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Saturday, 24 June 2017



WikiLeaks' Latest Dump Exposes CIA Hacking Tools for air-gapped PCs
As part of the Vault 7 series, WikiLeaks released a set of documents that is essentially a user manual for a set of hacking tools belonging to the CIA.
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This one insane day changed the course of US politics forever
That same day, a half hour after the Post published its story about the leaked 2005 “Access Hollywood” “pussy” tape, WikiLeaks dropped its first batch ...
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Ecuador foreign minister says UK wants a solution to Assange standoff
(Reuters) – Britain is interested in finding a solution to the standoff that has led to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange being holed up in Ecuador's ...
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Podesta testifying to House intel about email hacks
Next week, John Podesta — Hillary Clinton's campaign manager whose emails were leaked on Wikileaks last year — will talk to the House ...
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Ecuador's Correa Calls Assange Case a Historic Injustice
MONTEVIDEO – The situation of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has spent the last five years holed up at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, ...
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'Pizzagate' Shooter to Serve Four Years in Jail
At the heart of the conspiracy theory was the idea that Podesta's many references to “pizza” in the WikiLeaks emails were code for pedophilia.
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The Post's new findings in Russia's bold campaign to influence the US election
Podesta's emails would then be released by WikiLeaks on the same day the Obama administration issues a formal statement blaiming Russia for ...
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Chic Pamela Anderson enjoys a sun-soaked day at the beach with her rumoured new beau Adil ...
... at the Ecuadorian Embassy since June 19 2012, believing he will be extradited to the United States for questioning over the activities of WikiLeaks if ...
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George Orwell's son says his father's '1984' was 'prescient'
... name for Eric Arthur Blair, seemed to predict the government's mass surveillance programs and data mining in the age of Facebook and WikiLeaks.
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Prince Mohammed to reshape course of Saudi history
The anecdote, which was revealed in a Wikileaks cable, remains telling, though. It has to — until two years ago it was virtually all we knew about the ...
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Clinton Campaign Chairman Podesta to Answer Congressional Questions in Russia Probe
The committee will likely focus on the emails from his Gmail account published by WikiLeaks during the closing months of the campaign. That time ...
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How The Espionage Act Became a Tool of Repression
Just this week, a Pentagon analysis concluded that none of the documents Manning released to Wikileaks had any strategic impact on American war ...
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Jury is still out on future of the SFO
... four of its former senior executives over the bank's Middle East fundraisings in 2008, the Wikileaks founder took to Twitter to praise the prosecutors.
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Islamabad slams US drone attacks in Pakistan
However, purported US diplomatic cables published by Wikileaks in 2011 said that the Pakistani military secretly condoned the strikes on Taliban ...
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The lexical history of leaking
Leaking gained a new lease on lexical life in 2006 with the advent of WikiLeaks — a non-profit organization dedicated to leaking and founded by ...
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COMMENTARY: I worked at the LCBO for years. Despite what the union is telling you, employees ...
Unlike WikiLeaks, LiqiLeaks contains no bombshells or revelations of any kind — just gripes from employees who don't seem to realize how good ...
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Tropical Storm Cindy downgraded to tropical depression as it strikes gulf coast
BILOXI, Miss. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Tropical Storm Cindy has now been downgraded to a tropical depression and is leaving parts of the gulf coast ...
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Federal appeals court upholds almost all convictions of former CIA officer
... report] to 35 years in prison for her disclosure of classified information to the anti-secrecy organization Wikileaks, and she has since been released.
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Sean Hannity brings up Seth Rich again, alludes to DNC emails and suspicious murder
The DNC email scandal revealed messages — via WikiLeaks — from the organization allegedly undermining the campaign of Senator Bernie ...

  • Wikileaks fights to suppress documentary

    by on23 June 2017

  • It has to be positive or we will not allow it

    The so-called open government, whistleblowing site Wikileaks, is doing its level best to censor a documentary on the outfit because it fails to praise the outfit to the skies and put a positive spin on its leader Julian Assange.

    The documentary is called Risk and the makers are complaining that the outfit is so obsessed with its image it is prepared to wield legal threats and lawyers in a way that is almost absurdly hypocritical.

    The documentary makers, Brenda Coughlin, Yoni Golijov And Laura Poitras have told Newsweek that they were making a positive documentary film about Julian Assange and WikiLeaks and it unequivocally defend WikiLeaks’ journalistic right to publish true and newsworthy information.

    However they were surprised when Julian Assange and WikiLeaks sent cease and desist letters to its distributors demanding they stop the release of Risk.

    The filmmakers go into what lengths they went to work directly with Wikileaks and Assange on the film starting back in 2011. Assange himself gave consent to the film and even signed a licensing agreement to use Wikileaks footage for it.

    Some people involved with Wikileaks requested not to be in the film, and the filmmakers complied. People from the site and their lawyers have been shown screenings of the film before every regional release, including as recently as April of this year. There is no claim made thus far that any of the content of the film is false.

    But things turned sour in 2016. Assange and his lawyers insisted that the documentary remove scenes from the film where he speaks about the two women who made sexual assault allegations against him in 2010.

    “WikiLeaks’ comments have consistently been about image management, including: demands to remove scenes from the film where Assange discusses sexual assault allegations against him; requests to remove images of alcohol bottles in the embassy because Ecuador is a Catholic country and it looks bad; requests to include mentions of WikiLeaks in the 2016 U.S. presidential debates; and, requests to add more scenes with attorney Amal Clooney because she makes WikiLeaks look good,” the documentary makers said.

    The film maker’s statement says that all this seems to support the claims that Assange is an egomaniac.

    “But that charge aside, what should be abundantly clear is that the ideals of the site appear to have fallen by the wayside when it comes to a simple documentary that has refused to cinematically stroke Wikileaks to the degree it wishes. That's not a good look for a site that survives on people's belief that it is committed to open and honest information,” the statement said.

    source: http://www.fudzilla.com/news/43959-wikileaks-fights-to-suppress-documentary