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Friday, 2 June 2017

Why Is CERN Going to Bilderberg this Year? VIDEO

In an unprecedented move,
the Director General of CERN,
Fabiola Gianotti will be attending
the 2017 Bilderberg Group
meeting this summer, when all
of the planetary muckety-mucks
get together a give talks to each
other, off-the-record.
CERN is reputedly the largest
machine ever built and it produces
a magnetic field 100,000 times
more powerful than that of the
Earth, which is disturbing
because the Earth's EM affects
everything on it, notably the
pineal glands of vertebrates,
which are involved in the innate
ability of birds and fish to accurately
navigate vast distances in their
annual migrations. One wonders
what the effects of these massive
frequencies might be on humans.
Scientists rarely attend Bilderberg
meetings, which are largely
composed of bankers and
technocrats but apparently,
they've got something to talk
about [unleashing on the planet]
this year. There have been reports
of CERN's Director for Research
and Scientific Computing, Sergio
Bertolucci's references to
interdimensional doorways at a
recent press briefing, when he
said, "Out of this door might come
something, or we may send
something through it

Video: (6 and a half mins):Why Is CERN Going to Bilderberg this Year?


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