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Sunday, 16 April 2017

The new £7m electronic record sharing system for patients in Dorset + AND OPTING OUT

New electronic record sharing system for patients will be launched in Dorset
New electronic record sharing system for patients will be launched in Dorset
/ Tara Russell

A £7m electronic record sharing system is set to benefit patients across Dorset.
The Dorset Care Record (DCR) will bring together information from hospitals, GPs, community teams and local councils, enabling details of a person's medical or care history - and their needs - to be summarised in the same place.
The DCR, provided by global healthcare company Orion Health and led by Dorset County Council, will be delivered through a secure computer network with an ‘opt-out’ function for patients who do not wish to be included.

Health bosses say it will be rolled out from the autumn with the first phase including basic information from GP, acute hospital and community systems covering admission and discharge dates, appointments and alerts.
Part of the £7.8m five year contract has come from the NHS England Integrated Digital Care Fund with additional funding from partner organisations.
Health and social care organisations have been calling for the establishment of an electronic record for a number of years and there is national guidance that states the NHS should have electronic records by 2020.
It is supported by the organisations across the county including NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Dorset County Hospital, Poole Hospital, the Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals and Dorset HealthCare, as well as Dorset County Council, Bournemouth Borough Council and the Borough of Poole.
Dorset County Council's chief executive Debbie Ward and Phil Richardson, director of design and transformation at NHS Clinical Commissioning Group say the DCR will deliver a better joined up service.
Mr Richardson said: "Sharing appropriate information electronically to a single place will offer direct access for authorised health and social care professionals to provide as full a picture as possible of people's history, needs, support and service contacts."
Mrs Ward added: "The DCR represents a really exciting approach to digital engagement with people across the county and is a key element of our wider 'Sustainability and Transformation Plan' to improve the treatment of people's health and reduce inequalities. It will make more efficient use of public money and in time, the DCR will offer people access to view and contribute to their own record."

The records will bring together a range of information, including health problems and diagnoses, prescribed drugs, blood tests and e-ray results, hospital discharge letters and agreed care plans.
There is a long-term plan to extend the system to share data with other health and care organisations, which meet the information sharing security criteria, such as hospices and neighbouring NHS facilities.
For more information go to news.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/dorset-care-record

source:  http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/15227288.__7m_electronic_patient_sharing_record_to_be_rolled_out_this_autumn__here___s_what_you_need_to_know/?action=success


How to opt-out of care.data (and all other secondary uses of your information)

This non-commercial website was written by Dr Neil Bhatia, a GP and Caldicott Guardian / Information Governance lead in Hampshire.

The care.data project has now been shut down by the Department of Health.
You can find out about all of the NHS Databases, secondary uses projects, and other NHS data sharing schemes, via www.nhsdatasharing.info
 care.data will be back, in one form or another, so this site will remain available (though no longer updated) for reference purposes.

This web site tells you how to opt-out of care.data (and all other secondary uses of your information)
It tells you about Type 1 ("9Nu0") and Type 2 ("9Nu4") opt-outs (or objections) - electronic flags added to your GP record, at your request, that prohibit the use of your personal confidential information in various ways.
You can find out about care.data at www.caredata.website
If you want to opt-out of care.data and secondary uses only, then follow the instructions below.
If you want to opt-out of all of the NHS Databases, then download this single form and use it instead.
You can find out about all of the NHS Databases, and other NHS data sharing schemes, via www.nhsdatasharing.info

First, download an opt-form:
  • Here is a .pdf leaflet, which can be printed double-sided and folded (fits in a DL envelope)

  • Here is a .doc leaflet, which can be filled in on your PC and either printed or emailed to your GP surgery (if they allow you to email them)

  • An opt-out form available in .pdf, .doc or .rtf format is available from medConfidential

  • Your GP surgery may have its own opt-out form downloadable from its website.
There is no "official" or mandatory opt-out form that you are obliged to use, whether produced by the HSCIC or anyone else.
It doesn't matter which form you use.
Make sure that you haven't been given, or downloaded, a Summary Care Record opt-out form by mistake.
Fill the form in, and either :
  • hand it in to your surgery
  • fax it to your surgery
  • post it to your surgery, or
  • email it to your surgery
That's it. Simple.
The two opt-codes (9Nu0 and 9Nu4) will be added to your GP record by your surgery.
Remember to opt-out your children, or those for whom you have parental responsibility, as well.
Your children's medical records will be uploaded too unless you opt them out.

  • Do not make an appointment with your GP
  • Do not arrange to see your GP surgery's Practice Manager
  • Do not ring your GP or GP surgery
just to opt-out.
You do not need to.

With both the 9Nu0 and the 9Nu4 opt-outs in force:
  • No information whatsoever will be uploaded from your GP record to the HSCIC
  • The HSCIC will have no information from your GP record to release or sell, in any format, to any organisation, for any purpose
  • The HSCIC will only continue to hold information extracted from your hospital records
  • The HSCIC will not be able to release or sell any information that clearly identifies you from the information extracted from your hospital records
You will still be invited to cervical screening, breast screening, bowel cancer screening, diabetic retinopathy screening, abdominal aortic aneurysm screening, and any other current or future national screening programmes, if you are eligible - the 9Nu0 and the 9Nu4 opt-outs do not prevent these programmes in any way.

The secondary uses (9Nu0) opt-out will ensure that no identifiable information about you will be extracted or uploaded - to anyone, not just the HSCIC- without your express consent, for secondary uses, both now and in the future.
That includes care.data, risk stratification, the national audits and identifiable GPES extractions - all purposes that are unrelated to the provision of your direct medical care.
In addition, the 9Nu0 opt-out will also prohibit de-identified information about you concerning any eMed3 Statement of Fitness to Work reports (i.e. sick notes) being uploaded to the HSCIC and subsequently passed to the Department of Work and Pensions.
Be reassured - opting out of care.data and all other secondary uses will in no way affect how healthcare professionals provide you with direct medical care.
care.data and other secondary uses are not about information sharing between healthcare professionals.
The 9Nu0 secondary uses opt-out is a very useful flag to request your GP to add to your surgery record. For many of the secondary uses schemes:
  • You may never find out that your information is being used in these ways
  • You may never find out how your information is, or will be, used in these ways
  • You have little or no control over which organisation receives your personal confidential information
  • You have little or no control over how your information is used by those organisations
  • You cannot prevent those organisation from passing your information on to other organisations
You will lose control of your information once extracted and uploaded - unless you opt-out.
You can find out more about secondary uses, the effects of the 9Nu0 opt-out, the NHS Databases, and NHS data sharing in general, at www.nhsdatasharing.info

The 9Nu0 code has an immediate effect in preventing confidential information from your GP record from being uploaded to the HSCIC or used for secondary purposes.
The 9Nu4 code will prevent the HSCIC from releasing or sell any information that it holds, and that clearly identifies you.

Feel free to send me constructive comments about this site.
PGP public key: 9651 BDC9 46B5 7768 3B3F AF79 8FE1 DACC FEFA 344F
I will read every comment sent, though please do not be offended if I do not reply to your message.
Privacy policy: I will not sell, trade or otherwise transfer to any third parties your personally identifiable information (your email address or the content of your email)

This non-commercial website was written by Dr Neil Bhatia, a GP and Information Governance lead in Hampshire.
Detailed information about care.data can be found at care-data.info
Last updated: 22.04.16

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