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Tuesday, 9 May 2017


​On Mon, May 8, 2017 at 2:46 PM, butlincat wrote:

hi Alfred - what happened to your video "Why I Exposed...." 
as I showed here?   http://beforeitsnews.com/scandals/2015/07/must-see-kevin-annett-exposed-the-itccs-is-a-scam-alfred-l-webre-video-2435566.html [and below...ed.]

It was a good video - what happened to it?



john graham
On 8 May 2017 at 23:31, Alfred Lambremont Webre, MEd, JD wrote:

John Hi! It is good to hear from you and thank you for your very valid question about the below-referenced video.


In the course of legal correspondence with a distinguished jurist Judge Anna von Reitz and social scholar Parmjit Nahil on the subject of Kevin Annett, it emerged that any issues that suggested that what had occurred with Kevin Annett had been the result of an "interpersonal dispute" [Parmjit's phrase] were detracting from the serious intentional judicial fraud that Annett had engaged in, much to the ongoing detriment to the public interest in prosecuting pedocriminal acts and organizations.

Hence, I decided to temporarily take that specific video offline because it had been seen as an "interpersonal dispute" issue, and concentrate instead on available forensic evidence, live witness testimony, and law that demonstrated that Kevin Annett had engaged in a wanton intentional pattern of judicial fraud and deception at the so-called ITCCS, to the discredit of legitimate of legitimate witnesses, jurors, victims, and common law tribunals, as if reflected in my letter of February 25, 2017 to Judge von Reitz and Parmjit Nahil. [Below & attached].

Please feel free to distribute this letter as you see fit.

I hope that this is helpful.

Please let me know if you have any further questions. 

With all best wishes, Alfred


Turning Your News Inside Out

From: Alfred Lambremont Webre, MEd, JD
Date: Sat, Feb 25, 2017 at 7:27 PM
Subject: Re: Regarding Kevin Annett
To: Anna von Reitz
Cc: Parmjit Nahil

February 25, 2017

Dear Judge von Reitz and Parmjit Hi! Thank you for writing.  I hope I can do justice to the issue of Kevin Annett. I ran into Kevin about a month ago here in Vancouver, BC at a talk by former deputy Prime Minister Paul Hellyer, and Kevin turned his back on me at the entranceway, loudly proclaiming to the entering audience for effect: "I will never shake your hand." Rather dramatic, as Kevin likes to be.

I see that Judge von Reitz raises legal due process issues (which were dispositive for me), and Parmjit raises issues of an "interpersonal dispute", which may be part of a complex dynamic that may have included COINTELPRO interference with ITCCS and Kevin Annett himself. Both legal issues and possible COINTELPRO issues may be relevant to resolution.

Kevin Annett, whom I had first known since about 2002 as a fellow radio talk show host at Vancouver Coop Radio, approached me and asked me to be a Judge on the ITCCS.org sometime around 2012.  As at the time I was a Judge of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, involved in trying a series of cases against Tony Blair and George W. Bush and his cabinet for war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan & Guantanamo, I declined for lack of time [See www.criminalisewar.org].

Kevin then approached me to do public interest news video updates with him on ITCCS, which I did periodically 2012-2015. Toward the end of 2015, several streams of events converged:

1. Kevin Annett began the trial of Pope Francis Bergoglio for alleged ritual child sacrifice as part of his Ninth Circle Papal induction ceremonies.

2. A number of the female volunteers at ITCCS from differing parts of the planet [Australia, England, Canada] separately came to me to complain of sexual harassment toward them by Annett at the workplace.

3. Two jurors named on the ITCCS website, Alex Hunter, the son of one of Canada’s most distinguished investigative journalists (himself murdered) and an Aboriginal elder who had been named as an ITCCS juror  approached me at NewsInsideOut.com to testify that (1) no trials of Elizabeth Windsor or Pope Benedict XVI [Ratzinger] ever took place; (2) as Jurors they were never called to examine evidence, even though they were named on the ITCCS website as having sat as Jurors.
Excerpt from our NewsInsideOut.com article, “ITCCS Juror Alex Hunter, accompanied by residential school survivor Wa7tsek of the Burrard First Nations Band, stated that Kevin Annett did not convene a Tribunal for a 2012 trial of Pope Ratzinger, UK Queen Elizabeth Windsor, Canadian Prime Minister Harper and others for child genocide and child trafficking of First Nations children in Canada.
“Kevin Annett never served any Jury Notices, Evidence, Instructions, or held a 2012 trial in which he (Alex Hunter) or his fellow Jurors participated, says ITCCS and International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ) former ‘juror’ Alex Hunter.
“I found out about the so-called 2012 trial of the “Dirty Thirty” (UK Queen, Pope Ratzinger, Prime Minister Harper and others) from the verdicts that Kevin Annett was issuing via email and on the ITCCS website.  Kevin Annett is a screen writer and we are characters in his fictional court, trials and verdicts.”

You can view the video statements of the two Jurors, Alex Hunter & Wa7tsek in the following article:
“BREAKING NEWS! ITCCS Juror: No 2012 trial held of UK Queen & Pope Ratzinger. “Trial” was a Kevin Annett fabrication”

By Alfred Lambremont Webre

Subsequent investigation as a result to direct eye witness testimony by numerous citizen supporters of ITCCS from a Facebook support group that I in good faith founded, by Mel Ve, director of CCN-TV, and cross-examination of Kevin Annett by myself, that:

1.  There was no formal International Tribunal into Crimes of Church & State, and that Kevin Annett himself was fraudulently creating fictitious Tribunal orders and procedures through bogus email accounts of a non-existing Tribunal Court Clerk under a pseudonym.

2.  There were no offices of the ITCCS in Brussels, and the address given by Annett for the Tribunal was in fact the Brussels offices of Interpol, which had to administrative connection to ITCCS.

3.  Female volunteers came forward to testify that there was sexual harassment of female ITCCS volunteers and administrative improprieties by Annett as director of ITCCS. In his defense, Kevin Annett claimed these women were police agents or COINTELPRO agents. By the evidence, Annett’s counterclaims are not credible.
Parmjit seemed particularly interested in the possibility of a reconciliation. In fact, Alanna Hartzok, a Democratic U.S. Congressional candidate in Pennsylvania did offer to mediate a resolution of this public dispute, an offer that I accepted and Annett refused. One must wonder why.

Here is an article summarizing the mediation attempt:
“US Democratic Congressional candidate Hartzok attempts mediation: Webre accepts, Annett rejects”

There are many positive aspects to Kevin Annett’s life work around the general issue of exposing the abuses of residential schools in Canada and global pedocriminal circles in churches, governments, corporations and elsewhere.  Kevin Annett is also a controversial individual.

By his own admission Kevin Annett functionally committed judicial fraud in that he created the public impression that a Tribunal of Conscience existed in Brussels and Canada where in fact none existed.

Compared to the evils of organized global pedocriminal pedosexual rings, that may be miniscule.

However, in matters of law, especially Tribunals of Conscience where community trust and the operation of natural law go hand in hand, that discrepancy is no small matter in my opinion.

I hope my letter is of some help.  Please let me know if I can help further.

I am always open to mediate a peace.

Best wishes, Alfred
Mobile 604-603-5422

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ITCCS Juror: There was no ITCCS trial of UK Queen & Pope Ratzinger. Trial a Kevin Annett fabrication

Alfred Lambremont Webre
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ITCCS Juror: No 2012 trial held of UK Queen & Pope Ratzinger. “Trial” was a Kevin Annett fabrication By Alfred Lambremont Webre  


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Kevin Annett Was He Involved In The Murder Of ‘Steemas’ ?

Radio Free Kanata EXPOSED Radio Free Kanata EXPOSED
   Published on 1 May 2015

WHY THE COVER UP KEVIN? Why deny that you knew ‘Steemas’ ?
WHAT IS KEVIN ANNETT HIDING ? Why did so many First Nations men who had worked with Annett all die in suspicious circumstances ?
Why Kevin?
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Kevin Annett Is Responsible For The Death Of William Coombs (and others)

Radio Free Kanata EXPOSED Radio Free Kanata EXPOSED
Published on 14 Apr 2015
Hear William Coombs speak to Kevin Annett on Vancouver Radio:
No mention is made of the Queen abducting children:
https://archive.org/details/StruggleT…We know that ‘Jeramiah Jourdain’ never existed:
See here:

http://www.dissembling.org/uncategori…Kevin Annett claims that he is an ‘Native ‘Elder’ who had THREE brothers who died in residential care and yet ‘Jeramiah Jourdain’ only ever felt the need to campaign anonymously for Kevin Annetts needs and never once campaigned for justice for his three brothers.
‘Jeramiah ‘Jourdain’ first appeared here mighty pissed off about a Protestant Minister (Kevin Annett) losing his job working in a Protestant Institution,the United Churches of Canada.
See here:

http://www.united-church.ca/aborigina…‘Jeramiah Jourdain’ decided to use the same address and email address as Kevin Annett and to use David Icke to end his silence so he could speak up on behalf of Kevin Annett:
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More on ‘Jeramiah’ here:
And more here:

William Coombs never made a statement about witnessing the Queen abducting children.
Kevin Annett (as Jeramiah Jourdain’) printed out what looks like a statement but it is unsigned.
This was done after Williams death.
See here:


Kevin Annett claims that ‘George Dufort’ and a host of other ‘judges’ and ‘Court Officials’ and ‘Jury Members’ of the ITCCS must remain anonymous due to risks to their lives as a result of ‘what they do’.
Surely then,using the same criteria,William Coombs,Ricky Lavellie and Johnny ‘Bingo’ Dawson were entitled to the same anonymity given the magnitude of the evidence that Kevin Annett circulated on their behalf.

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