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Friday, 23 June 2017


WikiLeaks Reveals CIA Tools Targeting Air-Gapped Devices, Closed Networks
WikiLeaks have released information about CIA programs called 'Brutal Kangaroo' and 'Emotional Simian', which allow the intelligence agency to ...
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WikiLeaks Releases Files on CIA Spying Tool Targeting Closed Networks
MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The WikiLeaks whistleblowing on Thursday website released a new batch of CIA documents from the so-called Vault 7 project ...
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Pamela Anderson Slams Donald Trump And Theresa May, Wants WikiLeaks Julian Assange Free ...
Of course, Anderson has been an animal rights activist since 1999, but Anderson is now at the forefront of attempts to free WikiLeaks founder Julian ...
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Wikileaks rivela Brutal Kangaroo: il malware Cia per compromettere le reti più protette al mondo
Oggi Wikileaks aggiunge un nuovo tassello alla conoscenza di questo tipo di attacchi, rivelando in esclusiva con Repubblica una serie di documenti ...
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Trump ally visits Otsego GOP, scorns Russia probe
Wikileaks did release such documents several days after Stone's prediction. But Stone said he was simply repeating what Wikileaks had signaled ...
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BC's Pamela Anderson to launch vegan restaurant in France to help Julian Assange
... that she is also doing so as a means to invite political leaders to help free Australian computer programmer and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.
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It started when emails belonging to Clinton's campaign manager, John Podesta, were released by WikiLeaks. The owner of the pizza shop, James ...
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Keeping track of the Trump-Russia timeline
Early summer 2016: Wikileaks releases almost 20,000 hacked emails from the DNC, revealing a strong institutional bias for Clinton and against her ...
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Private investigators: Seth Rich murder evidence
Private investigators have claimed there is evidence Rich was the source WikiLeaks used to obtain thousands of Democratic National Committee ...
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Why can't Trump acknowledge Russian meddling?
Maybe he believes the made-up story that a DNC staffer named Seth Rich, not the Russians, stole emails and delivered them to WikiLeaks, then was ...
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Insider threats often go undetected in high-security organizations, Stanford scholar finds
Examples include Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, and the sources of many of the Wikileaks revelations, among others, that have emerged in our ...
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Live Event: Everyday Informants
... White House correspondent for The Times whose own emails to John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's campaign chair, were recently leaked by WikiLeaks.
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Pamela Anderson is using food to help Julian Assange
... prosecutors issued a warrant for him in August 2010 based on allegations of sexual assault by two female WikiLeaks volunteers in the country.
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George Orwell's son says his father's '1984' was 'prescient'
... seemed to predict the government's mass surveillance programs and data mining in the age of Facebook and WikiLeaks. But his son has seen his ...
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Chelsea Manning Snaps A Cheeky Selfie Outside The FBI Building — PHOTO
Manning leaked hundreds of thousands of classified Army documents to WikiLeaks in 2010. An online acquaintance of Manning's, former hacker ...
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Pakistan Decries Drone Strikes on Its Soil, as US Considers More
Islamabad has repeatedly condemned such strikes in public, but U.S. diplomatic cables published by Wikileaks in 2011 suggested the Pakistani ...
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CIA staffers shit-canned for hacking vending machines
... have been busy with matters of global importance like, say, Russia's influence on America's presidential election and leaked WikiLeaks documents, ...
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Hannity starts talking about murdered DNC staffer again
Released emails via Wikileaks revealed an effort from top officials of the DNC to undermine the campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) during the ...
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Did Hillary Clinton Order Robert Mueller to Deliver Uranium To Russians In 'Secret Meeting'?
For example, the conspiracy web site Intellihub noted that the transfer was revealed in a WikiLeaks release of a classified State Department cable.