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Friday, 19 May 2017

Warning: This Drug May Kill You - - Full Film (HBO Docs] + CIA: WORLD'S BIGGEST DRUG SMUGGLERS

Warning: This Drug May Kill You - Full Film (HBO Documentary Films) 59 mins. 

Produced by HBO Documentary Films, Warning: This Drug May Kill You is a harrowing portrait of four families in crisis. They've all fallen victim to the ravages of opioid addiction, an epidemic that has decimated entire communities all across the United States.

Prescription opioid abuse has escalated rapidly among all races and classes. The epidemic began with the full-throated support of the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Initially, opioids were promoted as non-addictive solutions for chronic pain, and doctors were encouraged to prescribe them with great frequency. We witness the damning evidence of this early on in the film through publicity materials produced by Purdue Pharma in 1999. "Less than 1% of patients taking opioids actually become addicted," the company's spokesman insists. Today, even Big Pharma can't deny the damage wrought by their disastrous propaganda.

At the age of 16, an Illinois teenager was prescribed Oxycontin for painful kidney stones. She soon developed an intense addiction. When her pill habit became too expensive to maintain, she turned to heroin. After tremendous struggle, she managed to kick her addiction for a sustained period of time and rebuild her life. Her sister, who felt compelled to follow in her footsteps from an early age, wasn't so fortunate.

Another profile features a mother who was first prescribed opioids after her third difficult pregnancy. Once beloved for her driven and fun-loving nature, the drugs soon transformed her into a shadow of her former self. She fought through eleven separate rehab stays. Her doctors continued to fuel her addiction with greater quantities of prescriptions. Eventually, she succumbed to her disease. Her lifeless body was discovered by her children.

Additional portraits feature an upper middle class family who buries their son following a fatal heroin overdose, and a father fighting to overcome the death of his daughter from a similar fate.

Stories like these are becoming more common with each passing day. Warning: This Drug May Kill You is populated by tales of overwhelming loss and grief, and every memory these families share feels emotionally resonant and relatable. In the process, the film also urges for greater awareness among families and medical professionals alike.

Directed by: Perri Peltz 


While the US government publicly appears to be fighting the war on drugs, it is actually the principal supplier to the millions of drug users in America. While it sends recreational drug users and small time dealers to prison, it is making billions of dollars from their covert CIA drug smuggling operations.


Here are just a few:
Operation Snow Cone - Parent Central American drug smuggling operation. Various operations under Operation Snow Cone include: *Operation Watch Tower - Operation Watch Tower consists of secret radio beacons stationed at remote locations between Columbia and Panama. The beacons help CIA drug pilots fly from Central America to Panama at near-sea-level without being detected by high flying U.S. drug interdiction aircraft. Pilots of the drug flights home in on the low frequency signals emitted by the beacons to reach their destination at Albrook Army Airfield in Panama.  

Operation Toilet Seat - The CIA uses Boeing 727 and C-130 aircraft to haul drugs from Central and South America. The drugs are dumped out the rear ramps of the aircraft into waters offshore of the U.S. in waterproof containers. There the drugs are retrieved by boat and brought into the U.S. Operation Whale Watch - Consists of using offshore oil drilling rigs as a cover for drug smuggling. The drugs are offloaded by ship onto the oil drilling platforms. The drugs are then flown by helicopter to nearby U.S. coastal areas. Companies owning the oil rigs included Rowan International and divisions of Zapata Corp., such as Zapata Petroleum and Zapata Off-Shore. Zapata Corp. is partly owned by former President George Bush.   Operation Buy Back - Operation involving CIA front Pacific Seafood Company. Drugs are packed in shrimp containers and shipped to various points in the U.S. This is a joint DEA-CIA operation.  
Operation Indigo Sky - Massive CIA heroin smuggling operation based in Lagos, Nigeria. Heroin is grown and processed in Nigeria, then shipped for packaging to Amsterdam, Netherlands. From there the heroin is shipped to Europe and various points in the U.S., including bonded warehouses on the East Coast and Boeing Field in Seattle. Operation New Wave - CIA heroin smuggling operation based in Thailand. CIA front Van Der Bergen International is responsible for getting the drugs out of the Orient. Typically the heroin is smuggled aboard freighters and cruise liners heading from the U.S. Transshipment points in the U.S. include San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles. Other operations include: Operation Short Field * Operation Burma Road * Operation Morning Gold * Operation Backlash * Operation Triangle.

Information on the CIA drug smuggling operations listed above was provided by the following CIA and ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) operatives: Trenton Parker, Gunther Russbacher, Michael Maholy, Robert Hunt. There is extensive documentation confirming the intelligence status of each of these men. This documentation was taken from Rodney Stich's seminal work, Defrauding America. The information provided by these men, often at great personal risk to themselves and their families, as well as information provided by CIA agents and contract agents such as Richard Brenneke, Stephen Crittenden, Gene Tatum, and Terry Reed, can leave no doubt that the CIA has been involved in drug trafficking on a massive scale and over an extended period of time.


One example: The head of a drug ring's Southern California operation, a former Nicaraguan government official named Danilo Blandon, has admitted in federal court testimony that he and other exiles began selling drugs in black L.A. neighborhoods in 1982 to help finance the CIA's Nicaraguan army, known in the United States as the Contras. Blandon testified that once U.S.-taxpayer dollars began flowing to his organization, he stayed in the cocaine business to make money for himself. Evidence indicates he was dealing an average of 100 kilos a week to the Crips and Bloods in Los Angeles during the 1980s, an activity that helped spark the crack epidemic in Los Angeles and, eventually, across the nation. While the CIA's heavy involvement in the drug trade, and especially the crack cocaine trade, has been well documented by scholars such as Dr. Peter Dale Scott at least since the Iran-Contra hearings in the 1980s, the mass media has refused to take notice.  And even when they do take notice, most of the sheep-like journalists and anchorpeople continue to parrot the absurd government line in contradiction to the blatant facts, which are available to anyone who reads beyond the corporate summaries of government press releases.


On NPR, for example, a reporter commented that since the story wasn't picked up by the New York Times, it must be false. Another reporter on FOX News said "there has been no direct evidence, repeat, no direct evidence, linking the CIA to the drug trade."  These people are either complete idiots or just flat out liars. The evidence is overwhelming and will convince anyone other than an utter fool. The facts are kept hidden from the American people by the bought and paid for media. Try contacting your mainstream news press, and ask them why they continue to whitewash the evidence of U.S. government hypocrisy with regard to the drug trade! Every single member of Congress has known about it, as well as every high-ranking official of the Executive as well as the Judicial branches of our government. And yet not a single member of any government entity has thus far stepped forward to try to put an end to this rampant drug smuggling, despite being confronted with documentary evidence. Let's call this for what it is: treason.  

The reader needs to understand the true breadth of the CIA's drug operations. Profits from its cocaine, heroin, and marijuana smuggling activities have been estimated in the tens of billions per year. The economic and social devastation to the United States caused by this illegal activity is incalculable. Indeed, the damage has been so great, that even if the CIA were banished tomorrow, it's doubtful this country could recover from the harm the CIA-sponsored drug epidemic has already caused.










source: http://nstarzone.com/DRUG.html

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