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Sunday, 16 July 2017



Maurice attacked but police do nothing 

Yet another vicious assault on Maurice Kirk in South Wales where, again, police are appearing to be ignoring his complaint no doubt due to his 25 years of multiple civil claims against them.
About 12 times today he telephoned the GBH complaint to the South Wales Police. He even a visited the police station complaining but still the police refuse to either interview the eye witnesses, identified on CCTV or the assailant or assailants who’s actions caused the ambulance to be called.



Dear Ministry of Justice Barristers,

who attended recently in Cardiff County Court recently, to be paid by the UK tax payer to try and smother the ever increasing  foul odours emanating from Cardiff’s courts from drifting into English air space….Good luck.

Cardiff’s cabal, incidentally, has now put off my next machine-gun/Dr Tegwyn Williams/MAPPA  hearing until March 2018 just waiting from the inevitable result from their preventing my attending hospital appointments while in Swansea prison in 2014 and in 2015.

Even when I was out on parole,  ‘for fear I may flee the country’, MAPPA hostel staff told me, the police had refused my prison medical department’s pre -arranged appointment at Cardiff’s Llandough hospital to go ahead. Police were already in possession of my HM Ministry prison medical records on the grounds I was in the top 5% most dangerous in the UK as a MAPPA registered level 3 category 3 victim of the chief constable

South Wales Police had gone further, now causing my country’s huge expensive and quite unnecessary time in the stench of a Cardiff court.

Sabine McNeill and other Mackenzie Friends were blocked from speaking to me on the prison telephone for the preparation of criminal appeals and ongoing civil litigation

One such case was the now unlawfully blocked Mr Justice Gilbart case (Jan 2015 ‘state a case’ re my arrest of a prison officer who the police had told not to return my passport on release) where police ordered the prison staff to wheel me off the prison van so as not to be able to attend His Lordship’s High Court. Refused passport to prevent my returning to Brittany for Dr Tegwyn Williams/chief constable litigation.

Adrian Oliver Dolmans

Similar to South Wales Police refusing the prison right to produce me at a London court on 28th Nov 2011 re Musa Nigerian 6 children unlawfully snatched by the Haringay Council . Police then used the non attendance to successfully oppose my bail for many years after.

Photo of me arrested by ‘gate arrest’ , no less, on the 1st December 2011 for failing to attend my previously set up hearing, over bent lawyers milking the legal aid system, for the Musa parents to get back their children ,,,,evil, evil deceitful welsh bastards all laughing as immune to prosecution in any welsh court process where an Englishman is concerned.

11 12 01 wheelchair gate arrest

Ladies representing Her Majesty,

I am prepared to settle ‘out of court’ in my one million pound claim for damages, for malicious conduct committed by so many, right now via the  court mediation process something Dolmans, solicitors of Cardiff, have always refused to do ever since 1993 for that would be the ‘end of the line’ for their very lucrative tax payer paid ‘gravy train’, accountable to no one but Their Maker.

Dr Tegwyn Williams WANTED poster

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17 07 12 Parole Futher Particulars Pt1

17 07 12 Parole Further


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