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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The Shocking Carol Woods Coverup: VISIT / Lancs: Compromise agreement falsified, + archive 10 July 17

UPDATE:  On Saturday 8 July 17 I went up to Lancashire to visit Carol – a 6 hour journey by train. I emailed her around 1 o’clock after I got on the train and a further 4 times throughout the journey, arriving at Lancaster station around 6pm. Getting no replies to any emails, I visited her home a few miles from Lancaster, and left a note as she was out. Finally, an hour or so later she called and we met in Morecombe, a few miles from both where she was, and Lancaster. She told me that she couldn’t access her emails all day, on the computer in the library, as the computers were surrounded by the yobs who stalk her and access her email accounts, who are in the pay of the police [allegedly] – so she wasn’t able to get my messages that I was on my way. No problem, as we had met. At the end of the evening, after talking in a local restaurant, we walked along the sea front area in the nearby town, and, predictably, the police turned up, and it was obvious we were being watched.
After long conversations with Carol that Saturday evening where I got another 4+ hours of facts recorded re: her situation, we agreed to meet the following day, Sunday. We met and went to Lancaster, where not only did I get more audio of countless events relevant to her situation, and more detail about things I already had, but I also witnessed at least 7 separate stalkers over the approx. 2 hour time period – each recognised by Carol – and those were the only the ones she noticed and knew. One in particular was a serving police officer who had, allegedly, already stalked Carol for 2 years, earlier. Carol’s car has a tracking device illegally installed in it, and Lancaster isn’t exactly the size of London, so it wasn’t hard to track us down after Carol parked her car up and we headed for the pedestrianised town centre. This officer turned up immediately on our arrival in the town centre, got on his mobile phone and was then joined a few minutes later by a woman as we sat outside a café. This guy wasn’t looking too happy that his presence was witnessed, perhaps, along with this woman who walked past us with him – her hand over her face so as she couldn’t be recognised. As if…
After that, it was an endless stream of assorted lunatics – one quite elderly driving a big flash car, who seemed determined to be seen staring at us both, who would leave the area and turn up 20 minutes later, driving in his flash car still in the pedestrianized town centre. How can people do that, where no cars are supposed to be allowed to be driven? Perhaps he was a high-up in the local council, or had police connections – he certainly had an air of a cavalier nonchalance about him – they always do when they think they’re above the law. Anyway, all was noted for the files for the DPP + CPS. Incidentally, my complaint to the IPCC was a complete waste of time, with them refusing to deal with anything I told them – with any appeal against their decision also denied, as also was my attempting to report certain serious crimes as detailed already [eg. below] to my local police.
A scruffy old stalker even turned up on the train platform as we waited for my homebound train mid-afternoon. What a crock…
That’s all that can be said for now.
The Shocking Carol Woods Coverup: VISIT / Lancs: Compromise agreement falsified, + archive 10 July 17