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Monday, 3 July 2017


Massive show trial sees gang found guilty in the region known as China's drugs capital. Thirteen people in China have been sentenced to death for selling drugs as part of a public hearing watched by some 10,000 people.

#1 According to local reports, they were accused of producing and selling drugs in the city of Shanwei, southern China's Guangdong province.

#2 The trial took place on June 24.
Eight of those sentenced were executed immediately after the trial.

#3 Photos show how those that were put to immediate death were loaded onto trucks and driven out of the packed stadium.


#4 They were among a total of 18 people who appeared to face drugs charges, with five handed suspended sentences and a further five having their executions postponed.

#5 Beijing News said the area of Lufeng, home to 1.7 million people, is a criminal hotspot which authorities have been on a ruthless mission to clean up.
#6 Beijing News reported, "In 2015 a crowd of 38 dealers appeared for a trial in front of 10,000 spectators — with 13 people handed death sentences and three executed immediately."

#7 According to reports, Lufeng is a hotspot for drug trafficking with officers trying to clamp down on the sale and creation of drugs.

#8 This isn't the first time a public court case has been held in the city.
In 2015, 38 drug dealers were put on trial in front of 10,000 people as part of a public event to try and stop the illegal drugs trade in the region.

#9 It was hoped at the time that the sentencing would showcase the government's hard line on drugs, reports Shanghai Daily.

#10 China executes thousands of people every year, mainly for charges of murder and drug dealing and has faced international criticism for its use of the death penalty.

#11 Guangdong is China's largest producer of methamphetamine.
More than a third of the methamphetamine consumed in China was made by villages in Lufeng.
#12 William Nee at Amnesty International told MailOnline:
"The mass sentencing rally that took place - including the execution of eight people involved in drug-related crimes - is absolutely tragic and barbaric.
Despite China continuously executing hundreds if not thousands of people per year for drug-related offenses, China is actually experiencing a growth in drug manufacturing and trafficking - which obviously shows the limitations of the "kill the monkey to scare the chicken's approach"


#13 China should immediately end the use of the death penalty for offenses that do not meet the threshold of "intentional killing" in international law and devise other ways to tackle the drug problem that doesn't perpetuate a cycle of violence.

#14 Last December, the Supreme People's Court overturned the wrongful conviction and execution of Nie Shubin. He had been executed 21 years earlier at the age of 20 after being wrongfully convicted of the rape and murder of a woman in Inner Mongolia. 

#15 Some of the countries executing the most people have deeply unfair legal systems.
The top three executing countries – China, Iran, and Iraq – have issued death sentences after unfair trials.


#16 Many death sentences are issued after ‘confessions’ that have been obtained through torture.

#17 In 2014 an investigation by the Daily Telegraph reported, that in one day 3,000 police closed down as many as 77 meth labs in a single town near Lufeng.
One in five of Boshe’s 14,000 residents, including pensioners and children, were involved in the drugs trade, earning it the title of “China’s number one drugs village”.
Earlier this month local news site NewsGD.com said police had seized 640kgs of drugs since April from boats heading from Guangdong to Malaysia.
It is thought they were bound for Australia, New Zealand, and the US.


Drug dealers sent to execution in China in front of 10,000 people