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Tuesday, 16 May 2017


~ The CLS ~ The Road Less Travelled ~
Some People we have worked with over the past few months have had some hair-raising moments in Court with the likes of Councils, and the Revenue Commissioners.  NONE have ended in prison!  And YES, a great many have been threatened with Jail, Imprisonment and/or with a Loss of Liberty, etc. contrary to LAW.
The People we work with are just to get how ignorant of LAW, the likes of State Solicitors and/or the DPPs prosecutors are of the law.  Most of them depend wholly on “past results”, of People being compliant, People giving evidence against themselves, and Judges that are biased, prejudiced and/or in favour “the State”.
What we have found, that works very well (in most cases) is SIMPLICITY.
Getting to the point (in any case), where you know your case so well, that you can relay what you are seeking from the Court or the presiding Judge is the hardest part. 
Part of this “getting to know your case” process requires a critical reading of the relevant law, and the relevant Court processes.  Whilst everyone does make honest mistakes when going to Court (which we do allow for), the Prosecution and most of the Judiciary see it as part of their function to trip you up.  That is perhaps why it is seen and regarded as such an adversarial process.
Seldom if ever, do the Judiciary and/or Registrars/Judges see it as their role to provide clarity on and/or about the relevant LAW’s, and will often state that it’s not their place to provide “legal advise”, but they yet advise you “to seek legal advise”, which is of course “legal advise”. Talk about a contradiction in terms!
They would prefer you to always be represented by a Solicitor, which makes their life a lot less difficult and a lot more clear-cut, as NO SOLICITOR would challenge the Prosecution and/or the Court for that matter in the way some of the People we work with would and do.
Most Judges prefer that the issue of JURISDICTION Not to be raised (at any stage), with/in the Court.  But the issue of JURISDICTION can be raised at any stage in the proceedings, and should be raised at every conceivable opportunity.  The issue of JURISDICTION can be raised verbally (via voce), and/or via lodging a Motion to the Court on Record.
This can really mess with their heads (on Record), and will give you leave to appeal any Orders that you may be denied if you are denied them, to the High, Appeals or Supreme Court on certain grounds, notwithstanding (not forgetting) the fact that you can appeal/apply to the European Courts on certain particular grounds (which we will not get into here).
In other words, as we may have previously suggested, NO CASE is over until YOU say it is over.  It may well be that the case they “the State” are trying to prosecute, will cost them an arm and two legs in costs etc., and will cost you very little other than time and energy.  After all, NO MEANS means NO MEANS, and you cannot be persecuted for having NO MEANS, well that is according to the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).
More recently we have worked with People, on how to start a “legal fight” about a “legal fight”, which we cannot for “legal reasons” get into the detail of here.  However we will enlarge upon this and other interesting Civil and Criminal concepts at the next School of Commonology on 3rd. July.
You have all the time in the world, once you know how/where to look.
All the best,
More information and booking details on the
next School of Commonology available >HERE<
Hi Folks,
On Monday 3rd. July we will host the first in our “Alternative Strategies” Schools for 2017. 
Over the years whilst working with a great many types of People and diverse characters, a great number of alternative approaches and strategies have been used when dealing with the Debt Collectors, Banks, Financial Institutions, Traffic Wardens, TV Licensing Authorities, An Garda Siochana, County/City Councils, Solicitors, Barristers, Receivers/Liquidators, Registrars, Sheriffs, Judges and Courts etc.  READ MORE BELOW
One by one they have ALL been legally and lawfully dispatched with their tails between their legs, so to speak.  Most of it was hard work, and some of it was fun, but certainly every day was a learning day.
A whole plethora of alternative strategies were created and applied dependent upon the specific conditions and circumstances to the matters in hand.  Some were simple and some were complex strategies.  Some were reactionary short-term measures, whilst some were and are proactive medium to long-term tactical measures.
The terms short-term and long-term are somewhat subjective, and relative to your own outlook.  What is primarily sought for each respective case or matter is that each and every battle is fought and won on its own merits.  No battle is minor or insignificant, and should NEVER be treated as such. 
This perhaps (initially) can be difficult to see, as some may perceive it as “kicking the can down the road”, a turn of phase perpetuated by the populist media, and legal professions to infer that a certain predetermined outcome is inevitable, which of course it is not.
For this School day; we intend to get into the Psychology and the “Frame of Mind” one needs to have or adopt, to Critically apply some of the Strategies discussed, from the simplest to the more complex. 
We shall also delve into the more perceivably extreme tactics some People have had to consider and use, to keep the vampires from the door, so to speak.  This part of the day is not for the faint hearted, so bring your smelling salts, and have them at the ready!
There are only a few places left, so book as soon as poss: >HERE<
Calling Stupid:
We have had several emails and comments from People, who have written to ask questions of a legal or lawful nature to Stupid@thecls.one 
… Most People have had a very positive experience with Stupid, but one, two, three or thereabouts are not happy with the response(s) they got from Stupid.
Some People have written directly to us alleging that Stupid had been rude, abrupt, curt and even hostile when addressing their emails. 
We asked Stupid to forward the emails concerned, and he told us to “sling your hooks”, sighting something about protecting the privacy of People, and adding that if People were reading his emails in such way, then “they should cop-the-f-on to themselves”.  Stupid maintains; “all his addresses and responses contain answers to the questions asked, but some People didn’t like the truth, or didn’t want to face up to or deal with the problem”.
There you go now:  All we can add is, if you do email Stupid a question, brace yourself.  He is usually quite direct, does not suffer fools gladly, and acts as a terrific BS filter, by getting to the point straight away.  Sometimes he does this by asking a Stupid question back at you.
FINALLY: Keep asking your questions by email to: stupid@thecls.one