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Thursday, 8 June 2017

CIA = Your being watch through your phone (GOV ALERT)

The CIA Is Watching Your Every Move And Recording Every Word You Utter - This Is The Only Foolproof Way To Stop Them...

Just got my copy of "Wire Tapped America". I have to tell you how impressed I am! We all know the Government is watching us, but I never knew how to stop them, or how simple it could be until I read your book. 
Thanks, and GOD Bless America.
- John T., Oklahoma City 

From: Frank Mitchell

Re: Your Free Copy Of "Wire Tapped America"

The CIA Is Watching You In Ways You May Have Never Imagined...
The right to personal privacy is one of the most basic right held by all American citizens, and yet that right is being systematically destroyed by the very people sworn to protect it.

As stated in the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution:
"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."
As any person of average intelligence can see, the Founding Fathers laid out specific protections for your privacy. And that protection must include ALL aspects of your life; from the conversations you have and letters you write to phone calls, text messages and emails.

And yet your rights to privacy are being literally destroyed at every single day by our own Government, specifically the CIA...

Technically speaking, the CIA is a service that is devoted to foreign intelligence and foreign actions.  

The CIA is vehement in official communication that it exists to gather intelligence and perform operations outside the United States, however, there is no way for you, the average American, to really know the extent of what they are up to.

Whatever your thoughts are about Wikileaks – the global organization devoted to the gathering and publishing of classified information stolen from world governments, they have recently dealt the CIA a serious blow by releasing a huge cache of classified information about the way CIA hackers are able to penetrate and monitor computers, cell phones, televisions, and even vehicles.

As an American I feel it's my responsibility to show you exactly what the CIA is doing, how they're violating your rights to privacy and how you can stop them from being able to do so.
A Government Agency Built On Secrets Simply Cannot Be Trusted
I'm not in any way saying that the CIA is "bad" as a whole, but the American public deserves to know the truth about how our tax dollars are "protecting us."

You deserve to know not just WHO'S watching, but also HOW they're watching you and your family, and how you can stop it...
It's Time For You To Take A Stand Against The Daily Invasion Of Your Privacy
Which is why I'm incredibly proud to introduce you to my newest book I just released for you
You Deserve To Know The Truth, And You Must Know How To Defend Yourself From Your Own Government
One of the most important rights we hold as Americans is our right to privacy, but that right is being tossed into the trash by the very people sworn to protect it.
I’m Frank Mitchell, a proud member of the US Armed Forces. And I’m going to show you exactly how the Government, and especially the CIA is spying on you at this very moment.

Today, and today only you can claim a copy of my newest book "Wire Tapped America." And you can get it for free...
7,892 people have already paid $37 each for their copy of my book, and they discovered things like...
 What the CIA really is. Most people think "Jason Bourne" when you mention the CIA, but in fact the "agency" is really something VERY different, discover the truth on page 11.
 How the CIA is using you own personal property against you to further their own un-constitutional agendas, this is some truly shocking stuff... 
 Wikileaks - the good, the bad and the ugly. The Wikileaks organization has been vilified by the US government, but is what they're doing good or bad? You'll discover on page 12.
 How your own TV may be spying on you, yes your TV. You'll learn how this is accomplished as well as how to stop this heinous invasion of your personal privacy.
 On page 15 you'll discover the disturbing truth about your smart phone. Did you know it can be hijacked to watch everything you're doing every minute of the day? This and many other serious weaknesses will be uncovered so you can protect yourself.
 Just how secret are the encrypted apps on your phone? Guess what, they're not and the CIA is exploiting them in the most ingenious way you can imagine and you'll learn exactly how they're doing it in Wire Tapped America
 Did you realize your fancy new car is the most dangerous place in the World when it comes to privacy and security? We've uncovered a massive loophole that the Agency is taking advantage of everyday, a loophole that puts your very life at risk...
 What about your computer? The CIA hires genius programmers right out of college and molds them to their will. On page 23 you'll see just how far this rabbit hole goes, trust me, it's scary.
 There are 7 rules you must follow to guarantee you are protected from the malicious intents of the CIA and you'll find out exactly how to protect yourself and your family from them on page 30
And so much more...
So What Do People Think Of My Little Book?
Like I said, 7,892 people have already bought Wire Tapped America and they gladly paid $37 for it, luckily you can grab your copy for free today. They found so much value in it that I've received hundreds of unsolicited testimonials from all around the World, and here are just a few:

Just got my copy of "Wire Tapped America". I have to tell you how impressed I am! We all know the Government is watching us, but I never knew how to stop them, or how simple it could be until I read your book. 
Thanks, and GOD Bless America.
- John T., Oklahoma City 

"THANK YOU, Frank!
I have taken your advice and am ready if anything happens....look forward to your emails so I can read and realize what I didn't think or the things you talk about.Thank You for allowing us who haven't been through this kind of thing, to be able to become ready. You're a life saver, it's becoming scary, to say the least...
- Chuck "
This Is A Limited Offer, Once We Run Out Copies 
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I just had 2,000 copies of Wire Tapped America printed up and it cost me $9,860, each book costs $4.93 to print. I can't spend that kind of money again so once these 2,000 copies are gone, they're gone - I would highly recommend you claim your free copy right now
Not only are you getting a free copy of Wire Tapped America, but you also get 365 days of FREE 1-on-1 support and consultation with me. I'm here to answer any questions you have.
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Our customers rave about how fantastic the help and support they get is, just take a look at a few of the letters we've gotten in the last few days...

"You know, it is a pleasure to deal with a company which considers the 
customer as a equal! You have always been there to answer my questions 
as requested, and that shows class, and pride for which you work.
Thanks again,
- John"

"I want you to know that I think your service is outstanding.
The messages were prompt and very courteous. Keep up the good work and
Good Luck to you.
- Sandra Barbee"

Go ahead click the green button and claim your free copy of Wire Tapped America and 365 days of email and 1-on-1 phone support absolutely free. There are no catches, no hidden billing.

Make sure to send in your feedback once you get your copy, I'd love to hear from you...

Always Safe, Always Prepared,

Frank Mitchell
A Few More Testimonials From Our Incredible Customers....
"I am very impressed with all the useful information you have provided. I thank you. I am a satisfied customer.  I look forward to learning more.
Thanks again,
- B. Hess

"Frank that shows class. You're not out to just make a buck. You're a family man just like me concerned with the goings on in this world today & how we can keep our families safe. But you take it a step further & let folks know not only can they be safe in whatever crisis there may be but they can fight back & be prosperous in any crisis. Frank you just showed me with that email you just sent that you are not just another oblivious person trying to make a buck on others emotions but rather you want other families to be able to protect themselves just as you would your own family, that says a lot & I appreciate it thank you.
- Loren Summers "

I've received hundreds of letters and emails just like these and love every single one we get! People feel safer because of Wire Tapped America and now it's your turn.

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