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Wednesday, 21 June 2017


What Are Ram Nath Kovind's Views on Discrimination Against Dalits? A Wikileaks Document ...
A report by US embassy interlocutors titled Socioeconomic future of Indian dalits remains bleak, published by WikiLeaks, which analyses the issues of ...
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Secret Government Report: Chelsea Manning Leaks Caused No Real Harm
Prosecutors said Wikileaks disclosures about Iraq and Afghanistan posed a major threat to America's national security. But it turns out the classified ...
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WikiLeaks Offers $10K for Scalp of Leak Reporter
Russian General Staff Main Intelligence Directorate actors ... executed cyber espionage operations against a named US company in August 2016, ...
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Trump's Russia Connection Demands An Unimpeded Investigation
Farage is also connected to Assange, whose Wikileaks disseminated the e-mails stolen by Russia. Most recently, as reported in The Guardian, Farage ...
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Julian Assange cancels 'special announcement' on fifth anniversary of embassy stay
WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange has put off a “special announcement” he was to make from the balcony of the Ecuadorean Embassy in London.
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First iPhone reviews 'didn't get it,' former Apple exec Forstall says
An email released by Wikileaks in 2015 indicated that, among other things, Forstall was advising Snap. Last year Forstall said he was co-producing a ...
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Quality-of-life issues at centre of LCBO labour dispute
In a new advertising campaign called LiquiLeaks, a play on the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks, the union contends that some workers at the ...
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Gal Gadot's 'Wonder Woman' salary was short-changed by gender pay gap
Another example of gender pay gap in Hollywood, Wikileaks revealed that superstar Jennifer Lawrence and her "American Hustle" co-star Amy Adams ...
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WATCH: Man 'Attacking' Muslims With Shoehorn Tasered on Sidewalk in London
WikiLeaks revealed that 35 Guantanamo Bay captives had passed through both Regent's Park Mosque and Finsbury Park Mosque, writes the BBC.
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Cybersecurity Fact vs. Fiction
The recent CIA-related dumps on WikiLeaks listed car hacking as a "potential mission area" and films like the Fate of the Furious feature dramatic ...
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Tim Canova Deletes Tweet Implying Debbie Wasserman Schultz Fried His Surge Protector
Fringe commentators on the extremely far-right and even-farther-left instead claim that Rich was the source who leaked DNC emails to Wikileaks last ...
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Op-Ed: Being an optimist in trying times
Our very own “WikiLeaks” – the #GuptaEmails – has definitely upped the ante as well as raising the angst of South Africans as we realise that there is ...
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'DNC Could've Used You': Trump Jokes About Email Hack to Cyber Exec
U.S. intelligence agencies blamed the theft on Russian hackers who turned the emails over to WikiLeaks. Earlier in the day, Trump's son-in-law Jared ...
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CIA accused of hacking Wi-Fi routers for at least a decade
This is why the latest leaked documents from Wikileaks is troubling. The leaks were said to reveal the activities of the CIA's elite hacking team known ...
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Scoop: VICE on HBO - Friday, June 23, 2017
A trove of NSA documents posted to WikiLeaks results in a global cyber attack. The confidential information of millions of private citizens circulates on ...
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America as a nation is now soft, vulnerable
Fast forward to 2013 when Bradley Manning was convicted at court martial for disclosing to WikiLeaks some 750,000 documents, many of them ...
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New Vault 7 Leak Targets Your Internet Router
... taking advantage of this weakness since 2012, using the “Cherry Blossom” framework, described in the most recent Vault 7 data dump by Wikileaks.