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Saturday, 22 April 2017

US WANTS KOREA'S OPIUM FIELDS: X22 Report: US Sniffer Plane Scans North Korea, Be Prepared for the Next Event

Here are the recent top news
stories from the X22 Report:
- Obamacare is on deck in
Congress. Trump's trying to
push for its repeal. What
we need is a program that
doesn't benefit the insurance
companies and the Treasury
Department but which
actually benefits the people.
- FBI has finally vindicated
WikiLeaks, by admitting that
they are looking for an insider/
contractor with respect to the
Hillary/DNC/Podesta email
leaks and by confirming that
WikiLeaks did not get their
information from Russia.
- Trump flip-flop alert: This
time, on the Paris Climate
Accord and on the Transatlantic
Trade and Investment
Partnership (TTIP) - after
having signed an Executive
Order against the latter! If this
happens, he says we will know
that Trump has completely lost
total control of his Presidency.
- Democrats and the Deep State
have introduced a bill to get rid
of Trump, which is Unconstitutional
and would require an alteration of
the 25th Amendment.
- The Chicago Tribune has
announced that it is getting hit
with the Facebook "fake news"
algorithm. (Yes, it can even
happen to a large news
organization founded in 1849, if
it doesn't tow the Globalist line!)
- A US sniffer plane has been
flying over North Korea. The X22
Report claims that the US Deep
State wants North Korea's
opium fields and that this is the
main reason for the recent sabre-
rattling. North Korea has been
resorting to the sale of opium and
methamphetamine to generate 
capital, due to global economic
sanctions, preventing their more
traditional exports, which include
- Many of the US Navy ships that
responded to the initial Fukushima
disaster are now unusable due to
radioactive contamination. The X22
Report is on the alert for one to
potentially be used in a False Flag.
- The Deep state wants to divide
Libya, so look for headlines to that
effect in the near future.
- The US is looking at an imminent
government shutdown, as it
reaches the debt ceiling and will not
have the cash to operate.

Video: (25 mins):

X22 Report: US Sniffer Plane Scans North Korea,
Be Prepared for the Next Event

source:  http://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/x22-report-us-sniffer-plane-scans-north-korea-be-prepared-for-the-next-event/