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Sunday, 14 May 2017



WikiLeaks offers $100k for Trump-Comey tapes
WikiLeaks announced Friday it is prepared to pay $100,000 for any tapes of conversations between President Donald Trump and former FBI Director ...
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WikiLeaks - 'CIA Malware Plants Gremlins' on Microsoft
(WASHINGTON, DC) WikiLeaks has released the latest instalment in the #Vault7 series, detailing two apparent CIA malware frameworks dubbed ...
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WikiLeaks Offers $100k for 'Tapes' of Private Trump-Comey Chats
Anti-secrecy organization WikiLeaks has offered $100,000 for recordings of private conversations between US President Donald Trump and recently ...
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Donald Trump's tweet about Comey 'tapes' prompts WikiLeaks to offer $100000 bounty
“If there are—you know where to send them,” WikiLeaks replied with a link to its online submission form. Mr. Trump's ominous tweet Friday morning ...
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Breaking: Clinton Insiders Reveal 'Blame Russia' Plan Hatched 'Within 24 Hours' of Election Loss
Wikileaks' latest tweet has the potential to destroy the Democrat Party's narrative the election of 2016 was corrupted by Russian election meddling.
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WikiLeaks Doubts Macron Camp's Claim About Faked Emails After Massive Leak
The first round took place on April 23, in which independent candidate Emmanuel Macron came first with 24.01 percent of the votes, followed by ...
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Julian Assange documentary Risk available exclusively on iTunes in Canada
The 2016 documentary Risk, featuring Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, is available exclusively on iTunes in Canada. The film, by Oscar-winning ...
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Huge Ransomware Attack Spreads Across Globe: What to Do
The public disclosure of ETERNALBLUE's code by WikiLeaks caused a moderate amount of panic in the information-security world, until Microsoft ...
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Chelsea Manning releases 1st statement since clemency win
Chelsea Manning, the Army private who leaked a vast trove of USA state secrets to WikiLeaks, released her first statement Tuesday since being ...
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Hannity on Comey Testimony: 'How Stupid Do They Think We Are?'
Comey has forever given the world a new term for WikiLeaks' unmitigated style of unauthorized intelligence dumps: "intelligence porn". He also ...
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Top senator says public faith in Federal Bureau of Investigation has been tested lately
Clinton, 69, highlighted Russia's role in hacking into her campaign's internal emails and subsequently coordinating their release on WikiLeaks.
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Can Dems Learn From Their 2016 Mistakes If They Do Not Acknowledge Them?
... Jim Comey's letter on October 28th and Russian WikiLeaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me but got scared off.
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