juries and original Court of Appeal because the CCTV and complete records of court clerk , Lee Barker, Geoamey management and ‘gate arrest’ police will reveal the final restraining order had been in the magistrate cell complex all the time in my prisoner file for its ‘service’ elsewhere.
  15. HM Justice Ministry practice for ‘service’ of a restraining order is for the prison upon their prisoner’s return to finish the last two weeks.  The maximum sentence under the law for a breach of 1997 Prevention to Harassment Act is 6 months.
  16. Instead, on the moment of my forced ‘release’ from my cell under the control of Michael Williams, now sacked and CPS officer David Gareth Evans, now sacked and Jackie, now also sacked, attempts were made by Rob or someone of similar stature to stuff something, possibly paper , into by left sock during the violent assault upon my person, as I lay on the ground Sacked, in turn,  to hinder their further cross examination in future civil or criminal hearings being set up by their victim.
to be continued

Maurice Kirk: Cardiff Courts CCRC Conspiracy Cover-up 11/04/17

Source: Cardiff Courts CCRC Conspiracy Cover-up
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MAURICE KIRK: Police confiscate yet anotherbreach’ of a Restraining Order Interview Tape 7 April 17 + archive